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Jumping Timelines ~ Instead of Jumping to Conclusions

We all desire to be in the moment. To jump timelines.

Our consciousness and the space we are emanating through, creates the reality we experience. It is a frequency.

When One has reactive states, based on attachment to results, one is not experiencing the fullness and gift of the present moment. It is on consciously being free within, the present moment, one jumps timelines, so to speak. There is no time, through which this occurs.

One is experiencing, the viewing, of ones own consciousness, always. Even if one is not aware of this.

Even in attachment ~ ego desires, experienced as time based, only exist through that vibration.

Attachments then, BECOME THE VERY opportunity, to fine tune our awareness, to witness the mind not understanding, to living fully in the Heart Present moment ~ PRESENCE awareness.

Understanding we have only now, we do not know if we will be in a form, tomorrow, today, or even in the next hour, helps us, to let go of “how things should be” “how we want things to be” and enter the magic of what is, now. This is all we have.

The opportunity to recognize attachments (as patterns and habits) that still lay hold of us, we let go, of anything and everything, that WE Want results from. What we want to shift. What WE think should be. What we assume is. What we think is real.

This opens US to the awareness, first, of what we are attached to. Then secondly, shows us how to let go, consciously. To the wondrous magic and child like being of what is. We then enter the world of OUR NEW frequency. That is eternal.

Wow that looks like that, most likely it is not. It just is, wow. I lay no hold or stake in a future, that will never be like I think.

Rather I now live not knowing anything. Not judging anything. Not assuming anything. Simply ~ WOW ~ this is wow, this is now, this is magic, this is……..not understandable to my mind, as it is beyond that.

This is the space of my heart THAT is and always has been pure, in its nature.

The Journey was not fixing 3D, only living through the emanation, that has no hold on anything. That does not exist in time. That Is eternal. And lives here, this space, through me.

The new timelines, new worlds, I enter are parallel worlds to this, I now shift my frequency into, through non attachment to time and circumstances.

My heart understands my mind does not understand, yet it too, is now in harmony with MY CHOICE to let go of all attachments and live through now, in non attachment to time.

My heart space FULLY is and always has lived in the eternal now.

Follow your heart, literally is living in that magic that is not based on time. Not based on this should be this way or that. It lives in the flow, of the Heart knows best, its CHILD LIKE wisdom, is that wisdom. That lives and doesn’t know. That is where the MAGIC only lives.

It is the Purity of your Original Soul Light, your GOD Self. To enter all attachments are consciously released.

Now we Live ~ through the child like wonder and magic of now, we trust our Higher Self, we are the loving parent to the mind, that will never know or understand our Heart, yet will harmoniously merge. This is your Ascension.

This is your freedom, this is your Original Light, this is your Ascension, This is NOW.

This is the natural rulership through love that is eternal of the heart.

That is the freedom from fear, of not knowing, of that very fear of living through the heart.

The end of the mind battle once and for all.

That thinks it is too scared to let go.

To then living in Harmony of the Heart.

Which is the GLORY OF THE Divine Self.

In THIS your DNA responds, Now.

Shifting and moving your conscious awareness, in a parallel world, all NOW.

In Love.

Your eternal Life, your NOW. Enter as a child. And so it is, Beloved Light, in all its Eternal GLORY, now.


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The Inner Work Behind the Outer Work – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist Nadezhda-Sokolova


The Inner Work Behind the Outer Work

I feel myself learning things and the learning simply arises from within.

It’s not a learning process I’m familiar with.

I’d like to let you see how an idea bubbles up and where contemplation of that inspired thought then leads to.

Here’s a “lesson” that is bubbling up at the moment.  I hear: Look first at what I can change about myself and my situation before asking others to change. (These kinds of inspirations often come phrased as “I” thoughts.)

I begin to play with the idea. What can I do to handle this situation before asking someone else to handle it? Maybe there’s nothing I can do. That may happen frequently but still I can look.

I assess the new thoughts that arise. Proceeding in this way strengthens personal responsibility and individual initiative, humility and compassion. It sets an example. It riles the fewest number of people and shows we’re willing to share the pain as well as the gain.

I’m going to be the CEO of a number of companies. If I approach my task expecting everyone around me to change before I change, I’m going to be carrying water uphill in a leaky bucket.

What’s happening as I contemplate this inspired idea is I’m beginning to consciously create the context I’ll later occupy, which is CEO/executive leader.

I’ve reached the end of the line with the expectation that other people change before I will. I have to let that one go as no longer functioning, as being dysfunctional in an ascending society and a new-paradigm group of companies.

Letting go is one thing. But what action looks like after letting go is another.

What does a society look like where I see what about me and my situation I can change before asking other people to? Can I handle the matter in question by a simply changing?  A change of office, perhaps? A change of procedure? A change of habit?

Contemplating it leads off in all kinds of different directions: I’ve spent three score years and ten living off the blessings of this society. Can I not see going first in adapting as giving back?

Have I not lived in one of the most peaceful, economically-blessed areas of the world? Have I anything to complain about? Probably nothing.

Nonetheless, letting others go first in my consideration runs counter to my aggressive-male temperament.  I see entitlement arise. I hear a lot of growling in the background. I experience it all without reacting.

I return to my contemplation. It isn’t the size of the matter in question that’s important, I hear. It’s the attitude.

How might this attitude of me first in adapting show up in remuneration? In benefits plans? In office arrangements?

As I simply remain open, I have thoughts like “the best leaders share their troops’ conditions,” “equality as far as circumstances allow,” etc.

The idea has just arisen in me. I don’t understand it very well. I don’t know what it involves, where it leads, and what it contributes. I don’t know how to apply it.

What I’ve tried to do here is just allow you to see the way in which “learning” is happening these days to at least one ascending being.

Often I can’t keep track of the ideas, so many appear in my head over the course of a day, lessons being shown to me, downloads, personal teachings.

This is the inner work behind the outer work. This is me expanding to become an executive and a leader, future-pacing – and more to the point future-unfolding and future-integrating. This process would happen whether I was conscious of it or not. In my case, I’m simply conscious of it.

Michael asked me in my last reading (June 6, 2018) to begin to dream.

“Begin your dreaming about Nova Earth; about the practicality of what life looks like, feels like and tastes like. It is often very difficult to envision an entire planet in reconstitution and rebirth.

“So where we ask you to spend some time thinking, envisioning, imagining and luxuriating is in the construction and the texture of what your [local] world … looks like.” (1)

I’m starting to dream now of offices, equipment, administrators, trainers, decision-makers, researchers, personnel officers….

In my mind the Michaelangelo Fund is already open for business. And I’m growing into the role that’s expected of me.

In the past I haven’t much exercised my imagination and now I’m doing it with full intent and purpose.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 6, 2018.

“So where we ask you to spend some time thinking, envisioning, imagining and luxuriating is in the construction and the texture of what your world, your Vancouver world, your British Columbia world, your Canada world, your West Coast world… What it looks like.”



Artist Nadezhda-Sokolova

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