Archangel Michael on the Partings and Meetings that are Happening – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on the Partings and Meetings that are Happening

Honestly the readings with Archangel Michael are becoming more enjoyable and more educational as we go along.

I post his introductory comments to this reading because it provided so much food for thought that I’ll be ruminating on it for some time.

From a personal reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2018.

AAM: Greetings, I am Michael!

Steve: Greetings, Lord

AAM: And welcome, beloved brother, sweet angel of light, dear being of love, accepting who you are in the smallest sense and in the grandest sense. For, there is no difference.

Every being is of the essence of the One. It is only a matter of choosing and willingness to recognize and align. For that [recognition and alignment] is truly the meaning of Ascension.

Yes, it does entail a shift, a monumental shift, in consciousness and an upgrade, shall we say, in dimensions. But truly, what is this except the choice to be the love, the recognition of your essence which has always been divine.

We always laugh – yes, not in a way decrying an individual – but we laugh when we hear someone say, “Well I’m only human.” As if that is some form of excuse for behaviour or belief in oneself as less than.

When in fact, particularly at this juncture, humans are extraordinarily powerful and chose and volunteered to be the implementers of our Mother’s Plan.

It would make more sense, my friend, for me to say, “Well, I am only an Archangel. I am not in human form. There is only so much I can do!” And if I was to say that, you would laugh! Because you know the truth.

So what you are realizing, what you are coming to fully comprehend is the nature – yes, of course of your vibratory frequency of your sacred self – but also the frequency and vibratory nature of others as well.

And you sense and recognize of course that some are more clearly a match and welcomed into your sphere of personal space, into your sphere of influence, and some are not. (1)

And those who are not, it does not mean that they are evil or dark people. It is simply not a match. It does not interest you or entrance you.

And yes, there are those who still follow their own path of discordance but that is not your concern. That is not where the focus of your mission and purpose is right now or will be, even in this lifetime.

It is in the creation and the recognition of Truth, the sharing of Hope, the building of Trust, of mutuality, of cameraderie, of collegiality, of community. You are concerned with those who seek the truth. And while what you say or write may or may not be their truth, they recognize a fellow journeyman.

And that is a gift and a wake-up call for them to follow what they know to be best and highest and truest for their journey. It is a form of tacit permission to explore. And at the same time not merely to explore, as in going through a theme park, but to truly ponder what they discover on this journey and adventure and to come to understand, not merely the nature of their journey but through that reflection, the nature of collective existence and the collective journey.

And that is what you have been doing, my friend. You have been re-examining, re-pondering the nature of your journey and it is exactly where you have need to be. Have there been incredible twists, turns, detours, sidetracks? Yes.

And are those of benefit? Most certainly! Because you have come to realize through those experiences, through the pondering, through the reflection about what a sidetrack or detour looks and feels like.

And so you can say at the beginning of that distraction, rather than five years in, that this is not where I choose to go and you anchor and you redirect and might I even say, recommit? Not only your sacred self but all parts. And this sense of delineation between what is ego or personality and sacred self is also being eliminated.

Because those divisions, that fractionating up of oneself is not only not useful; it is not of truth. And it most certainly is not of forward movement.

You are doing well and no, dear heart, you are in discomfort but you are not dying. (2)

Steve: Oh shucks! Now, if I was, that would be the beginning of my two-hundred-year holiday!

AAM: It will come soon enough, sweet one!


(1) We think that love and forgiveness means that we need to welcome all people back into our space. But Michael says, that’s not so.

(2) Everyone seems to have one major thing going on for them. I have a large boil under my left arm, which AAM says is all my angst coming to the surface.


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We are much more – Kara Schallock

Gratitude to artist


We are much more… – 07-Apr-2018

Recently I was called to visit my father, who is in the process of transiting from this life’s physical realm to the next great adventure. The way things unfolded put me in a vacuum of unfamiliarity, where nothing seemed as it once was. There was much learning and shifting as I soujourned through a different landscape. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and set things in motion by embracing all things unknown; this is how one may integrate the New more profoundly in their lives. There was never a moment, however, in which I felt unsafe, even when I experienced extreme anxiety. I honored and continue to honor myself for the Courage to allow things to unfold before my New eyes. While I let go of much through being “sick” when I returned, I understood that I was releasing much and I observed myself dispassionately, while also resting, experiencing what my body was releasing and allowing myself to feel “sick.”

Of course, I have always lived my life out of a comfort zone; always pushing to be more. This trip pushed me way beyond any old expectations I may have had and I encourage you to do the same. Go somewhere you’ve never been before; do something you’ve never done before; go beyond your own boundaries and you will find that you are much more than how you’ve allowed yourself to be. It takes changing your perceptions of who you think you are or what you’ve been programmed willingly with. Go big.

Much is spoken about the Earth now being 5th Dimensional. How can we put a label on the New? The Earth is multi-dimensional, as we are. By claiming we are nothing more than 5th dimensional surely limits us. We are not one-dimensional; we are multi-dimensional. Each of us does have a Home Dimension and we incorporate the energy (Light) of our Home into us and into Gaia by rising to be all of who we are. Yet, just because our Home is of a particular dimension does not mean that we are stuck in that one dimension, but rather, join all dimensions as we connect with others to help Gaia evolve from being one-dimensional to being multi-dimensional. Gaia is a refection of who we are. We have each agreed to bring forth the gifts of our Home Dimension to blend them with others’ gifts; this Wholeness of blending helps anchor Oneness with each of us playing the part we promised to. It’s like we are each a piece of the puzzle or a wave that expresses its individuality, but is never separate from Mother Ocean. We each are expressions of Source; of God.

We each are sovereign beings. This means that we each are Responsible for all in our lives, including all choices we make. If you are waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you will be waiting until you yourself take an action. However, this does not mean to blindly make a choice or take an action just to do it, because doing so will most likely be based on past experience (intellect). When you enhance your own consciousness (God Awareness), you build your Intuition (your Heart’s Knowing) and then you know what choice to make or step to take; based on your consciousness; based on the New You. Otherwise, be still. If you do not believe that you are Divine, your consciousness remains separate and small; nothing occurs; so it is best to focus on your own consciousness, so that you absolutely know without doubt that you are an expression of God Source.

The New is here now. You need not look for proof outside of you; it is within you and you may find that all is quite different; your choices are different and your actions are different. The New is your new and expanded consciousness. When you realize that you indeed are a sovereign being, no-one can control or manipulate what you choose to do. Yes, it’s all about choice. You choose how you want to respond to a situation or person. The New is how you live from the Truth and Integrity of your Heart. You consciously choose how you think and how you project yourself. You align yourself with the energy of how you choose to be. When you align yourself in this way, you manifest that very thing you align your energy with. You also take full Responsibility for all you attract into your life. When you do this, you are not a victim of life, but a chooser of life. If what you attract is of a lower vibration, look to your own consciousness, for it is your consciousness that attracts to you the different forms of life. You are the creator of your world. What is it that you want to create? How do you want to feel? Once you are clear, then all your thoughts, feelings and actions are congruent with your consciousness and you are not merely creating from old patterns and beliefs, but from your Heart’s Knowing.

When you nurture yourself through meditation, being in Nature or putting yourself first (filling your own cup first), you integrate your inner Wholeness and your consciousness is thus expanded into the Truth of you…you are Source. You are filled with nothing but Love. Others are attracted to the Love and Light you are. Be grateful. When you are strong within, nothing can distract you from your inner knowing. The duality of 3D cannot lull you to sleep any longer. If you find fear surfacing, release it and replace this illusion with the Truth that you are Divine; you are Source; you are God-expressed. With each step you take, be fully aware that you do so in complete Awareness and Wholeness. If you find yourself faltering, begin again. It takes a while to transform all the old ways of being (we have lifetimes of sleepiness) New. Be patient with yourself and trust that you are safely guided to who you truly are. Be fully in your Integrity, for every choice creates the next moment.

The past Equinox was indeed powerful…more powerful than any phenomena that has occurred previously. The Equinox has been enhanced also by all the Lightwork done by so many of us, as well as the many who have been awakening due to our Courage to stand in our Power. We each have helped others…not through words necessarily, but through our choice to stand strong in our Authenticity and Commitment to be all of who we are. This has not been easy and many times we have questioned whether the New was real and many times we have retreated back to the old and comfortable (or have wanted to). Yet, we have persevered through enhancing our Faith and consciousness.

I often laugh at myself; do you? How funny to think that shifting to Love and Light was going to be all rainbows and unicorns; like a magic switch would turn us into an angel of Light and color (I use these terms lightly because I love rainbows, know that unicorns are real and that many of us are angels). We didn’t know it would take such diligence to let go of the old so the New could take its rightful place within us. Many have had experiences of their purposes being put on hold, as well as many physical adjustments. Don’t be in a rush, for each experience is what is ordained for just you (and me). For me, I have had lots of dizziness and nausea, exhaustion, hunger/no hunger, headaches, solar plexus and Heart activity, isolation as many have left, not wanting to be around me…all of this is perfect and if you resonate with any of this, be patient as your new Lightbody makes adjustments. There is much more to this list you can add and certainly this is not a complete list. What I do know is that it greatly helps to flow with What Is, be in Nature, meditate, practice Earthing and Sun Gazing and rest. Do whatever it is that is self-loving and self-accepting for yourself.

Realize that you are evolving and perhaps your High Heart is being activated. This particular phase of evolution takes Love to a higher place; that of no judgment or complaining; just a beautiful Oneness, where every being shines brightly as Love. The next step is to resonate with your Soul Star Chakra (at your hairline, above your 3rd Eye) where you connect with other Souls, transcending ego-personality, labels and separation. You need not compare yourself to others, judging them or yourself as being higher or lower; we are all One; and we each are right where we belong. Remember who you are. Do reach beyond your humanness and know you are of the Stars. You spun a human body to express Source.


Gratitude to artist


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She is the Day, She is the Night, She is the Rebirth and The Light – L’Aura Pleiadian

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She is the Day, She is the Night, She is the Rebirth and The Light.

On a sultry night with the moon shining bright, the lover’s voice is heard within, the cosmic dance, does begin.

Swirling worlds, eternal heaven, beneath the earth, the glistening raven, shouts the song, held in the heart, announcing love, for all to start.

Connecting vortexes, embracing sound, blissful light, on the throne of time, touches all, to see and know, eternal light, the heart does glow.

Whispering Angels, fairies too, celebrating love, dancing anew.

Magic is feeling, to the one who knows, that glory is grace, kissed and blessed by the apple bough.

She wears the stars, adorned in Glory, rising from the ocean, she begins the new day, it is her story.

She is the day, she is the night, she is the rebirth and the light.

Ancient practises, held in the Earth, cosmic rejoicing, the home and mirth.

Come to play, the sound does echo, memories awakened, bodies shaking.

Here to arise, the words of old, dancing and connecting, the Light once told.

We recognize ~ the Divine Councils say…that now is new, in the ancient ways.

The story is, what is in the heart. From ancient Mu, now we do not part.

Rebirthed in Glory, as the heavens, we join as play and now it starts.


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