Reflective Gentleness – Alohim

Reflective Gentleness

♥ ♥

There comes a time when all which is “seen” is lost.
And all which you believe becomes a quiver.
And you’re left balancing on the edge of existence, vulnerable, naked and alone.
Ignited through a deeper awareness is a fire, ravishing cells of old for change.
Surrounded by a mellow halo from moonlight shining.
Here in this moment, lies the absolute truth.
With strength of gratitude under a clouded sky, I see stars shining in full glory.
I know my nakedness and I am not vulnerable,
I sense the dark and I am not afraid.
And in Love I feel, but not for one or many,
but for existence itself.
For in an infinite universe I am not alone,
I am here and I am fully present in the vastness of existence.


Art by Andrei Markin

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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