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Zodiac – Capricorn Painting by Ivan Slavkov @ Artmajeur


Metatron via Tyberonn Channel

Astrological Windows ~ Finding the Deep Self


Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet you in Love !

The coming energies of June-July-August will also be laden with the ‘Crucible Effect’. It begins to lighten, clear somewhat, in September.  In the interim, you will be tested, summoned to face the deep self. But this is purposed, each of you in this timing are given the cyclic opportunity to review, reflect and confront your actions & examine the ‘inner-self’…. as it relates to past & present lifetimes.

In the present month of April there are  4 powerful planets in retrograde, backward energy flow.    The four retrograde planets, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto have formed an amalgamated field that has brought about a potent ‘inward phase’. In this timing you may find it difficult to get things done. Ordinary task may seem oddly cumbersome. Creativity may feel temporarily blocked. Apathy can set in.

During this rather intense inward phase, which began with the March Equinox, you may feel like you are stuck in molasses. It may seem that you can’t get things done….and what you do get done, takes more effort, more willful focus.  The ‘pot’ is being stirred. Your issues of conflict, both recognized and unrecognized, subtly hidden & overt, are being percolated, obstacles & challenges are surfacing.

But we tell you…these  retrogrades are opening  windows…enabling deep exploration into the essence of self…and life !

Although difficult, the ongoing planetary gravities are in fact a perfect time to review, reflect & recalibrate. But it takes work to do this. Confronting issues, dealing with problems not only calls forth your courage and wisdom; issues require you to develop these necessary attributes. Problems, in a real aspect, are the creative catalysts of your individual development of courage, strength & wisdom.

It is the whole process of meeting and solving problems that enables spiritual growth & gives life meaning. That is precisely why seekers, why Master Souls do not choose easy lifetimes. That is because your ‘chosen set ups ‘, your obstacles & problems are the cutting edge, that you selected to enable your soul-growth. How you resolve your issues will to no small, degree, distinguish between your success and failure.

We remind & assure you, that the ‘purposed illusion’ of Earthplane Life is about spiritual growth, about learning ‘responsible co-creation in the ‘University of Duality. The problems you encounter, are chosen by your higher self, tailor made for you to grow ! Indeed, it is often directly because of problems, that you humans grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving problems that you learn. It is not easy, but it is gratifying.

Dear Ones,  we tell you truthfully, that your greatest achievements, indeed your finest moments often occur when you are outside your ‘comfort zone’. Indeed you humans seek change for the better, most often in difficult times which you feel trapped, traumatized, depressed or unfulfilled. For it is most often in such moments, driven by your discomfort, that you are more motivated to bring forth the will & courage to step out of the pits… and begin, really begin deeply examining your life, seriously searching for different ways, for higher truths and better resolutions.

As the saying goes, ‘You can pay me now, or pay me later’ … but keep in mind, the interest will increase the debt over time. You cannot evade your issues, you may delay them, but you will not transcend your issues, your problems, your ‘chosen’ obstacles, until you confront & resolve them. So remember another ‘saying’… ‘There is no time like the present!’

And Masters … Be aware that until you truly face the self, you will not truly love self. In self-realization, you learn to value yourself… and … until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not utilize it effectively.  It is easy to fall into listlessness & apathy in the present astrological crucible. Laziness is in a real aspect, the opposite of love. And lethargy, is not only wasting time, but is also misdirecting time. Energy placed into the ‘wrong thing’, is akin to treading the wrong path… time wasted. Discipline is the requisite b to solve life’s problems.  Without discipline, you will not find the determination needed to move forward to resolve.

Most humans in western cultures have a misconstrued sense of life. Most measure success in monetary status, seduced by quantity over quality. In this encapsulating paradigm, the masses achieve neither. Very few have sovereignty…living to work, and enslaved by debt. The few that achieve financial independence, soon learn that money does not bring them peace of mind. Often the wealth driven, find money can bring a different, more complex array of problems. Whether rich or poor, life is fraught with issues, with obstacles, with problems and pitfalls.

It is the problems that spawns deep and deeper contemplation….for indeed the unexamined life is haunted by unrequited yearning for understanding. Life is challenging, and that is an unspoken truth, an essential realizations. For when you accept this truth, then and only then, can you rise to face the issues, and thus transcend them. Problems are there to be solved, and their resolution takes work, and brings expansion, growth of the spirit.

Masters, the astrology that you are facing over the next few months, is an opportunity to go within, and find answers. In some cases, to issues & questions you did not even see, until you dove deep into your essence. Seize the day.

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service…and we share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is…And it is so..


Zodiac – Capricorn Painting by Ivan Slavkov @ Artmajeur


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A Life of Active Service: Watch Work Transform – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

A Life of Active Service: Watch Work Transform

I remember listening to Ashira recently trying to explain an inner, formless state to us who are used to thinking in terms of solid objects.

And I remembered all the times I’ve been at a loss for words to describe inner states.

How do you describe drowning in the Ocean of Love? Nothing drowns. It wasn’t an ocean. All words can only be metaphorical. Like all metaphors, they obscure as much as they clarify.

Or how do you describe experiencing “mastery” and “abundance” as contexts? This actually happened to me so let me look at it for a moment.

Archangel Michael referred to the two experiences:

AAM: When I have said ‘spiritual currency,’ you’ve had a glimpse of this in the knowing of mastery and abundance and so you know it isn’t about money. It is about spiritual currency. And I say to you, “congratulations.” (1)

I believe I asked to have an experience of “mastery” as a context. When I did, however, I found myself back at the same place I reached when the inner tsunami of “love” flowed.

As to abundance, I invoked the universal law one afternoon and asked for abundance.

I forgot to ask for physical abundance and so I received the experience of abundance, abundance as a context, a whole, abundance as a criterion that can include everyone and everything.

Viewing abundance from this perspective was like walking through a door and – I can only say – I again entered a higher dimension.

All my problems left me. Joy filled me. I had an experience of the abundance of the inner world and it left me speechless.

I bet all roads lead to the same higher-dimensional space – whether we scale the mountain through love, peace, mastery, or (service through) abundance.

Yes, I do know that it isn’t about money. It’s about achieving – on a full and eternal basis – entry into that higher space where abundance means so much more than it does here. Compared to that, money is mere paper.

Here, we’re like pack animals, laboring to keep up and satisfied – metaphorically – with a few handfuls of grain.

There, we’re set free in every respect.  And what is released when we’re free is the love, the joy, the bliss at the heart of us.

I can’t describe these things. The states have to be experienced for one’s self. And then you won’t be able to describe them either. But we will smile together.


Before I leave, I’d like to add that you may think I meditate every day or follow some other spiritual practice. In fact, my only spiritual practice is karma yoga or service (seva).  I asked Michael if service was enough:

Steve: Is my karma yoga, my service, enough of a spiritual practice or should I be doing other things as well? …

Archangel Michael: The karma yoga is a very good practice. It is absolutely perfect for you.  (2)

I serve the Mother by researching and writing, creating distinctions designed to enhance clarity and keep everyone’s spirits up as we march along through this longest of campaigns.

The spiritual experiences are coming even though I don’t meditate, chant, or anything else.

I know this service is valuable to the Mother. (2) So I’m saying: I don’t think it’s necessary at this time for people to be looking at themselves and saying. “I don’t meditate. I don’t do this or that.” This is not the lifetime when very many of us are expected to meditate in caves. This is a lifetime of active service.

There’ll be a need for commentators, teachers, and interpreters at all levels. Who is it that knows the full story? Lightworkers.

We’ll need to build the new and who is it among people who know the Plan? Lightworkers.

That’ll be our time to serve at all levels of leadership.

Please be reassured on the matter of Ascension. You ascended in other lifetimes or you wouldn’t be here.

Here are the Arcturians through Sue Lie explaining our situation:

“Why did you come to Gaia’s greatly wounded planet? You volunteered to take your current earth vessel so that YOU can assist—not with personal ascension, as you are already ascended—but with Planetary Ascension.” (3)

If not, we wouldn’t be here, awake, aware, and a lightworker.

There’s no need to struggle. We’ll be back in our higher-dimensional selves again (if we so choose) once we complete this assignment. No, not on a stretcher this time, but to a rousing celebration and a welcome in person.

So consider this a warm and open invitation to serve. Do it in a field you love, doing things you love, and watch work disappear.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2015. Hereafter AAM.

(2) AAM: You are doing the biggest thing that not only I but the universal Mother, the sacred being that we both serve, wishes you to do, and that is to write, to communicate. And in the writing is infused the anchoring and the bringing of peace to the planet, the creation of Nova Gaia. (AAM, Feb. 7, 2013.)

(3) “You ARE Your Fifth Dimensional Self by the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie,” Feb. 7, 2018, at



Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. Lakshmi Amrita

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