A Call to Mastery – Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Michael


A Call to Mastery

How do we thrive on a planet that is changing so rapidly?

How do we learn to trust our inner guidance and act from our hearts?

Do you feel called by your Soul to bring forth your gifts to the world?

The waves of Light flooding the planet recently are acting as the new Light Fields that we can use to create new life as we move into the higher frequencies in a Fifth Dimensional reality. Learning to act from a more confident place of certainty seems to be an issue that is affecting many people now.

Enter Archangel Michael to the stage. He has been called the Angelic Overseer of this historical time on Earth. Archangel Michael is literally available to give us the strength and courage that we need, as well as the protection, to claim our Divinity and gain Mastery within ourselves so we can thrive within the dimensional shifts.

In our class series called the Archangel Transmissions, Opening to Our Soul’s Light, Archangel Michael transmitted a powerful teaching about Mastery that can bring much more protection and strength into your solar plexus chakra, the power center. When we feel the presence of the warm Golden Light emanating from Archangel Michael in this center, we can feel a greater sense of protection. This assists us in creating the structures of Wellbeing that we need to feel more balanced.

I offer you this powerful meditation mp3 that was channeled from Archangel Michael to bring you into a balanced state of Love, Wisdom and Power. From this place you are able to gain the Mastery you need to thrive in this changing world.

Enjoy this message from Archangel Michael and then download the meditation. I am sure you will feel a sense of empowerment from the Wholeness that is being offered.
The 91st Psalm says: For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

I believe that Archangel Michael oversees those Angels.

In Trust,

A Message of Mastery from Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

We will speak today of Mastery. Mastery of yourself in the world becomes the principle that allows you to thrive on the Earth, where discipline and focus are essential. However, this discipline is not in a harsh or strict sense of being, but more from alignment with your Highest Self.

Withdraw your focus from attention to the waves of change going on in the world. Instead, create a deep system of roots and core connections to the world of Nature and the Earth that supports and nourishes you on an energetic level. You will find that this focus will serve you in greater ways than you have known before.

Mastery is made simple when one can stay in alignment with the soul’s highest reality in any given moment. This allows you to be in the center of your being in full awareness, no matter what is going on outside of you.

The integration of Light Frequencies is a process that allows you to become a master of your energy system in this new time of awakening. Awareness of this process accentuates your inner knowing and allows a deeper connection to your Core of Truth to be available in each moment. You are opening doors to new higher frequencies when you integrate the waves of light as they come to you.

Know that as you fully embody these frequencies you become more whole, which allows life to take on more joy. There is an ability to move from your core with more ease and a deeper awareness within your heart as you awaken to the Divine in every moment. This means that you are truly living in your Light Body in a 5th Dimensional world.

Throughout time there have been moments that require you to step into your role as a spiritual warrior. This is one of those times, as you become aligned with your soul at the deepest core of your being, letting that impulse your action in the world. The strength of the warrior also includes the gentle fierceness of Compassion acting as the fire of Truth within you. Wisdom and Love combined with the Power of your center ignites this Compassion, so it is the expansive energy awakening in your energy field at this time.

The decisiveness of the warrior is balanced by the compassion of the heart, thus becoming the centering aspect that supports your mastery on the Earth. Deep humility becomes a core attribute as the warrior recognizes that all is accomplished only through the Will of the Divine. Not my will but thy will be done, as it has been said. Then surrender takes place within the solar plexus as it lets go of self-righteousness. When you do this, a surprisingly calm inner strength is created for you within the balance of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Compassion becomes a balancing agent in your life that can activate your inner gyroscope. Trust that as you set this balancing energy into motion with your intentions, a new way of life unfolds.

Mastery of your emotional and mental components creates your energetic foundation as your alignment with the Higher Focus of Will activates your guidance system for life, then all is truly well.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Michael
April 17, 2018



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