Divine Circle, Sacred Spiral – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Golden Fractal Spiral Artwork by Matthias Hauser @ Fine Art America


Divine Circle, Sacred Spiral

Archangel Michael referred to a “sacred spiral” in a reading once:

“When you feel fully connected, nurtured, with Gaia, then allow yourself to go up the sacred spiral to the place of unity, of One, to the heart of all.” (1)

It triggered the memory for me of another sacred spiral which I saw once in a vision experience on Feb. 13, 1987.  I’d like to describe the significance of that sacred spiral for me.

I saw a small golden star go in a divine circle from God to God, from the Father to the Father – to use their own terminology – via the Mother back to the Father again.

I had an eight-second vision that was removed from time. (2)

Immediately upon gazing upon the figures in my vision – the Father, the Mother, and the Child or Self – I was immersed in bliss. And this bliss – this Comforter Spirit – allowed me to “know all things.”

That sounds a bit funny. What does it mean? When I looked at something, I immediately and intuitively knew what it was.

I knew the small golden star was the Self or Child of God. I knew that the big golden sun from which it had come was the God the Father. And I knew that the hazy cloud in which the golden star travelled was the Holy Spirit or God the Mother.

The knowledge was immediately available to me whereas it had not been available before.

I watched the Child of God or Self travel the entire journey from God to God. Jesus once referred to it very generically:

“I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.” (3)

That’s it in a nutshell. (4)

We come from the Father out into the world of matter, mater, Mother, and graduate from here through enlightenment, going thereafter back to the Father.

That’s the circle, the arc.

But I also had the capability of zeroing in on whatever process I wanted. So I looked more closely at the progress of the individual soul I was watching. That golden star of Light had now dimmed because it was encased in matter as it travelled through the Mother’s domain.

As it went through lifetimes in the world, which were represented by the translucent tubes through which it was journeying, I saw that the tubes were actually spirals like the outer casing of an electrical cable.

The afterglow from the experience lasted three days before I was called back to Earth, so to speak.

I only later came to know the secret of the spirals.

They point to this: We are subject to the law of karma in the Third/Fourth Dimension. So we keep coming back to the same karmic situations that remain unlearned but we do so at higher and higher levels. What that looks like at ground level is this:

There’s that old sine wave again, patterned on the Mother’s Breath (Aum).

We progress and yet keep coming back to the same point, but at a higher level: That describes a sine wave, a recurring pattern in our lives. It also describes the Mother’s creation, preservation, transformation cycle, the pattern of our breath, etc.

So the sacred spiral – for me –  describes how we move forward through lifetime after lifetime but return to unlearned karmic situations until they’re learned. This spiral  is added to and modifies the sacred arc that sees us journey from God to God.

That tableau for me explained the purpose of life – to travel from God out into the world and learn our true identity. That true identity is God.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Nov. 11, 2011.

(2) How do I know? Because I was traveling in my car at the time through an area of town I knew well and when I emerged from the vision the car had not moved an inch. Eight seconds out of time.

(3) John 16:28.

(4) Except it’s also a declaration by Jesus of his avatarhood.  We are ascenders; but Jesus was a descender, a descent of God or Avatar. He came from God very directly. We came from God as well, in the beginning, but now we’re ascenders, ascending back to God.

All Jesus’ parables have multiple levels of meaning. This is only one meaning one can deduce from his statement.



Golden Fractal Spiral Artwork by Matthias Hauser @ Fine Art America


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