Chakras & The Human Aura – The Summit Lighthouse

Chakra Colors in Their Purest State

Various schools of thought in the New Age as well as in the past century have prescribed their colors for the chakras. All agree on the seven main chakras: the “thousand petaled” crown chakra (sahasrara), third eye chakra (ajna), throat chakra (vishuddha), heart chakra (anahata), solar plexus chakra (manipura), seat-of-the-soul chakra (svadhishthana), and base of the spine chakra (muladhara).


Seven Rays, Seven Chakras

The colors correlate to the seven rays of the causal body, which you see illustrated in the Chart of the Presence as seven color bands, spheres within spheres surrounding the I AM Presence (the upper figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self).

I AM Presence chart, the Real Self
Seven flames of God’s consciousness, seven rays of the Christ in the masculine and the feminine principle, are experienced through the seven chakras beginning with the T’ai chi, the white-fire core of God, the Alpha to Omega, which is the whirling center of every chakra.

This becomes the focal point for the birth of the I AM Presence. Out of the I AM Presence comes forth the light cascading over the crystal cord through the Christ mind, through the threefold flame of the Christ. That light is anchored within your heart chakra in the threefold flame.

The color of each chakra reveals which ray from the causal body that chakra is intended to release. Ideally each chakra vibrates on the same wavelength as its corresponding sphere of the causal body, ‘as Above, so below.’

Your aura is the energy field that is God. It contains God. It reflects God.

When your aura is filled with light, it is filled with him. And therefore, the auric field and the temple together are the habitation of the Most High God. The sense of the sacredness of life enables us to keep the flame of purity — the sense of reverence, the sense that where I AM God is.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Getting Bigger – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Getting Bigger

When we begin to contemplate our bigger post-Reval roles, many of us may find ourselves in foreign situations, unknown territory, not speaking the native language (mathematics, finance, statistics).

Often the automatic response is to adjust the picture Third-Dimensionally, which to me is like adjusting it laterally. It’s what one sage called “moving your Scotty Dog [from Monopoly] around the board.” It just moves the pieces.

Moving some people here and others there doesn’t solve the problem.

The higher-dimensional response, I’m willing to bet, is something I think of as “getting bigger.”

Bigger than the fear, bigger than the situation, bigger than the cost we may pay.

We probably associate getting bigger with aggression, hostility, bullying, etc. I don’t mean flexing one’s muscles.

I mean the spirit getting bigger. I mean the soul taking over more of the machinery and driving it. I mean the heart leading the parade.

We all know what it feels like to get smaller – to feel more fear, anxiety, dread, etc. But many fewer of us know what it feels like to get bigger.

I can hardly describe it. Several times I’ve pulled a muscle and the actual experience of pulling it was like a knife going through butter.

Getting bigger is like the reverse of that. It’s like a knife going through butter but something bigger is suddenly created. A bigger me exists after that operation than was there before. But it’s born in the same miraculous and easy manner.

I call “bigger” into existence. I know that. But I don’t know how I do it.

We don’t need to examine things microscopically and understand them biochemically. We just need to be proficient in calling ourselves forth, standing forth, presencing ourselves – and then getting bigger.

Given that the roles of many of us will expand after the Reval, I think we’d benefit from adding this tool to our toolkit. How to practice getting bigger is something I’ll explore because I know I’ll need the skill.

Getting bigger leads to increased maturity, balance, security, patience, and compassion. (1) It feels better and allows us to bring love to the job instead of fear.


(1)  If there’s no increase in those qualities, one has not gotten bigger. Time to stop and go another way.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the recent editing. If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link OR finding it on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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ALCHEMY – Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Alchemy, from the Heal Yourself Reading Cards, by Inna Segal, artwork by Cris Ortega and Drazenka Kimpel, published by Rockpool



Alchemy: “The path you are on is about to go through a very powerful transformation. Nothing is how it seems.”

“You have an opportunity to take a big leap in your level of consciousness. It is extremely important that you focus on letting go of any negativity and beliefs that no longer serve you.

You have access to the energy of alchemy, which can transform the most challenging experiences into incredible gifts and miracles.

Meditate and take action on your highest goals and dreams. They are on their way to coming true.

Let go of your expectations. What is about to appear can surpass anything you have dreamed of. The most important part is that you are prepared, and ready to receive.

The energy around you is very potent at the moment so make sure that you are using this time as productively as possible.

Give yourself time for prayer, gratitude and celebration.”

Action: “Rub your hands together vigorously for 40 seconds, then place your hands a few centimeters apart. Visualize a golden ball of light. Focus your intention on what you would like to create and place this intention into the golden light. Then move your hands towards your heart. Feel your heart expand and grow full. Ask your Higher Self to guide you towards your deepest expansion and evolution.”*

~ By Inna Segal

Alchemy is the magical process of turning lead into gold. Fear into love. Pain and trauma into forgiveness and growth. The mundane into the magical. It is a valuable skill, and it is abundantly yours to master. Everything is changeable and everything is in the process of deep transformation. Everything is shifting, progressing, expanding and elevating. We are moving out of the old and into the new.

What can you change in your life right now, by looking at your past experience and making a different choice? How can you see yourself differently, completely transform your belief system around what is possible for you?

Tonight is the new moon, the perfect time for planting seeds, visualizing and declaring clear intention. The new moon is your blank canvas, your chance to paint a different picture of your life and patiently coax it into reality. It is a time to foster big ideas and take a few chances. It is a time to know that you can manifest your dreams with absolute certainty. A time for the very early stages of new love. A new business idea. A new collaboration.

If ever you have had the chance to be powerful, to choose your right path, to create your highest potential. Hold the energy of that time in your mind’s eye and know that this time is even more powerful.

Use it wisely. Don’t hold back.

For the Highest Good Of All and So It Is



~Archangel Oracle

*Heal Yourself Reading Cards, by Inna Segal, artwork by Cris Ortega and Drazenka Kimpel, published by Rockpool

Experiencing the Influx and Solstice Source Codes – Sandra Walter @ Ascension Path

Artist Eva Ruiz


Experiencing the Influx and Solstice Source Codes

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The higher trajectory attained at the beginning of June opened the Creator Gates, within and without, for a more direct experience of Unity Consciousness. These diamond-plasma flows will maintain their intensity through the end of June, with our Cosmic Trigger point during the June Solstice passage (peak on June 21 at 3:47 AM PDT). Our Gateway window is June 18-24 for Global focus.

As our Creator State reaches new levels of embodiment, the Divine return of the Christed/Crystalline/Krysthl state of consciousness, we experience the quantum relationship with our bodies, kingdoms, elementals and Gaia as reflections of the Galactic and Universal Ascension.

Cosmic and Solar Gateways continue to flood us with activations and Pure Source-encoded light. This is the purpose of the higher trajectory; to return our multidimensional awareness and etherically reconnect our Divine DNA.

We use the term Pure Photonic Light because the quality of this light is of a pure positive polarity. It balances negative polarities and distortions, shifts the magnetics of our hearts, bodies, energy fields and beloved Gaia. It leaves no stone unturned in its effects on de-polarizing and re-polarizing all creations into alignment with the highest frequency of Divine Love (Source.)

Shifting magnetics continue to release old realities and align us with the New. This is physically represented by expansion in Gaia (quakes, eruptions, floods, storms) and ourselves (clearing, releasing, vibrating, shifts in awareness). Hearts aligned with love and starseeded DNA, utilizing the Christed spark already activated in HUmanity, receive these Source codes and align with the command of photonic order; Evolution and Ascension in the Now.

Shifting magnetics, triggered by the positive charge of these influxes, affect our DNA by:

  • Releasing dense emotional structures (emotions are magnetic),
  • Shifting thought patterns (electric charges shift to accommodate the new magnetics)
  • Activating DNA by changing the polarization of the toroidal fields around the DNA, which allows the light codes in to trigger etheric reconnection of additional strands.

This positive light neutralizes; it balances old magnetics, adjusts Gaia’s magnetic fields to compliment the New Earth grids, and opens our fields to align with our Christed Ascension templates. It also amplifies our ability to align with Divine Neutrality, and enter Zero Point with a balanced heart center. Then we may align with Divine Will, free from the flotsam of egoic, emotional or mental constructs of the past.

We work in cleansed, fertile soil where creations in alignment with Love and service may manifest. Ascension has always been about preparation, free will choice and consistent action in the moment to align with higher, positive choices. In this Now, we have a Divine opportunity to fully activate and experience multidimensional DNA. It flickers on and off according to our personal energetics, however this higher trajectory and its influxes allow for experiences of 5D, 7D and 9D to be held within the DNA fields.

This DNA and the New Light triggers the body to reflect the Divine Template, the pure Creator-In-Carnate which is the Divine HUman expression. As we migrate realities to the 5D/7D realms, it can be an intensely beautiful and deep – sometimes exhausting – process. Sleep is still a priority. These new level of DNA activations will not be integrated without rest to allow the body to re-create in our higher image.

While many experience the overlay of the Gaia 5D/7D creation, the crystalline Gateways to that reality are accessed by unified collective agreement. HUmans aligned with a pure expression of HU (God) expressing Unconditional Love and Divine Service to collective empowerment are creating the crystalline bridges to the New Earth.

Many ask how to maintain the old schedule with the new light. Quite simply, you cannot. The energy is literally driving us into a new existence as a collective. Waves can be sudden, strong, overwhelming, and expansive. This teaches us to be in the Now; flexible, very present, patient, honoring high-vibe self-care, and flowing with the energies from moment to moment.

Opportunity with the June Solstice Trigger

Now that we have attained the higher trajectory for the collective, opportunities for a new experience present. Our baseline experience is at a much higher level, dissolving the old platforms for looping, waiting, re-creation of the past. Akashic levels dissipate so we may merge, purified and free, with the Higher Self/Future Selves.

We are asked to level up to full light capacity. Higher trajectory is embodiment, the consistent quantum experience. In this Now, we are guided to assist our bodies and consciousness with the higher trajectory shift already in progress.

To support this global detoxification and clearing, we diligently engage with self-care, cleansing, and detoxification to receive the maximum light on behalf of all. This is one of those Gateways for fasting, cleansing, detoxing, creativity, movement, meditation, Gatekeeping and New Earth Grid preparation, sacred ceremony and high-vibe activity in nature.

These higher trajectories change the collective storyline of HUmanity to align with the ancient intention of the Ascension. Restoration of the higher truth, the highest intention for this grand Universal rewrite.

This is why time dynamics, personal and global timelines are shifting quickly this year. The triggering light, combined with all the efforts of Lightworkers, Gridworkers and Gatekeepers, Starseeds and Wayshowers, continues to create higher and higher opportunities for collective Ascension. You can feel it, beloveds. Embrace the unknown, radical expansion of consciousness happening through you.

This expanded level of Lightbody allows us to collectively become the crystalline bridge to the New Earth, the Ascended reality. Our Solar-crystalline DNA vibrates (spins) much faster, allowing the cells to be light-encoded with sacred geometric patterns of perfection. We align with our pure light signature, Divine Template, and Ascend the realities around us to match our higher perception.

This is why exercises like New Earth Now can quickly shift our perception away from the past or future, and bring the ascended reality into the Now. Co-creative power is our birthright, and when we play with this skill as open hearts in Service, Unity consciousness becomes readily available to the entire population.  It amplifies higher timelines, which accelerates the process for all concerned. Ancient us and Future us, merged and operating with clarity in this Now.

Detox, Prepare, Cleanse, Simplify, Co-Create with the Influx

The Higher light is here, these cosmic waves of diamond-crystalline pure photonic-encoded plasma are flowing, cresting, building each moment. Some moments are (much!) stronger, when the light feels palpable, quite physical waves of expansion. This higher trajectory is already a strong experience. The Solstice trigger will shift the High-Vibe tribe into a consistent Christed state of expanded consciousness. We become pure conduits operating with ease and grace, providing stability for the higher timeline shifts.

In our Divine Service, we collectively focus on receiving maximum expansion through the Solstice passage. Heed the messages from the body itself to align with high-vibe support in the Now. Since this is a DNA Gateway, we cleanse, detoxify, clear our energy fields, open our hearts, meridians and bodies. We support the highest vibration of peace, harmony, freedom, creativity and Ascension. Any adjustments or clearing supports the global detox, especially as we move into higher states of unification.

Remember this is an organic Ascension; getting offline and in nature allows the Source codes to activate. Earthing (bare feet on the ground or in water) as often as possible. It also helps ground the euphoric effects of quantum expansion. Rest and simplify during this passage. Meditate in Zero Point.

SUNday Unity Meditations: The Sensation of Home

We continue to amplify Gaia and the HUman Heart Grid with infusions of peace, crystalline consciousness and Ascension. Participate in the SUNday Global Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm Pacific Daylight Time. Spread the word, this is our High-Vibe Tribe co-creation and they continue to expand. The vibration of Home, the Christed Heart Center, can be very comforting right now. Join your Brothers and siSTARs in co-creating highest outcomes for all concerned, amplifying the Christed timelines, and enhancing your own experience of Ascension.

May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness by this Divine Light. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,


Artist Eva Ruiz

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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