Words that have Gone Out of Vocabulary – Sharon Lyn Shepard

Surrendering by Freydoon Rassouli


Words that have Gone Out of Vocabulary

by Sharon Lyn Shepard

As a writer, one of the biggest changes during my process of “Ascension” has been my vocabulary. The new age community has created a whole new dictionary of words to attempt to describe this very natural and innate process that goes beyond words.

As a community that desires to share this experience, we do need to use words to express ourselves. The interesting thing I’ve noticed is how those words continue to evolve for me as I evolve. While I was recently editing some poetry I wrote a few years ago, I noticed a few particular words that no longer resonate with me.

I realize how conscious I have become of the energy of words. I have to sit with my words and “feel” into them to find resolution. I can not push the “publish” button until I am fully at peace with the energy of each of the words I have written.

As one would expect, the word “God” is one of the words I had to resolve within my self. Because it’s a word that evokes so many different emotions within people, I’ve hesitated to use it. I’ve played with lots of different substitutions, words such as Source, Universe, and….. wow, I can’t even remember all the others because they have slipped out of my vocabulary to the point I can not recall them.

What I finally realized is that the word itself is not as important as the clarity of the consciousness within me. I ask you to re-read that sentence and sit with it for a moment. The word itself is not as important as the clarity of the consciousness within me.

Words are neutral. It’s the energy we project with our words that affect other people. It’s also the energy with which we hear a word that affects us. Most humans are totally unconscious of their constant chatter. Thus all they are projecting is unconscious noise. There are others, like religion, the media or the new age community, who consciously use words to influence people.

Most of my writing is a personal dialogue between my human self and my GodSelf to gain clarity within me. I have finally settled upon a self-created word: GodSelf. Because I know I AM God in human form expressing as my unique Self. By using a self-created word I’m bypassing all the antiquated energies attached to the word God.

As I’ve moved through the process of my Embodied Enlightenment, there are many words that have gone out of my vocabulary because they no longer resonate with me.

Two of those words are pain and suffering. You won’t find me writing about pain or suffering because I don’t resonate with the need to suffer in order to learn, grow, or expand my consciousness. They were useful experiences in awakening me to the truth of who I now know my Self to be. But they are no longer part of my reality. I have discovered much easier ways to learn and there are no badges handed out at the pearly gates for those who suffer the most.

When I used to read posts on facebook about pain and suffering I often felt the energetic seduction pulling my human self into these old emotional dramas. Especially if I was in a void space after having let go of old programing or beliefs. The human likes to fill all that emptiness with drama and emotions in order to feel alive.

Indeed, I have compassion for pain and suffering. But compassion does not require me to join you in your suffering. Otherwise, there would be nothing but suffering in this world. Compassion is our ability to see the passion of love and joy and say, come this is the way home.

Therefore, words like compassion have been redefined. And the words pain and suffering have slipped out of my vocabulary, replaced with words like well-being and thriving.

Other words that have slipped out of my vocabulary are new age words used by specific groups. Indeed they are useful within the group. But I’ve never been a group person. I occasionally play in groups, but I have always followed my own inner compass.

Consequently, I expect my truth and vocabulary to continue to change as I continue to expand my consciousness. But instead of my vocabulary expanding, it has continued to simplify. I don’t need new age words to converse for they too are going out of vocabulary as fast as new ones are coming in. Instead, much like the rest of my life, my vocabulary continues to become more simple and heart-based. Therein I place my troth.
~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice“


Surrendering by Freydoon Rassouli

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Your Eternal Presence and Awakening Innocence by the Celestial Dolphins – Natalie Glasson


Your Eternal Presence and Awakening Innocence by the Celestial Dolphins

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 29th June 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

Greetings to you from the Celestial Planes of the Creator’s Universe, we share with you high vibrational frequencies of purity, truth and love. We are guardians of the Celestial Planes and levels which promote the innocence and essence of the Creator. There are others who safeguard the Celestial vibrations, in fact, all who inhabit the Celestial Planes and radiate its truth. We, the Celestial Dolphins wish to awaken within souls from the depth of their being, the joy, fun and bliss of the Celestial innocence of the Creator. In doing so we wish to create continuous realisations of your eternal alignment with the Creator.

The Eternal Presence

Imagine that you knew someone not just for one lifetime but many. Imagine if you knew the same person for eternity, that you were the same as that person, you were that person and could recognise yourself in numerous ways, aspects and phases. You have and will know the Creator for every lifetime of your existence. You will see yourself as one with the Creator and as separate aspects of the Creator. You will seek to know yourself and the Creator as fully as possible while also realising that understanding isn’t always necessary and doesn’t always create enlightenment. You may come to realise that the Source, Creator, God, you seek to acknowledge, unify with and embody has been your constant company as you and through you.

Once more imagine that you knew the Creator intimately throughout all your lifetimes and existence in the Universe of the Creator, what would it feel like? What would be your perception of yourself and the Creator? How would this simple understanding and perception embodied, transform the way you exist upon the Earth now?

It may be that you cannot answer our questions because you have yet to acknowledge such a deep knowingness of the constant presence of the Creator within and around you. You may have glimpsed that which we speak of, and yet we are speaking of a knowingness that is so abundant,all consuming and eternal. Such a knowingness of the constant presence of the Creator cannot be shaken or damaged, it can only be hidden from view. When something is hidden from view it is often labelled an illusion which can be a belief, perception, perspective or observation. When, we the Celestial Dolphins, awaken your divine innocence we are encouraging you to recognise the zest, vigour and life of your existence. This can truly manifest and be embodied when you allow yourself to fully realise the constant nature and presence of the Creator within and around you.

TRUST is a word that describes the action, embodiment and realisation that often is required to take place within your being in order to dissolve the illusion of being unsupported by the Creator and reveal the magical jewel hidden within you. The magic jewel, being your knowingness of the constant and eternal presence of the Creator. When you appreciate, acknowledge and recognise your inner innocence then trust can be empowered, revealing the constant presence of the Creator.

Reawakening Trust and the Creator’s Eternal Presence

Many wish to develop their trust in themselves and the Creator and yet do not know how. Instead they focus upon their lack of trust and the myriad of ways it manifests in their realities. To access a trust that is real and truthful, we the Celestial Dolphins, wish to share with you a practice which uses our energies to serve you.

· First feel, sense or acknowledge your current relationship with the Creator, how much you believe the Creator is constantly and eternally present with you. Be honest with yourself.

· Call upon us the Celestial Dolphins to enter into your heart chakra and higher heart chakra weaving our energy throughout these chakras and into your entire being. Feel our energy and presence moving into your sacred heart space, simply allow us the freedom to work with you as you focus upon relaxing your sacred heart space and letting go of any blockages or wounds that may be present. You will feel our energy moving through your sacred heart space as it becomes lighter with greater freedom. We are cleansing your sacred heart space, quickening and raising the vibration present in order to draw the energy, light and consciousness of your innocence from your soul into your sacred heart space on a greater scale than experienced in this lifetime.

· When you feel the energy of innocence building within your sacred heart space, which can also be felt as purity, trust, love or truth, allow yourself to begin to repeat silently with meaning and intent, ‘I constantly realise and acknowledge the innocence of my soul.’ Allow yourself to imagine you align with, embody and become the intention and meaning of the statement.

· Let the energy of your inner innocence flow throughout your being like a healing, uplifting and awakening tonic. In doing so allow the energy of your inner innocence to ignite your realisation of the life, vigour, energy, zest and fun of your being and the Universe of the Creator. It is in the energy of life itself, the rhythm, vibration, sound and light of life, that you will discover the trust that has been present within your being eternally. A trust that is unbreakable and indestructible, which creates a constant and eternal bond with the Creator and a knowingness of the everlasting support of the Creator. Imagine you acknowledge the presence of life flowing through you. We, the Celestial Dolphins, will assist you with this realisation and awareness.

· ‘I allow the strength, power and vigour of trust to move throughout every level of my being permanently.’ Allow yourself to repeat this statement as you imagine trust as a source of power emerging from and through your being.
· Let your inner power of trust lift you up as if the ocean of trust within you is carrying you higher and higher, leaving behind judgments, blockages and illusions and delivering you to and awakening within you the realisation of the constant presence of the Creator within and around you. We, the Celestial Dolphins, will support you in your unique experience to you, simply allow yourself to receive.

Contemplating Your Eternity

When you make space to contemplate the eternal presence of the Creator, your embodiment of the constant presence of the Creator and how the Creator is supporting you perpetually, your inner energy begins to unwind. Beliefs and illusions unwind their hold on you or your hold on them, being set free, while your inner energy and sacred nature unwinds into the infinite space that you are. You see yourself and your reality gradually in a new way which empowers and awakens you. Your abilities to sense the support of the Creator and therefore with greater ease create the reality you wish to perceive, and experience will develop. This will all require care, patience, observation, healing and inner exploration.

We, the Celestial Dolphins then wish to invite you to contemplate the eternal and infinite nature of your own being, energy, soul; whichever label you wish to use. If the Creator is eternally with you and you are an expression of the Creator then you are an infinite, constant and eternal being. You may change, transform, alter and shift through lifetimes upon the Earth and the inner planes, and yet you remain eternal. How does this make you feel? With this conscious embodiment, what changes would you make within your being and reality now?

We are present to love, support and inspire,

The Celestial Dolphins

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Final Exam, Freshman Year – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Shelter of The Sacred by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Final Exam, Freshman Year

I think I’m through my freshman year at Ascension University.

What was on the final exam?

Let me remember….

“What is most important to human beings?” Answer: The way they feel.

“What is most important for humans to know?” That they choose (and can alter) the way they feel.

“What is most often missing in the human makeup?” Divine love for self.

“What has most need of being eliminated?” Anger.

“What is it most necessary to remind humans of?” That they came here for a reason.

“What discovery will rock the human race?” That what they’re looking for, singly and collectively, can be found in the heart whose door (hridayam) is open.

I got great marks … but no summer off!!!! At least not yet.

Meanwhile, bliss arrives.

There is a “place” of perpetual bliss, perpetual love, perpetual summer vacation. It’s called the Fifth Dimension.

The only thing, I assert, that stands between us and the perpetual experience of bliss in the Fifth Dimension is our vasanas (core issues) and the belief systems that arise out of them.


– ♥ – 

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Spirit Knows Us – Narendra Mishra


Spirit Knows Us

A couple of days ago, for the second time in my life, I came face to face with the notion that Spirit knows me, intimately.

I have no doubt that Spirit knows each and every one of us. Yet it still came as a pleasant surprise when it happened as blatant as it did.

A client came to see me on a referral from a dear friend, Lynda. It was her birthday and she had a very strong urge to get a reading done. She had never had one before.

When we met for the first time, we embraced as if we were old friends. There was an instant connection. This, I’m sure, many of you would have experienced at some time in your life. No real surprise there.

The surprise came when we started talking in our introductory remarks to each other. Apparently, in June of last year she was awakened from a very vivid dream where an African man was introducing her to an Indian man. She awoke just when the Indian man took her hand and led her to a building.

When she saw my picture on this blog she remembered the dream. The Indian man was me.

Well, needless to say, I was flattered. I felt honoured to be known by Spirit. Of course, on one level I knew already that we’re all known to Spirit. But to actually experience it as dramatically as this was quite another thing.

Prior to this, the first case happened two, maybe three years ago. A client came to see me. She was a short, rather stout African woman in her fifties, who walked with an assurance that came from working as a security guard for many years.

“I want to know what this old Indian man wants with me,” she said, looking me straight in the eye.

My thought was that this was probably some kind of love affair. Boy, was I wrong. As she spoke she became very fidgety and uncomfortable. Her voice started breaking and it seemed she was fighting something.

Thankfully, I was already a reader of the Golden Age of Gaia and other awakening websites, so I knew channeling when I saw it. I was quite intrigued though. This was the first I was witnessing it. This was a live manifestation of Spirit.

I asked her to allow him to come through – the old Indian man whom she referred to. When he did, her transformation was dramatic.  Her voice changed to that of an old man, speaking in broken English dialect. Her demeanor changed; her very personality became reminiscent of that of an old man.

I was so fascinated that I forgot to challenge him to ascertain if he was of the Light. But I had an opportunity a couple of weeks later when he came though her daughter. He was of the Light.

After telling me quite a number of very, very personal details about myself, he said he had directed her to me. Apparently she needed guidance and I was chosen by Spirit to guide her.

That experience had me on a high for a few days. I was at once elated and humbled that Spirit knew me.

Now, this experience repeated itself yesterday. Albeit less dramatically. Still, the wonder to really know that Spirit knows you didn’t abate with time. I share this now with you, my dear friends, that you may know also in your hearts that Spirit knows you. Intimately.​




Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Star Seeds painting by Nathan J Taylor


July 2018 Message





Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love. Today we are being joined by a host of the Beings of Light to discuss conscious co-creation.

You are advancing rapidly on your ascension path. You have expanded your consciousness, and you are aware that you are now functioning on a multidimensional level. You are able to view situations from a third dimensional perspective and then zoom out to see them from a much larger vantage point.

Because you are functioning at this level, you are now co-creating at a multidimensional level.

You may be finding that your thoughts and desires manifest much more rapidly than they did previously. This is because you are working with higher frequencies of refined Light. These are the building blocks of your creations. When you focus on what you want and add the actions necessary, your dreams become a reality.

This is why we would like to impress on you the importance of realizing that you are a conscious co-creator at a multidimensional level.

As such, the steps of manifestation that you have mastered at lower dimensional levels take on an even greater impact at the higher levels. Therefore, it can be helpful to review the importance of each step.

Your thoughts and intentions are very powerful, especially when amplified by emotions and strong desires.

When you are brainstorming ideas for what you would like and how you would like to design the next step of your path, remaining objective in the beginning of this process will allow you to generate ideas without becoming too strongly attached to them. You will not accidentally set wheels into motion for manifesting an idea before you are ready to commit to it.

As you review your ideas, consider each one and determine whether it makes your heart sing. If it does, then think about whether it is practical and is something you would like to manifest.

After you have selected your desired next step, then you can formulate it into an intention. Make sure you have stated it in a positive way as if it has already manifested. Remember to be sure that your goal is for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Then focus on how you are feeling knowing that your goal has come into fruition. Focusing on the statement you have written and adding the emotional fuel sets the stage for taking action. The stronger the focus, the greater energy it will have. You have sent your intentions to the Universe.

When you send your desires out in this way, the higher particles of Light are attracted to form the object of your desires. This can only occur when the goal is for highest good.

It is likely that you will begin to receive ideas for action steps to carry out for manifesting your goal. Taking the necessary action is important because you are in a co-creative role. Your desired goal will not manifest simply because you have written it down on paper or drawn a picture of it. Taking action is crucial.

The Higher Beings of Light will assist you if you call on them and if your creation is for highest good. They may bring pieces of information to your attention through a book, an article, or something you hear on television. They may also arrange for you to see someone who can help you with your project. When they do their part by bringing the ideas, you carry out your part by taking the necessary action. Therefore, the co-creative partnership functions as a gentle and dynamic flow between you.

The more you take an active role in this process, the more cooperation you will experience with the Higher Realms. Through your focused attention on your goals and the actions steps you take, you are likely to find that your goals manifest more smoothly.

If you reach a point where your project is not moving as you had planned, you may wish to review the goal to see if it is still what makes your heart sing, whether it is feasible, and whether it is for highest good. Then you can make adjustments if needed.

By moving forward in this manner, you are a conscious co-creator with the Beings of Light.

Beloveds, we are happy to work with you in your glorious projects of co-creation.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2018 Linda M. Robinson, PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:  Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com


Star Seeds painting by Nathan J Taylor

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Mania ~ Mother Goddess of the Spirits of the Night – An original painting by Emily Balivet






Beloved masters, in the very beginning, each of you were one of the Holy Innocent Onesa brilliant Spark of the Supreme Creator. When it came your turn to externalize and awaken, you suddenly were aware of your godliness as a fragment of the ALLTHAT IS. Then came a startling awareness of your own conscious I AM Presence as an individualized Facet of the Creator. This awakening of Souls has continued at every level, in every Dimension of Creation, and continues today as Great Beings of Light are brought forth to create new galaxies, solar systems, planets and worlds without end.

In these extraordinary times, to one degree or another, there is a major internal, transformational process occurring within every Soul on Earth. Individually, you are experiencing a clearing and cleansing process as well as modification and expansion in various areas of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies; changes which are necessary if you are to hold up under and integrate the ever-increasing vibrational frequencies which are bombarding your Earth at this time.

There is an ever-increasing number of energy fields of consciousness available to you, the awakening StarSeed. Just as the Creator Light pours forth from the cosmic treasury of Light to be used by the Elohim and Builders of Form, this rarified Light is available to those of you who are now attuned to at least the higher Fourth- and lower Fifth-Dimensional frequency patterns.

Each star in the galaxy is a node of vibrational energy frequencies. Each person functions as a living star capable of receiving and conveying harmonious frequency patterns according to his/her level of consciousness. These frequencies are called your Soul Song. The universe is composed of one gigantic Celestial Soul Song.

Your seven major chakra centers could be likened to seven electrical batteries or seven dynamic force centers within the physical vessel. You draw forth into these seven power centers the specific qualities, attributes and virtues of the seven Rays of God-consciousness via the RAY-diance of the Seven great archangels who OverLight humanity. The manner in which you qualify and use these energies determines your Energetic Signature and your Soul Song. Your supersensitive, awakened fellow human Beings feel your resonance and can discern whether it is benevolent or discordant.

The wondrous and never-tiring Devic Kingdom angels focus on the creation of form under the direction of the Elohim and their vast group of Builders of Form. Each and every one of you had to undergo what could be called an apprenticeship under these Master Builders so that you could become proficient at molding and creating a great variety of things of a corporeal nature. While in the higher levels of universal Light, it seemed to be a fairly simple process to mold and create that which you wished to manifest. That is because you were functioning in the realm of pure thought where there were no distortions or negativity to contaminate the Seed thoughts sent forth from within your Sacred Mind. And, also because you were drawing forth the maximum amount of Creator Light available to you at that time within this universal experience. It becomes increasingly more difficult to hold the pure Seed thoughts of manifestation in each stepped-down level or dimension as you refract yourself into more and more Sparks / Fragments of God Consciousness. Therefore, is it any wonder that humanity has had to struggle for so long to manifest that which is needed and desired while existing in the restrictive, distorted Third- /Fourth-Dimensional world of reality?

The Devic Kingdom angels are bearers of Cosmic Sacred Fire and could be called Sacred Fire Beings. They function from within the Etheric Planes of existence, and they, along with other great Fire Beings you have named “Dragons,” are the transmitters of the Metatronic Light substance of this universe, which is constantly radiated forth from the heart core of our Father / Mother God into great storage units – Pyramids of Light – which are strategically placed throughout the vast Dimensional and sub-Dimensional realms of Creation. From the greatest Devic Angels, who oversee the mountains, oceans, great forests and lakes, to the tiniest Elementals, who radiate life-sustenance to the trees, flowers and every blade of grass, these wondrous Beings of God-Essence, under the direction of the Elohim, supply the cosmic streams of Life Force energy for every Facet of creation that is not blessed with an individual God Seed Atom (a Soul) and the I AM consciousness of Being.  A Spark of the Supreme Creator’s Essence is in All things, from the greatest to the smallest.

You must release old restrictive, out-moded, fear-based frequencies, and replace them with the appropriate level of God-consciousness and universal laws, which will assist you on your current path of illumination. It is a step-by-step process and it cannot be rushed. It is the ego that constantly desires more information, especially dramatic and sensational news or revelations, even though, most often, there is no desire to integrate or make use of the information. However, during these critical times of accelerated change and evolution, a Divine dispensation has been given to somewhat relax the requirements, and to speed up the process of divulging the more-advanced Universal Laws and Cosmic wisdom in order to assist humanity on the path of ascension.

It has always been a slow process of learning the rules, guidelines and requirements for each step on the path. Qualities, abilities and knowledge must be integrated and perfected so that the higher truths become a part of who you are. When you are living your new truths as a natural part of your Beingness, the wisdom garnered from that knowledge is stored for future use within the Facet of your Higher Self that resides on the Causal Plane of existence. This wisdom becomes a permanent part of your I AM consciousness. You must understand that your I AM Presence is a vast source of Light and Creator wisdom; however, you and all the Fragments of your Higher Self within this universe hold the wisdom and experience that have been gathered during your many sojourns and vast experiences throughout time and space. All of the positive experiences, successes and wisdom gained during all your lifetimes within this universal experience are stored within your Causal Mind.

When your Energetic Signature reaches a certain frequency level, you automatically begin to tap into the gifts, information and wisdom that are stored within your Sacred Mind, and also within the mind of your Higher Self residing on the Mental-Causal Plane. Remember, it is vitally important that you filter all new information and knowledge through your own conscience and consciousness.

It has taken many ages for you to incorporate the distorted energy you now carry. However, this is a time of miracles, and there was another special, Divine dispensation given by our Father/Mother God, whereby every effort you make to return to Self-mastery will be magnified and accelerated during these wondrous evolutionary times of ascension. Self-mastery is always gained through the process of upgrading your consciousness and increasing your capacity to integrate and radiate more Divine Light substance. In the process, you will become a pathfinder, a wayshower and a World Server filled with goodwill for all Beings as you radiate unconditional Love/Light out into the world.

Your awareness will gradually expand to include all humanity, the Earth, as well as the solar system, galaxy and universe. No longer can your primary focus be on the little self alone. Your ultimate goal is to become a galactic citizen and eventually a universal Being of Light. Expansion of consciousness results in the wherewithal to tap into higher, more complex information. This will result in the ability to integrate more and more of the virtues, qualities and talents of our Father / Mother God. In the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional environment, the human emotions rule. In the higher levels of the Fourth- / lower-levels of the Fifth Dimensions, the mental nature and more refined abilities are predominant, and they are OverLighted by the purity and illumination of the Sacred Mind, Sacred Heart and Higher-Self.

Dear hearts, do not just read the profound statements we give you, such as the ones below. Rather, study them and commit them to memory, for within these words of wisdom are critical factors you will wish to draw upon when you are perfecting your mastery of Self, and when you are called upon to share your hard-earned wisdom with others.

**  A master seeks his/her highest truth, and then lives it to the best of his/her ability. A master learns to view the world and its great drama from a higher vantage point, downward.

**  A master is adept at manipulating energy, always for the greatest good. He/she exists in a vortex of harmonious spiritual forces. 

** Ascension is mind- and Soul-expanding, forever passing from one state of heightened consciousness to another. Time becomes malleable as you move out of the linear time-line into the spiraling, undulating vibrational waves of the higher dimensions.

**  You have entered into an Age of conscious awareness. A conscious awareness of and awakening to the nudgings of your Soul-Self are step in attaining Self-mastery.

**  A master knows when to speak and when to be silent. A master is deliberate in his/her speech. Constant mind chatter and senseless gossip disturb the tranquility of your auric field. You are to seek the harmonious, higher wave frequencies of Light in all things.

**  Knowledge alone divides. Wisdom and Soul awareness unite.

**  As an initiate on the Path, you are constantly increasing your capacity for Creator Light. When you deny any Facet of your Divinity, you are denying your Divine wholeness.

**  The universe is constantly remaking and redefining Itself via the impulses / desires of the Supreme Creator and our Mother/Father God. The Supreme Creator’s desire is to experience individuality by refracting Itself into an unimaginable number of various-sized Sparks of consciousness.

**  The Omniverse is filled with dancing, flowing, merging and separating Fragments / God Sparks. The Creator is alive and conscious in each and every one of these Fragments, no matter how large or how small.

**  Space is an entity within itself, waiting to be programmed or molded into infinite possibilities.

QUESTION: How do we know if we have any etheric tears?  If so, how do we know where they are located, and how do we heal them?                                                 

Healing etheric tears in the auric field is a process that is initiated as soon as you begin the process of integrating more of your Soul-Self. As you begin to integrate more and more higher frequency energy into your physical vessel, and start the process of balancing and harmonizing your chakra system, one of the major benefits is that any etheric tears you may have will slowly begin to heal.  Often, you will have physical discomfort in areas where there are tears or etheric scar tissue in your auric field. The most prevalent etheric tears are in the areas of the three lower chakras, across the heart area / solar plexus, or in the back of the body between the shoulder blades.

You can speed up the process by going into your personal pyramid. Lie on the crystal table and ask your angelic helpers to scan your body and to let you know where (or if) there are any etheric tears in your auric field. If you get an indication that there are some tears, ask that I seal these tears with my blazing sword of Light and it will be done. This procedure may take a while; however, the healing process will begin. It will accelerate as you access the higher vibrational patterns of Light. Bringing in more Adamantine Particles of Light via the Infinity Breath and toning the vowel sounds are also a great benefit, and will assist in the healing/harmonizing of your auric field, as well as your four-lower bodily systems.

My brave ones, no matter where you live or the conditions you are presently living in, there is a grand opportunity for you to begin the process of attaining Self-mastery. You are urgently needed as a Bearer of Light and a World Server. This applies to every one of you reading this message. I surround and enfold you in an auric field of protection. I am forever your guardian and faithful companionI AM Archangel Michael​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from:RonnaStar@earthlink.net​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Mania ~ Mother Goddess of the Spirits of the Night – An original painting by Emily Balivet

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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The Company of Heaven has Our Back – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Company of Heaven has Our Back

I wanted to review the discussions of how the Company of Heaven are protecting lightworkers who agree to act as financial, Earth or other stewards.

The CoH has repeatedly assured lightworkers that we are “mightily protected.”  (1)  Here’s the Divine Mother herself giving us that assurance in 2016:

“Having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected!” (2)

Here’s Michael repeating the reassurance:

“Are the lightworkers who are diligent and see themselves in a stewardship role greatly protected? The answer is, ‘yes.’” (3)

On another occasion he said: “You have not incarnated to be removed, either by inflicted or imagined or created [forces]. [You’re not] in physicality [for] anything less than perfection.” (4)

That’s the purpose of Ascension, right? That we should emerge in perfected bodies – light bodies? Thus, we lightworkers are here for nothing less than perfection.

Therefore he can assure us: “It is not our intention or our plan to allow you to be cannon fodder for the cause because that would defeat the purpose.” (5)

The purpose is for us to walk forth into the sunshine, for a new Garden of Eden to arise on a peaceful Earth. Peace won’t have a great deal of meaning if all of us are lying dead on a battlefield.

That isn’t the extent of the peace that Michael wants and is forecasting for us. But that’s another story.

In this article, let’s look more closely at these words that the Mother used – “mightily protected.”  What do they mean, exactly?

Michael gives us a head’s up that they mean something special. In 2013, he said: “You are being mightily – and I use that word very specifically – mightily protected.” (6) What do the words mean that he uses very specifically?

In the language used by the CoH, “mighty ones” refers to the archangels.  Here Michael explains: “They call the archangels, ‘the mighty ones.’ And we are honored by that title.” (7)

Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara is one who uses the term:  “The protection is already in force. The mighty ones, the Archangelics, have surrounded you and Gaia.” (8)

So the archangels are the ones heading up our protection team. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Many of us – myself included, for years – could not really get what that meant. I’m sure Michael is talking about me here:

“This is something that many human beings do not understand and that you will share and write about over time and in the near future.

“When we declare that, whether it is a guardian angel or a guide (because they are interchangeable), an Archangel, a Seraphim, the Mother herself but particularly when I say, when we say or a guardian angel says that they are protecting you, what does this really mean?

“It means that there is no need for fear, that this very old core issue/false grid can truly be thrown into the trash heap or the recycle bin to be given back to the Light.

“Few people really believe this and it is curious because there is seldom a situation in which we do not begin and end by saying this.” (9)

I could burst out laughing if I really got it. I’d be free from worry and fear.

The fact that we don’t really get or believe it he calls a “wobbly leg” in our sacred partnership with the celestials.

“It is a basic wobbly leg in human/divine relationships because the relationship is starting with this aspect [fear], based on old human experiences, … on this aspect of ‘I don’t really trust you so you better prove yourself and show me’ rather than proceeding not only in the love but in the mantle of protection that is around you always.

“So I am giving you this as food for thought, not so much even for your sacred self but as food for thought for how you discuss things with those who are our faithful readers.

“And the desire for many, and when I say many I mean billions, of Gaians to simply release this hesitancy to trust because it is also, of course, as you well know, a hesitancy to trust oneself, to trust that in fact what you feel about yourself is trustworthy.” (10)

No, it was very much food for thought for me. I simmer in worry and fear all day long. And Suzi and I are a “terminal” for your concerns, as well.

To think that I can lay my worries and fears down explodes my entire view of life.

This is something that I need to get down to my bones and cells.  We can trust in the archangelic presence.  We can proceed without fear.

Well, I am. I won’t be installing this protective system and living in that gated compound afterwards. I’m carrying on for as long as I can as I do now.

My life has always been an experiment. The experiment now is to prove the archangels right, that they are protecting us and that a few rogues and villains are not going to get the best of them.

I will not live in fear after the Reval. Those who are with us are far stronger than those who are against us.

The Divine Plan for Earth and its inhabitants is to emerge triumphant this Ascension, not like our last attempts in Atlantis and Lemuria. Peace will reign, Michael says, with no residue remaining:

“Our code word is victory and it is not victory over anything; it is victory with.

“It is the bringing of peace on Earth. That is the prelude [to everything else]; that is the promise.

“It is the promise that has been made throughout the universe, but it is also the promise that has been made to the Universal Mother. And that peace will prevail.” (11)

This next period of time – in which lightworkers are given the means to rebuild the structures and institutions of the planet – is our time and our turn to step out boldly in many new directions.  The first new direction that must come to support the rest is the achievement of world peace.

And we’ll do it.

The next is the achievement of individual, inner peace.  Rock-solid, stable, secure.

Take comfort in knowing that the Company of Heaven has us in their hands and that the major contours of the future are already present, in place, alive in the higher dimensions.


(1) Here are some examples:

Steve Beckow: Surely the cabal is looking at these people with a lot of money and licking its chops, right?

Archangel Michael: You are hidden in many ways. … I am pretty good at protection. I have a few souls that help me out now and then. … Do you think a few rogues are going to beat me at my own game? …

Not to worry, dear heart. You are mightily protected.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 22, 2016.)

Archangel Michael: You will put the normal security precautions in place that any institution will provide. But, dear heart, I would suggest that you are mightily protected.  (Ibid., Nov. 19, 2013.)

Archangel Michael: It is not so much, my friend, that you are being targeted. That does not mean that you are not on the radar. Of course you are. And as you step forward to create peace on Earth, it will be even more so.

But you are also mightily protected, and you have created and built your energy field. They cannot and will not be permitted to harm you. (Ibid., Feb. 18, 2011.)

(2) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017,” Dec. 31, 2016 at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/12/31/new-years-message-2017/. An exception to their protection would be people like John Kennedy who’ve agreed in their soul contracts to lead what are called “sacrificial lives.”

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., June 9, 2017

(4) Ibid., Feb. 5, 2016.

(5) Ibid., Nov. 30, 2011.

(6) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Nov. 19, 2013.

(7) Archangel Michael in “Archangels Michael and Gabrielle on the Angelic Realm: Hour with an Angel Transcript, March 26, 2012,” at h4tp://goldenageofgaia.com/ascension-as-of-2012/what-role-are-the-angels-playing/archangels-michael-and-gabrielle-on-the-angelic-realm-hour-with-an-angel-transcript-march-26-2012/. Here Michael uses the term in context: “We all do – I mean the mighty ones, the archangels – we have the capacity to bring the fullness of our energy to many, many, many, and yes, if you wish, millions—millions!—of places simultaneously.” (Loc. cit.)

(8) “Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/09/20/transcript-sanat-kumara-ascension-your-new-tomorrow-right-now-sept-17-2015/.

(9) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Nov. 15, 2017.

(10) Loc. cit.

(11) Ibid., Feb. 18, 2011.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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An Introduction to Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Luisa Villavicencio


An Introduction to Ascension


Narendra Misra asked me to write an introduction to Ascension for Hindus. I’m happy to oblige.

If we turn to The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar Giri, Paramahansa Yogananda’s guru, we find him telling us what’s happening at this moment.

But before he takes up that discussion he has a wonderful, contextualizing comment to make, one that describes the work of my own blog, the Golden Age of Gaia (and probably Narendra’s as well):

“The purpose of this book is to show as clearly as possible that there is an essential unity in all religions; that there is no difference in the truths inculcated by the various faiths; that there is but one method by which the world, external and internal, has evolved; and that there is but one Goal admitted by all scriptures.” (1)

If we agree with Sri Yukteswar, then we agree that what he talks about are real phenomena – not just real to him but real in the universe – that we of other faiths may have different names for them but we’re talking about the same thing, and that all views and all religions carry their sincere practitioners closer and closer to the “one Goal” of all, the transcendent and unknowable God.

I call what Sri Yukteswar is pointing at “cross-cultural spirituality.” (2) Hindus call it Sanathana Dharma; others, theosophy, the ageless wisdom, and the perennial philosophy.

What I want to focus on is his teachings on the various yugas or ages and what’s called the precession of the equinoxes. (3)

That term refers to a circuit the Sun makes that covers some 24,000 years in extent and is known to people of many different persuasions.

As a Vedic astrologer, like Sri Yukteswar Giri, Narendra could tell you much more about it than I can.

The period of time we’re in right now falls at the height of the circuit, when, as Sri Yukteswar tells us, “the mental virtue becomes so much developed that man can easily comprehend all, even the mysteries of the spirit.” (4)

The gradual process others currently call “Ascension” is the transition from the previous age of darkness (Kali Yuga, Dark Age, Iron Age) to this age of Light (Sat Yuga, Golden Age, Age of Aquarius, New Age).

It has some peaks which mostly correspond to the enlightenment events that most Hindus know well, (5) as the kundalini courses up through the spine.

Then the chakra system is left behind and the heart permanently and fully opens in what Sri Ramana Maharshi calls “Sahaja Samadhi.”  (6) “Sahaja” means natural: This is our natural state.

And it’s also the culminating event of our Ascension. Our heart having permanently opened is our entree into higher dimensionality.

We commonly talk about Ascension as a consciousness shift. That’s what lies at the heart of it. But it’s also more.

It’s an experiment as well in taking the physical human body with us, something that hasn’t been tried before in other Ascensions. (3)

And it’s an experiment in a mass Ascension. On Earth until we reached this place in our solar circuit, Ascensions have been individual matters.

But now, we’re receiving assistance from higher-dimensional civilizations.

Consequently, the vibration has been raised sufficiently over the entire Earth for all people who could describe themselves as “decent” to expand their consciousness gradually and gracefully into the Fifth or higher dimension of life; i.e., to ascend.

It’s also more than a simple consciousness shift in the sense that we lightworkers and our friends from other civilizations (galactics, our star family) will be building Nova Earth.

In a flow of abundance that’s expected, we’ll have the chance to end homelessness, hunger, poverty, disease, and all other sources of misery on Earth.

Our star brothers and sisters are the folks who’ve watched over us since the beginning of the human experiment on Planet Earth, our forebears and ancestors from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, etc.

Right now they’re pouring their higher-dimensional, loving energies into us to assist us to ascend. They’ll join us later for a celebration that’s been planned for eons.

They look like us, can speak our languages, and are keenly aware of and committed to us.

Their arrival among us is referred to as “Disclosure.” They too are part of the Divine Plan for our Ascension, as will be discussed more in the future.

These elements of the Divine Plan and tasks we’ve agreed to make what is transpiring at the moment more than simply a consciousness shift.

I predict that someone right now is asking themselves what they need to do to ascend.

If you’ve reached this level of rising vibration and feel for the most part happy with things, you have nothing to worry about. The rising energies will do the rest in their appointed time. This is not an exclusive process; it’s very, very inclusive. When we “go One,” we go all.

This is an introduction to what’s happening on Planet Earth during this consciousness shift, known to Hindus as entry into the Sat Yuga or Golden Age and to others as Ascension.

Thank you to Narendra for inviting me to comment. And I hope he continues and expands the discussion.

For much more on these subjects, go to the “Library” on the Golden Age of Gaiahttp://goldenageofgaia.com/library/.


(1) Sri Yukteswar Giri, The Holy Science. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1984, 3.

(2) See “On Cross-Cultural Spirituality,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/#15.

(3) Sri Yukteswar, ibid., 7-20.

(4) Ibid., 8.

(5) Spiritual awakening (4th-chakra); Savikalpa Samadhi or cosmic consciousness (6th-chakra); Kevalya Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Brahmajnana (7th-chakra). This completes the chakra circuit but is still only “halfway up the mountain.”

Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a full and permanent heart opening, beyond the 3rd/4th-dimensional chakra system. I interviewed the Divine Mother once on An Hour with an Angel and she confirmed that Sahaja was the culmination of Ascension:

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes. It is beyond what you think of [associated] with your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.

So freed from the Third Dimension, which is what a full and permanent heart opening – i.e., Sahaja Samadhi – does. This is the end-point of our Ascension process. We continued:

SB: It’s wonderful to have that confirmed. Thank you very much, Mother.

DM: It is wonderful for us as well, you know!

SB: Is it? How so, Mother?

DM: As we move beyond what you think of in your realm as emotion, that does not mean that the pervasive love and joy is not felt as we participate, witness, move and assist and beckon you forward. …

Now, you understand that most people have no conception of what this [discussion] really means.  And, yes, you will do a good job of explaining.

SB: Well, you know that I have a website [From Darkness to Light] that discusses Sahaja Samadhi at length. And that’s from Sri Ramana Maharshi, more or less.  If I take that material and present it to readers, would that be adequate?

DM: That will help. (“The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/10/the-divine-mother-come-to-me-as-i-come-to-you-part-12/.)

I’ve since written on the subject here:  http://goldenageofgaia.com/ascension-to-the-fifth/#4.

(6) Usually one ascends upon exiting the body at “death,” as with Jesus and the Buddha (who doubtless had already ascended in other lifetimes).

(7) Sri Ramana describes how in each stage of enlightenment, the heart opens for a while and then closes again.

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam [wisdom] as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point, which is always shut [the hridayam].

“When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi or Brahmajnana], it opens but shuts again after it. When Sahaja [Nirvikalpa Samadhi] is attained it opens for good.” (Ramana Maharshi in Cohen, S.S., Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 96.)

Only with Sahaja does the heart open and remain open permanently. That is the moment of full Ascension, which happens a few subplanes inside the Fifth Dimension.

This is mukti, moksha, or liberation from birth and death. There is no death in the Fifth and higher dimensions.



Art by Luisa Villavicencio

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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Living Between Realities – Suzanne Lie

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Living Between Realities–The Pleiadians Thru Sue Lie


Living Between Realities

Pleiadian Transmissions to Earth #1

Dear Earthlings, which includes ALL living beings who are able to receive, attend to, and share our message, we are honored to share with you what is occurring in the higher dimensions that encircle Gaia.

The Arcturians will also have their transmission, but they wanted us Pleiadians to begin this process as we appear more human and are more able to understand human behaviors. Also, we Pleiadians have taken many earth vessels to better understand humanity.

We Galactics occasionally take an “earth vessel” as a preparation for us to better understand Earth society. The most difficult part of our “joining Earth society” is the illusion of being alone.

On the Ship we are in constant contact with everyone on the Ship.  We can easily recognize each other by their aura, and we can intermingle our auras to share our every thought and feeling without speaking.

The leaders are chosen by their experience and intermingle their auras with all the members of the Ship to share their personal and professional lives. These leaders are chosen by their experience, which are automatically shared via their auras, and the Unconditional Love that fills their aura.

Also, all the leaders have, and continue to have, total dedication to our “Service to Others.” However, the term “others” includes the Ship, with whom we all have an intimate relationship. The Ship holds the 5D Blueprint for Earth and for ALL of Gaia’s many beings who visit, and/or live onboard the Ship.

Most of the occupants on the Ship, volunteer to take “away missions” to physical Earth so that they can learn more about how they can assist with planetary ascension, as well as to have a more intimate experience with the “grounded humans” who are part of the Ship’s “Away Team.”

The biggest challenge for our Away Team, is to remember our TRUE SELF and NOT get lost in the illusions and fears of our third dimensional expressions who have joined our away team to Gaia.

We are not “just” Multidimensional Beings. We have the ability to “be at ONE,” or “merge with,” just our Pleiadian self, OR merge with just our human self, AND/ OR simultaneously BE our third dimensional human self, our fourth dimensional astral self andour fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic SELF.

When we do not limit our “sense of SELF” to being a third dimensional human, we remain in constant contact with our higher dimensional expressions of SELF. We have found that this two-way connection with our Earth Self and our Galactic SELF can be very challenging.

Fortunately, we are very pleased to see that more and more of our “third dimensional human expressions of self” are remembering their “fifth dimensional Galactic Self” while we are still wearing our third dimensional human representative.

We say “wearing our third dimensional self” because our third dimensional self feels we are “wearing” this component of our SELF. Sometimes it feels like we are wearing a sweater or jacket to protect them from the cold, as well as the lower frequency energy fields of the lost ones who have forgotten their true Multidimensional SELF.

All of the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF are available to our fourth dimensional and beyond states of consciousness. However, even we Pleiadians can become lost within the illusions of the third dimensional reality.

It is for this reason that we always travel with a “buddy” as humans would say. When we are accompanied with a close friend and partner, we can both assist each other while we travel within the deep illusions and lies of your third dimensional reality.

From visiting you on Earth, we can see that so many of you have also chosen to take this 3D incarnation in order to learn how to expand our consciousness while being constantly surrounded by the low frequency rate of the third dimension.

We commend you all, especially those of you have taken many incarnations on third dimensional Earth. We see that you do so to better understand the third dimension, and how to expand your awareness enough to bravely confront the many challenges that you, our “volunteers to third dimensional Earth” must face.

Fortunately, when we Galactics take an earth vessel, we are able to expand our consciousness, and hence our perceptions, to be able to “read the aura” of others in the same manner that we read aura’s and psychically communicate on our Ships.

Via this psychic information we can determine if a human would be able to expand their mind enough to accept that we are, indeed, fifth dimensional beings from a higher dimension. Some humans, in fact more and more of you, are able to allow us to assist you to temporarily expand your consciousness to encompass the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

When you are able to expand your consciousness in this manner, you are more able to travel to our, your, Starship and then return to your physical body with the memory of your life on the Ship. As you continue to visit your “HOME” on the Ship, it is much easier for you to remember both your life on Earth and you life on the Ship.

Even if your earth memory of your life on the ship is dim, you still remember the “Earth Mission” that you have chosen. This memory may come and go from your consciousness, but it is like a “trail of bread crumbs” that reminds you that there is a way home, and you will find it when it is the NOW to return,

However, if you hold fear, frustration, anger, sorrow or illness, it is MUCH more difficult to remember your True SELF and your Earth Mission, which is what you volunteered to remember and to do. We find that it can be VERY difficult to remember our mission once we are surrounded by the fears and challenges of the third dimensional world.

The process of taking an Earth Vessel, and being confined to your third/fourth dimensional physical and astral self, can easily make you forget your True, Multidimensional SELF.

It is for this reason that we take your sleeping, or meditating self, back to the Ship as soon as your consciousness expands into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional states of consciousness. While in these higher states of consciousness you can more easily remember everything about your Mission.

When you come to the Ship, one of the first things that we do is to put you into one of the “healing beds,” which will assist you to ease your third dimensional fears and worries. With your 3D/4D fears and worries transmuted back into fifth dimensional Love and Light, you are more able to return to Earth with your innate higher states of consciousness and continue with your Mission.

Since “time” is an illusion of your third/fourth dimensional reality, no one in your 3D world will know that you have “phased OUT” of third dimensional time and space during your sleep, or meditation. Since the “third dimensionals” have no concept of our reality, they do NOT perceive what they can NOT believe.

Within your NOW, many of you are living between realities. Therefore you are not fully third dimensional, fourth dimensional or fifth dimensional. In fact, you—the awakened ones—are learning, as well as beginning to remember, how your third dimensional daily life influences, and is influenced by, your fourth dimensional artistic moments and dreams.

Some of you are also remembering your fifth dimensional experiences on your Starship which is orbiting in outer space, and sometimes, around your planet. However, our fifth dimensional Mother Ship is fully cloaked and does not enter too deeply into your Solar System, as they could affect the planets too much.

Therefore, we send out our Scout Ships, which are still huge according to human standards, but are not too large to affect the gravity of your planetary system. More and more of our grounded ones who chose to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are seeing, feeling and visiting these Ships while they are sleeping or in deep meditation.

Unconditional Love is the vibration that can create a vibration that is high enough to allow your consciousness to resonate to the fifth dimension. We are reminding all of you that our Ships will be entering your perceptual fields more and more, so that you will NOT become frightened.

Also, we will be talking with you all more and more, so that you will have a sense of joy and even jubilation when you see us in your skies. You see, more and more of you are expanding your consciousness to the degree that you can see our Ships.

Of course, on the other hand, there are more people that are frightened by the concept of our Ships as they are afraid that we will hurt them. These people are usually those who have unhealed fear and sorrow, as well as those who like taking advantage of the “power over others” of the third dimension. These people are NOT happy about our appearance, as they do not want to give up their power over others, or their greed and mistreatment of dear planet Gaia.

Change is coming to Gaia’s Earth, and those who have enjoyed their “power over others” will not be happy when humanity begins to remember, and use, their own “power within.” In fact, many of the “power within” leaders are having a “face off” with the “power over” leaders.

We will now talk about the initial phases of being on a fifth dimensional reality, ship or planet. A fifth dimensional reality does not need a “place” and can live within your consciousness.

A fifth dimensional ship is a Galactic Starship, which can be cloaked to the 3D world, or chose to briefly reveal itself. However, we cloak again quickly so as not to frighten humans who are not aware of us.

We separate “reality,” “ship” and “planet,” because reality is the manner in which different people perceive the same planet’s ascension process. Our Starships are usually cloaked for the protection of those who would be too frightened.

However, we often show our higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, as people who perceive that have a higher state of consciousness. We mostly stay away from any third dimensional exposure to Earth, as there are too many people still who would become frightened or would try to shoot us down.

Of course, they could not “shoot us down,” but they may frighten others, or their weapons could hit something else and harm others. Reality is specific for each person’s state of mind, and level of consciousness.

Therefore, some people have spent their lives finding ways to educate people that Gaia is a living being and that humanity has been treading it VERY poorly. On the other hand, some people see the planet as a place where they can take what they want to have, no matter what the cost to the planet, and do what they want to do, no matter what cost there is to the planet.

These people are often called the Illuminati, or the Dark Ones, or those who live via “power over others” with no concern for others. Sometimes there are leaders who do not care about the planet, or even the people who live on it. These Dark Ones only care about themselves, their own money, and their own power over others.

These humans will NOT be able to even perceive the higher dimensions of reality, much less enter into that vibrational world or starship. On the other hand, more and more of the “awakened ones” who have expanded their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions, are answering Gaia’s SOS.

These advanced beings are so dedicated to Gaia, and Her efforts to ascend Her Planetary Self, that they will actually come to planet Earth to assist with this Planetary Ascension. Also, any time a planet is able to ascend—raise its resonant frequency to the fifth dimension—the entire Solar System benefits from the flow of fifth dimensional light.

We Galactics applaud the valiant attempts of the “Awakened Ones” to participate in the great honor merging their higher, fourth and fifth dimensional personal consciousness with Gaia’s planetary consciousness.

If you have found this inter-dimensional message and have taken your “earth time” to read it, you are likely among those who are remembering, and awakening to your own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

We Pleiadians, as well as our Arcturian and other Galactic friends, thank you for your “higher dimensional service.” Please remember that Gaia is a “planetary school” who is to teach humanity that “energy out is energy back.”

Gaia also has on her curriculum courses to assist Her “students” to release the third/fourth dimensional illusion of “time and space.” Once that illusion is released, Gaia and Her inhabitants will remember how to return to their fifth dimensional Operating System of Here and NOW.

We, your Galactic Family, want to remind you that we are HERE within your NOW to assist you with this evolutionary shift. Call us! We WILL answer!


The Pleiadians and your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:09 PM 


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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COSMIC ENERGY REPORT: June was a “Calm” month, yet July, well ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Flaming June Painting by Frederic Leighton @ King & McGaw


COSMIC ENERGY REPORT: June was a “Calm” month, yet July, well…

At the beginning of June, the message was “Pace Yourselves”… showing us every where we need to re-evaluate our realities, in every way, as it took all deeper into any unconscious programs still held inside, to resolve within, so that the physical can consciously re-configure and re-align.

It was a month of “seeing” where duality, lack, conformity/fear programming still existed, where inner-separation still “slept” and where we allowed this to “play out” in our own physical reality world. It was a month of intentionally shifting our entire reality, to a much higher vibrational, soul-aligned one. It was a month of beauty, peace, magic and resolve…. a “finalization” of many things that we allowed to be real-ity before, that are no longer aligned with our highest consciousness everything…

Where there are still DUALISTIC/SEPARATION/UNCONSCIOUS Programs inside, these continue to be brought to the forefront to be observed/seen, these continue to be a priority for each, to step into their own power, to require that UNITY BE THE ONLY REALITY ACCEPTABLE… yet in order to “do” this, each must be FACED with their own “not PURE love” energy, not respectful energy, not kind and considerate energy, not supporting ourselves and each other AS SOUL Energy, and where there is duality, this will become more extreme, because unconsciousness plays out through ENERGIES of power over, less than/more than, not enough, subtle or blatant manipulation, control and fear-tactics, emotional manipulation (narcissism), threats and more. Just stop, in every moment and observe every part(icle) of your reality, your entire reality and SEE what plays out for you, what your own experiences are… this will tell you everything… the rest is up to you to resolve, shift and expand beyond.

We’ve been “waiting” (not really, as we don’t wait for anything), for this “time” of June, to catapult collectives into this next phase. Why? Because it bring all things hidden into the Light. It makes the Invisible Visible, it shows us what we tolerated as OKay before, that was in no way okay. These Cosmic Frequencies of the 2222 Code, continue to awaken entire collectives, to what IS NOT PURE… “out there” and inside… for this is how all works. The increasing clearing of the Cosmic Akash, in each, within Gaia and our “atmospheres” (inner & outer)… game changers on a whole new level, that continue to accelerate and amplify distortions in every way.

Each is “pushed” to LOOK and actually SEE and take RESPONSE-ABILITY for their own ENERGY and what they keep supporting, allowing, trying to ignore… to PULL EVERY OUNCE OF COURAGE from inside, through their own inner-connection and CHOOSE THE PHYSICAL DIMENSION THEY DESIRE TO ACTUALLY OCCUPY….

REALITY IS SUBJECTIVE… is your mentalities, your beliefs and your ENERGY that transmits these out for each to EXPERIENCE….

OBSERVING what is PERCEIVED AS REALITY… gives each the POWER TO COMPLETELY CHANGE REALITY… in every nano-second…. which is just a small part of how our QUANTUM ABILITIES WORK….

JULY —- begins the eclipses to take each DEEPER INSIDE, to clean house, to dig deep, to connect on a Soul Level and work through, process, resolve all that presents as “not pure love”, “not UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS within and actually MAKE THAT NECESSARY CHOICE….

July — presents all with ALL NEW OPPORTUNITIES… to choose and decide what plays out in the physical to experience…. an old regurgitated one, built on old belief systems that create timeline loop cycles that are allowed to play out until they totally dissolve/collapse… in order for each’s physical body to leave that dimension (eventually or once and for all). July presents all with what they’ve been working for (and HOLDing), on a Soul Level… the next phase or step to support the vastness of HIGHEST DIMENSIONAL REALITIES, that are achieved as each is able to HOLD those states of full consciousness, in order for the physical to re-configure/realign by way of physical matter representation…

July — kicks of a HUGE SHIFT, where each waking up may be scratching their heads, wiping their eyes and find themselves abruptly shocked, shaken or jolted awake…. with NEW REALIZATION that their human aspect didn’t want to/couldn’t yet see, yet as each’s higher aspects emerge from within more, the old unconscious realities are no longer tolerable, allowed and are quickly allowed to just fall away, as each realizes they are not necessary, no longer resonate/align/support where each “is going”…. as each’s PRIORITIES continue to shift and change….

July — accelerates all into whatever each’s focus is. Accelerates atomic codes/DNA awakening, reality re-construction, re-coding with NEW PROGRAMMING that completely replaces the old, outdated, unconscious ones…. The “No more BS” energies continue to INCREASE, where there is ANY DUALITY STILL LEFT…. as each reclaims themselves, their power… the integration of the COSMIC WARRIOR TEMPLATE within Gaia (and each ready for this), amplifies COURAGE on a whole new level…

EACH’S ABILITY to see Reality as a BELIEF… has the power to change their own beliefs. It is that simple, when each is truly ready to embrace how easy QUANTUM EXISTENCES are…. JUST a TUNING of each’s full consciousness to a completely alternate reality, a much different reality, much higher dimensional reality…. and holding THAT as REALity instead, pulling that into the physical, with the amount of “force” (Energy) necessary to “break/dissolve” the energy of the ‘old program’ where it was held within.

Each’s ABILITY to function on a Quantum Level opens up, as linear constructs dissolve. These occur within the brain/nucleus of every cell of our bodies, as the linear constructs of all realities were/are held within. These mega-quantum Cosmic Codes go straight to where those linear constructs existed and re-codes them… on an atomic level, activating DNA re-writes, which work through each’s BODY TEMPLATE, “seeking out” unconscious programs, while simultaneously activating each’s higher consciousness to awaken from INSIDE OF THE BODY, which then reconfigures each’s FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS as well. Most are unaware, that all of the codes are inside and outside and BOTH must be activated and enough time/space allowed for the physical body to FULLY INTEGRATE THESE for the re-writing, re-tuning, re-calibration, re-coding, re-everything process to “complete”. (And then we start again, as this is a never-ending cycle of continual integration, that takes immense dedication on all of our parts to honor, acclimate too, so that our bodies can shift, de-densify and vibration into to a much lighter/higher dimensional frequency bandwidth/octave to actually live in. The air we breathe is different here, the vibrations more pristine, the colors… well, off the charts amazing, the inner-actions, the entire physical reality…. so very different than our drabby, life-draining, soul-sucking old unconscious ones.

The human (ego) aspect is never ready. It’s each’s SOUL that is. This means, re-connecting on a DEEP SACRED SOUL LEVEL for everything to easily align and shift.

July will bring MORE… more of whatever supports FULL AWAKENING and REMEMBERING to occur. Every moment, every experience… has a much higher purpose/point (a gazillion of them). Human aspects don’t actually care, they don’t put themselves out there to look out for each other, they don’t step up for hUmaNITY, they don’t share, they hide, don’t support in ways that actually matter, and they live from separation, lack and fear. These Cosmic Frequencies continue to “go for the gusto/gut”, they challenge the human aspect to WAKE UP, they POINT OUT WHERE ALL IS NOT ALIGNED… and they allow each the CHOICE TO CHOOSE… a fully conscious magnificent and magical, beautiful, abundant, loving, kind, compassionate, considerate, harmonic, joyful experience or one of duality, suffering, harshness, not enough… and every unconscious program that each still thinks they believe…

IF YOUR PRIORITY IS FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… then all will be easy, because this is HOW YOU LIVE YOUR EVERY BREATH and every moment of your lives. You care, truly, you step up, you share, you support, you are kind, considerate and you stop playing in the EGO games still….

​July — well, it’s an advancement of our Evolution of Consicousness, Evolution of hUmanity and whatever it takes for each to FIND THEIR HUMANITY… this is what shall present, and continue to present, on every level….

Realities are responsive and not everyone lives in the same dimension anymore. This is a huge realization to wrap your human mind around… your dimensional EXPERIENCE IS YOURS.

AS MORE UNITE… not from a place/space of lack or need, yet instead, fully empowered from within… to combine forces, resources, abilities, ideas, opportunity and share, support each other, our NEW EARTH NETWORK grows…. Yes, it takes us all, not just the ones willing to be visible as the “forerunners”, every one of us…. uniting as DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS, without distortions, without old BS, holding our own and BEING THE ONES…. and together we COMMAND REALITIES with our every breath. As love.

When you stand AS LIGHT and emanate out, stop making excuses for WHO YOU TRULY are, for your accomplishments and for what you do IN-SERVICE for all of hUmaNITY, all gets easier, because you stop compromising anything… ever again. YOU are no longer willing to accept LESS and you no longer live in a fabricated reality in your head that you are not/do not have enough and you stop “just doing enough to get by”… YOU STEP UP and are READY… and this is HOW WE UNITE. ♥

Get ready loves…. This is going to be as SIMPLE or as COMPLICATED as you make it, as easy or as rough as you require/allow, as magnificent or challenging as necessary, dependent on which aspect of you is allowed to be in charge…

This is the week that all starts to align in all new ways… The Solstice was the POINT leading up to NOW. The clearing process, the observation/realization process, the “move the old out yourselves” process…. and now… it’s time to up-shift even more than ever before. I love you! Let’s rock out the awesomeness vibrationally! Quantum Style is how we roll here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. This is just a very small portion, and in no way, touches on the VASTNESS of all that’s occurring on a Cosmic Level and each dimensional plane of existence. I went offline most of June to accomplish/do and move a lot out of my reality too. WE all have to make SPACE for all new realities to arrive…. I’ll share as I have the Energy to do so. The immensity of our Roles continue to increase and the “demands” require that we all re-group and re-calibrate our own realities constantly, so that all can STAY ALIGNED….

p.p.s. I realized the other day, while observing my early days of my body waking up, to share this: Our human aspect was “numb” and parts of us “shut down”. Part of the body awakening to release this, feel fully again… is the “numbness” (metaphors remember), the tingling, as the body wakes up to RELEASE, energy start to move inside, working through the density and immensity of heavy duty programming, the muscles held a lot and go through a rigorous process, the organs, glands, every body part was asleep, held density and must “sleep” to wake up, which is why there is so much sleep to access the other dimensions at first, clear old timelines/body templates, and integrate the ultra-high frequencies of our soul. This can be an ardurous process at times, so be patient, open your minds to alternative understandings and make supporting your own journey/body a priority, however that presents for you. Each phase is different and every moment we are technically in “all of them”, yet the prominent ones will be relative to our own level of consciousness and how much of our Soul we’ve been able to EMBODY and function as, in our every day lives…. for all to be magical, beautiful, amazing… pure peace, love and rainbows too! And yes it can… as each chooses this as “reality”… ♥


Flaming June Painting by Frederic Leighton @ King & McGaw

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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On 1, You’ll Wake Up – Steve Beckow @ Golen Age of Gaia

The Angel And The Dove by Lynn Bywaters @ Fine Art America


On 1, You’ll Wake Up

Musing over a minor incident in which I felt taken advantage of, I noticed that I assumed a gruff and defensive posture.

I reminded myself that it was my choice to be this way. What was I getting from it?

Back came the answer: I will never allow myself to be as vulnerable again as I was, as a  child, with my Father. (1)


That sentence lies at the very base of my gruffness, my defensivness, my offensiveness, everything. Wow.

That’s the decision I made at age seven. That’s the point at which the twig was bent and the tree inclined.

I’m now just allowing that realization to ripple through my body.

Having gotten the knot in consciousness at the center of the vasana, I feel the grip of the vasana fall away.

I find myself back at the place of rechoosing and I now choose to be vulnerable again.

I want to shout to very cell of my body: The emergency is over, everyone. The all-clear has been sounded. It’s safe to come out of our hidey-holes.

It’s OK to be vulnerable again; in fact, it’s the order of the day. A new world has arrived, a world of peace.

Congratulations on surviving the war. You fought well as long as fighting was needed.

Now peace has been declared. The “enemy” is gone.

This is our part of the postwar reconstruction work: To clear ourselves of the residue of living in a world at emotional war.

We need to clear the debris that is damming up the river of love. We need to cut the knots in consciousness we’ve tied ourselves in trying to emotionally survive.

In our minds, we existed in a world where everyone seemed, at some basic level, to be at emotional war with each other – and with themselves.  We were egos trying to survive in a dense and manipulated environment.

All that can be past now if we only commit to ourselves to wake up. The outer reality is changing. It’s only our consciousnesses that remain unnecessarily dense, as if in sleep.

Matthew Ward suggested some time ago:

“Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise, the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise.” (2)

This is what basic-level waking up looks like for me: We stop building a reaction-based world.

We stop creating our lives as horror stories because we’re creating them in reaction to a vasana-born fear. A fear of strangers, foreigners, aliens. A fear of insects, wild animals, other life forms. We have so many fears.

A basic-level waking up would see us stop guiding our lives by the maxim “Excuse, justify and deny all my core issues.” The world we created by living like that was filled with drama and bad endings.

Bad endings is not where the future is going. As my vision in 1987 showed me, it all works out in the final reel. (3) And this is the final reel for The Birth of Fifth Dimensionality.

I’m going to count backwards from 10 to 1. And, on 1, you’ll wake up, not remembering very much of emotional warfare, but everything of world peace.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2….


(1) The mind is an obedient servant. Ask it what the originating incident for a vasana is and it obediently sends up a picture, a phrase, or some other identifier of it. But you have to take the very first picture or phrase that comes up. And it often comes up fast, racing across the screen of our awareness.

(2) Matthew’s Message, October 19, 2014, at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage.htm.

(3) See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/



The Angel And The Dove by Lynn Bywaters @ Fine Art America

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Quantum Shifting: As NEW Earth REALities Replace the Old Inside of You – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Quantum Shifting: As NEW Earth REALities Replace the Old Inside of You, You Incorporate NEW Systems & Programs and BE-COME an Important COMPONENT and Integral Part of NEW EARTH SYSTEMS and PROGRAMS that REPLACE the Old Ones too…

THROUGH PURE PRESENCE and a Sacred Divine Connection within ourselves, a whole world opens up, that we (on a human/ego level) did not have the ability to access before.

Through slowing down, pulling away, the observing of the chatter and disruptions to choose to allow these to fall away, allowing/assisting our physical body RAISING IT’S VIBRATION (in order to expand), learning to connect with, AND LISTEN TO, our subtle (at first, then LOUD), ENERGY BODY that SPEAKS… literally…. as there is INFORMATION and Light Intelligence encoded in our DNA, that we can actually HEAR (kind of on a telepathic level), as we allow ourselves to TUNE IN…. COMPLETELY…. ♥

TUNING IN… means that WE ARE CHOOSING to TUNE OUT, the chaos, the noise, the distortions, the disruptions and CHOOSING WHICH DIMENSIONS we are going to PAY ATTENTION TO/FOCUS OUR OWN PRECIOUS SOUL ENERGY ON… so that we can gain/achieve NEW CLARITY, for navigating a HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTUM REALITY that materializes into PHYSICAL FORM….

This TUNING OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS takes TOTAL PRESENCE to achieve…. bringing all of our ENERGY and awareness to ZERO POINT … and holding it here. It means SHIFTING OUR FOCUS, COMPLETELY…. off the external and delving DEEP into the SPACE where our Soul/Higher Dimensional Selves ACTUALLY EXIST…. which is only “out there”, when we perceive it is, when we are disconnect from inside, where we have not ACHIEVED THE ABILITY to go INSIDE to listen/honor/be/do and function from this deeply connected place/space in everything we do…..

This TUNING IN means to TUNE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS to a MUCH HIGHER vibrational frequency, and at first, it’s much “higher” than our human/ego/body/aspect is…. so for awhile, it will seem to be “higher”, when in essence, it’s our own physical body that’s LOWER and it’s our own connection that’s “weak” and it’s our own belief systems that inner-fear with us MAINTAINING this deeply connected EXPANDED STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS in every moment…. so it takes practice, dedication and our awareness that we have to constantly raise our vibration, constantly open our hearts & minds, constantly identify when our hearts/minds have closed again (contraction) as WE LEARN what separation actually is, what duality and unity actually are and we learn (on a human level) HOW TO RESOLVE THESE ourselves…. so that our entire LIFE IS ONE OF UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS where kindness, love, deep connections ON A SOUL LEVEL… prevail.

Human (Ego) aspects don’t respect Energy, their selves or each other’s energy, because ENERGY is a “foreign” thing and doesn’t make any logical sense. At our CORE, WE ARE JUST ENERGY, PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, therefore “not respecting this”, means an unconscious disrespect for ourselves on a Soul Level, as well as all things that exist too. This is a process of LEARNING to (re)connect fully on an energetic level (Quantum), with your self, each other, all things… through your own full consciousness, presence and Divine Inner Connection with/AS ALL THAT IS.

ENERGY must be felt, tuned into and observed (Quantum Observation), where realities are READ through a field of Consciousness, through feeling, hearing, seeing… all vibrationally and through Light Encoded Data that is basically “translated” by each’s SOUL, so in order to READ THE FIELD EASILY, each’s SOUL must be present, fully….. FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND BEING FULLY TUNED IN…. is REQUIRED for all to make conscious sense, which is Quantum, which is the “opposite” of linear, if you will.

The Depth of Your Connection will dictate the Depth of your Experience and how easy or complicated all is. NEW EARTH IS SIMPLE… it’s not complicated, yet it does push your human to/through all “limits”, because these are belief systems (BS), conditions of the human-ego-mind, because the EGO ASPECT looks “outward” and allows this to DICTATE what REALity is…. instead of REAL=eyes’ing that the external is a mirror, the experience is a response, the physical is a DIMENSION that each occupies, due to their own current Level of Consciousness….

RESPECTING ENERGY: The immense Cosmic Frequencies/Upgrades/Evolutionary DNA re-writes will completely CHANGE how you function and re-write your entire physical reality for you…. (whether you are conscious or not). Where you do no love and respect yourselves/each other, on a Deep Sacred Soul Level, this will play out in your own “reality world”, which breeds lack/scarcity/survival mode… which is the way of the “old”. Where you truly come to connect, deeeeeeeep inside of you, to REALIZE that you are ENERGY in a body, that works hard to reconfigure itself constantly, you will not only accept, love and respect yourself, your energy, all that you are and do… you will (on a whole new level), finally respect and appreciate the ENERGY of others, because you finally realize what CONTRIBUTION is and how our NEW EARTH REALITIES WORK here.

You will start to understand, how it takes us ALL, how each one of us have important roles/missions/purposes here and HOW WE ARE ALL TO UNITE – to CREATE the DIVINE SOURCE NETWORK, the INFRASTRUCTURE, the NEW Systems and NEW Programs that ARE NEW EARTH… which is a living, breathing network, all connected through the Purity of LOVE and Full Consciousness, where lack does not exist, because we’ve resolved this within ourselves and we bring OURSELVES TO THE TABLE and all that we HAVE/ARE and we share, support, inspire and work together AS THE BOND that holds all in place.

As each truly CARES ENOUGH to put themselves out there, to step up to the plate, to go all in FOR A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE that replaces the old one of separation/duality, all new realities are BORN/BIRTHED and allowed to grow into this BEAUTIFUL FLOWER OF LIFE, this beautiful TREE OF LIGHT, this DIVINE EXPERIENCE where HEAVEN is brought forth from within each one of us and as we re-connect, without the distortions, without the offensiveness of the ego, without the “stepping on each other” or imposing or trying to save or change, yet instead…. as we all SHOW UP, as our absolute highest aspects of ourselves, we are able to unite with others who are ALREADY this too, because they are our reflection back/our mirror, our vibrational response to what we have EVOLVED INTO AS LOVE and emanate back how WE live our actual lives here.

Will you meet others who are not yet “as conscious”? Of course you will. It’s your “job” (role/agreement) to expose them to “our multi-dimensional realities” and SHOW THE WAY. It’s what you agreed to, as a SOUL, to assist with awakening, without imposing, forcing or “needing” anything at all. You SHINE YOUR LIGHT, as vibrant and bright as you ARE and allow everyone else to CHOOSE all new realities too…. as they are ready. Focus on yourself, your vibration, your energy and what you have the capability to BE/DO, which will ALWAYS BE MORE than your human aspect believes, is willing to do, is comfortable with…. HOLD YOUR REALITY IN PLACE, so that the entire physical can realign “faster and easier”, vibrationally…. Which is just ONE of our natural abilities as FULLY CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT ENERGY BEINGS here.

Embrace who you are, embrace this entire experience, embrace the perceived unknown (only to your human aspect), embrace the “new”, embrace the body changes and reality changes as your own physical re-codes, re-calibrates, re-configures for you…. and GO ALL IN, for all to DIVINELY RE-ALIGN in response to you. Then, all you have to do is PAY ATTENTION/OBSERVE and then choose what you will/will no longer accept, decide what you are willing to “do” in order to activate and anchor your own HIGHER DIMENSIONAL/CONSCIOUSNESS NEW EARTH REALITIES HERE.

Observe your own judgments, pre-conceived notions and beliefs about what you “think” reality is… as this will substantially change all along the way, constantly and actually, in every nano-second, as you are always recognizing that which no longer resonates, supports, aligns (vibrationally), you are always resolving and ready for “new”, you are always birthing/creating and integrating as your body clears cellular programs that USED to be “in your way” (just words to describe a process). Those mentalities and beliefs, the energy of those, this is what it’s all about…. and as all of those dissipate, NEW ONES REPLACE them completely.

This process is EASY, as each “learns” to TUNE to a much higher vibrational everything from inside and resolve, dissolve, release all that is not ready to fully re-align to match that new higher dimensional reality/timeline/experience. At first it’s challenging, because we each affixed to physical realities that were created/supported by EGO/DUALITY and suppression of consciousness.

Gaia and “Space” are alive and awake, breathing and re-configuring constantly now, just as you/your body is… all in accordance with COSMIC CODES that “look nothing” like your current/old realities…..

Fully Conscious Realities live, breathe, connect through LOVE Consciousness, through our BREATH, through our deep inner-connection with/as ALL AS ONE… all separation falls away and WE REMEMBER ALL THAT WE FORGOT, when we all were unconscious before.

Collectives are awakening in vast “numbers”, to open up fully to REALIZE that NEW EARTH REPLACES OLD, BECAUSE WE ARE NEW EARTH and we’ve re-constructed all new realities aligned on SOUL Level.

As each fully embraces, unites, comes together and ACCEPTS QUANTUM as their own new state, linear ceases to exist. Basically, as you transition from a linear existence to a Quantum one, then you “arrive” where others are awake/conscious too, because you are no longer hiding/playing small/accepting the old as your reality anymore. You are no longer trying to fit into “those realities”, hang onto “those illusions of realities” and you’ve vibrated out of those dimensions/realities of LIMITS to come to walk/function/exist on a Quantum level too (as your own Soul, which is Quantum). Quantum is like the exact opposite of linear, if you will. Transitioning your whole body from a “limited carbon based linear body-reality to a Fully Quantum Multi-Dimensional one, means that you are always honoring what your BODY/SPIRIT/SOUL/ENERGY NEEDS in order to accomplish this VAST EVOLUTION of your Living DNA/Consciousness from within you too, for your NATURAL (Super) Powers to come forth from within you to share, uplift, inspire and embody MORE of who you truly are (Pure Creator Source Energy), so that your entire reality can be re-worked to support your Highest Evolutionary Purposes for all of hUmaNITY here.

Your Evolved Heart-Mind-Energy-Body will work in UNISON as ONE “Intelligent System-Unit”, without any of the old ILLUSORY LIMITS of before. Re-connected with a Living, Breathing, Intelligent Life Force System, connected through an INTRICATE ENERGETIC AND CRYSTALLINE and PLASMA NETWORK, your entire physical body evolves to work cohesively with an entirely new networking system, a Quantum ONE, that bypasses the old Linear Constraints and CREATES a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM, one where you are an important part of our Evolved Highest Consciousness hUmaNITY, united and FOR THE FLOURISHING OF LIFE ON OUR BELOVED PLANET EARTH, together, elevating all from the prisons of their own minds and represented in their external as a reflection to what each has yet to REMEMBER… YOU HAVE THE GIFT of REMEMBERING, that you SHARE with each that you TOUCH, that your Light Codes activate in the FIELDS of OTHERS, when you elevate the field to THE UNIFIED FIELD OF LOVE … out of SEPARATION/DUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS (Unconsciousness), an AWAKENED HEART AND EMBODIED SOUL that does not succumb to unconscious programming anymore….

You understand the difference between HOW SOUL LEVEL LOVE, KINDNESS and RESPECT matters, what supporting yourselves and each other on a SOUL LEVEL means, over a fear-based-human-created-matrix-system that you once believed as “right” (true), one that you once gave your power away to, for a multitude of reasons, because it was your SOUL CHOSEN HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT, that you completely TRANSCEND as you PHYSICALLY ASCEND, often through immense sleep to dissolve your own VEILS of AMNESIA in order to fully awaken INTO A NEW DREAM…

The process of FULLY OPENING OUR HEARTS, goes beyond anything our limited human can understand. It’s an intricate process of weaving through every aspect of our “psyche”, every aspect of our perceived “real”ities, every aspect of our mentalities/beliefs, every aspect of who we “thought” we were, every aspect of what we believed as true, every aspect of how we once constructed our lives, every feeling, every emotion, everything buried/hidden/embedded within us, suppressed on a cellular level and anchored in our physical bodies, which in turn anchored us in the Unconscious Realms of Amnesia, both individually and collectively, in infinite ways…. The process of OPENING OUR EYES TO SEE, means our hearts have to be OPENED FULLY, so that our mind can comprehend the vastness of the entire 3D/4D matrix system, as VISIBILITY IS GRANTED as our Heart, Vibratory Body & Pineal Vision are EXERCISED and UTILIZED to completely discern the difference between a human-ego-program-old-operating-system-database and our “new” Highest Consciousness Quantum Database, that we not only “gain access to again” through our fully awakened Heart/Mind/Body, WE BECOME….

AS EACH is TRULY READY to step back/away and fully observe, with every Awakened CELL that breathes PURE SOURCE LOVE EMANATING FROM THE CORE OF WHERE WE ALL FUNCTION FROM on a Soul/OverSoul Level, the 2222 Code is activated within each on a whole new level, each’s Cosmic Diamond Rainbow LightBody and Templates are activated, for each to step forth as the NEW EARTH LIGHT COUNCILS, re-birthed/re-incarnate/REMEMBERED and FULLY EMBODIED to Unite and Guide, for the RETURNING of a “forgotten” existence, without the distortions of what “life” is…..

Our lives EVOLVE as we do, our REALities Evolve as we do, our Understandings Evolve as we do, our perceptions evolve as we do, our everything evolves as our DNA/Genetics Evolve completely…..

EVERY MOMENT IS EVOLUTION NOW… from infinite unconscious programs to infinite fully conscious ones. It’s not that there are not programs and systems here, there are, as we create ALL NEW PROGRAMS AND SYSTEMS that SUPPORT our NEW EARTH EXISTENCES AND LIVES…

Means that each understand that NEW SYSTEMS AND PROGRAMS are necessary to Evolve hUmaNITY as a WHOLE. These NEW SYSTEMS don’t just “arrive” on their own, WE create them, we rework them, we implement them, we ARE them… WE UNITE to be the INNER-CONNECTED NETWORK OF NEW EARTH…. where EACH is not holding back anymore, out of fear/lack/self-preservation/survival mode unaware that their lack of power/fear energy is what held the old matrix together to start with. This is all a part of the Intricate and Immense Cosmic Akash Clearing Processes that all are currently in now. ♥

It shifts, moves, re-tuned, re-calibrates, re-codes and re-transmits a whole new reality CONSTANTLY, that you can SEE, interpret, influence and understand as YOUR SOUL IS ALLOWED to EMERGE FULLY and integrate within your physical body FULLY and your body is allowed, on a regular and consistent basis to re-work itself to transition from a linear existence to a fully Super Quantum ONE…..

Your NEW EARTH MATRIX is many things…. not just “one”. It’s all COSMIC ENERGY, where all is COMPRISED of components that have to be formed on an organic and natural level, which means every previous constructs have to be completely re-worked by each one of us. Your old body, your old reality, your old everything TRANSITIONS over… as you CROSS OVER THE RAINBOW BRIDGE and your Rainbow Template is activated, your Diamond/Christed Light Body Templates are activated, your Avatar Consciousness Body Templates are activated (and so very much more). As your Crystalline LightBody is activated, the Crystals within you EVOLVE. As your Plasma LightBody activates, the amount of Photonic Light and Plasma Energy within you, re-work your entire body systems, structures, infrastructures, programs and how your body-field communicate by way of processing Light Codes/Intelligence through you, as your processing speeds alternate constantly, as your entire template/system goes through a continual re-configuration process, as your whole body evolves from a Carbon Based to Quantum Body… your entire existence evolves along with your bodies, as you have many of them that constantly integrate new codes and programs, therefore changing the entire program of the realities you “live” in….

As Purity (Soul) Consciousness activates within each, this begins an immense Quantum Process of shining a Light on (amplifying) all that is not yet PURE and a process of each PURIFYING their own Lives, their own bodies, their entire existence…. which is a part of Diamond Light Code Consciousness, as another part is the Cosmic Prism that is activated, where your body is able to integrate Cosmic Rays into your body template, for your own Rainbow Body Template to start to construct/build/form…. which moves each into a Rainbow Warrior Phase, where each becomes a COSMIC LIGHT BEING…. Star Beings, Star Councils, Soul Councils, Angelic Councils, Christed Councils, Elemental Councils, Galactic Ambassadors/Emissaries and Guardians of our entire NEW EARTH, while still functioning in a physical reality that’s very different from before. These “new” REALities are ones DIVINELY DESIGNED to support/awaken/serve all of hUmanity through FULL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which means SEEING separation, seeing duality, seeing lack of love/respect/kindness/sharing and shifting this THROUGH VIBRATIONAL POWER, which is each’s ABILITY TO COMPLETELY RE-TUNE and SHIFT every reality to a much higher consciousness one.

Just observe the word. Your RESPONSE to all as LOVE, as highest consciousness knowledge, as the Cosmic Light BEing that you are…. Your ABILITY (abilities) to BE LOVE, to BE PURE, to BE KIND, to BE the ONE that HOLDS the absolute highest vibrational realities in place, to BE the ONE that SHOWS the WAYs (WayShower), to BE the example of WHAT NEW EARTH IS, through the way you SHOW up, how you treat others, how you BEhave…. through your own Inner-Connection and REMEMBERING, to not go unconscious anymore… through your own Sharing of your own Light, through your own Divine Essence, without the tainted distortions of playing in the old dualistic unconscious games/plays/illusory realities still…. Embracing and constantly FULL-FILLING your Highest Soul Purposes, your Highest Galactic Missions through the Roles that you play out here.

Your limited, fixed, controlled/controlling, programmed, conditioned and ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM was held in place by your own beliefs, your own mentalities, your own conditions, lack of inner-connection, which then correlates to your lack of self-each other love, your lack of abundance, lack of respect, lack of trust/faith/beliefs, lack of working together for a much HIGHER PURPOSE, which is what “drives” the REALity of y/our Soul. As we each come to fulfill our higher purposes, all of that lack mentality goes, replacing all with gratitude, appreciation, kindness, sharing, generosity and the restoration of Balance through a deeply profound PEACE as the Vibration of LOVE (Home Frequency) fills your every cell and emanates from within you and how you live your life, in every moment, now. You believed the old unconscious everything into REALity… you supported, engaged, played the game, allowed it all and now, vibrationally, it is TIME to BELIEVE all new REALITIES INTO YOUR PHYSICAL…. those that HOLD UNITY as a way of life, those that honor the sanctity and sacredness that each forgot, those that PROVIDE for each, a benevolent existence, through each opening their own EYES and actually SEEING everything, then making fully Conscious Choices, through the REALization that HUMANITY EMERGES from within. As each truly realizes that the physical only affects consciousness where it’s allowed to, each chooses to expand their heart-consciousness and AFFECT THE PHYSICAL INSTEAD…. this is a whole new step for hUmaNITY… when each realizes that their consciousness INFLUENCES & DICTATES THE PHYSICAL… instead of the other way around (human limited programming).

Because there is no more hoarding, no more selfishness and everything is shared. Where unconscious humans get “tripped up”, is they don’t understand (can’t see/aren’t caring to see), that we live on a Multi-Dimensional Earth and where there are 3D/4D Matrix programs still at play, this is not true, and that only in a fully 5D (and wayyyyyy above) reality can this be true. The 3D/4D mind (level of consciousness) is still playing in the lack games of control, manipulation, fear, not enough, give power away and survival levels of awakening still. It takes each EXPANDING THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS beyond this SPACE and choosing to observe their own mentalities (ENERGY) to determine which dimension/timeline/reality they are still holding in place, with their own beliefs, with their own energy, with their own fears and continuing to support that which is still dualistic in nature and separation consciousness too. The only realities where there is not enough/we are not enough, is in the old 3D/4D levels of unconsciousness that continue to dissolve, dismantle, deconstruct, collapse the delusions of what realities were believed to be.

Multi-Dimensionals MASTER THE PHYSICAL through OPENNESS, SHARING and through the IMPLEMENTATION OF ALL NEW QUANTUM SYSTEMS AND REALITIES that completely replace the old. These new (HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS) programs and systems, mean that each is OPEN TO LEARNING AND CREATING all new WAYS and that each one is fully contributing to Continually  EXPAND and reconstruct realities to embrace all who are also truly ready to FULLY BE-COME (fulfill) an INTEGRAL PART. Multi-Dimensionals exist in multiple dimensional realities simultaneously, therefore each Level of Consciousness/Dimension is visible, which means the RESPONSE is a multi-dimensional one too. It’s vibrational, quantum and energetic… and recodes/ restructures the reality accordingly… as each is no longer bound to the Physics of Linearity. Our NEW Earth Existence is Quantum, because our Physics are Quantum and every reality is based on this. ♥

This is up to each. Each REALity is derived from all new parameters, new equations and new understandings as to WHAT/HOW REALITY COMES TO BE. As each EMBRACES THEMSELVES FULLY (and each other), ON A SOUL LEVEL, everything changes… as the basis for ALL OF YOUR REALITIES (the foundations) are always built on LOVE… the deepest, purest love, kindness, respect, consideration and openness, where each is RESPONSIBLE for not bringing duality into the picture anymore….

… for realities to reflect this back. Each must DECIDE that their Soul is going to Lead, that their own Universe is going to Lead and that their limited, fear-based, controlling, narcissistic aspects (both as the victim and the manipulator) are not going to influence/control your behavior/beliefs anymore.

THE VIRTUAL REALITY that we each live in/play in/exist in… is a vibrationally visible holographic REFLECTION as to what each holds inside as to WHAT REALITY IS…. It’s a multi-dimensional reality where each can tune their own Consciousness to a whole new reality and activate this to Materialize into the PHYSICAL to actually experience, and get up each day FOCUSED on activating, anchoring, creating “those” QUANTUM LIGHT ENCODED HOLOGRAPHIC REALITIES that are often not yet visible to others, yet becomes visible as each is truly ready to see and step into fulfilling their own highest purposes/roles here too.

Functioning from fear (root chakra) or Imagining what’s possible and KNOWING you have the POWER to “bring that here”, just one DIFFERENCE between Singular or Multi-Dimensional Existence…. As long as you allow fear to rule your decisions, rule your emotions, rule your realities/beliefs, your dreams will be squashed and unable to “manifest” into fruition, because you will give up and not believe, have trust or faith, because you are allowing yourself to LIVE a SEVERED EXISTENCE… where your Pure Source Connection is HOW you activate, awaken and anchor all of those realities here. You do have to choose which existence you are going to ALLOW TO BE REAL FOR YOU.

May & June activate and integrated the “next phase” of this into Gaia’s Template, our Universal Templates, available for each to integrate fully into their own physical body templates too. All each has to do is say that they are ready to integrate (any) template, any codes… and honor the process of sleeping, nature, nurturing and supporting their body naturally and organically in the reconfiguration process as it occurs. The more carbon-based (on an atomic level) each’s body/reality is, the more intense/dramatic the experience can be. This is the ACTIVATION OF your Powerful Inner Courage, Your Powerful Inner Guidance, Your Powerful Inner Connection and your Powerful Ability to transition from Old Earth to NEW too.

Your human will “think” things are “wrong”, or not understand how these IMMENSE ENERGETIC CHANGES occur, so be patient, slow down, honor your body, tune in MORE and when your human feels weird, when your human feels “voidish”, when your human feels the need to control, escape or resist/judge in any way, go deeeeeeeper inside to re-connect with that tiny little space that will grow to be an entire Super Field of Consciousness that you walk and exist in, where everything is BEYOND alive, vibrant, flourishing, pristine, magical, magnificent and AWAKE too!

Take breaks all along the way, stop trying to push “against” a process that can be easy and simple if you allow. See when your energy body is LOW and needs to be activated through inspiration, freedom, simplicity, quiet, connection, fun, happiness and do whatever it takes to shift out of your excuse-making-ego to support your ENERGY BODY so that it can expand from inside of you, more and more and more, so that you can shift and re-tune your ENTIRE VIBRATIONAL BODY to the highest possible, as it’s much easier to maneuver and function with Pure Joy and Grace as you do.

Your immune systems, nervous systems, glands and carrier systems are all being re-worked, with each template reconfiguration that occurs. These become more prominent as we go, and the “down time” necessary for a “whole system re-boot”, for replenishing and building your Light, for rejuvenation, for re-charging and for easier transmitting/receiving/generating changes constantly along the way, based upon your physical body make-up, enhanced Genetics and Crystalline Plasma Quantum LightBody Templates that you’ve integrated thus far … and continue to, powerfully and immensely, as the Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency Holders, Light Keepers, Foundation Builders and HOLDERS of Our NEW Earth. Your Body Templates hold all of NEW Earth’s Codes inside and Synch up with your Field of Consciousness constantly, so that you can continually experience more NEW EARTH NOW.

NEW EARTH is BEYOND Vibrant, much more colorful…. whereas old earth was drabby, neutral and bland… SO MUCH MORE COLOR will become a huge part of your new realities, from soft hues to vibrant colors that pop, appearing in your physical, all around you… in Nature, your skies and your ability to SEE more will continue to enhance as the crystals in your bodies form/evolve more through these Cosmic Light Frequencies and Codes activating 24/7 to re-work your DNA/RNA/Genetics for you. As the veils inside of you dissolve and the foggy groggy phases come & go, as you integrate massive doses/amounts of high frequency Cosmic Photonic Light into your physical body structures (and systems), the veils “outside” of you dissolve too. As you SEE what you could not see before, both of 3D/4D/5D and way above…. you get to CHOOSE…. the dimension/reality/timelines you DESIRE to actually LIVE IN…. as you resolve all duality, lack and separation within you and allow yourself to REMEMBER/RETURN to our PURE EXISTENCES… where love, humility, humanity consciousness, kindness, reciprocation, respect, consideration and the REALIZATION that we are all WORTH MORE than we once believed, that all are worthy, that we are the ONES and that our entire reality will show us everything that we need in order to choose/decide and commit/invest in the ACTUAL PHYSICAL REALITIES/DIMENSIONS we desire to exist in now. Old Earth was each “chasing something”. NEW Earth is the opposite of this…

Your every thought, action and choice….. this is what determines the next “moment”… and what you shall experience… It’s your BELIEFS and what you allow, what you continue to support/create and the POWER that your new REALIZATIONS AFFORD YOU…. which is INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES for a whole new Life, as you choose to release/let go of your old unconscious ones that no longer resonate/align….

I love you! It’s POWER-UP TIME (always) and it’s get ready for another and another and another continual up-shift, as you hold the highest states of consciousness from within you and ONLY ACCEPT these as your own REALities now…. This is a powerful week/Gateway, that opens the Gateways for all of the next phases/initiations (for your human aspect) and REALities that you’ve been integrating the codes within you …. for that “outside” to harmonically realign through a much higher octave than ever before. ♦

Remember… your Highest Consciousness you does not accept unconsciousness as a way of living anymore…. Your Multi-Dimensional You always has Infinite ALTERNATE REALITIES to choose from, that completely replace the old unconscious ones. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation Article and Multi-Dimensional Quantum Teaching Tool/ReSOURCE shared as LOVE for all. ♥




Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Hold That Pose – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Reading A Book by Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès – via Bas van Houwelingen


 Hold That Pose

Marcel Marceau and Maurice Chevalier Credit: The Guardian

I sometimes seem very much out of step with many people around me.

They appear to want to party and celebrate the exit of “Junuary” and the arrival of “summer.” For them holidays are here.

I can’t honestly say it’s that way for me. I want to work.  For me work is not work, any more than painting was for Picasso or sculpture for Michaelangelo.  I’d do what I do even on holidays. In my sleep.

(This wholehearted desire to do something is a sign that that something is a part of our mission.)

The subject matter – the observable evolution of humanity, seen first within myself and then within others – endlessly fascinates me.

I haven’t been here often, apparently, and sometimes I feel like a Gaian anthropologist … or maybe a humanologist.  The human branch on Earth, that is, rather than Sirius, the Pleiades, etc.

I can’t get enough of reading about patterns in Gaian human behavior. Sometimes on the street I want to say, “Why do you do that?” or “Why are you saying one thing and looking like you want another? Why is it necessary to hide?”

In my doctoral year in Sociology, my thesis adviser upbraided me with “I think you read only the prefaces of books.” He was right. I wanted only the theory, not the application.

I hungrily read the prefaces of books in sociology, psychology, anthropology, proxemics, kinesics, folkloristics, every field including and adjacent to sociology in the Library. I couldn’t get enough of it. (Of course I just thought what I was doing was normal. Turned out it wasn’t.)

In one of my lives, I helped turn the printing press into a technology.  In another, two millennia ago, I wrote a book that’s still popular today. I’ve always been in love with words and what can be done with them. As long as I’m working with words, I’m happy – indexing, categorizing, analyzing, explaining.

But add to a love of ordinary wordsmithing – which I find delightful and inspirational unto itself – the spiritual guidance that comes through, accompanied by bliss. Now you have an addictive experience.  Wisdom plus bliss. Who would say no?

Who could resist it? And everything that comes from guidance makes more sense than what comes from me, I have to report.

When Michael dictated the Declaration of Human Freedom through me, from time to time I’d say, “No” and change a word. Later when I came back and edited it, alarm bells went off wherever I’d put a word in and I ended up changing them all back to the original.

I assure you, given the abundance of bliss I feel when I write, the laborer is well paid for his hire.

I love doing this. Hold that pose.



Reading A Book by Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès – via Bas van Houwelingen

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Lao Tzu



As you walk upon the Earth, as you walk upon Gaia, as you anchor deeply within and hold yourself in the heart of all, that is a balancing act. And it is not something I teach you, but it is something that I remind you of.

I AM Lao Tzu, known by different names also Djwhal Khul, but my energy does not change. I have taught you many things and I have reminded you of the LaHoChi that has been brought by your Pleiadian brothers and sisters and that we have brought forward again long ago. Yes in this sacred land of China. By the way, Kyoto is a City of Light, but China has not yet decided, but I continue to work on them for there are many as arrogant as the emperor long ago. But I continue to teach them balance.

But I do not come this day to teach you balance, I come to bring you well-wishes and congratulations for you have anchored elsewhere, and it is with us. And so, yes, you will see and hear us more clearly and you will find us standing in your bedroom waiting, or sitting in your living room. We do not need to turn on the TV, we have many shows we can share with you, and they are far more interesting than what you have been watching.

As you walk upon the Earth, as you walk upon Gaia, as you anchor deeply within and hold yourself in the heart of all, that is a balancing act. And it is not something I teach you, but it is something that I remind you of. What is balance? It is the sacred honoring of yourself, in balance with the universe. If you give too much, as so many of you have that the Mother has put you on sabbatical, so when you give too much you are out of balance. So we gently and lovingly bring you back. Think of yourself as standing on the rice patty. It is a fine balance; if you take too much, and I do not mean from the old paradigms of grief and pain and sorrow, but there are times when you say ‘Let me do that for you, let me do that for you, let me help you. Oh, and I have not one minute to meditate, I have no time to talk to an old Chinese man.’ This is not of balance.

When we used to walk, thousands of years age, and we would walk through the villages and we would heal people and we would eat at their fire, the humble food of rice, and then we would hear the call of the emperor and you would say to me ‘Master, how shall I behave? For not only am I in awe of the Son of Heaven, I am also a little afraid of him.’ And I would say to you ‘Stay in your heart. Do not allow the finery or the externals to influence you. Look with your eyes of the healer, but look with your eyes of Love as well. For despite the great pomp and circumstance there are people still in need, who call upon you.’ And this will be increasingly true, particularly during this next phase of ascension.

I have taught you the healing and each of you know this in your own way, but I have taught you because there will be masses seeking you out. They may not even know, but you will know. And that is why it is important that in that mad rush for the gateway to catch the tail of the comet, to jump on board the golden spiral, to laugh and to play in JOY, my dear friends, remember the balance, remember my twig. And if you are feeling the need for a little assistance to reset, then simply turn to me. I may be quiet, but I am ever present.

You have done well. Yes, there are many who wish to say that this day but there is advantage in not always being the biggest talker. You have joined with us in a way that has never occurred, never occurred in the history of this planet. You have done well. ShiShi

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-30-11
15th Annual Gathering, Sedona, AZ/Sedona7dk2011



Monet Lotus @ Chinese Fine Art

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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“TRILOCHAN” (THREE EYED) by Swami Amrit Mahamedha @ Trika Yoga Art Ashram





All over the world as I have travelled I have been asked this question, “How do I enter the spiritual eye?”

It would seem that above all else we crave the divine, because we know that in seeking and finding God or Source or Being within us, all other questions are answered.

My own experiences of cosmic consciousness came in multiple ways, through Jesus, through Yogananda and Babaji, through Swami Shyam and through the Buddha and Guan Yin. The picture posted here is as close as I could find to my own experience.

They were all deep, profound experiences of the Light, all arrived at slightly differently yet all gave the same extraordinary experience of bliss and knowing we are all looked after in the Divine Plan.

What I endeavor to do below is to give you a series of techniques and practices that you can use to open and enter the spiritual eye.

Please note that the techniques below are primarily Yogananda’s descriptions. I prefer you to have His words on the practices as they are direct from Source.

And that is what they are. Practices that require practice.

I would deeply appreciate your feedback as to what works for you and what you experience. I have practiced all these in various forms morning and night over the years and I am always learning. As I continue to travel it is a deeply humbling experience knowing that your wisdom informs my wisdom and all is by nature of the One True Self an experience of the One Shared Heart.

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The first is a technique I was taught in both Tibet and India, to develop an unblinking steady gaze. Yogananda in fact tells us: “Restless and constantly blinking eyes indicate a restless mind; quiet, unblinking eyes, a calm mind. God is not visible, not recognizable to the ordinary restless eyes of mortal man. By fixing the eyes at one point induces the mind to grow calm and concentrated.”

Fixing the eyes on one point is a classical yoga practice, called tratak. It consists in gazing at an object, often a candle, which is placed a little higher than the eyes, at a short distance. Fix that object, never looking away, remaining steady with your gaze, unblinking, even if the eyes start producing tears.


Yogananda taught another technique to stimulate our vision of the spiritual eye, using an outer light, a lamp. He explains: “Look at a light and close your eyes. Forget the darkness around you and watch the blood red color within your eyelids. Try to look intently into that violet red color before you. Meditate on it and imagine that it is becoming bigger and bigger. Behold around you a dimly shining sea of violet light. You are a wave of light, a ripple of peace floating on the surface of the sea.”

– ♥ –


Yogananda teaches visualization as a powerful technique to develop inner concentration. It even leads to the siddhi (power) of materialization:

“I can keep looking at this room and concentrating upon it until, when I close my eyes, I can still see the room exactly as it is. This is the first step in deep concentration, but most people haven’t the patience to practice it. I had the patience. As you continue to practice visualization you will find that your thoughts become materialized. The cosmic law will so arrange it that whatsoever you are thinking of will be produced in actuality, if you command it to be so. Suppose I am thinking of an apple, and the apple appears in my hand. That would be a demonstration of the highest power of concentration.

Try it. Experiment with it. Practice it: intensely look at an apple (or any object in your room) for some time. Imprint the image in your mind. Then close your eyes, looking at the point between the eyebrows. Inwardly try to see that object as clearly as you can.”


“Concentrate at the point between the eyebrows. Visualize there a tunnel of golden light. Mentally enter that tunnel, and feel yourself surrounded by a glorious sense of happiness and freedom. As you move through the tunnel, feel yourself bathed by the light until all worldly thoughts disappear.

After soaring through the tunnel as long as you feel to do so, visualize before you a curtain of deep violet-blue light. Pass through that curtain into another tunnel of deep, violet-blue light. Feel the light surrounding you. Slowly, the tunnel walls disappear in blue light. Expand your consciousness into that light – into infinite freedom and bliss. Now there is no tunnel. There is only the all-encompassing blueness and bliss of infinity.

At last, visualize before you a silvery-white, five-pointed star of light. Surrender every thought, every feeling into this star of absolute, ever-existing bliss.

Mentally affirm: “I awake in Thy Light, I awake in Thy Light, I am joyful, I am free, I awake in Thy Light!”


When you meditate, the intense gaze at the spiritual eye has its proper moment. During the time of practicing any technique, the eyes are upturned to the spiritual eye, yes, but our concentration is not on that point, but on the technique itself: while practicing Hong-Sau or any mantra technique we concentrate on the breath and the mantra; during Kriya Yoga we concentrate on the inner currents in the astral spine; during the AUM technique we focus on the inner sounds.

The time for fully concentrating on the spiritual eye comes after the technique, during the last part of meditation. At that moment fully concentrate your gaze and attention on the “Christ Center,” the space between the eyebrows  – the seat of ecstasy in the body – with devotion, looking toward God. Surrender everything to Source. Let nothing take your gaze away from your spiritual eye, which leads you to ecstasy.

blue lotus flower...


Here is Yogananda’s description of the spiritual eye

“When the yogi concentrates long enough with half-open eyes at the point between the eyebrows, and when the gaze is without any restless motion, he will be able to see a steady light surrounded by other, but flickering, lights. He should not be diverted by this glimmering halo of the spiritual eye, but should steadfastly look at the center of the eye until he feels his mind completely absorbed within it. In time, he will see the perfect formation of the spiritual eye: a dark opal-blue globe within a quivering ring of flame. Gradually, by deep concentration, an extremely brilliant white star occasionally glimmers in the center of the blue. The star is the gateway through which the consciousness must pass to attain oneness with Spirit. It requires time and calm practice to steady the light of the intuitive astral eye. It takes deeper and longer practice to see the star. It requires greater realization to hold the perception of the star. And it takes mastery in meditation to march the consciousness, valiantly triumphant, through the starry gate of light. After the devotee is able at will to see his astral eye of light and intuition with either closed or open eyes, and to hold it steady indefinitely, he will eventually attain the power to look through it into Eternity; and through the starry gateway he will sail into Omnipresence. Progression through the spiritual eye, experienced by advancing yogis, unfolds first the wondrous perceptions of superconsciousness, the region of rays of light out of which all matter evolves. The creative cosmic rays hide like veils the presence of the immanent universal Christ or Krishna Consciousness, the Lord omnipresent in creation. By deeper concentration and meditation, the spiritual eye of intuition opens, and through the wisdom star the yogi becomes united to the Christ-Krishna Omnipresence; and thence, in deepest ecstasy, he reaches the Cosmic Consciousness of Spirit.”

Aum Meditation – Part II by Swami Amrit Mahamedha @ Trika Yoga Art Ashram


Yogananda told us that when he first came to Sri Yukteswar’s ashram, he would keep his mind and gaze focused at the point between the eyebrows as much as possible. “If you want to make very rapid progress on the spiritual path,” he used to tell us, “keep your mind always centered there.” This practice must be joined to, however, and supported by the heart’s devotion. For concentration at the spiritual eye, which is known as the ajna chakra, develops great will power, but it can also make one ruthless if it isn’t combined with the heart’s love. When will power is combined with love, great joy is the consequence.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother …



Kuan Yin by Lily Moses

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Relationships and Sexuality in Telos – Adama of Telos – From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia

Relationships and Sexuality in Telos

Adama, please talk about relationships between men and women in Telos. How is sexuality handled between people of Telos? How can people in the third dimension evolve toward these types of relationships?

Greetings, my beloveds,
It is a real delight for me and for my team to be spending time with you in your energy field as you read our words. It is our most heartfelt desire to impart a greater understanding of divine laws and their applications for you.

The way we live our lives in Telos does not differ greatly from any other galactic community in this solar system or this universe. We are all living and applying the universal laws which are the same for everyone. How life is expressed from civilization to civilization may vary to a greater or lesser degree, but the core principles are the same for everyone. You may call it “unity or universal consciousness.”

Our relationships and sexual expression in Telos reflect a consciousness much more evolved and mature than yours in the understanding of the various applications of Love.

To begin with, the curriculum for relationships is “union” in oneness, in an embrace of the experience of divine love. For a very long time in your dimension, relationships have been based on duality consciousness. Now dear ones, you have become weary of these types of relationships that do not work and do not fulfill your heart’s desires.

Your relationships, for the most part, have caused you various levels of pain and longing. You are now yearning to gain a greater understanding of relationship. Many of you are waking up to the distorted programming you hold about reationships and seeking to balance the masculine and feminine energies within your being.

First of all, know that it all begins with you. Your “significant other” is simply a mirror for you to evolve with and learn from. No one can love you more than you love yourself, nor can you love someone else more than you love yourself.
Consider this:
Whenever you are looking for someone to give you the love that you are not willing to give to yourself, you create need.

You must embody the appropriate balance to attract the type of relationship you yearn for or the relationship will be based on neediness rather than oneness. This, my friends, will never work, at least not for very long. Remember that in an unsatisfying relationship, both partners mirror for each other the imbalances of neediness, of ownership, of un- realistic expectations, control, manipulation and so on. You know the entire litany of complaints about relationships in your dimension even better than we do.

Whenever people are whole and complete within Self, with balanced feminine and masculine energies, they are in love with themselves and do not need someone else to fulfill them emotionally. They feel whole, happy and successful. They exude the joy of life with or without a partner. They do not feel the emptiness within that being needy and out of balance produces.

When this balance is achieved, then and only then will the “I AM” of your being issue the call for the right relation- ship to appear in your life in alignment with your desire and your present pathway. This “divine union” with the twin flame of your heart can manifest in your life only by the permission of your Higher Self.

In Telos we honor ourselves such that none of us would ever accept or settle for a relationship that is less than 100% fulfilling on all levels.

In our society, we consider each other equals and we honor each other’s divinity and soul path. Though your society is gradually changing, and women are now opening to their feminine potential as equal partners, there are still too many women who tolerate inequality as well as verbal and physical abuse. Too many of you do not yet feel worthy of being loved and you tolerate beatings, deprivation, and violation of your integrity and freedom.

Too many of you still think that this is what you deserve, or you perceive abusive relationships as a normal way of life. Even in the USA, this consciousness still exists for many. It exists even more tragically in several countries on this planet where women have absolutely no rights. You know what and where I mean; you have seen it in your newspapers and television news.

In our society, and in all evolved societies, men and women consider each other as two aspects of God. The woman represents the aspects of the divine mother and the man represents the divine father. There is honor and respect between couples at all times. This does not mean that they always agree, but even when there is a difference of desire or perspective, they honor each other’s viewpoint and do not fight or argue over it. They do not have this kind of attachment to being right or wrong, and they do not love each other any less because of their differences of perspective.

From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia


Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Archangel Michael: Come from the Place of Heart Consciousness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Sacred Union by Meganne Forbes

Archangel Michael: Come from the Place of Heart Consciousness

Archangel Michael offered his sometimes playful, always helpful comments on how the celestials work with us, what heart communication is, and other aspects of the new paradigm of sacred partnership.

From 2015, I came across them in the course of research.  It’s clear he wanted them posted so I offer them here.

Archangel Michael: Let us play today.

There are many things that we bring forth. Sometimes it is slightly hidden. Sometimes is a bit of a puzzle. Sometimes it is not immediately clear and other times it is crystal clear and it is presented on a silver platter arranged amongst the roses.

And we will present these types of things, this variety of things, of situations, opportunities, growth patterns, etc. to humanity time and time and time again.

Too often, far too often, the offering is not accepted or picked up. So, when I tease you and I say the horse has already left the stable [I asked him to bless my then partnership and he said the horse had already left the stable], I am saying to both of you that it is a gift not only to you but to us when the offering, when the opportunity, when the growth potential is seen, accepted, acted upon, nurtured and taken up. And you have done this.

Now does this mean, my beloved friends, that there will never be any issues or conflict or disagreements? Of course there will be. That is part of the growth pattern. But is there also extraordinary potential for joy, for soaring, for expansion, for a deepening of the knowledge and the wisdom of who you are, in service to the Mother/Father One? Yes, the opportunity is extraordinary.

We have spoken to you previously about the opportunity to anchor into form and upon Nova Earth this patterning of what it means in human form, whether you are angelic, archangelic, starseed – it matters not – into human reality the pattern of relationship of divine masculine/divine feminine.

Now we could make this incredibly complex but you know this is not a lesson in quantum physics. This is a conversation, a delightful conversation about love, about sacred union, about the fulfilment of promise and about the anchoring of human potential of Nova Being as Nova Gaians. And what does this really mean?

We have spoken a great deal on this topic. It means, sweet angels, that you come from the heart, that you refer and you reflect your brilliant minds – yes, your emotional and your mental knowingness and history – but that you come from the place of heart consciousness that is expanded to such a degree that what human beings have termed conflict, disagreement, even what we call growth opportunities, are but the chance, the open door to expand towards and with and into one another.

Never does this patterning in the divine masculine and feminine mean surrender of the self. If anything, it is the enormous, beautiful expansion of the self. Are there times of surrender to one another? Of course there are. That is the nature of unity. Not just relationship; I am speaking of unity.

And are there times of standing stalwart, of knowing the truth of what you hold near and dear as truth to your beingness? Yes, there are. Are there times when there are different perceptions or experiences of this? Yes, of course there are. But that is the nature of conjoining and, might I ask, the willingness to complement one another, not simply to admire, to adore, to love but the willingness to complement.

Steve: What does that mean, Lord, “complement”?

AAM: Think of it in this way. I am the Archangel of Peace, the Warrior of Love and I have my mission and purpose and promises that I have made to the Mother, let us say before I get to return to my art and music; and I am sure before that she will have another task for me! But nevertheless…

Steve: (laughing)… Taking a few billion years!

AAM: Yes, just a few!

But what do I do? In everything I endeavor, whether it is in your terminology, thought or action, heart consciousness, love, I am but a complement to the Mother. That is the truth and purpose of every breath, every minuscule movement because that is the core of what you would think of or term, my desires.

When one is truly in sacred union and, concomitant to that, patterning in the divine feminine and masculine, what are you doing except complementing the Mother/Father One?

You are not merely emulating. You are inhabiting such a way of being that your totality, the wholeness, not just the composite parts, but the wholeness of your being is a complement to one another and, in turn, a complement to Mother/Father One.

So in this way, such outmoded patterns as competition, as conflict, as disagreement in the old realm are not even possible because the totality of your being [is] as an individual to complement the Mother/Father but also to complement one another and thereby complement the Mother/Father.

So when I work with my beloved sister, Gabrielle, we harmonize our energies. We complement one another although she always wants to take the lead!  (Laughs) And in so doing we complement not only the Mother/Father but the One, the All, the Everything.

So that is what I mean. When you are taking action, let us be practical, does this grow, stretch, solidify, and harmonize the union? Harmonize the other in this union? Or does it detract? That is what I mean. (AAM, Sept. 30, 2015.)



Sacred Union by Meganne Forbes

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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The Law of One in France – Part 3 of a 3-Part Channel – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

The Law of One in France

Part 3 of a 3-Part Channel

Archangel Metatron via Tyberonn

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we greet you one and all! Dearhearts, we sense each of you as you read these words in your present moment.

We continue with the 3rd and final portion of this interesting channel on the Law of One in France.

As we mentioned briefly in part-one of this 3-part channel, ‘Soul-Groups’ tend to incarnate together, in patterned, repetitive cyclic mass. This is a most effective & reasoned practice, because existing relationships among the soul-group, both loving & karmic, are the logical & requisite format of growth and evolution.

However, certain of the mass influxes occur with purpose, planning & an intent to bring about change for the better. This was indeed the reason for the influx of souls into Europe & France in the ‘Renaissance’ and Golden Era of France.

Dark Ages Into Societal Rebirth

Keep in mind, in this era of history, the Renaissance, (the ‘Re-Birth’), occurred in an intense time in which Europe was emerging from the primitive & feudal ‘Dark Ages’.

Accordingly, the advanced souls of the specialized guild of the ‘Law of One’, were as a rule, required to incarnate into ‘families’ of influence, authority & power to cause change. This was the most effective route, in that specific demographic & timing, to bring about change. This required incarnating into ‘noble families, into the double edged sword of aristocracy, power & wealth.

Indeed, lifetimes in aristocracy & wealth, are rife with temptations of: indulgence, opulent excess, over-control & arrogance. When viewed from ‘the other side of the veil’, sojourns with wealth are often far more risky & indeed, far more perilous, than lifetimes of less ‘material possession’… even for advanced souls. If a soul develops characteristics of arrogance, superiority, self-indulgences, over-control, et cetera, it can render, not only the sojourn as a loss, as a backslide, but can require many additional lifetimes to make the karmic adjustments & corrections.

Although Richelieu & Mazarin, came from the ‘gentry class’, they were educated in monasteries, and thus were disciplined, intellectually developed & comparatively far more principled and virtuous, in contrast to the majority of highly titled aristocrats, royals and upper echelon nobility of that time period in Europe.

Complex Preparation

So of course, great preparation went into the ‘Renaissance’ influx.

All of you, during the ‘in-between 3-d lifetimes’ phases, carefully, closely review your actions, and deeply consider the gains , losses & errors made in the most recent duality-sojourn. This involves intricate planning, preparation for the next ‘testing’ in the University of Earth. Indeed, the planning phase involves mass telepathic communication with all the involved parties, even those ‘alive on earth, in 3d. In this way, the actual planning itself is every bit as essential as the goal planned, it is an intricate part of the mental experience and ‘spiritual’ soul-development.

This planning, is exponentially important when a Soul-Guild chooses a mass group influx with high-purpose, action plans, goals and roles. There are actually what may be termed as advisors & councils within the guild, which offer great assistance in this process. Most of these have completed the incarnational cycle, and offer this assistance to bring other groups into ‘graduation’ from the University of Duality.

All souls are part of a primary soul-family grouping, and the more advanced, oft choose to work in specialized guilds. This is done, interestingly, from both sides of the ‘veil’. Incarnate highly advanced members of the guild, do this in the dream state & subconsciously.

In important ‘missions’ all incarnate members of a soul-group are subconsciously aware of the intent and purpose….even though few, very few, may be truly consciously aware once incarnate in the intense polarity of 3d. Indeed, humans wear ‘blinders’ in physical biology. However, all will receive telepathic communications & dream state communication regarding their pre-planned purpose, even if their specific role is simply one of quiet support and ideal projection.

In the case of the Law of One in the Renaissance, literally hundreds of thousands were involved in organizing & fine tuning the intent, accepting the given challenge, and assigning the various sub-groups & members different parts to play. Then in physical existence the roles are met with the obstacles of duality, which must be overcome, in an oft resistant, difficult free-will realm.

The Cathars & the Intervention Process

Many of the Law of One had incarnated earlier into France as Gnostics, termed as the Cathars. They were brutally massacred by the early Inquisition, as a militant enforcing wing of the Roman Catholic Church. Many of these did indeed, return in the efforts of blocking the Inquisition and separating church and state…and indeed in the eras of the British Tudors and French Sun-King, this was achieved, in time.

Now, although intervention, or ‘Supernatural Intervention’, as termed by your Edgar Cayce, can & does occur. In the realm of ‘free-will’, it is truly & usually, only allowed at certain time line junctures….at critical ‘forks in time-line road’.

Perhaps a better analogy, is that on the river of linear-earth-time, certain sections go thru dangerous rapids. In these dangerous flows, specialized guilds do offer paddles & portage, thru the whirlpools & perils. But it is not ‘God’ per sei, which intervenes, it is the collective higher-mind, the divine aspect of humanity in gestalt. Such interventions are intended & only accomplished for the betterment of the human condition, and to more aptly enable the path leading to Ascension.

Bending Time

So keep in mind, that Earth experience is a purposed illusion. Nothing, including your ‘future & past’ are fixed. Everything is truly happening in now time in the Torus of space and time. So we tell you that space and time do not behave , do not exist in the solid format that you humans think they do, in your physical system’ Indeed, from your limited perception, time flows & space appears as fixed, as stationary, but in truth both are dynamic and flow thru one another. Meaning that both can be bent, in ways humanity do not yet grasp or command, but both, in truth, are mental constructs.

Presently mankind perceives material / physical existence only as it intrudes into three dimensions. Its actual, greater scope simultaneously occurs in many other dimensions. Indeed, other versions of time-space in what can be considered as probable realities juxtaposed as parallel versions of Omni-Earth.

Soul Guilds, specialized advanced souls, therefore, can appear in, participate, or purposely & at times, temporarily intrude into the three dimensional system from other dimensions, even direct one probability into another dimensional reality. The life-force, the vital current of energy of a soul group, or a guild as a purposed unified spirit-family unit, moves thru the full unit by plan.

The Law of One in France

Primary Purpose:

1)     Stop the Inquisition (Belial) Forces garnering thru the Austrian Habsberg & Spanish Royal Courts, by consolidating France.

2)     Influence the separation of church and state.

It began with the highly improbable occurrence, (which was indeed an intervention), of the destruction of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

It completed with the final defeat of the Habsberg/Spanish forces by France thru the consolidation of power engineered by Richelieu, and the completion of the destruction of thru Mazarin & Louis IV. But keep in mind, there were a vast number of ‘Guild-Members’ performing roles, duties and task, in a massive psychic collaboration to accomplish this task. This had been essentially accomplished by the middle of Louis 14th remarkable 72 year reign.

Both Richelieu & Mazarin were highly involved in the difficult task of consolidating power and separating church from state. Consolidation of power to the King of France, was absolutely required to remove the feudal Aristocracy. This resulted in vast hatred of these two courageous men. For these two, Richelieu & Mazarin faced the brunt of the anger and resistance. It was difficult, but they received help from thousands, overtly and subconsciously.

Both faced death constant threats, assassination plots and sinister undermining court schemes designed to portray them as traitors, seeking to have them beheaded, as disloyal to the king. Yet both were supported and remained empowered.

Both were poisoned on several occasions, but quite miraculously survived. Both played a price for the honorable & difficult achievements, which they accomplished against great odds, with the support of the guild.

Interestingly, both men , Richelieu & Mazarin, died, transitioned during their 2nd Saturn Return, which is quite significant, though unrecognized as the mark of a guild mission leader, planning life-guild missions with the intelligent use of astronomical gravity patterns. .

Reincarnational Records

J Tyberonn – Editor Insert:  There are quite a few references to the French phases of Louis 13th thru 15th given to people requesting readings from Cayce. Many are directly and closely associated to the ‘Royals’, and 1st Minister ‘Cardinals’ (Richelieu & Mazarin).

Louis 14th, Louis 15th and Louis 16th all reincarnated, (according to the Cayce readings), into America in the early 20th century. Interestingly, 2 of the 3 had life readings, but the reincarnated soul who had been Louis 14th, had a health reading (very different from a life-reading). The ‘health’ reading given by Edgar Cayce in 1933, was therefore focused on specified physical issues, according to the request, and very few details were added regarding past lives, other than the mentioning that he had been Louis 14th. The 2 life readings went into greater detail regarding past-lives’, losses & gains and personality characteristics, advantages & faults.

In EC Reading 2508-1, (Louis IV Soul) The Edgar Cayce channel stated that the man had been the ‘Sun-King’ of France, Louis 14th, and stated, quote: ‘much could be said of latent abilities’. The readings do not publish the actual names of the person having the readings, however this information is noted and kept in the Cayce Archives at the ARE HQ in Virginia Beach. The reincarnated Louis 14th was a car salesman, having a working class life!

Note herein, the transferal from wealth & aristocracy, into a materially more difficult life, but one in which untoward aspects of arrogance, superiority and control of others are not ‘supported’ by life circumstance.

Louis 15 & 16

According to their life readings, Louis the 15th, reincarnated as a middle class, working class man, and suffered from extreme seizures, which the Cayce readings advised were a karmic result of sexual excess & opulent indulgences.

Louis the 16th, reincarnated into the Americas in the 20th century, and was a quiet, but respected physician. The reading stated that his 20th century (current) wife, was the reincarnated Marie Antoinette. The reading also stated that Louis 16th, although a caring soul, was quite indecisive as a leader, to a fault… and that had he heeded the warnings of his advisors, and acted promptly, he, his queen & children could have escaped beheading by taking refuge in Austria. Alas, he waited too long.

The Egypt Connection

Louis 14th, according to the Metatronic readings, had been a Pharaoh in the 18th Dynasty, and many members of his ‘French Royal Court ‘, were present in Egypt in his reign. It is interesting to note that the Pharaohs’ of that phase of Egypt considered themselves to be descendants of the Sun God, Amun-Ra, and of course, Louis 14th called himself the ‘Sun King’.

Amenhotep III, was also a prolific ‘builder’ of Temples, had many wives, and reigned some 40 years in a ‘Golden Age’ phase of Egypt’s 18th dynasty. His son, Amenhotep IV, (aka Akhenaten), was absolutely of the ‘Law of One’.

As is clear from the reincarnational ‘threads’, you can see that lives of ‘power & authority’, are oft followed by sojourns in ‘common’ or working class scenarios.

Individuals upon earth, whether they are kings, queens, peasants, celebrities or criminals, all cross over into the after-life, equally & individually. When entities complete each duality earth experience, they are transitioned & accepted into the spirit realm with absolute parity. For in higher self you realize earthen duality lessoning, while demanding, & sensually quite real, is a purposed illusion…a curriculum of learning.

What is known by few outside of the A.R.E., is that Edgar Cayce incarnated, according to the readings, as a ‘hidden’ grandson of Louis 14th. His father was the future King of England, James   V. He died in childhood, before age 7, it was a short, karmic life.

Closing :

Without the achievement of what occurred in the reigns of Louis 13th and 14th, the Belial Forces, the dark energy, which infiltrated the Church of Rome, would have conquered all of Europe, and established a feudal systemic aristocracy in the ‘New World’. For this was a critical juncture in time. North America would have been colonized in the ‘chopped’ method, which occurred in the conquest and colonization of South America.

Imagine, if you will, if South America were one united country. Imagine, if North America was divided into a dozen smaller countries. There would be a much different world, than the one you presently live in, especially in Europe and the Americas. Europe, in the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries, would have been controlled by the Habsberg/Spanish hierarchy. In the 20th Century, both Europe & Britain would have fallen to the Nazi 3rd Reich control, as the United States would not exist.

It was a fascinating era, and played key role in the advancement of humanity in ways that are not oft considered, nor truly understood, for there is indeed a ‘hologramic’ insert aspect to your reality in University of Earth.

Yet it is all an illusion, a highly purposed illusion. A magnificent future is before you.

Do not doubt it, for goodness, is the destiny of humanity, the only outcome ! For Love,  the complexity and divinity of LOVE, is the greater force.

I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these truths. You are beloved!

And So It Is…And It Is So…

All Copyrights Duly Reserved 2018


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Lord Maha Chohan by Cormael @ DeviantArt



“We need no wings to go in search of God, but have only to find a place where we can be alone and still and look upon God present within us”

(St. Teresa of Avila)

Beautiful 19th Century Tibetan Antique Gilt Bronze Buddhist Figure of Dakini -Sky Dancer @ Etsy

After the yoga of dreams and visions I was guided by the yoga of meditation.

When we consider the great gifts for the return home that we have been given in this precious life as human beings, one of the greatest is meditation.

Think of it this way.

How can we describe the path to the Kingdom of God Within, which we can reach through stillness in meditation?

It is like a grain of mustard seed, this silence and stillness, which we all have access to, every moment, and which we can sow through deep presence in the field of our heart.

It is smaller than all the other seeds we sow on earth, such as desire for wealth or fame, yet it can touch the immeasurable.

It becomes greater than all the gold and jewels in the world and becomes a tree of life, for its branches spread with love and kindness and compassion to remind us of the bodhisattvas, angels and masters within, that we all are.

As divine light beings we are an integral part of the cosmos and God’s plan, and yet when we arrive on earth in a physical body it can be a strange adjustment. We can feel out of place, lonely and unaccustomed to the new elements and feelings, the fears that arise and the separation.

Yet in all this, deep inside our sacred heart we know a divine truth. 

Krishna and Radha art

We have been given a secret.

A simple one, to guide our path of pathlessness.

“Be still and know God within.” (Psalm 46:10)

We are composed of consciousness and life force, which flow through the spine and nerves and can be directed outwardly or inwardly. 

  When our attention, which acts as the conductor of both consciousness and life force, is directed outwards, we find our powers are concentrated on the external world and matter. 

  When our attention is focused inwards on the point of divine perception at the Ajna chakra or space between the eyebrows, our powers are concentrated on the spiritual eye and the inner realms of divine consciousness. 

 We have studied with many Masters of Meditation, Jesus and the Buddha, Mary Magdalene and Guan Yin, Yogananda and the Dalai Lama and many others. 

 With deep devotion it is not necessary to have the Master in the flesh. Just as our current age has progressed technologically into physical communication methods that allow us to reach across the world with the internet, so the souls incarnating are sufficiently advanced in esoteric communication methods to navigate the Christ Grids and Buddha Fields to receive initiations and activations and transmissions that we are attuned to. 

 The Dalai Lama, for example, has assured pilgrims in the past that they will still receive their Kalachakra empowerment through the power of their faith, prayers and devotion. “Distance cannot dampen the sacred ties between a lama and a disciple. You can all pray from the far-flung areas in Tibet and I assure you that you will receive the Kalachakra empowerment,” he was quoted as having told them. “From the Kalachakra ground, I will keep the Tibetans inside Tibet in my deepest prayers.”

Kalachakra, or the Wheel of Time empowerment, prepares devotees to be reborn in Shambhala, a celestial kingdom which will vanquish the forces of evil in a future cosmic battle.

Just as the Dalai Lama said it is by the power of faith, prayers and devotion that we receive empowerment, in the same way Yogananda said, by the right method of devotion and meditation we open the gates of Heaven. When we are focused and still and the breath and mind are calm, a light begins to form at the third eye area. This light becomes the spiritual eye with deep concentration.  Like any doorway, the spiritual eye, once we learn how to open it and enter it, allows us to surrender the consciousness into worlds of other dimensions. It is through this light, the gold light that we perceive the Holy Spirit, the blue light of the Christ Consciousness that we perceive the angels and saints, deities and Masters, and the white light that we enter cosmic consciousness and ascend to God the Father and Mother. 

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother …



– ♥ – 

Tibetan Girl Oneness Art by Nathan Miller

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Tree of Life Art – I embrace the earth – by Toni Carmine Salerno

Creating Patterns of Truth in Your Four Body System by Lord Buddha – Natalie Glasson

Adela Stafanov Artist


Creating Patterns of Truth in Your Four Body System by Lord Buddha

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 22nd June 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

One of the greatest ambitions of a light worker is to be an embodiment of the truth of the Creator, radiating this sacred truth through each action and reaction upon the Earth. To embody the truth of the Creator is not to be a fountain of knowledge and wisdom, instead, it is to experience an intimate relationship with the Creator within your being. To know and be familiar with the presence of the Creator transmitting through your being. The truth of the Creator is expansive, undefinable and fulfilling, it is an alignment with and an experience of all that is the Creator.

I, Lord Buddha, oversee the Planetary Level of the Creator’s Universe, ensuring that all achieve their spiritual and divine purposes upon the Earth. In this stage of ascension, I, Lord Buddha wish to promote a cleansing and purification of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, (your four body system.) The purpose of this cleansing is to create or reactivate energetic patterns and templates of truth within your cells, aura and entire being. When you awaken energetic templates and patterns of truth you realign your entire being to the Creator, divine perfection, the divine flow and allow yourself to experiencefulfilment. This means that blockages, stagnant energies and limitations are released promoting experiences of liberation, acceptance of self, unconditional love for self and deep healing. Sacred wisdom and remembrance of past lifetimes can also be the result of activating patterns of truth within your being. When you embody the truth of the Creator your reality becomes a reflection of your inner truth.

The energy I am transmitting at this time is a deep healing and cleansing vibration from the Planetary Level of a pure whitecolour with flecks of golden light. I wish to share with you some practices to support you in receiving my light, awakening patterns of truth within your being and experiencing your inner truth.

Cleansing and Acceptance of Your Four Body System

State each statement aloud. After each statementinhale breathing the energy from your Soul Star Chakra through into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, exhale into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet. Repeat the breath as many times as you feel guided to before you move onto the next statement.

‘My emotional body and entire being are now transforming, I am anchoring the energetic codes needed to aid my ascension. I am my truth in manifestation.’

‘My emotional body and entire being are in complete balance and alignment with my soul, soul group, and the Creator.’

‘I am my spiritual ascension, I am a master of my being, I now let go of all unneeded energies, blockages and limitations created by myself in my past, present, future and simultaneous lifetimes.’

‘My physical body is cleansed of all impurities; I allow my body to exist in its perfection supporting my ascension.’

‘My mental body is cleansed and purified by the most vibrant vibration of the Creator’s Consciousness. My mental body is a transmitter of the pure and sacred consciousness of the Creator.’

‘I welcome the sacred presence of my spiritual body, grounding the truth, sacred wisdom and profound love of my spiritual self into all that I Am on every level of my existence.’

‘I honour the purpose of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and call upon the support of the Universe of the Creator and Lord Buddha to ensure my four bodies can achieve all that is divinely guided to aid my health, wellbeing, vitality, happiness, and fulfilment.’

‘I realise my four body system as my companion for my current existence, I accept my four body system and dissolve all energies of rejection I may have created. Every part of my being exists as the purest vibration of harmony. ‘

Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing

Allow yourself to sit peacefully and breathe deeply 3 times.

I can upon the light of Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos to send your Star of Cleansing light into my being.

Imagine a pure white star descending through the top of your head to rest in your heart chakra.
Say out loud,

‘I ask Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing to integrate into my entire being.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light of a white colour with gold flecks to fill your entire being. Feel, sense or acknowledge a synthesis process taking place within your being.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my physical body.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your physical body.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my emotional body and emotions.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your auric field and imagine it purified.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my mental body and mind.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your mind and imagine it purified.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my spiritual body and spiritual reality.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your spiritual body and imagine it purified.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my entire body and auric field.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Expand the white star until you are the white star and it encapsulates your entire being.

‘I am a magnificent being of pure light; I honour, love and respect myself, truth and my light.

I vow to love myself unconditionally from this moment forth and to love my body, knowing that my body is a sacred chamber that holds my truth and soul.

I trust myself and know that I am a powerful being of light, I know that the love in my heart is abundant and allow all fears to be dissolved by my abundant love.

With the assistance of my guides, soul, soul group, Lord Buddha and the Creator, I dissolve and let go of all pain from the past, all fears and limitations held within my four body system. I allow myself to listen to and cherish my four body system, receiving the necessary messages that support my physical and spiritual existence on the Earth. Support me to dedicate myself to mastering my four body system, recognising the beauty and intentions of my entire being. Help me to love my entire being unconditionally, listening to my entire being with love each day. My four body system is a valuable and treasured aspect of my being, which I now recognise fully. My entire being is now fully aligned with my soul, the guidance of my soul emanates with power, vitality, and grace through me, supporting my actions, reactions and existence upon the Earth.
With the energetic shifts and transformation made within my being, I now ask Lord Buddha to make me aware of the energetic patterns and templates of truth which have been activated within my four body system. It is through the cleansing light and my acceptance of my four body system that my patterns of truth have activated, vibrating throughout my being. I now allow myself to experience the truth of the Creator fully.’

Sit in the light of the star for as long as you wish. When you feel the process is complete imagine Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing flowing out through your feet down into the Earth. Send the vibration of gratitude throughout your entire being to fortify the cleansing work you have achieved.

In truth always,

Lord Buddha

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Adela Stafanov Artist

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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When you left for too long – Lucia Sullivan

“The doors have all opened.
The roses have bloomed.
The wind is a current ,
That spreads her perfume.
The dust has blown by,
Across from the field.
And flew past my senses,
The wheel in the wheel.

The tractors have traveled,
Under skies that bled rain.
Making the earth smell,
Like a love lit hurricane.
The doors have all opened,
And I see you there,
In blue overalls,
With grey in your hair.

It was an era,
That welcomed me in.
Born in the dust and raised by the wind.
A farmer who grew and gathered and toiled,
Made freedom seem easy,
Made a little girl spoiled.
The doors have all opened,
The pages have turned.

We live and we wander.
We live and we learn.
The roses have bloomed.
The buds still remember.
When you left for too long.
In the last of December.”
Written by Lucia Sullivan  Copyright 2018 all rights reserved
New York


Image result for roses in vase

Fancy Rose in Vase @ Wayfair

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Fifth Dimensional Ascension Consciousness – Suzanne Lie

SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Fifth Dimensional Ascension Process


Fifth Dimensional Ascension Consciousness
The Arcturians

I Am the “I AM” that I know that “I” Am!

The process of personal and planetary ascension is not for the “weak of heart.” The process of personal and planetary ascension is free of time and exists within the NOW! But within which NOW does this process of ascension exist?

That question has a different answer for every differentindividual. In fact, each individual is a “puzzle piece” of the cosmic puzzle of shifting frequencies of reality.

It is because of this “shifting frequencies of reality,” that many Galactics, have chosen to take third/fourth dimensional earth vessels within this NOW. We have been protecting, guiding, and, as much as possible within this karmic plan, been assisting Gaia to return to her true fourth/fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

Every planetary reality has a “resonant frequency.” The resonant frequency is the primary frequency to which that planet, and/or civilization resonates. However, when a reality is moving into a “re-birth process” of expanding it’s resonant frequency into the next octave, that reality can be very challenging.

It is because these transitional realities, which include a reality which is ready to transition into a higher frequency, as well a reality which is NOT ready to expand it’s into the higher frequencies of reality.

When a planetary being, such as Gaia, is ready to “shed it’s 3D Matrix” and transmute into a higher frequency of reality, the darkness must all be revealed so that it an lovingly be transmuted into the higher frequencies.

Those who volunteered to take an earth vessel with this NOW, have taken an earth vessel to better assist Gaia. However, it is vital that our “volunteers” to assist Earth” awaken NOW to the memories of their higher dimensional SELF, and the promises that they made before they chose their current earth vessel.

Please think of your “earth vessel” is the body you are currently wearing which is comprised of third dimensional elementals to create a physical form. Your “earth vessel” also includes the higher dimensional consciousness of your fourth, fifth, and beyond expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

The higher and higher frequencies of your consciousness, as well as the physical vessel that surrounds, encompasses and grounds your multidimensional consciousness into Gaia’s third dimensional, planetary body, is they key to your personal and planetary ascension into fifth dimensional frequency of Earth.

Awakened humanity is serving as the “planetary ascension team” who volunteered to assist Gaia with Her ascension from Her third/fourth frequency of reality into Her innate fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

All the wars, bombs, poisons, pollution and radiation of Chernobyl, as well as other areas that suffered “bomb testing,” great pollutions and wars, we need to be transmuted back into their higher dimensional frequencies of reality.

Many of the damaged areas of Gaia, as well as the greed and selfishness that created that damage, will need to be transmuted by the Ascending Ones who volunteered to leave their loving, safe and inspirational fifth dimensional worlds, to take a vessel to assist Gaia, are greatly honored by their Galactic Family.

When this reality is resonating to a higher frequency, such as the cusp of third dimension into fourth and/or fourth dimension into fifth dimension, there is great change within that reality.

From the perspective of the fifth dimensional frequency of reality, to which we/you will return, your third dimensional self is much like an automobile that your human self purchased so that we can more easily travel through the third dimensional reality.

Some times, humanity merges so deeply with their “automobile,” third dimensional self, that they believe it is their SELF. It is true that your third dimensional earth vessel is an extension of your higher dimensional SELF who chose to wear an earth vessel within this NOW of planetary shifting.

However, YOU are NOT your earth vessel. YOU are WEARING your third dimensional earth vessel so that you can interact with and assist with the transmutation of the third/fourth dimensional realities, back to their true, fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

We Galactics do not think of “realities” as places. We think of realities as frequencies. Therefore, one physical “place” could have can have many different realities on different frequency of Gaia’s planet.

From our perspective, we can perceive the many versions of reality as “overlays,” with the lowest frequency realities at the bottom of the overlay and the higher frequencies of reality in the higher frequencies of resonance.

The first part of “The Great Shift” is when the inhabitants of third/fourth dimensions of “human habitation” begin to shift their consciousness from their innate beta and alpha wave consciousness of the third/fourth dimensions, theta wave consciousness.

Since the state of ones consciousness sets the frequency of the reality that they perceive, whenever a grounded one (Galactic in human clothing) shift their consciousness from the third/fourth dimensional brainwaves and into the fifth dimensional gamma wave consciousness, their perceptual field begins to expand to encompass the fourth and fifth dimensional perspectives.

With higher fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness, humans usually are still wearing their third dimensional earth vessel, but they are remembering how to expand their consciousness into the fourth dimensional “creative reality,” as well as into the constant HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension.

When the fourth/fifth dimensions are one’s primary “frequency of habitation” they can more easily see auras, expand their instincts and creativity, as well as communicate with their own higher dimensional expressions of their Multidimensional SELF.

This shift is often a great challenge for our human “grounded ones” because their “inner, higher dimensional SELF” is, consistently and persistently, endeavoring to remind their “physical self,” who surrounds and encompassing the consciousness, to remember and fulfill the Mission that they chose while they were wearing their Multidimensional SELF.

Too often the Higher Self becomes forgotten in the long, and often difficult, process of wearing a third dimensional earth vessel. We remind ALL of our volunteers who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, that you are NOT alone!

We, the higher frequency expressions of your multi-frequency SELF, experience everything that you, our brave volunteers to take an earth vessel on ascending Gaia, are experiencing.

One of the primary things that we, your Galactic Family, are assisting you with is to maintain a consciousness that resonate to the mid-fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension. We know that most of you have busy lives. Therefore, these higher states of consciousness are some thing that you an visit while meditating, etc.

Again, we wish to remind you that WE, your Galactic Family in the fifth dimension and beyond, are always with you. Since we resonate beyond the 3D illusion of time and space, we are able to be with you any were and any timethat you need

We perceive your physical plane as the “time/space” adventure to remember your innate time/NOW and space/HERE of the fifth dimension and beyond. that we are observing from the safety and unconditional love of our fifth dimensional, and beyond, reality.

One of the most difficult things for humanity to change is their beliefs. We wish to remind you that you do NOT need to change you beliefs, but to put them through the filter of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

Since your fifth dimensional consciousness is not bound by time or space, it can soar into the HERE and NOW of the many realities that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 3:35 PM


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Ascending Gaia for Gaia – Suzanne Lie

Ascending Gaia for Gaia — The Arcturians through Sue Lie


Ascending Gaia for Gaia

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Dear Ascending Ones,

We Arcturians understand the many challenges that you are bravely facing within your NOW. Therefore, we would like to remind you that you are NEVER alone. Your fifth dimensional family is always with you, whether or not you are aware of it.

In fact, you will receive some of your strongest blessings and memories of home when you least expect them and do not need to “control your mind or monitor your thoughts.

Please remember that YOU are the captain of your ship and you are your ship.  As your consciousness advances more and more into the fifth dimension, you will begin to realize that a new reality is coming into your perspective.

This new reality does not need to be worked for or even practiced.  This new reality is budding first from within you because your chakras are beginning to spin to a frequency rate of the fifth dimension.

Then, once your chakras have been stabilized to the next octave of reality, your thoughts will be of another reality that is just beyond the physical, but also the higher frequencies of realty will move more and more into your conscious awareness.

Also please remember that reality is what  you then it is.  Whatever it is, you are in control.  When it is the now to change you must let go and reveals all fear. When you release all fear you will find that your are within the Now of the Here

Time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimensions. On the third dimension, time is the most rigid. On the fourth dimension, time is more flexible and changes within your state of mind and emotional body are more easily initiated.

In the fifth dimension all “time” is NOW. Within that now you will know how you can remember the fifth dimensional version of HERE and NOW, as well as HOW.  You will need to release your third/fourth dimensional habit of time a space as time/space is a product of the third/fourth dimensional reality band of Earth.

Yes, there is a “reality band” that encompasses each and every frequency of reality. You assignment within the NOW is to go within and find the reality  band that you created while you were resonating to your fifth dimensional SELF, and with your fifth dimensional empathy that called you to choose to wear an earth vessel within your difficult NOW.

With your fifth dimensional empathy for all life you took a third dimensional form to assist Gaia with Her transmutation. In this manner you were able to assist Gaia to gather as great an energy field as possible. This higher energy field is vital to assisting humanity to UNITE with their fifth dimensional SELF in the higher realms of reality,

This Unity allows more and more people to being to remember who they are within their fifth dimensional frequency band. As they remember their fifth dimensional self, that frequency of consciousness can assist them to focus on unity with all life while they are wearing their third/fourth dimensional form.

In this manner they have a greater ability to remember that they are actually fifth dimensional beings/hums who are primarily Pleiadians. In fact, they/you can look, think, and feel more like humans than their true Galactic Self. In this manner, our very brave volunteers to take an earth vessel can better progress with transmuting all the third dimensional versions of their SELF into their fifth dimensional consciousness.

It can be quite difficult to wear a third dimensional body while your consciousness is returning to your innate fifth dimensional consciousness. However, it is in this manner that you will remember how to transmute your third/fourth dimensional form, thoughts and emotions into their true fifth dimensional resonance.

Once you attempt to connect with your fifth dimensional SELF, something will occur within your third dimensional physical body and your fourth dimensional astral body will begin to merge into ONE.

It is the merging that initiates your transmutation back to your fifth dimensional self. The merging of your third, fourth and fifth  dimensional self that has the collective power to not only transmute your self, but to also transmute your reality, as well as Gaia’s reality.

Usually, no one understands  ascension and no one every will because you need to know that you are in control of whatever it is that makes you be YOU. What if for all of your life that you are living with many incarnations, slowly or suddenly, began to remember. Then three, then more and more of the many incarnations that you have experienced on Earth?

When you do finish your ascension process, you will be able to understand and remember what is occurring on the fifth dimensional Ship and your fifth dimensional reality. When you first began to remember your fifth dimensional SELF you were entering Cycle ONE of your ascension process.

Cycle one is much like an adult nursery school in that you are learning how to interact with a new reality that you do not remember. Just as many children do not remember their former incarnation, they will not easily remember that when they becomes adults.

When one crosses over as a child they often remember their life quite easily because they are still young enough to not think about judging others, These new humans that have “crossed over” into the lower third and fourth dimensions often feel like something, or someone is missing.

They also miss something that they cannot quite title, but they know that they were in one very loving place, and now they are in another place that is quite different. Entering an earth vessel can be quite shocking to one who has been in a light body and are now wearing a very dense physical body. Fortunately, the “new volunteers to take an earth vessel” can still remember going UP into their ship and Down into the Core of Gaia.

However, they soon learn that if they tell other “human ones” about their experiences, they will likely be scorned, laughed at, or even punished for “lying.” This punishment for “telling a truth that the parents have forgotten” actually prepares the child for the many illusions and judgment of a third dimensional reality.

Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that they are NOT just humans. In fact, they are only “wearing a human vessel” so that they an interact with humanity, so that they can report back to their Ships about the readiness for humanity to accept the “Landings.”

There are still so many humans who are totally asleep to the concept of ascension, or even Starships and being from another, much more advance reality. The leaders are often the most closed off to this information, as they like to be appearing as the “top of the heap,” when in fact they are truly “the lost ones.”

You were told before you chose to take an earth vessel that you were to serve as scouts who were assigned to go deep into Gaia’s energy field and report back to the Ship what you discovered.

The fact is that many of these Galactic/Human merges have been completed in that the human one remembered that they ARE the Galactic one as well. It is within that NOW that that human begins their transmutations back into their true multidimensional SELF. This merging, also activates the Light Body.

Your Light Body is the YOU fifth dimensional you that you are on the fifth dimensional Starships. The only times that fifth dimensional Starships or humans are perceived by third dimensional humans is when that human has expanded their consciousness to include the fifth dimension.

However, the humans that have been able to survive in a third dimensional reality filled with those who are consciously working AGAINST any form of ascension, have become very strong and have learned to check someone’s aura before they tell them the truth.

It is quite dangerous to tell people who are not ready for that information because they become very frightened. And, just as a frightened animal can be dangerous, so can a frightened human.

You, the members of the transmuting humans, have volunteered to assist Gaia and Her Planetary Ascension by choosing to take fourth dimensional issues and transmute them into fifth dimensional solutions. It is for this reason that humanity is entering a “transmutational cycle.”

We say “transmutational Cycle” because it calls for the definition we will now between. The “false truths” and secret facts will soon be revealed. Therefore, please remember that as Gaia continues Her transmutation into Her fifth dimensional expression of Her Planetary Body, there will be NO separation of thoughts.

Everyone will communicate with all other beings, planetary, animal, elemental, etc., as well with all humans via the same “inner channel” that they have already chosen to communicate through. This channel comes through our “Inter-dimensional Portals,” which connects the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth dimension to the sixth, seventh and beyond realities.

Of course, these portals have always been there and almost always open. One of the few times that these port  is were closed was when Earth humans began to “play with” nuclear weapons, and nuclear “accidents” such as Chernobyl.

When humanity evolved—or rather devolved—into making weapons of mass destruction, and even planetary destruction, we the Galactics had to step in to assist.  Usually a society in which technology races ahead of Wisdom, Power and Love finds it self in a huge initiation which often feels like the fear of great danger,

An example of this was the nuclear testing and other weapons that occurred after World War II. These weapons often came from the Zeta Reticuli who desperately need assistance and went to those who were NOT concerned about anything thing but their own needs and desires of power over others.

You can look at the older television show called “X Files” to find the truths that are hidden in that story line. In fact, there are a great deal of “fiction” movies and shows that are actually the truth.

However, the United States and most of the earthlings are NO longer in communication with the Zetas’. They just needed human DNA to heal their dying race, and once they got what they needed, they returned to space and their Homeworld in a distant place in your Galaxy.

However, some Zetas still remain close to Gaia, but to protect Her and not to harm her. Their own planet had been greatly harmed, and they did not want to be a part of that happening on another planet. In fact, the Pleiadians and the we the Arcturians stepped in and taught the Zetas how to solve their genetic problems.

Since the Zetas were mostly concerned about getting the right DNA to keep their species alive, they left Earth as soon as they got what they needed. Now that their ability to create their own DNA has been restored, they permanently live in their own area of space and leave Earth alone,

Meanwhile, all of us Galactics are interested in discovering how Gaia and Her earthlings will be able to complete their planetary ascension within the “Portal Opening” that has been planned. This portal, being a fifth dimensional portal, is actually a portal to many fifth dimensional portals.

We Galactics will remain close to Earth so that we can be of assistance when it is the NOW for the opening of all the fifth dimensional portals. These portals, working as ONE huge portal, will serve as an opening between the fifth dimensional energy fields of expanding space and the third/fourth dimensional portals on Earth that will open to accept this higher dimensional gift.

Of course, we Galactics, led by the Arcturians, will assist Gaia as She goes through Her “birth canal” into the fifth dimension and beyond. Gaia is a “learning planet,” in which energy out-flowing from the planet, will eventually return to the planet. In order for Gaia to ascend, humanity will need to stand as ONE Being to assist with the process of “Planetary Ascension.”

We do not need to tell you how many “dark ones” still live on and/or rule Gaia. The issue with planetary ascension will not be the planet, but the “service to self” humans who have too often been the rulers of Gaia’s sweet earth.

Earth was always meant to be an “energy out equals energy back” planet. Therefore, the best way for humanity to assist Gaia is NOT with wars and weapons. The BEST way to assist Gaia is to send our Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into all of Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Elementals.

Humanity will NOT save Earth with wars and weapons. The only way that humanity can save Earth is with A COLLECTIVE MAJORITY OF BEINGS who send out UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and VIOLET FIRE deep into Gaia’s Core and into ALL of Gaia’s aura and atmosphere.

If the ascending ones can remember and teach humanity that they ALL volunteered to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension, humanity can fulfill the reason why they chose to leave the Love and Light of the higher dimensional worlds.

Please remember that YOU are vital for the process of Planetary Ascension.

Call us and we will answer!

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 2:03 PM 


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Reality Sneaking Up on Us – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Reality Sneaking Up on Us

If we lightworkers are self-tasked with building Nova Earth, what will we do after the Reval?

I plan to take a month off and go on a long and hopefully restful trip.

Michael says to let writing be the last thing that falls off the table so I’ll continue to write during that time.

Then it’s hire one strategic person after another. After the personal assistant, the President of the Michaelangelo Fund. Then the Publisher of the Golden Age of Gaia. Then the President of the Lightworkers Fund (dedicated to providing for lightworkers in need).

Next the President of Hope Chest International (dedicated to providing universal basic incomes). And finally the President of Ancillary Services (personnel, accounting, training, legal services, IT, etc.), not in that order. Ancillary Services would have equal hiring priority with the Michaelangelo Fund.

Almost all employees will be women. I’d like women to have a chance to work with large sums of money. Also to work in every position in the company – cross-training, flattening hierarchy, etc.  To make all the decisions except those reserved for me, like the vision.

What is that vision? It’s a world that works for everyone. (1) I know it can be done because I’ve visited a state of higher-dimensional consciousness of love and bliss, through most of 2015.

In that state the world would naturally work for everyone so I know a working world can be achieved.  I’m not in that state now. But I do remember it and I do know where we’re headed.

It’s a paradox. Ordinarily the world would never work for everyone, ever. BUT in the Fifth Dimension it does.

To create a world that works is the reason for creating the Michaelangelo group of companies – to show that the world can work, to demonstrate what the principles are of a world that works.

Until we get there, with Ascension, we’re doing everything we can to welcome the space and prepare for it. We’re living as if the world could work for everyone. That calls it into creation and leaves an inheritance in the collective consciousness.

That’s the vision and the plan.

Expressing the principles of a world that works is not hard: They are love, bliss, peace, and joy. But so few of us have experienced these as higher-dimensional states that it becomes difficult to communicate about them. I could if I left the group’s focus or knowledge base, but that would have little relevance to or impact on most people.

Continuing with the organizational start-up, I’m going to retain the services of two of my mentors from the Immigration and Refugee Board, to teach courses in credibility analysis and decision-making.  Everybody who wants can receive the training.

Then I’ll probably follow a cycle with each organization in turn – planning, preparing, creating, hiring, training, integrating, familiarizing, building momentum. Great benefits plan and lots of job creation in the process.

Only one organization will be started simultaneously or I’d go nuts. Or not. Maybe I’ll get bigger.  I seem to have an elasticity that increases every day.

I’m having to get bigger in every way. And it surprises me that there always turns out to be space for me to get bigger into, so to speak. And there always seem to be more “bigger” to get.

Don’t overlook the mounting evidence that the Third Dimension is actually gone, despite what we may believe. Our beliefs determine what we see.

It may turn out that the reason things are as they appear to us is that we believe they are that way. And can be no other way. And so the universe obliges.

You know that I’ve confronted several feelings like worry, shame, and fear which, when turned and faced into, disappeared. That left me sobered. Was the dimension I lived in purely a figment of my imagination? More and more it seems that way.

But it’s the kind of thing you want to sneak up on gradually. For this world to suddenly disappear before our very eyes might leave many badly disoriented.

This gradually-dawning awareness to the fragility of what I assumed to be stable and real (worry, shame, and fear) suggests to me that we may be able to ease ourselves into the Fifth Dimension.  Like easing into a warm bath. It’s almost sneaking up on us.


(1) The words are those of Werner Erhard.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Solstice Energy – 21-Jun-2018 – Kara Schallock


Solstice Energy – 21-Jun-2018

We have been in a major period of receiving high dimensional Light. This Light shines on childhood patterns, which have had a way of creating separation. However, there has been a clearing, which also may have had the effect of letting go of certain family members as well as the patterns set up then. Old emotions and beliefs of abandonment, invisibility, feeling unloved, as well as energies of anger, frustration, judgment and hate also are shown to you so they may be released and transformed to Love. These energies may also overflow into other areas of life, yet they began in childhood (as well as in other lifetimes). When released and transformed  you may experience more Peace, more Joy and more Freedom, as if a weight has been lifted from you. All of this helps pave the way to the Solstice.

Also know if you have been feeling a sense of separation, depression, sadness and/or lethargy as well as wanting off the planet, it is the continuous wave of Light that helps see these clearly. Shame and unworthiness may surface as well. Whatever you experience can be seen in a variety of ways for as you are multidimensional, so is everything else. Whatever and however you are, will or have experienced what I have shared or other issues not written here, it is all for your transforming to be more Love.

Remind yourself that you are not alone in this, even while it may feel like it at times. Whatever you are experiencing is for your highest evolution, which requires a great healing/wholing within you. You may feel as though you’re stuck or even retreating at times; you are never doing these things. If you find yourself blaming circumstances or others for what you are experiencing, release it; you have chosen all you are experiencing. Be open to all of it; accept what you feel. Do not try and move beyond anything, for that is a clever way your separate ego holds onto it. You may experience discomfort until you honor it, release it and transform it to Love. If you experience pain anywhere in your body, it may very well mean that that is where you hold onto the past. Be sure to rest, reflect and be compassionate with yourself. Take care of you; love you. Breathe and stay balanced.

The energy is shifting and expanding. We are vibrating at ever-higher levels as we merge with our Souls. This is not necessarily comfortable, as it calls for a great change in how we perceive ourselves, others and the world. As we shift, our Love and Light is greater and so we shine brighter and inspire others. Accept and allow. As we come into alignment with who we truly are, we also make everything easier, as we are flowing rather than resisting.

We are also in another phase of our bodies changing. Our food choices may shift yet again. As our cells and DNA change, we may eat less and choose different foods and drink; follow what the body wants; it guides us perfectly. We may find ourselves eating less; this is because our main diet is Light. Notice that what you once loved, you may not want anymore. Our vibration is shifting higher. How we eat not only affects us; it affects the planet as well, for there is no spearation between us and Gaia. The shifts in eating and drinking help to strengthen and energize us.

Not only are you connected to everyone and everything (Oneness), Oneness also means that whatever you think, feel and do, others feel it too; just as you feel what others are doing or not doing. It doesn’t take being in a person’s physical space, for energy knows no distance. If you have loving thoughts, those thoughts touch all. If you have judgmental thoughts, those radiate out as well. You need not send whatever energy you choose, for just being that thought or feeling or action touches all. Energy is vibration. What you think, say, feel or do creates a particular vibration. What vibration are you creating? If you complain or gossip, that energy flows out and attaches itself to whomever you are complaining or gossiping about. If you have loving thoughts and feelings, you create a vibration of Love.

When your actions are congruent with your thoughts and feelings, you manifest. And as always, what you attract is connected to who you are within. If you are not congruent, you will not manifest. This could explain why many are not manifesting currently. We each have the Power to change anything in our lives. First we release, then what we release transforms, then we can put our focus on what it is we wish to shift. It’s quite simple. If you want more Love, be more Love. If you want more Abundance, beAbundance. This means to act as if…take that trip if guided, replace the old clothes with new ones if guided. Money is only energy; besides, Abundance is not only money; it includes all aspects of life. Realize too that we are all in different stages of Ascension. We are all on a “continuum of Light.” Therefore, to compare ourselves to another is meaningless. Being on a continuum also means that we constantly shift non-linearly. There is no such thing as A to B to C. You may experience great ebb and flow, depending on what helps you evolve. Regardless, be congruent in body, mind and Heart.

The Solstice occurs on June 21 at around 4 a.m. (MST). As we are in the Solstice energy, there is a great power surge, which we have been preparing for. This Solstice energy increases the pace. You may experience more things to release as well as the Power of Love. One is not separate from the other. You may release and feel Love at the same time, for we are multi-dimensional beings. There is a push to be who you are and to share your gifts; however and whatever they are. It is a push to see Love in everything. You may notice where you don’t have much Love in certain areas. Amp the Love up.

Also, there is more merging of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (Be-Do-Be-Do). There are electro-magnetic charges, which affect both ourselves and Gaia. The electro-magnetic energies sumbolize the union of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The union of both helps us be more balanced in our being and doing. The Divine Masculine supports the Divine Feminine and propels us to take action on our inspirations and aspirations.

The timing of the Solstice is not limited to a certain date, as there is no actual time in the higher dimensions; there is only Flow. Be in Allowance with however the energies flow within you. What has been hidden from you will certainly reveal themselves to you so that you may choose to release what has been hidden or not. Much is revealed personally and globally. Just don’t get distracted by what is occurring globally. Focus on self, for in doing that, you help the Earth. You may see and understand how life is changing one step at a time. The Power of the Solstice continues to help you be more conscious and aware and certainly many more will be awakening. Don’t be attached to how this looks though; everyone has their own way of waking up.

During this non-time of the Solstice, you may experience some physical changes as well, including sleeplessness, headaches, louder ear ringing and in different tones. It is a time of assessing where exactly you are and what you focus on will definitely be manifest in your personal world…more than before and as you maintain congruency in body, mind and heart. There is and will continue to be much flux as you ebb and flow. Do not be concerned if it feels you ebb for a bit; you will flow again, as everything shifts. Focus on how you want to feel. If you do not like what you see, change your perspective. Integrate into your daily life how you want to perceive and feel. For instance, if you want more Patience, be patient. If you want to be more Compassionate and tolerant, be these.

Know too that by accepting exactly who and where you are is the key to moving forward. Hoping and wishing things were different is not not way forward. Embrace yourself as is while you, at the same time, focus on how you want to feel in the future. Of course, what you focus on in the moment is what you create in the future…one step at a time.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Buddha, Prajnaparamita & Babaji in Deep Meditation – Altair Shyam

Prajnaparamita Mother Goddess of the past, present and future @ Etsy – Laura Santi Sacred Art


Buddha, Prajnaparamita & Babaji in Deep Meditation


*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

– ♥ –

Last night I was gifted with two visions of us while in deep meditation.

They were very simple.

The first, suddenly and spontaneously when I was very silent and still in meditation, was of the Buddha facing Us and in Union with the Mother of All Buddhas Prajnaparamita and in between them Babaji. The Buddha was facing Us a short distance away, then Babaji sat facing a little closer and then the Mother sat just in front with Her back to Us.

The second, overwhelmingly, as I lay down to sleep immediately following the first vision is connected to the first and somewhat more difficult to describe. The first is a Sign, that in Our meditations the Muladhara or base chakra energy is awake and connected to the crown chakra through the third eye as represented by the Union of the Mother (Prajna or Wisdom) the Buddha and Babaji. In the second vision We were ‘seated’ in the 1000 petalled crown chakra looking “down” the astral spine that runs up the center of the body (see NOTE) just in front of the physical body. As We watched, the 7 doors, which we call chakras through which the soul has descended into the body, were wide open, and We watched as the soul, through the process of silence and stillness of meditation, reascended, and each chakra like a Lotus with petals turned upwards, opened into worlds of much vaster dimensions than our own. Before Our awakened and astonished inner vision each door was transformed into strange worlds, the chakras transmuted into transcendent splendor. World upon world revealed itself in glory and magnificence. I am reminded of the Book of Revelations 1:19-20 which carefully veils this Secret in saying “the mystery of the seven stars…are the angels of the seven churches” in referring to these chakras, and also from the Book of Revelations 5:1-2 “and I saw a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals…who is worthy to open the book, and to loosen the seals?” This Book of Love (the soul’s path of reascension) has seven seals (the seven chakras or doors) which when loosened (through the ‘worthiness’ of deep and consistent practice of yoga, devotion, prayer and meditation) open us all to Revelations.

Art by Eva Ruiz


The PHYSICAL spine (vertebrae, spinal cord, etc) is not the same as the ASTRAL (energy) spine, where the chakras are located. They are different and located in different places and dimensions!

The Astral Spine is the place through which you should be “running” prana (life-force) when you are practicing Kriya Yoga. It can be imagined as a hollow tube, about an inch and a half in diameter, running very straight up from the base of the spine (Muladhara or 1st chakra area) going through the middle (central core) of the body (which places it mostly in front of the S-curve of the physical spine).

When it reaches the Medulla Oblongata (receptive pole of the 6th chakra) it curves slightly forward to the Spiritual Eye (point between the eyebrows – the positive pole of the 6th chakra) As you are practicing Kriya Yoga, the prana goes through chakras # 1-6, from to the bottom to top of your Astral Spine, and back down again.

Blessings to you as you practice the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga.

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ….

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I AM THAT I AM, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh

I am here to do the work of Our Mother by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva, Archangel and Elder in assisting all beings to find Krishna’s Bliss, Christ’s Light and the Buddha’s Heart and Healing within.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment” 


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

Money Can’t Buy Abundance – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Money Can’t Buy Abundance

For the second time in my life, I’m in a particular space.

It’s deliciously blissful. There’s tremendous release in it, a relief from anxiety.

Every good memory I have comes flooding back in – Miami at 8 years old, Montreal at 10, Disneyland at 14, all the scenes come flashing across the screen.

I call this space “Abundance.”

The last time I found myself in it, I invoked the Law of Give and Receive and asked to receive “abundance.” But I forgot to say “physical abundance” and instead found myself in the space of abundance. Archangel Michael referred to the experience in my next reading:

“When I have said ‘spiritual currency,’ you’ve had a glimpse of this in the knowing of mastery and abundance and so you know it isn’t about money. It is about spiritual currency. And I say to you, ‘congratulations.’” (1)

No, it isn’t about money, as he says. It has nothing necessarily to do with it. Money could not buy an experience of the space called abundance.

But it is about this blissful space. It carries one away, wafts one aloft, so to speak. One wants for nothing.

It settles all scores and dismisses all debts from one’s consciousness.

But as with so many other spaces, I cannot come up with a definite statement about anything essential to the space of abundance itself. I can only describe its effects.  It’s the same with any other divine quality or state that I’m aware of: I can only describe their effects.

If one had a lot of money and yet didn’t feel this way, I wouldn’t describe that person as being in the space of abundance; just having a lot of money. Money can’t buy abundance.

This space is the same higher-dimensional space that we sometimes call love, sometimes bliss, sometimes peace. We keep ending up at the same destination no matter what direction we take – the divine state most fundamentally known as Love.

Remember that Love is not – and cannot be – contained in the word “Love.” We use the one word “Love” to cover many things, things at different  degrees, etc. While we’re struggling to comprehend Love, it flows outside and inside us oblivious to our difficulties in comprehending it.

In the end, Love cannot be comprehended; it has to be experienced and realized to be known.

Love in limitless abundance? That would be Ascension, Heaven, Nirvana.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2017. The experience of mastery as a space occurred on a separate occasion.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Change of email address and Follow Button – Shekinah El Daoud

Shekinah Rising by Maya Telford @ Fine Art America

Hi Everyone

I am still progressively editing my website and as I am changing my email address to reflect this, please note that if you wish to continue to follow me (smiles and thank you if you do) 🙂 then this is advance notice that you may have to “re-follow” my website by email.

Thank you for all your support, appreciation, comments and sharing.

Infinite Blessings & Love



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud 
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Nested Realities – Peggy Black & The Team

Art: Faint by Gothic Ice Cream @ DeviantArt

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family June 18, 2018

___________ My Personal Message___________
The weather here been mild, with warm days and more daylight time in the garden. I have been enjoying sitting quietly in different secluded places on my property, just observing and appreciating the beauty of nature. Also spending time cleaning and repotting plants. I have lived on this half acre of land here about forty years so I am friends with all the greens in my garden; I know them and their seasons. Over the years I have established sweet places to pause, sit, and relax. It is a nice shift from my usual busy timeline. I love my work and the opportunities to meet so many delightful people. However, quiet time to reflect is so treasured.The last couple of months included travel which is fun yet tiring. It is always nice to return to a familiar routine. I have been cleaning and clearing in my art room and closets. It feels good to shift the energy and release what no longer is mine. I have once again engaged with my graphic artist to finally finish the next Morning Messages book set. This process has been a bit of stop and go, fitting in time to work on the books in between everything else.

There are photos on my new website http://www.peggyblack.com of my garden and property. I appreciate all the feedback about this site. It has been fun to share with you on this personal level.

Remember to stay centered and balanced, nurturing yourself during these intense times of change and chaos. We will be feeling the energies of three eclipses in the coming months. July 13 partial solar eclipse, July 27 total lunar eclipse and august 11 partial solar eclipse.

I am available for a private session, a personal interface and connection with the ‘team.’ If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me. I love making the ‘team’ available for these sessions, they bring clarity and guidance.

Our Morning Message community is so precious to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations, your letters and emails; it is always a joy to hear how the messages are inspiring your personal magnificence. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together. In the last several weeks we have new subscribers from Argentina, Namibia, France, Spain, Romania, Israel, and Trinidad and Tobago. We are truly global.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
This transmission was transcribed September 2005. It is one of over two hundred transmissions I transduced that year in the beginning of this phase of work with the ‘team.’ The decade before, I had been the receiver of their incredible sound vibrations and their support and assistance with my healing practice, lectures and presentations. I was surprised this morning when I sat down at the computer to transcribe a new monthly transmission. I was invited to review my old file. Many of these transmissions have never been shared or published. I reviewed a number of them as I was reading this one; the ‘team’ indicated that this was a message that was timely for now.The ‘team’s message

We have requested that our transducer share this transmission with you. As you can see it is certainly a timely and powerful message for what you are experiencing. Remember, you are an unlimited idea, you are imagination at it most creative, you are pure divine creative energy playing in a limited field. You are here to anchor these awarenesses into this matrix so that the concepts of dimensional travel, time travel, nested realities, and multiverses are seeded into this unified energy field of awareness.

Nested Realities
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
We are here. Humanity is experiencing considerable shifts in the perceived reality.When you stated that it feels like straddling several realities, we would agree with you, that is what is happening. Reality is held together by your beliefs.

Reality is actually very fluid, very flexible. It is created by the energy matrix and the energy signatures of all who are focused in this third dimension.

First we would like to say that some of the concepts about this and other realities do not necessarily fit into your current belief mode. The beliefs that most humans hold about this reality are very fixed and very limited. This is changing and as it changes there is a certain disturbance in what you think is your reality and what you are experiencing.

We will give you this rather simple example; the dimensions are nested within each other. The dimensions are simply different vibrations, different frequencies. These different vibrations and different frequencies offer different sensations and conditions.

We sense your mental stretching to understand how this might work. Let us clarify this for you. There are those who are very skilled in maneuvering in the third dimension. They are able to interface with the physical reality and handle all the necessary tasks easily. They understand the basic laws, conditions and frequencies of this dimension.

There are those who also are aware of the other subtle realities and interface with these vibrations, conditions and frequencies. As you and others expand in consciousness, the multidimensional realties will become more available and easier to maneuver and interface with in an aware and effective manner.

The key here is releasing your concepts of what you think is real. This is the challenge that most humans struggle with. Everyone has consciously experienced shifting from one dimension to another. It is done all the time. There are discordant methods to create this shift and there are harmonious ways to flow from one reality to the other.

We will speak here of the harmonious, aware methods. As you know sound vibrations allow for this shift in perception, this shift from one dimension to the other. Meditation, some forms of movement, repeated monotonous activities, these and many others offer the individual a portal or gateway to other realms and other dimensions.

Shamans have been journeying for centuries. Western mankind has focused mainly on the hard facts and hard science of the third dimension.

This is shifting at a rapid pace with the awareness of quantum physics, the concept and understanding that energy is affected by the observer. It can be a wave or a particle simply by the desire and belief of the observer.

Reality is much like water. It can change and morph into many different forms depending on the conditions and energy. It can be solid, hard as ice. It can be fluid and flowing as liquid and it can be buoyant and light like steam.

Most humans prefer to relate to their reality in its frozen state. However reality has the capability of shifting into several different aspects. It is still reality, just as water is still water, whether it is frozen, liquid or steam.

That is just an example of how your third dimension can and does respond to your beliefs and projections, your energy signature and understanding of what you perceive is real and how that is manifested on the screen of this hologame.

Now we will add another layer or level or dimension to this message. You and others are becoming conscious and aware that you are multidimensional humans. Humans are beginning to shift their beliefs of what is real and as they do their reality begins to shift. They notice the shift and continue to expand their awareness to include these new perceptions. It is like stairs, with each step you have a larger vista to observe.

We have woven this simple explanation to assist you and others who are experiencing straddling multi-realities. You have always been straddling multi-realties, the shift that is happening now is that you are awakening and becoming aware that you are doing it.

You are aware of your physical surroundings, those frozen in your perception, and you are also aware of the blocks of information we are offering, and with very little effort you can travel to any location in the galaxy all at the same time.

Your human body is always operating in multi-realities. Every cell is aware of the noise within the body and outside the body and is making the necessary adjustments. Every cell of the body is reading the position of the sun, moon and stars and making the necessary adjustments. Every cell of the body is monitoring all input from all dimensions and making the necessary adjustments.  Every cell of the body operates at a multidimensional level and awareness.

Humanity is evolving and becoming conscious that they are affecting the reality that they step into and they are affecting the movement of energy on the planet. As they stand fully engaged and aware of the total connection, the total matrix of divine unfolding, the total oneness and total weaving with the All That Is, they are starhumans. the ‘team’

©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


Art: Faint by Gothic Ice Cream @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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If We’re All Angels, Then Why Aren’t We Enlightened? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


If We’re All Angels, Then Why Aren’t We Enlightened?

The Divine Mother told us in 2014:

“You are angels in form, and you have been birthed even prior to that as the essence of One. So you return to that while keeping your magnificent form.”(1)

We might ask: If we’re angels, then why aren’t we enlightened?

Surely we should be forging ahead. If we’re wayshowers, then why aren’t we showing the way to Ascension?

My own case illustrates why, so let me cite the reasons Archangel Michael has given me. I think the same applies to many, if not most, lightworkers.

First of all, if we’re all angels, why didn’t we come to Earth with all our powers intact? Michael tells us why.

“If you came with full capacity – and meaning, yes, the vision, the hearing, the knowing, the full memory, the access, all of the above – and you were to communicate to the humans, to the collective, there would be a sense of separation.

“That is why you, as so many, have been kept under cover. … When you turn to your brothers and sisters, it is as one [with them].” (2)

According to him, if we ascended, we also wouldn’t stay.

Archangel Michael: If you were to complete your full ascension, many of you would not bother to stay and finish the creation of Nova Earth.

Steve: So you really have to meter it out to us, so to speak, so as not to send us flying off into some other pursuit?

AAM: That is correct. (3)

Many of us have been teachers and gurus in other lifetimes, but in this lifetime we’re building Nova Earth. He adds:

“You did not come to live as a guru in a western or eastern manner.

“If you were completely involved in your full awakening, you in very great likelihood would not be forming a platform with me.  You would be off somewhere in an ashram meditating.” (4)

Several decades of my life were spent reading about spiritual aspirants and gurus in ashrams meditating so what he says is quite likely true. But this lifetime is not about that.

“If you fully enter into the bliss, into the One, you will not be interested in returning and serving. It will be a different experience, and it is not the experience that you have selected and chosen for yourself at this time.” (5)

In my case, if I were to speed ahead, I might not be able to relate any longer as a writer to where people are. He explained:

“Because you are the communicator, it is important not only to share the truth of your being, of our being, but also to be able to clearly relate to people where they are.” (6)

“It is important that you speak and communicate in language that people understand, embrace, and can get behind.” (7)

Instead of forging ahead, he wants us all to remain grounded and enjoy the human experience. The monk in me is not attracted to wine, sex, and song, I joked with him:

Steve: OK. Boy. Eat, drink and be merry!

Archangel Michael: It is difficult, no?

Steve: Yes, it is difficult.  (8)

“Ground yourself,” he recommended.  “Be human and love the experience of being in form.”  (9)

In case we’re feeling that we’ll be left out, he assures us: “Yes, dear friend, the vision will come. It will absolutely come.” (10)

So our assignment is to go up gradually with everyone else and serve the human community as we do so. This is what we agreed to eons ago and it won’t eliminate us from fully enjoying the end result.


(1) “The Divine Mother: My Tsunami of Love Will Shift You Permanently,” channeled by Linda Dillon, January 30, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/02/the-divine-mother-my-tsunami-of-love-will-shift-you-permanently/.)

“You are angels in form dancing upon a planet which is an archangel.” (“Video and Transcript ~ Archangel Gabrielle: Cooperation Comes Before Love,” April 11, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/04/11/video-and-transcript-archangel-gabrielle-cooperation-comes-before-love/.)

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 18, 2011.

(3) Ibid.,  March 10, 2017.

(4) Ibid., May 6, 2013.

(5) Ibid., Feb. 14, 2012.

(6) Ibid., April 19, 2017.

(7) Ibid., Feb. 7, 2013.

(8) Ibid., AAM, May 6, 2013.

(9) Ibid., May 6, 2013.

(10) Ibid., Feb. 18, 2011.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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