Activating the Wellspring – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Activating the Wellspring – Part 2/2

Sacred 14(Continued from Part 1)

Later in the same reading of March 13, 2015, I returned to the topic of the spiritual experience that I was in the middle of (and still am) because I wanted further reassurance. 

AAM gives a lot more information on this space or state of being, which he described earlier as a “heart opening” and the beginning stages of Ascension. Thanks again to Dana.

Steve Beckow: So, I need more reassurance. You are reassuring me that this space that I’m in right now will not suddenly disappear tomorrow. This is the baseline now, correct?

Archangel Michael: That is correct. Hold it, love it. Allow it to grow. Cherish it. Do not think for one moment, “Oh tomorrow I’ll wake up tired, grumpy and wasted.” Do not go there, dear heart.

S: Also, it seems to be affected by breathing. Breathing helps. It seems to cause it to expand. Is that an accurate observation?

AAM: It is the letting go.

S: The letting go. So in breathing in, am I letting go of the tension? (1)

AAM: You are letting go and you are bringing in. It is a simple as that. But of course it is not.

Breathwork, as you well know, (2) has always been the most straightforward and one of the most powerful of tools. It is the essence of life. You cannot live without your breath.

But what people have not truly, fully understood (just like they have not understood the space between the letters of each word, not understood the space between each atom and cell of their body), the breath, the air, the oxygen, the compound that you are breathing in is the love force. (3)

Now what happens, (this is something for you to share) is that you are breathing love force, quite literally, from the Divine. Then what happens, or what has occurred, in what you think of as your past (now the key; do not go and live in the past). It has passed through what we would call the denial filter.

The denial filter is your filter that has been filled with the constructs of the old Third: fear, control, sense of lack of worth, sense of lack of love… It passes through that. You can even think of it as being like a filter that is in your sinus, the top, the back of your throat. And it passes through the denial filter, so when you bring it in,  you are only getting a minimal part of what is being offered.

S: And that’s our programming, by the way.

AAM: That is the programming.

It is like when someone says to you, even when I say to you, “I love you” and then you immediately put all these restrictions or limitations on it. So often among humans it is, “Oh, you love me because…” and it is not [so]. It is simply … love.

S: Yes, yes, yes. And when one sees that, it’s such an amazing thing to realize. That real and transformative love has no object except as we call it into service. But unto itself, it has no preference, no partiality.

AAM: None.

S: So, what is next? What do you want me to do next?

AAM: What is next is the anchoring, the allowing of this sense of unity to simply expand and anchor, expand and anchor. Go higher, go deeper, go broader and, celebrate, sweet angel.

S: The predominant way I go broader, etc., is by writing, right?

AAM: That is correct!

S: I share my space. I share what’s happening…

AAM: It is our platform!

S: Okay. Very good. Thank you for that.  Anything else I haven’t touched upon that I should know about?

AAM: You are in your process of expansion, of allowing, of becoming, of accepting the sweetness of who you are.

Often you have said to me, “Oh Lord, I am a warrior.” But beloved, you are so much more!

Allow every aspect of your being – the poet, the lover, the artist, the child, the adult, the elder – let it ALL be [expressed].

Let it all come to flower and share it all. Demonstrate and share and show what is possible. (4)

For this I thank you.

S: Thank you, Lord. Thank you ever so much.

AAM: I love you, dear heart.

S: I love you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell

Note: Already one reader has written in saying she had a similar experience:

“Dear Steve

“On Friday I felt this loving energy expanding out from my chest. I felt secure and I knew this was the time to give birth to the new, to grow and do my part. I have been waiting for this all my life. Sometimes I had this experience only for a short time. If now as Archangel Michael said, it’s going to be permanent we literally have the sacred fuel that we need to do what we came here to do.”

The experience may be permanent but its intensity or fulness does wane. It can be brought back to its fulness by breathing in love from the heart (or from the air) and breathing that same love out to the world, as AAM discusses in the reading.


(1) Muscular tension in the body is the cause of lowered awareness. Awareness varies inversely proportional to tension in the body. The Divine Mother said on last week’s Hour with an Angel: “Density of the human form is caused by unloving emotions.” The bands of muscular tension we create by our counterproductive programming is this density.  (“Transcript of the Divine Mother: Density is Unloving Emotion; Love is Lightness of Being,” March 6, 2015, at

(2) I’ve done rebirthing, bioenergetics, vipassana, and probably several other practices with some relationship to breathwork. So, yes, I do know the power and importance of the breath.  If I have the time after the Reval, I’d like to do some work reviving these almost-lost arts.

(3) Therefore, I don’t need to be drawing love up from the heart. Love is the very air we breathe.

(4) This is about the clearest, real-life example of a mission being assigned that I’ve seen.


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Activating the Wellspring – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Activating the Wellspring – Part 1/2

Sacred 11

For Heart Opening Week.

The next two articles from March 14, 2015 relate the experience of the heart opening that happened the day before.

It made possible everything that happened later.

(Part 2 supplies a later conversation in the same reading that touched on these matters again (to be posted tomorrow.)

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 13, 2015. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

Steve: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Welcome, welcome, welcome, to you, beloved friend, ally, anchor, communicator, bringer of news.

S: Thank you.

AAM: And yes, your heart is open. The opening is, and will, and shall continue.

S: You mean permanently, Lord, really?

AAM: Yes

S: Oh my! Please!

AAM: Because, you have said yes!

S: Yes, I have. I definitely have said yes.

But you must give us details because I think other readers will want to know what just happened, and what the consequences are. Can you talk about it for a little bit for the sake of others?

AAM: Yes, we will talk about it.

As I, and we, have relayed, many are either at, or through, or back and forth through the Ascension portal. Now, we don’t want to talk about this strictly in terms of Ascension.

Because what you are doing is anchoring the higher vibration of divinity, of the Mother, of the Love, of the One into your sacred being, into your consciousness, into every fiber and level of your being.

The feeling, the experience – because it is so much more than a feeling – the knowingness is actually very simple. It is love. In that, there are the elements of joy, of peace, of calm, of serenity…of simply being.

This occurs, not merely because you have asked for it, but because you (and this does apply to the collective) have done your, can we say, your homework, your due diligence. (1) What we mean by this is simply, think of it in spatial reality, time and space reality: you have created the space for this [energy of love] to, not only pass by you like a passing breeze or a rain, but to anchor within you because there is a sense of this spaciousness within thee.

S: I understand.

AAM: When one is clinging to core issues, to fear, to lack, to limitation – you know the list – there is not that sense, not only of spaciousness, but of acceptance, allowance, readiness and even permission. Because as you know, we continually say that we will never override your free will.

So, if the will, either actively or subconsciously, is actually choosing to still engage in the issues or the drama, then although we are standing at readiness and still penetrating you, that open door is not there.

S: So, the open door was there with me?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Did the exercise of bringing love up from my heart and sending it out through my third eye to the world play a role at all in this?

AAM: Yes, it did.

S: Could you talk about that for just a bit, please?

AAM: One of the strongest or the ultimate expressions of love, of willingness to not only participate in love but to be the love, is in the sharing. To say that you are love, or are loved, or you love this, that, someone… but [then] you keep it within you, you hoard it – and we do not necessarily mean that in a negative way – sometimes the feeling is so blissful you do not wish to actually take the next step quite yet, in terms of sharing.

The ultimate experience is in this sharing. This is what we speak of when we speak of sacred union and partnership. How can you possibly be in any form of partnership with humanity, with the Star-beings, with us, with any being, if you are not sharing.

So what you do when you bring the love up and out, when you begin to send, to share; it is as if you have in fact activated what we call the wellspring. The visual you may think of is the volcano.

It is not that you empty out. It is that you discover that that wellspring is SO full and overflowing that it is a steady stream. That steady stream does not ever, ever (think of what I say!)… it never has to cease!

S: It is hard for a human being to get that, you know. We keep thinking, “Oh no, someone’s going to turn the wheel and it’s going to stop.”

AAM: You tend to think of start-stop; of full-empty. But it is not the case. What you are doing is plugging into the ever present flow of the Mother’s energy, of the love.

S: Remarkable, remarkable. We human beings want to know where this fits in the scheme of things, and what its relationship is to this over there. Is there a name for this kind of experience I just went through? And still am, actually… And will be.

AAM: Yes, and will be. This is what you call part of your Ascension process and it will simply grow and expand.

S: What growing and expanding means is exactly what happened this morning, right?

AAM: That is exactly correct.

Then it begins to expand in what you can think of, in every body – mental, emotional – because there is no separation. So the physical attributes that are one and the same with love begin to come forth as well.

S: Okay, can we just go back over that for a second? I’m trying to get my mind around that.

So this transcendental wave of love that is coming to us is impacting all our bodies in all dimensions, the mental, causal, all the other bodies?

AAM: That is correct.

S: They are going forward together. Now I think you suggested there is an impact on the physical body or our everyday awareness from this. Is that what you were saying?

AAM: Yes, because you cannot be in this intensity (and do not turn it down whatever you do!)….

S: No, gosh! Why would anyone want to do that?

AAM: Well, we are often surprised!

What happens is, then you begin to see with different eyes. Then you begin to see more clearly. Humans have a tendency to think, “Oh, now I am seeing with my third eye,” “Now I am seeing with my fourth eye,” “Now I am seeing with my fifth eye.” It is not like that.

There is the inner vision, the experience of the inner vision which allows you to truly see what is, but you also began to see that, energetically. You will see more with your eyes. You will see orbs, different colours, bigger fields, etc.

S: Telepathy may also expand?

AAM: Exactly. Telepathy, communication ability. So think of your physical communication, your writing, your oral you, your telepathic, your soul-to-soul communication, your communication above and below begins to expand, your cellular structure, because it is vibrating at a different rate.

Your cellular structure begins to regenerate because it is filled with what you think of as life force. It is a truly love force. So everything begins to shift. You begin to see that you can be the truth of inter-dimensionality.

S: Yes, a sense of certainty arises, a sense of stability and solidity.

AAM: And you realize that it’s a solidity that is not solid at all!

S: No, I know! I was thinking of that even as I said it! Yes, absolutely.

AAM: It is a sense of knowingness. And, yes that stability means there is simply no space for the sense of doubt or uncertainty or even concern or fear.

S: Also, issues just disappear! There is no need for forgiveness because I can’t remember what the issues were! In this wave of love, this submergence of love, and I really do mean submergence, like I am under sea.

AAM: You do not need to remember.

S: No, no need at all! I wonder why I felt the need! (Laughing)

AAM: It was part of what we would refer to as the old human traits.

S: It is all a question of deprogramming, is it not?

AAM: In many ways, yes. What you are doing, is what you think of as deprogramming, unwinding the old programming; hitting the literal delete button; not simply saving it somewhere where you can go back and pick at it later. Yes, it is the reprogramming, the rebooting of your entire system.

S: I think people may not adequately realize, (oh, how can I say it; is so hard to talk about these things, they are so new to me) that forgiveness itself is tied to memory. If there is no memory, there is no need for forgiveness of anything. There are other factors too. This love does something to me that has me not be interested in the drama and the other things.

AAM: Because it does not serve. When you are thinking about forgiveness, think of it as a step along the way.

So when you have done your forgiving; and the most important part is forgiveness of self, then you can create if you choose, situations where you wish to keep score. But the larger question is, why? Why would one even choose to do that?

So often we hear the humans (to myself, to Gabrielle, but mostly to Yeshua or to the Divine Mother) begging for forgiveness. Now, understand that forgiveness is always granted, because it is an act of mercy. It is an act of love. But does the Mother have need to forgive? Does she keep a tally sheet? No!

S: No, as competent as she is!

AAM: As competent as she is, it would be far too lengthy!

So, no, it is not a trait. It is a plea for help. And that plea, of course, is always heard.

S: There is another aspect I would like to talk to about for a minute, and that is that I think people hearing a discussion like this might say to themselves, “That’s all fine and dandy for you to say. You’re living in the experience of love.”

And, that’s true; it’s true that it was very hard to deprogram while not living in the experience of love and it is very easy to think, “I don’t even need to deprogram in this space.”

AAM: It is difficult to reach this place, only because the human program as you are calling it (and this is an excellent term) is one that thinks, or feels (but it is [the] mental/emotional [body] that thinks) that, “That [outcome] is above, or beyond”.

When we suggest that there is a need to create this sense of spaciousness, so often what we hear is a resistance that says, “Well, I have already done my clearing. I have already done my forgiveness. I have already asked for help.”

But if you are not in this sense [space] of the love and knowing full well, beyond any shadow of any doubt in any realm, this is what you desire, this is why you are here to create – this sense – then simply go a little further, my friends. You do not walk alone. And the journey is guaranteed!

There are very few guarantees, but when you keep going, you will arrive!

S: Thank you!


(1) “As you remember to be loving, and demonstrate Love in action, your energy field changes to reflect and extend that Love to all with whom you connect in any way at all. And so by changing yourselves, you are changing the world and dissolving all that is not in alignment with Love.” (Saul via John Smallman, Nov. 23, 2014 at


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RECEIVING THE NEW ENERGY – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson

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Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss receiving the new energy.

You are making great strides on your ascension path. You are awake to the infinite possibilities that await you on your journey.

You are continuing to be showered with a great array of higher dimensional energy that is inviting you to rise to new levels of being. This energy contains a refined type of Light that is calling you to incorporate it into your energy field so that it can lift you to higher dimensions and open your awareness to new understanding.

Each time you rise to a new dimensional level you are given the opportunity to examine lessons you have experienced and learned at previous levels.

For example, you may have learned to conquer an emotion such as anger and remain calm when situations arise that previously would have triggered this emotion within you.

When you have risen to a new dimensional level, a similar situation may present itself so that you can see if there are residual areas to be transmuted and released. This is not a punishment but rather an opportunity to further clear your energy field and Light Body.

There are several steps you can take as an ongoing process so that you are ready to receive each new burst of higher energy when it occurs.

Remaining in the present moment can help you be aware of energetic changes that are occurring. You are less likely to be caught off guard in unexpected situations. You can stay more centered and catch any areas that you wish to transform.

What has happened in the past can be used as a point of information and learning. You can examine the past situation, receive the lesson from it, and transmute the energy around it. The future remains open to new experiences. The present moment is your point of awareness and possibility, and it is the portal to rising higher.

Another important step to receiving the new energy is to monitor your thoughts. This is easier when you remain in the present moment. If you find a thought becoming less than positive, you can easily recognize this and change it to a more positive one. Through present awareness this can be corrected before it leads to a less than positive emotion.

The different types of thoughts could be compared to different television programs or movies. Each program or movie has an overarching type of vibration. You select the program or movie based on your interests. If you find that a certain program is not what you had hoped it would be, you can simply change the channel to one that is a more compatible fit for you.

The same concept applies to your thoughts. Each type of thought has a particular vibration. When you realize that you have tuned in to a thought that is not the vibration you wish to carry in your energy field, you have the power to shift to another higher channel of thought and vibration. This can be changed instantly when you remain in the present moment of awareness.

When your thoughts are positive, this leads to positive emotions, and you have cleared the way to incorporate and assimilate the new energy into your Light body. Everything is energetically smooth, and your vibration rises to a higher level.

As your vibration increases, you may find yourself becoming open to new and expanded concepts. Expanded thinking is a characteristic of the higher dimensions. Being open to new ideas and perspectives can also make receiving the new energy much easier. The higher you rise, the more expanded the concepts become.

When you encounter a new concept, you can examine it from all perspectives to see whether you resonate with it. If you are unsure about it, you can set it aside and ask for further clarification at a later point. The important part is that you have examined it and tuned in to your inner guidance in your decision making.

You are preparing to receive the new energy by remaining in the present moment, monitoring your thoughts and selecting the higher options, and being open to examine new concepts. We are happy that you are taking these steps to receive the new energy and rise to even higher dimensional levels.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

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