How To Side Step The Challenges You’re Facing – Taryn Crimi

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How To Side Step The Challenges You’re Facing

Today we would like to take this time to share our perspective if we may as many of you are manifesting rather difficult or frustrating hurdles for yourself at this time. Some of you are manifesting small annoyances while others feel as though they are being faced with large and difficult challenges. First and foremost we would first like to remind you to take a breath. This too shall pass as it always does. We remind you, even when things look as though they are falling apart, the manifestation is not yet complete.

Much like a child learning to walk, there are ups and downs. They do not just stand up and walk without loosing their balance from time to time. But each time they get back up they better learn how to keep that balance and strengthen their muscles and reflexes to keep from falling next time. You are building your spiritual reflexes right now.

Your reality is granting you many opportunities to hold your focus and maintain your vibration in the midst of chaos. Some of you feel frustrated to be revisiting a challenge or situation that you thought you have successfully mastered. But just because a challenge arises does not mean you are doing anything wrong. You see its not the circumstances that manifest around you that determine if you have changed, its your response to them.

It is up to you to hold your focus on moving towards your goals and desires, rather than feeling the frustration of not being there yet. You see, you are setting the foundation right now for all of the wonderful possibilities that are to manifest shortly. If you did not take the time to build this foundation, and increase your ability to hold your focus on your desires rather than your fears, you would not have the platform necessary to sustain the wonderful blessings that are to come.

When everything feels like its falling apart and nothing feels like it’s working out, know that you are in the midst of a storm that will set everything right and give you what you asked for. Hold steady, everything is about to change for the better. Remember, you can’t have the improved version without letting go of what wasn’t working. So stay focused, stay steady, it’s all going to be just fine.

We remind you, progress is rarely made in a straight line, it is most often experienced in a pattern of ebb and flow. The energy flooding your planet at this time is a powerful one. It is meant to assist you in gaining clarity and insight in what direction you most want to steer. Take this time to reflect, reset and recharge. You will once again be compelled to move forward but with much more clarity. You are simply shedding what is not working for you, so you can manifest what you desire.

We hope that this message finds those of you who need it most.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Artist Duy Tuan

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