A Call to Mastery – Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Michael


A Call to Mastery

How do we thrive on a planet that is changing so rapidly?

How do we learn to trust our inner guidance and act from our hearts?

Do you feel called by your Soul to bring forth your gifts to the world?

The waves of Light flooding the planet recently are acting as the new Light Fields that we can use to create new life as we move into the higher frequencies in a Fifth Dimensional reality. Learning to act from a more confident place of certainty seems to be an issue that is affecting many people now.

Enter Archangel Michael to the stage. He has been called the Angelic Overseer of this historical time on Earth. Archangel Michael is literally available to give us the strength and courage that we need, as well as the protection, to claim our Divinity and gain Mastery within ourselves so we can thrive within the dimensional shifts.

In our class series called the Archangel Transmissions, Opening to Our Soul’s Light, Archangel Michael transmitted a powerful teaching about Mastery that can bring much more protection and strength into your solar plexus chakra, the power center. When we feel the presence of the warm Golden Light emanating from Archangel Michael in this center, we can feel a greater sense of protection. This assists us in creating the structures of Wellbeing that we need to feel more balanced.

I offer you this powerful meditation mp3 that was channeled from Archangel Michael to bring you into a balanced state of Love, Wisdom and Power. From this place you are able to gain the Mastery you need to thrive in this changing world.

Enjoy this message from Archangel Michael and then download the meditation. I am sure you will feel a sense of empowerment from the Wholeness that is being offered.
The 91st Psalm says: For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

I believe that Archangel Michael oversees those Angels.

In Trust,

A Message of Mastery from Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

We will speak today of Mastery. Mastery of yourself in the world becomes the principle that allows you to thrive on the Earth, where discipline and focus are essential. However, this discipline is not in a harsh or strict sense of being, but more from alignment with your Highest Self.

Withdraw your focus from attention to the waves of change going on in the world. Instead, create a deep system of roots and core connections to the world of Nature and the Earth that supports and nourishes you on an energetic level. You will find that this focus will serve you in greater ways than you have known before.

Mastery is made simple when one can stay in alignment with the soul’s highest reality in any given moment. This allows you to be in the center of your being in full awareness, no matter what is going on outside of you.

The integration of Light Frequencies is a process that allows you to become a master of your energy system in this new time of awakening. Awareness of this process accentuates your inner knowing and allows a deeper connection to your Core of Truth to be available in each moment. You are opening doors to new higher frequencies when you integrate the waves of light as they come to you.

Know that as you fully embody these frequencies you become more whole, which allows life to take on more joy. There is an ability to move from your core with more ease and a deeper awareness within your heart as you awaken to the Divine in every moment. This means that you are truly living in your Light Body in a 5th Dimensional world.

Throughout time there have been moments that require you to step into your role as a spiritual warrior. This is one of those times, as you become aligned with your soul at the deepest core of your being, letting that impulse your action in the world. The strength of the warrior also includes the gentle fierceness of Compassion acting as the fire of Truth within you. Wisdom and Love combined with the Power of your center ignites this Compassion, so it is the expansive energy awakening in your energy field at this time.

The decisiveness of the warrior is balanced by the compassion of the heart, thus becoming the centering aspect that supports your mastery on the Earth. Deep humility becomes a core attribute as the warrior recognizes that all is accomplished only through the Will of the Divine. Not my will but thy will be done, as it has been said. Then surrender takes place within the solar plexus as it lets go of self-righteousness. When you do this, a surprisingly calm inner strength is created for you within the balance of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Compassion becomes a balancing agent in your life that can activate your inner gyroscope. Trust that as you set this balancing energy into motion with your intentions, a new way of life unfolds.

Mastery of your emotional and mental components creates your energetic foundation as your alignment with the Higher Focus of Will activates your guidance system for life, then all is truly well.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Michael
April 17, 2018



Gratitude to artist


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I dance on the mantle of love – Alohim

May we forever melt into
this glorious existence.
Love smouldering into an endless
reservoir of timeless light.
The scent of touch 
The caress of skies silhouette
Deepening my soul to merge.
Breathing through dream’s mind.
I dance on the mantle of love
Forever and in eternity

– ♥ – 

I popped out of the womb seated in the Lotus position and was whipped away to be told I ‘was normal’ – my parents knew I wasn’t! At the age of 9 Jesus /Yeshua asked me to work for him (all I wanted to be was a monk! I was devastated when I was told I couldn’t be) and in return my family would have Divine protection. My soul remembers the incarnation. I knew a lot more than I should have and quickly learned to be quiet. I knew my past lives, Star Family and much more. I was involved as an observer. I knew this body was a vehicle and a container. I saw things and was whipped through a Vortex to report to the Council of Light. I witnessed many changes in New Zealand after my meetings through the Vortex. I claimed none of them and was only 13 – but I remember.
Many changes occurred. I could see but I still had to play amongst the matrix for survival. At the age of 22 my true human experience started as grief struck through the passing of my mother. I had never experienced such pain in this incarnation. The Heart Chakra literally fell from my chest and broke on the floor. I am so grateful for the remembrance of the energy I held before the ‘fall’.
Apart from being a Light Worker as we all are I’ve spent the last few years healing through mediation, movement and solitude. Everything happens for a reason, as we know! Without this understanding of brokenness, I wouldn’t be able to relate with such compassion. Now I wander around third world countries and connect to the oppressed, pouring in Energy and Light through different avenues.

A very simple story and – regardless of the intensity – we are all magical Beings here for a wonderful purpose. Much love to all …. 
With Gratitude to Artists

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: See Yourself as a Mt. Vesuvius of Joy! Linda Dillon

Gift of Love Painting by artist Samir Sarkar @ ArtZolo.


Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: See Yourself as a Mt. Vesuvius of Joy! AHWAA April 12, 2018

Archangel Michael

See Yourself as a Mt. Vesuvius of Joy!

“How could you possibly be in that depth of connection to our sacred Beloved Mother and not be in the depth, the height, the width, the breadth of joy?”

An Hour With An Angel, April 12, 2018

Thanks to Laura for this transcript.

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow, Host for InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor in chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, and with me today is Linda Dillon, council….haha, I thought I’d say that some day; council for the Channel of Love.

Linda Dillon: Hahaha!

Steve Beckow: Channel for the Council of Love.

Linda, I need to tell listeners that we have been, I have been laughing offline and we may still be laughing because of a legal notice that I got that was just so ludicrous.

And I’m not going to name the company because it would have an effect on them, right? But nevertheless, some person unfamiliar with the company itself sent out this legal notice, which is just a hoot. So I am in joy, which I believe is something that Archangel Michael is going to be talking about today.

How are you, Linda?

LD: I’m just fine.

SB: You’re in your car, right?

LD: I’m in my car. We have some work people at our house that are banging away on our roof trying to fix it and repair it for hurricane season.

SB: Wow, oh boy. That’s no laughing matter.

LD: Well, I don’t know. Maybe it is. It’s kind of funny because I’m sitting out on the street in my car, so, if you hear traffic noise or something you’ll know exactly where I’m at. But it’s interesting because I put Gabrielle on the hood of the car. The car is surrounded by the archangels, so I think we’re good to go.

SB: Right. Okay.  I remember hurricane season about two years ago when all of us were putting a bubble over your house and the storm passed…

LD: Yes, and didn’t it work?

SB: It passed over with no damage to your house as far as I know.

LD: No damage at all.

SB: Isn’t that remarkable?

LD: It’s really, and even last year when we had a hurricane here, and as I’m sure our listeners remember, Isaac and I were on our spirit quest to England and to the stone circles, and my sister was here taking care of my little dog Eliza. And she weathered the storm, but we lost a lot of shingles.

And so when the repair companies came and were looking at the roof, they said, “you know if you look at your roof it looks fine. But if you were in a storm and across the street looking at it in the wind, it’s completely flapping. Like it’s amazing that it didn’t take off and fly like something out of the Wizard of Oz.” So it was protected last year too but we’re playing it safe and the bubble can only do so much; you’ve got to do your part. That’s part of our part of creation, right?

SB: It’s one of the steps of creation, to take actions consistent with the intention.

LD: And my intention is to keep my house intact.

SB: Oh yes, absolutely. I totally agree.

LD: The thing’s very physical and present in our body, and I’m sure many of our listeners are feeling that. You know I know your inbox is probably crammed, and so is mine, as people are feeling these incredible shifts in energy – the renewed Tsunami of Love, which is knocking us all sideways. And trying to stay as integrated vessels of unified love is…

SB: Challenging.

LD: Can be a physical challenge.

SB: Um-hum. At this time it feels like we’re being squeezed. You know, like something is emerging. Well, I guess that’s what a birth feels like. This is like a birth.

LD: It is like a birth and, you know, as I’ve been preparing for our time together with Archangel Michael, he’s showing me his grid, which is so massive.

And it’s like if I was looking at it I’d say a billion points of light. Where all those points of intersection are on the grid, it’s like we’re birthing ourselves and we’re coming into this massive grid. And we’re just adjusting; we’re just not used to it.

SB: As if everything else wasn’t enough. There’s a lot going on.

LD: Hahaha. Yeah, there really is a lot going on.

SB: Well, why don’t we ask Archangel Michael to tell us more about joy? Boy, I think we’re all pretty conditioned for a talk on that subject. If that’s what he intended to talk about, let’s welcome in Archangel Michael.

LD: Yes, and I know that you had questions about Michael and his essence and how’s he’s a million places at once and…

SB: Yes, I do!

LD: …paints the sky and all this good stuff.

SB: I do. I have questions about, oh, so many things that have been said about him too, yes, so if we have time.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, my beloveds, teachers, channels, counselors, and shall we add lawyers? Ah yes, it is a fine day. It is a fine night. It is a fine season. Everything, whether it appears to you this way or not is in divine order, divine beauty, divine joy, divine truth, divine right.

As you step forward this night and every night – always I am beckoning you to come and work and play and be the peace. But I also beckon you this night to come and be the joy, for how can there be love, how can there be peace, how can there be the experience of any of these Divine Qualities, these Blessings & Virtues, without joy, and without the sister – the twin – of gratitude; because if you are in joy, you are in gratitude.

As that font overflows, the golden essence that comes forth from the wellspring of your heart is gratitude. But it is also joy! Yes, joy is found deep within. It is part of the essential essence of who you are; of your divine and human DNA. But it is also intended, by its very makeup, to be shared; for what can be sweeter, my friend, than sharing the joy. And in this yes, sometimes it will express as happiness that is reactive that is about something. Joy is that infinite sense, not only of well-being, but of knowing.

Now what do I mean by this? For you know that in this last year or two we have placed great emphasis on the acceptance and the dawning, not merely taking your mantle of Divine Authority and hiding it away in the recesses of your darkest closet, but the dawning of that mantle and of stepping forward as the speakers of Saedor, the warriors of truth. And, in that, in perfect alignment is the joy of your divine knowing.

When you have reached a place where you have accepted and surrendered to the fact that your internal knowing, when you have surrendered and aligned with Divine Heart, Mind and Will, there is such an experience and a presence; not just the experience, but a presence of joy. How could you possibly be in that depth of connection to our sacred Beloved Mother and not be in the depth, the height, the width, the breadth of joy?

It is not only the remembering; in the acceptance it brings it into what you construe as your current reality, your current existence, but also that existence within the infinite eternal experience and realm of time and of the energy of One. When you are there, and beloved ones you are, all the hardships, what you think of as setbacks, delays, are insignificant.

Now, I can already feel some of you say, “Oh, please Archangel Mi-ka-el, please do not tell us that there are more delays, more setbacks, more recalcitrance, more disinterest.” That is not what I am saying, but I don’t want you to go there – at least not yet.

With me in this infinite moment I want you to set aside the temporal, and to allow your heart, your mind, your self, your being, your massively expanded field to conjoin and merge with me in this joy of all. It is from the joy that you have the fuel; you have the desire to actually live your life in the most miniscule ways, and in the broadest ways.

I am not asking you, the Mother is not asking you, to ignore the details of your life; quite the contrary. When you embrace, when you own, the details of your life with joy coming from that state of being of joy, then what you think of as challenges or as distraction even, disappears because the essence and attitude of how you undertake your daily existence completely shifts. And in that experience, in that reinforcement of joy in the small things, it literally gives you the oomph, the fuel, the ignition to, in fact, begin with the bigger things.

Beloveds, you are the implementers of our Mother’s Plan, building Nova Earth. Yes, and I will say it – a world that works for everybody, a world that works for everyone. And, in that, everyone does not just mean the human beings or a particular group or a certain select minority. Everyone includes us because we are all part of One, of everyone.

You are not simply conjoined and part of Divine Mind/Heart/Being. You have been given renewed grit. You are part of us. We are part of you. The Mother is part of you. What strange delineations would someone wish to make? It would be absurd. Now having said that, where do you wish to begin, my beloved friend?

SB: Well, I think the only one you left off in your list of worries, love, etc., was Buddhism-mirth, Buddhism-joy. So, Sri Ramakrishna said about love, he said the ocean of love – it doesn’t matter how you get in it, walk in it, run in it, dive in it, be pushed in it, it doesn’t matter. Just get yourself in the ocean of love. Is the same thing true about joy?

AAM: Yes, you cannot separate these. Understand what I say, and this is also why our Beloved Mother speaks in terms of the infinite ocean of time. This is why she works with the Tsunami of Love. Tsunamis come in the oceans and they will take you and clear you and refresh you and renew you.

You know the love is as big as an ocean, as big as a planet, as big as a universe, a galaxy, an omniverse. There is not any separation – that is an illusion. So think of it in this way – when people try, and it is a human and some other planets still in evolution, but there is a human trait to try and see how many angels are dancing on the head of that pin, in that infinite ocean – they say, “Oh there’s a joy piece, oh there’s a piece piece, oh there’s a surrender piece.” It is all of one thing.

Every time you submerse or immerse yourself into the infinite, consciously, into the infinite ocean of love, you are immersing yourself in joy. Now this factor of discernment and of free will, think of it in this way: there are times when you may go into an ocean and you look for the golden sand or the little effervescent bubble, or the sparkling fish that are of joy. And that is exactly the experience that you are choosing to immerse yourself in.

Now, that does not mean that you’re not simultaneously being immersed and submersed in the placid currents of peace, of a deeper understanding of wisdom or the gentle flow. Think of the sea turtle or the whales that are bringing you compassion – it is all in there.

But at different times, depending on where you are, what you are wanting, desiring, paying attention to you will have some different experiences. So you cannot carve out, “Well, this is where joy is, this is where humility is.” It is all part of the infinite ocean of love.

But so often, and that is why we are speaking of joy this night, is that human beings, and I would say in the deepest reverence – you lightworkers and loveholders – you tend to take yourself and your mission and purpose, as do I, seriously. And that simply means with reverence and the level of attention that it deserves, but never, never has our Mother’s Desire or Her Plan been about burden.

So it is important, and that is why we are talking about it, that we speak about this refreshment of joy, so there is a sense as you go forward; and yes, as both of you have said, there is so much happening, that all the actions and the attitudes and the precursors to the actions are done in a depth and a knowing, an embrace and an embodiment of joy.

SB: Lord, I’ve had experiences where I’ve noticed bliss. It’s as if bliss were personified and I was in a room full of people and I’d notice bliss. And the minute I would notice it, it filled me up or, you recall we discussed on another show the experience with the thoughts going by, which you said was interdimensional travel, and I saw a particular face, a particularly peaceful person, and the minute I locked, gazes, peace arose in me.

I recognized him as peaceful – as very, very peaceful, and that peace arose in me. Is it necessary for us to be aware of the Divine Qualities before they really fill us up?

AAM: This is a very good question. Now, is it necessary for you to be aware before you can activate? What is occurring right now as you are ascending, as you are already inhabiting your ascended self is that the level of awareness – what you are calling awareness and what I will also say and use as synonymous with consciousness, is becoming increasingly relevant and important.

Before, there are times like as you watch an innocent child or an infant who’s absolutely brimming over with bliss and joy and lying in the crib or lying on the floor or crawling and discovering a new toy and they are exploding with joy – not happiness, but just joy. Because everything is in divine perfection. And you most certainly know from them when it isn’t. There is joy, and in that there is a consciousness before that joy factor has been burnt out of them.

As you are becoming the fullness of your ascended self, that conscious awareness of the divine quality is essential because it extends that level from that state of conscious awareness that you are bringing forth the best, the highest, the easiest, the clearest creation. So, this is why I have talked and mentioned about not having a sense of burden or obligation. Responsibility is not meant to be tedious. It is meant to be an incredibly joyful experience, so bringing to your consciousness, having that connection is very essential.

Now, you say, “But it does not seem to be in consistent conscious awareness as yet.” Don’t worry about it because what you have is that moment to retrieve, retrieve, retrieve and bring in to your daily experience so you are holding on to what you know to be true. And that what you know actually serves you as you serve the Mother. So is the growth of this conscious, consistent presence of the Divine Qualities necessary? The answer is yes. Perhaps in old man, hu-man, wo-man it was not; but you are not the person any longer.

SB: Well, now, you’ve just mentioned that we can remember those moments of joy and thereby recreate them, thereby be in them again. But I’m not necessarily sure that all listeners are aware of the fact that we can … well, for instance, I can draw love up from my heart and by doing that I come again into the fullness of that love, right? Now, you’re saying you can remember it and that can also bring it about, but we haven’t done a lot of pushups in this area. I don’t think it’s necessarily plain and obvious to everyone.

AAM: No, it is not, and that’s why we’re having this conversation – we are forging new ground.

SB: Um-hum.

AAM: Because we are at a point where this level of awareness and engagement is your next step. Now let us suggest to you, no – let me just tell you – we are past the point of suggesting. So, you have all these Divine Qualities in the capsule shall we say, of love, which is in your heart, which is your divinity, which is not only reflective of the Divine, but completely connected and part of the Divine within you.

Now where do you start? You have a tendency, and this is also part of the evolving physiology of humans, you have this tendency to think that your memories and your access to memories of joy, of bliss, of peace, of surrender are stored in your brain. And this is accurate.

But they are also stored in your heart because that is really where it gains potency and accessibility. Think of it as entrainment. Those memories of bliss entrain you to where the leader of bliss is, and that is in your heart. So when you are pulling it up, you are pulling up your memory and conjoining it with the knowing of divine joy and you are sharing it.

You are Nova Beings, you are ancient angels, you are ancient hybrids gathered from the far reaches of the Mother’s realm, gathered here on beautiful Gaia. Yes, as the implementers of our Mother’s Plan, but also as the anchors of love, the builders of Earth, the re-creation of this world of joy. It is such a supreme gift.

You know, I work, I play, I serve, I exist for the Mother. It is my deepest joy – the meaning of my existence is to be in that union, that sacred partnership with the Mother and that is exactly what is being offered – consciously offered – to you.

Now there have been many discussions, and we have hosted them, about ascension, the meaning of ascension, the steps of ascension, but what is the true meaning? It is being in the union of love, in the acceptance of that love, of that joy, of that peace, not only with the Mother, not only with us, but with each other.

This planet, and particularly this planet, which was birthed and created as a place for angels to play and to know the physical experience of love, was intended to be joyful. The task at hand is truly embodying it. Yes, with the repertoire of Divine Qualities under that massive umbrella sky of love. But that is your ascension. It is not leaving, it is not departing. It is actually being your angelic self in beautiful human, physical form, playing with us. And, dear hearts, friends, allies we are ready to play.

SB: Lord, just want to clarify for our listeners. When you say brain versus heart, you’re talking about the spiritual heart, not the heart chakra, not the physical heart, correct?

AAM: No, we are talking about your spiritual heart.

SB: Okay. Now can we talk a little bit about the mechanics of joy, because I notice about myself that when I laugh these days, I’m laughing deeper. You know it comes more easily. It has a kind of a lilt to it. Why would I be laughing easily and fully today when compared to two years ago. What is it that has lifted, or is it the energies themselves? What are the mechanics of what has changed and how can I accelerate them – well, you’ve told me how I can accelerate that process already.

AAM: The more you access it…. This is a human question, is it not, my friend?

SB: Oh, yes!

AAM: And let me tease you, because maybe you will laugh.

So let us talk about this, yes, because it is a funny human question. It’s like, can you give me the reason that I am happier and I can laugh fully with my heart, with my field. So it is not just one thing. But let us at least touch on some of the things that have significantly changed.

SB: Um-hum.

AAM: First of all, you have expanded and you have accepted, because it is not done to you, it is done with you. So the Mother’s Tsunami, the Tsunami of One, the Porlana C, your acceptance, your growth, your ascension process has expanded your field significantly.

So think of it in practical terms – there is more of you to access. You literally are drawing upon more of you, so when you come to let that laughter well up, might I even say to you it is more genuine because it is more you.

So that is one thing; that is your expanded self.

SB: I’m asking this question on behalf of all listeners; it’s not just about me.

AAM: Oh, I know that, but I’m using you as my case in point

SB: Yes, please.

AAM: Because all of you listening have this experience. Your fields, if you take a moment and simply feel your edges, which are several miles out at many times, you know there is more of you. The second is you have had these experiences in your memory banks of heart and mind, of bliss, of joy.

You have had these glimpses that you are anchoring; of what it really feels like, of what that depth of connection truly feels like. And it isn’t a momentary fleeting glimpse. It is truly anchoring, and it is anchoring into that expanded field of your reality – so that is another point.

SB: Um-hmm.

AAM: The other thing that has happened and this is why we have been literally years talking to you about sacred union, sacred partnership, and what that truly means. You are in a deeper, broader, higher form, not level but form, of sacred partnership with us, with me.

Think of it, the dozens and dozens of times I have met with you in the platform sharing our vibration. Yes, there are words but really what we have been doing is conjoining heart to heart, being to being, and our sacred partnership has expanded. So my joy, and through me the Mother’s joy, through me the entire Archangelic, Seraphic realm of joy is being shared with you. So you are drawing on that experience as well. So it is growing, growing, growing.

SB: Can I add one? This is what I thought was happening and that is that I have cleared more and more vasanas and that means less and less muscular tension in my body. And so therefore my body transmits better than it does when I’m all hard like India rubber.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Okay, so that’s another.

AAM: And may I add to it?

SB: Oh, please. I want to understand this.

AAM: So as you expand, the Mother’s Tsunami comes in. Think of the joy as this massive wave [comes in] and you are in the Ocean of Love up to your knees. And here you are being bowled over by the joy. It pushes out the vasanas. So yes, have you in your human experience often reverted to, “this is how I clear a vasana” and you have done wondrous work and I do not just speak to you Steve. I speak to all the loveholder community.

You have let go because there’s a better choice and when you are letting go of that India rubber ball, shift yourself and your literal subatomic fibers are sparkling. And so because of that, it is so much easier in fact to access because you are not rigid.

Do you know how, for how many years, you have been standing there and I mean all of you, like a cement wall, like a wall of granite, like the Rocky Mountains that you gaze out at? Now you are saying, “You know, I don’t really want to be like that. I want to be, I choose to be, I will be more fluid.” And what happens in that? Not only is that joy more accessible within, in the fluidity you are sharing it more freely, more expansively in the without.

SB: I certainly do feel the expansion of the Divine Qualities. You say that our fields go out miles but I’m not aware of that. I don’t see any evidence in the people around me that they necessarily feel joyful around me but I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that I’m not aware of it.

AAM: You are not aware of it. Often you are not aware of it.

SB: Aha. Okay.

AAM: But let us talk about this. Now there is this law, as you know, this principle of free will. So you do not and neither do we override others’ free will. But that doesn’t mean, think of your energy – yes, miles out, beaming, in fact you have the full capacity to beam out not only as far as across your planet, through your planet, above your planet, but out to the universe. Your star brothers and sisters speak of this all the time.

So there can be, as these waves travel, someone who is feeling joyful, someone who is feeling shall we say neutral, and someone who is feeling distraught. Now your conscious self, because you are in this – you like to see results, and you don’t always see the results of your joy because your expanded vision/consciousness isn’t quite there yet.

But that joy travels out. A joyful person feels even more joyful. The neutral person looks up at the sky and says, “Look at that bird. Look at that tree. Look at that sky” and there is an ignition of joy. The distraught person receives the energy and may begin to see that there is hope, that there is joy – that there is a shift, an internal shift. They do not know why – none of them! Perhaps the joyful person does, but not always.

None of them know that this came from you, so they are not turning to you and saying thanks. That is not how this is working. You think that everyone that is traveling upon the planet is turning to me and saying, “Thanks, Mike, for a wonderful day!” No they are not. It does not mean that we stop. In fact, if anything we continue on more vigorously. So it is happening. You are just not fully conscious or aware that it is happening.

SB: Now, of course, we humans would say, “Well, that’s easy for you to say because you exist in total bliss, total joy, total love, and so you’re fully fueled.”

And what’s the fuel for us? You’ve already probably characterized it. The carrot is more joy. People, individuals, humans, everyone knows about joy, right? And everyone wants joy. It feels better, so there is this push or draw, is there not? An innate, well it is innate, an innate… [I am referring to the longing for liberation, which is innate in people.]

AAM: It is innate and there is a deep yearning in every single being upon this planet and far beyond. There is a yearning for love. There is a yearning for joy. Think of it that you are metal filings and joy is the magnet. You cannot, as hard as you might try, [escape it] and you know there are beings that deeply try to achieve misery …

SB: Yes, professionally. [I made a career out of complaining when I was young.]

AAM: …to try to make everyone around them miserable.

SB: Absolutely!

AAM: It does not matter. Everyone is programmed – and I use that word specifically – it is your internal GPS. You are programmed for joy.

SB: Right.

AAM: So there is no avoiding it. You have a saying, “You can do it now or you can do it later.” Well, that is exactly what the choice is. So do not think that you are not programmed and that you are seeking joy. Now you say, “Oh, but we are not always conscious of it.” Yes, you want the reinforcement. What you don’t always want, and that is why we have begun this night by talking about your dawning of your Divine Authority mantle and your acceptance and surrender to your divine knowing.

In every millisecond of every day you have a choice to be in joy or not. It is a choice. It is us saying to you, the Mother saying to you, “Beloved, what do you choose?” And you say, “Well, that’s very easy to ask when you are in full consciousness and bliss. What am I supposed to do when my back aches or my rent is due?”

Now there is a choice here. And the choice is, “Do I choose to trust and be in the joy of knowing that not only am I self-sufficient, not only am I a part of unified grid, that I’m taken care of?” or do you want to sit in the misery of feeling that perhaps you are abandoned and forgotten. These are choices and you have not been historically used to making these choices in the milliseconds of existence.

But when you choose the joy, when you say, “I am Creator and Co-creator with the Divine and I am going to allow for the spaciousness of joy to bring me – yes, with me doing my part – what I desire and need to continue on in human form.” These are decisions. This is your Divine Authority and knowing.

SB: Well ,I have to say, Lord, that I hit a roadblock around the term Divine Authority. And it stems from the fact that, in my view, there has been so much abuse of authority around us for, well, for millennia, but within the last hundred years, just so much abuse of authority.

I mean it’s caused the death of tens of millions in world wars and so it seems to me that our, my generation anyway, appears to have backed away from asserting authority. What have you to say to us who find even the word “authority” to raise a few tremors?

AAM: Yes, it is similar to the word responsibility, but you also know that part of the undertaking, and I bow to my sister Gabrielle, part of the undertaking of this council is the redefinition of language, of meaning, of hope, of trust.

We use this word very specifically because there has been such abuse of authority, of power. Power similarly – a totally-wrong connotation. So what we are doing is reaching out to you with our full embrace and saying, “Come over here and look at the real meaning of authority, of your ability and your choice to act on behalf of.”

You see, this is why we marry these two words: divine and authority. When it is not combined, then that is where all the aberrations have taken place because it has been individuals or a group, acting on behalf of the lowest aberrant, recalcitrant, egoic self. That is what we are talking about; the decision of some to live in misery.

Now, why would you do that? Oh, we know the backstory probably far better than you do. This is why I’m the Archangel of Peace. But truthfully, you’ve shied away because you’ve seen, witnessed, and continue to witness, by the way, the devastation and decimation that that abuse of authority has caused.

You don’t hear us say this very often, but what is required of you, my beloved lightworkers/loveholders, is for you to say, “No, that abuse of authority is not the paradigm, is not the model that we use for the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth. We act on behalf of the Mother. We act with Divine Authority.” Not personal authority. It translates, yes, but it has to be – just as the work that I do is – in alignment with Her Authority. It can only be thus. But for you to say, “I can’t claim authority because somebody abused it” is copping out.

SB: Okay, well let’s take a second case, Lord. I claim Divine Authority, I claim authority. Somebody comes up and questions my authority. What do I say? I mean, I don’t have a certificate of authority, I haven’t earned a degree of authority. Do you know what I’m saying? On what basis do I claim authority?

AAM: You claim authority on the basis that you have been delegated, deputized directly by the Mother. That is your authority. If you would like a certificate or a badge, we will give you one!

SB: Hahaha!

AAM: It will be a five-pointed star, my friend.

SB: Right. Well, of course, what if the other people don’t share my point of view – for instance, that I was speaking to the Divine Mother, and by the way, received permission from her to use that phrase?  I don’t know how well it would stand up in a court of law for me to say, “I have the permission of the Divine Mother to use this phrase.” Do you know what I’m saying?

AAM: Yes, I certainly see what you are saying. But do you also see what I am saying? It’s that this is part of the reworking, literally, of humanity. I’m not saying it is easy. You are the strongest, most valiant, bravest souls in the universe and you have incarnated into what you think of as a limited physical form. No, it is difficult but the conversation, the Saedor conversation, or even the Perro conversation, especially in your courts of law as they currently exist, needs to take into account the redefinition.

So when someone says, “My point of view does not match your point of view,” what you are doing is you are taking that responsibility to truly begin the conversation – long before it goes into a court of law.

SB: Well, either you will have to give us a redefinition or I will have to seek out a redefinition because that job awaits us.

AAM: Yes, it does, and that is why we are talking about joy.

You have all experienced the cynical sarcastic limited laugh, the snide remark. It has nothing to do with love. But when you can approach a conversation with truly the joy, the bliss, the wellspring, and say, “Let’s talk about this. Let’s not damage each other. Let’s find the commonality and the common ground so that everyone can proceed.”

It’s not an either/or. It’s an “all of the above” respecting each other. And it’s not taking the marker and moving it ten miles down the road. It is several yards at a time and that is all right as long as you keep going.

SB: Yes. I’m afraid I think we’ve run out of time, Lord. I must say I very much enjoyed the birds in the background [birds were chirping outside Linda’s car]. It’s a strong suggestion that this venue for recording is quite a good one.

AAM: I have enjoyed it as well.

SB: Is there anything you would like to say in closing, Lord?

AAM: Go forth with joy! See yourself as a Mt. Vesuvius of joy. See yourself in the ocean with the golden sand and the effervescent bubble. Wave hello to surrender and compassion, but embrace the joy.

SB: Thank you so much.

AAM: I am with you.

SB: Thank you, Lord, and I am joyful. Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.



Gift of Love Painting by artist Samir Sarkar @ ArtZolo.


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Hard Confusion to Clear Up – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Annushhka Russian Dolls

Hard Confusion to Clear Up

The “I” is the source of our problems. And the “I” is the source of our salvation.

How confusing can it be?

The “I” which was birthed from God, as the Mother has described, (1) clothes itself in one body after another. Many etheric bodies, a mind, and an ego – and those are just the few of the “attachments” that we know of. There are probably countless energetic grids that make up some part of our bodies as well that we have no idea of.

We’re tasked with one assignment in life: To find out who we really are.

What is the answer. You got it. “I.” (2) But which “I”?

Do we play pick-up-sticks among the “I’s”?  Is the last “I” standing the One? How do we arrive at which “I” is the Real Me?

The answer is discrimination.

The events of each physical lifetime happen only to sharpen our discrimination between the Real and the unreal.

Said Sri Krishna: “Lose discrimination, and you miss life’s only purpose.” (3) Why is discrimination life’s only purpose? Because realizing, recognizing, remembering the Self  and then seeing its identity with the One are operations that depend on our discrimination. We discern the Real from the unreal.

We free up our discrimination by cleansing ourselves of our vasanas (core issues) and other burdensome, densifying factors in our consciousness.

Discrimination is not just smarts. It isn’t just a razor-sharp intellect. It’s all the senses working – and many higher-dimensional senses as well. It’s the budding, unfolding, multisensory, multidimensional intuition and natural knowing, beginning to burst through the soil.

The situation is like a Babushka doll. The upper graphic shows the doll assembled. That’s the “I” that you shake hands with. Meet the real … I mean, unreal … me.

Immediately upon death, I throw off that body, but I still have many more.

Down to the very innermost Babushka doll, which exists inside no shell. That’s the penultimate state of existence. Past that, I immerse myself in God again and lose my last vestige of individuality. (4)

All the way through, our “I’s” are fighting with each other. The ego I wants to survive. The mind I wants r-e-s-p-e-c-t.  Or as Buddhists put it, the desiring mind wants this. The inquiring mind wants that. We have a thousand “I’s” and only one is the Real One.

So, many bodies and only one “I” behind all the bodies. Many voices inside us claiming to be the real “I,” to whom we should listen. And physical life is designed to sharpen our discrimination to the point where we can pierce the density of our minds, still them, and recognize the real “I” within.

That is our sole assignment.


(1) “My beloved children, children … I have birthed [you] from my being, from my essence — which is far beyond what you can imagine.” (““The Father and the Father … by the Mother,” May 7, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/05/the-father-and-the-father-by-the-mother/.)

“You are angels in form, and you have been birthed even prior to that as the essence of One. So you return to that while keeping your magnificent form.” (“The Divine Mother Explains Ascension,” October 5, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/10/05/the-divine-mother-explains-ascension/.)

“You did not start out in form. You simply started out as a spark of light, of love, and then the adventure began.” (“Transcript: Universal Mother Mary Discusses the Law of Change, September 3, 2013, Part 1/2,” September 6, 2013, through Linda Dillon, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/09/06/transcript-universal-mother-mary-discusses-the-law-of-change-september-3-2013-part-12/.)

(2) The Self. But hearing the answer intellectually is no help. We’re tasked with knowing it deeply realizationally.

(3) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 41.

(4) Except I don’t. The Mother wishes to keep the divine play going so I’m now given to understand that, after immersing ourselves in the Ocean of Love that the Father/Mother is, we’re called forth again for another tour of duty.




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Excursions into the Fifth Dimension – Suzanne Lie


Excursions into the Fifth Dimension



Preparation For Upcoming Multidimensional School

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Your transition into the fifth dimension is getting very interesting now. You may feel that you need to “chill back” a bit, as you somehow know that what is meant to be, is in the process of becoming.

Once you let go of the time-bound and external sense of control, you will find that you can more easily allow yourself to BE within the fifth dimensional NOW. Once within that NOW, you will be more able to experience living in the NOW. 

Then you will be more able to release the many questions and comments that often have left you feeling confused, concerned, but also engaged. Once you fully realize that you are following an inner directive that is guiding you towards the Fifth Dimension, many new persons, places, things and experiences will begin to change within your life.

Throughout this “change,” you will slowly, or quickly for some, remember some of the peak experiences you have had when you visited your innate, fifth dimensional reality. These peak experiences will likely occur while you were visiting the higher dimensions via deep meditation or sleep.

However, through whichever way you have these experiences, we Arcturians suggest that you put your total attention on your memory, as it istrue that higher dimensional  realities can quickly leave yourthird dimensional memory.  Hence, we ask that you deeply attendto, and ground your experience into Gaia.

These “peak experiences” are actually a gift from your own Multidimensional SELF who is assisting you to activate the higher, Fifth Dimensional Operating System of your own Multidimensional SELF.

The experience of this activation ignites a memory of the higher dimensional operating systems that you usein your higher dimensional frequencies of reality. We, the Arcturians, are nowready to assist you as you ground this fifth dimensional, and beyond, energy fields into Gaia.

This “Fifth Dimensional Operating System” is an energy field which you all will each experience via your owninter-dimensional, as well as third dimensional, experiences of:

  • Remembering
  • Experimenting with
  • Grounding into your spiritual life
  • Grounding into your self
  • Grounding into Gaia

Having even a brief experience of this unconditionally loving energy field is :

  • Common in the fifth dimension
  • Possible in the fourth dimension
  • Extremely difficult in the third dimension

Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, Friends and Guides, are assisting you to expand your consciousness, so that you can better perceive the fifth dimension and beyond.

We ask that you share any mental, emotional, and/or physical experiences of higher dimensional energy fields with Gaia. We also ask that you call on your own Higher SELF to assist you to remember any experience or sensation of:


interacting with,

and/or grounding yourself into your Multidimensional SELF

and/or your Multidimensional Reality.

Having even a brief experience of the unconditionally loving energy fields of these higher multidimensional realities will change your life forever.

These unconditional loving energy fields are:

common in the fifth dimension,

possible in the fourth dimension,

and extremely difficult in the third dimension.

Therefore, you will often open your Light Portal by doing something that you love to do. If you do something that you enjoy, and you know that others will also enjoy it, this feeling of joy allows you to surrender into the experience of doing, “NOT just what we need to do, BUT exactly what want to do!”

This experience of joy within your daily life will expand the amount of synaptic junctions in your brain to flash ON at once. Most humans are using about 25% of their brains, but you have the ability to use a great deal more of your brain.

However, if you use this expanded brain as “power over others,” or even in a selfish or a controlling manner, it will work against your ascension process. You see, energy out is energy back.

Therefore, if you put out negative, fearful energy, that is what will return to you. Within every thought and every feeling you are creating your future, which will return one day –likely when we least expect it.

All life is a circle. As you move around this circle, life after life, meditation after meditation, you eventually see the theme for your present incarnation. In fact, you will be called on by your Higher SELF to LIVE that “theme of yourlife.”

Then, instead of having random experiences, you will allow your consciousness, your brain, your thoughts and your emotions to flow into the NEXT OCTAVE. It is then that you will be able to communicate with ALL life, likely in the same manner that you have used for many incarnations.

Are you ready to listen to your SELF?  It is this listening to your SELF that allowsyou to resonate to the next octave of reality. This octave leap will expand your consciousness to include conscious experience of your own fifth dimensional SELF.

Also, as yourelease more and more of your third dimensionalindoctrinations and remember more of the messages from your Multidimensional SELF, you will begin to transmute, first your 3rd Dimensional consciousness into fifth dimensional consciousness, and eventually your 3rd Dimensional physical body into your fifth dimensional Light Body.

As you continue your process of transmuting your third dimensional thoughts and emotions into your fifth dimensional thoughts and emotions, you actions will follow suit. You may even be able to remember your fifth dimensional SELF enough to slowly, or quickly, become ONE with your own Higher SELF.

You cannot become one with, or merge with, your fifth dimensional self until you fully accept that YOU are the Creator of YOUR life! Fortunately, once you can remember your  Galactic Family, as well as all that you have learned and remembered during your excursion into your third dimensional human self.

Those of you who can remember your SELF, may also remember whenyou have gone back to your Ship to be debriefed. Some of you will remain on Gaia for as long as your 3D bodies will allow, and some of you will incarnate for as many times as it takes for you to return via ascension.

But ALL of you will alwaysremember that YOU are galactic beings who have chosen to take a human earth vessel in order to assist and participate in planetary ascension. Many of you are being reminded in your dreams and meditations that itis the NOW for you to begin, or continue, this process with your Greatest Wisdom and Your Open Heart.

Then, as youexpand your consciousness to embrace the fifth dimension of HERE and NOW of the ONE, you will release the behaviors, and even the thought, that humanity can dominate planet Earth.

In fact, humanity will begin to release the belief that humans are free to harm their planet in any manner. Then, you will move more and more into your Spiritual Wisdom, which comes from the fifth dimension to open your hearts to Unconditional Love and erase even the thought of conditionallove—which is not love at all.


The above article in theWashington Post states thatNASA estimates 1 billion earth-likeplanets in our Galaxy alone. You are NOT alone. You, the humans of Earth, are just beginning to remember that you ALL have the ability to communicate inter-dimensionally with our own Higher Selves, as well as with your friends and family that resonate to the fifth dimensional planets and fifth dimensional starships.

Your Higher SELF communicates inter-dimensionally via a form of Light Language. Light Language is composed of your higher senses of Clairvoyance (inter-dimensional seeing), Clairaudience (inter-dimensional hearing), and Clairsentience(inter-dimensional feelings.)

These fifth dimensional, and beyond, forms of communication are activated by your innate Unconditional Love, which is a corner stone of all fifth dimensional communications, ideas, emotions, thoughts, memories, and commitments.

As your thoughts and emotions resonate to a higher frequency, such as the fifth dimension, so doyour perceptions and interactions with all life. These higher perceptions and interactions, increasingly shift your “sense of self” from being a physical human to being a Multidimensional Being.

Then your “sense of  SELF” encompasses your Galactic Family, your Higher Self, your Ascended Master SELF, your Elohim SELF, your Angelic SELF, your Archangel SELF, as well as frequencies of SELF that you havenot yet discovered.

You may not have ALL of these higher dimensional components attached to your current earth self, but all humans, even the dark ones, have the ability to remember the incarnations and situations in all the components of their Multidimensional SELF thathave been activated.

To make sure that these higher dimensional conversations are a normal part of your life, put aside a “cast in steel” time and space in which you dedicate yourself to communicate with the higher frequencies of reality. These meetings are NOT about your 3D, physical self, and not even about your 4D astral self.

These meetings give you an opportunity to:

Meet with Mother Gaia to assist with Her planetary ascension.

visit your Starship, and all your friends and family that support you from the fifth dimension and beyond.

Remember the Mission that YOU chose to fulfill within your current incarnation.

Remember that you took this earth vessel NOT for yourself, but for Mother Gaia!

What you perceive is what you believe, and what you believe is what you perceive!

When you realize that whatever you believe is your teacher, your higher dimensional reality becomes your “Interdimensional Reality.” Then, as you communicate and interact with this Interdimensional Reality, you will increasingly remember, perceive, communicate and interact with these higher dimensional realities surrounding Earth, but most people forgot.

Humanity forgot these realities because they could not see them through their third/fourth dimensional perceptual field, as they could through their fifth dimensional perceptual field. Onecan only consciously perceive the frequency of reality that they believe is “real.”

It is for this reason that most humans are unable to perceive the Starships overhead, while the fully awakened humans canperceive the Ships via the Unconditional Love of their High Heart and the Multidimensional Vision of their Third Eye.

It is within your High Heart (located between your Heart and your Third Eye) that you can perceive our Starships. However, for a clear vision, one must have connected the energy fields of Unconditional Love within their High Heart and the Unconditional Loveof their opened High Heart with the energy fields of the Multidimensional Perception of their Third Eye.

It is your unwavering belief that Gaia, and all Life on Gaia and beyond, are multidimensional that allows you to perceive the higher worlds, even if you cannot see or hear them in the same manner that you see and hear in your 3D World.

In closing, please be aware that humanityhas been indoctrinated for many incarnationsthat you can only believe what you perceive with your third/fourth dimensional perceptions.

However, there are many forms of higher dimensional perception that you will learn, and or remember, as you allow your consciousness to expand back into your innate Multidimensional Consciousness.

Just as it is your state of consciousness that directs your perceptions. It is your personal beliefs that directyour state of consciousness. Furthermore, since you have taken your 3D earth vessel, What you perceive is what you have been trained to believe.

It takes a brave, and awakened, human to trust their own, personal, higher beliefs enough to use their expanded perceptions of Clairvoyance to SEE our Starships, Clairaudience to HEAR us speaking with you, and Clairsentience to SENSE that we are with you.

We close this message by reminding you to remember the extensive training that you received from your Galactic Family before you took this present incarnation! As soon as you can expand your human consciousness to encompass the fifth dimension and beyond, it will seem as if you have awakened from a long dream, but NOW you are Home!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:03 PM 



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Lotus River – Alohim

Gratitude to artist

Lotus River .•**•…🌸….••**••.
Breathing through me pirouettes of love, while observing silver tone of light, pondering beside rivers still. Oh how I love in moments when mind’s shadow is but a cast of reflected vision through sun’s perspective. And moon and stars collapse into an endless moment of peace and serenity. Pulsing through heart and mind, forged beyond the depths of twilight’s hand.
I popped out of the womb seated in the Lotus position and was whipped away to be told I ‘was normal’ – my parents knew I wasn’t! At the age of 9 Jesus /Yeshua asked me to work for him (all I wanted to be was a monk! I was devastated when I was told I couldn’t be) and in return my family would have Divine protection. My soul remembers the incarnation. I knew a lot more than I should have and quickly learned to be quiet. I knew my past lives, Star Family and much more. I was involved as an observer. I knew this body was a vehicle and a container. I saw things and was whipped through a Vortex to report to the Council of Light. I witnessed many changes in New Zealand after my meetings through the Vortex. I claimed none of them and was only 13 – but I remember.
Many changes occurred. I could see but I still had to play amongst the matrix for survival. At the age of 22 my true human experience started as grief struck through the passing of my mother. I had never experienced such pain in this incarnation. The Heart Chakra literally fell from my chest and broke on the floor. I am so grateful for the remembrance of the energy I held before the ‘fall’.
Apart from being a Light Worker as we all are I’ve spent the last few years healing through mediation, movement and solitude. Everything happens for a reason, as we know! Without this understanding of brokenness, I wouldn’t be able to relate with such compassion. Now I wander around third world countries and connect to the oppressed, pouring in Energy and Light through different avenues.
A very simple story and – regardless of the intensity – we are all magical Beings here for a wonderful purpose. Much love to all ….  

The Key Motivator of Human Behavior – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


The Key Motivator of Human Behavior

Again and again I keep coming back to one central notion: That what’s most important to us, what our key motivator in our daily lives seems to be is how we feel.

I might have said how much money we have, whether we have a life partner or not, whether we have a pension or not, etc. People do value these things.

But if we look deeper into our situation, what we probably will come up with is that these external facts are not as important to us as how we feel.

And this isn’t just so with unwanted or unpleasant feelings. Wonderful feelings like excitement, joy, and love also motivate us. We want them. We buy a Maseradi to have them.  We vacation in Hawaii to have them. When all along, they’re always there for us to enjoy if we only knew how to access them. (1)

Let me give examples from my own experience.

I saw myself today feeling concern about how I fit in, how I measure up. This introspection was caused by a legal wrangle that’s occurring.

This line of thinking  – that I need to measure up – is malarkey, but nevertheless there I was thinking it – and feeling it, which is the important part. I felt dismayed and “less than.”

This feeling of dismay was what spurred me into my reflection. It was my motivator.

I reviewed the plus side of my life resumé and felt confident and reassured again. My feeling state had changed. No longer was I motivated by dismay; now I was motivated by my confidence.

Since I like the feeling of confidence and security, I allowed the matter to pass from my attention. That was my action taken: I let the issue go.

But I did not like the feeling of concern. Therefore that matter remained with me longer.

A second example.

Being a writer means a lot of time alone. And I constantly wall myself off to have that time.

But that leads to an empty schedule and feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness is one of the most difficult feelings to tolerate. It often spurs us into action. I think of it as a good example of a key motivator.

You’d think I’d be motivated by thoughts about loneliness. But, no, the motivator is to escape this awful feeling itself.

So I set up a coffee engagement to enjoy a little human company. And later that day I brought a coffee home to a friend in my building. Two social contacts dissolved my loneliness. But the dislike of loneliness motivates my action.

When an unpleasant or unwanted feeling arises, we often automatically respond to it.

We might then be found to say, “You made me (mad, jealous, frustrated, etc.).” We completely overlook our own feelings as the motivator and blame the upset and its results on another.

If we remember that our feelings are our key motivators, then we can interrupt the cycle of unconsciousness and automaticity.

We can treat the feeling as simply a feeling and “be with it” – experience it and observe it with neutrality until it leaves, rather than acting on it and risking making a foolish mistake. Here’s Archangel Michael describing that process:

“The [traumatic] event can be remembered, or not, without the impact of trauma, without the impact of feeling that you have been damaged, hurt, compromised. It is a piece of information that has been brought within you, and not even what you would think of as healed, but held, the same way you would hold a child, until the feeling or the experience of the charge, of the trauma, is gone.” (2)

Exactly. If we can observe the feeling without engaging it, being aware of the thoughts that attach to it without judging anything, the condition will run its course and disappear. And we haven’t blown our stack or in other ways made an idiot of ourselves.

This’ll become more and more important as time passes. The Arcturians once said to me that we lightworkers will “have to be the master of your consciousness at all times.” (3)  On another occasion: “You will be called up to master EVERY thought and feeling.” (4)

I’ve just been sitting with the feelings, as Werner Erhard used to say, “like a brick in your lap” and they’ve passed without me embarrassing myself. But it’s going to get tougher and tougher in the months and years ahead. The challenge will be to use this time to prepare.

What I set out to do in 1974, when I started the study of patterns in thought, word, and deed by reading Eric Berne’s Games People Play was to understand the wellsprings of human behavior – how it’s conceived, what drives it, and how it can be harnessed to fulfill divine intentions. I’ll continue burrowing down until I feel I’ve really seen the way the mind and feelings work.

Erroneous views such as another person makes me (mad, afraid, jealous, etc.) are not going to help me. They don’t describe what’s really going on.

And it’s what’s really going on that I want and need to know.


(1) Draw them up from your own heart, where they “reside.” Use your breath to do so.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 11, 2011.

(3) The Arturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Sue Lie, July 22, 2014.

(4) Ibid., Nov. 8, 2013.



Gratitude to artist


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Pure Serenity – Alohim

Gratitude to artist

In a moment of pure serenity, when the threshold of existence merges into a moment of completeness. A love past human mind dances on heart’s mantle. And serpents God elixir spirals into the field of ALL. Awakened in strength of a singular moment. Devine Grace, rapture, euphoria. Heavens paradise held within the eternal flow of rivers mind. Breathe my Lover, silence thy Grace… Presence my inheritance… .•*•…••**••….••**••.☀️


I popped out of the womb seated in the Lotus position and was whipped away to be told I ‘was normal’ – my parents knew I wasn’t! At the age of 9 Jesus /Yeshua asked me to work for him (all I wanted to be was a monk! I was devastated when I was told I couldn’t be) and in return my family would have Divine protection. My soul remembers the incarnation. I knew a lot more than I should have and quickly learned to be quiet. I knew my past lives, Star Family and much more. I was involved as an observer. I knew this body was a vehicle and a container. I saw things and was whipped through a Vortex to report to the Council of Light. I witnessed many changes in New Zealand after my meetings through the Vortex. I claimed none of them and was only 13 – but I remember.
Many changes occurred. I could see but I still had to play amongst the matrix for survival. At the age of 22 my true human experience started as grief struck through the passing of my mother. I had never experienced such pain in this incarnation. The Heart Chakra literally fell from my chest and broke on the floor. I am so grateful for the remembrance of the energy I held before the ‘fall’.

Anahata Chakra – Series IV by Dirk Czarnota

Apart from being a Light Worker as we all are I’ve spent the last few years healing through mediation, movement and solitude. Everything happens for a reason, as we know! Without this understanding of brokenness, I wouldn’t be able to relate with such compassion. Now I wander around third world countries and connect to the oppressed, pouring in Energy and Light through different avenues.
A very simple story and – regardless of the intensity – we are all magical Beings here for a wonderful purpose. Much love to all …. ♥ 

Metatron via Tyberonn Channel – Astrological Windows ~ Finding the Deep Self @ Earth-Keeper

Zodiac – Capricorn Painting by Ivan Slavkov @ Artmajeur


Metatron via Tyberonn Channel

Astrological Windows ~ Finding the Deep Self


Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet you in Love !

The coming energies of June-July-August will also be laden with the ‘Crucible Effect’. It begins to lighten, clear somewhat, in September.  In the interim, you will be tested, summoned to face the deep self. But this is purposed, each of you in this timing are given the cyclic opportunity to review, reflect and confront your actions & examine the ‘inner-self’…. as it relates to past & present lifetimes.

In the present month of April there are  4 powerful planets in retrograde, backward energy flow.    The four retrograde planets, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto have formed an amalgamated field that has brought about a potent ‘inward phase’. In this timing you may find it difficult to get things done. Ordinary task may seem oddly cumbersome. Creativity may feel temporarily blocked. Apathy can set in.

During this rather intense inward phase, which began with the March Equinox, you may feel like you are stuck in molasses. It may seem that you can’t get things done….and what you do get done, takes more effort, more willful focus.  The ‘pot’ is being stirred. Your issues of conflict, both recognized and unrecognized, subtly hidden & overt, are being percolated, obstacles & challenges are surfacing.

But we tell you…these  retrogrades are opening  windows…enabling deep exploration into the essence of self…and life !

Although difficult, the ongoing planetary gravities are in fact a perfect time to review, reflect & recalibrate. But it takes work to do this. Confronting issues, dealing with problems not only calls forth your courage and wisdom; issues require you to develop these necessary attributes. Problems, in a real aspect, are the creative catalysts of your individual development of courage, strength & wisdom.

It is the whole process of meeting and solving problems that enables spiritual growth & gives life meaning. That is precisely why seekers, why Master Souls do not choose easy lifetimes. That is because your ‘chosen set ups ‘, your obstacles & problems are the cutting edge, that you selected to enable your soul-growth. How you resolve your issues will to no small, degree, distinguish between your success and failure.

We remind & assure you, that the ‘purposed illusion’ of Earthplane Life is about spiritual growth, about learning ‘responsible co-creation in the ‘University of Duality. The problems you encounter, are chosen by your higher self, tailor made for you to grow ! Indeed, it is often directly because of problems, that you humans grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving problems that you learn. It is not easy, but it is gratifying.

Dear Ones,  we tell you truthfully, that your greatest achievements, indeed your finest moments often occur when you are outside your ‘comfort zone’. Indeed you humans seek change for the better, most often in difficult times which you feel trapped, traumatized, depressed or unfulfilled. For it is most often in such moments, driven by your discomfort, that you are more motivated to bring forth the will & courage to step out of the pits… and begin, really begin deeply examining your life, seriously searching for different ways, for higher truths and better resolutions.

As the saying goes, ‘You can pay me now, or pay me later’ … but keep in mind, the interest will increase the debt over time. You cannot evade your issues, you may delay them, but you will not transcend your issues, your problems, your ‘chosen’ obstacles, until you confront & resolve them. So remember another ‘saying’… ‘There is no time like the present!’

And Masters … Be aware that until you truly face the self, you will not truly love self. In self-realization, you learn to value yourself… and … until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not utilize it effectively.  It is easy to fall into listlessness & apathy in the present astrological crucible. Laziness is in a real aspect, the opposite of love. And lethargy, is not only wasting time, but is also misdirecting time. Energy placed into the ‘wrong thing’, is akin to treading the wrong path… time wasted. Discipline is the requisite b to solve life’s problems.  Without discipline, you will not find the determination needed to move forward to resolve.

Most humans in western cultures have a misconstrued sense of life. Most measure success in monetary status, seduced by quantity over quality. In this encapsulating paradigm, the masses achieve neither. Very few have sovereignty…living to work, and enslaved by debt. The few that achieve financial independence, soon learn that money does not bring them peace of mind. Often the wealth driven, find money can bring a different, more complex array of problems. Whether rich or poor, life is fraught with issues, with obstacles, with problems and pitfalls.

It is the problems that spawns deep and deeper contemplation….for indeed the unexamined life is haunted by unrequited yearning for understanding. Life is challenging, and that is an unspoken truth, an essential realizations. For when you accept this truth, then and only then, can you rise to face the issues, and thus transcend them. Problems are there to be solved, and their resolution takes work, and brings expansion, growth of the spirit.

Masters, the astrology that you are facing over the next few months, is an opportunity to go within, and find answers. In some cases, to issues & questions you did not even see, until you dove deep into your essence. Seize the day.

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service…and we share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is…And it is so..



Zodiac – Capricorn Painting by Ivan Slavkov @ Artmajeur


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A Life of Active Service: Watch Work Transform – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

A Life of Active Service: Watch Work Transform

I remember listening to Ashira recently trying to explain an inner, formless state to us who are used to thinking in terms of solid objects.

And I remembered all the times I’ve been at a loss for words to describe inner states.

How do you describe drowning in the Ocean of Love? Nothing drowns. It wasn’t an ocean. All words can only be metaphorical. Like all metaphors, they obscure as much as they clarify.

Or how do you describe experiencing “mastery” and “abundance” as contexts? This actually happened to me so let me look at it for a moment.

Archangel Michael referred to the two experiences:

AAM: When I have said ‘spiritual currency,’ you’ve had a glimpse of this in the knowing of mastery and abundance and so you know it isn’t about money. It is about spiritual currency. And I say to you, “congratulations.” (1)

I believe I asked to have an experience of “mastery” as a context. When I did, however, I found myself back at the same place I reached when the inner tsunami of “love” flowed.

As to abundance, I invoked the universal law one afternoon and asked for abundance.

I forgot to ask for physical abundance and so I received the experience of abundance, abundance as a context, a whole, abundance as a criterion that can include everyone and everything.

Viewing abundance from this perspective was like walking through a door and – I can only say – I again entered a higher dimension.

All my problems left me. Joy filled me. I had an experience of the abundance of the inner world and it left me speechless.

I bet all roads lead to the same higher-dimensional space – whether we scale the mountain through love, peace, mastery, or (service through) abundance.

Yes, I do know that it isn’t about money. It’s about achieving – on a full and eternal basis – entry into that higher space where abundance means so much more than it does here. Compared to that, money is mere paper.

Here, we’re like pack animals, laboring to keep up and satisfied – metaphorically – with a few handfuls of grain.

There, we’re set free in every respect.  And what is released when we’re free is the love, the joy, the bliss at the heart of us.

I can’t describe these things. The states have to be experienced for one’s self. And then you won’t be able to describe them either. But we will smile together.


Before I leave, I’d like to add that you may think I meditate every day or follow some other spiritual practice. In fact, my only spiritual practice is karma yoga or service (seva).  I asked Michael if service was enough:

Steve: Is my karma yoga, my service, enough of a spiritual practice or should I be doing other things as well? …

Archangel Michael: The karma yoga is a very good practice. It is absolutely perfect for you.  (2)

I serve the Mother by researching and writing, creating distinctions designed to enhance clarity and keep everyone’s spirits up as we march along through this longest of campaigns.

The spiritual experiences are coming even though I don’t meditate, chant, or anything else.

I know this service is valuable to the Mother. (2) So I’m saying: I don’t think it’s necessary at this time for people to be looking at themselves and saying. “I don’t meditate. I don’t do this or that.” This is not the lifetime when very many of us are expected to meditate in caves. This is a lifetime of active service.

There’ll be a need for commentators, teachers, and interpreters at all levels. Who is it that knows the full story? Lightworkers.

We’ll need to build the new and who is it among people who know the Plan? Lightworkers.

That’ll be our time to serve at all levels of leadership.

Please be reassured on the matter of Ascension. You ascended in other lifetimes or you wouldn’t be here.

Here are the Arcturians through Sue Lie explaining our situation:

“Why did you come to Gaia’s greatly wounded planet? You volunteered to take your current earth vessel so that YOU can assist—not with personal ascension, as you are already ascended—but with Planetary Ascension.” (3)

If not, we wouldn’t be here, awake, aware, and a lightworker.

There’s no need to struggle. We’ll be back in our higher-dimensional selves again (if we so choose) once we complete this assignment. No, not on a stretcher this time, but to a rousing celebration and a welcome in person.

So consider this a warm and open invitation to serve. Do it in a field you love, doing things you love, and watch work disappear.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2015. Hereafter AAM.

(2) AAM: You are doing the biggest thing that not only I but the universal Mother, the sacred being that we both serve, wishes you to do, and that is to write, to communicate. And in the writing is infused the anchoring and the bringing of peace to the planet, the creation of Nova Gaia. (AAM, Feb. 7, 2013.)

(3) “You ARE Your Fifth Dimensional Self by the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie,” Feb. 7, 2018, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=292341.




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Who is the One Called Michael? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Ancient Egyptian Ankh – Sacred Golden Cross Over Black Leather Art Print by Serge Averbukh @ Fine Art America


Who is the One Called Michael?


Back in 2017, Archangel Michael and I had the following exchange.

Steve: Are you okay with the four-part article on ignition?

Archangel Michael: Yes.

S: Okay. I didn’t know if I was being too familiar.

AAM: You know what? We want you to be familiar.

S: Okay, I get that. Thank you. (2)

I’m going to stop being tremendously formal and calling him “Archangel Michael” on every occasion. No one else in the higher dimensions does. They simply call him “Michael.”

And he wants to be on familiar terms with us. So I’m doing as he requested. I’m not trying to be disrespectful.

Not only has he asked for familiarity, but he’s also asked us to ask him anything. And I know that he wanted me to post on that because he said it was important for everyone to know.

AAM: Never hesitate to ask me anything. Not in the form of a question or in the form of assistance. I am more than prepared to help in whatever way I can. It is not only my duty; it is my joy. It is who I am. …

And it is important for everyone to know that. … No job is too big or too small. And you know I have some helpers I can call on. (3)

Yes, a legion or two. I’m going to be asking him in my next reading to say more about himself. Here’s one nugget from Matthew Ward that I’ll be asking him about:

“Always I have spoken from personal knowledge as Matthew the apostle—it is the best known today of my lives on Earth—and the thousands of other lifetimes that began when Archangel Michael’s powerful energy manifested its first personage in this universe.” (4)

Say what?

It just gets more and more interesting. Who or what is this “first personage”? Oooo, I love a good mystery!

I know that the angels created life forms.   Says Gabriel in the Koran:

“It was not in sport that We created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them. We created them to reveal the truth. But of this most men have no knowledge.” (5)

Perhaps the “first personage” was the Adam/Eve Kadmon template.

What truth was Gabriel referring to that the created world helps reveal?

We develop discrimination by living through lifetimes in matter. We eventually use our discrimination to tell the Real from the unreal. The Real is the Truth Gabriel is pointing at, that this school of matter, mater, Mother helps train us to realize.

But this may as well be a closely-guarded secret for the number of people who know about it.

I have a feeling that we know little or nothing (reliable) of the angels, what they’re capable of, or what they’ve done for all of us.

Meanwhile, back to Michael. Does he ever take time off from being in a million places at once? Occasionally, he says. And what does he then do? Where does he go?

AAM: There are times when I simply go to paint the skies, to breathe, to sit in the splendor of the Mother/Father One, to reconstitute. Yes, even as Archangel. (6)

Oh, my. Some vacation! Wouldn’t I like to come along for the ride – of a lifetime!

The last time he painted the skies, he created the Aurora Borealis.

He once said to me, of my role in the Michaelangelo companies: “You are the face behind the curtain.” (7)  That describes his role, in the universe. Let us lift this curtain aside and meet more of  the real Michael.

I’m not sure we know him very well. And I’d like to.


(1) I saw him once in the body, standing outside my apartment building and just staring into it. I went a few steps, turned around, and he was gone. We drove around the block and could not see him anywhere.

Of this incident, he later said:

AAM: You have seen me on the street – you know we have the ability to assume any form we want. (“Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom,” channeled by Linda Dillon, June 7, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/13/archangel-michael-on-the-angelic-kingdom/.)

Then a second time I awoke in a lucid dream, aboard ship. I was listening to some folks when suddenly I heard this melodic voice and I turned and saw him. I asked, “Are you Michael,” and he said, “yes.”  And I sat and listened to him until I felt myself falling backwards. He floated up from where he was, floated over top of me and breathed something into me. I immediately woke up.

I confirmed the incident with him and asked him what he breathed into me in the lucid dream. He said, “Love, so that you would remember it.”

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 3, 2017. Hereafter AAM.

(3) AAM, Oct. 1, 2011.

(4) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 5, 2014, at hhttps://www.matthewbooks.com/january-5-2014-2/

(5) Koran, 145.

(6) AAM, July 21, 2015.

(7) AAM, May 9, 2014.



Ancient Egyptian Ankh – Sacred Golden Cross Over Black Leather Art Print by Serge Averbukh @ Fine Art America


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Moorland Walk – inspired by many long walks on Dartmoor, Devon -Trevor Taylor


Moorland Walk – inspired by many long walks on Dartmoor, Devon
Sunday’s bells break morning stills
Calling country folk to pray
Witch-spelled cats on window sills
Watch children rise to play
Whispers of smoke join mists of the night
Thatched cottages wake from their sleep
Dappled brooks shine with rising light
Winding their way past ancient Keep
Melodies of night slink quietly away
Giving way to tunes of the day
Course Fishermen cast at Chagford Bridge
That has seen full four hundred years
The walker tops two moors ridge
Following swift eddies and weirs
Old Rushford Bridge beckons, along the brook
First mentioned of old in the Domesday Book
A curlew’s nest in damp valley mires
A wading bird beloved of old County Squires
Iridescent Lapwing puff their whispy crest
The sharp-eyed walker knows where they nest
The winter flocks ‘home in’ on the moors
Nesting deep in the crag of the Tors
The never-ending song of the Skylark calls
To the poet in the walker’s mind
From within the Tussock a song enthralls
The skylark’s tune a poet’s true find
The winchats call out from their bilberry house
Safe long return from African weather
Homed in bracken frond, willow, high plateau and heather
Amongst warblers and stonechats and striking red- grouse
A walk in the moors is nature’s gift
To sooth the walker’s life long way
A moment in time for spirits to lift
A memory at twilight of day
Trevor Taylor

– ♥ –

Trevor Taylor LLB (Hons)

Devon, United Kingdom

Award winning Commonwealth Writer and Academic Magazine Editor.


Little Sister – Lucia Sullivan


“Shine on little sister.
When the wind blows by.
The light hits the willows,
And the ravens cry.
The owls stayed snug and tucked in the wood.
Waiting for the night,
As a hoot owl should.
Feet running by in the hot summer sand.
Nature girl glowing,
In the Promised Land.
Ringing thru,
Past the first soft field.
A farmer’s life ,
On a tractor wheel.
Shine on little sister.
Taste the rain from the sky.
Listen to the wind as it moans and it cries.
The clouds rolled by and I understood.
I kept silent measure as an angel seed should.
Knots on trees and the clovers green.
Were the prettiest things,
I had ever seen.
I glistened in the glow of a strawberry field,
Smelling the soil of a tractor till.
Shine on little sister,
In the memories there.
Where all was good.
And all was fair.
Stay there.”

Written by Lucia Sullivan Copyright 2018 all rights reserved

New York



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The Importance of Crystals on the Earth by Master El Morya – Natalie Glasson

The Importance of Crystals on the Earth

by Master El Morya

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 13th April  2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

It is the divine will and power of the Creator that I channel through my being to you from the source of All That Is. I am a guardian of these sacred Creator qualities and wish to develop your own experience of the divine will and power of the Creator. This is not something to fear, in fact, it is the very truth of your nature and essence. I, Master El Morya, wish to return you to your truth and divine innocence so you may experience fulfilment on all levels of your being.

The divine will and power of the Creator pulsates through all beings on the Earth and the inner planes, especially through the Crystalline Kingdom. Crystals upon the Earth are physical manifestations and expressions of the inner planes Crystalline Kingdom. In the same way, you are a divine spirit incarnate within a physical body, crystals are vehicles of expression for the Crystalline Kingdom. The consciousness and purpose of the Crystalline Kingdom is to deliver the divine will and power of the Creator; this manifests with qualities of magnification, cleansing, purification, activations, healing, clear vision and focus, alignment to the Creator and generally supporting all aspects of ascension upon the Earth. The Crystalline Consciousness awakens the divine will within your being, therefore, opening your being to receive the divine guidance of the Creator. Encouraging you to receiv e the full support of the Creator in all areas of your life and experience the divine flow, where everything unfolds with beauty. The Crystalline Kingdom harnesses the power of the Creator and gifts it to anyone who connects into their essence. They hold the purity and bliss of the Creator, the innocence that is at the core of the Creator and remind those they connect with that the same exists within their being.

In many ways, the Crystalline Kingdom are akin to the Angelic Kingdom or the Unicorn Kingdom. They are expressions of the Creator and beings of service. They are not really present to learn and grow although all aspects of the Creator are focused upon expansion, their purpose is to serve others in remembrance of the Creator. They also hold space for any soul wishing to remember and reconnect with the Creator to do so in a safe and sacred environment.

Physical Manifestation

Physical crystals upon the Earth manifest in diverse, unique ways and forms. The expansive and powerful consciousness of the Crystalline Kingdom is filtered into the physical crystals, each crystal expressing a different quality and consciousness of the Creator. This means that you can access certain aspects of the Crystalline Kingdom and Consciousness through certain crystals. This is similar for humanity who each express the different aspects of the Creator through his or her physical being. Each crystal plays a specific role upon the Earth while being a part of the whole consciousness that is the Crystalline Kingdom.

When you connect with, hold, or are in the space of a crystal, you have the possibility of absorbing the qualities the crystal is expressing in order to activate the same within your own being. With a clear and pure focus, you have the opportunity to access the Crystalline Consciousness, downloading their wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment into your being to inspire your spiritual evolution upon the Earth. There is a further possibility of connecting directly into the core of the Crystalline Kingdom to experience the pure energies, wisdom and light that the Crystalline Kingdom receive directly from the Creator. With a special request, you may also access the healing abilities and energies of the Crystalline Consciousness downloading and receiving these sacred energies into your being. There are many levels of communication that can be achieved with the crystals.

With a request or intention, you may invite the crystals to magnify positive loving qualities within your being, energise your creations and manifestations, heal and cleanse your being of negativity, reprogram your being at a cellular level, act as an anchor for the Creator’s light and love, ground your being, relieve physical symptoms and so much more. Crystals are expressions of the Creator which can be used as tools to aid your ascension in whichever way you choose.

Crystals and the Earth

The physical body of a crystal is born from the Earth; it is a creation of the divine consciousness of the Crystalline Kingdom and Mother Earth. The Crystalline Kingdom in manifestation upon the Earth has a contract and purpose with Mother Earth. Not only do they hold the role in assisting humanity in their spiritual evolution, but they also hold the role of stabilising the energies of the Earth. The crystals maintain the energy vibration of Mother Earth so that harmony can be experienced as Mother Earth and all move through ascension shifts and constant evolution. Even when crystals are removed from their place in the Earth they still act as stabilisers for the Earth’s energy. As souls are evolving at different speeds, creating and manifesting different intentions and still investing in illusion, this can cause a lack of equilibrium and even a sense of chaos. The crystals work to maintain a balance and bring into the awareness of those awakening, areas that require healing. In truth, the crystals create equilibrium until humanity can create equilibrium, harmony and balance for themselves upon the Earth.

When in meditation while connecting with a crystal, you have the opportunity to request to access, experience and embody the highest energy of equilibrium created by the Crystalline Consciousness for the Earth. In doing so, you will experience and embody the possibility of awakening the same energy of equilibrium and balance within your being. This will create an activation within your being of the energy of balance that is required to emanate from each soul upon the Earth to create and maintain balance for all upon the Earth. You may even receive guidance or inspiration of how to nurture your inner balance and the equilibrium of the Earth’s energy as all souls move through ascension. During this process, you may wish to invite the crystal to demonstrate to you how humanity can work together to create harmony within and in the reality of the Earth and what this would look like .

There are some crystals focused upon cleansing and purifying the Earth’s energies to release the presence of illusion and strengthen the presence of truth. These crystals can be called forth in energetic form to wash away illusions that you may be holding onto and empowering the truth already activated and present within your being.

Guardians of Earth’s Ancient Knowledge

While all crystals have the ability to retain knowledge and wisdom across many civilisations, it is only some crystals that hold the role of protecting and securing the ancient sacred knowledge of the Earth. These crystals safeguard wisdom such as how the Earth was created, the mission and purpose of the Earth, the role of the Earth in the Universe of the Creator, the purpose of all beings upon the Earth, the laws of creation of the Earth and the ascension process of the Earth. The answer to any questions that you could create regarding the Earth, Mother Earth and all in existence upon the Earth can be discovered within these crystals. The crystals are retaining this knowledge to ensure the integrity and truth of the Earth as she evolves, while also waiting to reactivate the same wisdom within all upon the Earth with divine timing.

The crystals and Mother Earth do invite you in meditation or quiet time to call forth the most appropriate Guardian of the Earth’s Knowledge Crystal to connect with your being and allow you to receive and experience the energy and wisdom the crystal holds. You may wish to make a request that the crystal imparts and activates within your being the same wisdom it holds. The most appropriate crystal will come forth to you in energetic form and will deliver the wisdom that will support your spiritual evolution and expanding perceptions of truth. You have a divine right to activate this ancient knowledge within your being; the crystals are simply safeguarding the energy until humanity is ready to understand and accept the truth.

In the divine will, power and love of the Creator,

Master El Morya

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The Usefulness of Breathwork – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Live breathe art symbolises art as a part of the artist – Bronia Sawyer


The Usefulness of Breathwork

I’m not sure how I first stumbled on the method of breathing love up from the heart and sending it out to the world, but it was instrumental, according to Michael, in the heart opening I experienced in March of 2015.

In the passage that follows, Michael discusses how useful breathwork can be in our Ascension process.

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Match 13, 2015.

Steve: I need more reassurance. You are reassuring me that this space [of transformative love] that I’m in right now will not suddenly disappear tomorrow. This is the baseline now, correct?

Archangel Michael: That is correct. Hold it. Love it. Allow it to grow. Cherish it. Do not think for one moment, “Oh, tomorrow I’ll wake up tired, grumpy and wasted.” Do not go there, dear heart.

S: Also, it seems to be affected by breathing. Breathing helps. It seems to cause it to expand. Is that an accurate observation?

AAM: It is the letting go.

S: The letting go. So in breathing in I am letting go of the tension?

AAM: You are letting go and you are bringing in. It is as simple as that, but of course it is not.

Breathwork, as you well know, has always been the most straightforward and one of the most powerful of tools. It is the essence of life. You cannot live without your breath.

But what people have not truly, fully understood (just like they have not understood the space between the letters of each word or the space between each atom and cell of their body), the breath, the air, the oxygen, the compound that you are breathing in is the love force.

Now what happens, (this is something for you to share) is that you are breathing love force, quite literally, from the Divine. Then what happens, or what has occurred, in what you think of as your past (now the key: do not go and live in the past). It has passed through what we would call the denial filter.

The denial filter is your filter that has been filled with the constructs of the old Third: fear, control, sense of lack of worth, sense of lack of love.… It passes through that. You can even think of it as being like a filter that is in your sinus, the top, the back of your throat. And it passes through the denial filter, so when you bring it in, you are only getting a minimal part of what is being offered.

S: And that is our programming, by the way.

AAM: That is the programming.

It is like when someone says to you, even when I say to you, “I love you” and then you immediately put all these restrictions or limitations on it. So often among humans it is, “Oh, you love me because…” and it is not [so]. It is simply … love.

S: Yes, yes, yes. And when one sees that, it’s such an amazing thing to realize. That real, transformative love has no object except in service; but unto itself, it has no preference, no partiality.

AAM: None.

S: What is next, Lord?

AAM: What is next is the anchoring; the allowing of this a sense of unity to simply expand-anchor, expand-anchor; go higher, go deeper, go broader and, celebrate, sweet angel.

S: The predominant way I go broader, etc., is by writing, right?

AAM: That is correct!

S: I share my space. I share what’s happening…

AAM: It is [through] our platform!

S: Okay, very good. Thank you for that.

Anything else I haven’t touched upon that I should know about?

AAM: You are in your process of expansion, allowing, becoming, accepting the sweetness of who you are. Often you have said to me, “Oh Lord, I am a warrior.” But, beloved, you are so much more!

Allow every aspect of your being – the poet, the lover, the artist, the child, the adult, the elder – let it ALL be [expressed]. Let it all come to flower and share it all. Demonstrate and share and show what is possible.

For this I thank you.



Live Breathe art by Bronia Sawyer


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DNA DNA DNA: YOUR (LIGHT) BODY is Completely Re-Coding Itself FOR You, which Re-Codes Your Entire Physical REALity too – Lisa Transcendence Brown

DNA DNA DNA: YOUR (LIGHT) BODY is Completely Re-Coding Itself FOR You, which Re-Codes Your Entire Physical REALity too


Aloha beautiful LOVE family!

Sooooooooooooooo much clearing in our sleep states, which is mega important for the waking state to become SOOOOOO much easier, simpler and clearer for all. ♥

So much activating 24/7 now, so much cellular cleansing, so many holographic imprints clearing POOF…. some are to observe, so each can understand, otherwise, there will be no “memory”, because you do not need to see to understand.

DNA DNA DNA —- the human aspect is unable to GRASP the complexity (and simplicity) of how the body and physical realities are being re-coded and re-calibrated….. which is why it takes each EXPANDING BEYOND the current “level” of consciousness to embrace a much HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS awareness and understanding… if you even need to know, as much of this you will not (yet)…. it’s about HONORING THE BODY as it needs to reconfigure and re-work how your whole body works for you and becomes MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BODIES, with the capability to MOVE in and out of a multitude of vibrational realities and timelines simultaneously (and more).

Your body is completely ELECTRICALLY re-wiring itself… through the integration of your SUPER QUANTUM LIGHTBODY (photonic light/soul), which has to integrate constantly to break down the old codes and replace them (rebuild) with all new HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS GEOMETRIC ONES….

Just like a computer, your body, your crystals, your light… all work together cohesively in a whole new way. Every part(icle) of your body affected by this EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS that now occurs within each and every PHYSICAL FORM.

You technically do not need to know…. your human aspect will get all up in it and try to control it, complain, become a victim of it all. Your Higher Self/Universal You, Cosmic You, Christed you, God Particle, PURE SOURCE LIGHT you…. already understands all of this, as IT’s the REASON all of this is occurring… “THEY” ARE RE-CONFIGURING YOUR PHYSICAL BODY, so it works for “them”. “They” are re-coding according to EACH ONE OF THEIR (which is YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS) DNA, so you will constantly be flipping, changing, shifting in every way.

Every EMOTION, EVERY BELIEF, not aligned with your highest consciousness aspects of you, aligned with YOU on a SOUL LEVEL, will have to be released, resolved, dissolved…. cleared, cleansed… whatever word you want to use, they are all true and not true, as this is how all works here.

YOUR entire body becomes this intelligent life form, where bio-electrical energy runs through you and every part of you COMMUNICATES through the processing of electromagnetic frequency energy…. both your body and your field must constantly be synchronized to work in UNISON….. (this is your Merkaba and after physical body ascension, your personal StarGate System)….

Your entire EXISTENCE changes FOR YOU…. as you let go of the old unconscious realities that YOU held onto out of fear and YOU come together inside…. ALL OF YOUR ASPECTS MERGE WITHIN YOU…. for you to WALK AS A FULLY CONSCIOUS SOUL here…..

Deep SOUL love replaces human love, which is tainted with each unconscious human’s distortions/needs and lack….

Deep Sacred Respect and kindness, replace disrespect and lack of consideration/caring about each other….

Deep Connection replaces “no connection”, which is where the ego aspect lives, totally unconscious that there are all new realities and a whole new Existence that already exists…..

As each sleeps to awaken, as each opens their hearts fully, as each is ready to see what they didn’t want to and makes a higher consciousness decision to re-align their own realities with UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS LOVE…. the external starts to match this….

As each emerges on NEW Earth…. which is birthed from within, at first, experiences are subtle, profound and beyond MAGICAL to EXPERIENCE…. yet the more one LIVES HERE, the more this is the ‘NEW NORM’, the more each has a CHOICE in every moment as to what to FEED ENERGY into, what to SUPPORT…..

AS each REALIZES that NEW EARTH IS CREATED BY EACH, focus changes off of “what used to be true”, to what is true now… IN THIS MOMENT… which changes as vibrations change… and until each has FULLY ALIGNED their own REALity with LOVE, and no longer accepts LESS as REALity….. then they will go back and forth, back and forth, clearing those DENSE PROGRAMS… which will continue to be FELT MORE NOW.

The Immense Cosmic Frequencies make every moment FEELABLE…. through Density and Light…. ♥ Where each’s answers ARE EACH’S EXPERIENCES….

The aspect you ARE in each moment, dictates your actual EXPERIENCE here, the timeline you experience and the Dimension you live in. ♥

I love you….. we have many frequencies active right now. StarGates were aligning then we shifted into powerful crystalline and plasma, which is hyper activating our cells, charging our NEW Earth Gridwork as well as re-wiring our nervous systems through weaving more Light and re-coding our immune systems, strongly opening our hearts…. working on our eyes, bones, muscles…. every organ…. every body part… so honor you/your body, support YOUR EVOLVING LIGHT BODY as it does all of this for you….. take advantage of nature, your bed, whatever feels appropriate for you. Get out, play, inspire, clean, do projects with each other…. as you anchor more “new” here….

Your readiness is visible, your resistance is too, your openness, your fixed beliefs, your fears, your dreams…. all is visible here. Observe yourself and that which YOU call REALity, and see if everything in it is fully aligned with LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS, CONSIDERATION, VIBRANCY, PEACE and JOY, and then YOU will SEE where is your’s to align yourself through your own DEEP SOUL connection with all that you already KNOW inside. ♥

Have a most exquisite day creating, connecting and simplifying your life to MATCH the vibration of your NEW EARTH REALities…. release the hold the old had… it’s inside. Choose to GO THERE BY CHOICE, which is the conscious way. The unconscious way is more uncomfortable, because it creates an actual reality for you to EXPERIENCE to do what you are going to have to do anyways to bring your SOUL out from deep within. ♥

As we all do this, there is magnificence and beauty and the most exquisite REALities to EXPERIENCE….. as each is TRULY READY to FULLY EMBRACE our highest consciousness REALities now.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

High frequency PHOTONS have begun to SING too…. these may lullaby some, as more hearts open everywhere. ♫



Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. Lakshmi Amrita

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New Moon in Aries April 15th, 2018 ~ PROFOUND Changes – L’Aura Pleiadian

Collage by Chani Nicholas – New moon in Aries


New Moon in Aries April 15th, 2018 ~ PROFOUND Changes

This Powerful NEW MOON in Aries, April 15th, 2018 is at 10:57pm ADT. Changes are constant, and a momentum has been increasing…since the first Civilization, on Mu.

Since 2012, The LIGHT increase from the Pleiades has increased and impacted all of Humanity. Consciousness…shifts to the 4th and 5th Dimension.

Uranus is the planet of enlightenment, uniqueness and sudden change. Uranus is aligned with this New Moon.

Sun conjunct Uranus, creates the excitement for change. Now although each being ~ impacted uniquely, there will feel for most an air…..of change, of excitement. Remember, that is within you. YOUR consciousness as Light, your life plan, your Soul frequency,  impacted in a VERY unique way.

What are you ready to change within? What are you not ready to deal with? Great SHIFTS are possible in this Ascension….unfolding, for those that ready.

Venus Opposite Jupiter, fun, relaxation, GREAT love….lover…LIFE AND Living.

Again….your frequency is up for change…..you may already have some of these major aspects….or this could feel so different for YOU as you integrate in your own way, the frequencies and shifts that are possible.

Intensity, passion (Pluto) here we go. Venus Trine Pluto…new romance or increase in romance, with what is. Powerful sexual attractions…awaken.  Remember, all of this is within….your frequency is CREATING your reality.

Mars Sextile Neptune…passionate true LOVE ~ playing out. Opening to it. Adjustments within to be ready for it…all is a frequency potential based on your life plan and Soul Plan, frequency.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto….WOW~ personal growth, SUCCESS through CHANGE…ARE you ready to know yourself more? To face your fears? To love yourself……TO expand and Open?….It is in the air…..with this NEW MOON.

Bursting forward, so to speak…SPRING….with a Powerful New Moon….New Beginnings are always what takes place during a New Moon.

This one is super energized….full OUT New Beginnings and depending on your Soul Plan…this may be the Shifts of Shifts…this next four weeks…as this unfolds….Springs forward, with great surprises and always with LOVE.



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Arcturians in our Shoes

A Conversation with the Arcturians


The Arcturians/Sue:

Greetings, we are the Arcturians, and we are here within our consciousness, as well as within Suzille’s and Shawnna’s consciousness, to have a bit of a conversation.

Shawnna, would you please begin by asking your question, and we will answer it through Suzille?


Yes, well thank you for joining us, as always. We appreciate your guidance. We thought it might be interesting to ask you a question and seek guidance and inspiration in these times when we’re surrounded by distraction and chaos.

We were curious to ask you from your perspective, that if you were here as humans in this 3D reality, what would you do to insight change and to focus upon the reality you wish to bring about?

The Arcturians:

Well first off, Gaia is a free will planet. And unless the people, the majority of the people of Gaia, were to ask us, “Dear Arcturians, Dear Pleiadians, Dear Antareans, Dear Sirians, would you please come and help us?”

We would be there.

But, Gaia is a free will planet, and we have not been asked in that manner. The manner in which we have been asked is that people have set up calls, usually to one of us, meaning the Arcturians or the Pleiadians. The Arcturians and the Pleiadians are the primary ones that are asked because there are many of them/us who have chosen to take earth vessels within this now.

We have taken earth vessels to best assist you, the earthlings, to remember that you are multidimensional and that you are also your Higher Dimensional Expression of selves, along with our Third Dimensional Expression of selves—without that knowledge, physical life can be quite lonely and frightening.

And that is part of the reason why there is so much conflict. It’s that people feel so alone. They feel abandoned, and they don’t really believe in their own Higher Power or in their Galactic family, or even in what humanity has called God.

Because they don’t believe that there is anything bigger, stronger, wider, or more evolved than them, they can get pretty angry, sad, hurt and alone.

This is why we asked you many times to put aside a certain time and a certain place for as many days of the week as possible. In fact, make a schedule and be determined to keep it. As you return to that same place at that same time and meditate to connect with us, who are also your higher selves, we the Arcturians, as well as our greater Galactic family, will answer your call.

However, since this Fifth Dimensional Conversation does not easily remain in your third dimensional consciousness, we ask that you make sure that you document whatever information you receive.

We, Arcturians, are very pleased to speak with the members of our Galactic family who have been so brave to go down to Earth to take an Earth vessel. But, unfortunately, so many of them forget.Did you have a question or comment about of what we’ve said so far?


Yes, and going back to that statement that you’ve shared about asking for that assistance and saying “Please come help us,” How do you suggest that those of us that are aware and ready to ask for that assistance directly, how do you suggest that we do that? Do we just each just sit down in our meditations and say “Oh, we could really use some help right now,” or is it more of a concerted effort to organize and create ….

The Arcturians/Sue:

No, all you have to do is simply ask. You can ask while you’re driving in traffic, you can ask while you’re standing in line at the grocery store, you can ask while you’re changing the baby’s diapers, or you can ask while you’re walking in the woods. Any time you want to ask, just ask. Just say “Hello, I am here, and I want to connect with you within this Now.”

But then you have to remember that if you cannot hear us, it is not because we are not answering you, it is because your consciousness has to be aligned to a high enough frequency that you can take in this information that is from the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

Many might be able to hear a hum, or a noise, or have a feeling, but that’s all they can do. What we say is keep up your schedule of calling us at the same time and in the same place, because your body is the one who will collect the message because your body is based on cycles. Everything in your body is based on cycles. How many times does your heart beat, how many times do you swallow, how many times do you cough, how many times do you blink your eyes?

All of these different things are happening within your physical body. Therefore, if you can take the time to align yourself first with the planet, and then with the desire to communicate with a Higher Being, it is helpful to say, “I am ready to bring all of you together to be within the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond.”

We understand that this sounds easy. But it takes discipline and dedication. How do you begin to do this?  You do it with your breath! What will assist you most of all is if you start off with a regular breath on the inhale and make your exhale twice as long. And then you take a longer and longer inhale, which makes for a longer and longer exhale.

What happens is that you become focused on your own life force. Because breath is your life force, the chatter in your mind goes away and the emotions in your body go away because you are just focusing on what you bring in, and release, and bring in and release.

In fact, you bring in and share. For every time you exhale, you’re not just releasing the breath, you are sharing your breath. Most people do not realize that their breath is also filled with their emotions, their thoughts, their feelings, their desires.

Would you like to comment on that Shawnna, or perhaps ask another question?


Well, I think that’s definitely a helpful reminder for us to reset and expand our consciousness if we ever feel distracted or ungrounded. It’s definitely a good practice.

We now have this advice to focus on asking for the assistance and information, and when we place that request in our consciousness and amplify it with our love, we can share with our long, slow breathing.

These are things that we can share with others. So in that way, it grows organically, and more and more people become aware. Also, then fewer people are lonely and feeling despondent or abandoned. They will also start to feel a deep connection with the higher frequencies. As more and more of us do this breathing, it will have an exponential effect.

The Arcturians/Sue:

Yes, absolutely. Another effect is that it puts you into alignment with your body, and so those who are listening, we ask that you put one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your intestinal area below your belly button.  Then, as you breathe in, feel what happens to your body, and as you breathe out, feel what happens to your body. In this manner, you can even get to the place where, as you breathe in, you pull in Light and Love, and as you breathe out, you release Light and Love out into your reality.

When you feel how that energy comes in, and then you share it with your exhale, you also breathe in this energy field with your inhale, then you hold it for as long as you can and as long as it is comfortable. Then, share that gift that you’ve received, so that they too, can share their gift with others.

You can begin this process by asking your Higher Self to assist you. Because one of the things that flashes through you within this meditative breathing is that “I AM ONE.” Furthermore, when you go through your experiences, you will become more aware how strong you are and how much you have to share with others.

You also remember that your earth vessel is just the body that you are wearing so that you can assist Gaia. What you also remember is that you are your breath, and you expand your “sense of self” beyond the confines of your physical body.

Whenever you have breath exercises, you pull your Higher Dimensional Self into your physical body, and when that Higher Dimensional Self comes into your physical body, it begins to activate the Kundalini Force.

The Kundalini is located at the base of everyone’s spine, and it is an energy field. It’s humanity’s ascension energy field, and basically it is a force of Transmutation, such as the Violet Fire, and it is also a force of Unconditional Love, such as the Blue Fire.

So if you take a moment and send your breath all the way down to the base of your spine, and feel how it connects to your legs and how your legs connect to the planet and/or you can sit on the planet, sit on the ground or on the dirt, on a rock, in the tub, on the beach, wherever you are and however you breathe and move to merge more and more deeply with Gaia. You can also say:

“My body into yours, Gaia. Your body into mine, Gaia. My body into yours, Gaia. Your body into mine.” 

You can deeply ground yourself into Gaia in this manner. As you bring in this Higher Means of Breathing, you will be breathing in a new life. When you breathe in the Higher Frequencies of breath, you begin to use your higher and higher chakras to accept the Higher Breath and share the Higher Breath with others. In this manner, you are preparing your body to resonate to Higher and Higher frequencies of reality.

You can practice this exercise by sitting still, especially if you are in Nature, and/or if you put your back up against a tree, or sit on a rock, or sit before a flower garden, you will feel ONE with Nature and ONE with Gaia. Then you can go into your primitive self, the self that IS a member of the planet, and has actually evolved into yourself.

Shawnna, did you wish to say something?


Yes, I was going to say how valuable it is, and this is also a helpful tool for us to maintain that groundedness when we go into nature, and we set our consciousness to the natural flow and rhythm of the planet and heartbeat.

That’s also very helpful whenever we have all these intense energies, even from the Sun, coming in, and we can sense that within our bodies in different ways. And I’ve found it to be very therapeutic to go outside and sit under the trees in the sunshine.

And I think the more we share those habits with other people, as well, I think that uplifts many people, and they remember that, “Oh, goodness, I can simply go outside, get some fresh air, step away from my social media, step away from the computer, and realign to that natural state.”

The Arcturians/Sue:

Yes. It is that realignment, and Gaia very much needs that realignment. Because anyone who is aware of any of the news that is going on, Gaia has been suffering a lot. There have been a lot of disasters that have come onto her body, and a lot of pollution that’s gone into her body, and lots of bombs and wars.

Gaia needs help because humanity is frightened, and when humans get frightened, they very often get angry. When they get angry, they want to go out and fight with something or someone. And that makes for a very low energy field of fear and anger.

All of the Elohim feel that energy field, and the earth, the air, the fire, and the water, and work to assist Gaia with their Deep Love and Dedication. They also remember to remind humans to transmute their fear and not allow it to go into Gaia. Humans can remember to say, “Oh heavens, Gaia has fear. How do we get rid of our fear so that we do not infect Gaia with it?”


Hmm. Just a simple question, is it helpful if we even state that intention and ask Gaia how we can help her?

The Arcturians/Sue:

Anytime that anyone honors the planet enough to think that she can hear you and will converse with you. First off, that you honor yourself enough, that you believe that you have that innate power to communicate with the entire planet.

Even if there isn’t a communication, the mere fact that a human can acknowledge that they have that ability, and the mere fact that Gaia realizes that there are humans that are on Her side is so helpful for all life.

However, if you were to put yourself into the role of planet Earth, and you looked around at the things humans are doing, would you feel like humans were on your side? Would you feel like that, Shawnna?


No, it’s actually the opposite.

The Arcturians/Sue:

That’s right, Suzille doesn’t feel like that.

Just imagine, if everybody could feel like, “This is my planet that I love, and this is my family.”In the same manner that you would love and care for a beloved family member, you would love and care for your beloved planet. It’s just a natural thing. If someone that you love calls you and says, “Oh, I really need your help.” You’re going to help them.

But do you know how many people hear Gaia say, “Oh, this horrible thing happened, and I really need your help?” How many people being amongst the ones who heard Gaia’s call will actually find a way to help Her?

Fortunately, there are many wonderful humans that have dedicated themselves to Gaia, and they have been doing amazing work. However, in the scheme of the billions of people that live on the planet, these helpers of Gaia are a very small percentage. But even that small percentage is very important.

Fortunately, when someone changes from selfishness and greed and moves into a higher state of consciousness, they can make a great contribution to Gaia.

Listen to the Full Message:


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 6:15 PM



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Transcript ~ Ashira of Neptune: Project Nova Earth – Linda Dillon


NEW EARTH Tapestry Wall Hanging by Pumayana @ Etsy


Transcript ~ Ashira of Neptune: Project Nova Earth, Heavenly Blessings, April 5, 2018

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcript.

Ashira of Neptune ~ Project Nova Earth

“Your frequency increases, our frequency increases, but they are compatible – and they are more compatible now than they have ever been. Now when I say that, I am talking about in the establishment, the anchoring, the building, the practicality of building Nova Earth, which starts and finishes with Nova Being – and we consider ourselves part of that community of Nova Being.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ April 5, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 9:26 to 19:33]


Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira.

Suzi: Welcome!

Ashira: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you, beloved friends and allies. And I come to you as friend and ally, not merely as Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies but as friend and, in many ways, as fellow journeyer.

All of you, yes, even those who, unfortunately for their sake, are not aware or conscious of their particular participation in Project Nova Earth – in this unfoldment of the rebirth of consciousness, of love, upon this planet – they are still part of it, as are we! We always have been, for thousands of years. And I do not say that in a way of martyrdom [chuckles]; I simply state it as an indicator of many of our various forces – our commitment to this process of reawakening.

As you well know, we have been penetrating you with our Porlana C. I think sometimes, with all the various attunements, that there is a human tendency – and one that we can relate to – of forgetting what exactly is coming forth. And it is not, my beloved friends, that we need a continual recognition or acknowledgement; this simply is not the case. We have done this kind of work holding Gaia, for example, in a harness, a bubble, a netting of pink for hundreds of years, and it does not mean anyone had to know.

It simply is that for your sake, during this process of very significant and rapid change, that there are times when it is helpful for you to know what exactly is shifting your fields so significantly. And of course, with the Mother’s renewed vigour – shall we call it “vigour” [chuckles] – with her Tsunami of Love, the frequencies have most certainly not only been elevated but very charged.

What you don’t always know is that when an event that you think of as this Tsunami of Love, for example, is taking place, it is not only you who is being penetrated; it is us as well, that ourfrequencies are also being elevated.

Now why do I mention this? In many of our discussions, there is often a reference on both your side and our side of our frequencies, our vibratory rates, being at a rate or a level where our two species can meet without harm or chaos to our electrical systems on one side or the other. But as these frequencies increase, not only your frequencies but our frequencies are being raised.

Yes, of course there is always the ability to go further. And what do we mean in that? That our sense of grander, greater, fuller participation in the One, in the love, in the joy, increases.

Now let us explain.

For many of you when you are feeling these frequencies, you are passing through what has so often been referred to as your ‘ascension portal’ – which most of you have been flying in and out of now for years – but you are literally walking through, progressing through that portal and you are like in the vestibule of a grand hall. And it is not that your entry into the ball, as it were, is in any way restricted; it is not.

But you know how sometimes if you go to a large gathering, you take time in the entryway or the vestibule to judge what’s going on, to discern what’s going on, to get the ‘vibe’ as you would put it – and also to be at the entryway because so many of your friends are showing up, and you have been looking for them and waiting for them, and you want to be the first to get a hug and say hello.

Well, that’s where many of you are! There is no restriction to the ball, to the gathering, however you conceive of this, and you are in that vibration but you haven’t fully entered as yet. And then as you do enter, have you ever noticed that whether it is a party or a cocktail party or a conference or a gathering, that there are always those who tend to gather towards the back of the room?

Now sometimes it is because they are shying away, sometimes it is because they don’t want to get the full blast of the energy, and sometimes they are there, again, because they want to see everything that’s going on. Well, in many ways, we are that group hanging on around the periphery observing, gauging what’s going on, what’s happening, where are the people from the vestibule, when are we getting started.

And then, of course, there are those that are fully engaged in the centre of the room who are already languishing and absorbing and already task-oriented, ready to go, in the centre of the room and at the front of the room. All are equally welcomed. Even those approaching the building – and you can feel the level of excitement – are equally welcomed. But as you physically know, the vibratory rate – the vibe – is slightly different depending on where you are situating yourself.

Now when there is such a gathering, all those positions are delightful; all those positions, might we even say, are necessary. Because what would it be like if you arrived at a gathering or a grandiose ball, particularly if it was a masquerade ball, and you arrived and there was no sign on the door, no welcome committee, no one standing in the vestibule, no one standing where you could see them at the back of the room? You would be hesitant. You would think: “I’m not sure this is the place. I’m not sure that I’m supposed to go forward,” and so there would be this feeling of “I’m not sure I’m welcomed.” And so all of these positions are necessary.

Now you remember full well how Archangel Mi-ka-el has said to you that some of you are portals and that some of you are gatekeepers, some of you are wayshowers. I’m bringing this back to your attention so that you realise again how important it is that each of you have this role to play – as do we!

As Commander of the Unified Forces, one of the roles that has been assigned to me – yes, by the Mother and with, shall I say, the stamp and seal of approval of the various forces and the Intergalactic Council – has been ambassador, welcomer, as we begin our intermingling, so that you can enter the ball and say, “Oh, it’s okay. I know Ashira, I know Galea, I know Ashtar. I am welcome here. I am comfortable here. I think I’ll go in.” And as you are going in, perhaps you are bringing millions of people with you. I hope you are. I invite you to!

Your vibratory rate to fully engage in the activity, in the ball, in the gathering, in all the tasks, the delights, the journeys, has need to be high. So it is not as our frequency increases, yours remains the same. Your frequency increases, our frequency increases, but they are compatible – and they are more compatible now than they have ever been.

Now when I say that, I am talking about in the establishment, the anchoring, the building, the practicality of building Nova Earth, which starts and finishes with Nova Being – and we consider ourselves part of that community of Nova Being.

As we have said prior, we have many, many, many, many of our forces on the ground. And in previous months, we have shared with you how, for many of our beloveds who have volunteered – eagerly volunteered, by the way; it is not a military force in your sense where there is no mutuality or decision-making capacity – our volunteers, our ‘boots on the ground’ were having to return home to ship frequently, and were utilizing very frequently the healing chambers because the vibration, the frequency on-planet – particularly as a result of the chaos and, shall we call it, the recalcitrants, but even the disinterested ones – was very difficult to attune to. It took a toll literally on our being.

Now when I say “our being” note that we don’t make – and you soon will not make – a differentiation between your physicality and your being. So while the distress might exhibit in feelings of exhaustion or lethargy or slight depression in our boots on the ground, there is not a differentiation in terms of what is causing that in terms of the various fields. So we don’t operate in a way where we wait until someone is on the ground sick – in your terminology sick or ill or distressed or diseased. We address this much sooner when that feeling of malaise or exhaustion is felt.

Now the reason I am talking about this, and I know it is an aside, is that you will adopt this greater clarity with regards to your body and fields – and in fact many of you already are. But I have digressed.

What I am saying is that just mere months ago, what we were finding is that many of our volunteers had to return for reignition or rewiring or healing very frequently. That is not the case at this moment. The endurance factor, not in terms of fortitude, gritting your teeth and bearing the difficulty, but the ability to truly be in harmony both with Gaia and with the human collective of the Gaians, various cultures, has significantly increased.

And to us – and this is why I share it with you this day – that it is very encouraging. And sweet angels of light, you can use all the encouraging news you can garner!

What it means in terms of quotients is that the quotient of recalcitrance, and even the quotient of dismissiveness, disengagement, separation upon the planet has diminished significantly – that in the airwaves, if you think of it that way… the soundwaves, the lightwaves… there is a much higher percentage of what we would call “harmony” – and you can infuse into harmony whatever you like: joy, gratitude, love.

Our vibrations are becoming more harmonious with you. The issue has never been the harmony amongst ourselves. But attuning to the vibratory rate of Gaia, and the vibratory rate not of the planet – she is beautiful – but of the collective, has been a challenge and it has massively improved.

So that is the good news that I wanted to begin with this day! Now, dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, that’s a lovely update and I’m glad to hear that. So what I’m wondering is, will embracing full entry into the… well, whatever the event is, our building, say we’re going to the ballet, opera or whatever… would embracing full entry into that mean leaving life behind, this life?

Ashira: No! If I understand your question correctly, what it means… Say you come to me and you say, “Ashira, I am so excited to see this ballet, I can’t hang around in the back of the room. I’m going to try to get a seat right up front,” and off you go. What it means is that you are fully engaged in what we would call – the Mother terms “new beginnings”, we call “new reality” – higher vibratory rates.

It does not mean that you are abandoning the planet. It means that you are changing your life, that you are reaching that point of transition, of thinking about what you’re going to do or planning what you’re going to do, to simply enjoying and participating. This is participatory theater, so you are going to participate in the ballet.

So it is not about leaving it behind. It is about living your dream!

Suzi: Right. And so, I mean we’ve discussed it before, maybe with Galea, about not wanting to limit creations to what I know is possible?

Ashira: Correct.

Suzi: Yeah, okay, so I started this question: “What will life be like once we…” and then I’m thinking like, “well, once we… what?” What exactly will it be? I mean, it’s been a subtle, gradual shift the whole time, and what I’m personally feeling and looking for is a concentrated and unmistakable flood of even greater light. So I’m just wondering what happens after that? How quickly can we… I don’t want to think in 3D terms or wonder about the how’s. I just want it to go fast. [Chuckles]

Ashira: Do you not think we want it to go fast?

Suzi: I do know you do, of course!

Ashira: But we are also patient. But if your practical question is: “How fast can it happen?” – with an enormous build-up, it can happen in the blink of an eye!

Think of it in this way. There are many terms and all of them are welcomed by the Mother, by us, that are describing this shift – yes, ascension – and as we say, you are already in that process. You are not in the waiting phase. You are not in the ‘will call’ line hoping that you can get a ticket! [Chuckles] You are already underway.

What you are letting go of, both individually and collectively, is this sense… and it has been like a cement wall. If you think the Great Wall of China is significant, the cement wall of lack and limitation that humans have put themselves in… it’s not even that the paradigm has been cement; it is as if many humans made up the wall.

When that is released – and there is that expression you have ‘that the realisation that you are limitless because you are divine, and that you can create and co-create’ – when you remember and learn at the same time, then all of a sudden you realise that you are a prima ballerina and you have been for eons, that you know the entire ballet movements, including the pas de deux, and that you are dancing across this stage called Gaia. And sometimes you are leaping and twirling, and sometimes you are catching your breath in the wings, but it is full participation.

One of the stumbling blocks for humans has been that participation – and I speak from experience – participation has often been interpreted or translated as work, work being arduous, responsibility, etc., when in fact participation… even when you are sitting still doing nothing, you are participating. You cannot exempt yourself from participating, in or out of form. You are participating because you are part of the divine orchestration of this multiverse.

So when that realisation truly hits, then you are there!

Suzi: So is that enough of the collective, kind of thing?

Ashira: Yes. When you say that, I am assuming what you mean is that when you decide that you are fully engaged in whatever your expression of your choices, free-will choices and divinity, are and is in any given moment, that if affects the ripple effect into the collective… is phenomenal!

Suzi: All right. I’m just going to speak this potentially selfish thing… So we’ve done all this work, and when they’re in this wonderful space and we’re in the position of waiting for other people to catch up, I’m just wondering how long that has to happen? How long do we have to wait? It’s horribly selfish, that’s how I feel [laughing] but it’s also a question I know listeners are going to have as well, “Hey, I’ve done my work and I really just want to get on with it.”

Ashira: But there is nothing stopping you from getting on with it and taking full advantage of every step of the way.

When first Mi-ka-el [Archangel] addressed you about Ascension and the various steps of Ascension – because that is really what you are asking about – there were many, many who said, “I do not want to ascend if it means leaving behind my husband, my children, my family. I cannot do that because I love them,” that expression of deep, heartfelt love and commitment did not detract from your forward thrust.

And I speak to you as intergalactic who has family that I cherish and would no more leave behind… well, it is inconceivable. So that opinion, that commitment of: “I will not ascend if I must leave my family behind,” that declaration of love contributed to the collective ascension – and it was a plus, not a minus. So think of that.

Now what you are saying – and we understand your impatience; we [laughing] are enormously patient and impatient. But think of it in this way. Now you are saying, “How long must we wait?” and you are saying, “Well, dearest Ashira, I am good to go, I am ready to go.” But there are many who for their various reasons are perhaps not as far along as you.

And one of the things that has been, shall we say ‘interesting’, is the observation that we have made about how many – yes, even in the lightworker community – have regressed, have turned back and said, “Well, if I have to wait another minute, forget it, I’m not going, I’m not doing it.” Now that is not of love and that is not of honouring one’s divinity.

So there has been a mixed stop and start factor. But what I say to you is that the forward thrust as you would think of it in terms of “how long do I have to wait?” – what we are saying to you is: “Please, please, please don’t wait!” Because if you are a wayshower – and you are; and I speak to many of you in this regard – as you say, “Well, I’m not waiting. I’m not abandoning you, but I’m not waiting. Let me show you my potential to create, my potential to shift this recalcitrance factor.”

So you are leading – and yes, you are leading in a ballet that they may not even be familiar with – but you are showing them what is possible and that it is done through your being, through your field, through your actions, through your behaviours.

So what I say to you, dearest Suzanne and all of you, is: “Please, don’t wait!”

Suzi: Okay, I hear you, and something else that’s occurring to me to say is that, not about the waiting thing, but if my life is experiencing challenges at this time, am I doing something wrong? Should I be getting these things that you’re talking about and being able to step into it? Am I doing it wrong? And this is a collective thing; I know that I’m not alone in this.

Ashira: Yes, it is. It is a personal and a collective question, and you are going to hate the answer! Now note what I am saying: hate-love, right-wrong, shall we simply eject these positions of duality into deep space? Because it is not a matter of right or wrong, love or hate. But understand the framework; think back to what you are really saying: “Am I doing something wrong? Am I acting in a way of limitation?”

Suzi: “Am I not doing enough?”

Ashira: “Am I not enough?!” That is really the heart of your question. And what I would say to you is: your field is beautiful, it is glorious. What else – and I do not mean simply in the esoteric realm – what else can you do? What else do you want to do? There is always something new every day, every moment. There is always a new adventure to be had.

So your real question is: “Am I a little stuck?” And if there is a question of “Am I a little stuck?” then, sweet angel, of course you are! But in the very question, what you are saying… think of yourself as if you are standing up and you are shrugging off the ‘stuckness’ and saying, “Okay, what else can I do?”

Well, you can come and visit us every single day! And you can extend yourself and say, “This is the perfect landing spot, so come. Even if I don’t see you first and foremost, I will see you, the same way I see the birds and the fairies. So use my property as a landing spot!”

Suzi: Alright, I want a landing spot!

Ashira: Start dreaming big!

Suzi: Oh, I’ve been dreaming big for a long time, believe me! Okay, so if I might ask a question about this. My daughter had an intense dream last night where she looked out the back of our house and in the sky was a cluster of five or seven moons. Each moon was a city with buildings as tall as the ones in Manhattan. She woke up excited from it and it all seemed very real. Could you say anything about that? Is it individual creation, help premonition, or is it all of the above?

Ashira: It is all of the above, but mostly what she was envisioning was the various Cities of Light. Of course, she is also having some past life memories of various planetary situations where there are certainly more than one moon. So yes, it was a future vision, a present vision and a past vision, and it was as real as the skin on her face.

Suzi: Wow, cool! All right, so if you have anything else to add to the conversation, I would certainly welcome that at this time. We probably have a little more time.

Ashira: I wanted to say how we are in sacred partnership, not merely sacred union. Yes, we understand and we know that there are various forms of sacred partnership, and that the intimacy factor varies according to the nature of that sacred partnership. We take sacred partnership very seriously, as in reverence and honouring and respect and love and support and mutuality; I could keep going… cooperation, collegiality, understanding, mutuality.

We are in sacred partnership for this co-creation of beautiful Nova Earth. In some ways, beloved ones, we are the man stuck in the middle, we are the woman stuck in the middle. There is the energy of above, the divine realm, and there is the energy of Gaians below, and we are the intermediaries. We are the monkey in the middle! [Laughter]

But we want you to know: this is our joint venture, and it is a venture that we have been committed to, fully and completely, for a very, very, very long time and there is nothing that we won’t do. So if you arrive at the ballet and you say, “I’m not sure which ballet is being danced, I’m not sure of the music, who indeed is the composer?” – ask us for help!

We are waiting. We are not going to leave you. Yes, we are sending you our Porlana C, but that is with divine permission – and your permission, by the way. And it is being integrated and it is harmonizing our various fields, and it is working actually very well. That is why our boots on the ground are not back and forth, back and forth, all the time.

We are in this partnership heart, soul, body, together. We want you to know that. We are not hanging back waiting for some president or prime minister or dictator to announce our presence. You know of our presence, we most certainly know of your presence, and that is all that is necessary.

So let us dance and gather and play and create together. Do not hesitate to ask us for help. We are here.

Suzi: Okay! Thank you very much for everything that you do for us and what you offer to us. I know you do us well, but we all really very much look forward to our more tangible cooperation and partnership

Ashira: It is a gathering that we are eagerly awaiting, and we will gather together again as we have so long ago. Go with my love.

Suzi: A party on the Neptune?

Ashira: A party on Planet Earth! That will be the grandest party of all!

Suzi: Yes, yes!

Ashira: Go with our love.

Suzi: Thank you so much.

Ashira/Suzi: Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.




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Make Ascension NORMAL – Suzanne Lie


Make Ascension NORMAL–Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Make Ascension NORMAL

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

WE, The Arcturians and your Galactic Family, ARE HERE NOW, and we wish to say that if you can remember to start and end your day with:

“Dear Arcturians, Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, Elohim and/or Archangels, as well as any Higher Dimensional Beings with whom you can communicate,

“I AM here today to tell you that I AM willing to communicate with you,

and assist with the process of transmutation of Gaia and all Her inhabitants

into a higher, hopefully fifth dimensional, frequency of resonance.”

Furthermore, we Arcturians wish to speak with the many other people who are aware of a feeling that is flowing into, through, and out from themselves and into the Hearts and Minds of others. We wish to say to them that what we/you/all have in common is that:

YOU ALL volunteered to activate your Third Eye and High Heart to better:








that YOU are ready to remember that WE have Volunteered to engage in the challenge of








Your fifth dimensional SELF is your Light Body SELF. Your fifth dimensional Light Body SELF is the frequency of your consciousness, your personal interaction, your physical life, in which you are full-heartedly preparing to release the burdens of your third dimensional, Physical SELF, as well as the illusions of your fourth dimensional, Astral Self.

Both your fourth-dimensional Astral SELF, and your fifth-dimensional Lightbody SELF, are able to live within a frequency of reality, which is NOW becoming more important than it was in your past, or even in your future.

Your fourth dimensional Astral SELF has a wonderful imagination, creative expression and communicative interaction with ALL life. However, many humans only experience their fourth dimensional reality while they are asleep.

However if you, the waking one, can remember your “dreams,” which are actually a real experience on a different plane/frequency of reality, you will eventually remember/learn how to use that higher dimensional “dream information” to assist Gaia and ALL Her planetary beings (including humans) to recalibrate the frequency of their consciousness.

This recalibration is not an easy task to those of you who had not yet changed the frequency of your consciousness, perceptions and expressions of reality, which can be disconcerting or even a bit frightening to experience this experience of invisible change.

Whenever you change the frequency of your consciousness, you will knowingly, or unknowingly, begin to re-focus your energy fields on the “Threshold to the Fifth Dimension.”

No matter how seldom you identify, listen to, learn from, understand, and/or share the process of your transmutation from being your third dimensional self into the higher frequency energy field, your consciousness quickly expands.

This expansion of your consciousness greatly changes your sense of time from your time-bound, separate self into the higher frequency energy field, which is often within the NOW of your higher states of consciousness.

These higher states of consciousness guide your into the invisible higher frequency energy fields, which will activate more synaptic energy within your brain, and your heart will echo and reverberate to the higher dimensional brainwaves that travel throughout the entire body.

Much like a sail boat that has “caught the wind,” you will move at a faster and faster pace, until the third dimensional energy waves, and brain waves, will accelerate into higher fourth, and eventually, fifth dimensional LIGHT waves.

We say “light waves” because the fifth dimensional light has a very powerful effect on your process of transmutation. However, the third, fourth, and fifth dimensional frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF “waves of light” are not perceivable to your third dimensional perceptions.

In fact, your fourth dimensional self often serves as the messenger that accepts the fifth dimensional versions of reality as “real” and passes that knowing onto your third dimensional self that has been brainwashed to “not believe in this process” for many of your incarnations.

There were lives in which you where ruled by your physical body and your physical reality. You will often think of them as your “past lives,” which means that it was a reality/lifetime that was detached from your present reality.

The version of your SELF that is the least attached to your higher frequency expressions of SELF are your third dimensional selves, incarnations, and realities. We Arcturians do not differentiate between incarnations and realities, because humans usually choose to wear an earth body during any third dimensional realities and/or incarnations.

On the other hand, during your fourth dimensional “visits to your higher worlds” which are often thought of as “dreams,” many of your perceptions and experiences are NOT dreams, but actual experiences of your fourth, and/or fifth, dimensional body. It is often via these experiences that you will remember your reason for your current incarnation.

Unfortunately, remembering your “reason for incarnation” is not commonly remembered unless one is a meditator, believes in reincarnation, or is too young and untarnished by life to stop believing that dreams are real.

However, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness into higher frequencies of perception, reality, and experiences from past, parallel and/or future lifetimes.

A lifetime that is largely based on third-dimensional, physical situations, experiences and realities would be thought of as a “Physical Reality.” On the other hand, those who expand their consciousness into the fourth-dimensional Astral Plans are often thought of as creative, forward thinking, intelligent, or “too out there.”

Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to allow their consciousness to expand to encompass both their third and fourth dimensional consciousness. Once one is able to expand their consciousness in this manner, they will begin their “Journey of Remembering” their fifth dimensional self, as well as the higher dimensional aspects of their Multidimensional Self.

We, your Arcturian family, ask that you share your inter-dimensional experiences with others as often as possible. Write about your experiences, talk about, sing about, draw about—use ALL your creative venues to share your higher dimensional experiences with others.

It is in this manner that YOU can assist all life on Gaia to


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:57 PM



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Do What You Love: Hard-Nosed Permission-Giving – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Do What You Love: Hard-Nosed Permission-Giving – Part 1/2

I continue to work on reducing 1800 pages of readings to a dictionary that can guide me when I’m setting up my Post-Reval projects.

I still have probably another week to go to finish arranging quotes in reverse chronology. But when I’m done, oh, my, what I’ll have learned.

As I was going through it, I came across this most interesting exchange.  Michael’s comment at the end (which I italicize) set a standard of practice for enterprises I’ll start:

Archangel Michael: So are the lightworkers who are diligent and see themselves in a stewardship role greatly protected? The answer is, “yes.” And you most certainly are mightily protected. The answer is, “yes.”

Steve: I don’t see how I can avoid talking about my own personal [financial] situation, Lord, given the type of [financial] writing that I do.

AAM: But you are not calling up the Wall Street Post and saying that you are a billionaire and flashing your wealth. There is a very big difference, sweet one.

Steve: Yes, I do understand. Nothing that you said is unpleasant to my ears. That was what I was planning to do anyways so I’m good.

AAM: It should not be unpleasant to anybody’s ears who is coming from a place of heart and dedication and realizing that they have been given the privilege, the divine authority, to act on behalf of the Mother/Father One, that you can truly be the champions of change, the catalysts for restoring equality and fairness and unity upon this planet.

Steve: Yes, it is a great privilege, Lord.  (1) (My italics.)

It IS a great privilege. And it’s been a long wait. Both are true


Waiting, waiting, waiting.

But wait a minute. I can say for myself that what I’ve learned in waiting and preparing for the Reval is absolutely golden. I’ve learned about leadership, valor, forgiveness. I’ve cleared huge vasanas. I spent a year in love and bliss. These have not been idle moments.

And isn’t this what we all want? I haven’t had to wait for these things. It’s made the journey of waiting pretty … somewhat … almost delightful. (If you knew me, you’d know I hate to wait.)

Never in twenty-five years with a guru who turned out to be a pedophile was I ever deeply moved. I’ve indeed been waiting!

If Michael was no more real than Howdy Doody, I’d still have grown. If Michael were false, which I don’t think is true for a moment, the Mother knows whom I serve.   No time spent sincerely serving God is ever wasted.

And the moments I had interviewing the Mother herself, asking her about Sahaja Samadhi, the Trimurthy, (3) the conditioned Brahman, (4) Shakti, things you can only ask of the Voice of the One, I wouldn’t trade them for anything, not for all the gold in the world.

Has it all been waiting? Only if you count being run off your feet as waiting. I thought I’d retired and then I had a dream. (5) Since then, far from waiting, I’ve been running to keep up.

(Concluded tomorrow, in Part 2.)


(1) AAM asked me not to. But he also wants us to hold to sums that can be reached by the mass of people. We’ll need industry standards for compensation, to be fair to everyone. In all situations, “fairness, equality, and unity” is the standard I’ll endeavor to reach.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal Reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 9, 2017.  Hereafter AAM.

(3) Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva = Creation, Preservation, Transformation = Rajas, Sattwa, and Thamas = Akar, Ukar, Makar (AUM).

(4) The conditioned Brahman is the Father energy inside the Mother’s material realm. The God of this universe is another term used.

(5) I had a lucid dream in which I’d seen a woman and rushed to embrace her. And after we embraced, I woke up. To find out who that woman was, I first did a reading with Linda Dillon.

The woman was Annastara, my twin flame. And after speaking with Annastara, the next reading I had, someone “wanted to speak with me.” And that was Michael.




Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. Lakshmi Amrita

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Cultural Universals and Higher Dimensions – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Ichiro Tsuruta


Cultural Universals and Higher Dimensions


As matters stand now, very little of what we do is universal. A smile is. Everyone – in other galaxies, probably – recognizes a smile.

A yawn is universal; a hiccup, a burp, etc.

But that’s about it.

These gestures are heavily biologically-determined. If we look for examples of thought-based behavior, I can’t think of a single cultural universal that exists in our society today.

But in the higher dimensions, there’s behavior that reaches the status of a cultural universal. Can you guess what kind of behavior that might be?

Well, first factor in the tremendous love and bliss you’d feel on a higher dimension than this dense, carbon-based one we’re gradually leaving.

If you radiated love and bliss, would you be thinking of the harm you could do another?

This whole conversation – gun control, mind control, fake news, etc. – would disappear. Use what metaphor you will – swept away, dissolved, displaced, etc. It’d just be gone.

Question: In the space of love and bliss that remains, what kind of cultural universals do you think would then arise?

Answer: Behavior that’s consistent with the universal laws.

Let me give an illustration. And let me exaggerate a wee bit to make my point.

In our society, as it is, it seems almost a cultural norm to try to pull the other person onto our path. One psychologist called it “reality suction.” We tend to try to suck others into our view of reality. We can’t seem to leave each other alone.

What that means is that we fail to honor the universal Law of Free Will in our everyday behavior.

The nearest higher dimension we know a great deal about is the Astral Plane, which I looked at in New Maps of Heaven. (1)

In the afterlife world, everyone is given complete freedom of choice in all matters. What one does stands to what another does as a respected alternative. No one would think of trying to impinge on another’s choices.

Remember that I asked you to factor in the fact that you’re bathed in love and bliss in this more refined setting.

Totally satisfied, wanting nothing other than more of the same, would you wish to violate the free will of another? For what reason? It would never occur to you.

Respect for the free-will choices of another emerges as a bedrock or foundational value in the Astral Planes. I think it’ll be the same in our New Society of the Fifth Dimension.

Respect for another’s free will is one example of a possible cultural universal that would emerge in the higher dimensions and is not present in this more-dense environment.

It’s also an example of a new paradigm or new template for Nova Earth, our own higher-dimensional society. (2)

And, finally, it’s an example of behavior lived in accordance with the universal laws.


(1) See New Maps of Heaven, at http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=New_Maps_of_Heaven

(2) if we want to draw that society to us, it’d be useful to invoke the Laws of As Above So Below and Attraction and Repulsion to create that result.



Art by Ichiro Tsuruta


Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. Lakshmi Amrita

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The Magic of Choosing our Point of Consciousness – Sharon Lyn Shepard

Gratitude to artist


The Magic of Choosing our Point of Consciousness

April 7, 2018

What is our reality?
A question that keeps cycling around, both in the spiritual and scientific community. Everyone is attempting to corral reality. That’s what the human mind does. It tries to categorize everything into its antiquated file drawers of physicality. And if that doesn’t work, science creates a “new theory” file and sets up tests to validate it.

The spiritual community is aware reality isn’t what it used to. They too are attempting to expand upon the old reality. So, some channeled entity says, “Hey, let’s add another dimension and define that.” How many more dimensions and chakras have we added in the past few years? And yet, this is still the mind at play, albeit in a more expanded version.   

There is only one way to go beyond the human mind, and that is by “experiencing” life in the present moment. For the mind can only function in timelines of past and future. When you are fully present, you debunk the human mind. It’s no longer “bunking” within you and you are free to be fully awake and aware.  

 Everything is vibration and the human mind has frozen our physical reality into place. When we go beyond the mind by being fully present, only the things that are relevant in the moment via our point of consciousness are present with/for us and that which we do not need in the present moment disappears.

This is what many refer to as miracles or magic. When we shift our point of consciousness, infinite potentials become relevant and available. This is what is referred to as creating our own reality. It’s not about thinking something into reality. It’s about choosing a new point of consciousness where all the potentials are there for our choosing. Potentials beyond anything our mind could possibly imagine!! 

Shifting our point of consciousness is all it takes to change our reality. You can read more about this on my blog Multi-Dimensional Resolution .  The more often we function beyond the human mind, the more insubstantial our old world feels to us. And then, my Beloveds, what we used to call magic becomes our way of being in the world.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“message from my inner wisdom”

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Never forget that as the Divine in expression you are creators – Marilyn Raffaele

Gratitude to artist


APRIL 8, 2018

Dear readers, we greet you with love and gratitude for your hard work and continuing efforts to bring more Light and awareness to a world in chaos.. Present times are intense in many ways for everyone, both those who have awakened to truth and those who have not.

You are wayshowers, the ones bringing Light into the minds of so many feeling confused and lost as much that has constituted foundational belief systems begins to crumble. You are bringing the energy of truth to mass consciousness simply by living from your own highest level of awareness.

Ascension simply means shifting fully into a new and higher level of spiritual consciousness. Never believe that you are doing nothing as you go about your day, no matter how ordinary it may seem, for your very presence can lift someone receptive. Your consciousness and energy field goes with you wherever you go.

There remain many rites and rituals taught as requirements for assisting others, but at some point a state of consciousness is attained that realizes nothing needs healing, changing, or fixing. Once this state of consciousness is attained it can shift the consciousness of those receptive because the seeker has aligned himself with the higher energy field.

This is how master Jesus healed. His consciousness contained no beliefs of discord or disease, and so when anyone seeking healing came to him they automatically entered into his consciousness where disease did not exist. However, he always reminded them not to go back to their old state of consciousness where they would simply re-create the situation, which is true today.

You are consciousness, and not the physical body/vehicle necessary for living in earth’s energies. It is your attained level of consciousness, your energy field, that helps awaken those ready for more rather than any forms of preaching, proselytizing, or demanding.

You have all experienced people or places that you prefer to avoid, ones that leave you feeling drained and heavy. This is because there is only ONE, and when you align with lower resonating energies, they becomes yours and you feel them. Everyone carries a personal energy field/aura reflective of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of consciousness. Some are able to see this energy, but everyone can sense or feel it.

Those living from an evolved level awareness soon find that denser energies no longer affect them as they once did. This is because slow/lower resonating energies cannot to enter into the higher/lighter. Aligning with denser energies frequently happens without conscious awareness through engaged interactions with certain people, places, or things, and often simply through well meaning attempts to help someone.

We are not saying that you must never be in the presence of the denser energies, for that would be impossible and does not constitute alignment with them. Many of you are engaged in employment that requires you to be around denser energies, and most visit a bar now and then. Avoiding “occasions of evil” is an old religious teaching that may help children, but not evolving adults.

What we are saying is that when you find yourself in the presence of people or places of lower resonating energy, simply stay centered and alert. Let your interactions with others who may be seeking advice flow from the level of compassion (staying in your Light) rather than sympathy (aligning with the problem). You will know when you have aligned with lower resonating energy because it leaves you feeling drained.

We wish to speak of peace. In the third dimension, peace is something to be attained between individuals or countries. In reality, peace is simply the manifestation of Oneness. Peace has always been and forever will be, because it IS.

Only the conscious realization of oneness in universal consciousness will manifest as permanent world peace because consciousness is the substance of everything. A consciousness of Oneness holds nothing to interfere with or block omnipresent Divine balance and harmony, whether it be between humans, countries, or nature.

Peace is the only interaction possible within ONE. Peace, being the essence of Source, must therefore be a facet of everyone’s consciousness, never needing to be attained or sought after, but rather recognized.

The world in general is not now and never will experience true peace until it moves beyond beliefs of duality and separation.

Consciousness is always expressing itself. If those directing peace efforts have not attained a consciousness of peace, they have nothing with which to create real peace. You cannot make something out of nothing. As more and more souls awaken into the truth of oneness, peace of all areas of life will begin to manifest.

Peace created out of duality and separation can never be permanent because it is built on a foundation of sand–illusion. Peace, like everything else in the three dimensional world, is the material sense of a deeper spiritual reality (ONEness) and must be known and integrated by individuals and countries before it can manifest. This is evolution.

The world hungers for peace, but the already present peace within everyone lies buried under layers of ignorance. Every soul innately knows that peace is their birthright, but does not realize that their belief system limits access to it. Couples seek peace in relationships, parents seek peace with their children, governments seek peace with other countries and their own citizens, but all continue to seek it in the wrong places.

The third dimension always attempts to change bad appearances into good appearances, representing duality at its finest. Both are simply two ends of the same stick. Good human appearances are no more real than bad human appearances. Harmony only becomes permanent when one or a majority are able to see through appearances to the reality that exists behind them.

At this time, most so called “leaders” are simply shoving game pieces around on a giant world game board, using illusion and false beliefs to bring about what they personally want. The reality is that everything anyone or any country could ever have need of is already fully present awaiting recognition. New and more evolved leaders are waiting on the side lines.

We do not say that you must never see a good marriage or family counselor if that is your need. Nor are we saying that laws and jails are not important, because there are many still in need the three dimensional tools. Valuable assistance is provided for all levels of awareness.

When you feel the need for some outside help, allow yourself to be intuitively guided to those working from a higher and more enlightened level. Never believe that finding yourself in some sort of difficult three dimensional situation is spiritual failure on your part, because it is often a graduation, the very experience necessary to clear some old concept or belief. When an individual seriously begins inner work, there are very few “accidents”.

True, and lasting peace can only happen when mankind is willing and able to leave behind the false and limiting beliefs of duality and separation. This is what ascension is, the evolution out of illusion and into reality–a consciousness of Oneness. This is what you are witnessing in the world right now and what is causing the chaos, confusion, violence, protests, etc.– the old does not give up its hold easily.

As you attain a consciousness of peace, it automatically manifests as you go about your day, no matter how seemingly ordinary. It is your state of consciousness appearing AS the person who holds the door for you, AS the dog who runs up to you wagging his tail with love, AS a hug from someone when you most need it. AS the person in a long check-out line that offers you his place. Harmony, abundance, peace etc. never comes from another, but rather through them, manifestations of your own attained state of consciousness. Ponder this.

Peace is a consciousness able to experience the harmony, balance, cooperation etc. embodied within the ONE–a peace that can effect everyone within range of that consciousness with no personal effort.

This does not mean that once this awareness is attained there will never again be situations in which you may be required to take some firm action as a parent, teacher, law enforcement officer, or even military, but you now do what is necessary from a consciousness of peace allowing those words and actions to flow on energies able to uplift, help, and perhaps even awaken the other.

True peace is coming dear ones, but because it is a state of consciousness, it needs time to birth and mature. Allow the illusions of obsolete world beliefs to kick and scream as much they want as they dissolve, for they hold only the power they are given, having none of their own.

Never forget that as the Divine in expression you are creators, and in the increasingly intense energies of ascension, you are creating much more quickly.

BE the peace you seek and BE the love you have looked to others for. It is a new time, a time in which you are ready to know, accept, realize, and integrate; “Everything I have been seeking, lifetime after lifetime, I already am.”

We are the Arcturian Group 4/8/18



Gratitude to artist


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Archangel Michael on the Partings and Meetings that are Happening – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Gratitude to artist


Archangel Michael on the Partings and Meetings that are Happening

Honestly the readings with Archangel Michael are becoming more enjoyable and more educational as we go along.

I post his introductory comments to this reading because it provided so much food for thought that I’ll be ruminating on it for some time.

From a personal reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2018.

AAM: Greetings, I am Michael!

Steve: Greetings, Lord

AAM: And welcome, beloved brother, sweet angel of light, dear being of love, accepting who you are in the smallest sense and in the grandest sense. For, there is no difference.

Every being is of the essence of the One. It is only a matter of choosing and willingness to recognize and align. For that [recognition and alignment] is truly the meaning of Ascension.

Yes, it does entail a shift, a monumental shift, in consciousness and an upgrade, shall we say, in dimensions. But truly, what is this except the choice to be the love, the recognition of your essence which has always been divine.

We always laugh – yes, not in a way decrying an individual – but we laugh when we hear someone say, “Well I’m only human.” As if that is some form of excuse for behaviour or belief in oneself as less than.

When in fact, particularly at this juncture, humans are extraordinarily powerful and chose and volunteered to be the implementers of our Mother’s Plan.

It would make more sense, my friend, for me to say, “Well, I am only an Archangel. I am not in human form. There is only so much I can do!” And if I was to say that, you would laugh! Because you know the truth.

So what you are realizing, what you are coming to fully comprehend is the nature – yes, of course of your vibratory frequency of your sacred self – but also the frequency and vibratory nature of others as well.

And you sense and recognize of course that some are more clearly a match and welcomed into your sphere of personal space, into your sphere of influence, and some are not. (1)

And those who are not, it does not mean that they are evil or dark people. It is simply not a match. It does not interest you or entrance you.

And yes, there are those who still follow their own path of discordance but that is not your concern. That is not where the focus of your mission and purpose is right now or will be, even in this lifetime.

It is in the creation and the recognition of Truth, the sharing of Hope, the building of Trust, of mutuality, of cameraderie, of collegiality, of community. You are concerned with those who seek the truth. And while what you say or write may or may not be their truth, they recognize a fellow journeyman.

And that is a gift and a wake-up call for them to follow what they know to be best and highest and truest for their journey. It is a form of tacit permission to explore. And at the same time not merely to explore, as in going through a theme park, but to truly ponder what they discover on this journey and adventure and to come to understand, not merely the nature of their journey but through that reflection, the nature of collective existence and the collective journey.

And that is what you have been doing, my friend. You have been re-examining, re-pondering the nature of your journey and it is exactly where you have need to be. Have there been incredible twists, turns, detours, sidetracks? Yes.

And are those of benefit? Most certainly! Because you have come to realize through those experiences, through the pondering, through the reflection about what a sidetrack or detour looks and feels like.

And so you can say at the beginning of that distraction, rather than five years in, that this is not where I choose to go and you anchor and you redirect and might I even say, recommit? Not only your sacred self but all parts. And this sense of delineation between what is ego or personality and sacred self is also being eliminated.

Because those divisions, that fractionating up of oneself is not only not useful; it is not of truth. And it most certainly is not of forward movement.

You are doing well and no, dear heart, you are in discomfort but you are not dying. (2)

Steve: Oh shucks! Now, if I was, that would be the beginning of my two-hundred-year holiday!

AAM: It will come soon enough, sweet one!


(1) We think that love and forgiveness means that we need to welcome all people back into our space. But Michael says, that’s not so.

(2) Everyone seems to have one major thing going on for them. I have a large boil under my left arm, which AAM says is all my angst coming to the surface.



Gratitude to artist


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We are much more – Kara Schallock

Gratitude to artist


We are much more… – 07-Apr-2018

Recently I was called to visit my father, who is in the process of transiting from this life’s physical realm to the next great adventure. The way things unfolded put me in a vacuum of unfamiliarity, where nothing seemed as it once was. There was much learning and shifting as I soujourned through a different landscape. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and set things in motion by embracing all things unknown; this is how one may integrate the New more profoundly in their lives. There was never a moment, however, in which I felt unsafe, even when I experienced extreme anxiety. I honored and continue to honor myself for the Courage to allow things to unfold before my New eyes. While I let go of much through being “sick” when I returned, I understood that I was releasing much and I observed myself dispassionately, while also resting, experiencing what my body was releasing and allowing myself to feel “sick.”

Of course, I have always lived my life out of a comfort zone; always pushing to be more. This trip pushed me way beyond any old expectations I may have had and I encourage you to do the same. Go somewhere you’ve never been before; do something you’ve never done before; go beyond your own boundaries and you will find that you are much more than how you’ve allowed yourself to be. It takes changing your perceptions of who you think you are or what you’ve been programmed willingly with. Go big.

Much is spoken about the Earth now being 5th Dimensional. How can we put a label on the New? The Earth is multi-dimensional, as we are. By claiming we are nothing more than 5th dimensional surely limits us. We are not one-dimensional; we are multi-dimensional. Each of us does have a Home Dimension and we incorporate the energy (Light) of our Home into us and into Gaia by rising to be all of who we are. Yet, just because our Home is of a particular dimension does not mean that we are stuck in that one dimension, but rather, join all dimensions as we connect with others to help Gaia evolve from being one-dimensional to being multi-dimensional. Gaia is a refection of who we are. We have each agreed to bring forth the gifts of our Home Dimension to blend them with others’ gifts; this Wholeness of blending helps anchor Oneness with each of us playing the part we promised to. It’s like we are each a piece of the puzzle or a wave that expresses its individuality, but is never separate from Mother Ocean. We each are expressions of Source; of God.

We each are sovereign beings. This means that we each are Responsible for all in our lives, including all choices we make. If you are waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you will be waiting until you yourself take an action. However, this does not mean to blindly make a choice or take an action just to do it, because doing so will most likely be based on past experience (intellect). When you enhance your own consciousness (God Awareness), you build your Intuition (your Heart’s Knowing) and then you know what choice to make or step to take; based on your consciousness; based on the New You. Otherwise, be still. If you do not believe that you are Divine, your consciousness remains separate and small; nothing occurs; so it is best to focus on your own consciousness, so that you absolutely know without doubt that you are an expression of God Source.

The New is here now. You need not look for proof outside of you; it is within you and you may find that all is quite different; your choices are different and your actions are different. The New is your new and expanded consciousness. When you realize that you indeed are a sovereign being, no-one can control or manipulate what you choose to do. Yes, it’s all about choice. You choose how you want to respond to a situation or person. The New is how you live from the Truth and Integrity of your Heart. You consciously choose how you think and how you project yourself. You align yourself with the energy of how you choose to be. When you align yourself in this way, you manifest that very thing you align your energy with. You also take full Responsibility for all you attract into your life. When you do this, you are not a victim of life, but a chooser of life. If what you attract is of a lower vibration, look to your own consciousness, for it is your consciousness that attracts to you the different forms of life. You are the creator of your world. What is it that you want to create? How do you want to feel? Once you are clear, then all your thoughts, feelings and actions are congruent with your consciousness and you are not merely creating from old patterns and beliefs, but from your Heart’s Knowing.

When you nurture yourself through meditation, being in Nature or putting yourself first (filling your own cup first), you integrate your inner Wholeness and your consciousness is thus expanded into the Truth of you…you are Source. You are filled with nothing but Love. Others are attracted to the Love and Light you are. Be grateful. When you are strong within, nothing can distract you from your inner knowing. The duality of 3D cannot lull you to sleep any longer. If you find fear surfacing, release it and replace this illusion with the Truth that you are Divine; you are Source; you are God-expressed. With each step you take, be fully aware that you do so in complete Awareness and Wholeness. If you find yourself faltering, begin again. It takes a while to transform all the old ways of being (we have lifetimes of sleepiness) New. Be patient with yourself and trust that you are safely guided to who you truly are. Be fully in your Integrity, for every choice creates the next moment.

The past Equinox was indeed powerful…more powerful than any phenomena that has occurred previously. The Equinox has been enhanced also by all the Lightwork done by so many of us, as well as the many who have been awakening due to our Courage to stand in our Power. We each have helped others…not through words necessarily, but through our choice to stand strong in our Authenticity and Commitment to be all of who we are. This has not been easy and many times we have questioned whether the New was real and many times we have retreated back to the old and comfortable (or have wanted to). Yet, we have persevered through enhancing our Faith and consciousness.

I often laugh at myself; do you? How funny to think that shifting to Love and Light was going to be all rainbows and unicorns; like a magic switch would turn us into an angel of Light and color (I use these terms lightly because I love rainbows, know that unicorns are real and that many of us are angels). We didn’t know it would take such diligence to let go of the old so the New could take its rightful place within us. Many have had experiences of their purposes being put on hold, as well as many physical adjustments. Don’t be in a rush, for each experience is what is ordained for just you (and me). For me, I have had lots of dizziness and nausea, exhaustion, hunger/no hunger, headaches, solar plexus and Heart activity, isolation as many have left, not wanting to be around me…all of this is perfect and if you resonate with any of this, be patient as your new Lightbody makes adjustments. There is much more to this list you can add and certainly this is not a complete list. What I do know is that it greatly helps to flow with What Is, be in Nature, meditate, practice Earthing and Sun Gazing and rest. Do whatever it is that is self-loving and self-accepting for yourself.

Realize that you are evolving and perhaps your High Heart is being activated. This particular phase of evolution takes Love to a higher place; that of no judgment or complaining; just a beautiful Oneness, where every being shines brightly as Love. The next step is to resonate with your Soul Star Chakra (at your hairline, above your 3rd Eye) where you connect with other Souls, transcending ego-personality, labels and separation. You need not compare yourself to others, judging them or yourself as being higher or lower; we are all One; and we each are right where we belong. Remember who you are. Do reach beyond your humanness and know you are of the Stars. You spun a human body to express Source.



Gratitude to artist


Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Lakshmi Amrita 

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She is the Day, She is the Night, She is the Rebirth and The Light – L’Aura Pleiadian

Gratitude to artist


She is the Day, She is the Night, She is the Rebirth and The Light.

On a sultry night with the moon shining bright, the lover’s voice is heard within, the cosmic dance, does begin.

Swirling worlds, eternal heaven, beneath the earth, the glistening raven, shouts the song, held in the heart, announcing love, for all to start.

Connecting vortexes, embracing sound, blissful light, on the throne of time, touches all, to see and know, eternal light, the heart does glow.

Whispering Angels, fairies too, celebrating love, dancing anew.

Magic is feeling, to the one who knows, that glory is grace, kissed and blessed by the apple bough.

She wears the stars, adorned in Glory, rising from the ocean, she begins the new day, it is her story.

She is the day, she is the night, she is the rebirth and the light.

Ancient practises, held in the Earth, cosmic rejoicing, the home and mirth.

Come to play, the sound does echo, memories awakened, bodies shaking.

Here to arise, the words of old, dancing and connecting, the Light once told.

We recognize ~ the Divine Councils say…that now is new, in the ancient ways.

The story is, what is in the heart. From ancient Mu, now we do not part.

Rebirthed in Glory, as the heavens, we join as play and now it starts.


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Tibetan Museum Society – Life of Zanabazar – Amitayus




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”


A connection I made to our dreams hit me like an earthquake and thundered through Being for several days.

I was still talking to my wife, Sumire about it this morning.

I will try to put it into words as it affected me profoundly at the core and touched so many ‘pieces’ of the puzzle in our continuum from beginning to no-end.

Here is what unfolded in a nutshell.


We are all searching for purpose.

We come here as Light Beings trying to make sense of the physical.

We get presented with so many pieces of the puzzle, from creating a family to finding a job, connecting with our place, finding a home, and all the past lives, future possibilities, spiritual paths and steps along the way of pathlessness.

A Brother reminded me of my dream in 2016 where we were given sign posts or Light Posts which if we are present enough will act as portals and open up infinite possibilities to explore.

I was contemplating that and thinking about all my friends struggling or searching with one or another of these aspects when a wave of dream consciousness hit me.

It came as a continuum like watching many lives unfold and instead of actions taking place over a series of past lives, which might be how you would traditionally view lives, it was as a sequence of dreams viewed over many lifetimes.

Then everything switched places and the dreams became lives and the lives became dreams.


I saw the many lives where I had used dreams as dream yoga teachings to teach me.

As Palmo Shonu in the time of Padmasambhava and Sakya Pema in the time of Sakya Pandita just prior to the first Dalai Lama, for example.

How I had placed signposts or Light Posts in my dreams as well as in the physical.

Then everything became still.

And I received teachings I had activated in past lives.

Which is when the thunder rumbled.

Metaphorically, and physically inside.

I became aware of very powerful signposts or Light Posts I had left…such as the dream I had at age 2, which has triggered a lot of exploration, and the one I mentioned in 2016 that was brought up again now, which in effect triggered this thunder.

I realized I have very specific past life memories and memories of actual rituals and ceremonies…and that like the dream I planted at age 2, I have planted similar dreams at the beginning and during those past lives, such as Palmo Shonu and Sakya Pema, which are acting now as continuums of experience to help me remember those memories and activations.

That in turn sparked a series of realizations connecting the continuum of visions meditations and actions I have had over this life and others.

Which I in turn connected to a teaching I literally just opened after all this happened which reads…

“Liberate yourself through dreams visions meditation and actions”

By Yeshe Tsogyal, Padmasambhava and Princess Mandarava

So a real AHA moment.

And something I am eternally grateful for.

Nyoirin Kannon @ Ninjaya.com

Easter Sunday offered us a beautiful gift.

We were traveling to pick up Maia from Sumire’s mum when a large hare ran out in front of the car and instead of running across the road continued in a straight line up the road as if it was wanting us to follow.

It was most unusual, so we slowed down and followed it a little way.

It reminded us of a similar time, just before Sumire found out she was pregnant, when we discovered a snake climbing up the two floors of steps that led to the house we were staying in as if it were bringing us a message.

So we saw this hare on Easter Sunday like the Easter bunny, bringing us rebirth and life like our brother Yeshua.

As a result of what has happened I am contemplating deeply the “immensity” as my Brother put it, of the dreams, visions, meditations, actions and Light Posts that are littering my incarnation.


I am discovering the vinaya or “learnings” of the Sangha or community we are in that I live by.

These include a promise to liberate all others.


I am faithful to the sutras or our own internal teachings that we live by.

These include the Heart sutra

“gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā”
“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

The Heart Sutra or Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya tells us that the Heart is the Perfection of Wisdom.

Science has discovered that the heart has a complex neural network that can be characterized as a brain on the heart.

The heart-brain’s neural circuitry enables it to act independently of the cranial brain to learn, remember, make decisions and even feel and sense.

The heart has 40,000 specialized cells called sensory neurites, brain-like cells in the heart.

We can learn from our heart.

We can listen to our heart.

Kriya and techniques like pranic breathing take these two organs, the heart and the brain and combine them into a single potent neural network through the astral spine or spine of light.

This opens the door, the portal, to deep intuition, when we want it.

Connecting the heart and the brain in precise ways like this is how deathless states, as Babaji and Padmasambhava experienced, can be actualized in this lifetime.

We all have these abilities.

The key is to harmonize the heart and the brain into a single whole network.

The heart has a vibration we call emotions.

When people experience uplifting emotions like compassion and gratitude and they practice and sustain the emotion, there is a coherence, which creates waves, like dropping a pebble in the water.

Nyoirin Kannon statue @ Fujisan-us.com


The waves around the heart expand.

That energy is a frequency.

All frequency carries information.

These powerful emotions become the carrier wave for the person’s intention.

The intention is information (at this point in my writing, diamond white light appeared in front of mewhich when combined with uplifting emotions, means you broadcast a new electromagnetic signature into the field.

A new day, a new dawn begins.

It is your signal, your sign post, your Light Post to the universe and destiny.

The longer you are able to rest your consciousness in that energy, instead of three dimensional consciousness (tied to time and space) the more you will generate a flow, a vibrational match, beyond space and time.

The heart opens and there is a connection to something greater and we know whatever we wish is going to happen and we trust in the impossibility and multiple possibilities.

We collapse time into timelessness and space moves towards us.

We become the magnet.

Like a planet, a world, created anew, we become a divine realm in which the whole cosmos exists.


My visions are in alignment with abhidharma or higher teaching/meta-teaching as we are constantly learning about our inner teacher as we teach.

These include the synthesis and connections of the work of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Yogananda and the Dalai Lama, St Therese Of Lisieux, Ramana Maharshi, Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal and Princess Mandarava.

These are our bedrock, our foundation.

I purify the breath, prana, as a Child of the Sacred Breath, through Kriya as taught by  Babaji.

I cultivate the mind and heart through upayoga (energisation, good diet, sleep, exercise through yoga, generosity, teaching, patience, effort, meditation, samadhi).

I train my vision through yoga-tantra (annuttarayoga tantra) which in the Dzogchen system, used by Nyingma practitioners devoted to Padmasambhava and also by Babaji and Yogananda involves gathering and dissolving the inner winds (prana) into the central channel (sushumna) through meditation, often manifesting as mystical visions and inner activations.

These give rise to the blessings of compassion.

Profile of bronze Buddhist statue praying. Asakusa Kannon Temple, Getty images


I practice invocation through Mahayoga the divine masculine principle (transforming anger) where one visualizes oneself as divinity with a consort.

By doing this we give external form to the formless enlightenment within us.

The external world is visualized as a mandala, pure and sacred and we realize that all of our everyday experience is a visualization.

Sometimes we ‘see’ or ‘perceive’ it through our senses as good, and sometimes as bad, when in fact we can through training visualize ourselves constantly as a Buddha or Christ or Divine Mother and the world as pure.

We gain, through practice, alchemy and magic, a unique portal to the underlying veils that exist in our world and a way of transforming them.

We learn eight cosmic commands, eight ways of inter-being and interconnecting with reality and altering its momentum for the benefit of others.

(These eight include invoking the alchemy or powers of deities of body, speech, mind, enlightened qualities, action, summoning, offerings and praise and mantra or sound)

These in turn are producing dreams, visions, meditation and actions which all are a continuum and all are informing each other like enlightened families and friends.


I practice energy awareness through anuyoga the divine feminine principle (transforming passion) by meditating on the inner subtle light body, the energy centers (chakras), prana (winds or subtle energies) nadis (inner pathways along which one’s energy travels) and bindu (consciousness) often experienced by me as the Blue Pearl manifesting as a blue light.

This grants power and siddhi through purification of the seed essence, the bliss seed or drop of amrita or nectar at the heart.

(I saw the Blue Light at this point as I wrote this, which is one of my Light Posts)


This is Ati Yoga.

Its origins reach back to before human history, and neither is it limited to Buddhism nor to Tibet, nor indeed even to this world of ours, as it is recorded that it has existed in thirteen different world systems.

It means ‘primordial yoga’;

Ati indicates the topmost, summit or zenith.

It has the sense of scaling a mountain, reaching the peak, fulfilling our mission and having a view over everything.

Perfecting the four visions of the path, one gains the supreme kaya or Light Body, the rainbow body* of great transference, and attains the level of glorious Samantabhadra, the Primordial Christ or Buddha , the thirteenth bhumi or dimension known as ‘Unexcelled Wisdom’ or ‘Great Rays of Light in All Directions’ , the embodiment of timeless awareness.


I contemplated the four visions,

The direct experience of reality (as Light, the Clear Light of Being)

The increasing of experience (increase in experiences of the Light in all directions)

The awareness that reaches its full ultimate presence (awareness of the Light pervades everything and everywhere)

The dissolution of these experiences into a reality beyond the mind (nameless, timeless, formless awareness where the “I” is not and I AM Presence is)

Stone Praying Buddhist Monk Statue @ Lotus Sculpture

As if in validation of what was being revealed I had a beautiful dream where I died and was met by Yogananda and the Dalai Lama in the Light and offered the opportunity to be a monk with either order in the next world.

I told them I would choose both based on my understanding of the enlightened Rainbow Body and emanations.

When I resurrected on Hiranyaloka I would emanate two other bodies to help liberate others in two other worlds.


Catching moments like this is like catching an AHA or an immense moment in your life.

When you are in those moments, totally present, everything flows, you realize that the AHA moment has always been with you, it is just that this time you saw it differently and so had an AHA experience.

The key is SEEING.

Consciousness, perception, awareness and presence.

It all depends on how you are guided to see. You see those precious moments, the AHAs, the ‘immensity’ in a different light so that you are now accountable for the immensity in your life or the AHA.

You need to act.

If you could awaken the same feeling in others around their ‘key responsibility’ in their life and give them the same feeling you had, our world would be full of flow and AHA.

The world would wake up and be responsible now for what they do and see since they now understand it.

You would help people wake up to their missions.

Realization is the key.



Being responsible.

Taking action.

And helping others wake up.

And once you can ‘see’ or ‘understand’ something, then you can move toward it – providing you want to move toward it.

That is why you need to cultivate first an altruistic desire to want to move towards it.

The AHA or immense moments are Light Posts in your life script as if you are writing them with golden scroll as you go, to be alert and awake to them.

I had several other signs following this – a red white and gold Japanese fan fell on my head symbolizing birth and infinite paths as well as luck and wealth.

Then a spider came out of my meal, the symbol for creativity.

After that numerous dreams and a butter lamp light in my meditation.

Japanese Vintage Kimono Fabric Silk @ Etsy


At the heart of all we do is Love and Wisdom.

We are learning how to teach our body, mind and heart to be empowered and know what any state will feel like in the future.

For example, with enlightenment, through the Dalai Lama and the Kalachakra Tantra I was fortunate enough to have an enlightenment experience that lasted three days.

I am now continuously in the process of teaching my body mind and heart, NOW, what it feels like to live and love in the future in that state of enlightenment.   

A continuum, a continual state.

A Presence.

Such states are our soul compass.

The moment we contact these states within directly, we manifest them.

The moment we are in awe with life we attract the mystical.

The moment we are in love with life we attract an equal.

We are all finding our own language of Love and Wisdom.

When we decide to take up our unique vision, our unique contribution to the universe, fully, we have to be prepared to die to the old self. We will be challenged!

Our life is our initiation and our enlightenment.

We haven’t had the experience yet perhaps because of bad habits, limited beliefs, unconscious thoughts and automatic programs which are all happening behind the scenes of our awareness.

As we make the journey to our dream we hit the first obstacle.

We have to be creative in our environment.

Every great person in our history knows they have to be in a different state of being to solve those obstacles.

We have to die to our old self, modify ourself and surrender.

If we meet new obstacles with old patterns of behavior and belief then we are meeting it with the past, not presence.

Each obstacle is a new initiation.

The key is knowing we are worthy and staying very present for that experience. We also know that people in history have gone through that same experience.

So we can ask ourselves basic questions.

What new beliefs do we need? (= new feelings and states)

What new questions should we be asking?

What new strategies should we be putting in place?

What new actions should we be taking?

The New Dawn.

For a New Day.

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother …

Bodhisattva Samantabhadra

With deep and humble gratitude to the Presence of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Yogananda and Babaji,  Amitabha, Padmasambhava, Guan Yin, Tara, Yeshe Tsogyal and Princess Mandarava.

I AM THAT I AM, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh

I am here to do the work of Our Mother by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva, Archangel and Elder in assisting all beings to find Krishna’s Bliss, Christ’s Light and the Buddha’s Heart and Healing within.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


*Rainbow body (Tib. འཇའ་ལུས་, ja lü, Wyl. ‘ja’ lus) — fully accomplished Dzogchen practitioners can dissolve their body at the time of death.

  • Through the practice of trekchö, the practitioner can attain the so-called ‘rainbow body’, in which the body becomes smaller and smaller as it dissolves, emanating rainbow light, and finally only the hair and nails are left behind.
  • Through the practice of tögal, the practitioner can dissolve his or her body into the ‘Light Body’ (Tib. འོད་སྐུ་, ö ku), where the body transforms into light and disappears completely into space. This was done by Garab DorjeManjushrimitraShri SinghaJnanasutra and Vairotsana.
  • Another accomplishment of tögal practice is the ‘Rainbow Body of Great Transference’ (Tib. འཇའ་ལུས་འཕོ་བ་ཆེན་པོ་, ja lü phowa chenpo; Wyl. ‘ja lus ‘pho ba chen po), where the master dissolves his or her body into rainbow light and lives for centuries in order to benefit others. Such was the case with Babaji, Mataji, PadmasambhavaVimalamitraNyang Tingdzin Zangpo and Chetsün Senge Wangchuk.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

ARTIST APPRECIATION Gratitude to all artists



Blue Pearl by Endre Balogh Illuminations @ Fine Art America


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Did You Forget to Remember? Jamye Price

White Tara – Artist appreciation


Did You Forget to Remember? Apr 05, 2018

By Jamye Price

Did You Forget to Remember by Jamye Price


It can sometimes be easy to forget that the process of Ascension is natural for a species. There is so much information out there of the amazing experiences people are having, you may wonder if you’re doing it right.

Evolution is in-built, it progresses with the natural push/pull of duality. This is a wise universe, and you are part of it. Yet, sometimes it looks like there is a huge force outside of us that controls our experience. Indeed, there are structures that have been consciously or unconsciously given our power.

Yet from the example of the high school students that are responding to the Florida shooting, and so many other examples, we are seeing an increasing flow of people expressing their power. This isn’t new. Will it work this time?

What if it has worked every time? Each change has been necessary. The repetition is the clarifying of the structure. The spiral of time keeps showing us what still isn’t strong enough to maintain its core structure, so choice comes around again. And again. And again.

Will it look new this time around?


One thing that surprised me as I began working on clients many years ago, was to discover the power of our small choices, and how profoundly immense they actually are.

When we’re physically focused, we look to the external for the results. When we don’t see them, we doubt, choose again, and often repeat patterns that result in a more immediate outcome. The ego facilitates this because your sweet ego is so good at its job—keeping you alive. Repeat what worked before.

To hold to a new decision takes focus, and even courage. Sometimes it’s a lonely road because well-meaning people may try to talk you out of it. Even their sweet ego is trying to keep you safe!

It is the courage to make the small choices that makes the big difference.


The small, meaningful choices that benefit your path can be recognized by the thread of Love that holds new structure together. This is where it can get confusing. We have often been conditioned not to recognize the inner core of Love. If we don’t recognize the inner core of Love, we can be more easily controlled.

Love is everything.

It is fierce and gentle. It is blissful and painful. It is yes and no.

The difference between a beneficial choice is that it builds a strong structure of Love. It supports, it enriches, it enlivens. Being fierce in a specific moment builds the strength of Love, whereas being gentle in that particular moment would diminish the structure of Love. Like standing up against a boss that needs to hear you instead of fearing the truth. It teaches the structure of life on Earth that suppression is not viable here.

In another moment, being gentle builds the strength of Love, whereas being fierce in that moment would diminish the power of the structure. Soothing a child to sleep from a nightmare teaches the structure of the child that calm reason and nurturing can create safety.

You are the Thread of Love by Jamye Price

The moment is calling you to your wisdom of discovery of the facet of Love that supports you best. When you allow your Love to flow in all its forms, you are building a courage to Love when Love may not have been prevalent before. You give it form.

You are the thread of Love, weaving life.


To understand the core of Love that resides within you, and to trust that flow, takes wisdom. Wisdom takes cultivation, cultivation takes perseverance, perseverance takes passion, passion takes focus, focus takes love…the spiral continues.

With all of this taking, it’s no wonder we can get exhausted.

If your wellspring of Love is replenished, the taking becomes the same engine of receiving. Paradox.

That’s the structure of Love, it replenishes itself—yet it needs the taking. Take deeply of Life with the wisdom of the structure of Love. Be willing to experience the moment in all of its facets and your courage is rewarded with a new inherent strength. The receiving is invisible first, but then it is felt. Just like Love.

The journey becomes joy-full. Well received.


Did you Forget to Remember the profound Love that you are? What if the forgetting was part of the remembering? When we forget, we get to discover. This Earth plane is the realm of discovery through experience.

Have you seen this in a child? When they laugh, do you remember? When you see the sparkle in their eyes, do you remember? Maybe you’ve seen it in a flower, a cloud or a rainstorm. It’s in you, too. That profound strength to move through all the facets of Love, even the painful ones. They transform as you remember

You are infinite, profound Love in human form.

You forgot, just so you could remember here.

Jamye Price is an author, energy healer, channel, and teacher. Her unique energy healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, along with Light Language—are a powerful transformational experience. She also channels Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, with information focused on the mental and emotional balance of Ascension. Jamye’s work is practical and profound; she mixes highly esoteric subjects into applicable usage for empowered living.



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Moving through the Veils of Illusion by Archangel Uriel – Natalie Glasson


Moving through the Veils of Illusion

by Archangel Uriel

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 6th April  2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

Greetings and love extend from my heart to yours; I am Archangel Uriel, I am the guardian of Angelic Wisdom and an activator of remembrance of the Creator within all. This is often why I am referred to as the wisest of Archangels; it is due to my ability to activate wisdom within others, bringing it to their conscious awareness. My role and purpose in the ascension process is becoming greater and more involved as many people upon the Earth are consciously choosing and asking to remember the Creator and the truth held within their sacred soul. A great awakening of remembrance is dawning; there is a desire, a calling and a passion that is growing. Souls upon the Earth are preparing to move through their inner veils of illusions and recollect their inner truth. Souls are seeking the illumination and enlightenment they once recognised within their being.

Many souls are calling upon me, Archangel Uriel, because they are disappointed with the illusions within them and around them. They are disappointed with the way of the world, the seemingly slow process of spiritual evolution they are moving through and their feelings of being unable to serve with their current understanding and abilities. I am answering your prayers, I, Archangel Uriel, am bringing forth a wave of energy to assist you in moving through your inner illusions to be liberated and accept your inner remembrance of the Creator. My purpose is to begin to release and heal the veils of illusion which have been obscuring your view of the Creator and yourself as an expression of the Creator. With my support, you will be able to see through and beyond illusions, recognising them as limitations rather than truth or fact.

How to Recognise an Illusion?

An illusion is an impression that has become real and fully present within your being, perceptions or reality. Everything you know within your being, thoughts and reality was once an impression, as energy was added so the impression becomes real, almost taking on a life of its own. Many of the beliefs you have about yourself are simply impressions downloaded from the consciousness of humanity or past experiences. Everything you believe to be true is, in fact, a creation. Therefore it can be transformed, altered and shifted. Illusions often limit you and create boundaries which maintain you in a certain space, mindset, reality and pattern of creation. To recognise an illusion is to realise that an illusion does not allow you to grow. Instead, it diminishes your power and grounded presence in the world. An illusion is mo st often something you have either created or accepted as truth and real.

When you have the awareness to recognise a behaviour, belief or perception as an illusion, then you begin to see through and beyond the illusion. A question arises within you which invites you to replace the illusion with something which invigorates, inspires and awakens you to the truth of the Creator. It is as if the veils are removed, and you are able to see, sense or acknowledge what has always been present, which is the truth of the Creator in all its beautiful forms. You make space for a new realisation to dawn.

It is my purpose to support you in becoming aware of the many illusions hindering your connection with and remembrance of the Creator. As you call upon me, Archangel Uriel, I will serve you in this way, then bringing forth your inner light with greater power for you to bathe in and embody, absorbing the truth that has always been present waiting to serve you.

Due to the many ascension waves of light and consciousness anchoring into the Earth many people are glimpsing, if only for a moment, their truth. They see, sense or acknowledge themselves beyond doubt, fear, judgment, suffering and failure. Instead many see, sense and acknowledge without ego that they are loved, supported, valued, accepted, successful and can experience fulfilment. This realisation in itself is healing and fortifying, creating space for the divine to be present and transformation to take place. Once the truth of self and Creator merged as one within your physical body is realised, then a journey begins of embodying your truth permanently upon the Earth. This is a cycle of remembrance; it is often not instantaneous. Instead, it is an experience of subtle recall over a period of time. Taking place in this way so as not to overload your systems.

Receiving Archangel Uriel’s Support

I, Archangel Uriel, invite you to receive a special healing and energy download within the Angelic Chamber of Beyond Illusions within the Angelic Kingdom. I will be present, inviting you to sit within a golden silver star tetrahedron, which is two triangular pyramids, one with its point facing upwards and the other with its point facing downwards. As you sit within the centre of this golden, silver sacred geometry shape, light will extend downwards and upwards from the points and passing through the centre of your being. The light of the golden silver star tetrahe dron is composed of my energy, Archangel Uriel, allow the light to merge with and through your being.

Take the attention of your mind first to your soul star chakra. I, Archangel Uriel, will begin to pour golden, silver and white light into this chakra until you feel it expand.

Then take the attention of your mind to your earth star chakra below your feet, I will again send my energy into this chakra until it expands. The purpose of this practice is to begin to clear illusions and create space for light as if we are creating freedom and flexibility within your entire being to promote necessary transformation. You may feel now the light of the star tetrahedron intensifying and moving throughout your entire being with greater ease.

I, Archangel Uriel, will now gift you with my light of wisdom, truth and remembrance of the Creator. Imagine, sense or acknowledge I, Archangel Uriel, existing before you. I begin to blend my energy with yours, especially with your third eye chakra, causal chakra at the back of your head and your crown chakra. I am downloading new wisdom, energy and truth as if creating space for divine inspiration to anchor.

I, Archangel Uriel, then blend my energy with your feet chakras, root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra, this process is removing illusions that are no longer needed, alerting you to illusions that require to be let go of, while also preparing you for seeing, sensing and experiencing beyond illusion. During this part of my healing with you, you may begin to realise illusions that require your attention dawning, or this may come at a later date. Simply observe any insights that arise acknowledge them and then let them pass.

I now surround you with a golden, silver rainbow light which I swirl around your entire being. This further activates the star tetrahedron you are sitting in, it begins to spin as guided by me, Archangel Uriel. It is important for you to hold your focus in your heart chakra, imagining, acknowledging yourself existing beyond illusions and moving through the veils of illusions to recognise and be reconnected with your truth and the light of the Creator. The rainbow light is my ascension wave which is supporting your being in awakening and remembering the Creator. Please remain in this space for as long as you feel is appropriate and needed.

When you are ready, take time to observe and acknowledge every part of your being and body as a way of grounding, embodying the healing and awakening I have shared with you.

Continue to call upon my energies each day for the coming days, inviting me, Archangel Uriel, to be present with you, assisting you in becoming aware of illusions and seeing through illusions to recognise and embody your truth. My healing and awakening is available to you whenever you feel guided to experience it.

With angelic wisdom, love and support,

Archangel Uriel

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