Cultural Universals and Higher Dimensions – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Ichiro Tsuruta


Cultural Universals and Higher Dimensions


As matters stand now, very little of what we do is universal. A smile is. Everyone – in other galaxies, probably – recognizes a smile.

A yawn is universal; a hiccup, a burp, etc.

But that’s about it.

These gestures are heavily biologically-determined. If we look for examples of thought-based behavior, I can’t think of a single cultural universal that exists in our society today.

But in the higher dimensions, there’s behavior that reaches the status of a cultural universal. Can you guess what kind of behavior that might be?

Well, first factor in the tremendous love and bliss you’d feel on a higher dimension than this dense, carbon-based one we’re gradually leaving.

If you radiated love and bliss, would you be thinking of the harm you could do another?

This whole conversation – gun control, mind control, fake news, etc. – would disappear. Use what metaphor you will – swept away, dissolved, displaced, etc. It’d just be gone.

Question: In the space of love and bliss that remains, what kind of cultural universals do you think would then arise?

Answer: Behavior that’s consistent with the universal laws.

Let me give an illustration. And let me exaggerate a wee bit to make my point.

In our society, as it is, it seems almost a cultural norm to try to pull the other person onto our path. One psychologist called it “reality suction.” We tend to try to suck others into our view of reality. We can’t seem to leave each other alone.

What that means is that we fail to honor the universal Law of Free Will in our everyday behavior.

The nearest higher dimension we know a great deal about is the Astral Plane, which I looked at in New Maps of Heaven. (1)

In the afterlife world, everyone is given complete freedom of choice in all matters. What one does stands to what another does as a respected alternative. No one would think of trying to impinge on another’s choices.

Remember that I asked you to factor in the fact that you’re bathed in love and bliss in this more refined setting.

Totally satisfied, wanting nothing other than more of the same, would you wish to violate the free will of another? For what reason? It would never occur to you.

Respect for the free-will choices of another emerges as a bedrock or foundational value in the Astral Planes. I think it’ll be the same in our New Society of the Fifth Dimension.

Respect for another’s free will is one example of a possible cultural universal that would emerge in the higher dimensions and is not present in this more-dense environment.

It’s also an example of a new paradigm or new template for Nova Earth, our own higher-dimensional society. (2)

And, finally, it’s an example of behavior lived in accordance with the universal laws.


(1) See New Maps of Heaven, at

(2) if we want to draw that society to us, it’d be useful to invoke the Laws of As Above So Below and Attraction and Repulsion to create that result.


Art by Ichiro Tsuruta


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