Moorland Walk – inspired by many long walks on Dartmoor, Devon -Trevor Taylor


Moorland Walk – inspired by many long walks on Dartmoor, Devon
Sunday’s bells break morning stills
Calling country folk to pray
Witch-spelled cats on window sills
Watch children rise to play
Whispers of smoke join mists of the night
Thatched cottages wake from their sleep
Dappled brooks shine with rising light
Winding their way past ancient Keep
Melodies of night slink quietly away
Giving way to tunes of the day
Course Fishermen cast at Chagford Bridge
That has seen full four hundred years
The walker tops two moors ridge
Following swift eddies and weirs
Old Rushford Bridge beckons, along the brook
First mentioned of old in the Domesday Book
A curlew’s nest in damp valley mires
A wading bird beloved of old County Squires
Iridescent Lapwing puff their whispy crest
The sharp-eyed walker knows where they nest
The winter flocks ‘home in’ on the moors
Nesting deep in the crag of the Tors
The never-ending song of the Skylark calls
To the poet in the walker’s mind
From within the Tussock a song enthralls
The skylark’s tune a poet’s true find
The winchats call out from their bilberry house
Safe long return from African weather
Homed in bracken frond, willow, high plateau and heather
Amongst warblers and stonechats and striking red- grouse
A walk in the moors is nature’s gift
To sooth the walker’s life long way
A moment in time for spirits to lift
A memory at twilight of day
Trevor Taylor

– ♥ –

Trevor Taylor LLB (Hons)

Devon, United Kingdom

Award winning Commonwealth Writer and Academic Magazine Editor.


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