Pace Your Self – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Oracle of Self by Jennifer Michelle Long @ Fine Art America


Pace Your Self …



These Cosmic Gateway openings we are headed into, show themselves to be over the top/off the charts/powerfully immense. For all who dedicate themselves to our Service to HUmanity here…. the message is “Pace Your Selves”…..

Stabilizing is going to be KEY (keycode) here…. for all fully invested with all of their energy in holding the Gridwork for NEW Earth in place…. yes, it’s a full-time job/experience, on top of everything else we do…. so take plenty of YOU/ME time, plenty of nature/nurture/rest/sleep to integrate time, slow way down and go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper inside and maintain your own Soul Connection to flow, expand and hold all vibrationally, while all constantly recalibrates, re-codes, re-harmonizes and re-aligns.

Maintain your presence, open your heart/mind more, utilize those Mastery Tools and honor each’s chosen journey/experience here. BE the Light through your Divine Presence, radiate LOVE from your CORE…. SHOW the Way, as the WayShower you are, honor your own energy and the energy of all others as love too. Support those who are open and ready to receive, awaken all through your own PRESENCE AS PROOF, hold your Light and SHARE the OPPORTUNITY that all have to CHOOSE NEW EARTH as their own realities too.

The old falls away, cracks, crumbles, breaks apart/down, dissipates, dissolves, erupts, explodes/implodes, caves in, crashes, takes a dive, contracts and shuts down… the NEW RISES, expands, radiates, shines bright and LEADS THE WAY to a much higher existence now…. BE the ONE…. and REMEMBER why you are here…. and that you are multi-dimensional… shift into your highest aspects and hold this as your full-time you…..

I love you. Alternate realities and higher timelines… you see and you anchor all from within you…. and you bring the new realities forth as CREATION from within you too.
Share, shine and shift…. ♦ Up up up vibrationally we all continually go………..Β β™₯


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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