Quantum Jumps – It Rings True – Ron Head @ Oracles & Healers


Quantum Jumps – It Rings True

We have come to the time for many of you. You feel it. Some of you hear it. You may feel some confusion. You may wonder why you now feel a bit at sea, cut loose, unable to see what lies ahead. You were so sure you knew and now do not. Let us give you an image that may help you understand what is happening.

You have been drifting faster and faster with the flow of inner change, drifting on a rising current. You have survived the occasional whitewater. Now there are those of you who have taken the lead, the forefront, who have reached the first cataract on your journey. You are over the edge and feeling as if in freefall. We hasten to tell you that everything is still proceeding well for you. Do not worry. This is a temporary feeling.

You have been swept by your momentum into new territory for you. And this is a good thing. It will take a short while of trusting the process, trusting your guides, trusting your Higher Selves. But, as always, you will soon get your bearings and find that you are exactly where you should be, though some might find themselves in unexpected surroundings, so to speak.

Please realize that quite often, the results of your efforts are better than you can imagine if you do not insist on exactly what you ask for and nothing else. Your conscious mind can only extrapolate from what it remembers. Very rarely can you dream in quantum jumps from what you know. And quantum jumps are what some of you are engaged in now.

Some of you have asked to take on even more than you originally contracted for this time around. You were anticipating so well that you shrugged and thought you may as well buy the “E ticket ride.” So, as we have urged you often before, buckle your seatbelts and hang on. You are being made ready for what you asked for… or something better.

It Rings True is available HERE



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