New Quantum Pure Source Light – Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Activation -Lisa Transcendence Brown


New Quantum Pure Source Light – Plasma Crystalline LightBody DNA Activation: YOU FORGOT You Are Connected – It’s Time To Wake UP to Remember…


I have light encoded this writing/recording (as with all that I do), to assist with activating your own Higher Consciousness DNA to awaken further from inside of you. This may put many to sleep, to activate and integrate, to travel, open up energetic portals to remember… as it works on a multi-dimensional level. Honor your body as your bio-electrical LightBody activates, as your energy body ignites to “move” more, to stimulate, clear, cleanse and re-tune for you…. drink plenty of clean water to assist your body with this high vibrational process… (Utilize this as often as you feel, as the more you do, the more you activate. This is a Quantum process, not a linear one). This will further activate your own Ascended NEW Earth vibration/consciousness for anchoring and embodying in your physical body/reality fully. Share this activation/post with others, as the Bridge to NEW Earth and LOVE that you are. ♥

You Forgot: It’s Time to Wake Up to Remember (10 minutes 22 seconds) – Lisa Transcendence Brown 
Close your Eyes, Quiet Your Mind and Open Your Heart to truly see
It is time for you to wake up and remember fully…
I will make it available for free download soon as well. For now you can listen via the player. ♥ 
YOU FORGOT that you are connected

On a Soul Level, Star/Galactic, Sacred Energy Level
With each other, from deep within you and with ALL that IS
You “Lost” YOUR Connection, during your FALL FROM CONSCIOUSNESS
During your incarnation, your journey into your Separation, your chosen human experience
Into Your Individual You… disconnected and often self-centered
Focused on what “you” wanted, “needed” and what made “you” happy,
You FORGOT about everyone else and everything else
When YOU only cared about your human self…

As YOU must AWAKEN fully to REMEMBER fully
To RETURN to Full Consciousness and Full Connection again
Your Heart must open fully
For YOU to Re-CONNECT, with your WHOLE BODY
From deep, deep, deep inside of you
You must open up fully to FEEL, and SEE and REALIZE
That CONNECTION you LOST when you FELL
That CONNECTION AS Pure Source Light
That Connection AS Your Most Pure Divine Essence
That Connection AS ONE

When your ego dissolves and your purest form of you emerges from deep within you
You will Remember
YOU forgot what pureness is
YOU forgot how to truly care
YOU forgot how to treat each other and the Earth and Your Own Self
YOU forgot HOW to CONSIDER all things and each other as Love
YOU forgot how to be open and how to share
YOU forgot what it’s like to truly deeply care
YOU went to sleep
YOU were disconnected
YOU were unconscious
They/That “out there” … That’s YOUR Reflection
Your Mirror
Your Vibrational Response
To what you transmitted out
To what YOU CREATED as “Real”ity
And NOW it’s time to WAKE UP
To SHIFT your own REALity
To TUNE your own REALity
Through Your Own Vibration
Your Energy
HOW you treat your self and each other
Through your own fully conscious energy
By tuning your own thoughts to a Much Higher State of Consciousness
By tuning your own FEELings
By HOW you LIVE your Life and everything that you ARE and DO

YOU went to Sleep
NOW it’s time to fully Wake Up
To Re-connect from DEEP inside
To Remember who you truly are and why you are here on this Multi-Dimensional Earth
To choose the Version (Old or NEW)
Unconscious: Fear, Judgment, Ego, Separation, Selfish, me-first, self-preservation, give power away, blame – or –
Conscious: Pure Love, Unity, CommUNITY, sharing, openness, caring, supporting, stepping forth & stepping up
For YOU to REALize that the “outside” is a vibrational response to your own programs & beliefs
and the Vibration you HOLD
Dictates your physical reality
So in order to shift/change your physical
You must go inside
to shift/change/tune vibrationally
THEN the external will do this for you in response…

It’s TIME NOW to open your heart and mind fully
and let your judgment, your ego, your separation, your lack of power dissolve and fall away
Observe your resistance to full consciousness living
This creates your inner to outer suffering
Which will dissipate when you re-connect fully again from within…

You are here to UNITE
To BE the Anchor Point, the Gatekeeper, the Gridkeeper, the Bridge
You are here to “cross over” to the other side
To get off your ego fence
You are here to step-up
To come together
To Unite
You can’t do this if you go small, dim your Light and hide,
You can’t do this if you stay asleep
Play in unconscious ego games of separation still
You can’t Live on NEW Earth
as long as you maintain Old Earth
as your REALity from inside of you…

Old Earth is Dying
NEW Earth has birthed
Continues to Birth
Continues to become Visible
All around you as you tune to “it” fully from within
To Reach the Vibration of NEW Earth
You must “vibrate” at the frequency to EXPERIENCE “IT”

Your heart, your mind, your body… all of your Energy
All must TUNE to your absolute HIGHEST VIBRATION
for all to become visible, for you to feel, see and experience
Your Body is the “SHIP” that brings you here
The Sacred Vessel for your Physical Body Ascension to occur
For NEW Earth to become your HOME….

It’s time for YOU to REMEMBER fully…. NOW
It is time for you to open up fully and reconnect and allow.
♥ Aloha ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Ephemeral Event or New Normal? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Mandala – Expect Miracles by Mary Ann Holley


Ephemeral Event or New Normal?

I’m away from home at the moment and there’s less for me to do – no fridge to raid, no store to go to, not even a sunset to watch.

Consequently I find myself lying on my bed and musing. And I just noticed the flow of ideas that are flooding through me. They’re coming out so steadily that I’d tire from recording them all.

It’s getting to be that I actually need at least one to two hours a night before sleeping to just debrief myself – to allow the free flow of ideas that go through me to have free play.

You recall the day that I experienced a deep peace. It came about from watching the flow of ideas as if they were faces on a railway platform and I was on the train.

I think that, by doing this, I was detaching from attachment to any one idea or even to ideas themselves. They became something apart from me – a simple flow of ideas that I was watching, as if they were on television.

I saw a face that was supremely peaceful and as our gazes met, something occurred. And I felt a very deep peace.

Well, the flow of ideas right now is somewhat like that. I have to just observe the flow of ideas without getting attached to anything that’s said, just as I did that day.

But I do make note of the phenomenon of having a free flow of ideas, these days.

What ideas were they? I have no functioning short-term memory but I’ll try.

It started out that I was musing that I was interviewing a new staff member for Michaelangelo and Partners. And I found myself stressing conflict resolution because so many of the ventures I’ve been associated with have failed because insoluble disagreements arose.

We had no conflict protocol and we folded when situations arose. (And it was mostly vasanas. or core issues that did us in.) I don’t want to see that happen in the next group of companies.

The next musing was that I was at a weekend conference of Michaelangelo and Partners – similar to the professional-development weekends we had at the Immigration and Refugee Board.  And we were discussing the value of listening, conflict resolution, equitability in work conditions, decision-making, credibility analysis, etc.

I went into each of these areas in my mind and … that’s as much as I can remember.  I’ve been just lying here for more than an hour, just needing to express and listen to what’s flowing through me.

Michael said that I’d know that he wanted to write when I’m just itching to get at the keyboard.  He’s also said that he wants me to write about the inner work. A journal of Ascension; an Ascension ethnography.

And the blog and the foundations are a co-creative partnership. This flow of ideas may be coming as a result of the fruition of those circumstances.

I have no idea whether this flow of ideas is an ephemeral event or a “new normal.”

As an aside, I’m going to follow a piece of advice Werner Erhard used to give us. While we’re in an est Training, see all changes that happen to us as having resulted from that event. That focuses and enhances the power of the event.  So from now on I’m going to attribute all changes that happen to me to Ascension.

That focuses and enhances the power of the energies that are being radiated to us and facilitates the dropping of false grids and core issues that is happening with so many of us right now, etc.

As part of my gradual Ascension, I’m experiencing a flow of ideas which, if I don’t give them expression in some way, if only by lying down and listening to myself, I’m definitely like a tire ready to burst.  I need to let some air out and I do that by just observing the flow of ideas. And actually hearing myself.

I need to go with the flow of ideas. Flow is the paradigm of the Fifth Dimension – flow of ideas, flow of love, flow of organizational behavior.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson – Focusing On A Multidimensional Perspective

Artist Dorina Costras


June 2018 Message




Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss focusing on a multidimensional perspective.

You are making great progress on your ascension path. You have expanded your awareness on many levels, and you are able to see the bigger picture. Your Light is shining brightly. When you reflect on what you have accomplished and learned, you are able to move to even higher levels.

On your spiritual journey you may have witnessed many different thought patterns and viewpoints from other persons and from situations you have encountered. Some of those patterns and viewpoints may have seemed to contradict each other. This can sometimes occur when they are viewed from a third-dimensional linear perspective.

The third dimension tends to have a linear perspective. Some situations may appear to be an either-or decision, while others have variations in between the two opposites. For example, between black and white are varying shades of gray. Between day and night are varying degrees of sunlight.

Another difference in opinion can occur when you and someone else are looking at a situation from a different angle. For example, you may see a large stone building. From one angle, it appears cold and imposing, while another angle may show delicate details carved into the stone that invite you to explore the interior. Two people can see the same structure but have differing ideas depending on the angle of their view.

The same linear perspective can occur when looking at issues such as love and fear. The point at which you or someone else is standing on a linear dimension can determine whether you view something with love or with fear.

However, when you rise to a higher vantage point that occurs at a multidimensional perspective, the seemingly insurmountable differences take on a very different appearance.

In the previous example of the large stone structure, when it is viewed from a higher, multidimensional perspective, you can see both the massive size as well as the intricate details. You are able to view the strength of the structure as well as the carved details that invite you to come closer. You have gained a new perspective by moving to a multidimensional approach.

In the case of love and fear, when you move to a multidimensional level, you are able to see that fear may be caused by a lack of understanding of the situation and what it means for you. It allows you to see all angles from a higher perspective, and you are able to see how the situation can be approached in different ways. It does not mean you will automatically change your viewpoint. It simply means that you view it from a higher perspective and see the implications from a broader scope.

Focusing on a multidimensional level could be compared to using a microscope and a telescope. When you focus multidimensionally, you can zoom in on the smallest details and then zoom out and upward to gain a larger perspective.

From a spiritual perspective, looking at situations from a multidimensional approach allows you to see the varying degrees that occur. You are able to see both the challenges and opportunities of a situation. What may appear insurmountable on a linear dimension may appear less daunting when viewed from a higher perspective. You may see the positives of a possible outcome, or you may see that your efforts will not help you achieve what you had hoped for and that your energy could be better devoted to another direction.

You may also find that your qualities of love, compassion, and understanding increase when you focus multidimensionally because you are able to see many sides and viewpoints of a situation. You may find yourself pausing and considering all angles before reacting. Your awareness is expanded, and you are vibrating at a higher frequency, which attracts similar higher frequencies to you.

When you ask for the highest and best for all concerned, your Light expands and radiates out across the great web of creation.

The farther you progress on your ascension path, the higher you will rise on the great spiral of ascension and the more you will have a multidimensional viewpoint. As you set your focus and intention to be multidimensional, you will find yourself looking at the bigger picture, and you will be lifted upward on your ascension path.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are focusing on a multidimensional perspective. We are with you as you practice this uplifting approach.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2018 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:  


Artist Dorina Costras

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. Shekinah El Daoud 
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POWERFUL ACTIVITIES OF LIGHT – Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

Raphael by Carlos Quevedo @ DeviantArt



Patricia Cota-Robles

MAY 29, 2018

In this monthly Newsletter, I am going to share with you information from the Heavenly Realms that our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven want us to be consciously aware of during this chaotic and often confusing time. With this sacred knowledge, our I AM Presence will be able to inspire and uplift us in spite of any adversity we may be witnessing or experiencing in our lives. Please read these words with an open heart and mind and allow your I AM Presence to reveal to you the Truth of this Cosmic Moment on Planet Earth.

Today we are all being blessed with the influx of Light from the third of the three Full Moon Festivals of Spring. These celebrations consist of the Passover Full Moon which takes place in the Sun Cycle of Aries, the Wesak Full Moon which takes place in the Sun Cycle of Taurus and the Goodwill Festival of Humanity Full Moon which takes place in the Sun Cycle of Gemini.

The Full Moon celebrating the Goodwill Festival of Humanity is occurring today. The Light from this powerful event will bless the Earth through the June 21st Solstice. During this auspicious time, Jesus and Buddha will assist the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child to awaken within his or her heart and mind the realization of the Oneness of ALL Life. The awakening to this profound Truth will be accomplished through the unified frequencies of Jesus’ Love and Buddha’s Enlightenment.
The Events of Our Free Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri and Our Weekly Vlogs

Because of the need of the hour, we are receiving more guidance and helpful information from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven than ever before. Our Father-Mother God’s newly initiated Divine Plan which is amplifying the Lightwork of every person on Earth one thousand fold every single day is succeeding in ways that not even the Company of Heaven dreamed possible. We are sharing the specifics of this Divine Plan in as many ways as possible as it unfolds step by step. In order for you to have access to all of the information, we encourage you to receive both our Weekly Vlogs and our Monthly Newsletter. Both are available for FREE through our website .

On May 20th we held our Free Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri. This area in the United States of America is known as “The Heart of the Dove.” This is a sacred space that covers several hundred miles. The Indigenous peoples in North America have been empowering “The Heart of the Dove” through sacred ceremonies for millennia. The Dove represents the Holy Spirit, our Mother God, who reflects the Love Nature of God. She is also known as the Holy Comforter. Not by chance, May 20th was also Pentecost, the day celebrated by billions of people around the world as the Day of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Sacred Fire.

On May 19th, the day before our seminar and Pentecost, an outer world event took place that drew the collective attention of an estimated three billion people. This formed a collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Company of Heaven was able to bathe the Earth and all Life evolving upon her with patterns of Divine Love and the Marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within every person’s Heart Flame.

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle served as the perfect thoughtform and metaphor for what was happening within every person’s Heart Flame this month in Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart. As billions of people opened their hearts and focused their attention on the Love story of a Royal Prince and his Princess, a Divine Matrix was formed that would allow Humanity en masse to receive a Baptism by Sacred Fire from our Mother God through our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love on Pentecost.

To demonstrate to you how perfect the message of the Royal Wedding was in relation to the events we are all participating in at this time, I am going to share a few excerpts from the message given to the world during the wedding ceremony by Bishop Michael Curry.

Bishop Curry began by quoting Martin Luther King. He said, “We must discover the power of Love, the redemptive power of Love. When we do that we will make of this old world a New World.”

Bishop Curry then said, “…Love is the only way. Do not underestimate the power of Love. …We were made by a Power of Love and our lives were meant to be lived in that Love. That is why we are here. …Ultimately the Source of Love is God. …There is power in Love to help heal when nothing else can. …Love has the power to change the world…”

Bishop Curry continued, “Think and imagine a world where Love is the way. Imagine our homes and families when Love is the way. Imagine neighborhoods and communities where Love is the way. Imagine governments and nations where Love is the way. Imagine business and commerce when Love is the way. …When Love is the way then no child will go to bed hungry ever again. …When Love is the way poverty will become history. When Love is the way the Earth will be a sanctuary. When Love is the way…we will study war no more. When Love is the way, we will treat each other like we are Family. When Love is the way, we will know that God is the Source of us all and that we are brothers and sisters, Children of God. My brothers and sisters, that is a New Heaven, a New Earth, a New World, a new Human Family”.

On May 20th a wonderful group of very dedicated Lightworkers gathered at our Free Seminar in St. Louis. We were joined in consciousness by thousands of Lightworkers around the world who selflessly projected their Light and Love into the Chalice of our Heart Flames in St. Louis. This exponentially expanded the amount of Light our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven were able to infuse into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. As our Father-Mother God have promised through their newly initiated Divine Plan, this Gift of Light will amplify the Lightwork of every single person on Earth a thousand fold every day during the next month.

Precious Hearts, I want you to know that our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are flooding you with their Infinite Gratitude for your willingness to serve Humanity and Mother Earth in this way during this critical phase in Earth’s Ascension process. The next wave of Light will infuse our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love during our Free Seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 24th. Please join us if you or anyone you know in Minneapolis or the surrounding area has the heart call to add to the Light of the world in this powerful way on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth. We will welcome you with open arms.  Here is a direct link if you would like to register for the Minneapolis, Minnesota Free Seminar. Second Phase of the Divine Plan Accomplished in St. Louis on Pentecost

After we infused our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love with an incredible influx of Light, we were guided through several activities of Light given to us by the Company of Heaven. The Divine Intent of these activities was for us to assist the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth to prepare each one to receive a Baptism by Sacred Fire from the Holy Spirit, our Mother God.

As billions of people focused on Pentecost and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, our Mother God was able to infuse our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love with Sacred Fire. Then on the Breath of the Holy Spirit our Mother God breathed that Sacred Fire through the Crown Chakra and into the Heart Flame of every person’s I AM Presence. This occurred in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and their highest good.

Now, as every person progresses through his or her Ascension process, their I AM Presence will project more of this Sacred Fire into their Crown Chakra and their newly recalibrated and balanced 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Flame. The Beings of Light said the magnitude of the assistance this Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Sacred Fire will give to Humanity in the final stages of our Ascension process can only be fully comprehended once we are Ascended and Free.

Dear One, this Baptism by Sacred Fire from our Mother God is preparing all of us for the Divine Mission we are all being called to assist with this year. This Gift from On High is helping all of us, but it will particularly help the I AM Presences of the Millennials and the children to prepare their physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies for the events that will take place on their behalf during the 32nd Annual World Congress on Illumination, August 11-16, 2018.

During that event, Lightworkers from around the world will gather within the Portal of Light at Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii. We will unify our newly recalibrated Heart Flames and form a mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to activate the consciousness codes that the I AM Presences of the Millennials and the children encoded within their DNA prior to this embodiment.

These consciousness codes contain sacred knowledge that these precious Ones were given in the inner realms prior to this embodiment. The specific purpose of these codes is to accelerate the awakening of the Millennials, who are 17 to 32 years old, and the children being born now and those up to the age of sixteen. Once these incoming souls are awakened, they will remember who they are and why they are here. This will empower them in ways that will enable them to assist the Earth and all Life evolving upon her through the final stages of our Ascension process into the 5th-Dimensional New Earth.

The Millennials and the children, who are known in the Heavenly Realms as the Holy Innocents, began embodying on Earth for the first time after this planet Ascended off of the wheel of karma and reclaimed our rightful place on the Ascending Spiral of Evolution. This occurred during Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. Now the activation of their consciousness codes is a critical step in the process of accomplishing the final stages of Earth’s Ascension process.

If you would like to know more about the Divine Plan for the 32nd Annual World Congress on Illumination and how you can serve as an Instrument of God during this vitally important facet of God’s unfolding Divine Plan, please go to our website

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

Era of Peace
PO Box 41883,
Tucson, Arizona 85717
Phone: 520-885-7909
Fax: 520-751-2981

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2018 Patricia Cota-Robles




Raphael by Carlos Quevedo @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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The Bodhisattva Vow – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

White Tara


The Bodhisattva Vow – Part 2/2

Let me now draw on conversations I’ve had with AAM to reconstruct what’s expected of the pillar around the spiritual evolution that we’re all going through.

Since my work as a communicator is inextricably bound with my work as a pillar, I’m going to combine discussions of both subjects.

One of the times – and the clearest I can remember – when I could have entered the Fifth Dimension permanently and was held back from doing so happened around the middle of the year that I spent in transformative love and bliss (2015).

It was an experience of the kundalini completing the circuit to the Seventh or Crown Chakra.

Before turning to that, however, I should add that only recently did I become aware that we entered the Fifth Dimension prior to Sahaja Samadhi (which is a full and permanent heart opening).

The Divine Mother said that Sahaja occurred some “subplanes” into the Fifth Dimension. (1) That implies that we enter Fifth Dimensionality ahead of Sahaja and that implies that Brahamjnana or Seventh-Chakra enlightenment is the door.

Returning to my experience: I was meditating on the still mind when a torrent of golden fire knocked me over and ran over me like a river, competing the circuit to the Crown Chakra. But I felt no bliss and experienced no expansion of awareness.

It never occurred to me until today that I may have felt no bliss at that moment, but within days I entered into an experience of bliss that lasted from then until mid-January. I had not until this moment connected the two events.  (2)

I discussed the kundalini event with Michael on Sept. 30, 2015.

Steve: [Emptiness of mind] was followed next by what appeared to be the kundalini completing its circuit at the seventh chakra. Is that in fact what happened?

Archangel Michael: Yes, now it is part of the reset button. Think of it in this way. If you are installing, say, a new program, or you had an old program that kept stalling out three quarters of the way full and you were frustrated as all get out with it. And you are asking for the fullness of the program to come online so you turn off your computer and you restart it.

That is what you did.

Steve: Hmm, interesting! Ordinarily you would experience Brahmajnana at that point but I felt that it had been muted, toned down.

AAM: Completely toned down. We want you very physically present. (3)

The fullness of the program did come online around Sept. 27-8, when bliss kicked in and remained for three months (transformative love from March to Sept. 2015 and bliss from Oct. 2015 to mid-January 2016).

So within a few months of having the Fourth-Chakra heart opening, I had a Seventh-Chakra Crown opening. That is an unusual but not unheard of sequence of events in classical enlightenment theory.

But as what Narendra called a “bodhisattva” or what the CoH calls a “pillar,” early Ascension turns out to not be a good idea. It doesn’t fit with our plan within the Plan. It wouldn’t allow us to remain in service.

Here Michael confirms that line of reasoning:

Archangel Michael: When you use the term ‘dramatic enlightenment experiences,’ you are talking about Nirvana. You are talking about the unity of all with One.

It is not to say that you will not experience that, but you cannot ― well, you can if you wish; if it is the choice to simply remain in that state of unity, of One ― but you cannot be fully conscious and in service, in action, if that is where you are. (4)

No, I choose to remain in service. But if you too feel your experiences being toned down or truncated, this may be the explanation for you as well.

The next discussions occurred from summer to winter 2015, the year of the heart opening.

We discussed how the higher states I’m to visit will gradually become integrated – I assume in synchronicity with the rest of society.

Steve: The experience yesterday, what happened? I went up. I connected a lot of dots about the conscious/awareness space. Every time I connected a dot I seemed to expand or go up more and then finally I broke through to my natural state. What was that experience?

Archangel Michael: That was the experience of true expansion of interdimensionality, of coming to touch, embrace and begin to explore the breadth of your soul design.

Steve: I see. Now those experiences are intended to be just visits, with me. Is that correct?

AAM: They will anchor deeper and deeper until it is simply a state of being. (5)

So I’m being paced, probably to remain in sync with the general rate of gradual Ascension.

By late August, I was again feeling the pull to go ahead of the group. I asked for confirmation from him, to settle me down.

Steve: I think you need to confirm for me that you want me to go up the ladder of enlightenment gradually, with the rest of the lightworker population and that you don’t want me to rush ahead. Is that correct?

Archangel Michael: That is absolutely correct. (6)

The next reading, we explored how that all fit in with my being, never mind a communicator, but a pillar.

Steve: As a pillar, do I ascend in the early waves or do I ascend at the end?

Archangel Michael: Now let us say to you that you have been flying in and out of this Ascension Portal for some time.

Those have been the various attunements and increases in your frequency and vibrations. This has been the transformative love that you have felt.

As to the pillar, you have an expression, “last man standing.” That is it. …

It means that you wait until the last, until everyone has gone through and you turn out the lights, so to speak. (7)

Very clear. I now understand my Ascension agenda from the standpoint of the communicator and the pillar.  This is my understanding of what Narendra calls “the bodhisattva vow.”


(1) Steve Beckow: When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

Divine Mother: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of them as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at

(2) Just as I never realized for years that the heart opening was a Fourth-Chakra enlightenment event. I only realized when Archangel Michael pointed out that I’d had Fourth-Chakra enlightenment and pointed to the heart opening.

I should have known that. I knew the kundalini had reached the Fourth Chakra but I did not make the connection.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 30, 2015.

(4) Ibid., Feb. 14, 2012.

(5) Ibid., June 7, 2015.

(6) Ibid., Aug. 21, 2015.

(7) Ibid., Sept. 21, 2015.


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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Imagination As Fifth Dimensional Thought – Suzanne Lie

MONDAY, MAY 28, 2018

Imagination As Fifth Dimensional Thought


Imagination As Fifth Dimensional Thought

Pleiadians and Arcturians through Sue Lie

What is Imagination?

Imagination includes, among other things, the ability to visualize with the creative parts of your mind and brain in order to activate your resourcefulness, creative, and artistic/scientific brain.

Artistic and scientific are put into one category because they both call upon your ability to think of, imagine, and/or desire to create in your outer world something that you have found within your heart and mind.

We say “found within your heart and mind” because your heart usually yearns for the feedback loop of finding a desire, goal, creative expression, etc. within your heart that you are able to “plant” in your mind.

If these desires, etc. stay only in your heart, you will love it and maybe even love yourself more because of it. But if this desire does not expand to encompass your mind, it will likely remain an idea and never become a creation.

A “creation” is something that caries a life force. Many of these creations hover within your consciousness, but it is not a creation until you “give it life” in your physical world by sharing it with others. In this manner, your creativity comes “not from you and for you, but through you and to others.”

In this manner, a higher dimensional expression of your SELF, and/or your consciousness, is allowed a manner in which it, your higher dimensional expression of creativity, can flow through the portal of YOUR SELF and into the portals of others who resonate to this higher frequency communication.

Yes, creativity does resonate to a higher frequency because it is a “whole brain experience.” In other words, a creative venture calls on the creator to use both their logical, rational, mental left brain to intermingle with your creative, spontaneous, emotional right brain.

How is imagination experienced?

If one can trust their instincts and their inner messages, imagination can be very helpful to find the Circle of Light that encompasses one’s imagination, to enter into the heart of the one who is imagining.

Some people are taught that imagination is a ‘waste of time,” but person who would say that to another is likely unable to allow themselves to enjoy their “whole brain thinking.” Whole brain thinking is when one is able to us both their creative, imaginative right hemisphere and their “take care of business” left hemisphere.

How is imagination shared with others?

Imagination is greatly limited when it is not shared with others. Imagination is often something that can evolve into a new, creative and possible reality. If imagination is ignored, many possible realities are not allowed to be birthed into your physical world.

Therefore, sharing your imagination with others is very rewarding in that your own ideas can be amplified by sharing them with others. Imagination does not live long if it is “shut away” or “kept a secret.”

Fortunately, imagination greatly expands when it is shared. However, it is important to be aware if the one you wish to share with is someone who can also embrace their own imagination. In that manner, there is a freedom of inter-mingling the ideas without the fear of judgment.

On the other hand, if you are ready to share your creative self, you have likely already experienced that “fear of judgment from others” will stop you in your tracks. Therefore, we will now speak about “fear.”

Fear is the enemy of creative expression. On the other hand, creative expression can diminish your fear. It feels very good to allow your imagination to have a voice, a picture and/or any other manner in which your imagination is brought forward from you heart and mind to be shared with others.

Some people are afraid of the judgment they “may” receive if the expression of imagination is criticized by others. This is normal, so do not feel poorly about yourself if you, too, have experienced fear of judgment regarding your expression of Higher SELF.

When you allow yourself to BE your creative SELF, the joy that you gain from that small act will more than compensate for any judgment from others. Also, be aware that if you present your creativity as “Not coming fromyou but throughyou,” then you can better allow your Higher SELF to guide you.

“Coming through you” means that you are serving as a “grounding station” for the higher dimensional waves of creativity that are being sent into the frequency of third/fourth dimensional Earth from the higher dimensions of reality.

When you allow yourself to FEEL the higher energy that flows into you while you are be creative, please take a moment to ask within or above, “Thank you for this transmission. From who, or where, am I receiving this information, and how can I thank you?”

Being thankful for your creative transmissions/ideas will assist you to consciously accept you higher messages, as well as honoring them as a gift that comes THROUGH you, not FROM you.

When you perceive yourself as a “channel of higher dimensional Light,” your human ego will not be activated as the message is a “gift” from the higher frequencies of reality with whom you are NOW gaining a constant contact.

We say “constant contact” because once you connect with a fifth dimensional and beyond higher being, you are no longer bound by third dimensional time. Then, whenever you feel an urge to document your inter-dimensional messages, you have a “hard copy” to share with others.

Some may share with words, others with pictures, dances, songs et. In other words, an creative act that you share to express your higher dimensional experiences allows you to more deeply unite your daily consciousness with the higher dimensional consciousness through which come THROUGH  you and not FROM  you.

Once you are able to give full credit to the Source of your communications and/or inspirations, your ego is excused from your creative act. It is your own ego self who has collected and saved all the times that you were embarrassed, criticized and/or teased for presenting your true creative, multidimensional self.

We Pleiadians often work in together with the Arcturians to remind our grounded ones of their “reason for incarnation.” The reason that you chose to take a third dimensional earth vessel within this NOW, is the foundation of the mission that you chose to fulfill within your present incarnation.

One thing that you will be happy to realize is that, even if you judge your self as failing, or feel that others are judging you for what they perceive as a “failure,” if you continue you will find that what others think about you is VERY insignificant compared to how you judge your self.

In fact, allowing your self to “following the flow” of your own inner guidance that you feel deep within, will empower you enough to lovingly send away any inner or outer criticism. This criticism may hurt your feelings, but the joy you feel from expressing your creativity far surpasses your fear of judgment.

You will also find that the joy of allowing your self to express your SELF via whatever form of creativity that you choose, will allow you to send “unconditional love” to those who may judge you. You can send this love because you have allowed yourself to have unconditional love for your self via the expression of your own creative force.

YES, creativity is a “force.” When one is in the act of “creating” something that came THROUGH them, not FROM them, they feel “at ONE” with a higher frequency of reality, as well as a higher frequency of your own Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, ALL humanity has a Multidimensional SELF, even if their wounded consciousness will not allow them to experience their own higher frequencies of SELF. This condition is best healed by allowing someone, a counselor, a loving friend, even a pet, or a walk through Nature, to re-calibrate your “SENSE OF SELF” back to the multidimensional YOU that you have always been, but temporarily forgot.

As you begin to remember your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF, you can more easily adapt to a multidimensional reality in which an “unseen higher guide/SELF” is a common believe that all the members of that frequency of reality are fully embracing.

Many of our ones who chose to take a third dimensional earth vessel to assist with planetary ascension have felt very lonely. However, once they remember the “mission” that they chose before taking this incarnation, they remember that they resonate to many frequencies of reality within the NOW of the ONE.

The concept of multiple realities running parallel within the same NOW is very difficult to accept for those who are still in the Matrix of  being “just” third dimensional.  It is the slow, or sudden, awakening to the first conscious inter-action with a higher dimensional aspect of your SELF, that will set you onto the “Path of Remembering your SELF.”

At first, most of you believe that your SELF is a different being to resonates to a higher, and/or different, reality. However, if you begin to have regular communications with this “inner being” that you somehow KNOW is real, your third dimensional brain will begin to recalibrate to the receive more and more higher dimensional information.

It is often very helpful to document your experiences with your Higher SELF, as your third dimensional brain often cannot retain fifth dimensional stimuli. Therefore, if you write down, draw, sing and/or share your information two things occur.

One thing that occurs is that your Higher SELF will become aware that you are NOW ready to “take dictation” and share it with your third dimensional reality. The other thing is that:

You will meet others like you, which will make it easier for you to realize that your Higher SELF is in constant communication with you. In fact, as you share your experience with others, you will further open you innate “inter-dimensional portal” to your own higher frequency expressions of your SELF, as well as your Galactic Friends and Family.

Once you have an “open channel” between your third/fourth dimensional physical/astral self and your fifth dimensional higher/multidimensional SELF, your life will move into the next octave of awareness.

With this new, expanded awareness of your Multidimensional SELF and your Multidimensional Reality, you will NEVER feel alone again. You could be alone in the middle of the ocean, but your higher dimensional SELF will be with you, guiding and protecting you.

How are you an expression of your Higher SELF?

The answer to this question is:  EVERY DAY in EVERY WAY!

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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‘Diary of a Yogi’ Chapter 9 – Potalaka – Altair Shyam

16 Hands Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy art


Chapter 9 – Potalaka

  Altair was alone in the cave. After six months he began to look more deeply into his journey across the bridge between worlds as his mind and heart grew calmer. He saw more of the light because he now saw more of the darkness. 

  He began to question the nature of consciousness itself. If everything around him and within him was God or Source or Buddha then surely he could communicate with that pure consciousness like he did with extraterrestrials and dolphins and Tanya. 

  He let his mind grow calm and surrendered to the stillness within the cave.

  At first nothing happened. Altair knew not to expect anything. He just sat still with his inner eye fixed on the third eye area and waited. He sent out a soul call to the One, the Source of All Love like a dart filled with desire to see the Beloved and he rested In total faith that an answer would come. 

  Altair became aware of a subtle change. The air around him became still as if matching the stillness he was resting in within. The consciousness that was the air began to arrange itself like a cosmos of consciousness and he could feel tendrils of that consciousness reaching out to touch him, the awareness that he called Altair.

  He felt the hairs prickle on the back of his neck. He became aware of the cave and the paintings and statues, the lawn outside, the garden, Priya and the children sleeping, the house and other houses with people asleep in the neighborhood, the beach that started just down at the end of the street, the waves and the great ocean the waves were part of, the waves that were conscious, the ocean that was breathing, the sky above that was listening, the stars looking down, everything connected, to us. 

  It was as if he had connected to the heart of the world, the mind of the cosmos. The stars themselves were whirling and spiraling around him, jumping and diving in the universal currents. 

  Then he heard a voice. And saw a face. In front of him. It could have been Swami Shyam or Sai Baba. Mother Mary or Guan Yin. 

  And all it said was 

  “Sleep. Remember your dreams and visions, meditate upon them. Then act. So sleep child.”

  So he did. 

A Prayer In The Sun art by Donna Smallenberg


  His dream was simple and very clear. Sai Baba came to him in the dream. 

  “Visit Bruce. Tell him I want to see him. That is all you need to do. When it is time I will come to you in another form, as a Chintamani Stone in the form of a pearl and Amrita in the form of nectar. Until then know that the living consciousness of All That Is comes to you in the form of the Masters. All of them, Christ Krishna Buddha Mohammed Thoth All Divine Mothers are all embodiments of the one pure existence consciousness and bliss that is Love and Wisdom and speak the same truth with One Voice.”

  When he woke he took a deep breath, pushed the covers back and opened the garden shed door. The morning was bright and filled with wonder. He could feel his heart racing with fresh new blood, a cosmic detective on the trail of the greatest mystery of all. Life.

  He didn’t go in for breakfast, he got straight in his car and drove over to Bruce’s place. He had known Bruce for years, Bruce was a friend of both he and Priya and Tanya’s and a wild man when it came to love. He had no end of female suitors pursuing him but he always claimed he was free and open so no one woman ever lasted long. He was still in bed when Altair called.

  “Bruce, wake up!”

  “Altair, are you nuts? I’m not awake. Go away. Go home. Do something useful with your life!”

  “I had a dream about Sai Baba. He came to me and told me he wants to see you.”

  There was complete silence.

  “Bruce?” Altair opened the door and walked in. Bruce was lying awake on the sofa in the lounge.

  “I had the same dream. Sai Baba told me he wants me to go and see him in India.”

  “So are you going?”

  “Nah, I always believe in three signs. Tell me if he visits you again.”

  Altair walked out, irritated. Surely Bruce wasn’t that stupid.

  He drove into town and had to get some cash out before he started work. He stopped at an ATM machine just next to the cathedral.

  There was a woman standing in front of him in the line at the machine. She was taking a long time withdrawing her cash. Altair hummed a tune impatiently. He didn’t want to be late for his first meeting.

  The woman turned around but instead of leaving she stared straight at, or rather through Altair.

  “Tell your friend Bruce he needs to come and see Sai Baba in India.”

  Then she turned on her heel and walked off into the early morning breakfast crowd.

  Altair now knew he must find a Chintamani Stone in the form of a pearl. Both Sai Baba and Manjushri had mentioned it. But where? He knew it would come from the heart of Guan Yin but what did that mean? The only answers ever came when he surrendered totally to the stillness and right now he had to attend a meeting. He was late when he arrived. And he was dreamy when he was supposed to be concentrating on their next marketing trip to Europe.

Another Celestial often pictured with a glowing stone is Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, known as the Wish Grantor @ Celestial Ye Ming Zhu

  “What?” asked Altair.

  “You should go on your own,” said Mark.

  “You’re the most experienced,” said Frances. She looked at Altair with concern.

  “Are you OK? No sleep?”

  “Right,” said Altair.

  “Get a coffee at the break. The Arts Centre has the best.”

  “The Arts Centre? But I don’t drink coffee.”

  Frances laughed. “That’s code for take a decent break. Walk off those blues.”

  Altair took the hint. As business partners Mark and Frances had been very good to him. Allowing him time away from the business whenever he needed it. So after an hour he walked down to the Arts Centre, which was full of crazy stalls and market bargains at any time of the year.

  “Want custom clothes?” asked Colleen, the auburn haired woman at ZigZag. She dealt in one off clothing and Altair rather liked what she imported.

  “This top is great,” said Altair, choosing a pattern of black, red, green and white that he had never seen before. “How about the bottoms?”

  “Sorry,” said Colleen. “Strangely a young woman bought them this morning just before you came here. Striking blonde. Said she wanted them for a singing audition. Didn’t want the top.”

  Altair looked at Colleen for a moment. “Oh well, if they are supposed to get back together they will,” he said.

  Pity, he thought, they would have looked so good together.

  Altair slept fitfully in the cave that night, filled with dreams of Dakinis that beckoned him on the one hand into the light and Demons on the other that enticed him into the dark. He was drowsy when he woke and hurried into the house once he saw Priya’s car drive off with the children for school. He had a band meeting after work where he was auditioning a new singer and he wanted to make sure he had all the music. He made tea and toasted barley bread with Manuka Honey. As well as starting a company he also had formed a band so his world was taking shape again.

  And as so often happens, things that look good together, find each other again, no matter how slim the odds.

  “What song do you want to do first up?” said Tim. Tim was a doctor, guitarist and lyricist extraordinaire. Tim and Altair were rehearsing at a friend’s house near the beach. 

  “An original,” said Altair. “That will give her a better feeling for what we are about.”


  “What’s her name again?”


  “Good name for a singer.”

  “I think that’s her now.”

A blue Toyota pulled up outside on the road between the beach and the house. They watched a blonde woman in a green tie-dye dress get out. They had advertised for a new singer so had auditioned a few before today. 

  “Did you check her stars?” grinned Tim. 

  “Not yet,” smiled Altair. 

  “I would, you’re pretty spot on with that sort of stuff.”

  “I used to be, I haven’t touched it in a while.”

  The door opened and a woman with sparkling blue eyes strode in. She held out her hand to Altair. 

  “Hi, I’m Aria.”

  “Altair, and this is Tim.”

  “Shall I sing first?”

  “Why not?”

And that was it. She set up the music stand she’d brought with her as if she were giving a concert on a stage and began to sing. 

She had the voice of a nightingale and couldn’t keep her eyes off Altair. There was no doubting their connection. Altair could feel it from the moment she walked in. When she had finished she was the consummate professional. 

Nightingale Painting – The Art of Michael Sanborn


  “Will you let me know?”

  “Sure,” said Altair. “You have a beautiful voice.”

  “Thank you,” she said with an equally beautiful smile. And she left. 

Tim was silent for a few moments. He hadn’t spoken at all in the time she was there. 

  “She had eyes for you man.”

  “I noticed,” said Altair. “She has an amazing voice.”

  “There are lots of good voices.”

  “I felt something. Something old. Something very familiar.”

Something had stirred in Altair. 

  “She’s knows what she wants man, that’s all I’m saying.”

Altair wasn’t listening. Just like he hadn’t  listened to his good friends Tom and Derek or his Mum when they’d talked to him early on about Priya. 

That was his hubris. A stubborn pride when it came to love. Yet uncannily and in spite of everything Aria would accompany him to one of the greatest treasures of all, a Chintamani Stone, from the Goddess of Deep Listening Herself, Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin. 

 Altair and Aria quickly formed a love duet and a musical partnership. On their first date something extraordinary happened, a sign to make sure he wouldn’t miss their connection.

  They were back at Aria’s place after a restaurant outing. Altair happened to walk past her bedroom on the way back from the bathroom and sneaked a look as the door was open. There on the bed were a pair of pants. An unmistakable pattern of black, red, green and white. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

  “Aria can I ask you something?” he said when he returned to the lounge.

  “Sure,” she smiled expectantly.

  “I noticed a pair of pants in your bedroom, an unusual pattern. Where did you get them from?”

  “Oh,” she looked puzzled. “A lady at the Arts Centre. They were a pair actually, but I didn’t want the top. Why?”

  “You won’t believe this, but I bought the top the very same day as you bought the bottoms. I must have just missed you buying them. From the lady at the Arts Centre.”

  And so it continued, from this unmistakeable sign, to another and another.

But something was missing in his heart. He had tried going through months of counseling with Priya in the hope of winning her back but all she ever said was “I don’t want this relationship.” That was devastating enough on top of the pain that comes along with the actual separation. The children were doing OK but Altair was suffering. He realized just how much when Priya announced one day that she had met Brinn, an airline pilot with the same birthday as her. And that they were taking the children to America and wanted Altair’s permission. Altair agreed with a heavy heart. He had watched his son Orion born in water under the constellation Orion and his daughter Skye born in their living room. He wept a long time with his children on the night they left for Washington. And then he tried to pick up the pieces of his life. 

Overflowing by Donna Smallenberg


 Aria wanted to sing in Europe so Altair decided to accompany her. He had marketing to do for the new company he had set up so they travelled Europe together, singing in King Ludwig’s Ballroom in Neuschwanstein Castle, doing duets for the British National Opera in London and eating pizza with world-renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy and singer Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin in the Cotswolds. 

 They returned to New Zealand and had to choose whether to continue on and live in Europe or move to the US. 

 That night Altair had a dream. He was standing on a beach in Los Angeles and three dolphins swam along and one stood on its tail and waved to him. 

 “We’ve got to go to America,” said Altair and he told Aria his dream. 

 “Then we will,” she said and they flew out the following morning. 

 Three days later they were standing on a Palos Verdes beach and three dolphins swam along and one stood on its tail and waved to him. 

  Altair and Aria stayed with relatives right on the coast. They arrived the day after a massive earthquake in which their uncle’s swimming pool had slipped 1.5 meters into the neighbors’ property. That day Altair drove to Trader Joe’s to pick up some organic veges to cook for dinner and some grains to soak for breakfast. As he was leaving the store he noticed a young girl crying on the sidewalk. 

  “Is there anything I can do to help?” 

  “I’m homeless,” she said. She looked up at him through a tear-soaked face and then began to sob again. She must have been no more than fifteen years old thought Altair. 

  “I’ll tell you what,” he said with a smile. “I’ve just bought these groceries for the family for tonight. There’s enough to feed one person for a week. Why don’t you have them?”

  He knelt down in the road in front of her and placed the bags at her feet. 

  She looked up at him and then rubbed her eyes in bewilderment and then shock. 

  “What’s that, what’s…that…at your shoulder…”

  She could hardly breathe or get her words out. 

  Altair felt it first and then saw it. The most serene calm came over him as if he too had gone past his last breath and was floating somewhere indescribable in human terms. He looked just past his left shoulder and saw the most magnificent glow like a million suns concentrated in a ball behind him and a tall beneficent female form reached out past him towards the girl’s heart. 

  “It’s an angel!” she cried. 

  And indeed it was. 

  A gift from God sent in this most unlikely of places to bring redemption from pain and freedom from suffering. 

  Years later Altair would learn Her Name. 


  Something had happened and Altair knew it. The One Consciousness we call God or Source was communicating to him through the most unlikely channels, dreams, dolphins, a homeless girl and an angel. The angel was a distinct sign and it galvanized him into action. He and Aria headed north, working for a spiritual publishing house then singing as they went to Festivals and groups from Self Realization Foundation at Lake Shrine and Sri Daya Mata to Ananda Village and Kriyananda. One night when they reached Canada they stayed with Josephine, a yoga teacher on Qualicum Beach in Vancouver Island. None of them could have predicted what came next.

 “Altair, how is your search for magic and the stars unfolding?” asked Josephine. 

 Altair laughed. “Slowly. I’m waiting for the One Consciousness to speak to me when it’s ready.”

 “No more angels?”

 “Just the ones I see around me,” said Altair with a smile gesturing at the guests attending Josephine’s dinner party. 

Guan Yin

 “That’s what I wanted to speak to you about. Do you see that couple over there?” She nodded towards the doorway. A couple looked just about ready to leave. 

Altair nodded back. 

 “They heard you read the stars and wondered if you had time to read theirs.”


 “Tonight if possible. They’re having marriage troubles. I have a small room out back you can use.”

 “Sure. Tell them yes. I can do the reading for them in about an hour. Can you get their details?”

 An hour later Altair found himself sitting across from the couple he had just met. Jennifer and Dave were having a great deal of trouble even listening to each other when they came in. Altair settled them down with presence and meditation.  

 “OK I want you to breathe with me. God is sitting here in both of you. Your breath is God’s breath and your words are God’s sacred words of the One Shared Heart,” Altair began. 

 He asked them to visualize that breath of God rising and falling in a cycle around the interior planets of the chakras.

 He asked them what their God-Self would each want from the relationship. 

 Then he began to read their soul path, both individually and together. 

 An hour later and they both came out of the room smiling. 

 They paid Altair by Koha which for Maori people is a gift of the heart. The Shared Heart. 

 The next morning a line of more than fifty people were lined up outside Josephine’s door. 

 Jennifer and Dave had been very generous with their gratitude and spread the word. It spread like wildfire.

  All the way through Canada and the US the same lines appeared outside someone’s door as if by magic, guided by the stars. When Altair got tired he would move on to a different city, hoping to remain anonymous, but word would get around, and he would be invited to a different house and there would be a new line of people. He did it all on Koha and received gifts of original paintings, silver tea sets, cash and jewelry, crystals and offers of exchanges like massage, many gifts he could not carry or take up so he gave them away. There were so many miracles that people began to call him Merlin. 

  A Native American Indian came to visit him. Altair had helped her with her business which had been in a slump and now two weeks after a Reading was flourishing. 

  “How can I help you?”

  “It’s my son.”

  “How can I help your son?”

  “It’s a very difficult case.”

  “Nothing is too difficult for the Lord. We do nothing on our own. Everything is the will of the Lord.”

  “He was in an accident. He’s a logger. There was an accident at the mill and he was trapped between two logs. His spine was crushed. He’s in a full cast and won’t get out for six months.”

  “How can I help?”

  “Would you put something on a tape for him? There’s no phones there so I need to send it by mail.”


  Then she hesitated. 

  “There’s one more thing.”


  “He thinks you can help him with his dream.”

 “What is it?”

  “He wants to become an actor in Hollywood.”

  “Does he have a family to support?”


  “Does he have any experience in acting?”


  “And he’s in a full cast with a broken back somewhere north of here with no phones.”


  “I see. Give me his details and I’ll see what I can do.”

  Altair made the cassette tape and gave it to his mother to send to her son. He didn’t hear anything for two weeks. Then one day the phone rang. 

  “Altair, Altair,” came an excited voice. “You’ll never guess what happened.”

  “I probably won’t. Who is this?”

  And the Mom who had tried to get Altair to help her son told him this story. 

 “Well, he did what you told him. He meditated on the problem and the solution and then handed it all over to God. Then just as you suggested he called ten movie producers in Hollywood including the numbers you gave him.”

  Altair had recently returned from Hollywood and passed on some contacts in the movie industry that he knew there to the woman’s son. 

  “The first nine said no. When my son got to the tenth he was starting to feel dejected. He still went ahead with the call as you suggested. The secretary to the producer was very kind, took his number, as he was calling from a friend’s house, and said she would call back if there were any auditions coming up that he might be interested in. Only a matter of a minute or so later there was a call. 

  “Hello is this Allan?”


  “I happened to be in the office and overheard your call. Would you mind retelling me what you related to my secretary?”

  And so my son told his story all over again. The movie producer was so touched he invited Allan down to visit him in Hollywood when his health was better!”

Three years later Allan’s mom contacted Altair again. She told him the follow up to the phone call. The producer gave her son an audition for a small part in an up and coming play. Then he flew the family down and had them stay in his own private apartments while they got settled. Now Allan is happily based in Hollywood as an actor earning a reasonable salary and living his dream. 

  These were messages from the angel for Altair. 

  He was being given more and more signs that the conscious universe was communicating to him. 

  The numbers of people who sought him out for advice became quite overwhelming so he sought his own advice from a medical intuitive named Ruby. She was employed by hospitals in difficult-to-diagnose cases as she could look into a patients body and see where the trauma was. 

  “Oh,” she said the moment she met him. “You’re a Naga!” 

  Altair looked her straight in the eyes. 

Naga Kanya

 “You see? You know how to manipulate the energies, you’re doing it right now. You can weave the matrix that exists right across the cosmos and tap into its energies. You can see people’s place in it and help awaken them to it.”

  It was true. Altair had been visited by a number of psychics and spiritual healers all who wanted to go deeper in their experiences. He only had to look into their eyes and raise his own energy and whatever experience they were desiring would be granted instantaneously. It was all to do with the fire of bliss in the inner spine that God or Spirit activated through him when he connected with people by touch or by gaze. 

  “But be careful,” she cautioned. “The Naga energy or serpent Fire is very hypnotic and can lead to enormous trouble with the opposite sex. You must be very careful about your boundaries with people or your relationships will be destroyed.”

  Altair knew this already. The power of the inner fire often activated powerful sexuality mixed in with love so had to be dealt with very sensitively. Altair had spent time in many communities where the leader, often a male, at some point was involved in sexual misconduct and Altair was left to help counsel the many angry devotees. 

  “The Naga is an ancient energy. You can wield powers that may seem miraculous to ordinary folk.”

Naga Kana

  Altair had witnessed many miracles merely by him saying that a person would receive healing or abundance or love if they had faith. He had visited a wonderful man called Albert in Ashland who had been a fighter pilot in the war. 

  “I was shot down over the ocean,” said Albert, “and when I bailed I landed near a Japanese freighter whose men opened fire on me with machine guns. I sustained shrapnel wounds in my spine and was left for dead in the water for many hours until a rescue crew found me. I’ve had this pain in my back and legs for years and can hardly walk.”

  “Lie on the bed,” said Altair, “and we’ll see what we can do.”

  Altair worked on Albert’s legs and back for two hours, sometimes praying, sometimes laying hands on, and sometimes using a combination of acupressure and shiatsu touch points. By the time he left Albert was fast asleep. 

  The next morning he received a phone call from a Californian TV station. 

  “Hello, is this Altair?”


  “We have a gentleman here called Albert who claims you healed him.”

  “Healed? He’s healed?”

  “Yes, he says he has had bad pain in his back and legs for years and that you came like an angel and touched him and he was healed.”

  Altair was silent. The angel’s hand at work again. 

  “My name’s Joan,” said the voice. “I’m the producer for the show. Would you mind coming down to the studios? We’d like to interview you.”

 Altair told Aria and together they went to the TV studios. Altair told his story and they sang together on air and were promoted across California as the singers who heal the heart. 

  That pretty much summed up Altair’s mission, an earth angel who heals the heart. 

Earth Angels Art by Amanda Clark


  Altair looked at Ruby. Ruby was beautiful and fierce-eyed, and now he saw something different. He was looking straight into the eyes of another Naga. Her cheeks flushed as he met her gaze and his heart quickened as he felt the familiar rush of energies in his spine.

  In her place it was the Dalai Lama speaking to him.

  “Your brain, your heart is your temple. Look there for what you seek. Let your path be love and kindness.”

  Some years ago Altair had sponsored the Dalai Lama’s first trip to New Zealand and had been fortunate enough to meet His Holiness for a private audience. Then, as in all their meetings, whenever he asked about Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin the Goddess of Compassion, the Dalai Lama would say to him,

  “Study, and then practice being Avalokiteshvara by being love and kindness and compassion for all people in your heart. Then teach ten people and ask them to teach ten more and ask them to do the same and so on until this entire world is transformed and liberated through your loving kindness. Then you will have successfully transformed yourself and all others into Avalokiteshvara.”

  Now the Dalai Lama transformed back into Ruby and then again into Guan Yin.

  “Just as two of the Buddha’s disciples are Great Naga and hold naga-jewels or Chintamani Stones, so you who are Naga will find your own naga-jewel in My Heart.”

  Then Guan Yin gathered Altair into Her own heart and flew with him to Her celestial palace in the Pure Land on Mount Potalaka, where beings of every kind from many worlds came to seek Her Wisdom and Compassion. Altair could see monks and nuns, making their way through the Goddess Tara’s Rosewood Forest, seeking rebirth on Potalaka and even more who had come to seek the advice of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin. The passes on the mountain were very dangerous, its sides precipitous and its valleys rugged. On the top of the mountain was a lake, its waters as clear as a mirror. From the grotto flowed a great river which encircled the mountain and flowed down to the southern sea. The celestial palace lay beside the lake. Rare medicinal herbs grew in its gardens and exquisite lotus flowers bloomed in small ponds. Lions, elephants, horses, peacocks and garuda roamed the larger garden areas, all in the peace and bliss of the presence of Guan Yin.

Bodhisattva Guan Yin

  The vision vanished and Altair was sitting still facing Ruby.

  “To cross the bridge between worlds takes great love and compassion,” said Ruby. “You never take the trip alone. Because to succeed you need to free humanity of its fear and suffering. That is what we are all here to do, together.”

  Altair travelled up and down the west coast of the United States and Canada bringing healing and love and compassion before he returned to New Zealand and then Australia. Of all the wonders he could imagine it is often the simplest things that bring the deepest joy. He was reunited with his childhood friend Suzie in Sydney and he and Aria and Suzie and her partner Michael all settled in the same suburb in Sydney right near the beach. Every morning Altair brushed tiger sharks and man-o-war jellyfish as he swam, not without incident especially one day when he was stung badly by a jellyfish and had to spend three days in bed, unable to walk.

  While he was looking for work Suzie introduced him to Joan, a Sai Baba devotee and very wealthy millionaire who had made her money in the property market.

  “How would you like to run a health clinic for people here in Sydney,” asked Joan one day out of the blue.

  “I have the money to fund it and Sai Baba came to me in a dream and told me that you are the person to run it.”

  As simple as that, Altair found himself running a clinic with doctors, massage therapists, Chinese acupuncturists, astrologers and counselors all bringing health and healing to the public.

It was on one of those health and healing days that Sai Baba acted again in Altair’s life, in the most mysterious way.

  Altair was walking in the local Mosman shopping area with Aria when a woman walking past stopped them.

  “Sai Baba wants you to come and visit him at my sacred shrine. He has a gift for you. He has been waiting for you.”

  “Sai Baba is a Messenger from God,” said Altair.

  The woman nodded and gave them her card.

  “My name is Shanti. I will see you at 5.”

  So that afternoon, Altair and Aria went to a house just above Balmoral Beach and knocked on the door.

  The same woman who had met them earlier bowed and let them in.

  “Follow me,” she said.

  They went with her down into her basement where there were two statues, both sitting in pools of what at first appeared to be water.

  The first statue was of Ganesha, the god of good fortune, remover of obstacles, patron of the arts sciences and wisdom.

  Out of his trunk poured a golden nectar for which Altair could see no obvious source.

The luminous pearl surround by a golden energy

  Shanti pointed to the large bowl that was overflowing now with the liquid which dripped onto plastic sheets on the floor.

  “Taste it,” she said. “Nectar from Heaven. Amrita. The Ambrosia of Immortality. To taste it is to attain higher knowledge and power.”

  Altair did taste it and it was sweet, not like honey or sugar but a different sweetness altogether with the lightness and glow of heaven.

  Then he turned to the second statue.

  It was a statue of Guan Yin.

  He looked at Her and She looked at Him and he finally understood what Manjushri and Sai Baba had said, that he would find the Chintamani Stone in the Heart of Guan Yin.

  “Kneel down and pray to Her,” said Shanti. “If She is willing and you touch Her Heart with compassion She will give you a priceless gift.”

  Altair knelt and prayed. He knew he had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

  “Hold out your hands,” said Shanti.

  As Altair held out his hands, cupped, under the Heart of Guan Yin’s statue, the most amazing miracle occurred. From the Heart of Guan Yin the most beautiful pearl began to grow. It emerged little by little like a baby from the womb of Her Heart and to his amazement as the head of the pearl and then the body appeared he saw the beautiful pearl was attached by a thin strand of pearl silk to the statue’s heart like a baby’s umbilical cord to its mother. Gradually the weight of the pearl allowed the silk strand to stretch and lower the pearl and eventually to break off in Altair’s hands.

  “You must be a monk,” said Shanti. “When I travelled to see Sai Baba he guided me to a monastery in Sri Lanka where his monks had prayed over this statue for years. They gave me the statue and said to use it to heal the world. They said it had great powers of manifestation and miracles and would recognize a monk by the power of his compassionate heart and give him a Chintamani Stone accordingly.”

  Altair’s eyes filled with tears of gratitude.

  He bowed deeply to Guan Yin and gave deep and reverent thanks for this miracle.


White Stone – Sign of Cintamani or Horse of happiness by Nicholas Roerich

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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The Bodhisattva Vow – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist Kusaba Kazuhisa


The Bodhisattva Vow – Part 1/2

What Narendra calls a bodhisattva and Rebecca “One Who Remains,” I call a pillar, after the usage of the Company of Heaven. (1)

But it’s all the same.

The bodhisattva merits Heaven (the Fifth Dimension) but does not choose to enter before all other creatures have entered Heaven.

Now put yourself back in 200 BC. Does it look like a near event to consider everyone else having entered the Fifth Dimension before one’s self, though one merits it? No, it does not.

It seems relegated to a distant future beyond thought. One has condemned oneself to remaining in the Third/Fourth till the end of time, it seems.

But they did not know about Ascension. During the process called Ascension, every form of life on Earth and Earth itself will increase in vibration such that they now come into attunement with events on a higher level of consciousness. They “leave” the Third, so to speak, and “enter” the Fifth.

Is this not the very event that was anticipated? And as for deserving it, all lightworkers, to the best of my knowledge, are angels. They … we … come from the Transcendental, what Linda’s sources call “the Thirteenth Octave,” beyond the twelve dimensions. Therefore all of us merit entry into the Heaven of the Fifth Dimension.

Most lightworkers have as their basic agreement to be here supporting Gaia in this Ascension. All those who have agreed to stay can be said to have taken the Bodhisattva Vow.

The Vow simply means that you agreed to go to the back of the line and assist everyone else on the train. Then you turn out the lights, lock the door and get on the train yourself. “All aboard!”

Mission accomplished.

But it is a profound choice. Just thinking about it alters my perspective on things. If I’m here to the end, then I may as well settle in and get serious about my life.

I’m not going anywhere. This is going to be my nest for a very long time, perhaps – at least to the end of Ascension.

In the next half I’d like to review the conversations I’ve had with Archangel Michael to clarify what the impact of being a pillar is on our spiritual evolution.

(To be concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) See “Narendra Mishra: On the Bodhisattva Vow – Part 1/2,” May 9, 2018, at,
“Narendra Mishra: On the Bodhisattva Vow – Part 2/2,” May 10, 2018, at
, and
“Rebecca Siggari: I Choose to be One Who Remains,” May 16, 2018, at


Artist Kusaba Kazuhisa


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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Archangel Metatron via Tyberonn – Part 2 of a 3 Part Channel – The Law of One in France

Pleiades Painting – Starseed by Lvca Morrow @ Fine Art America


Archangel Metatron via Tyberonn
Part 2 of a 3 Part Channel

The Law of One in France

All Copyrights Duly Reserved 2018


Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Angelic of Light! I am joined in this session, by Tyberonn of Crystalline Serve. We once and always greet you warmly and lovingly in this eternal Moment of Now. Indeed, we sense each of you individually, personally at the specific time in which your eyes read these words.

And so, we continue with the second installment of ‘The Law of One’ in France’.

Dear Humans, mankind’s conceptual ideas of both history & time, differ from the true nature of reality. Therefore, mankind’s current mono-dimensional concepts of human history, are of course, understandably quite different from our higher aspectual overview. We see the ‘Omni-Earth’ with all parallels & probable realities.

There are oscillations, cyclic waves of energy, and (soul-group) collective waves of what may be termed as reincarnational patterns. There have been multiple genesis creation-points, myriad Stone Ages on your planet, where new entities, new ‘waves’ began their initial experiences, their ‘first’ experience with physical existence. Each changed the face of the earth as they progressed, each unique, each in multi-faceted dynamic flow….wheels within wheels as the kaleidoscopic torus, consumes itself & is reborn in arrhythmic fractal waves.

So as we stated in part one of this channel, the Law of One entered Europe, incarnated in great numbers with the Renaissance. There was a concentrated influx into France specifically to be present during the reigns of Louis 13th and Louis 14th. This covered a span of 6 generations, some 120 years. (This is a separate group incarnation and time period from an earlier and smaller influx ‘reincarnational wave’ as the Cathars in France, some five centuries earlier.)

As an interesting note, for the purposes of this channel, we wish to project the understanding that ‘Soul Groups’, are subdivided into ‘soul-family’ divisions, and further branched into specialized ‘guilds’. The Law of One of France, were of a specialized guild, a purposed group on mission.

At your first entry into the Earthplane, you were not ‘human’, in that you did not ‘reside’ in biology, you did not possess a physical body. You were not ‘in-flesh’ upon earth. You were literally ‘Star-Children’, Beings of Light, of Divine Essence. You belonged to a Soul-Group of Angelic quintessence, deistic intelligence, purposed to pave the way for a new adventure in the cosmos. You entered a non-polarity realm of the ‘Omni-Earthplane’ approximately 10 million years ago. But as nonphysical beings, you were outside of ‘linear space-time’. You did not fully dwell in physical bodies until the earthplane transition from nonpolarity to ‘Duality’.

Humanity, did not format into gendered physical bodies, until approximately 110,000 years ago, in Atlantis.

It has been said that humans are a species with amnesia, and this is quite accurate in present application. In the sad demise of Atlantis the human populace was vastly reduced in numbers as a result of the great floods that occurred in the rapid melting of the ice sheets, the quaking of the earth and the resulting massive tsunamis some 12,500 years ago. The masses that once knew arts, sciences & liberties of expressive pursuit became engrossed in the devolution of basic survival, as the filters of the conscious mind over time removed from frontal brain the memory all that passed before, as the body physical densified, in the dark wake of Atlantis.

The highly technical civilization of Atlantis, its grand cities and knowledge disappeared beneath the waters into the unfathomable silts and sands of time. And while isolated pockets of high civilization persisted for a time, humanity in large, devolved and began anew, starting from scratch as it were. And survival of the species gained a requisite dominance within the alert ‘beta’ focus …necessary for existence & sustenance in a newly primordial & challenging environ.

Kings ruled kingdoms, dictators rose and fell as humanity fell deeply in the density of enduring perpetuation and primal subsistence. But conditions gradually improved in the slow dance of linear time, Avatars came from other realms to teach. Ascended masters incarnated as the wheels of consciousness slowly began to awaken.

Yet thru this post-diluvian devolution, despite the obstacles of the fall, you were still deeply seated in the ‘University of Earth’, curriculum. And in the duality realm, you were (and are) missioned to learn that you create your own reality by your inner state of consciousness.

Although, this is something you all will, and are, gradually coming to understand in the course of your complex spiritual quest….it became clear that without assistance the masses would remain trapped in unconsciousness. Humans in survival phases weregreatly confused and materially distracted on earth by an external material world that did not seem to be intently created by your own mental consciousness. On the contrary, you seemed to be the product of that external reality rather than its creator. For your survival needs were, for millennia, in the wake of Atlantis, truly tantamount, requiring full attentive focus on food & shelter.

And the Earthplane, at the advent of bi-polarity, became a realm of opposites. Opposites occurring in order to facilitate free will. Opposing ‘fields’ occurring in the Trinity of Mind, Spirit & Body … mentally, spiritually & physically.

So we tell you that in the ‘purposed’ illusion of the earthplane, your collective higher selves, as ‘Gods in Progress’, created intrusions in your difficult paths in linear space-time , to assist in forward advancement, to somewhat insure progress.

And keep in mind, you are a spark of the Divine. Accepting this axiom as a given, it should not seem illogical or far-fetched for you humans’ to accept that there is a pattern, a design and a designer. And that they are so combined, within and without, that it is quite impossible to separate them. What we are saying is that the ‘All That Is, the Creator-God is also within its creations and the creations themselves are gifted with the divine attribute of creativity. For indeed you are apectually, both the dream … and the dreamer. Take a moment to closely consider this great and powerful truth!

Indeed this postulated axiom has a robust scientific validity. In quantum physics, it is a process of expanding your collective & individual light quotient & frequencial vibration … to enable upshift & facilitate your conscious movement into higher realms, into angelic dimensions of the nonphysical, which all humans do every night in sleep state & lucid dreams.

It is important for you to awaken, and understand that you are multi-dimensional beings, powerful divine spiritual beings completing a Great Cycle, a dawning phase of astonishing upshift.

So it follows, to progress the concept further, that in your earth-plane, you have created points of ‘energetic -flux ‘, points of ‘guided’ refinement in the linear pattern.

Every environment you experience, can be said in a manner of speaking, to be ‘artificially’ created, that must be understood. And you in group-collective oversoul consciousness, have inserted what can be considered as ‘holographic’ inserts, at key points in your time lines, to adhere to, align to your graduation, the ‘Human Ascension’. Part of that process involves ‘changing the past’….influencing manifold events.

There are specialized guilds, who design & work such inserts. For as we have shared, on the earth a special experiment in free-will & bipolarity takes place. When you are here in physical form, a veil is put over you so that you do not recognize your own divine creative power. It remains there until you awaken and see that you are God at the core of your being.

Your multidimensional reality on the Omni-Earth, is teeming with probability, potentials for 3d manifest reality…and in the realm of free-will oft the path becomes obscure. Such inserts…especially when the masses are in primal beta mental state, sustenance survival mode … and only in small enclaves does higher wisdom & theta consciousness survive.

And indeed, except for light inserted in special phases and, the post flood era was one of low vibration among the masses.

And so it is that your Cristos Dramas, were powerful inserts, involving the return of highly evolved souls, Avatars of Divine energy, offering a ‘living infinity- point’ to upshift energy and provide the experiential opportunity of shift.

There were also intervention inserts, at certain key points of juxtaposed polarized probabilities. You see, realities in the path of humanity in the ‘Curriculum of Duality’ can be influenced, in overview, in many ways. One of these involves the mass incarnation of soul-guilds, a missioned-purposed influx into specific locales & time vectors.

Being a human, an earthen sojourning student in the University oi Duality, means to be a bridge between widely varying dimensions & realms of consciousness. In the forging of that bridge lies the keys for unlocking an expansion of consciousness into the higher realms, the angelic aspect.

And in times of great density, especially considering humans wear sensory veils in 3d material bodies, inserts and interventions can and do occur. But these are co-created above linear time & space, by the collective of higher human mind ! And whether unconsciously or consciously, you are a robust player in the workings of the higher mind collective & universal consciousness.

In 3d the unconscious may seem to be trapped helplessly in a matrix, but their higher consciousness in collective plurality aspect is absolutely on board, influencing the awakening into consciousness. And Masters, once conscious you are co-creators, you are truly no longer a captive of the imaginary matrix. In fact the seeming entrapping matrix serves, as do all obstacles, as stepping stone opportunities.

And even as you learn that thoughts are creative, and mind is the builder, you are still encompassed by the dimensional mirror of actions, reflection of duality choices, of what is termed in your curriculum as right and wrong.

In this sense the experiential ‘purposed illusion’ of the Duality curriculum, is designed for learning, for development. And although the earth lessoning experience requisitely occurs in a free-will bi-polar reality, manifest reactions to actions, are for growth, not for any sense of punishment. For learning!

We have stated that the highly improbable devastation of the Spanish Armada, (carrying in the bellies of the vast naval Armada ships, the Inquisition, funded & backed by the Habsburg dynasty of Austria, and a well-equipped army of over 30,000 men, with thrice that number in reserve in Europe) was such an intervention.

Likewise the fact that Nazi Germany did not develop the atomic super-weapon was another intervention. With the superior engineering & physicist minds available in Nazi Germany, the brainpower was available, but mysteriously was unutilized, misdirected. Blocked !

In both circumstances the 3d probability was vastly against the reality which actually stands in defiance of all odds in the annals of your ‘linear’ historic records.

Now, we will close this second installment on this most interesting topic. In the third and final part of this channel, we will discuss in greater detail the characters & time span of the personage in the French Court of Louis 13th and Louis 14th. As well as the two interesting monarchs. Indeed there were many members of the soul guild that were involved in the ‘mission’. To block the forces of ‘Belial’, for this was a highly critical time. The outcome would not only determine the initial establishment of the Americas, but also the path of the coming Ascension.

The Edgar Cayce archives reveal a flurry of people had life readings from this era of France, during lives in 20th century. Including royals & the Sun King. It is interesting to note the unusual circumstances, visions and birth around & of Louis 14th. Indeed there were key placements of the Law of One guild on both sides of the conflict of Belial vs Law of One. Both the mother and wife of the Sun-King, Louis 14th were from the Spanish Habsburg courts.

It is also quite interesting that the Dolphin was not only the heir name (Dauphin) given to Louis the God Given, but also the totem on the shield of the House of Bourbon….and the title was exclusively for the eldest son or direct heir to ascend the throne.

On 5 September 1638, Anne of Austria gave birth to her first child. News was taken to Louis XIII who fell to his knees to thank God for giving him his envisioned & long-hoped-for ‘golden’ heir. Since the pregnancy was announced, countless public prayers had been offered in ritualistic ceremony in Notre Dame, Chartres, Mount St Michele and others, as the people waited impatiently for the royal couple to give France its Dauphin, heir to the throne, finally after twenty-three years of marriage and many devastating miscarriages.

The 5th pregnancy brought the birth of the child, known as Louis-Dieudonné (Louis the God-Given), is already considered by some to be a miracle. Many saw it as proof that the Heavens divinely support the policy conducted by the King and his 1st Minister, Cardinal Richelieu.

The Mother of Louis 14th was Anne of Austria, a Spanish princess of the House of Habsburg, was queen of France as the wife of Louis XIII, sister of the King of Spain, and regent of France during the minority of her son, Louis XIV, from 1643 to 1651. During her regency, Cardinal Mazarin served as France’s minister. The wife of Louis 14th, interesting was of the House of Habsburg Spanish Royal Court, Maria Theresa of Spain and Archduchess of Austria as member of the Spanish branch of the House of Habsburg and by marriage Queen of France.

We will also discuss briefly the intents, accomplishments (recognized & unrecognized), and purpose of the Law in One coagulation in the France’s ‘Golden Era ‘….and its impact to the present. It was a fascinating era, and played key role in the advancement of humanity in ways that are not oft considered, nor truly understood.

I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truth…You Are Beloved !

And So It Is…

All Copyrights Duly Reserved 2018 to James Tyberonn &


Angelic Being of Light Animation Still by BlackUniGryphon @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Doing What We Love, Creating a Thing of Beauty – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Emile Vernon, The Flower Girl (detail)


Doing What We Love, Creating a Thing of Beauty

“Build what is divinely beautiful,” said the Divine Mother. (1)

I’ve discovered that “what is beautiful” and what I love are indistinguishable from each other.

Michael once said to me:

“So often I have said to thee, ‘Follow your heart. What is your greatest desire? What is your grand passion?’ These are important because you aren’t led and planted or directed to a deep heart desire if it is not part and parcel of the journey that you have, can we say, roughed out prior to your arrival.” (2)

So recently I’ve been doing my best to only do what I really love. Well, of course what I love is connected to writing.

And what I notice is that doing what I love produces things that are beautiful. Beauty and love co-mingle when I’m following my heart, my bliss, my love.

Michael said on another occasion:

“When your heart is clear, not simply your mind, but your heart and your fields – because if your heart is clear, your fields become clear – then you are in direct alignment and service to the Mother and there can be no mis-step.” (3)

That’s how it was for me during the time that my heart remained open in 2015.  All I wanted to do was to say, “Look at This.” All my conversations were about “See me. See this love.” “Here it is. Take all you want.” “What might I need, who is immersed in love, except to share it?”

Now, back in everyday reality: rather than being in a realm where real love transforms the circumstances, I’m in a realm where the circumstances suppress love.

Here I have to exert effort to open my heart a wee bit and allow some of that inner tsunami to bubble to the surface.

And it’s as Michael says. The main barrier in this state to a heart being open is a lack of self-love:

“The missing piece in this is the deep, profound, sacred and dare I say holy love of self and, from that, the glow goes out to the collective.” (4)

All of this is the alchemy caused by doing what we love, following our bliss. We find we’re then following our plan within the Plan; we’re in a state where love and beauty merge; and everything we do fulfills our mission.

Seeing matters like this is how we emerge (through realization) from the deepest layers of ignorance and illusion that exist below conscious awareness. These icy fingers around our heart of fear and self-doubt prevent us from simply being here, creating a thing of beauty, doing what we love.


(1) “Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. …

“We are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.” (“Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,” February 28, 2017, at

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 20, 2017.

(3) Ibid., Dec. 11, 2013.

(4) Ibid., Nov. 16, 2011.


Emile Vernon, The Flower Girl (detail)

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Back into the specks of light – Lucia Sullivan

Artist Ginette Beaulieu @ Tutt’Art


“I will filter back into the flower foils:
Back into the specks of light,
That sprinkle the wet morning.
When sunlight broke new,
Lighting up the tips of dewy pine needles.
Waving gently and welcoming me in.
Into the mysteries of the the under side,
Of life.
Back to the buds of blooming.
A new flower in the field.
Touching dark soil.
That blanketed me until,
I was ready to look down at her.
Backwards into the movements of no movements.
A split reel,
Played so many times.
That it was stripped from my memory.
So I,
Could grow in the flower field again.
Pulling up alongside the others.
But colors changing.
Dew drops will fall again,
From a fragile petal face.
Watching some too soon,
Plucked away.
I will go back to the flower foils someday.
And wave in the wind with my madness.
You will know me.
Multicolored and unusually bright and budding.
But always,
Moving up,
Towards the light.”
Written by Lucia Sullivan copy right 2018 all rights reserved

– ♥ –

New York


Artist Zoltan Molnos @ Tutt’Art

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th, 2018 ~ L’Aura Pleiadian

Mystical Paintings Heart Lotus Mandala


Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29th, 2018 ~ How you Play the Game of WHAT is

How do YOU play the game that is your Life?

Your Moment to moment conscious awareness?

Through your Heart?

Or through strategies based in time ~ what is yet to come…or the past?

This FULL Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th, 2018 at 11:19am ADT, will bring to LIGHT the subconscious motives and memories…that are playing out THROUGH You.

When we play the game of LIFE through our Heart, we live in harmony in the NOW moment.

As you are kind and loving to yourself ~ you draw LOVE to you!  through resonance.

NO winning or losing, simply PLAYING.

As we TRULY enter each moment AS the Love that eternally flows through us. We NOT ONLY dissolve those memories that are filled with reactive pain. We also, become the Initiate of LOVE through our own self-love.

When we live based on strategy of time, we come from a sense of Lack.

When we live in the moment through love, even as painful memories surface, we AWAKEN and LIVE AS THE Divine God Self that we ARE.

When the Sun is Opposite the MOON ~ as in a Full Moon, we experience the Subconscious brought to the Surface of our experience. Sudden actions or words, that may or may not feel in alignment with our Heart.

Either way whatever does arise, is FOR that same awareness of PURE TRUE Love to be embraced, as the ONE Being of Divine Light and Love that you ARE.

This Full Moon Is Sextile Mars and with this we have the vital energy of PASSION, fiery energy awakened, to be conscious of the Passion of our Soul. Of Our Heart. to take action based through our Divinity.

When we feel submerged in a whirlwind of turmoil,. this TOO is the Souls doing, so as to FREE you from the subconscious frequencies you are resonating to as MEMORY in your DNA and Blueprint.

The Feeling welling up are not to be pushed down. They are present to embrace through the NEW Way of Being.

That WAY is of Love.

With this Full Moon sextile Saturn, we have the more serious energy, balancing out the vital passion ~ immediate action of Mars.

In the WINNING or the Loosing, we always win.

Whatever form shows up as resonating with YOU, it is there for a purpose.

Love yourself like never before.

You Understand the game. No winners or losers, JUST players….all EVOLVING towards Divine Awareness through the Heart.

This is a MAJOR Transition of consciousness.

Living from the HEAD and its desire to control, and moving into the NOW present moment thought the Heart.

We ALL do this and Have made it, have completed and returned consciously to our Original Light. As in NO TIME ~ it all exists NOW.

Being compassionate through the process, is the BLESSING you live through. As You will always go through as ALL passes through you.

Not to YOU ~ through YOU.

Identifying with BEING Light….Divine Energy, we LIVE Knowing that our true self, OUR LOVE Heart awareness, is ALL that we Are and Forever will be. And that this is now. NOT something to seek through time or external circumstances.

LOVE and be gentle with yourself.

This THEN Reflection, resonating AS Eternal Unconditional LOVE~ draws itself to itself.

PLAYING as Divine Light Beings, AS All That is IN LOVE. Forever and always, NOW. Moment to moment.

Divine Ascended Beings We ARE.

Breathing DEEPLY,  and so IT IS, in Glory and Eternal Love.


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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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Physician, Heal Thyself – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Physician, Heal Thyself

For the past couple of weeks I have been hampered by a sharp pain on my lower back, most likely resulting from a pinching of the sciatic nerve. I am very often seated cross-legged in the floor as part of my work and so I often have a build up of stress and tension in my lower back. I practice yoga, and exercise regularly which helps to manage it. This time however, it was much more severe. I decided to work with it and see why it was suddenly so prominent. What came up surprised me. I share this with you because it illustrates very well how our ingrained beliefs can affect our health.

Last month I turned forty. No big deal. Or so I thought. Little did I know that my body was having thoughts of its own. I suddenly had the desire to go to the doctor to get a complete medical check up. I was concerned that now having turned forty my ‘strange things’ will start happening to my body and so I should get regular checkups. Unbidden, flashes of conversation with various people started surfacing in my mind, all around the theme of how the body starts deteriorating when you turn forty. I was buying into it and I did not know it.

Now, I am not decrying people’s experiences here of what happened to them when they crossed the forty mark. It’s just that some people continue to look and feel great well after, and some just don’t. So there must be something else at work here rather than just genetics. In fact, all cellular biologists, and geneticists will tell you that when cells replicate themselves, they usually make a perfectly healthy copy of themselves, and they have built in error correction mechanisms. This process is natural unless something gets in the way. Something like stress, which can cause cancer.

Hmmm… If stress causes cancer then what about our beliefs about ourselves? Can we physically affect our cells and DNA? Actually we can. Just research the works of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Peter Gariev, or Professor Fritz Popp. In my article on The Chakras I examine this mechanism of interaction between mind and body through DNA.

The past couple of days has seen me practicing yoga in the morning with the express intent of healing and realigning the sciatic nerve injury. I spontaneously connected this morning with my body cells to find them quite confused. They were literally wondering if they had to ‘slow down’ now that I had turned forty. They couldn’t fathom why.

As weird as this may sound, recall that there is Divine Consciousness in everything. Even as various cells make up our organs, which in turn make up our bodies, so too we as individuals can be likened onto the cells of the Cosmic Person. The Purush Suktam of the Rig Veda says for instance, “The Brahmanas are His mouth, the Kshatriyas His arms, the Vaishyas His torso, and the Sudras His legs.”

This experience has really brought home to me just how much our beliefs influence our health. It is a classic example of how we can allow the thoughts and beliefs of people to condition us in subtle ways. No doubt there may be other factors at play here. But the Law of Attraction dictates that what we resonate with is what we will experience. So drawing the experience of those factors to us in the first place presupposes a consciousness in us that seeded the experiences. Once we can identify and change those beliefs, we can heal ourselves. Celebrated author Louis Hayhas done a lifetime of work in this arena, showing us that by changing our beliefs we can change ourselves.

Mainstream science is catching up to this now. In this medical article by Dr. Stephen Hochschuler, psychological treatment for self-defeating behaviours are given as one remedy for healing sciatic nerve injury.

​What is the outcome of all of this, you may ask? Well, the pain has greatly subsided now. There is now a barely noticeable soreness in the area. I will continue to monitor myself for any self-defeating beliefs that I still carry with me.


In my last post, Physician Heal Thyself, I spoke of calling upon my Spirit team to assist in the healing of my pinched sciatic nerve. This post is an add-on to that one where I share with you a most interesting experience- that of being lovingly scolded by Spirit and confirmation of the experience. This was definitely a first for me. I did not want to include this bit in the last post to take away from the essence of the message- our beliefs shape our reality.

This event took place a few days ago after I had finished my morning’s yoga practice and was lying in corpse-pose, shavasana. I invited my Spirit team to work with me in healing and just lay there, observing the flow of energies which they directed to me. My legs started spasming as they unblocked my feet chakras and allowed the pranachi, or ki, energy to once again flow freely.

Finding the process was taking a bit long, I decided to replicate my energies in spirit and move unto other things physically. So I basically told my Spirit team to continue working with me in Spirit while I got up and about to the rest of my day. As I made a move to get up I was sternly yet lovingly told to stay down! They weren’t finished yet!

They showed me a mental image of me on all fours, stretching my leg straight out behind me (see the graphic above). It was an unusual position, one that I don’t do although I am aware of the stretch. So I obliged, feeling the relevant muscles relaxing and contracting. It worked.

Up until this time I had no idea that the pain was from the sciatic nerve. The confirmation came a few days after when I read this medical article by Dr. Stephen Hochschuler who gave that exact same stretch as a remedy for sciatic nerve pain! I only had to smile and give thanks to my Spirit team. All of these years of doing spiritual work, and I still love getting confirmations. Thank you, God!


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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‘Diary of a Yogi’ Chapter 8 – Pleiades – Altair Shyam

Feelings by Saiska’s Art @ Etsy


Chapter 8 – Pleiades

Altair climbed the grey stairs to his family home and pushed the double white doors into all the noise. They opened onto the dining room and lounge. The air was hot and filled with the noise of celebrations, welcoming him home from the Deep South. The room had a big oval oak table around which a number of his friends were sitting. On the right was the family library piled with books and on the left were all the family photograph albums and pictures his mother Mary loved to display. Something made his skin get goosebumps and his heart race. He knew his best friend FiBee loved to matchmake and she had warned him she might bring someone special. FiBee was also from the Deep South, a pixie creature who loved to sniff lavender with Altair and his other best friend Max the Tibetan Monk and together they would all go crazy in the shopping centers having races with the supermarket trolleys. So as he stood there, knowing the magic FiBee could bring to any occasion, his eyes turned to the far corner of the room by the wedding photograph of his parents and he saw her. Their eyes met and they both smiled and he was smitten instantly. She was watching him, and returned to playing a harmonica. He walked over to her amidst the smiles and choruses of ‘Welcome Home’.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m Altair.”

“I know,” she said. “I’m Priya.”

“Do you play harmonica?”

“No, just learning.” And she smiled at FiBee like they knew a secret.

“Oh? You’re pretty good! You’re not a musician then?”

“No, I love to dance,” said Priya.

And that was it. Like two peas in a pod Altair and Priya sat and talked the whole evening as if no one else in the entire world existed and he knew that this was the Sign he’d been looking for. The Dancer the Sanyasi had told him about, his first wife from his life as a Raj. He knew it with all his heart and all his soul. And just now they had found a way into each other’s world.

Priya was small and slight, almost elfin, with the determination of a tiger and the mystique of the Sphinx. She had a keen sharp intelligence like a knife and could cut away Altair’s concerns like butter. Her eyes were hazel and her hair curly and tawny brown and she smelled like sweet honey. Love, especially deep true love, has a way of working magic with the stars.

And so it did.

“Priya,” said Altair one day, many moons into their relationship, after a dream where they both dreamed of flying the same crystal airplane. Altair dreamt he was flying Priya and she was in the back. Priya dreamed Altair was flying her and he was in the front. “Tell me about where you want to fly to. Where is your bridge across forever? What other worlds does it lead to?”

Priya looked deep into Altair’s eyes. “I want to explore the stars with you. That’s why we fell in love. You can help me go beyond what is here. To find out what lies beyond.”

“What did that Steve guy say about other worlds?”

Priya and Altair had just attended a seminar on extraterrestrials and other worlds with Steve, a US expert on extraterrestrial contact and had decided to sign up together for a weekend workshop with him. It had been FiBee, their divine connector and fountain of everything spiritual who had told them about it. FiBee seemed to have her pulse on every esoteric heartbeat in town and could weave magical relationships where before there were none. Priya adored her like a goddess.

“He said something about this Venus and Jupiter energy in the spine. That we were like universal connectors or cosmic radio stations for the universe and life out there.”

“I want to find out how it works.”

“Why do you want to find out about life out there so much? What about life here? I mean I want to know but there is so much everyone needs here on earth.”

“I know, I can’t explain all of it but I’ve wanted to explore the stars and other worlds since I was a child.”

“You’ve got an alien inside you,” laughed Priya. “That should be enough.”

“Well I figure we are all like that.  We just don’t know it. We all come from the stars.”

“That guy Steve is just like you, Altair. Weird. When you look into his eyes he looks like he comes from another planet.”

“I thought so too. He seems like he has some answers to all this.”

Steve certainly did have answers. He had been a professional rugby league international totally disinterested in UFOs and that sort of thing when one weekend, when he was on holiday at Bethells Beach, he had been struck down by a blue light which came from the stars and the beings he connected with downloaded him with information from an extraterrestrial civilization that was in direct contact with earth. It had changed his life overnight. And it was about to change Altair and Priya’s.

The workshop was a massive energy shift. Altair and Priya felt like they were surfing a wave. It started with all the participants, which included FiBee and her friend Penelope, cleansing the chakras by replacing the crystals that composed the petals of those chakras. They worked on the third eye or ajna chakra which had two petals for most of the time. Then they worked on telepathy with partners. Altair’s partner was Penelope and using simple energy breathing techniques in the spine they were able to reach out and touch each other’s essence. When Altair tried it with Penelope he got an enormous shock. As he entered her consciousness Penelope shape-shifted and formed a ferocious tiger which sprang out at him claws and all. It was a stunning, confronting demonstration of power in its rawest form. Penelope confirmed that was exactly what she had manifested and she seemed impressed that Altair had picked up so exactly on it.

Fierce Tiger by Tiger Soul @ Flickr


“I’m not comfortable with men,” she said quite candidly. “You’re the first man I’ve allowed to get anywhere near me on that psychic level. My mum has always protected me from unwanted forces. She taught me how to deal with it. Like this.”

“I want to find a way through,” said Altair. “A bridge. Into your world. Into your being.”

“I’m not ready for that,” said Penelope. “I prefer to live within my walls. I know I’m safe that way.”

“Powerful walls!” said Altair.

That night both Altair and Priya were exhausted but they couldn’t sleep.

“What did you discover?” said Altair.

“Amazing energies,” said Priya. “All over my body. Like a zinging up and down my spine. As if everything electrical in my body has been suddenly activated.”

“Me too,” said Altair.

They lay awake a long time thinking of the stars and the magic that lay beyond them on the bridge across forever.

Steve was a hard taskmaster. Priya and Altair signed up for a number of weekend workshops after that initial one. One Saturday night Steve said in front of the group,

“I’d like to give you all feedback about your progress. Tough stuff to help you.”

He went around the group praising some and advising others how to fine tune their energies.

To Priya he said, “You have a pristine energy, very pure and awake, like a new birth.”

Priya smiled her delicious warm smile that Altair loved so much.

Finally he turned to Altair.

“You,” he said, “pretend to be the most spiritual of all, but you have the most to learn, because you are the least spiritually developed.”

Altair sat a long while after the circle sharing in shock and silence.

When they got home he asked Priya, “Do you really think I am that immature?”

She laughed. “You take yourself too seriously. Steve said that to wake you up.”

Altair worried about the aftereffects of this all weekend. He mulled and stewed over it all week.

The next weekend was the last workshop where they would all go to Bethells Beach to call craft in from the stars. There was a part of Altair, a sulking part, that didn’t believe this would happen to him right now. Maybe for the others but not to him.

They all sat high on a hillside above the beach as a group and called the craft in using the Venus Jupiter techniques in the spine that Steve had taught them. Blue lights appeared in the sky and on the horizon and flew at them from all angles.

It was Contact, but not as Altair wanted it.

Perhaps it was something in the look he had that night, perhaps it was a hunch, or perhaps it was what Steve had said to Altair that shifted things so much, because as time passed Altair began to question whether he would ever have true Contact. He had seen and he believed but he hadn’t felt. He couldn’t put his finger on exactly what he wanted from the stars and magic but he knew he wanted more.

He was appointed Director of an educational institution in the Deep South and Priya and he started a family together. There were no more joyful moments than the birth of a son and then a daughter, both of them treasures in his heart that he knew would be there always.

“I’m never apart from you,” he would whisper to them when they were alone. “I’m a part of you and you’re a part of me. We’re part of each other. Every day of my life you will be in my heart and even beyond this life too.”

Altair wrote birth songs for both of his children. They lived all together beside a beautiful beach. He travelled the world marketing for education. Priya and Altair went through the joys and struggles of all couples. And still he wondered.

One day Steve returned to the Deep South, invited by Altair to give a seminar on extraterrestrial Contact.

That evening, on a Saturday, after the talk, Altair and Steve were sitting eating pizza together. Priya was at home with the children.

“What did you think of the seminar?” said Steve sipping a beer.

“People get very excited by extraterrestrials. Why don’t they reveal themselves?”

“It’s a simple matter of energy and consciousness. You’ve seen it for yourself. When you raise the energy levels in your system you attract wherever your attention is focused. Like a radio beacon, you tune into the right frequency. You tune into them with the right energy and they will tune into you. And find you.”

Altair paused.

“Do you want to see a star craft?”

Altair couldn’t believe his ears.

“Right here? Now?”

They were eating at a beach front restaurant near his house.

“Sure, right here. Let’s go for a walk.”

They took a stroll along the beach past a number of people who were also out late. It was just going on 1am. There was a woman with a dog, a man out fishing in a boat, a couple walking on the beach. Most people’s lights were out. It was a beautiful evening and the sky was very clear and littered with stars.

Meditation On The Beach by Amy Scholten @ Fine Art America


“Let’s stop here,” said Steve.

They stopped not far from Altair’s beach front house.

“You remember the Venus Jupiter exercises?”


“So simply visualize building the energy within the spine as you connect to the emerald green of Venus on the left. Then connect to the craft through the ruby red energy of Jupiter on the right and extend the energy out through the third eye to make contact.”

Altair and Steve did the exercises together for about five minutes. They were both adept at it and the consciousness flowed easily and smoothly. They gazed up at the heavens together.

A few minutes passed and a satellite appeared around about the center of the Pleiades constellation and started to move across the sky as they watched.

It reached the center of the sky and stopped.


“It…it stopped!” said Altair, scarcely believing his eyes. “Satellites don’t stop!”

“Right,” said Steve.

As Altair watched in disbelief the satellite began to lower, vertically, from its position high up in the stars, and descend towards them. As it grew closer and larger, Altair began to make out details.

A star craft was right above them, transparent so they could see the stars through it, with three lights at each of the nose and the two wing tips, and an enormous booster engine at the rear. It was gigantic, about the size of two jumbo jets and it descended over Altair’s house. All activity on the beach had stopped and those witnessing just stood there stunned. The craft manoeuvred over Altair’s house before flashing three times in a sign to Altair and then a whooshing sound could be heard as the craft sped off and disappeared at a rate faster than anything Altair has seen move to this day. He stood there, rooted to the spot.

“Did…” was all he could say.

“Yes,” said Steve. “Now go home to Priya. She will be missing you. Watch what happens carefully these next few days. And do not report what happened or how you called the craft to the authorities. They will be all over you and you will be tracked forever. Just like the X-Files. Keep it safely between your friends.”

Altair nodded. He was still rocked by the energies, by the possibilities for humanity, by the knowledge that we could make Contact if we wished, if we raised our energies, if we knew how.

And he knew how.

The following days were filled with the news of the ‘alien contact’. In newspapers and television, stories of the craft from eyewitnesses appeared and the United States Air Force flew two jets in to the beach resort with scientists in white coats who posted rewards around the town of $500 for information leading to or pertaining to the extraterrestrial craft. Four young boys who had been sleeping out on the roof of their house had been ‘visited’ by the starship and described exactly the same craft as Altair had seen, the whooshing noise and the incredible speed with which it left their location after it hovered above them. Friends and family who knew of Altair’s experience all wanted to know more. And everyone who laid claim to an alien contact or alien DNA came out of the woodwork.

The Pleiadians by Evelyzenunez @ DeviantArt


Two weeks later Altair was walking along another beach on the same coast a little further north with five of his friends. They were joking with him about his Contact.

“So you can cross worlds,” said Tanya.

“And call extraterrestrial craft,” said Mark.

“Go on, show us,” they all cajoled him.

“You can do it,” whispered Tanya. “Go on, I know you can do anything.”

Tanya had been good friends with Altair for such a long time. She was convinced that she walked the same path and they often shared their mystical experiences.

“Now?” said Altair. “In the middle of the day? The craft came at 1am. From the stars. The Pleiades. If I call it now you might never see it. What would be just as good a test?”

“The dolphins,” said Tanya. “Call the dolphins.”

“The dolphins,” they all cried. There was lots of laughter and a good feeling about this suggestion. If anyone could do it Altair could.

“How do you do it?” said Mark. “Is there an actual bridge or what?”

“Just an intention,” said Altair. “Then an activation of the current in your body through the Venus and Jupiter exercises. They are very similar to Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga. Then surrender. And wait. That’s it basically. A call of the heart. If my heart is in tune with theirs they will come.”

“Show me,” said Tanya.

Elephant painted beach stone

“All right,” said Altair. “I’ll show you.” And he sat down on the beach and closed his eyes.

For a moment all he heard was the tumble and falling of the waves, swish, swish. Everything else was quiet.

He focused on the dolphins, bringing them to his mind’s eye. Then he made an intention to become the ocean and began to breathe and draw the Venus and Jupiter energies up through the left and right sides of his body. It only took a few minutes.       Then something happened.

As he relaxed his mind into the shape of the ocean waves a new consciousness began to sweep around his body and powers he had hitherto been unexposed to rose to the surface.

He felt for all the world like a dolphin, leaping and diving in and out of the ocean sprays.

He felt safe and filled with joy under the water.

He could breathe!

“Look, look!” came the cry. Altair opened his eyes.

The five friends were pointing out to sea. There, swimming along the beach, was a pod of dolphins. Three of them turned and swam into the beach at just the point Altair was sitting.

Altair rose to his feet, feeling at one with the dolphins. He could hear them, feel them calling to him.

“C’mon!” he shouted.

But his friends were too shocked by the sudden appearance of the dolphins to move. They stood there with open mouths, gaping as Altair took off his clothes and dived into the surf. The dolphins waited, playing close to the shore and when Altair joined them they swam with him out to sea, circling and frolicking, jumping and greeting him with clicks and whistles. Altair could understand all that passed between them that day. He could see the worlds they came from, the joy they brought to this world, the sadness they felt at the atrocities committed to their brethren and the damage done to the ocean. They were such peace loving light filled beings. He felt more at home with them here than he did in many other places on this planet. He knew they were his Dolphin Light Family come to acknowledge him.

Sea, Sun, Stars by Julie Dillon @ DeviantArt

Where Priya was smart and elfin, Tanya was passionate and mysterious. She had large dark eyes and black curly hair and she and Altair had an uncanny connection. His meeting with his Star Family, which is how he referred to the extraterrestrials and his Light Family, the dolphins, had opened a way from this world into others. Telepathy with Tanya became as easy and natural as breathing, even without trying. Altair would suddenly find himself in her dreams, so he would call her and she would confirm…

“Yes, I was wearing a white dress with a necklace of pearls,” or they could be in separate rooms and shown an object or given something to touch and they would both have an identical experience. Tanya could hold a pack of cards, secretly draw a sequence and Altair could tell her what they were.

They had discovered this by accident one night when they were all in a meditation group. It was shortly after a trip to India and the Himalayas that Altair had made to see Swami Shyam. When Altair came back he was literally glowing. Everyone noticed it. Altair discovered on his return that by raising the energies up his spine while holding an intention he could trigger a similar energy in anyone that looked into his eyes. He knew this was the Naga energies working through him. So one night as they were going around the circle and people were asking Altair to activate this energy or that intention, when he reached Tanya he suddenly felt himself raised up and leaving his body and an instant later found himself in her body. It was most uncanny and incredibly unnerving and greatly upset Priya and Tanya’s husband Mark. They wanted Altair and Tanya to stop immediately which they did but the natural consequences of this unexpected skill was the desire to experiment. So consciously and unconsciously in dreams the telepathy between the two of them unfolded and it led to a great rift between Altair and Priya.

Tanya had a friend called Kathleen. Kathleen had a friend called Nigel. Nigel and his wife Pauline ran a small school that Priya and Altair’s children went to. Nigel was the cause of the second great rift between Altair and Priya. Priya was sexually abused by her father. In fact her father had sexually abused all his daughters. Priya and her sisters suffered a great deal in their early years, vulnerable young years when a soul is still gaining knowledge about what is right and wrong or light and dark. Without proper guidance it was easy to fall into addiction to food or alcohol or sex as a way of trying to find answers to the Love that was missing. When Priya was feeling lonely she turned to Nigel. Nigel was a Tibetan Buddhist with a number of consorts or partners and he was looking to extend that harem to include Priya. Priya’s insecurities about Tanya’s relationship with Altair led her to confide in Nigel, who then took advantage of her vulnerability and her past and entered into a sexual relationship with her at the same time as he was in a relationship with both Kathleen and Pauline.

One night Altair was talking to Priya while she was taking a bath. The children were fast asleep. He looked into her eyes and he knew. They had been too close and the love that sparkles can also burn.

“Are you having a relationship with him?”

Priya paused a long time.

“Are you having a sexual relationship with him?”

Tears filled Altair’s eyes and then Priya knew that he knew.

“Yes,” she said simply with typical elfin defiance.

Altair’s spirit was crushed in that instant and his heart broke in two. An anger, a fierce burning smouldering anger emerged from the ashes of his broken heart.

“I’ll kill him. I’m going to take my sword and kill him.”

Priya was horrified.

“No,” she said as she rose out of the bath. “No!”

Altair had no intention of killing anyone but he recognized the past life of a Samurai soldier where he and Greg had faced off over love before.

Altair stormed out of the house, ran down the road and emitted the most horrendous flood of expletives over the phone to his poor mother. When he had calmed down he wept uncontrollably. His mother was silent a long while.

“Why don’t you come home for a while.”

Altair thought about this for a long time.

“No, I need to sort this out with her. For the children’s sake.”

Altair was trembling badly when he returned. His nervous system had taken such a shock. It might have been the delayed reaction to Priya’s confession or it might have been finding himself in a totally new reality from the one he had thought he was in just an hour or two ago. He knew this was part of his journey across the bridge between worlds because wherever there was light there was also darkness. And both had to be understood in the path of love and wisdom. Knowing that did not make things any easier however.

“I want to see other men. I want to have freedom to explore,” said Priya a few days later.

Altair felt helpless. His childhood, so filled with hope and trust and beautiful nurturing was now crashing down all around him and he was alone.

“I’ll move out,” said Altair.

“I’m not asking you to do that,” said Priya. “The children want to see you.”

“I’ll move into the cave.”

“Up to you.”

The cave was the garden shed. In order to be near to the children Altair decided on an impulse to convert the shed in their back yard, which usually held gardening tools and which he had nicknamed the cave as it was so dark, into a meditation cave. He pulled out the tools and hung Thangka of the Buddha and the scroll of Saraswati and made an altar with the Masters of Krishna and Babaji’s line. And he always carried a little statue of Mary and baby Jesus which reminded him that no matter how much suffering he was going through, someone was going through more.

Tanya helped him a great deal in that terrible time. They both decided to drop all connections of a mystical and telepathic nature which included meditation group gatherings to give Altair a chance to heal.

“So what do you want to do?” asked Tanya one Sunday afternoon.

“I feel so broken,” said Altair. “I need to heal. The only thing I can think of is helping others.”

“I’m manager for all the intellectually disabled groups here in the Deep South,” said Tanya. “If there is anything you can think of that could help them, then I can arrange it.”

“You know me well,” said Altair managing a small smile. “If there is any way you could use my yoga and meditation experience or performing arts…”

“Didn’t you do an OT job once?” said Tanya.

It was true. Some years before Altair went out with a doctor, Maggie. She was in charge of a large hospital wing and their OT, occupational therapist, had a sudden family emergency and took three months off. As Altair was there and he had a counseling degree they employed him to fill in, doing everything from art to yoga to tai chi and meditation. Altair had lots of close run ins with patients as he worked in the psychiatric ward. One day a patient named Bill knocked the orderly clean out. He then stalked other doctors and nurses who were all too afraid of him to go near. Altair had just arrived, didn’t know this had all just happened and came around the corner to be picked up by Bill, who was a mammoth of a man.

“I’m gonna kill ya!” said Bill.

Altair wasn’t frightened but he also couldn’t breathe, caught in a behemoth’s bear hug.


Because he couldn’t speak or resist and was feeling like his ribs were going to crack the only thing Altair could do was relax. He let all the life go out of his body and hung limp.

Suddenly Bill dropped him.

“Fooled ya!”

He picked Altair up from a heap on the floor.

“I wouldn’t ‘ave killed ya. I like ya.”

And Bill turned around and walked away into the arms of the security guards who had arrived.

Altair’s memories returned to Tanya.

The Christ Child Asleep (detail) Bernardino Luini

“I guess I could do that,” he said. “Set me up with a date and I’ll see what I can come up with.”

So he relied on his OT experience and built a program with Tanya where he taught the residents of the houses under her direction everything from yoga to tai chi, massage to meditation, art and music. It was just as much therapy for him as for the residents.

Altair remembered a profound moment in those six months where something began to switch back on for him.

He was doing a meditation exercise with one of the groups and all was very silent. There was a deep still presence and everything was in harmony. Suddenly Colin, one of the residents opened his eyes wide in awareness and alarm.

“Here!” he said, pointing to his head again and again. “Listen! I can hear my brain clicking!”

The cave was a difficult place. Every night after Altair went home he would play with the children, kiss them good night and head out to the cave. If Priya went out he would stay in the house, only to disappear into the cave when he heard her car pull into the garage.

“What’s it like,” asked Tanya one day at one of the resident’s houses, “living in a cave?”

“For the first few months it was terrible,” confessed Altair. “I had this image from a wee boy of Horton the elephant sitting on Maisie’s egg, and I figured if I could sit long enough with the pain, that one day it would hatch into something different, like a rebirth. Nice idea, but life isn’t always like that.

In those months I would go into the cave, and I’d try to sit and I’d sit, in desperate hope like Horton, but most of the time my heart would hammer and I couldn’t breathe and I’d have to get up and walk around in the garden and look at the stars until the feelings subsided. It was such a dark time!”

“You should have told me. You could have gone out or done something with Mark and me.”

“I was too low, too ashamed to show my head in public. I felt people were silently laughing at me and my situation. I’d lost my marriage, my kids, my job…”

Altair hung his head.

“Your job? I didn’t know that.”

“Yep. The Board of Directors decided I was too vulnerable down here so they transferred me up North. Brought a new director in. Didn’t give me an option of staying. So I resigned.”

“What will you do?”

“I’m thinking of starting another company with some friends. When I heal. Not until then.”

Altair had been putting on a brave face by not letting Tanya see just how low he’d  been, how much fear he’d had to face. He’d always talked about mastering fear and being in love, and here he was unable to simply be and forgive and nurture himself.

He decided to let his guard down a little more.

“Sometimes I have the most crazy thoughts,” he told her. “I just want to go and cut his head off. I guess it’s a habit I have from those 16th century Raj days.” He let out a small smile. “It kind of feels good to have those thoughts, to know I’m not going to act on them, but to let out a little wickedness, a little of my wild side.”

“How do you deal with it?” asked Tanya. “All those pent up feelings. It can’t be good for you to lock them all away.”

“You’re right,” said Altair. “The main thing is not to do harm to any other human being, no matter how strongly you feel or how angry you are at them.  So when I feel like that I take myself away, high up into the mountains and forests for a day or two. Into the wilderness by myself. The first time I did it I felt such madness overtake me that I found a huge log and pounded enormous rocks for hours until I was exhausted. Then I cried and cried for just as long a time until I was all spent. It was perhaps the most healing thing I have done for myself. Self-compassion. Taking the time to be alone and get in touch with where my heart was truly at. To be totally present with those feelings, no matter how awful I thought they were.”

Tears filled Altair’s eyes.

Kuan Yin Pink Lotus Heart by Sue Halstenberg @ Fine Art America

“And slowly they changed, and I made friends with them, this terrible rage, this crippling anger, this enormous pain that I had carried around like a weight.”

He took a deep breath.

“They were my own personal demons, they were the parts of me I feared the most.”

Tanya gave him a hug.

“It’s much better when you share.”

“You’re right, that’s exactly what my Mum says.”

And both of their eyes filled with tears at the same time.


Robert Maguire Oil Painting Portrait of Buddhist Bodhisattva Guanyin

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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The Higher Call and NEW Webinar -Suzanne Lie


The Higher Call–and NEW Webinar – The Arcturians through Sue Lie


The Higher Call

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

I came to my computer as I heard you had a message, but I got sidetracked by some email. Can you please assist me to remember what you were beginning to say through me?

Dear Suzille,

Distraction from our “Higher Call” as well as from our “communications,” is an ongoing challenge for our grounded ones. There is so very much to do in your daily life, that if  you do not set up a special time and place which is dedicated to your “inter-dimensional communication,” it is easy to “forget” or “put off” one of the most important meetings you can have.

In fact, consciously reminding yourself that “It is the NOW to receive an Interdimensional communication that you WILL document, and hopefully, share with others. We, your Galactic Family are so very grateful to those who maintain an open portal to their Higher SELF and their Higher Dimensional Realities.

We will now assist you to understand how “Higher SELF” and “Higher Dimensional Realities,” are very similar, but not totally the same. Your Higher SELF is a higher dimensional version of your consciousness, which may or may not look like the YOU that is wearing an earth vessel.

For example, your Pleiadian SELF is tall, thin and usually wears a blue uniform. On the other hand, your Arcturian SELF has never shown you our form. The reason for this is because we prefer to be free of all third dimensional form and to remain in our most powerful form of an energy field.

This energy field and be held into a form if we find that is important to get ones attention. However, we prefer to remain in our true, wavering, transmuting form that can best align with and intermingle with a person, place, situation or activity that is in need of our assistance.

We say “in need of our existence,” because we chose to lovingly send you Unconditional Love, or the “power of an idea” when we wish to communicate with you. When we say you, we are not just speaking of the channel who is transcribing this message.

When we speak to humanity, we do so in a manner that each of you feels as though our message is for just you. We do so because you live in an individualized reality in which you vowed from your Higher SELF that you would take a human earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

We have not concept of “personal self” as you do on third dimensional Earth. In fact, it is only on a third dimensional planet or energy wave that one can separate away from the “feeling of the ONE” to experience the “feeling of Earth’s individuality.”

We say “Earth’s individuality because there are not that many situations in which there is the polarities and individuality that is found on planet Earth. Gaia, the consciousness of Earth has volunteered to take on the “experiment of the separation of individuality.”

On most planets and most realities, there no “separation into different individuals” that is a primary component of Earth’s operating system. In fact, dear Gaia volunteered to take on that task because She wanted to find a way to blend the great love and beauty with Her Sister Venus and the separation into individuality of Her brother Mars.

However, the outward reaching power of Mars has proved to uncontainable to many third dimensional humans, and an energy field that has too often overridden the deep Unconditional Love of Venus .

Gaia rotates between the love and beauty and Venus and the warrior, protectiveness of Mars. In fact, the “female modal of humanity was to emulate the Venus Operating System” and the “make model of humanity was to emulate the Mars Operating System.

In this manner, we the Galactics hoped that Earth would serve as the planetary body where male and female energy fields could remain separate until that energy field was mastered.

Then, as the masculine (energy out) and feminine (energy in) FLOWS could intermingle to create a new form of human. This new form of human is much like the humans who resonate to the higher fourth and, mostly, the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Gaia, brave planet that She is, chose to be represent the merging of the male—energy OUT flow and the female—energy IN flow. This in and out flow of Interdimensional energy fields were to function much like an “engine” that would empower Gaia to begin Her transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet of individuality and separation into a fifth dimensional planet of Unity with the ONE.

It was planned that these oscillating energy patterns flowing into and simultaneously, out from Gaia, were meant to escalate the frequency rate of Gaia’s planetary energy rate, as well as the energy rate of ALL of Gaia’s beings.

However, the “dark ones,” could see the potential using Gaia’s ever advancing energy field for their own gain. However, greed often does not take the time to do sufficient research.

Therefore, the “greedy for power over ones,” who came to Earth from their planet far away – which they had destroyed by their greed—to find a new Home.  However, the very “greed for power over” that destroyed their world has greatly damaged Gaia, planet Earth’s, world.

The problem was that those who had the “power over others” persona greatly disliked the “power within ones,” They disliked the “Power Within Ones” because they always seemed to enjoy their reality, which they filled with, camaraderie and love.

Since the “power over others” could not understand how the “power within” group seemed so happy, enlightened, artistic and even “inter-dimensional” Therefore, the power over ones set out to destroy the power within ones.

Thus “WAR, famine and disease” was introduced into the beautiful, loving planet that we the Galactics call Earth. We come to you within this NOW because Gaia is being greatly assaulted. This assault is not from outside of Her planet, but rather from those who live ON Her planet.

Gaia is very confused. She deeply wants to assist those who love Her and centered on peace and love. However, within the same NOW, there are those who think only to feed their greed – No matter what the cost may be to dear Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

Fortunately, they are many humans who live by Gaia’s operating system of being a planet of love and evolution. Therefore, Gaia is in greater conflict than before because the “power over” ones have NO respect for Gaia and wound Her more and more each day.

On the other hand, the “power within” ones are doing all they can to protect their beloved planet Gaia. Hence, the planet that was meant to be one of Love and Peace, has become a planet of Fear and War.

These polarities of Love/Peace and fear/war, are jockeying for power. The Love/Peace group realize that if they are to empower their beloved planet, they will need to find and use their own “Power Within.”

On the other hand, those who live by fear/war are continually seeking to have more “Power Over.” The question that we, your Galactic Family, ask is, “How do we assist Gaia with Her ascension without becoming involved with Her “Polarity War?”

We realize, that we, the higher dimensional expressions of those of us who chose to take a third dimensional Earth Vessel to assist Gaia, are wearing an Earth Vessel, BUT we are simultaneously, our fifth dimensional expression of SELF on the higher dimensional Ships and home worlds.

We have come from many different planetary realities to assist dear Gaia. But, just as we have come to assist Gaia from our realities based on Love and Light, other beings have come from their realities based on Fear and Power Over.

In this manner, old Galactic issues that were solved by “refusing to intermingle,” must NOW intermingle if we are to assist Gaia. You see, the power over group has as many of there people on Earth as the power within Group.

Therefore, they do not want Gaia to be harmed either, for if they harmed Gaia, they would also harm their own people. We hope that you can see how this is actually good. Both the Power Over and Power Within beings must work together, and ONE, if they are to save planet Earth, which they have both been inhabiting for many millennia.

Therefore, Gaia, who has been greatly suffering from the selfishness and greed of the Power Over Ones, have also been greatly benefiting by the Unconditional Love and Inter-dimensional Power of the Power Within Ones.

What would happen if the “Power Overs” and the “Power With Ins” were to come to an agreement to stop their wars and destruction to remember that if the planet dies, they ALL die.

The “Power Within ones” deeply love Gaia and could not bare to see Her destruction. On the other hand, the “Power Over ones,” are beginning to realize that if they destroy Gaia, they also destroy the planet that has served as their home.

However, the Power Overs do not know how to send Unconditional Love because they have NEVER received it. It were not raised by loving families. They were treated by their own family in the same manner that they treat others—with Power OVER.

But, with if the Power Within ones decided to give the Power Over ones what they received, which was and is—The Power Within that has allowed them to give to others the same patience, commitment and love that they were given.

There are also the VERY POWERFUL ones who were NOT raised with power within and unconditional love. But, somehow, they were able to “connect with” and “listen to” their own Higher SELF to gain the love, patience, direction, and encouragement that may have been missing in their 3D world.

We, your Galactic Family, wish to offer YOU, those that we just spoke of, as well as ALL of humanity, our Unconditional Love and Inter-dimensional Light!

Please accept our gift of  Unconditional LOVE and Multidimensional LIGHT

Blessings from your higher dimensional self and your higher dimensional family.

We are ALWAYS with you!!

Just give us a call and we will answer.

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Transcript ~ St. Clare: Your Ascension and What Lies Ahead – Linda Dillon

Artist Yuriy Sultanov


Transcript ~ St. Clare: Your Ascension and What Lies Ahead, May 10, 2018

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.

St. Clare ~ Your Ascension and What Lies Ahead

“What I come to talk about is to celebrate with you your Ascension. And you say, “Well, Clare, what does that look like?” And what I say to you – we did not have mirrors in our community, but you do! – so what I say to you: “If you wish to see what an Ascended Self looks like, look in the mirror and look at each other and conjoin and celebrate, and keep going!”

Heavenly Blessings ~ May 10, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:20 to 17:45]


St. Clare: Greetings, I am Clare.

Suzi: Welcome.

StC: And welcome to you, to each and every one of you. And yes, I bring you the gift of clarity. It is my namesake, it is my essence, and it is the strength and the beauty and the wonder of who I am, and who I have always been, and who I continue to be. And so I invite you to travel with me this day and every day.

No, I do not present myself as archangel or master, but rather as fellow journeyer in this magnificent journey of love back to the Mother, always, and in the company not only of my beloved Francis but in the company of Yeshua, yes, of Jesus.

And as the channel has mentioned, this is the official feast day of the Ascension, and that is why I have asked to come and to speak to you. It is not merely to mark and celebrate the ascension of Yeshua. It is to mark and to celebrate and to share with you the insights of your ascension, and for you to accept, to embrace, and yes, beloved ones, to embody your Ascended Self.

When I have walked the Earth as Clare (my adopted name), I have walked away in many ways – both Francis and I walked away – from the world or what was termed ‘the world’. We walked away from the pomp and the ceremony and the artificiality of those societies. We walked away, not in disdain or despair or even rejection, although my father would disagree!

We walked away from the world to truly discover the world, and in that to discover myself – not through pride or artifice but in the connection to All, to the planet, to Gaia, the one that you call Gaia, to the plants and the animals and to my community.

Much is said – and correctly so, by the way; the recountings are quite accurate – but much has been made of my love, which is true, of Francis and might I say his love of me. But our point of conjoining, our point of connection, was truly our love for Jesus. It allowed us, in this place of conjunction, to join in Christ Consciousness, to join in the love.

And it was not compartmentalised. It was not “this is my love for Francis, this is my love of self, this is my love of community, this is my love of Mother Earth.” It all became one thing and it was a robust, loving, caring, rich – rich, rich, rich – life.

I found myself in walking away from the world that I had been born into and come to know, because it was ultra-restrictive. It was the external reality of family, of friends, of society trying to define me. I was very rebellious – and, my beloveds, rebellion can be a very positive thing!

Many of you, my family and friends, my sisters and brothers, have also chosen what some would see and what you at times have expressed as a rebellious journey. It is that determination, stubbornness, to truly find your way, not as defined by institution or structure or even family, even the family you love and adore.

This path of lightworker/lightholder, this path of Ascension, has not been a path that has been trod by many or often, so you are breaking new ground. And when I say this, yes, it is true, all who are upon the planet have been aware of this situation prior to return as part of your contracts, but some have – many! – have remained asleep and that is all right.

But who I come to truly speak to this night is those of you who are not asleep and who have been consciously wide-awake, pursuing this path of Ascension, and both intellectually and mentally, emotionally and spiritually, trying to figure it out!

Because there has been much said and much written and many adjustments, and time adjustments as well, along the way – and you have persevered. And you have not simply persevered in a way of survival, of one step in front of the next. You have persevered and expanded and accepted the frequency attunements which, yes, of course, have been uplifting but also difficult at moments physically and mentally and emotionally.

And you have felt your heart swell, and while many of you have not physically levitated – my beloveds, you have levitated individually and collectively. Now, I am not coming to talk about separation, but let us give the acknowledgement and the encouragement where it is due, because you have levitated through the dimensions.

And as you have, you have put your hand out, you have extended yourself literally and etherically to those left behind and said, “Come along, come along, come along!” And sometimes they have grabbed your hand in glee, and sometimes they have been kicking and screaming. But that is the job, that is the journey of Ascension, and it most certainly is the path of the wayshower.

You are doing, and have done, and will be doing exemplary work with and for our beloved Yeshua, with and for our beloved Mother. I did not re-engage with that world that I had left behind. It was not that my love for my family, my friends, was extinguished; it most certainly wasn’t, but my path in that lifetime was to leave that behind.

And many of you have left those who do not understand, those who do not wish to participate, those old structures, those old belief systems, those false grids and paradigms – you have left that behind, and that has been necessary for your Ascension.

You are in your Ascension, beloveds!

But what lies ahead? You will re-engage. This is your pathway, not only pulling up and pulling along and showing that there is a different path, and creating and co-creating with us and with each other Nova Earth and the way it was always intended to be. But in that creation of the new, many of you will re-engage with what you think of as the old, as what is in transition. It is not about tearing down or seeing dust to dust, ashes to ashes, crumbling institutions. You are saving and resurrecting what is good, what is whole, what is worthwhile, what should be saved – yes, letting the rest go.

This will be a challenge for many of you, but also understand you come to that not as the person – and I mean “person”, I do not mean bright angel, I do not mean soul, I do not mean unconscious involvement – I mean the person, in form, in beauty, in love, in joy, in purity. You engage as the person, never in judgment but in refined discernment, refined balance, divine authority and divine knowing of what stays and what goes.

And you do this with the authority to build in the Mother’s name, not in the name of private interests or personal interests – and God forbid, quite literally, abuse of authority. You do so to build a new form of community.

You see, when both Francis and I built community, it was so precious and we kept that external world at bay. We were very protective because we knew of the dangers and the distractions, and we wished to keep our focus on what was pure, what was not a distraction. And so, yes, I did battle [chuckles] with those that would wish to penetrate our community and influence our way of life, and our way of praise, and our way of prayer, and our way of meditation. And that was appropriate – and necessary, by the way – for that time and place.

And many of you will have and do have similar communities that you are protective of, that you don’t want influenced or usurped by these external forces, and we support that and promote that and encourage that. But even in that, you will leave those insular communities and you will engage with the larger collective.

And you will reflect to them: What does a love community look like? How does it behave? How does it act? How does it influence? How does it create? And how does it create in tangible ways that serve the collective, so that that example of what true community is about expands and expands and expands until it is the norm, until that private, personal, greed interest is simply no more – and where the ebb and flow, the checks and balances of the community, heal and help when an individual has a momentary lapse; whether it is in a year or ten years, it is a momentary lapse when they wish to gain control or act in false authority over another.

You, in your ascending self, in this time of Ascension, in this time of such ultimate transition where you think of it where not only societies are colliding and meshing, but literal cultures and planetary influences and interplanetary influences not just colliding but interweaving, finding the common ground – you are truly the builders, not merely the implementers… that sounds like a task… but you are the weavers of the new.

There were times when the community of Francis and our community would come together for a sacred purpose, sometimes to build a church, sometimes to simply pray and meditate and share a meal. We would come together, not to force or overshadow, but to truly mesh and share the joy, share the insights, share the struggles at times. But then we would separate and go to retreat and refuel and re-gather our energies. And so it will be with you.

You will go to the broader community to share insights and wisdom and growth and building and many meals, but do not think that you will not, time and time and time again, with purpose and divine orchestration, retreat. All beings have need for that more insular community, and yes, in your society, what this being calls “her nest, her home, her sacred space” or your inner circle that feeds you, that supports you, that loves you, that knows you, that cherishes you. It does not negate the greater whole, but it renews you and it allows you to grow and then re-engage and then retreat.

It is not that growth does not and cannot take place as you are in the bigger engagement, but all beings follow the cycles of life, whether it is the tide or the moon or the day. There is an ebb and flow and it is incumbent upon each being to know and to honour what that rhythm is, because being in that ebb and flow allows you, in your unique way and in your unique community, to contribute accordingly. And it allows you to be in the balance, and the refined balance, of your ascending/ascended self.

The emotional and the spiritual, and even the physical part of me, wished always to be in the company of Francis, in that conjoined euphoric space. And yet, I also knew, as did he, that there was need for the sanctity of individual, private, sacred space because I would have gladly simply basked in his light and love. And the challenge of that and the challenge of sacred union, my friends, is that you forget your own sacred light, you forget your own ascension and expansion. So it is that balance, that ebb and flow.

But what I come to talk about is to celebrate with you your Ascension. And you say, “Well, Clare, what does that look like?” And what I say to you – we did not have mirrors in our community, but you do! – so what I say to you: “If you wish to see what an Ascended Self looks like, look in the mirror and look at each other and conjoin and celebrate, and keep going!”

Dearest heart, Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, thank you. Okay, so one thing – those that you’ve mentioned who remain asleep, while our responsibilities revolve around doing our own personal work, as a collective we really do have concern over what happens with them while the rest of us go through our ascension. Can you speak to that, please?

StC: Well, of course, it is not about leaving them behind! Now, it is also not about interfering with free will. You cannot override free will. That is the most heinous crime and it leads to war and devastation.

But particularly as women – and yes, I speak to women – and this was part of the reason for our own community because, at that time, there was most certainly a paradigm of the authority and abuse of authority of men. And Francis – and I, but he taught me, and I was stubborn! – was very aware of this paradigm, and part of our journey and part of our work together was to break that paradigm. And we have done so, by the way.

Now you are in the next phase, in the true re-anchoring of the Divine Feminine and the honouring of the Divine Feminine upon the planet, and that is a key portion that sometimes gets overlooked. We’re not talking about just being female; we’re talking about the anchoring of the Divine Feminine in all, male/female/transgender, it matters not.

But as women, are we not, by virtue of society even in your time, are we not adept at learning and using and doing in ways that are gentle, conciliatory, confident, expansive, understanding, compassionate… the list goes on?

But women, particularly, are very adept at reaching out to those who are asleep and gently waking them, not in ways that say, “Wake up, you’ve got 5 minutes, we’re going to war!” but in ways that are soft and considerate and say, “You’ve been asleep. I hope you had a good rest. I have something phenomenal that I want to show you and share with you, and it’s about my heart, it’s about my soul, it’s about what’s possible when we proceed together.”

Now I am not talking about you phoning the Kremlin or the White House. I am talking about your community, not the insular community but the broader community, as you reach out to groups or one by one by one and you say, “I see you and I would like to share with you.” And does it require you extending yourself? Yes, it does. But as people look at you, even those groggy and just waking up say, “Well, I want to know her, I want to live as she’s living because she seems to have something, she seems happy, she seems to be on track, and so often I’ve felt alone and adrift and forgotten and separated, abandoned.” So you are extending yourself. So you are waking up.

Now, are there those that in likelihood will choose to remain asleep? Yes, but that does not mean in this transition that you are not extending yourself. And let me also add this, because I have experienced in my life those who came and wished to overtake our compound, and who were converted to a gentler path – no, not Christian or Hindu or Buddhist, just an awakening within their hearts.

So there will be those that we have talked about that you think of as deeply asleep, who will awaken very abruptly and they will think, their initial response will be: “I’ve got to get that, I’m going to take that, it’s mine, I deserve that.” It is an abrupt awakening. It is a bit of shock to the system.

But when you nurture, when you say, “You are welcome to come within the walls of this community, but there are rules, there are responsibilities, and there are huge payoffs. So you are welcome, and we welcome you in peace, we welcome you in joy. You are not excluded, you are not forgotten, but come in gentleness. Don’t run me over. You don’t have permission to do that.” So it is gentle strength.

So it is not about ignoring or forgetting, as you are ascending, those that are not quite there yet. The heart opening that I have experienced in that conjoined space with Yeshua and Francis is happening to everybody. Now, for some, it will literally feel like a heart attack and they will be panicked. You will calm them, you will show them: this is the gift, this is the bliss, this is the joy, this is the natural state of what it means to be Nova Being.

Is this clear?

Suzi: Yes, thank you very much. That’s lovely. We only have a couple of minutes, but I’ve noticed a more frequent shift in perception. I get that it’s about phasing back and forth in dimensions, and I’m just wondering what comes next? So it’s becoming more frequent and eventually it will become the norm…

StC: It will become the norm, yes, and you are learning. You see, we are not doing it, the Mother is not doing it in such a dramatic, abrupt fashion that you feel that you are disassociating. So what is happening is you are getting used to the interdimensional shift, the continental shift [chuckles], so what you are doing… at times you are with me in the 10th dimension of beauty and we are having a wonderful time!

Because there are times when you look at a tree, at a sky, at a cloud, at a flower and you say, “Oh, nice flower,” and you are really anchored in the 3rd. And then there are times when you look at it and you truly see the magnificence and you are in the 10th! Sometimes you are in the 11th in your mastery, but you are primarily anchoring in the 7th of love. So yes, this will be your new normal, but we are doing it in ways that do not let you think – mental body – that you are psychotic!

Suzi: Right! Well, okay, but it also brings me to the idea of politics. A lot of people are objecting that we pay attention to politics on the Golden Age of Gaia blog. But in my estimation, this is what our world is right now, and to not pay attention to it and ignore it or even to engage in it and fight about it and say what’s right and what’s wrong… it’s better just to observe, but I feel it’s also important to know what’s going on. So it’s just interesting in paying attention to those things at the same time that we’re paying attention to the higher path.

StC: But let us bring the dimensional shift to this. Politics is a perfect example, whether it was me dealing with Rome or Florence, or you dealing with a global arena. When you look at what you think and perceive as going on, are you seeing and bringing the interdimensional qualities, and seeing the opportunities to wake people up?

So when you bring an issue to the forefront in love, saying, “This perhaps is not a loving path. How can we infuse it and redirect it?” So it is not buying into the status quo. It is about redirect, redirect, redirect. Expand the community of love.

Suzi: Well, that’s wonderful. I appreciate it. Have you got anything to say in closing?

StC: Congratulations!

Suzi: [Laughing] Thank you!

StC: And keep going! Go with my love, go with my joy! Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Artist Yuriy Sultanov

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Morning Message from the Arcturians – Suzanne Lie

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2018

Morning Message from the Arcturians


Morning Message from the Arcturians

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie (Suzille as they call me)

Dear Arcturians,

I just had a long, very deep meditation, but I had to get up and walk across the room to get my computer and write about it. Can you please assist me now to bring back what seemed to “fly away” as soon as my consciousness came back to 3D life?

Dear Suzille,

Do you see how easily one (we say “one,” as we speak to ALL of you) can go back into that higher state of consciousness? You are typing with your eyes closed now to better experience the inner world.

Therefore, we will lead you back into the state of consciousness which was interrupted so that you could share it with others. First, we say thank you to you, and to all the others who share their inter-dimensional experiences with the members of their third dimensional reality.

It is the NOW for that third dimensional reality to move into its next, higher expression. In fact, there are many fourth dimensional events that have been occurring. Because these events are fourth dimensional, rather than fifth dimensional, they are usually extreme to your third dimensional reality.

Please do not be concerned with the many changes and problems that seem to be appearing within your third dimensional reality. Yes, we are happy that our grounded ones are concerned enough to find their personal manner in which they can assist humanity through this process of Planetary Ascension.

People may ask, “When will this ascension occur?” The reality is that planetary ascension is occurring within your NOW, but you can only experience it when YOU are in the NOW. What does that mean, to “be in the NOW?”

What that means at the most basic level is that when you are “in the NOW,” you are present within the NOW of your own consciousness. How often does this actually occur? How often are you thinking, feeling, living in the past or the future?

There is no problem in being in the past or the future unless that makes you forget the present. So, what do we mean by the “present?” What we mean by the present is that you are, as much as possible, living within the NOW.

The “NOW” is NOT a time. The “NOW” is a “state of consciousness” in which you are fully, or even partially, in connection with your own Higher Dimensional SELF. This “Higher Dimensional Self” is not just in the fifth dimension and beyond.

Your own Higher Dimensional SELF is within the unused 98% of your brain, the unused 98% of your inter-dimensional consciousness, and within the 98% of your true, Multidimensional SELF.

Humanity has been trained to believe that they are “just the clay vessel” that they are wearing to create their “physical earth vessel.” However, this “earth vessel” is, indeed, the third dimensional, earth vessel that was created within your third dimensional mother’s womb.

In order for our brave “volunteers to take an earth vessel” to be able to have an earth vessel, they must go through the process of birth that the humans experience. There are, of course, cases of being a “walk in.”

Usually, being a “walk in” means that one of our higher dimensional beings decides to wear a 3D earth vessel so that they can better understand how to assist ascending Gaia.

Sometimes these “walk ins” remember their true life in the higher dimensions, but usually that is only once they have expanded their physical consciousness to embrace the meta-physical realities.

On the other hand, most of them are “very imaginative” children. Usually, these children learn to “keep their mouth shut” about their true self, as most people become very disturbed by that information.

Fortunately, these children are usually in constant communication with one or more versions of their Higher Self and/or friends in the higher dimensional Homeworld or Starship.

Usually, the adults tell the children that these experience are, “just your imagination.” After the child has heard that enough times, they either stop their inter-dimensional conversations as they don’t want to “be different than the others,” or they keep what they think of as a very special friend, as a secret from others.

Having this “secret” often makes the child shy, or it may even harm their self esteem. However, the comfort and information that they are receiving from their “secret friend” is too difficult to give up.

Therefore, they don’t talk to anyone about what is one of the most important things in their life. On the other hand, the comfort and information that they receive from their “unseen friends” becomes so important that they hold onto these friends and their information like an inner tube in stormy waters.

This experience of being “cast adrift in an unsafe world” is often their experience. However, since they cannot share their higher dimensional experiences with others, they begin to share their third dimensional experiences with their Higher SELF.

In this manner, they realize that they have a blessing rather than a curse. They have their own “light friend,” as many children call us. We are indeed their friends, and we are also “made of light.”

We, the fifth dimensionals and beyond, have completed our “tour of duty” in our earth vessels, and have returned Home to our higher dimensional ships and/or higher dimensional planets.

While visiting our Higher Dimensional Ships and Home Worlds we are able to, not only fully express our innate Fifth Dimensional SELF, but we are also able to communicate with and send unconditional love to our Galactic Friends who are currently wearing earth vessels.

We, those who have returned from our “tour of duty” on Earth, are VERY aware of the difficulties of awakening to the higher dimensional aspects of your true SELF while  you are still wearing a third dimensional, very limited, physical body.

Even more difficult, we tend to take our tour of duty during a “time era” which is, or will have, great upheaval. For example, the “Baby Boomers” came in after World War II to make sure that NO more world wars would occur.

They have been relatively successful in their endeavor in that there have not been any “world wars” with “atomic bombs,” but there have been some major disasters such as Chernobyl and Viet Nam.

We, the members of the Higher Dimensional Society, whom you often experience and communicate with in your night body or meditations, are ALWAYS with you. You may not see us in your physical world, as we choose to remain in the fifth dimension and guide you from that higher frequency of reality.

Also, as you begin to realize that your “imagination,” “inner fantasies,” and/or dreams are indeed REAL experiences. You usually can only realize that fact after you have allowed yourself to “write down your dreams,” “ask your Higher SELF to channel information to you,” and/or share your experiences with others who are having similar experiences.

It is very challenging to walk this TRUTH alone. However, the best way to “walk this truth” is to share it with others. If every human who has had any form of inter-dimensional experience were to form a line, it would “almost” encompass the Earth.

It is our goal to awaken ALL of our earth bound expressions of our fifth dimensional, and beyond, expressions of SELF. We in the fifth dimension and beyond have fully realized that we are ALL Multidimensional Beings.

What that means is that ALL of those/us who resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond are in touch with most, or all, of the Higher Dimensional Expressions of our Multidimensional SELF.

That is ALL, but NOT including our third dimensional expressions. Our third dimensional expressions resonate to a much lower frequency, which is the frequency of planet Earth.

Those brave expressions of our Multidimensional SELF volunteered to leave ALL, or most of their higher dimensional abilities, with their Higher Dimensional SELF so that that they could understand why it was so difficult to live a life filled with Unconditional Love and Fifth Dimensional Knowing on the third dimensional planet called Earth.

Many of us went to Venus, Gaia’s dear sister, to prepare for our great challenge of being a third dimensional human. Venus is Gaia’s sister planet. Therefore, many of Gaia’s volunteers travel to Venus in their meditations or night bodies to receive the Unconditional Love, Total Kindness and wonderful Lessons that can be gained by that visit.

Of course, this visitation usually occurs during one’s sleep. Therefore, it is often forgotten. Also, that information is not something that most people feel they could share with others, so they often “keep the experience to themselves.”

We, your Galactic Family, are so very sorry that you have had to live in such an unsafe world for so many incarnations. However, Gaia, too is tiring of Her third dimensional vibration and is preparing her Planetary SELF, as well as those who serve Her planetary body, for Her Planetary Ascension.

Most humans on Earth during your NOW have little knowledge of ascension and think of it as something that only “ascended masters” can do. However, we your Galactic Family, wish you to know that YOU are already “ascended to the fifth dimension and beyond” while on our Ship.

Just as you would not wear a heavy coat in the desert or a bathing suit in the middle of a huge desert, you do not wear your Light Body while you are on Earth. It is for this reason that most of us do not take too many incarnations on Earth.

We find that we can better assist our brave volunteers to take an earth vessel via our inter-dimensional communication. We wish to tell you all that there are as many ways to have inter-dimensional communication as there are people.

Because Earth has such a diversity of people, there is also a great diversity of “volunteers.” Before we take an earth vessel, we study everything about Earth’s history, starting from her conception as a planet.

This information is NOT shared with humanity. However, if their consciousness is high enough that they can join us on our Ship via dreams or other means, they will be able to join in with our meetings.

Then, when they-in fact YOU-“wake up” to your 3D world, you will be able to remember some of what you have experienced. However, the third dimensional brain cannot hold fifth dimensional information for very long as the frequency rate of the message is too high for it to deeply align with the physical brain.

Therefore, we ask you to contact us as soon as you awaken, if you want to be able to remember what occurred. If you “forget” to contact us in the morning, you will likely totally forget all that has occurred in your higher dimensional night body. In fact. most people forget what occurred while in their night body, but they may wake up with a pleasant feeling and sense of comfort and courage.

In fact, comfort and courage are amongst the most important things that humanity needs during these difficult times. We, your Galactic Family, see that Gaia, as well as many of her humans, have suffered greatly via the planetary changes.

Some of these changes are a “warm up” for planetary ascension, and some of these changes are because humanity is in a process of expanding their consciousness, perceptions, and interactions with all life.

When a person, or planet, is within a “cycle of change”, that which needs to be released comes to the surface of their awareness so that they can “take charge of their life.” It is through taking responsibility for the life that YOU have created, that you are empowered to make the changes that are necessary within your NOW.

Please remember that “creating change” is very brave. Once one decides to change, then they will begin a process of “letting go” of that which you no longer wish to experience and “letting in” that which fills you with Unconditional Love and Joy.

Through our Galactic Volunteers to take earth vessels on Gaia, we have learned how very difficult it can be to live on a third/fourth dimensional planet who is “ready to transmute” into a fifth dimensional planet.

Many of you have taken multiple incarnations on Gaia to learn how to assist Her in this NOW of Planetary Ascension. Because time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimensions, we, and YOU, cannot give a time about when this Planetary Ascension will occur.

However, rest assured that YOU return to us, your Galactic friends and family on a regular basis. It has been decided that the memory of that event is important within this NOW of great changes and problems on Gaia’s Earth. Therefore, please remember that when you go to Earth, it is to assist Gaia first, and then ALL Her inhabitants.

Blessings for your great contributions, and thank you for joining us in this conversation. We, your Galactic Family, are happy to join you on our Ship in your night body. You may or may not remember these visits, but when it is the NOW, you will be called to duty and remember all that you have learned.

We ask that you document this information as soon as you receive it, as the third dimensional brain cannot “hold onto” fifth dimensional information for much of your “time.”

Blessings from the Arcturians and your Galactic Family


Co-Create Our Empowered Reality


We will now continue our emphasis on building your power within 

to co-create an expanded reality and prepare to actively step into 5D awareness.

Empower yourself to consciously, and actively, create

the reality you wish to bring about.

Obtain direct guidance from the Arcturians and

align with others to connect with and ground

higher awareness in the world.

Change begins within!

LIVE Webinar with Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

(See Local Time)

Event Fee: $44.00

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Go ahead and register, we will be pleased to share the recording with you.

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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‘Diary of A Yogi’ Chapter 7 – Sarnath – Altair Shyam

Ancient Buddhist bell next to the temple @ Sarnath, the place of Buddha’s first sermon near Varanasi. India


Chapter 7 – On the Road to Sarnath

“Have you travelled the road to Sarnath?”

“Once only,” said Henry after lunch one day. “I took a cab but you can walk it. It’s about ten kilometers.”

“That’s where the Buddha taught the Dharma after being enlightened isn’t it?”

“Yes, Buddha traveled to Sarnath himself to teach and establish the Sangha, as he had seen that the five enlightened ones he was supposed to form the community with would be there.”

“So it’s not too far.”

“Not at all. If you leave early in the morning, at sunrise, you can spend all day there and be back by nightfall.”

“I know I have to go tomorrow. I don’t know why, I just have to go. There is something important that will happen if I do.”

“Ah, many mysterious things happen on the road to Sarnath,” said Henry with a twinkle in his eye.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Altair started his journey on the road to Sarnath with a feeling of jubilant exhilaration. Something in the hidden wisdom of Sarnath was about to speak to him and break free.

Babaji had said it “You will write about the unity between the Christ, Krishna and the Buddha. That inspired sons and daughters of God speak with the same truth.”

Just how true this was, was about to strike a light in his heart.

The houses and markets on the roadway were filled with people looking to buy and sell and talk and listen even at this early hour when it was not too dusty and there was not so much traffic. There were the usual peddlers and beggars and cycle rickshaws trying to get him to ride with them but Altair brushed past them all as if they were cobwebs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He stopped to buy a mango lassi and talked to some of the locals about Sarnath. After he had been walking for about half an hour Altair found himself moving smoothly along one of the streets flanked by two men. He had no idea where they had come from or why they were there but he felt perfectly safe as if he was with his family. His vision began to blur and the crowds around them seemed to dissipate like a mirage fading. The sky overhead was clear blue but the air seemed to tremble.

“Where are you going?” said Altair to break the ice. One man was wearing an ochre robe and had deep-set blue eyes and curly black hair. He seemed to emit a golden hue. The other man was silent but gave off the same glimmering golden aura. Both men moved with dignity and grace and greeted those around them with love and respect.

“To Sarnath. To meet the five who left me earlier,” said the blue-eyed man.

“How did you get here?” asked Altair, puzzled as to how the men had snuck up on him unawares.

“We crossed the Ganges in one step, and entered Benares early this morning, made our alms round, bathed, ate our meal and left by the east gate of the city in time to meet you, walking towards Rishipatana Mrigadava, the rishi’s deer park, like all Buddhas.”

“Like all Buddhas…” Altair’s voice trailed away in stunned realization. Right ahead of them was a herd of deer grazing. He felt he must be dreaming. He was with the Buddha!

“Is this Sarnath already?”

Sonpur Festival, Bihar

“It is, but not as you know it,” said the Buddha.

“Are they monks?” asked Altair pointing at the gathering crowds. There seemed to be thousands of people massing on what were now surrounding villages and farms.

“They will be,” said the other man. “Monks and nuns, dakinis and bodhisattvas, Altair, just like me. Manjushri.”

Then five men approached them.

“Here he comes, that lazy good-for-nothing Siddhartha. Such a quitter! Why would we want anything to do with him?” They spoke directly to Siddhartha and seemed not to see Altair or Manjushri. “Just ignore him, he’ll soon get the message.”

The Buddha took a step forward to meet the men and something changed. They all seemed to become more erect, more noble and alert, as if he deserved their respect.

They made a place for him on the grass, smoothing some patches, took his robe, brought him water and knelt at his feet.

“Welcome Siddhartha to Rishipatana Mrigadava, the Rishi’s deer park, we are honored that you returned to join us here.”

“I thank you for your welcome my five monks, but I am no longer Siddhartha. That is no longer my name.”

“What Name should we call you by?”

“The whole world is asleep in ignorance and when we discover the truth we are no longer asleep. We are awake. Awakened Ones are called Buddha.”

Slowly the scene faded as Altair gazed upon the Buddha, standing in front of him, with great love and respect.

“O Buddha, teach us what you have learned so that we too may awaken.”

“What do you want to do with your life?” asked the Buddha.

“Free all beings from pain and suffering,” said Altair.

The Buddha looked at Altair calmly. “Then your wish will be fulfilled.”

Buddha – Oil Painting Effect Photograph by Zoe Ferrie @ Fine Art America

The earth trembled and Light radiated from the Buddha’s body illuminating the three thousand worlds as they were made visible to Altair.

He put out his hand and placed it gently on Altair’s chest, just above the heart.

Altair’s body became immovable, as if was rooted to the road to Sarnath. He suddenly felt more alive than he ever had before.

And he drew no breath at all.

He felt the people moving past him on the street, saw the hand that was placed on his heart extend out to touch the hearts of five more hearts and then they reached out to touch five more. The blood that flowed through those hearts was like an inward flow of nectar, a never ending stream.

Suddenly Altair’s breath returned. The Buddha and Manjushri were standing motionless in front of him. Altair reached out his hands and placed them in theirs.

“I am from Vimala,” said Manjushri, “and I can also grant you a wish.”

“I want to learn how to be the embodiment of prajna or transcendent wisdom.”

“Then I can grant you Universal Sight, and the first Sign will be when you are given a real Chintamani Stone, a Pearl of Light, manifested from the Heart of Guan Yin. You have been an acolyte of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin, which is why you are attracted to the teachings of the Dalai Lama, whom you died defending in 1959. The second Sign will be when you have a direct experience of the Pure Light of Being through the Kalachakra Tantra with the Dalai Lama. The third Sign will be when you manifest the Rainbow Body, a body of pure light.”

“Like Long Nu.”

“Yes, you were a naga too, a dragon’s daughter, just like her. When it is time, you will also offer the Pearl back to the Buddha, which will symbolize surrendering your life and ego to All, and He will accept it.”

The Bodhisttva Guanyin in Her Aspect as ‘The Bringer of Sons’ @ Victoria & Albert Museum, London


The Buddha looked at Altair directly.

“Here at Sarnath I turned twelve wheels of Dharma …

Keep in mind this most beautiful wood,
named by the great rishi,
where ninety-one thousand kotis of Buddhas
formerly turned the Wheel.
This place is matchless, perfectly calm,
contemplating, always frequented by deer.
In this most beautiful of parks,
whose name was given by the rishi,
I will turn the holy Wheel.

Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I AM”

Yeshua Jesus Art

Altair travelled south towards Bihar before he stopped at Yogananda’s foundational ashram and school for Kriya Yoga. While he was waiting he heard two monks arguing. They were having a disagreement about administrative matters and how many foreigners they should allow to stay at the ashram. Altair suddenly felt very lonely. It was near Christmas and he missed his mother Mary. He walked down the dusty street towards a hotel one of the nuns had recommended.

“$1 for your shoes,” said a voice.

He turned to see an old man, a beggar, holding out an Indian 1 rupee note.

“No thank you,” said Altair.

“I can take you to see Sadhu.”

Altair had heard some of the miraculous stories of these holy men.

He nodded.

The old man held out dirty fingers expecting something in return.

Altair dug into his pocket and pulled out a wrinkled fifty rupee note.

The old man grinned a toothless grin before gesturing for Altair to follow him down a narrow side road.

Altair walked a long way through the countryside. His pack was not that heavy but he wished he had dropped it off at the hotel first and he hadn’t made a booking yet. The sun was still some way off from setting but Altair was calculating how long it would take him to get back when they turned a tight curve in the road and arrived at a grassy knoll with a large round rock at its base. In front of it was an old man painted in grey and yellow with a large red bindu on his forehead and a white loincloth. Other than that he seemed to have no possessions.

The toothless man left them at that point. Altair had no idea how he was going to return or whether they had some agreement once they had finished so he sat down at the Sadhu’s feet and bowed.

“What do you want to see? You ask and I will do it. I can lift this rock with my mind.”

The Sadhu closed his eyes momentarily and to Altair’s utter amazement the rock in front of them which was the size of a small man shifted upwards from the earth a few degrees.

Altair opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again.

The Sadhu opened his eyes when there was no sound in response and he gazed directly at Altair.

“What do you want?”

Altair still didn’t speak.

“Ah you are a seer.”

“I am walking the path of magic and the stars,” said Altair.

“Yes, a seer,” said the Sadhu. “What do you seek?”

“To help free those that are bound, to help those that are suffering to find peace.”

“Ah then you are a Buddha too,” said the Sadhu. “And you love Krishna.”

“What do you want?” said Altair.

“Nothing I don’t already have,” said the Sadhu waving his hand around at the hills and countryside surrounding them. “What can you tell me?”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Something moved inside Altair like a compass finding its home. His mind began to settle. His body became the Sadhu’s body and the 7 interior stars or chakras lit up like flowers in flames and then danced like planets orbiting a central sun, the heart. Altair watched the inner universe unfold, his breathing reaching a calm rhythm, content to know the universal dance would reveal something soon. Then he saw it, like a twinkle in his mind’s eye.

“You are a fierce man, dynamic, thirsty for life’s experiences, I see you yoking horses, strong beautiful horses. You are very headstrong. You are quite playful and childlike and honor Shiva daily. You are deeply connected to Surya the Sun. You used to be a divine mystical doctor before you became a sadhu. You have the power and shakti to quickly heal. You are a physician of the gods. You bring youth to the old and life to the dead. You raised the rock by harnessing the forces of prana, the life force. You are here alone because you are stubborn and also because you had a disappointment in life earlier on in marriage. However you have been able to let all that go now. So there is content.”



“There is a ghost.” Altair hesitated.

“There are many ghosts in these parts.”

The hesitancy dissipated with the sun. The sun was so low Altair realized it would soon be dark. He did not want to walk back alone.

“I have to go.”

Lapis Manjushri Statue – Rendition artifacts – Jewel of the Lotus

As if by magic his toothless guide reappeared grinning widely and holding out an empty palm. Altair reached into his pocket and pulled out another fifty rupee note. He turned to the Sadhu.

“Thank you.”

“It is I who must thank you. What you told me…”

“I do have one question for you. How did you move the rock?”

“The same way you move the stars,” said the Sadhu.


Altair was sitting out on the terrace of what was called ‘The Royal Terrace’ in the City of the Octagon in the far south of the Land of the Long White Cloud, his homeland. He had finished his tour of Asia and Oceania and seen and worked at some of the best schools that area of the world had to offer, from Krishnamurti to Gandhi, Yogananda to Rabindranath Tagore, Tibetan Buddhist to Siddha Yoga, Sri Aurobindo to Steiner and Montessori. He had decided as a result of his tour to train in the teaching of performing arts for children. He kept watching the sky and imagined distant stars whirling overhead in slow motion, his eyes tearing up with the patterns of light unfolding in his vision. Murray, a devotee of Ramana Maharshi was encouraging Altair to devote his life to Self Realization which he maintained was the best way to serve the world. Altair had a busy day lined up tomorrow, with two televised performances of ‘Aladdin’ as Aladdin, and then a televised performance for Dance Arts so he wanted to get to bed early, soon after dinner. Laurie was cooking, and she was singing, a habit most of Altair’s flatmates took to often. Cat and Bridget were musicians too so it was a very laid back musical type of gathering they always had together. It was not uncommon for Bridget to sing all the way through dinner, chomping on her organic veges in between singing about lost love or how nature was suffering under men’s hands. However as he headed back down the hallway to his bedroom there was no one else there apart from Laurie.

“Hi Laurie?” said Altair. “How’s Pamela?”

“Good,” said Laurie, not raising her head up from the broccoli and mushroom dish that she was stirring as it steamed vigorously. “We’re going out to a movie tonight so I won’t be around for long.”

“No worries,” said Altair. “I’ll clean up…”

He turned into the hallway to see a bearded man dressed in black, wearing a tall black hat, a black cloak and a military uniform staring at him.

“Hey!” said Altair in shock. “What are you doing?”

The man, who was well over six feet tall ran straight towards Altair’s room and through the door.

That’s funny, thought Altair trying to gather his thoughts, I’m sure I locked that door this morning.

“Hey Laurie, call the Police!” Altair shouted. “We’ve got an intruder!”

Altair ran to his room, which was locked, and when he opened it he looked around and saw only the barred windows which would stop anyone from jumping through and onto the concrete two stories below. He ran out again and called back to Laurie on a hunch.

“Laurie call the landlord instead!”

Laurie was watching him wide-eyed as he entered the kitchen and handed him the phone.

“Yes?” A deep male voice sounded on the other end.

“Hello, it’s Altair here from across the road in the Royal Terraces. Look, something strange happened today, I’ve just got home and as I was making my way down the hall to my bedroom I saw a tall man…”

“About six feet tall or so dressed all in black?”

“Six feet? Dressed in black?” Altair couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You should come right over. I’ve got something to show you.”

Altair hurried over after telling Laurie he might be late for dinner.

“Have a seat,” said the Landlord once Altair had come in and followed him to the lounge.

“Have a look at this.”

The Landlord flipped open an old photo album until he came to a well-worn page and pointed to a black and white photo.

“Is this the man?”

And there he was, the tall bearded man in the black hat, dark eyes staring. Straight back at Altair.

Altair was stunned. “But…how?”

“You are the third person in one hundred years to have seen him. Same fellow, tall, bearded, black hat, dressed in a military uniform with a cloak. He fought in a war all those years ago when medical technology was a lot rougher than it is now. They had to bring him back here, on a ship, after he was shot in the leg. They tried to amputate but he lost too much blood. In your very room. In those days it used to be a hospital and your room was a surgical operating room. So, sadly he didn’t survive. And must be very pissed about it because he is still hanging around all these years later. Not sure what you can do. Say a prayer. Maybe.”

So Altair did.

Star Messenger by Lila Violet @ Fine Art America

And the ghost never bothered him again. Altair dealt with the ghost in the same way Jesus had taught him to deal with demons.

Very clear confident intention and surrender to the power of love and God to intervene and do whatever was necessary to free and liberate this soul.

“By the power of Christ begone.”

And so it was.

Because with the power of love and faith anything can be accomplished.

Altair was witnessing the power of love and faith in the flow of life manifesting all around him.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

This little passage from Matthew was such a treasure of wisdom Altair could scarcely believe it was not being taught at the highest levels of all business and education.

He could see how anything he truly believed and wished with deep pure intention was coming true.

His path of magic and the stars was even revealing itself through his friends. One night he was talking about love and friendship with his best friend BB and suddenly he disappeared into a star that appeared in her eye and she disappeared into his. They were both shocked and wondered how many other portals like this would appear when love was present.

Dreams and visions were not something out there and untouchable but were an intrinsic part of the fabric of reality. Along with imagination, dreams and visions were yogic siddhis or powers that with practice through meditation could become the foundations of our actions and Signs along our path.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Violet Flame: Origins & Nature – El Morya on the Origin & Nature of the Violet Flame @ Summit Lighthouse

Apophysis Digital Art – Violet Flame by Kim Sy Ok @ Fine Art America


Violet Flame: Origins and Nature

The violet flame is the key to individual and world transmutation. It works in microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds, from the smallest particle of matter to molecule to mind to materialization in man and mundane circles.

El Morya on the Origin and Nature of the Violet Flame

The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, that aspect of the white light that is called the seventh ray. It is indeed the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit.  Just as the sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the rainbow of the seven color rays, so through the consciousness of the Holy Spirit the light of the Christ is refracted for mankind’s use in the planes of Matter.

Each of the seven rays is a concentrated, activating force of the light of God having a specific color and frequency. Each ray can also manifest as a flame of the same color and vibration. The application of the flame results in a specific action of the Christ in body and soul, mind and heart.

Your Real Self, the I AM Presence and violet flameHow does a ray become a flame, and specifically how does the violet ray become the violet flame?

When you invoke the violet flame, it comes forth from the heart of your I AM Presence as a ray of light that is violet in color. That ray descends like a powerful sunbeam from its source in the Great Central Sun to what is called the plane of invocation. Wherever you may be in the universe, in whatever socket of consciousness you find yourself, the level from which you invoke the light of God is defined as the plane of invocation.

An invocation is a call to light that is transmitted from your heart to the heart of God instantaneously. The response comes forth on the return current.  When the violet ray descends from your I AM Presence to the plane of invocation, a violet flame springs up.

Simply put, the flame is an intensification of a light ray that has been stepped up by the fervor of your heart’s call and the zeal of the Lord’s response.  The phenomenon brings to mind the physical counterpart: a ray of light from the sun passed through a magnifying glass causing an object to burst into flame.

Hydrogen atom bathed in purifying lightWhen you invoke the violet flame for the healing of a specific problem, this is how it works. It envelops each atom of your being individually. Instantaneously a polarity is set up between the nucleus of the atom (which, being Matter, assumes the negative pole) and the white-fire core of the flame (which, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole).

The dual action of the light in the nucleus of the atom and the light in the enveloping violet flame establishes an oscillation that causes the untransmuted densities to be dislodged from between the electrons.  As this substance is loosened, at non-physical, or “meta-physical,” dimensions of matter the electrons begin to vibrate with an increased amount of energy, throwing the misqualified substance into the violet flame.

On contact with this fiery essence of freedom’s flame, the misqualified energy is transmuted and God’s energy is restored to its native purity.  Relieved of the patterns of imperfection and restored to the plus-minus balance of Alpha and Omega, this energy of the Holy Spirit is returned to the individual’s Causal Body, where it is stored until he elects to use it once again to bring forth the noble work of the Christ “on earth as it is in heaven.”

This alchemy takes place on the material plane though not necessarily in the objective “physical” plane; for every atom of substance has its counterpart in the astral, mental and etheric compartments of the matter universe as well as in the spiritual octaves of light.

Excerpt from The Chela and the Path by El Morya.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Believing Our Thoughts – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Believing Our Thoughts – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

You know how, when you switch your computer on, the system tells you: “Automatic Update waiting to be applied. Restart required”?

Well, the moment I settled down into experiencing my dismay, it was as if the system got an update. The update was the application of the bug fix called “loving yourself.”

Recently I said that I didn’t get “loving myself.” (1) Another turn of the spiral of life and I didn’t get “Big Steve” and “Little Steve.” Still another turn and I heard the message: “Be a friend to yourself.” I got the message on that pass.

Now the security update and bug fix called “loving yourself” has just kicked in and invites a restart.


I’m now beginning to feel the dismay. I’m planning to experience it through to completion. (2)

The first thing I notice about it is that it seems endless, like a mountain lake that turns out to be 600 fathoms deep. It mingles with the sadness at my Mother’s death in a housefire.

Endless. I almost swoon when I try to experience it.

Notice that I’m experiencing the vasana related to my Father at a still deeper level than, say, a year ago. Vasanas just seem to unfold themselves and unfold and unfold.

I chuckle when I hear someone say they’re through their vasana. Ooooooh yah.


Having lain down to experience dismay through to completion, I now fully opened myself to what a minute ago had seemed so endless that I almost swooned.

Now knowing the value of loving myself, I began by drawing love up from my heart and circulating it around my field of experience – “loving myself.”

And then, for a moment, I laughed heartily at something, I can’t remember what. And instantly I found myself in bliss.

This rapid transition from laughter to bliss is identical to an event that occurred on Sept. 27, 2015. At that time, I also laughed at something while walking to a meeting and suddenly found myself in bliss. The two transitions are identical.

My rule in these circumstances, if I were the listener, would be to not take the speaker back into the upset. I’m free of dismay. Let it be. Time to stop processing.


Let’s do a review of what just transpired.

At this moment, I feel blissful and in this space all is wonderful.

Like shame, worry and stress before it, dismay just disappeared. I drew up love from my heart. Bliss followed it and swept dismay away.

Whether this sequence of events shows that dismay has no objective existence – it exists now only in our minds – or whether it shows the ease with which bliss arises – and sweeps away dismay – the net result is the same. Dismay had no “staying power” any more. Its existence was simply buttressed or held in place by my mind. As Matthew Ward said:

“Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise, the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise.” (3)

The old Third is gone. It’s just waiting for us to discover the fact. (4)

All of this combined, and adding in all the work going on behind the scenes, is moving us along a trajectory towards freedom from all burdensome states of being. Each step forward in our gradual Ascension brings us closer to endless love and bliss.


(1) See “A Lesson Learned on the Sacred Spiral Home,” 

(2) I view this work that I’m doing as like the bulldozers that demolish the existing structure (vasana), removing debris, and preparing the site.

(3) Matthew’s Message, October 19, 2014, at

(4) See “It Awaits Our Discovery,”


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Believing Our Thoughts – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Constellation Mother


Believing Our Thoughts – Part 1/2

Adyashanti is said to have remarked that he was surprised to learn in his life that, unlike himself, other people believed their thoughts.

A spiritual wag is said to have commented that our lives go along very happily – until we think about them.

I’ve noticed a peculiar phenomenon. When I first wake up, for a microsecond, I feel awful. And I also notice that I often take this feeling, and the thoughts that arise with it, seriously.

Nonetheless, I feel much less awful these days than I did years ago.

I’ve felt various shades of dismay and depression, defeat and despair.

And all of it arises from the ripple effects of living with an abusive and violent father.

I’m through with a lot of that – not all by any means, because the feelings run deeper and deeper, I find.

But here we are at this late stage, still feeling those effects and freeing myself from them by observing them rather than reacting to them.


What made this morning different was that, when I felt the dismay and despair, I didn’t hook up with them this time. I didn’t don them like a suit of clothes.

They were over there and I was over here and I didn’t “put them on” like a pair of sunglasses.

Usually in the morning I’m not thinking at all and so this “putting them on” is automatic.

Now I’m thinking “from them.” I’m dismayed, miserable, out of sorts.

And of course, rather than having a wonderful day, I start my day as a grumblepuss, a grumpy old fart.

So I ask my mind to send me up a picture or a message that will explain the origin of this feeling.

OK, I got it. The message below the feeling is, oh, gawd, not another day in this awful life.

I am beyond disappointed. I am beyond caring. I am only interested in a way out of the torture this life is.

Yes, like lock and key, saying that connects perfectly with the energy I feel.

I just be with it. (1)


There seems to be a tsunami of sadness flowing just below the surface of my consciousness. It hasn’t surfaced yet or I haven’t opened to it.

We only live our own lives, right? I don’t know how it is for you and you don’t know how it is for me.

So can one say that I was a sensitive child? Compared to whom? Can one say that I was treated more poorly than most? I have no idea. I only know me.

For me, living with a violent father, who was dominating my mother and me, was hell on Earth. I would wake up each morning and wish I was dead. I would feel dismay that I had to go through another day.

If I’m to process the vasana (publicly) from stem to stern , then I have to look at what conclusions I drew from this and what decisions I made.

The first conclusion was that life is hell and you just have to find a way to survive. The second conclusion was that it made no sense to expect anything more than hell because hell was what I got, day after day, living with my Father. I had given up trying to feel good.

Some decisions I made include to expect nothing from life. I look forward to leaving. In the time in between, I’m just gonna get by.


Next I want to check in with myself and see what the effect has been of raising all this to awareness. Do I feel lighter? Has there been a degree of release? Has the truth set me free?

I’ve dredged up enough of the vasana, intellectually, to feel I understand why I feel dismay upon waking up in the morning

Experientially, I haven’t even begun to plumb the feeling. With one possible exception: It may turn out that when I go to plumb dismay, like shame, worry, stress, and other feelings I’ve processed in the recent past, it-no longer has any objective existence any more.

I do notice that I’m having difficulty “getting into” dismay. Is that because I’m blocking something? Or because it no longer objectively exists? I don’t know.

I will take some time to see if I can locate dismay as an objectively- and consciously-experienced feeling.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) In an earlier article that, I said, in classical theory, a person interrupting a spiritual process to write about it would be regarded as an imbecile. But I am writing all the way through my in-process process.

This is one difference in attitude between the classical view and the lightworker view, I think: The latter puts the call of personal enlightenment aside when service to the Mother requires it.


The Constellation Mother

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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LOVE & Value – Kara Schallock


Love and Value – 21-May-2018

On May 29th there is another Full Moon bringing another Opportunity to be more Love. Join in the energies by keeping your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned in Love. Meanwhile, we have been experiencing many downloads of high dimensional Light. This has exacerbated much upheaval in leftover beliefs that limit and emotions that are deeper in the subconscious. Our Divine Service (Being Love) is upgraded. Be kind even to those our separate ego deems “bad” (remember, there is no good or bad in the New). I want to share something someone wrote to me today (Thank you, Megan). It illustrates pure Love in Divine Service:

“…it is interesting to embrace that actually everyone I meet loves me and I love them. The only thing that seems to stop me from realizing and experiencing this Love is my false belief that tells me this is not so…Could it truly be that under all the stories, everyone loves everyone? I like this as my core belief.”

We all are Love. Most are so attached to their old stories they cover up the Love they are with belief systems that say, “I’m not o.k; I will get you before you get me.” If all could drop their stories and their blame, all would discover that they have always been Love. Recently I had a conversation with someone I hadn’t been in touch with for several years. As I listened openly, I discerned that she is still attached to her old stories; her old beliefs; even though she claims to be “spiritual.” She is still seeking outside of herself and nothing has changed since I have met her; a very long time ago. She still seeks outside of herself, when all is within. I can always tell when a person is protecting the lies of their separate ego; they defend themselves. While I saw that she is a karmic mirror to the last dregs I hold within me, it is not for me to try and convince another of something, but rather, listen with Compassion and allow them their illusions; it is their path and not mine. There are many in my life with whom I no longer resonate with, as there probably are in yours. We can love others unconditionally, yet not be a part of their lives. We love because Love is who we are. Others love us too, whether they are aware of that or not. Loving all is our Divine Service, including loving ourselves. Ascension is a continual flow into being and expressing Love more and more. Ascension never stops; it is infinite, as we are. We simply continue to be more and more Love.

We need not react to our or another’s emotions; instead, we respond as we look deeper and find the belief that has created the emotion. Have you pondered the word “emotion?” It is being out of Flow (e-motion). All our work is to be in Flow, rather than resisting anything. What is sin? It literally means “off the mark.” Sin is not what religions have told us it is and we are not saved by some “sinless” being. Being off the mark simply is a helpful reminder to adjust our sails so that we flow once again. Emotions merely show us where we are not flowing. Are you listening? Are you adjusting your sails?

Rising to Christed Consciousness takes much focus and Perseverance. Actually, the Truth is that you are already Christed. With every awakened choice, you expose your true consciousness. Others can help by reflecting who you are back to you, yet it is up to you to do the work. By removing what no longer belongs (like what Michaelangelo did when sculpting the Pieta), you expose your Christed Consciousness; the masterpiece within. If you sense you are all alone; that others don’t understand you; remind yourself that you are creating and manifesting the New. Ascension/Christed Consciousness guides you to leave what is safe and comfortable and in the process, those who choose to have a safe and predictable life may not like you (they love you though). It’s o.k. not to be accepted by the ones who remain in the old matrix. You did not choose this path to be liked and accepted. You chose this path to bring forward a new life. Continue to be true to what you know is right in your Heart, letting go of the old need to be approved of. If you feel rejected, let it be and release that old energy; it may have come from old lifetimes and carried forth life after life. It is now that you may let it go. What is essential is that you remain true to yourself. You are a Love Warrior. Follow your Guidance and Intuition always. Give with no conditions. Love.

You are not alone. There are those who align themselves with you, whether in physicality or not. You are supported by the Light. All is for you. When you experience what you may perceive as awful or unfortunate, know it is for your highest evolution Go deep within it and discover the gift; it may be a message to change, transform or let go of a deeper belief. Whatever you find, honor it and be thankful.

Generally, we have taken another step upward. Because we all have Free Will, whether you take a step upward or not is your choice. We can change something in a second or continue on in the same way. Stay present in the Now Moment. This connects you to Truth and helps you disengage from the old matrix. The old thrives on keeping you in the past or future and it loves to keep you in fear. Anxiety and stress are aspects of fear, so be aware when and if you feel these. Release these energies and the belief once you identify what belief is creating them. Be confident in yourself.

One way you can dissolve old conditioning is to not believe everything you read or see; use your Discernment; your Heart’s Discernment; not your head’s discernment/analysis. Feel if something resonates or not. In doing so, you disengage from the old matrix and begin to create your own world. Become the observer; attached to nothing. Another way to detach is to not romanticize anything…from relationships, different cultures, masters of the past, marriage, families, etc. Pay attention to how you feel. Romanticizing hooks you into illusion and as we all know, dropping our illusions is essential if we want to evolve. This romanticizing extends to our guides, ascended masters, saints and anyone we place on a pedestal higher than ourselves. If you’re not sure, you can say, “Only those of the Divine Light, Love and Plan be present now.” Those of lower vibrations will leave. Also, those beings of Light must be invited. Be wary of anything that shows up uninvited.

Value yourself, for as you do, you value others and others value you. Valuing yourself is loving yourself unconditionally with full Acceptance. When you do, you attract others who see your value, for they value themselves as well. How many ways and how often do you judge yourself? If you do, others will reflect judgment back to you. When you truly care and love yourself, others will too, for they care for and love themselves. This is Oneness and there is no escaping it. You attract what you are. The only one who creates anything is you. Ask yourself what you want: to be a slave, controlled by others and old beliefs and patterns or be free to create from your own knowing. If you chose the latter, keep your vibration high and express Love in all you feel, say, think and do. Nothing less will do.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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Inter Dimensional Atlantean Light Beings ~ Presence Activation – L’aura Pleiadian


Inter Dimensional Atlantean Light Beings ~ Presence Activation

The Divine Presence of The Atlantean Light Beings that exist Inter Dimensionally are here with us now.

They are Beautiful Light Beings that exist keeping the holding the frequency of Atlantis throughout all dimensions and for the merging here now on Earth.

Appearing to me after once crossing a bridge of Light to them, the connection is powerful. The beauty is powerful, their LIGHT is powerful.

They are ancient wisdom keepers, keeping the flame OF LOVE in ancient wisdom alive in their hearts, radiating this throughout the Universe.

They are eternal Light Beings.

They Live in Love and are Present on Earth Now, holding the ancient activation codes that they agreed to carry to be activated in all hearts now.

Remembering Atlantis, now ~ the power of the LOVE is profound. When I first met myself on Atlantis, it was through a powerful visual transmission, from the then so-called past, to the so-called future. Of course, taking place in no time.

The Far reaching work on Atlantis was the preparation for now, is bearing its fruit, as Atlantis will always have a place in the heart of ALL.

Receive this activation as the BEATIFIC GLORY transmits itself AS IT has always BEEN.

The Pure Original Light, that holds the keys and codes, for your remembering.

Your Union.

Your Return to your awareness as a Light Being.

Your Harmony through Love.

Your Being that which you are, without judgment.

With Pure Love, holding the Light within your Cells as the transmitters they ARE.

All Light.


IN Love and Glory, Forever. Now.

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Awakening Enlightenment by the Celestial White Beings – Natalie Glasson


Awakening Enlightenment

by the Celestial White Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 18th May 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings to you magnificent beings of light, we honour and love you in this moment and always. Our purpose is to awaken the bliss of the Creator within you, to encourage you to move into the natural vibrations of love of your being and beyond, embodying the bliss of the Creator. To embody the bliss of the Creator is to experience the liberation, ecstasy, and peace of all that is the Creator. In doing so you are as one with the Creator, all separation dissolves and you see yourself as an integrated consciousness with the awareness and realisation of the Creator. To seek bliss within your being and within others is a beautiful goal, however, to realise you are an embodiment of bliss is a far more rewarding experience. It is through an embodiment of love that the source of bliss within you can be accessed. Bliss is your inner happiness, magic and the perfection of the Creator, it is healing, awakening, transformational and uplifting.

We, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to rest your attention within the source of unconditional love within your being. As you rest in this most sacred aspect of yourself which unites you as one with the Creator, we invite you to breathe deeper into love with the intention of becoming as one with the vibration of love within your being. As you practice this, there will come a moment when there is a surge of energy which fills your entire being, it could be likened to excitement erupting through your being. This will be you connecting with the presence of bliss within your being, uniting your consciousness with the Creator and experiencing the pleasure of union with the Creator. This practice can be achieved often, in doing so it will gain momentum and power within your being, enhancing your experience of love, bliss, and divine union with the Creator. You may find that your understanding of who you are as a spiritual being develops as well as your awareness of and link to the Creator.

The vibration of bliss is immensely healing as it holds the codes, templates, and blueprints of the Creator’s truth and the truth of the Creator. When you call upon our energies, the Celestial White Beings to download into your being and support your ascension, we will always share with you the energy of bliss and activate bliss within your being. Thus, we are activating codes, templates, and blueprints of truth which will awaken knowingness, remembrance, and clarity within all aspects of your being. This enables illusion to dissolve and a clearer understanding of yourself and the Creator to develop. In truth, the vibration of bliss restores and reactivates your alignment with the Creator within your entire being.

Shift into the Perception of Your Enlightenment

Bliss is the vibration and frequency that many souls experience as they truly awaken to the Creator; they describe the experience as enlightenment. Enlightenment is an embodiment and experience that many souls progressing along their spiritual pathways seek. The quest for enlightenment becomes so intense and important that they forget they are already an embodiment of enlightenment. They also forget to realise that each awakening and self or Creator realisation that occurs on their pathway to enlightenment is the presence of enlightenment residing within them. It is very rare that enlightenment is embodied like a lightning bolt, instead, enlightenment is your companion revealing itself to you slowly and surely with each moment of your life. When you recognise enlightenment as your companion gradually awakening within you rather than an experience you seek, your perception of your enlightenment and spiritual evolutions alters. Thus, your experience of your physical reality, spiritual growth, and union with the Creator shifts to a space of truth rather than illusion. It is often that even within your spiritual evolution illusion can be present, this allows the mind to grasp concepts which cannot be explained, the mind always wishes to understand and yet this isn’t always the way of spiritual evolution. To know, trust and hold focus offers a far greater union with the Creator, as to understand encourages you to delve deeper into illusion, trying to liken the Creator to your personality. The more you recognise and embody vibrations and frequencies of the Creator, so the illusion can disappear as a connection and union has been made, allowing awakening to continue with less illusion.

Many souls believe that enlightenment is to understand the Universe of the Creator. This is not the case, enlightenment is to know yourself as a soul existing in a physical reality and as an aspect of the Creator. It is this awareness which liberates your being, creates fulfilment and happiness. However, your fulfilment and happiness are already within your being and do not require the experience of enlightenment to be activated or embodied.  

The Awakening of Enlightenment

The energy we, the Celestial White Beings, are distributing now, especially to the Earth, is to support the awakening of enlightenment. We are gifting pockets of light from the core of our energy to those who wish to receive. The pockets of our energy will hold the vibrations of bliss, the codes, templates, and blueprints of bliss as well as our pure consciousness and wisdom. Our pockets of energy can be received into your Soul Star Chakra to synthesis with your soul and entire being, or they can be received directly into your soul to synthesis at a deep level and filter throughout your being. You can receive as many pockets of energy to awaken enlightenment as you feel is appropriate. Each pocket of our energy holds the same vibrations and consciousness, however, the more you download the energy the more it activates and awakens your inner enlightenment, as well as your realis ation of enlightenment.  

To receive the pocket of awakening enlightenment in your Soul Star Chakra:

‘Celestial White Beings, please bring forth to me your pockets of awakening enlightenment. I choose to receive this sacred energy and awakening within my Soul Star Chakra. May the energy fill my Soul Star Chakra merging with the presence of my soul and distributing throughout my being at a physical and energetic level. May the energy of bliss penetrate my being, awakening the presence of bliss already within me. Let me bathe in the vibrations of bliss, feeling the benefits and upliftment of this sacred energy. In receiving the pocket of energy and light from the Celestial White Beings, I allow myself to realise, awaken and embody my unique energy of enlightenment within me. I allow myself to rest and bathe in my inner enlightenment recognising it fully. Celestial White Beings please support me, awaken my inner clarity and ability to see, sense and acknowledge the truth. Thank you.’

To receive the pocket of awakening enlightenment directly into your Soul:

‘Celestial White Beings, please bring forth to me your pockets of awakening enlightenment. I choose to receive this sacred energy and awakening directly into my soul. May the energy of the Celestial White Beings synthesis with my soul creating a shift and awakening at the very core of my being. Let this shift vibrate throughout my entire being moving subtly and easily, connecting as one with all that I am. The enlightenment of my soul stirs from the core of my being and penetrates my entire being, divinely influencing and inspiring me to more fully realise the divine consciousness and awareness I embody. Through the synthesis of the pocket of awakening enlightenment with my soul, I experience a deeper connection and unite with my soul, understanding all that I AM. Celestial White Beings please support me, awaken my inner clarity and ability to see, sense and acknowle dge the truth. Thank you.’

Simply take time to observe and experience the process unfolding within your being. It is possible to use both invocations on separate occasions as they offer a different level of embodiment. The first brings enlightenment and awakening into your physical body and awareness, the second allows a deeper connection with your soul and an activation of enlightenment from the core of your being, while still experiencing embodiment at all levels of your being.

In bliss always,

The Celestial White Beings

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Pace Your Self – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Oracle of Self by Jennifer Michelle Long @ Fine Art America


Pace Your Self …



These Cosmic Gateway openings we are headed into, show themselves to be over the top/off the charts/powerfully immense. For all who dedicate themselves to our Service to HUmanity here…. the message is “Pace Your Selves”…..

Stabilizing is going to be KEY (keycode) here…. for all fully invested with all of their energy in holding the Gridwork for NEW Earth in place…. yes, it’s a full-time job/experience, on top of everything else we do…. so take plenty of YOU/ME time, plenty of nature/nurture/rest/sleep to integrate time, slow way down and go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper inside and maintain your own Soul Connection to flow, expand and hold all vibrationally, while all constantly recalibrates, re-codes, re-harmonizes and re-aligns.

Maintain your presence, open your heart/mind more, utilize those Mastery Tools and honor each’s chosen journey/experience here. BE the Light through your Divine Presence, radiate LOVE from your CORE…. SHOW the Way, as the WayShower you are, honor your own energy and the energy of all others as love too. Support those who are open and ready to receive, awaken all through your own PRESENCE AS PROOF, hold your Light and SHARE the OPPORTUNITY that all have to CHOOSE NEW EARTH as their own realities too.

The old falls away, cracks, crumbles, breaks apart/down, dissipates, dissolves, erupts, explodes/implodes, caves in, crashes, takes a dive, contracts and shuts down… the NEW RISES, expands, radiates, shines bright and LEADS THE WAY to a much higher existence now…. BE the ONE…. and REMEMBER why you are here…. and that you are multi-dimensional… shift into your highest aspects and hold this as your full-time you…..

I love you. Alternate realities and higher timelines… you see and you anchor all from within you…. and you bring the new realities forth as CREATION from within you too.

Share, shine and shift…. ♦ Up up up vibrationally we all continually go……….. ♥


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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Consciousness is Non-Local – Peggy Black and the ‘team’

To Touch a Star – Fine Art by Heather Theurer


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family May 18, 2018

___________ My Personal Message___________

I am unpacking and catching up after my week in Seattle with my tribe at the Tom Kenyon Hathor Intensive, The Art of Psycho-navigation Spatial Cognizance. These events are always a reset and expansion of consciousness, powerful inner work that continues to resonate for days, months and beyond. I have been attending Tom’s events since 1997. His work and the incredible sound mediations he offers are exceptional. I am so grateful to have woven these processes and insights into the fabric of my life.Stepping back into the daily routine feels good, yet a bit restrictive. It is always an opportunity to make a shift that supports my new understandings, incorporating as well as anchoring a fresh viewpoint.  It will be interesting to see how things move forward. We are all experiencing such intense changes in our lives. Some of these changes seem to come uninvited and others we actually and willing participate in and welcome. I wish each of us a smooth and easy path during these chaotic times. May we step into our personal power and expansion.

I am delighted with the response of my new website This site has allowed me to share personal stories. my home, garden and other creative expressions.

If you are interested in booking appointments to have a personal interface and connection with the ‘team’ please contact me. I love making the ‘team’ available for these sessions, they bring clarity and guidance.

Our Morning Message community is so precious to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in the way. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations, your letters and emails, it is always a joy to hear how the messages are inspiring your personal magnificence. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.  In the last several weeks we have new subscribers from United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam, Hong Gong, Brazil, Morocco, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Australia and Germany. We are truly global.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy


_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Consciousness is Non-Local
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here connecting with your awareness as well as your non-local consciousness. We honor your willingness to be playing in this interesting hologram/hologame. We remind you that you are a multidimensional being with unlimited possibilities and potential. You just happen to be matching the limitations of this dimension and calling it reality.We would like to engage your focus, as well as your expanded awareness, with the possibility that you have begun to shift how you use your consciousness. From our observation, most of the time, you are involved with the very physical interaction with your surroundings. This is to be expected since this is a dense physical reality and dimension.

However, we remind you that at this point in your personal evolution you literally have one foot in the quantum world. So we would like to address that potentiality.

We have often stated that you create your reality with your focused energy, thoughts and emotions, which is true. At the same time you are often stuck in your limited acquired programs and perceptions of how the world works. This creates a conflict and often these two concepts will cancel your efforts and focus.

What if consciousness is non-local? What if consciousness is a field? What if there is a global mind? Consider for a moment that you create thought fields that connect with other individual’s thought fields. We are back to suggesting that there is an interconnectedness with all consciousness.

So how do you personally use this awareness? How can this shift your life and how you live it?

First it is most important to have in place a grounded manner in which you can monitor your results. These results may only show up in tiny increments or nano-movements. They are often called synchronicities.

Imagine that your thoughts, focused and energized with your emotional vibrations, can and do begin to create in the quantum field surrounding you. The emotional vibrations we are encouraging you to broadcast are the feelings of appreciation and gratitude.

These are the true and deep feelings of appreciation and gratitude not just thoughts of gratitude and appreciation. When you begin to practice feeling gratitude and appreciation you create  coherence between your brain and your heart. It is this coherence which can and will empower your focused thoughts and intentions.

Realize that creating at this level is an inside job. As you begin to make inner changes those changes begin to manifest in your outer reality. This sounds like a simple and easy task, however if it were that easy for earthwalkers to remember this ability, there would be no need for us to remind you of your personal power to create.

In the beginning, when you are working at this level of consciousness, you have to be undisturbed and untroubled with the unknown. It is also important that you yield and relinquish control of the outcome.  We realize this sounds like a contradiction however once you have energized your focused thought and seeded the quantum field, surrender to how this comes about. Allow the working of the non-local conscious field to arrange the simplest and smoothest way for this to be created. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted. Remember that the universe will rearrange itself to fit your picture of reality.

The most important aspect of this process is consistency. Your focus and coherent emotional vibrations must stay strong and steady. There needs to be a consistent vibrational match between what you are offering and what you are intending and envisioning.

This is not about positive thinking. This is about recognizing and owning your ability to interface with the quantum field of consciousness and the thought fields of others. You can begin to connect to this infinite field of thoughts much like you tune into a radio station. In fact you are often being influenced by the broadcast of the thought fields of limited beliefs and misqualified or negative vibrations.

Pay attention to where you allow your attention to be focused. Remember to bring your conscious attention to what it is you truly want to create or have in your reality. If your desire is to find a way to clean your waters of all the pollution, imagine connecting with the thought fields of those who are also interested in finding solutions to this situation. Or you can simply connect with the thought fields of those who wring their hands and bemoan what is happening. The choice is yours.

Begin to understand that these thought fields hold a certain reality or limitation in place. That is the interesting illusion that everyone continues to empower. You are beginning to make a shift.

There are very practical and consistent ways to use your ability. We are inviting you to step into your personal power and begin to make the difference you came here to make. You are a divine conscious being dwelling for a short while in a contained and limited physical form.

You physical body is only a vehicle; it is a tool that your divine self is using to experience this dense 3D hologram/hologame. It is time to invite your divine consciousness to be in partnership with your physical consciousness.  For it is in the partnership that you are truly empowered.

It is in this partnership that you can and will become aware of consciousness as non-local. It is this consciousness that you interface with, interact with, are a part of and influence.  We are just inviting you to remember and to begin to activate that awareness. You are magnificent, unlimited, infinite in your true self. Bring those qualities forth into your daily experience.

Empower your conscious focus knowing that your consciousness has an energetic effect on all things and all people, as well as on your personal body, cells and DNA. Realize your connection to one another is more than just an energetic one. Your thoughts carry information that creates a blueprint that goes into the collective conscious field which becomes available to others.

We are inviting you to imprint, energize, and seed this conscious field with life sustaining realities, with solutions to some of the global misqualified and negative patterns. You are up to this task. We bow before you for your courage to be embodied at this time. We are always available as is the entire cosmic family; call on us for assistance and support. the ‘team’

©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available

To Touch a Star – Fine Art by Heather Theurer

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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A Lesson Learned on the Sacred Spiral Home – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

THE SIRIUS CONNECTION – Tapestry, Wall Hanging – Original Pumayana Visionary Art, Spiritual


A Lesson Learned on the Sacred Spiral Home

There was a particular lesson that I hadn’t completely gotten as of today.

So many of us seem to need to hear certain things multiple times and in our own language before we really get them. Sometimes we’re waiting for the right description before the penny drops.

The penny dropped for me on the lesson I hadn’t gotten – on the need to love one’s self.

After going through the lesson and the learning, I’d like to show how it’s an instance of a profound spiritual reality – even though it may not sound like it starting out.

I never got the lesson I was being asked to learn as long as it was put as the need to “Love yourself.”

For most of my life, I didn’t know what love was so there was no fertile ground to plant the seed in. And my self-esteem had been pretty badly battered by a critical father. So putting the message this way did not reach me.

I next received the suggestion that I allow Big Steve (my Higher Self) to look after Little Steve (my everyday consciousness).  I could get that way of seeing things, but still there was no big click around loving oneself.

This morning, in the shower, I remembered that my shampoo bottle was empty. I got out of the shower, dripping wet, grabbed a new bottle and went back into the shower, leaving water everywhere.

I could have criticized myself for forgetting, but instead a little bird put the thought in my mind: “Be a friend to yourself.”

For whatever reason, though I could not get the lesson the way it was put before, I got “Be a friend to yourself.” It got in.

In a you-and-me world of higher-dimensional love, people are friends with everyone, including themselves. There are no martyrs who sacrifice themselves or victims who demean themselves.

When you’re 100 feet down, drowned in an Ocean of Love, you haven’t an unfriendly thought in your now completely-satisfied mind.

Of course you’re a friend to yourself. No other alternative would exist.

I got it. I got it.

I’ll bet now that I’ll get the other two descriptions as well. “Be a friend to yourself” will have proven the door in.

OK, time now for me to change focus from this particular instance of finding the right door in to the most general view I’m capable of taking.

In my vision experience of 1987, I saw the individual soul (God the Child) following the trajectory of a circle, from God the Father, through many lifetimes in the domain of God the Mother, mater, matter, back to God the Father again. (1)

From God to God: That was the great circle of life.

But I noticed that, as well as following the arc of the circle, the soul was also moving in a spiral. The whole looked like wire rope, as in the graphic.

I intuitively knew that what this represented was the individual soul returning to the same karmic lessons, time after time, until the lesson was learned.

That’s exactly what happened to me today.

I’m sure my guides inspired me to address a deficiency: I wasn’t loving myself.  They tried giving me the message, “Love yourself.” But it just didn’t come alive for me, even after my heart opening, at which time I knew what love was and had love to give to myself. Still my vasanas militated against me getting the message.

I was then given the message to let Big Steve take care of Little Steve. That worked to a large extent but still there was no big click.

But then this morning, when the inspired thought came, “Be a friend to yourself,” for some reason, that did click. I have no vasanas around being a friend, no projections or introjections, no unworkable belief systems.

This is an example, I submit, of returning to the same situation again and again until the lesson is learned.

It also demonstrates how our return journey to God, which forms an overall circle, can also be seen as a spiral. (2)


(1) For an account of the experience, see “Ch. 13 Epilogue,” at

(2) There is both trajectory (circle) and spin (spiral).


THE SIRIUS CONNECTION – Tapestry, Wall Hanging – Original Pumayana Visionary Art, Spiritual,

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists 
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. Shekinah El Daoud 
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‘Diary of a Yogi’ Chapter 6 – Ketumati – Altair Shyam

Mira and The Dance of The Impenetrable Realm – Art by Maryam Mughal


Chapter 6 – Ketumati

Altair travelled overland alone from Nepal to India to visit the Krishnamurti School in Varanasi, or Benares. He sat one day in the late afternoon in the garden of Krishnamurti’s own house. The School had kindly put him up in the house, complete with his own servants, and he was chatting with Krishnamurti’s gardener Henry, who was an exceptionally wise man.

“Why do you think Babaji wanted me to meet Krishna?” said Altair although he hadn’t the faintest idea how this could possibly happen.

“Because of your knowledge of other worlds,” replied Henry.

Altair looked at Henry in surprise. “Other worlds? Like the billions of stars and planets out there with habitable life?”

Henry laughed. “No not that. You will experience those worlds directly I’m sure. In your future, rather than mine. I am too old for space travel. Not the world of ghosts and spirits either. You will be able to contact those worlds too, in time, perhaps in your homeland. No, I mean the Pure Lands like Maitreya’s Ketumati where we are now, or Amitabha’s Sukhavati or Guan Yin’s Mount Potalaka. Masters, saints and Buddhas have known of these other worlds for thousands of years. Take Shambhala for instance. The Dalai Lama says in the Kalachakra Tantra that the Pure Land of Shambhala, which is ruled over by Maitreya, can only be visited by a worthy person. So I ask myself what a worthy person is, often. Pure Lands are not really part of this universe at all. They intertwine and are woven into the fabric of this world. People like you and Krishnamurti and others who practice the portal of deep constant presence can become aware of them. And aware of the Beings that inhabit them. The Beings we call Buddhas and Christs, Gods and Goddesses, they are in all our religions as well as our myths and legends and fairy tales for a reason.”

Henry stood up for a moment and gestured around the garden.

“Take Ketumati for instance.”

Altair blinked. He could have sworn he caught a glimpse of a completely different sort of garden, one like he first experienced as Palmo Shonu in the gardens of Zahor with Princess Mandarava. It was a garden glowing with energy, vibrant green, clear energy fields surrounding every flower, plant and tree, any point could be a portal that would transport a person’s awareness into other times or places.

“We are closer than close, closer than a heartbeat, worlds that are able to be known through stillness, silence and presence and letting go of the known,” said Henry.

Altair touched the grass. His hand disappeared, immersed in energy.

Armed With Energy by Saika’s Art Etsy

“Yes, I see it too,” said Henry, “the power of presence and cosmic consciousness. We are truly made of the same stuff as the stars. So how have you come to this awareness Altair? What has helped you along the way?”

“Firstly my dreams of Samye. That made me very curious about life and what came before and after even at the tender young age of three years old. Secondly, the visions of Zahor and many other places and Masters and guides. They made me aware of worlds beyond our own. The third was meditation, the doorway to Presence which is like the Garden of Eden here on Earth. Fourth would be action, when I was at Koya-san I decided to follow my dreams, however that turned out. Fifth and last is Kriya. My connection with Babaji through Yogananda elevated me to great heights of awareness, like climbing Mt Kailash.”

“When you breathe in such an active and sacred way as in Kriya Yoga, you actually charge the particles of your inner consciousness, a cosmos of your own creation existing within the astral spine and make the matter of this world very thin, so the portals of the chakras become much more accessible and easier to use and allow you to move between worlds for whatever your destiny and mission is. Great Masters have always known this.

Shri Krishna by Vishnu 108 @ DeviantArt

That is why many institutions fear it. That is why the ignorant imprison us by feeding us limited thoughts and fueling our material desires.”

“Why?” said Altair.

“Think of the possibilities, if we realized just how powerful we were. It would revolutionize churches, temples and governments, schools and businesses. If we realized there was a way to bridge this world and all others. If we knew the power of love language and communication with presence.”

“The key is intention,” said Altair. “We only have to think it and use the power of divine imagination.”

“Yes,” said Henry. “It is in the interests of those who inspire fear and ignorance and limited thought to keep the rest of us thinking the only reality is what we see through our senses. The power that would be unleashed worldwide is beyond anything we can imagine now if we were all to be free. It is about the collective, unity. We are not supposed to do it alone. It is about going home together.”

“So those that want to keep the wealth and power have a vested interest in keeping us imprisoned in our limited thinking?”

“Yes, those who have the most fear are holding on tight to what they have, which is in actuality very little.”

“And the Masters want to open this bridge across forever?”

“Even the Masters have different perspectives on opening portals. If they open it too soon, before most people have developed awareness, they could create an imbalance in the light and dark forces at play.”

“What about nature, snakes, dolphins, hummingbirds?” said Altair with a smile.

The Krishnamurti Foundation was located on a native wildlife reserve in Varanasi. Though there were no dolphins or hummingbirds there were snakes and eagles.

Henry smiled. “Those may well serve you in time. They are unconcerned with our problems. In fact we have upset their natural balance more than in any other time in history.”


“How do I connect with them?”

“The same way you are connecting to the Masters. Make a clear intention. Quiet the mind, still the heart, open up to limitless possibilities and surrender.”

“When will it happen?”

“Don’t be so impatient! Everything has its own time.”

At that very moment an eagle soared overhead and swooped down low as if feasting its eyes on the garden below.

“You see,” said Henry. “They are listening. Give it time. I imagine there are many surprises in store for you.”

In the wake of the eagle’s path a sudden brisk wind picked up, ruffling Altair’s hair.

Dark black storm clouds loomed swiftly over the horizon where there were none before.

“You’d best be getting inside,” said Henry. “There’s a storm brewing.”

“I need to buy some yoghurt!” Altair said and stood up in a hurry. “Do you think I’ll have time?”

“Maybe,” said Henry. “Better hurry!”

Altair dashed off down the path towards town. He passed by one of the fields where the boys were playing cricket.

“Six!” came a cry.

Altair turned seeking the source of the call when he received an enormous crack on the nose. He stumbled back, stunned, stars spinning in his vision.

A group of boys came running up.

“Sorry, Sir!”

“That’s alright.” Altair was still dazed. “I…I’m from New Zealand. I used to play cricket at school too.”

“Oh, Sir, do you know Richard Hadlee?”

It wasn’t long before they were all best of friends.

It was Altair’s first day at the school as a teacher. He’d arrived at the office that morning knowing they were expecting him, to find himself sitting beside an auburn-haired woman looking rather pensive, who introduced herself as Angela.

“I’m off home today,” she said, “my father is ill and they can’t find a replacement. I don’t want to leave them in the lurch.”

“What do you teach?” said Altair.

“English, drama and music.”

“I have a background in Performing Arts,” said Altair. “I might be able to help.”

Mirabai Krishna

And so he did, and half an hour later he was signing papers as a substitute teacher and getting Angela to show him around. The school put him up in Krishnamurti’s own house, complete with servants, which initially he felt most uncomfortable about until he discovered that it was their job and they were extremely proud of it having served generations of famous people including Krishnamurti before Altair.

So now as he headed into town just before the storm he thought back over the incredible sequence of events that had brought him here to the holy city of Varanasi.

After Nepal and Tibet he had stayed in New Delhi just to see the Taj Mahal. That was the comedy routine of his adventure so far.

Taj Mahal

“All aboard,” shouted the driver as they lined up for the bus in the dust and fumes of the early morning traffic outside the youth hostel. “We have to be back by 5pm. Evening curfew. Hurry up!”

That was true. Delhi was in the midst of riots and soldiers with rifles patrolled the streets and roofs looking to shoot looters.

They knew that to return after 5pm was to place their life in peril.

Everywhere they looked was a mass of dangling power cables, narrow streets, cycle rickshaws, winding old lanes leading to spice markets and traffic traffic everywhere.

Some of the stares they got were frankly unfriendly and for a woman more than that showing them places to avoid, especially after dark.

Altair wore his hair long and had massive curls so from behind looked every bit like a young woman. One of those days in Delhi he had an older man with his wife saunter up beside him in the crowd and grope at his breasts. Altair felt terribly invaded and was so incensed he turned and punched the man hard in the nose. The fellow hurried away with his wife through the madding crowd.

The bus lurched away from the hostel in a pall of smoke and careered down the highway knocking two cycle rickshaws off the road and into the ditch beside to the insults and waving fists of their drivers. The bus driver didn’t seem to care at all.

The Taj Mahal is located in Agra so they had a little way to go, some five hours or so, and a number of palaces and scenic spots to see on the way.

They came to the first stop, Agra Fort. The driver was very clear they didn’t have long as traffic had been heavy these first three hours. “We only have ten minutes so no photos,” he said.

A young German couple started grumbling immediately.

“We didn’t pay all this money for a ten minute tour. He can wait.”

They took their bags and cameras and set off for a stroll.

The rest of the group looked dubiously at the driver who seemed extremely nervous.

Sure enough, ten minutes later, on the dot, he climbed up into the driver’s cab and shouted “Time to go!” in the direction of the German couple who were the last to get back on. They were still atop the monumental Delhi Gate and waving buoyantly at the bus so when the driver put his foot on the gas pedal to resume his trip, minus the German couple, the tourists were all aghast, there was lots of shouting, and the Germans could still be heard yelling insults in German from the walls.

To no avail.

The driver would not turn back, regardless of threats and cajoling, and kept his head down for the rest of the trip to the Taj Mahal.

They stopped at several other minor attractions, losing at least one passenger at each.

By the time they got to the Taj Mahal, they were a decimated group of tourists.

“We must be hurrying!” continued the driver, scarcely pausing at this beautiful monument for long enough to take some decent pictures. “5 o’clock, 5 o’clock!”

It was beginning to sound like the rant of a madman. By any reasonable calculations the bus should make it home just in time.

So off they went, at a giddy gait, swerving around this obstacle or that car or knocking an occasional rickshaw off the road when they wouldn’t shift for the driver.

After about 2 hours they arrived at a fairly nondescript hotel, small, dingy and rather unkept. The driver met with another man out front and they shook hands gleefully. He gestured at them all to come in.

“Tea stop, souvenirs,” yelled the driver, proudly clapping the new man on the shoulder as he introduced him. “This is my uncle. My uncle’s hotel,” he waved his hands  with aplomb as if this were the most scenic attraction they had yet feasted their eyes upon.

“We have time for a stop,” he said as if to assure the group of his intentions to take good care of them finally.

Then the driver and the uncle disappeared, no doubt to discuss commissions and sales and the group were left to the extremely tardy tea service of one older gentleman, the sole waiter, server and tea pourer. Almost one hour later, the longest stop they had made anywhere, and Altair decided to go on the warpath. He found the driver laughing out the back with a group of men, smoking and drinking chai.

“The time, the time!”

The driver looked at his watch and immediately looked like he had been hit with a club. Fear filled his face and he sprung up like a jack in a box.

“Hurry up, hurry up!” He began yelling at the top of his voice.

They piled back into the bus.

“We must be taking a short cut,” said the driver.

He put his foot on the gas pedal and belted off at a gut wrenching pace, turning and scurrying down one winding narrow lane after another.

Soon he reached a long straight section which looked like it went on forever.

“Hold on!” he announced with more than a hint of trepidation in his voice.

The bus hurled past shops and doorways with barely a hair’s breadth separating them.

It was clear this short cut was going to put everyone at death’s door if the driver had anything to do with it.

The next moment they saw looming up ahead of them a very low lying bridge under which they would not pass.

“Hold on!” commanded the demon driver.

So they did and the bus hit the bridge with an enormous crash and a sound like bullets firing out of a cylinder could be heard as packs and bags which were on the roof-rack shot backwards off the top of the bus with the roof-rack and upper connections following in a tangle on the ground.

“Sorry! Sorry!” was all the mad driver could repeat over and over.

Altair got out slowly in a daze with the other passengers. The bus was still running and they gathered up their possessions and placed them back on board.

The driver said very little bar the occasional sorry on his way back to the hostel.

Needless to say Altair and the remaining passengers arrived late, past the curfew, and had to clamber secretively on the emergency escape ladders at the back of the hotel and then clutch and scrape at windowsills bruising their shins and fingers and cracking nails as they forced their way into one of the back windows of the hostel in constant fear of their life in case they were mistaken for looters by one of the soldiers positioned on nearby roofs.

Perhaps never again would Altair take a bus tour in India.

Brijrama Palace Varanasi

So it was that Altair found himself not on a bus heading to Varanasi but on a train, firstly in the lowest class carriage which was basically the baggage train filled with cattle and chickens, bad smells and cow-shit, and old men chewing betel nuts, teeth stained reddish-black from years of chewing this addictive nut, which they spat out on the floor at his feet. After a couple of hours of olfactory torture Altair upgraded to second class which was just as crowded and had some people riding the roof. A few hours of this experience and he went to first class which meant he had a seat and finally for the last segment he allowed himself the luxury of AC or air conditioning and found himself in a cabin with 4 other men, all with the same birthday as him. September 7th. This birthday had led to a number of synchronistic events. On one bus trip in Nepal he found himself riding on the roof of a bus with three other travelers all with this same birthday. And when he started university, he was walking up the hill to Albert Park when an old woman on the other side of the road pointed at him and called out.

“Hey you!”

She made her way across the road to him.

“You were born the same day as Queen Elizabeth the First.”

It wasn’t a question.

And she was right.

She proceeded to tell him many things about his life. How he would work with children in the arts, be a leader, travel to America and work as a healer.

So meetings with remarkable people in the most unlikely places never seemed out of place.

And so it was in Varanasi.

After signing up for the job Angela took him out on a boat on the Ganges for an hour just before lunch.

The sun was high over the holy river, casting a steady glow, big and imposing in the sky. The air was filled with the aroma of sandalwood and jasmine flowers. Angela found a boatman who rowed them close to the shore, bathing them in the aftermath of the morning cremation rituals. That meant an arm that had not been burned properly by the cremation ghats floated by the boat. An occasional body too.

“You may not be surprised to know that I heard you were coming,” said Angela. “I was hoping against hope that you would be able to fill my position. You know they are interested in you for other reasons. That is why they accepted you so easily. It’s usually much more difficult to get a job here. There are many volunteers waiting in line. The principal told me you would be here this morning.”

Altair had a strange feeling the school, the Principal and Krishnamurti were all somehow tied into Babaji’s prophecy of him meeting Krishna.

Meerabai by Avinash Thakur @ Art Finder

And so it was that he found himself searching the nearby markets for some yoghurt he loved just before the storm set in.

The markets were lazy, colorful and chaotic. Old men, stray dogs and bodies close to death lay strewn across his path at every turn. Men with baskets heaped with herbs tried to sell their wares and shopkeepers tried to bargain with him. He quickly found the shop he was looking for and ordered a mango lassi while he was waiting. He listened to the chatter of the customers around him and thought of the vision Babaji and Henry had brought him. A bridge across forever that he could travel over and link other worlds and Pure Lands. He wanted to take all the women and children that were caught up in wars and strife far away from here, to set them free, with stars and magic…

Blossom To The Stars by Wen Hsu

Sometime in the night he awoke to the sounds of thunder and pelting rain. The servant and his family were fast asleep and the house itself was eerily serene amidst the backdrop of the boom and bang of nature’s titanic forces clashing.

There was a soft knock at the door.

Altair waited. The storm rattled on.

The knock came softly again.

No one was going to answer it. The servants were still asleep. They were in the middle of a storm.

“Hello,” said Altair as softly as the knock. “Who’s there?” And he got up to open the door.

Standing there in the wind and rain, without an umbrella, as dry as a bone, was a woman. She was dressed in the orange cloth of a sanyasi, a wandering holy person. She had blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and was holding an ancient scroll in her hands. Behind her, in all directions, lay a tumbling sea of water that fell in ever increasing streams, pausing only now and then to catch its breath before resuming its fury, like a constant waterfall pouring straight down.

“May I come in?” Her voice was soothing, like a clear mountain stream.

Altair was at a loss for words. He gestured for her to come in and noticed that her sandals left no wet mark on the floor even though she had somehow come through the storm to get here. Now he could see her clearly for the first time. She was very young, yet wore spectacles, wore no hood or rain gear and seemed not to notice nature’s spectacle which had been crashing all around her. She had a simple red bindu between her eyebrows. She stood in the entrance like a goddess. She reminded him of Krishna himself.


Altair nodded.

“I have been sent to bring you a message.”

Altair could momentarily see through the veils and perceive the bridge across forever that Henry had spoken of, the unity linking all beliefs and faiths that Babaji had guided him to. He could feel the language of love breaking through to speak to his heart, and know of the timeless awareness that awakens when you are in the presence of divinity.

The scroll had binding which the woman carefully unwrapped and then unrolled the parchment before handing it to Altair.

“This is for you. Krishna bid me give it to you.”

Altair took the scroll and held it at the top and bottom so that he could see it better.

“This is Saraswati,” said the woman, in a sweet sing-song voice, pointing to the Goddess who sat playing a sitar surrounded by peacocks. “You have been devoted to Her many times over many lives.”

“Babaji said you would come.”

She nodded and pointed to another section of the scroll, in Sanskrit.

“Chapter 12, the Bhagavad Gita. Bhagavad Shri Krishna spoke to Arjuna and said ‘Those who fix their minds on Me, who constantly glorify Me, and possess great faith, I consider them to be most perfect.’ That is the message from Lord Krishna to you.”

She took the scroll from Altair, rolled it up, bound it and handed it back to him.

“I think there are things I need to tell you,” she said. “Altair, you were a 16th century Raj in Northern India.”


The Sanyasi’s voice was so sweet it lifted him above the storm.

“You were married with three wives. You governed a small kingdom in what is now Rajasthan.”

Altair felt his body drifting, lifting upwards, soaring into the heavens.

“You worshipped Saraswati.”

Just like Palmo Shonu with Princess Mandarava in Zahor, thought Altair.

Below him the countryside splayed out like a balloon and ahead of him a magnificent palace was sitting in all its grandeur and splendor. He was part of it and it was all around him. Great forts with round towers rose up sprawling over hills and valley plains next to rivers. Temples, houses and markets were held within its walls.

Altair saw people running in every direction, barricading doors and windows and then he found himself in the midst of a large group of men, brave, armed and ready for fighting, standing before the last of seven massive gates.

Three women, dressed in beautiful saris stood at his side, all weeping.

The one closest to him, took his arm and spoke loudly and clearly to the throng.

“We are besieged sire, but should you got out to battle, and die, we will be lost without you, and surely we will not survive what is to follow.”

Altair simply nodded. He felt heavy and realized he was wearing armor. One of the men was helping him get up on a horse. He was eating his last betel nut together with his troops. He donned his saffron robes which his first wife, the one that had spoken to the crowd, handed him.

“The invading army outnumbers us ten to one,” said the man now in front of him brandishing a double edged scimitar.

Altair nodded again. He knew the warrior’s code. Compassion for defeated foes, generosity towards the helpless, fair play in battle, respect for women and conduct of warfare governed by elegant forms and ceremonies. His people loved him and he was renowned for his courage on the battlefield. He was part of a proud martial tradition and he had a passion for war. Everyone was waiting for his signal.

He, drew his sword, holding it aloft and cried out in a wild yell, and the gates opened on his command. The warriors on horseback circled and flew with him out the gates and onto the hills and down into the valleys, many were mounted and some were on foot.

They were met by a storm of shrieks and yells and blinding fury as the two armies collided. Horsemen, war elephants, soldiers with swords, lances, matchlocks and bows and arrows battled in the breach, many hurled into the air together, and many crushed by the falling debris caused by siege engines.

War elephants, as many as three hundred, joined the onslaught. One of them trampled a man near him, rolled him up in his trunk and crushed him. The elephant then turned on Altair, smashed its trunk down on his horse’s back breaking it in two with a terrible crack and throwing Altair in the air. When Altair hit the ground he was stunned and dazed. The battle had carried him right near the center of the fighting as he struggled to his feet, now a short distance away from the invading king. The king came down from the small rise of a hill that he stood upon and faced Altair, the two men now barely meters apart. Altair was trembling like a mighty dynamo, not from fear but from grim determination. He was a warrior and to die in battle was just as honorable as to die for love. He touched his heart as he stood, thinking of his brave wives and the fate they might face if he was vanquished. Brandishing his sword he said to himself,

“I fight for you my loves. I am a king and he is nothing.”

Raj Women

The warriors around them continued fighting but formed a protective cordon from which no one could get in or out. The bodies piling up made a wall. Here they were, two futures, two destinies, one would continue while the other would fall.

The air seemed to grow still and silent.

Then with a roar and a shaking like two mountains clashing, the two warriors crashed into each other and fell aside, and Altair sprung up first and slashed at the other man’s neck which was his most vulnerable point.

There was a clash of metal on metal as Altair’s thrust missed its mark but caught the man’s face and a scream split the air. The other king hurled himself in fury onto Altair pummeling him to the ground and the breath was squeezed out of him all at once by that crushing fall. Hands fixed themselves on his throat and hot bloody drops dripped down his helmet.

Altair threw himself backwards with all his might and ripped downwards, tearing away those vicious hands and swinging the sword which had been underneath him out and across.

He struck metal and then metal again as the two swords met and parried and thrust.

Then they stood apart struggling to regain their breath.

Both men were bleeding and both were panting heavily.

Altair knew it was going badly for his men. He was their last hope and he would not fail them. He allowed himself the luxury of a single tear. His dear brave fearless wives were going to die if he did not find victory, through love and belief, in fearlessness and valor. He thought of how Krishna assured Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita that the proper thing to do was to fight on the battle field. He thought of his friend Mirabai and her love for Krishna which had inspired his devotion. And it was at this moment, which passed as swiftly as a blink of an eye, that he was lifted out of the battle. He remembered the words Mirabai had taught him,

Mirabai & Krishna

“Be awake to the Name!

To be born in a human body is rare,

Don’t throw away the reward of your past good deeds.

Life passes in an instant— the leaf doesn’t go

back to the branch.

The ocean of rebirth sweeps up all beings hard,

Pulls them into its cold-running, fierce, implacable currents.

Giridhara, your name is the raft, the one safe-passage over.

Take me quickly.

All the awake ones travel with Mira, singing the name.

She says with them: Get up, stop sleeping—

the days of a life are short.”

A great swirl lifted Altair up as he raised his sword, and then something pulled him up above all of this, and then a more powerful surge, like a power tearing him away from the battle field and the carnage and the sadness and the loss. Then Altair saw in the air beside him the Sanyasi standing calmly looking at him.

“You will meet your three wives again. They are very dear to you and will be always. You will know them by this. One will be a dancer, one a singer and one an actress. Though you will try to hold on to them you cannot. You can only ever free them by letting them go. You can try anything you wish, marriage, children, but the law of karma is very clear. Trust in the flow of life. Go well Altair. Go well my child.”

Then she was gone into the storm.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Service is the Path for This Age – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Divine Mother statue


Service is the Path for This Age

All of us Starseeds and other lightworkers, loveholders, and lightholders came from a higher-dimensional reality and agreed to don these dry suits and lumber around in them for a reason.

We came to serve the Divine Mother’s Plan for Gaia’s Ascension.  We’re the civil service in the Mother’s Administration, if you like. We serve her program.

You be the Attorney General and I’ll be the Press Secretary.

In my case, what serving the Mother means for me right now is to churn out as much introductory literature as possible so that, when the big events hit, I can roll with them and not scramble to produce literature then.

It’ll be too late. The time for producing literature myself will have passed. That time is now.

Others will need to take up the torch afterwards. My attention will be on financial stewardship, although I’ll still be writing commentary.

However, until then, my service to the Divine Mother lies in my producing a useful literature for newcomers, the newly red-pilled or awakened.

What your service might be is between you and the Mother.  I can tell you from my own experience that it’ll undoubtedly turn out to be something you like doing more than eating, drinking, or sleeping. I’ll betcha.

I love to write more than eating, drinking, and sleeping. I’m up at all hours. I often go without eating or drinking.  I eat, drink, and sleep writing.

And guess what? That just happens to be my sacred purpose, my form of agreed-upon service to the Mother. Whaddya know about that?

There are no coincidences.

As I understand it, the Mother wants us to be in joy serving her. We’re restoring this world to the Garden of Eden. Joy was part of Eden.  Joy is destined to be a part of Terra Gaia too, the reincarnation of Eden.

The difference between this era and almost all others is that we’re actually not just standing around, astonished, as events unfold. We’re actively building a New Earth – a Nova community with all new buildings, new systems, new protocols, new family.

Someone needed to be the ground crew, the SeaBees, the production crew to make this epic film, “Ascension.”

We are the production crew. If you’ve got currency or one of the other program’s assets, then you’ll be in a position to make a world of difference through your service to the Mother in any of her forms. Again a never-before-dreamed-of opportunity.

Everyone has their part, known only to you. If you want to find it, easy peasy. Follow your bliss.

Be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Point your compass in one direction only: The direction of your bliss. (No excuses accepted.)

This sounds like child’s play, but it’s actually a very adult decision to surrender to and follow your bliss.


Divine Mother statue

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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Gateway Opening Has Begun – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Gateway Opening Has Begun….


Gateways have activated and started to open up…. I’ll be writing/sharing (where available) as we flow/go/shift/acclimate/anchor/expand…… The last few days we were moving tons out, before this next phase could begin. Uranus in Taurus, in addition to everything else… a huge “Tides are Turning” as waves and waves and waves of massive, powerful Cosmic Frequencies unleash, unanchor, unravel and all takes “new form” through each’s own higher/highest dimensional access/application/implementation in their own realities/lives, from within their own physical bodies…. Stabilization/Balancing from DEEP within is KEY (KEYCODE), so prepare to expand/jump and HOLD NEW EARTH REALITIES with everything you’ve got too! I love you! ♥

Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers/Bridgers/Stabilizers/Frequency Holders/Anchor Points…. here…. we…. goooooooooo. ♥

WE are just “beginning” to open up (over night and this morning upon waking)… time to get busy/started and for many, go to sleep to wake up/dissolve those veils of amnesia and open up access to what was “closed off” (disconnected by way of each’s closed heart/mind)…. so each can feel, see, understand and EXPERIENCE all new exquisiteness in every moment here.
Honor your body…. nature, nurture, rest… it takes BEYOND all of our ENERGY to accomplish these huge feats….

High charging photons and electromagnetics are how we are starting out thus far, after waves and waves and waves of “lifting” and re-balancing (body-field) energies… opening hearts of beautiful SOULs incarnate here to HOLD LOVE… in order to make a difference and SHIFT EVERYTHING out of the “old” and into the new….. So very much love, appreciation and gratitude for each one of you TOO! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Photos taken during 5/15 gateway prep ♦


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud 
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