On Mother/Father One – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev – Hospitality of Abraham Hand Painted Byzantine Icon on Carved Wood


On Mother/Father One

The expression “Mother/Father One” is perfect.

Hildegaard of Bingen’s representation of the Trinity: (Right) Father (grey circle), Mother (brown circle), Child (an extension of the Father inside the brown circle). Beyond all is the purple of the One.

The Mother is the creator, preserver and transformer of this dream world that we all inhabit. “She” (there is no gender at these levels) is deemed to be the “female” principle of sound and activity.

The Father is the “male” principle, deemed to be stillness and silence.

The Mother is like the gloved hand. The hand inside the glove is the One.

Well, that’s equally true for the Father. How could it be otherwise? The One operates all. Yes, you too.

The One encompasses all of it. All life, all actors, everything distinguishable, everything coherent is subsumed in the One.

Well, then, where do we come in?

There’s a third divine person in the Trinity I’m describing. Besides God the Mother and God the Father, there is God the Child. The Child is known in other religions as the Christ, the Self, the Atman.

All of this dreamworld that the Mother weaves is simply here to have us wake up to who we are. When we awaken, all we want to do is to help others awaken. It seems like a natural reflex.

Our Self is a Light inside the heart, a spark of the Divine, a firebrand plucked from the burning. That spark is encased in matter, mater, Mother.

The Child therefore can be thought of as the Father-in-the-Mother, the Father becoming aware of itself.

So “Mother/Father One” is perfect.

What do we need to realize as we mount Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness?

We need to realize the next levels up as Mother Kundalini rises in the spine. The level of the Mother is the sixth chakra, the Third Eye. The level of the Father is the seventh chakra, the Crown Chakra.

But the full promise of the Child is not realized until the advent of a full and permanent heart opening, called Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja brings with it liberation from the round of physical birth and death associated with the Third/Fourth Dimensions.

Sahaja Samadhi is that moksha, that release from what we used to think of as “physicality.”

Look for a moment at Hildegaard of Bingen’s representation of the Trinity, above. There is a circle of grey, that represents the Father, the Ocean of Love. There is a circle of brown inside it, that represents the Mother, the womb of all creation. An extension of the Father protrudes into the brown circle, in which is depicted the Child, Self, Christ, or Atman.

All of those we realize. But behind them all is the deep purple expanse of the One, which passes unnoticed. The realization of this is beyond the seventh chakra experience. My surmise is that it happens with Sahaja.

Thereafter we exist in an ocean of love, with no further needs, no further fears, simply desires, which I’m told we satisfy with creative thought.

The Third-Dimensional Child has become a Fifth-Dimensional Adult. The Adult now lives in a higher vibration of consciousness, in which an inner tsunami of love keeps her and him constantly refreshed and looking outwards.


(1) The pearl of great price, the mustard seed that grew into a great tree, the savior, the messiah, the Prince of Peace, our Buddha nature, our original face.


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