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Artist Kusaba Kazuhisa


The Bodhisattva Vow – Part 1/2

What Narendra calls a bodhisattva and Rebecca “One Who Remains,” I call a pillar, after the usage of the Company of Heaven. (1)

But it’s all the same.

The bodhisattva merits Heaven (the Fifth Dimension) but does not choose to enter before all other creatures have entered Heaven.

Now put yourself back in 200 BC. Does it look like a near event to consider everyone else having entered the Fifth Dimension before one’s self, though one merits it? No, it does not.

It seems relegated to a distant future beyond thought. One has condemned oneself to remaining in the Third/Fourth till the end of time, it seems.

But they did not know about Ascension. During the process called Ascension, every form of life on Earth and Earth itself will increase in vibration such that they now come into attunement with events on a higher level of consciousness. They “leave” the Third, so to speak, and “enter” the Fifth.

Is this not the very event that was anticipated? And as for deserving it, all lightworkers, to the best of my knowledge, are angels. They … we … come from the Transcendental, what Linda’s sources call “the Thirteenth Octave,” beyond the twelve dimensions. Therefore all of us merit entry into the Heaven of the Fifth Dimension.

Most lightworkers have as their basic agreement to be here supporting Gaia in this Ascension. All those who have agreed to stay can be said to have taken the Bodhisattva Vow.

The Vow simply means that you agreed to go to the back of the line and assist everyone else on the train. Then you turn out the lights, lock the door and get on the train yourself. “All aboard!”

Mission accomplished.

But it is a profound choice. Just thinking about it alters my perspective on things. If I’m here to the end, then I may as well settle in and get serious about my life.

I’m not going anywhere. This is going to be my nest for a very long time, perhaps – at least to the end of Ascension.

In the next half I’d like to review the conversations I’ve had with Archangel Michael to clarify what the impact of being a pillar is on our spiritual evolution.

(To be concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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Artist Kusaba Kazuhisa


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