Archangel Michael: You do not Abandon Us – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael: You do not Abandon Us

Archangel Michael and I have a joke between us:

SB: I choose to do it and gripe a lot. [laughs]

AAM: That is all right. [laughs]

SB: Oh, yes? Okay. … After all our griping, watch us in the end say, “We did it!” [laughs]

AAM: Yes. You will want full credit. (1)

Well, if you’d like to see us go full tilt, nothing beats this next passage. I’ve been moaning and griping again, asking for something temporally perceptible, for heavens’ sake – that kind of thing. Slow news day.

And he came right back and spoke very bluntly. Don’t think he doesn’t. Of course there isn’t a hint of blame here so the medicine went easily down.

What you are saying, and I am not being obtuse, “Michael, where is the temporal, physical flow? Where is the tangible experience so that we know that we are on track?” Because it is one thing for us to say that you are on track but as humans you look to many signs.

But sometimes our signs, and we are cognizant of this, are either too big or too small or not timely to be observed as the work of this side.

We are not going to deny or minimize that so much of everything you are doing, whether it is jobs, whether it is money, whether it is a change in structural systems, which are changing, the chaos is full [force] right now.

You are operating on faith and hope and fortitude. You are learning or remembering creation. You are implementing universal laws.

You are experiencing in a much more tangible way our presence in your lives, the masters’ presence in your lives. Yes, the sightings, the spottings, have only been here and there. You are correct. We are not walking the Earth with you full time as yet.

But many of your star brothers and sisters are. And you say, well, give us names, Lord. Give us locations. Well, first of all, that is not our purview to do that and even if it was because of the safety concerns, let us put it that way, we would not expose them because things are still very much in chaos.

But when you look around, you cannot – well, look with your heart and your third, eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye. The most significant shift is in how you feel. (2) And when I say you, I do mean you the collective as well.

And you say to me, well, Michael, I feel crumby. I feel overwhelmed. I feel betrayed. I feel overlooked. I feel that I cannot write about events.

You are a communicator and a teacher, a writer of what it means to live a spiritual life, what it means to commit yourself … and that is why you have studied since a young man… what does it mean to commit and you and I have done this, to keep going, no matter what.

Now I repeat what I say to you. If you can’t go on without the daily signs, first of all, take a break and ask everybody to send in their signs, because there are literally millions and perhaps that will help.

S: OK.

AAM: But also know: you do not abandon us. That is not possible. And whether you ever speak to me again in this life, I do not abandon you. I will not do that. (3)



(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 29, 2014.

(2) Always how we feel. Notice that the Company of Heaven emphasizes it.

Our society has unfortunately starved “how we feel” of attention. Very few people, if asked, seem able to name how they’re feeling in the moment. Our emotional IQ seems a little low in the world, not just in this country.

(3) Ibid., April 29, 2014.



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