AAM on Global Leadership and Sacred Partnership – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


AAM on Global Leadership and Sacred Partnership

I have two excerpts from my March 20 reading with Archangel Michael that are really very good. I’m sure he wanted them posted.

One is on playing a global role post-Reval. The second is on the shape of sacred partnership in the future.

Here he is, calming my jitters at the thought of playing a global role.

Archangel Michael: Do not underestimate your sweet being and do not think that you have not been given and that you have not been adequately preparing yourself for what lies ahead.

One of the, we use the example of the, shall we call it, the career politician who follows a singular path always with the focus on having the highest office and the most power…

Steve Beckow: Winston Churchill….

AAM: … Yes… The highest office possible and so often what happens is the ego dominates and that is not what a leader in the global sense of where you are going is interested in.

It is not a path of ego. It’s not about an assumption of power. It’s about an assumption of divine authority and it’s the balance to allow those who have roles to play, to joyously step forth and do it and to not be attempting in any way shape or form, to control that.

What we would suggest, dear heart, you say, “I need to grow up.” And we would say, “you have been applying these readings and lessons very diligently. Is there further to go? Yes but, sweet one, there is always further to go.” (1)

I asked him about the shape of future sacred partnerships. He said they were an important part of the plan; we were not meant to be monks this lifetime.

Archangel Michael: In your future, there is always choice in sacred partnership – and this is very important for human beings, Nova Beings to understand and it applies to Nova Being, to Nova Earth, and to Nova Communities.

The charge – and I choose this word – the charge of the Mother is not to rise above the human need and desire and yearning for tenderness. The Mother holds each and every one of us so the human context of a smile, of holding a hand, of true intimacy, of love words that are shared and have meaning, simply between friends or intimate partners – it is not a matter of rising above that.

It is about allowing the love, the fullness of the love to come through and express in ways that are not only recognizable but comforting and welcomed in the realm of human existence and particularly, in the realm of human existence in transition.

Ascension and the shift are not intellectual. It is not about knowing in an intellectual sense, or receiving messages in an intellectual sense. It is heart-to-heart.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2018.



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