New Maps of Ascension โ€“ Part 4/4 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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New Maps of Ascension โ€“ Part 4/4

This four-part series features some detailed and helpful discussions from Archangel Michael of what Ascension as a process will be like and what will result.

(Concluded from Part 3, yesterday.)

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 22, 2016.

There will be those who choose to leave, to abandon their physical forms, rather than ascend in physical form.

Steve: That is what you mean by separation? Leave?

AAM: That is what I mean and I do not mean being spun off into an alternate world or Earth or Gaia or planet. I mean simply, abandoning the body, dying, and leaving and coming home. There is no penalty or shame or guilt. It is simply a decision.

But it is not the desire of the Mother that this [ascension process] simply continue [forever] because what she also sees (what we all see) and what youโ€™ve repeatedly said to us, even though we operate often in terms of eons rather than years, many of you are tired.

So we do not wish for those who have been stalwart and continue and practice fortitude and persistence along with love to reach the point where they abandon their bodies. And you are seeing that in many.

Steve: I can think of one person in particular that seems to be thinking of abandoning their body, so yes.

AAM: When it comes to a decision point of whether the recalcitrant remain or whether those who are determined to fulfill the Motherโ€™s dream remain; make no mistake about it. Those who have been in the truth of their heart and service will be victorious. I cannot be clearer than that.

Steve: Coming back to what you said about โ€œascend as one,โ€ my own understanding of โ€œascend as oneโ€ is the Mother claps her hands and we all ascend as one. But youโ€™re saying that is not the way itโ€™s going to be.

AAM: No, that is not true. Let us be clear about this. Think of it that you have all been training for the marathon, training for the pole vault jump. So you have all been practicing, practicing, gaining strength, raising up the level of your energy fields but there will come a time when it is the final poll vault jump. And you will all be on the field together and jumping as one.

Steve: You said that some have reneged and implied that some are not following the program, the plan so to speak, the divine plan. What did you mean? Are you referring to the various chaotic episodes that are happening in the world?

AAM: You are seeing many leaving and that is not necessarily those who have agreed to depart because they are too tired or they are part of the chaos. There have been agreements, soul agreements to act as a catalyst for people to wake up.

Steve: I think everything I wanted clarified has been clarified and I feel much more relaxed having talked to you about what we talked about today, Lord.

AAM: Then let me fill you with peace.

Steve: Fill me with bliss, peace, joy โ€ฆ I am ready!

AAM: Yes, you are.

Steve: Maybe thatโ€™s what I need to say to you. Is it bad to say, โ€œSpeed me along?โ€

AAM: No, it is not. It is simply a declaration of excitement, of willingness, of preparedness. I will speed you along, my friend!



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