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The Biggest Changes

I think the biggest change I see in myself … well, there are two, really.

The first is that I’m moving from the intellectual to the experiential level of life. Sort of getting up and moving house.

I hear myself saying, after St. Francis: “Words, Bernardo, words. Once I believed them.” (1)

And I’m beginning to feel that way. Words, words, words – I don’t care how wise they are. I want more than just words.

I want experience. I want to feel deeply and divinely. I want the ambrosia of bliss. I want the nectar of transformative love.

It’s been so hard to bring myself to acknowledge this. But it’s true. I want the experiential life now, as I knew it years ago. I want more from life than mere ideas.


The second is that I’m going inward. The monk in me is asserting itself.

Michael said that he was clearing the space around me and that seems very true. (2)

In the background relationships and obligations are changing, with a rather dramatic suddenness. But all of it makes sense.

It’s almost as if someone is saying, “Places, everyone. Cameras. And action,” leaving us alone with our thoughts.

In some instances, dependencies have been broken. But even so, I feel OK.

I have enough guidance from my readings to do the jobs I’ve been asked to do. And I feel ready.

So from now until the Reval, I find myself in this incredibly-valuable time of stillness, silence, space.

I feel no draw to fill the space up again.

Instead I feel drawn, for the first time in years, to meditate, to go inwards, to experience myself as deeply as I possibly can.


(1) St. Francis to the returning crusader, Bernardo di Quintavalle in Brother Sun, Sister Moon.

(2) “One of the things you have done with your consent …, has been this clearing up the space around you.”  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 2, 2018.)


Buddha in Meditation Painting @ FIZDI

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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June 10, 2018

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

What many may think is a wave of energy coming in with no source, many times has a source. This is why it is so important to be completely schooled on ENERGY and how it works. What are waves, what are energy upgrades, what are energy downloads, what is energy coming from Solar Flares, from Solar Wind , from Solar Storms and how are all these things different because they are. As an Energy Expert, I know all of these things and can tell the difference immediately, and so I work very hard to impart information that will uplift and inform everyone. As a leader in the Ascension community, this is my goal, to impart knowledge and higher awareness to help uplift the ascension community with TRUTH and LIGHT


Starting on June 1st we had a huge surge of energy coming through with High Solar wind and intense Geomagnetic Storms. This energy lasted through the 6th even though the storms started dying down on the 4th. This happens when the Solar wind still remains high even with no geomagnetic storms taking place. This has started to become more common.

The energy surge was ONE of the most INTENSE we have ever had. This shows the ENERGY SURGES  are becoming more intense.  As I said in my two articles I wrote in that time period, I could barely move for the days this went on. My limbs felt so heavy, unlike any other solar wind/geo magnetic storm event in the past. I have been through more energy waves than I could ever count and the early days are nothing like what we are dealing with now.

The early days were intense but in a different way. When we had an Energy wave come in back then, it many times was not from solar storms or increased solar wind but instead it came in all on it’s own. We still have these but not as often now. That does not mean anything, the Universe has to go through cycles giving us many different kinds of energy to transform our light bodies. We must accept what the Universe gives us and not resist it, as all resistance makes things worse. We must realize we are DEEPLY in the Ascension Process and will be going through intense changes going forward. We wanted this and now it is here.!

This energy surge caused from the intense solar wind and the intense geo storms was the biggest as far as debilitating symptoms we have ever had and the length of time it went on was unreal. It has only been in the past few days I have been back to myself.!

This is all VERY important because we need to be extra aware now going forward about checking the energy intensity when we do get solar storms and increased solar wind.

High Solar Wind is a relatively new development in that it can affect us so intensely without any geo storms happening. About a year ago it was added to my energy list as I noticed the intense increase of symptoms with JUST increased Solar Wind. This had never taken place before.

Many beings had a very rough time during this energy surge, many were depressed with massive anxiety, like never before. This is something we need to be aware of and prepare for before any of these surges happen again. Although we had these kinds of symptoms in the past, it has never been this intense. I heard from many people, clients and friends having a VERY Rough time with it. Anyone who is sensitive to energy would have felt it and had a difficult time.

Huge insights also came through and answers to questions never asked. This energy stays with us as we go forward, with higher level insights added to our consciousness. Creativity was at the tail end of this, many of you may have felt this. The urge to engulf yourself in a creative project. Also as always psychic occurrences were on the increase with geo storms and heightened solar wind.

We need a self care program in place, so this does not spiral out of control in peoples lives. The best way to do this is to realize these intense symptoms will happen again. When they happen, I will be reporting on them as I always have and now we know what we might expect to happen as NOW the energy has increased. The energy could be extremely intense with some of us being wiped out when these come in.

Self care is to have plan in place ahead of time. This would be rest as much as possible during these times, take hot showers and baths, ground, drink plenty of water and fresh juices. Eat light and focus on your own happiness. Try to follow your happiness path especially during these times, this is what I have always done and taught to my clients and it works, always. Do not push yourself if you can. If you work a job , try to cut your hours down or take some time off. This has to be especially difficult for those that work regular job.


Many were shocked at the public personalities of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s transition last week. As explained this past week has been one of VERY High Intensity.

I tuned into Anthony Bourdain after his transition and found an extreme amount of sadness. This is coming from someone who looked like they had it all. The sadness comes from a feeling of not feeling loved, ever. With him, this started in childhood. This is why he lived his life the way he did. He also had a very wild side to him and liked to live on the edge, all the time. He tells me he still likes to live in the edge but can not where he is. Inside himself, he is VERY sensitive, though he did not portray himself this way here and was very guarded in this aspect. This comes from fear of rejection and genuinely being hurt.

He is fine and happy though where he is now as he tells me life is much easier there. Anthony went right into healing chambers and is still there, working through his life.

Kate Spade was a little harder to get though to as she has many blocks around her. Although she was trying to work on herself before she left here, she didn’t get very far because she went with mainstream help which can only take a person so far. Even though she is very well known and again seems to have it all, she has very low self esteem and self love. This was always the crux of her issues. She is also in healing chambers, working through her issues.

I can talk more about both of these but I won’t here for privacy reasons. They were both dealing with intense amounts of emotions and unstable lives. (even though it might have looked different.) ( please do not ask me any other questions about this )

Both of these transitions, and so close together are odd to me and off energy wise, this includes the manner of the transition. The energy for both of them and how this happened is off and the energy does not add up to me.  With this being said, this is something to watch and keep a close eye on going forward. I can only say so much about these kinds of things, so just pay attention and the puzzle pieces will expose themselves in the future with more information coming out about the agenda that is currently being dismantled.

With so much going on, and so many being called out by LIGHT now, exposing the darkness that has gone on for so long and let run rampart over anyone weaker than it, BIG CHANGES ARE OCCURING.

It is in everyone best interest to be watching this all unfold as the old leaders of darkness are taken down and society is dismantled from the dark agenda now. This will be ongoing now, and can’t be stopped. This will only keep increasing as more key players are removed from their agenda.

We have everything to look forward to now as the LIGHT agenda is winning and everyone can see that in so many things that are happening now and coming to light. This will continue.


These are key ENERGY dates coming up with full moons and solstices bringing in intense energy:

  • New Moon June 13th
  • Summer Solstice June 21st
  • Full Moon June 28th

I will have more updates if the energy changes or increases !


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In Service and Love

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many in person visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Beauty – Kara Shallock


More… – 10-Jun-2018

Do you perceive Beauty everywhere? Do you see it even when the intellect says its ugly? Do you perceive a difference between you and those you judge to be “less than” like so-called immigrants, those you judge that linger in 3D (according to you), folks who hurt others? Or do you perceive a difference between you and those you deem “more than?” Remember, we are all One. You are connected with everyone and everything. There is no “us and them” in the New. You may observe some doing things you wouldn’t choose to do. Can you see that perhaps the “others” help you transform all lower energies (and integrate higher energies) in yourself? Can you see the Love within all that reflects the Love that you are? If so, you indeed are firmly in the New. If not, perhaps there’s more work to do. You can love all and yet choose not to be in relationship with those who vibrate differently than yourself.

There is and has been an expansion of your Heart and Crown chakras. This expansion helps you be more accepting and compassionate. Be aware of how you feel moment to moment. One minute you seem to be flowing in expansion and the next minute not feeling as though anything has shifted. This fluctuation is how it is for most as we continue to detach from 3D and embrace the New. Some physical manifestations you may experience as expansion occurs are tingling (especially in or on the head and in and around the Heart). You may feel dizzy as well, yet notice the choices you are making; notice how you are expanding; especially in your thoughts and actions. Notice how fearless you are. Be aware too that if it seems things happen to you, like others not choosing to be around you or being fired from a job or not having enough money, that it still is your choice…whether it’s a conscious one or not. Remember you attract to you what is within your consciousness. Breathe, flow and ground. Take care of yourself. What life do you choose to create? The energies that integrate within you help you create your ideal life (based on how you want to feel) without chaos or confusion.

As the energy continuously builds, remind yourself that you are not alone, even though many are on different paths and going at different speeds. Some may feel exhilerated, while others are anxious and angry. I notice that the ones I truly feel connected with are children, while some adults in my life seem belligerent. (Hmmm; do I have both energies within me?) Engage where and when you can as you are called to and let the rest go, for each being must choose for themselves. You need not become definsive or match others’ vibration or take anything personally. Stand in your own Truth and honor others for wherever they may be.

Never doubt that all we’ve been doing is merging with our Soul/GodSelf/Divinity. This is our True Self. Being fully immersed as our True Self, there is no more seeking outside of ourselves; actually, there is no seeking at all; there is only a Knowing. This immersion is more than being “spiritual;” this is true being. How do we do this? First, we must release and transform all old patterns, emotions and beliefs, along with anything that limits or holds us back in duality. When we clear all of the old, we experience true self-worth. We experience true Wholeness; not just in one moment, but in every moment; this is being authentic. We truly know that we are One with all of life; we are Source.

Generally speaking, the phase we are in now, if you’re ready and committed, is to practice; putting all you know into action everyday and in every moment…walking your talk. It is not enough to read others’ words only; it is essential to put words into action, to be what you say you are. Work for all; be in Divine Service. When we serve all, we serve ourselves and most importantly, we serve Divine Will. Isn’t that one of the main reasons of why we’re on Earth at this time? We each have a path; a mission; it is based on our gifts and where we are drawn. When you are Joy, you trust, you love, you serve. You are free.

Meanwhile, continue to release and trust your process. Allow yourself to not be comfortable, for the New is not comfortable. Trust that all is in Divine Order. You may want your loved ones to join you, yet trust they have their own path, so honor them. Attempting to change others is of the old and it not only distracts you, but pushes them further away.

Trust that as you become somewhat comfortable in one phase of your Journey, another arrives. It is so very important to take care of yourself through diet, rest and being still. Only you know what is self-loving for you. Fill your own cup first and then you will be able to serve others unconditionally.

In my own life, I see so much has shifted. People I was once close with have distanced themselves. My diet has shifted, as have so much in my life. The biggest shift is that I am extremely aware of not only where I resist, but where others resist as well. I notice old longings surface and I see where I am; whether it’s here, there, nowhere and everywhere. I know many of you can relate to this ebb and flow of life.

Each of us has a calling. No one calling is better or worse than another. Each is an aspect of Divine Service; be it healing, collecting refuse, nursing, teaching or simply being Love without a career of any kind. Sometimes you’re called to be somewhere. When you arrive, you may not resonate with the place at all. However, there are no mistakes. Some years ago, I was called to Idaho. I had never even heard of it before and when I arrived I uttered, “Uh-oh!” Idaho has never felt like home to me and yet I am here; I’m here for a purpose. It’s not necessary to know what that purpose is and you don’t need to know the whys of where you are either. The main thing to do is to say Yes. We share our Light no matter where we are or what we do.

Each of us is unique; what works for one may not work for another. This is why it’s essential to follow one’s own guidance. We integrate Light and release all uniquely. Realize too that much occurs without us consciously willing it to be so. We can observe the changes and I do love this, as when the changes bypass the separate ego, they cannot be interfered with. However, we on a deeper level choose everything; consciously or not. When we give our Power away to others, we stop our own Transformation, for others cannot truly know what is best for us. This allows us to take full Responsbility for our own Transformation. What helps this is to fully merge with our Souls and then step out of the way. Instead, we follow our guidance, even when it makes no sense. While we surrender to the unconscious aspect of evolution, we still must act in a way that goes beyond the separate ego; the patterns we have anchored that are of the old.

To integrate the higher frequencies that bring healing and wholing to our cells and DNA, we must do the clearing work. Some happens spontanously; with others we consciously choose to shift. Whether we integrate unconsciously or consciously, we may experience many physical sensations such as electrical currents in different parts of our body, weight fluxes, sleep disturbances, headaches, blurry eyes (or as if there is something irritating in the eye), shifts in elimination and all sorts of things not mentioned here. When in doubt, ask your body and your guidance to see if it’s related to Ascension or not (it usually is!).

Be aware that your Sensitivity is expanding and upgrading. This includes more acute hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and more. Certain situations may be irritating. If you feel overloaded by stimuli, rest or step away. If you take things personally, realize this is not true Sensitivity; it’s separate ego-sensitivity. It also means that you may still be attached to what others think of you. Let this go so you may experience true Sensitivity.

Are you ready to move onto new phases of Discovery? Are you committed to your Ascension and evolving into being New; brand New? Are you still teetering on the edge, not sure if you want to jump? Wherever you are is fine. Trust yourself and follow your guidance/Intuition.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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