The Source of Relief – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist Junko Kuge


The Source of Relief

I can’t overlook the educational opportunity of my circumstances.

I’m going to miss the closeness of my cooperation with Linda and so my heart is hurting.  Those are the circumstances that present the educational opportunity.

How am I handling it? Let’s look.

Decades ago, I might seek a sympathetic ear or do something to distract myself. I might bury my grief or get angry and in that way get my feelings out.

Nowadays, I’d most likely observe it, which will have it lift eventually.  Most spiritual masters would recommend that.

But what else can I do to address it? What’s even faster?

Keep in mind that all of us are going through a gradual heart opening so what I’m about to describe is a situation we’ll all know soon enough.

What I know that is not common knowledge is that the relief we seek is to be found in our hearts.

Our hearts are like the aperture of a camera. The aperture is called the hridayam. It remains shut. Except that it opens temporarily on some occasions and it opens permanently upon Ascension.

When it opens, for all of us, the love will flow like a torrent.

Mine is open just a wee bit; it was once open fully for a goodly period of time. When that inner tsunami of love flows, it wipes away all concerns and woes.

Knowing that, I draw the love up from my heart using my breath.

On the in-breath, I imagine myself drawing love up; on the out-breath I imagine myself sending it out to the world.

Keep in mind that love must flow; it cannot be contained. We can only experience it passing through us; we cannot save it.

And it must flow universally, not to this person and not that one. (1)

Where I receive the nourishment of love is in experiencing it as it flows through me and out to the world.

This time on the out-breath, however, I direct that love to circle around my etheric field. And my heart immediately feels healed.

This love, wherever it goes, paints things with aliveness. It revives them.

That’s how easy and fast it was. Observation would take longer. Anything else – distraction, projection, etc. – would just compound the problem.

Now, instead of finding my partner busy, no one willing to listen to me, nothing to distract me, etc., I’m healed almost at once.

This knowledge will replace the pharmaceutical industry one day. Mark the date please.

Soon enough we’ll all know this really sweet form of love. But using our breath to draw it up does prime the pump, according to Michael.

Success may be limited in the beginning, but I’m sure progress before long would be satisfactory. It was for me.

Mobility among lightworkers is going to be way higher than it has been in the old society and economy. Change is going to be the new norm.

So I may as well get used to it.

I choose to see it as our influence expanding as more and more lightworkers take on more and more new ventures – whether societies, companies, or whatever.

So this is a crash course in what mobility can feel like.


(1) This provides a litmus test: If love does not flow out from us going out in all directions, universally, it’s not higher-dimensional love. It may be fondness or chemistry, but it isn’t real and sacred love. Real love cannot do anything else but flow out to all and sundry.


Artist Junko Kuge

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