Activating the Wellspring – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist

Activating the Wellspring – Part 2/2

Sacred 14(Continued from Part 1)

Later in the same reading of March 13, 2015, I returned to the topic of the spiritual experience that I was in the middle of (and still am) because I wanted further reassurance. 

AAM gives a lot more information on this space or state of being, which he described earlier as a “heart opening” and the beginning stages of Ascension. Thanks again to Dana.

Steve Beckow: So, I need more reassurance. You are reassuring me that this space that I’m in right now will not suddenly disappear tomorrow. This is the baseline now, correct?

Archangel Michael: That is correct. Hold it, love it. Allow it to grow. Cherish it. Do not think for one moment, “Oh tomorrow I’ll wake up tired, grumpy and wasted.” Do not go there, dear heart.

S: Also, it seems to be affected by breathing. Breathing helps. It seems to cause it to expand. Is that an accurate observation?

AAM: It is the letting go.

S: The letting go. So in breathing in, am I letting go of the tension? (1)

AAM: You are letting go and you are bringing in. It is a simple as that. But of course it is not.

Breathwork, as you well know, (2) has always been the most straightforward and one of the most powerful of tools. It is the essence of life. You cannot live without your breath.

But what people have not truly, fully understood (just like they have not understood the space between the letters of each word, not understood the space between each atom and cell of their body), the breath, the air, the oxygen, the compound that you are breathing in is the love force. (3)

Now what happens, (this is something for you to share) is that you are breathing love force, quite literally, from the Divine. Then what happens, or what has occurred, in what you think of as your past (now the key; do not go and live in the past). It has passed through what we would call the denial filter.

The denial filter is your filter that has been filled with the constructs of the old Third: fear, control, sense of lack of worth, sense of lack of love… It passes through that. You can even think of it as being like a filter that is in your sinus, the top, the back of your throat. And it passes through the denial filter, so when you bring it in,  you are only getting a minimal part of what is being offered.

S: And that’s our programming, by the way.

AAM: That is the programming.

It is like when someone says to you, even when I say to you, “I love you” and then you immediately put all these restrictions or limitations on it. So often among humans it is, “Oh, you love me because…” and it is not [so]. It is simply … love.

S: Yes, yes, yes. And when one sees that, it’s such an amazing thing to realize. That real and transformative love has no object except as we call it into service. But unto itself, it has no preference, no partiality.

AAM: None.

S: So, what is next? What do you want me to do next?

AAM: What is next is the anchoring, the allowing of this sense of unity to simply expand and anchor, expand and anchor. Go higher, go deeper, go broader and, celebrate, sweet angel.

S: The predominant way I go broader, etc., is by writing, right?

AAM: That is correct!

S: I share my space. I share what’s happening…

AAM: It is our platform!

S: Okay. Very good. Thank you for that.  Anything else I haven’t touched upon that I should know about?

AAM: You are in your process of expansion, of allowing, of becoming, of accepting the sweetness of who you are.

Often you have said to me, “Oh Lord, I am a warrior.” But beloved, you are so much more!

Allow every aspect of your being – the poet, the lover, the artist, the child, the adult, the elder – let it ALL be [expressed].

Let it all come to flower and share it all. Demonstrate and share and show what is possible. (4)

For this I thank you.

S: Thank you, Lord. Thank you ever so much.

AAM: I love you, dear heart.

S: I love you, Lord.

AAM: Farewell

Note: Already one reader has written in saying she had a similar experience:

“Dear Steve

“On Friday I felt this loving energy expanding out from my chest. I felt secure and I knew this was the time to give birth to the new, to grow and do my part. I have been waiting for this all my life. Sometimes I had this experience only for a short time. If now as Archangel Michael said, it’s going to be permanent we literally have the sacred fuel that we need to do what we came here to do.”

The experience may be permanent but its intensity or fulness does wane. It can be brought back to its fulness by breathing in love from the heart (or from the air) and breathing that same love out to the world, as AAM discusses in the reading.


(1) Muscular tension in the body is the cause of lowered awareness. Awareness varies inversely proportional to tension in the body. The Divine Mother said on last week’s Hour with an Angel: “Density of the human form is caused by unloving emotions.” The bands of muscular tension we create by our counterproductive programming is this density.  (“Transcript of the Divine Mother: Density is Unloving Emotion; Love is Lightness of Being,” March 6, 2015, at

(2) I’ve done rebirthing, bioenergetics, vipassana, and probably several other practices with some relationship to breathwork. So, yes, I do know the power and importance of the breath.  If I have the time after the Reval, I’d like to do some work reviving these almost-lost arts.

(3) Therefore, I don’t need to be drawing love up from the heart. Love is the very air we breathe.

(4) This is about the clearest, real-life example of a mission being assigned that I’ve seen.


Gratitude to artist

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