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Tracking How We Feel

There’s a part of the work that I do that fit perfectly with how I feel in general, when Archangel Michael brought it to my attention in 2012. He called it the work of a “monitor.”

Archangel Michael: You are a monitor. We have not talked about this a great deal.

Steve: No. I don’t know what a monitor is or does, Lord.

AAM: You monitor what is happening upon your planet. You observe what is happening and you share your observations of what is happening. (1)

That fits perfectly with my background. Only eight lifetimes on Earth. Enduring interest in anthropology, patterns of behavior, largescale events, language and communication, etc. Studied broadbush, overarching disciplines and their near relations. All of these fit with the role he described.

Ellie Miser from the Pleiades is, I suspect, also a monitor. She used to post strange and delightful things she came across about humanity, like the Darwin Awards.

I never could figure out why she was reporting on humanity rather than the galactics. But she was performing the work of a monitor. She was helping the folks back home better understand us.

I wanted to understand how a world war could get started and so I studied the Second World War for a long time. Only recently do I feel I have any kind of understanding of it.

And here I am reporting my impressions of humans.  That’s a long preamble.

Beginning my report home.

What seems to motivate humans more than anything else is how they feel.

If a mob is turned against a person, they could kill him. If the same mob is inspired with compassion and love, they could welcome him back into their midst. How they feel is their chief motivator, it seems to me.

Ending my report home.

Lately I’ve been tracking how I feel. My emotional IQ is in bad shape. I need to do pushups in the area to get my awareness back to where it was many years ago.

I may have to really reflect for a minute or more before I can identify the way I’m feeling, these days. In olden times, I’d say “I’m out of touch with my feelings.” And I am.

If I’m out of touch with my feelings at this moment, I don’t want to remain so.

Time to get back in touch with what is the largest single motivator of our behavior, individually and collectively. (2)

I’ve begun to get serious about my path in the last remaining time before we all go happily crazy instead of anxiously crazy.

I notice I’m now walking slowly around the neighborhood, usually deep in thought and not caring who sees me anymore. I want to be deep in feeling as well.

I need to get back in touch with the total being that I am, in this precious interlude before things get busy.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 16, 2012.

(2) If we want to watch someone who galvanized feeling and then used it for his own evil ends, watch any rally with Hitler during the 1930s. A whole nation subverted.

And it was repeated in Italy, Spain, Japan, and elsewhere. When China was liberated from the Japanese, it was still repeated by Mao in China.

Skillful dictators and politicians have played on the public sentiment or feeling to channel people’s emotional uplift into support for the regime since way before Machiavelli.  How people feel guides them in most important decisions.

So how I feel, as a student of awareness, becomes a matter of central importance for me to know.


Messenger by Susan Seddon Boulet

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