Believing Our Thoughts – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Believing Our Thoughts – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

You know how, when you switch your computer on, the system tells you: “Automatic Update waiting to be applied. Restart required”?

Well, the moment I settled down into experiencing my dismay, it was as if the system got an update. The update was the application of the bug fix called “loving yourself.”

Recently I said that I didn’t get “loving myself.” (1) Another turn of the spiral of life and I didn’t get “Big Steve” and “Little Steve.” Still another turn and I heard the message: “Be a friend to yourself.” I got the message on that pass.

Now the security update and bug fix called “loving yourself” has just kicked in and invites a restart.


I’m now beginning to feel the dismay. I’m planning to experience it through to completion. (2)

The first thing I notice about it is that it seems endless, like a mountain lake that turns out to be 600 fathoms deep. It mingles with the sadness at my Mother’s death in a housefire.

Endless. I almost swoon when I try to experience it.

Notice that I’m experiencing the vasana related to my Father at a still deeper level than, say, a year ago. Vasanas just seem to unfold themselves and unfold and unfold.

I chuckle when I hear someone say they’re through their vasana. Ooooooh yah.


Having lain down to experience dismay through to completion, I now fully opened myself to what a minute ago had seemed so endless that I almost swooned.

Now knowing the value of loving myself, I began by drawing love up from my heart and circulating it around my field of experience – “loving myself.”

And then, for a moment, I laughed heartily at something, I can’t remember what. And instantly I found myself in bliss.

This rapid transition from laughter to bliss is identical to an event that occurred on Sept. 27, 2015. At that time, I also laughed at something while walking to a meeting and suddenly found myself in bliss. The two transitions are identical.

My rule in these circumstances, if I were the listener, would be to not take the speaker back into the upset. I’m free of dismay. Let it be. Time to stop processing.


Let’s do a review of what just transpired.

At this moment, I feel blissful and in this space all is wonderful.

Like shame, worry and stress before it, dismay just disappeared. I drew up love from my heart. Bliss followed it and swept dismay away.

Whether this sequence of events shows that dismay has no objective existence – it exists now only in our minds – or whether it shows the ease with which bliss arises – and sweeps away dismay – the net result is the same. Dismay had no “staying power” any more. Its existence was simply buttressed or held in place by my mind. As Matthew Ward said:

“Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise, the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise.” (3)

The old Third is gone. It’s just waiting for us to discover the fact. (4)

All of this combined, and adding in all the work going on behind the scenes, is moving us along a trajectory towards freedom from all burdensome states of being. Each step forward in our gradual Ascension brings us closer to endless love and bliss.


(1) See “A Lesson Learned on the Sacred Spiral Home,” 

(2) I view this work that I’m doing as like the bulldozers that demolish the existing structure (vasana), removing debris, and preparing the site.

(3) Matthew’s Message, October 19, 2014, at

(4) See “It Awaits Our Discovery,”


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Believing Our Thoughts – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Constellation Mother


Believing Our Thoughts – Part 1/2

Adyashanti is said to have remarked that he was surprised to learn in his life that, unlike himself, other people believed their thoughts.

A spiritual wag is said to have commented that our lives go along very happily – until we think about them.

I’ve noticed a peculiar phenomenon. When I first wake up, for a microsecond, I feel awful. And I also notice that I often take this feeling, and the thoughts that arise with it, seriously.

Nonetheless, I feel much less awful these days than I did years ago.

I’ve felt various shades of dismay and depression, defeat and despair.

And all of it arises from the ripple effects of living with an abusive and violent father.

I’m through with a lot of that – not all by any means, because the feelings run deeper and deeper, I find.

But here we are at this late stage, still feeling those effects and freeing myself from them by observing them rather than reacting to them.


What made this morning different was that, when I felt the dismay and despair, I didn’t hook up with them this time. I didn’t don them like a suit of clothes.

They were over there and I was over here and I didn’t “put them on” like a pair of sunglasses.

Usually in the morning I’m not thinking at all and so this “putting them on” is automatic.

Now I’m thinking “from them.” I’m dismayed, miserable, out of sorts.

And of course, rather than having a wonderful day, I start my day as a grumblepuss, a grumpy old fart.

So I ask my mind to send me up a picture or a message that will explain the origin of this feeling.

OK, I got it. The message below the feeling is, oh, gawd, not another day in this awful life.

I am beyond disappointed. I am beyond caring. I am only interested in a way out of the torture this life is.

Yes, like lock and key, saying that connects perfectly with the energy I feel.

I just be with it. (1)


There seems to be a tsunami of sadness flowing just below the surface of my consciousness. It hasn’t surfaced yet or I haven’t opened to it.

We only live our own lives, right? I don’t know how it is for you and you don’t know how it is for me.

So can one say that I was a sensitive child? Compared to whom? Can one say that I was treated more poorly than most? I have no idea. I only know me.

For me, living with a violent father, who was dominating my mother and me, was hell on Earth. I would wake up each morning and wish I was dead. I would feel dismay that I had to go through another day.

If I’m to process the vasana (publicly) from stem to stern , then I have to look at what conclusions I drew from this and what decisions I made.

The first conclusion was that life is hell and you just have to find a way to survive. The second conclusion was that it made no sense to expect anything more than hell because hell was what I got, day after day, living with my Father. I had given up trying to feel good.

Some decisions I made include to expect nothing from life. I look forward to leaving. In the time in between, I’m just gonna get by.


Next I want to check in with myself and see what the effect has been of raising all this to awareness. Do I feel lighter? Has there been a degree of release? Has the truth set me free?

I’ve dredged up enough of the vasana, intellectually, to feel I understand why I feel dismay upon waking up in the morning

Experientially, I haven’t even begun to plumb the feeling. With one possible exception: It may turn out that when I go to plumb dismay, like shame, worry, stress, and other feelings I’ve processed in the recent past, it-no longer has any objective existence any more.

I do notice that I’m having difficulty “getting into” dismay. Is that because I’m blocking something? Or because it no longer objectively exists? I don’t know.

I will take some time to see if I can locate dismay as an objectively- and consciously-experienced feeling.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) In an earlier article that, I said, in classical theory, a person interrupting a spiritual process to write about it would be regarded as an imbecile. But I am writing all the way through my in-process process.

This is one difference in attitude between the classical view and the lightworker view, I think: The latter puts the call of personal enlightenment aside when service to the Mother requires it.


The Constellation Mother

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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LOVE & Value – Kara Schallock


Love and Value – 21-May-2018

On May 29th there is another Full Moon bringing another Opportunity to be more Love. Join in the energies by keeping your thoughts, feelings and actions aligned in Love. Meanwhile, we have been experiencing many downloads of high dimensional Light. This has exacerbated much upheaval in leftover beliefs that limit and emotions that are deeper in the subconscious. Our Divine Service (Being Love) is upgraded. Be kind even to those our separate ego deems “bad” (remember, there is no good or bad in the New). I want to share something someone wrote to me today (Thank you, Megan). It illustrates pure Love in Divine Service:

“…it is interesting to embrace that actually everyone I meet loves me and I love them. The only thing that seems to stop me from realizing and experiencing this Love is my false belief that tells me this is not so…Could it truly be that under all the stories, everyone loves everyone? I like this as my core belief.”

We all are Love. Most are so attached to their old stories they cover up the Love they are with belief systems that say, “I’m not o.k; I will get you before you get me.” If all could drop their stories and their blame, all would discover that they have always been Love. Recently I had a conversation with someone I hadn’t been in touch with for several years. As I listened openly, I discerned that she is still attached to her old stories; her old beliefs; even though she claims to be “spiritual.” She is still seeking outside of herself and nothing has changed since I have met her; a very long time ago. She still seeks outside of herself, when all is within. I can always tell when a person is protecting the lies of their separate ego; they defend themselves. While I saw that she is a karmic mirror to the last dregs I hold within me, it is not for me to try and convince another of something, but rather, listen with Compassion and allow them their illusions; it is their path and not mine. There are many in my life with whom I no longer resonate with, as there probably are in yours. We can love others unconditionally, yet not be a part of their lives. We love because Love is who we are. Others love us too, whether they are aware of that or not. Loving all is our Divine Service, including loving ourselves. Ascension is a continual flow into being and expressing Love more and more. Ascension never stops; it is infinite, as we are. We simply continue to be more and more Love.

We need not react to our or another’s emotions; instead, we respond as we look deeper and find the belief that has created the emotion. Have you pondered the word “emotion?” It is being out of Flow (e-motion). All our work is to be in Flow, rather than resisting anything. What is sin? It literally means “off the mark.” Sin is not what religions have told us it is and we are not saved by some “sinless” being. Being off the mark simply is a helpful reminder to adjust our sails so that we flow once again. Emotions merely show us where we are not flowing. Are you listening? Are you adjusting your sails?

Rising to Christed Consciousness takes much focus and Perseverance. Actually, the Truth is that you are already Christed. With every awakened choice, you expose your true consciousness. Others can help by reflecting who you are back to you, yet it is up to you to do the work. By removing what no longer belongs (like what Michaelangelo did when sculpting the Pieta), you expose your Christed Consciousness; the masterpiece within. If you sense you are all alone; that others don’t understand you; remind yourself that you are creating and manifesting the New. Ascension/Christed Consciousness guides you to leave what is safe and comfortable and in the process, those who choose to have a safe and predictable life may not like you (they love you though). It’s o.k. not to be accepted by the ones who remain in the old matrix. You did not choose this path to be liked and accepted. You chose this path to bring forward a new life. Continue to be true to what you know is right in your Heart, letting go of the old need to be approved of. If you feel rejected, let it be and release that old energy; it may have come from old lifetimes and carried forth life after life. It is now that you may let it go. What is essential is that you remain true to yourself. You are a Love Warrior. Follow your Guidance and Intuition always. Give with no conditions. Love.

You are not alone. There are those who align themselves with you, whether in physicality or not. You are supported by the Light. All is for you. When you experience what you may perceive as awful or unfortunate, know it is for your highest evolution Go deep within it and discover the gift; it may be a message to change, transform or let go of a deeper belief. Whatever you find, honor it and be thankful.

Generally, we have taken another step upward. Because we all have Free Will, whether you take a step upward or not is your choice. We can change something in a second or continue on in the same way. Stay present in the Now Moment. This connects you to Truth and helps you disengage from the old matrix. The old thrives on keeping you in the past or future and it loves to keep you in fear. Anxiety and stress are aspects of fear, so be aware when and if you feel these. Release these energies and the belief once you identify what belief is creating them. Be confident in yourself.

One way you can dissolve old conditioning is to not believe everything you read or see; use your Discernment; your Heart’s Discernment; not your head’s discernment/analysis. Feel if something resonates or not. In doing so, you disengage from the old matrix and begin to create your own world. Become the observer; attached to nothing. Another way to detach is to not romanticize anything…from relationships, different cultures, masters of the past, marriage, families, etc. Pay attention to how you feel. Romanticizing hooks you into illusion and as we all know, dropping our illusions is essential if we want to evolve. This romanticizing extends to our guides, ascended masters, saints and anyone we place on a pedestal higher than ourselves. If you’re not sure, you can say, “Only those of the Divine Light, Love and Plan be present now.” Those of lower vibrations will leave. Also, those beings of Light must be invited. Be wary of anything that shows up uninvited.

Value yourself, for as you do, you value others and others value you. Valuing yourself is loving yourself unconditionally with full Acceptance. When you do, you attract others who see your value, for they value themselves as well. How many ways and how often do you judge yourself? If you do, others will reflect judgment back to you. When you truly care and love yourself, others will too, for they care for and love themselves. This is Oneness and there is no escaping it. You attract what you are. The only one who creates anything is you. Ask yourself what you want: to be a slave, controlled by others and old beliefs and patterns or be free to create from your own knowing. If you chose the latter, keep your vibration high and express Love in all you feel, say, think and do. Nothing less will do.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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Inter Dimensional Atlantean Light Beings ~ Presence Activation – L’aura Pleiadian


Inter Dimensional Atlantean Light Beings ~ Presence Activation

The Divine Presence of The Atlantean Light Beings that exist Inter Dimensionally are here with us now.

They are Beautiful Light Beings that exist keeping the holding the frequency of Atlantis throughout all dimensions and for the merging here now on Earth.

Appearing to me after once crossing a bridge of Light to them, the connection is powerful. The beauty is powerful, their LIGHT is powerful.

They are ancient wisdom keepers, keeping the flame OF LOVE in ancient wisdom alive in their hearts, radiating this throughout the Universe.

They are eternal Light Beings.

They Live in Love and are Present on Earth Now, holding the ancient activation codes that they agreed to carry to be activated in all hearts now.

Remembering Atlantis, now ~ the power of the LOVE is profound. When I first met myself on Atlantis, it was through a powerful visual transmission, from the then so-called past, to the so-called future. Of course, taking place in no time.

The Far reaching work on Atlantis was the preparation for now, is bearing its fruit, as Atlantis will always have a place in the heart of ALL.

Receive this activation as the BEATIFIC GLORY transmits itself AS IT has always BEEN.

The Pure Original Light, that holds the keys and codes, for your remembering.

Your Union.

Your Return to your awareness as a Light Being.

Your Harmony through Love.

Your Being that which you are, without judgment.

With Pure Love, holding the Light within your Cells as the transmitters they ARE.

All Light.


IN Love and Glory, Forever. Now.

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