Getting Bigger – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Getting Bigger

When we begin to contemplate our bigger post-Reval roles, many of us may find ourselves in foreign situations, unknown territory, not speaking the native language (mathematics, finance, statistics).

Often the automatic response is to adjust the picture Third-Dimensionally, which to me is like adjusting it laterally. It’s what one sage called “moving your Scotty Dog [from Monopoly] around the board.” It just moves the pieces.

Moving some people here and others there doesn’t solve the problem.

The higher-dimensional response, I’m willing to bet, is something I think of as “getting bigger.”

Bigger than the fear, bigger than the situation, bigger than the cost we may pay.

We probably associate getting bigger with aggression, hostility, bullying, etc. I don’t mean flexing one’s muscles.

I mean the spirit getting bigger. I mean the soul taking over more of the machinery and driving it. I mean the heart leading the parade.

We all know what it feels like to get smaller – to feel more fear, anxiety, dread, etc. But many fewer of us know what it feels like to get bigger.

I can hardly describe it. Several times I’ve pulled a muscle and the actual experience of pulling it was like a knife going through butter.

Getting bigger is like the reverse of that. It’s like a knife going through butter but something bigger is suddenly created. A bigger me exists after that operation than was there before. But it’s born in the same miraculous and easy manner.

I call “bigger” into existence. I know that. But I don’t know how I do it.

We don’t need to examine things microscopically and understand them biochemically. We just need to be proficient in calling ourselves forth, standing forth, presencing ourselves – and then getting bigger.

Given that the roles of many of us will expand after the Reval, I think we’d benefit from adding this tool to our toolkit. How to practice getting bigger is something I’ll explore because I know I’ll need the skill.

Getting bigger leads to increased maturity, balance, security, patience, and compassion. (1) It feels better and allows us to bring love to the job instead of fear.


(1)  If there’s no increase in those qualities, one has not gotten bigger. Time to stop and go another way.


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