The Depth of Our Love – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Gratitude to artist


The Depth of Our Love…

There is a LOVE so deep inside of us
One that connects us with all that is
One that holds purity at it’s core
To FEEL everything…
This LOVE is pure
It’s our Souls as ONE here
It’s US, through our Divine Essence
Without the constructs of any belief systems ever again
This LOVE holds all as Light
It breathes Simplicity, Peace and such sweet Kindness from within
Our Angelic selves
Our Highest Aspect Selves
Our Christed Selves
Our LeMUrian and pure Atlantean Selves
Our fairies and elemental selves
Our Gaia, Galactic and God Consciousness Selves
All of these Selves in this HUman body…. feeling…. pure love.
This LOVE fills our entire body
Beating through every cell
Breathing through our blood and emitting through our energy field
This LOVE is US….
There is a cycle of Evolution
Where we started out as unconscious humans
and Evolved as Higher Dimensional Aspects
Here in physical form….
This ever expanding existence
As Multi-Dimensionals is ever changing here
We love from the depths of our Entire BEing
Through our Presence and Divine Essence here
Tears unify our existences
Not of sadness, but a connection lost and forgotten before
Yet as we Transcend our own separation and duality
We REMEMBER the PURITY of Love again……
Open your hearts fully
and let all else fall away
open your whole BEing
To Remember the Beauty of WHO you truly are again.
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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