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Daily Angel Oracle Card: Third House ~ Messages, from the Black Moon Astrology Card deck, by Susan Sheppard



Third House ~ Messages: “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” – Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing

“Words have power. Now is the time to get your point across. With this card, you may also get a clearer direction in the way to proceed. The Third House also represents neighborhoods and siblings.

The Third House is the area of the astrological chart that reveals how we think, speak and communicate. It signifies our need to know how we think, speak and communicate. It signifies our need to know and demonstrates how we put our concepts and thoughts into words.

You are in search of answers and in need of unlocking mysteries, but your mind is agile and you are able to grasp every detail right now. You may wish to express this mental suppleness through writing, speaking, and researching subject matter which has always intrigued you. Libraries call to you. You may suddenly wake up with an idea that could turn out to be very lucrative. You may even be toying with the idea of writing a book, starting a blog, perhaps a screenplay, or a position at a local news media outlet. There couldn’t be a better time than now.

As well as dreamy or imaginative writing and poetry, the Third House also represents dexterity, swiftness, curiosity, and figuring out the mechanisms of what makes things work. So this could mean expressing yourself about something rather technical.

The Third House, more than any other, is the house of the mind. Mercury is about giving and receiving information. When this card turns up in a reading, there is a need to uncover all that you can and relate the information to others.

Also an area of commerce and sales, when the Third House card presents itself in a reading, it can indicate a time of buying and selling, and becoming involved in retail or transactions made over the Internet.

Issues dealing with siblings may come up. There may be questions you must resolve to do with brothers or sisters. Your neighborhood may even be going through some changes.

The Third House also signifies your neighborhood, so expect events that will make a difference there. For more in-depth information, look at the surrounding cards. If the Moon card is also in the spread, it might indicate secretive actions carried out at night, perhaps meetings, or even vandalism or burglaries are possibilities. If the Mars card is present, look for noise and radical changes you may not be so happy with. With the Saturn card present, it could mean that an area may start to appear old or decrepit. Also, with the Saturn card, be careful how you put your thoughts and feelings into words. Other persons may not be as warm and receptive to your words and ideas as you hope them to be.

This card can also mean you will be talking your way into and out of tough situations. However, you will be mentally able to grapple with issues and sort them out well. Important documents and other paperwork are indicated. This isn’t your everyday type of paper shuffling; the matter will be more significant than the usual.

This card also indicates a fortunate time to start a business of your own, perhaps working in translation, creating software, or something to do with deciphering codes and messages, for example. You may also become involved in studying other languages, or anything related to and working toward a common good.

Meditation and relaxation are suggested when this card presents itself. If the Neptune or Pisces card falls in the spread along with the Third House card, your thoughts are likely inspired ones, and you could be having psychic or mediumistic communications.”

Third House Card In Brief: “Finding the right words; discussion; being of two minds; vacillation; hesitation about stepping into situations; coming to clearer choices; objectivity; short trips; air travel or taking flight; mastering something new; neighborhood events or changes; connecting to the greater mind; owning what you know to be true; being chatty or talkative; closing down emotionally and relying on common sense; turning cold on someone, or someone turning cold on you; hand to eye coordination; games, and figuring out puzzles; intelligence; inventions; numbers and letters; needing to do math; early schooling; scripts; codes; siblings; bargains; signing of contracts; sales and commercial transactions.”

Corresponding Tarot Card: “Three Of Pentacles.”

Key Ideas: “Short journeys; the neighbourhood; siblings; signing documents; communication; rumors.”*

~ Susan Sheppard

If there is something that needs to be said, now is the time to clear the air. Be concise and direct, and do not get wrapped up in emotions or drama. Focus on getting your point across in the most simple and powerful means possible. Mercury is returning direct and we are on the heels of the new moon. Things professed at this time have extra power and will manifest swiftly, so think it through first. You may even want to write down what need to be said in order to be able to see it clearly, read it back to yourself and edit where necessary. Written word is very powerful and allows us the maximum amount of time to really think about what we wish to communicate and how we wish it to be received.

Do not let fear hold you back. You are not responsible for the reactions of others, only your action here. Lead with your heart and set the intention that the end result be for the highest good of All involved. Do not use words as weapons, use them as tools. Be absolutely honest, authentic and true to yourself and use your words to heal, transform and empower.



~Archangel Oracle

*Black Moon Astrology Card deck, by Susan Sheppard



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The Key Motivator of Human Behavior – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


The Key Motivator of Human Behavior

Again and again I keep coming back to one central notion: That what’s most important to us, what our key motivator in our daily lives seems to be is how we feel.

I might have said how much money we have, whether we have a life partner or not, whether we have a pension or not, etc. People do value these things.

But if we look deeper into our situation, what we probably will come up with is that these external facts are not as important to us as how we feel.

And this isn’t just so with unwanted or unpleasant feelings. Wonderful feelings like excitement, joy, and love also motivate us. We want them. We buy a Maseradi to have them.  We vacation in Hawaii to have them. When all along, they’re always there for us to enjoy if we only knew how to access them. (1)

Let me give examples from my own experience.

I saw myself today feeling concern about how I fit in, how I measure up. This introspection was caused by a legal wrangle that’s occurring.

This line of thinking  – that I need to measure up – is malarkey, but nevertheless there I was thinking it – and feeling it, which is the important part. I felt dismayed and “less than.”

This feeling of dismay was what spurred me into my reflection. It was my motivator.

I reviewed the plus side of my life resumé and felt confident and reassured again. My feeling state had changed. No longer was I motivated by dismay; now I was motivated by my confidence.

Since I like the feeling of confidence and security, I allowed the matter to pass from my attention. That was my action taken: I let the issue go.

But I did not like the feeling of concern. Therefore that matter remained with me longer.

A second example.

Being a writer means a lot of time alone. And I constantly wall myself off to have that time.

But that leads to an empty schedule and feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness is one of the most difficult feelings to tolerate. It often spurs us into action. I think of it as a good example of a key motivator.

You’d think I’d be motivated by thoughts about loneliness. But, no, the motivator is to escape this awful feeling itself.

So I set up a coffee engagement to enjoy a little human company. And later that day I brought a coffee home to a friend in my building. Two social contacts dissolved my loneliness. But the dislike of loneliness motivates my action.

When an unpleasant or unwanted feeling arises, we often automatically respond to it.

We might then be found to say, “You made me (mad, jealous, frustrated, etc.).” We completely overlook our own feelings as the motivator and blame the upset and its results on another.

If we remember that our feelings are our key motivators, then we can interrupt the cycle of unconsciousness and automaticity.

We can treat the feeling as simply a feeling and “be with it” – experience it and observe it with neutrality until it leaves, rather than acting on it and risking making a foolish mistake. Here’s Archangel Michael describing that process:

“The [traumatic] event can be remembered, or not, without the impact of trauma, without the impact of feeling that you have been damaged, hurt, compromised. It is a piece of information that has been brought within you, and not even what you would think of as healed, but held, the same way you would hold a child, until the feeling or the experience of the charge, of the trauma, is gone.” (2)

Exactly. If we can observe the feeling without engaging it, being aware of the thoughts that attach to it without judging anything, the condition will run its course and disappear. And we haven’t blown our stack or in other ways made an idiot of ourselves.

This’ll become more and more important as time passes. The Arcturians once said to me that we lightworkers will “have to be the master of your consciousness at all times.” (3)  On another occasion: “You will be called up to master EVERY thought and feeling.” (4)

I’ve just been sitting with the feelings, as Werner Erhard used to say, “like a brick in your lap” and they’ve passed without me embarrassing myself. But it’s going to get tougher and tougher in the months and years ahead. The challenge will be to use this time to prepare.

What I set out to do in 1974, when I started the study of patterns in thought, word, and deed by reading Eric Berne’s Games People Play was to understand the wellsprings of human behavior – how it’s conceived, what drives it, and how it can be harnessed to fulfill divine intentions. I’ll continue burrowing down until I feel I’ve really seen the way the mind and feelings work.

Erroneous views such as another person makes me (mad, afraid, jealous, etc.) are not going to help me. They don’t describe what’s really going on.

And it’s what’s really going on that I want and need to know.


(1) Draw them up from your own heart, where they “reside.” Use your breath to do so.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 11, 2011.

(3) The Arturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Sue Lie, July 22, 2014.

(4) Ibid., Nov. 8, 2013.


Gratitude to artist


Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. Lakshmi Amrita

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