Born to Lead – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Born to Lead

Michael once said to me: “You are reticent to be the clarion call. … Let it go.” (1)

Yes, I am reticent.

But you know, a clarion call is needed.

I feel the need to raise a subject that I know is going to be important later on and is better raised now.

I feel the need to say it before we all vamoose the ranch for a rest after the Reval.

I regard this as a true statement: If you call yourself a lightworker, it follows like night and day that you’re also intended to be a leader.

I predict that leadership will be our business as long as we’re lightworkers because only lightworkers know the whole story.

Only lightworkers know where we’re headed and for what reason. Only they know who’s leading the show (the Divine Mother) and what role we all play in her unfolding drama.

Only lightworkers know the purpose of life and the larger significance of this Ascension. Or that there is an Ascension at all.

Only lightworkers have heard the Divine Mother ask them – and have responded:

“Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. …

“We are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.” (2)

Archangel Michael reminded us that, if lightworkers did not step forward, there would be a vacuum.

“If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

“So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

“Now, who, upon this wondrous planet, has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? … Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers.” (3)

This is the clarion call. This is our invitation. Either lead or leave an unbridgeable gap.

If lightworkers don’t lead, I’m not sure if Nova Earth would get built. Because, if we don’t lead, then we’d all level our consciousness down to whomever is leading. And if that happened, our action would probably lack determination. It’d probably lack stability and cohesiveness. We’d probably wobble and be lethargic as a society.

Look at our leaders at the moment – the nominal leader of the G7 quits the group (June 11, 2018).  Excuse me? Did he just shoot himself in the foot? The late-night talk show hosts are being handed their material on a silver platter.

Reality trumps fiction. Are these folks to be our role models? Is it their consciousness we’re going to level down to?

Why? Only because lightworkers have not filled the gap in leadership.

Lightworkers know what’s so and have the persistence and the vision to build Nova Earth.

As I understand it, we’re destined to just keep expanding as a family.  Michael once said that the circle of lightworkers would grow to take in the whole world some day.

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve: And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?

AAM: Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (4)

We’re asked to lead not because we’re somehow a chosen people. We’re not, except in the sense that we chose ourselves, but more because we know the Divine Plan and our roles in it.

We’re organizing ourselves. We’re preparing ourselves. We’re ready. When we begin, don’t be shy. We’re going to have to lead.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2016.

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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The Arcturians ~ Timeline Bridge – Meline Portia Lafont

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The Arcturians ~ Timeline Bridge

June 14, 2018

Mélne Portia Lafont


Hi Beloveds,

Before sharing this intel, I want to explain what is going on and how I obtained this information.  It is crystal clear that something has occurred last night (European Time).  My heart suddenly shifted its frequency and was held into a cocoon – this was how it felt.  Leeway was granted so that High intelligence and Light frequencies could enter and be passed on.  The heart is brought into a space where it is held safe and protected, beating on itself of course, while the whole body is receiving huge downloads.

I went to sleep early experiencing headaches, going into a deep sleep and waking up differently.  No appetite, feeling  tired, experiencing nausea but full of inspiration and energy.  I noticed something was different, something had changed.  I became aware of this and now it has shifted over to an irrefutable knowing.

My heart is more at ease, like I am.  A more trusting feeling and being at peace.

The Arcturians came through to inform me, but in order to receive the intel I had to lay down with my hands on my heart, underneath a clear quartz.  They said that in order to receive what is going on, I had to integrate the light codes first as the message into my cells so that I could later on channel it into words.

Doing so, I saw myself traveling through a wormhole, which warped me into a Universe.  Here I was shown my heart which had now 6 streams of Light energy coming together as to where it were only 3 before.  The Arcturians explained that this was the Multidimensional portal activating in full body (physicality).

The word “timeline bridge” was the only word that was given when suddenly a surge went through my heart, my third eye started to experience a high pressure and pulsating vibration.  I saw the particles of the Universe along with a huge white Dome.

I see us in a stream of accelerated speed.  But we do not notice this, we do not feel it as it appears to be the same pace as before.  YET we are on an accelerated speed and our bodies DO notice and know this. It is not in our awareness at this point but our bodies will show us this to be the case more and more as time passes by.

What happened next was a shock that went through the left side of my body.  It was pulled down and then up while my right side did not move.  Alignment…

Then a huge field of white and Seafoam green light entered my body and I was receiving the Light codes. What followed next was the intel which I share below.

My heart feels different, I feel different in a positive way.  I would Love to hear your experiences.

Much love



Timeline Bridge

By the Arcturians through Méline Lafont

On June 14th a Timeline shift has occurred. It was a shift in time, a change of momentum during the bridging of the Solstice. This Beloveds, is an activation, a start, a point of acceleration which instigates this momentum of the Now.

Energies are building up and as these come into an acceleration, a shift point breaks through as to where a bridging momentum suddenly shifts into Higher gears. So you are, as of now, evolving into an accelerated modus. Although it may appear to your human eyes that all is the same, nevertheless your ears are receiving high pitch tones and you are all catapulted into an accelerated speed.

You are as of now traveling into a High speed of Light which is propelling you further into the God consciousness of ALL and ONE.

What does this mean? It means that collectively you all have reached a level of integration that is called the Superhuman consciousness. As of now, you are receiving the God/Source codes of Light which initiate and activate your Super human consciousness to become embodied.

You have collectively reached a state of consciousness that is ready to rebuild your cellular system into super light and into super modus which unlocks the super human abilities.

You are as of now Multidimensional Beings birthed onto this Earth. You always have been Multidimensional but NOW, through this timeline shift, a portal was opened to activate the Superhuman consciousness onto the plane which lies in your physicality reality.

Things will turn out to be more present in the physical, starting from now on, as this is the plane and the reality that was consciously opened collectively. The Light workers have worked with endurance and perseverance these last few years, and this has payed off. Continuous focus, dedication, self connection and self realisation are the key characteristics to this.

The heart has started to unlock the multidimensional aspects of your being, as you will probably already sense that you have become more Multidimensional over the last 4 years of your time in physical body. This is indeed so in the heart/your Being. What has added is that the heart unlocking this all , will propel you all collectively into the Higher spheres and notion of being more Multidimensional in form.

When going into your meditations, you will notice that your heart stream has changed. More colors are added and flowing through your already colorful ‘De-Light’. A different heart stream has been initiated and is being birthed into physicality. From now on you will receive more Inter Galactic and Stellar influences as Light codes from us and from other Stellar Brothers and Sisters.

You have now entered the Stellar consciousness, collectively on a Higher level. It now takes for all of you to start embodying this energy field into your systems, into your cellular representation and into your heart as the human temple.

The more you ground and embody this energy field – which flows through your heart stream and as your renewed heart stream – the more the collective will be infused with this all simultaneously.

What are the physical signals and symptoms? Some experience insomnia during this passage – others are sleeping double of their usual time. This depends on how easy you can cope with this energy field upgrade. The heart has a different tone and level of beating, piercing tones and high pitch tones in the ears. A body change sensation: your cells are being upgraded. High and strong third eye pulsation. The inner Crystals are activating, bringing you Higher awareness. This means that you will notice you are more sensitive, you can see the veils lifting up and all is more detailed.

You will feel new information and Light codes entering your awareness, even so that you are sensing it direct from Source. Instant insight, instant knowing, instant seeing. Your telepathic abilities will now start to take off and become stronger aligned with the Galactic planes.

Nausea is a deliverance of Higher frequencies replacing the old lower frequencies. Release and drink plenty of water to facilitate “the change of the guards”. (old being replaced by new)

You will now have to remain silent, in retreat and connected to your SELF to facilitate and bring in as much Light codes as possible as you are being informed continuously and bombarded with our Stellar Light codes and Being.

We shall speak more of this later.


The Arcturians

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Geographical Diffusion – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Spiritual Awakening Painting by Teressa Nichole @ Fine Art America


Geographical Diffusion

How do various inventions arise on different continents, often around the same time?

The matter – called geographical diffusion – is not discussed widely in the messages of our sources but we can find some references to it.

It isn’t enough perhaps to safely ground a theory, but it’s enough to allow us to speculate.

Let’s start with how higher-dimensional beings work with the individual and then work up to the group.

We know that our guides and the archangels inspire us as individuals.  Let  me use my own circle of guidance as an example of what yours may look like.

In my first reading through Linda in Dec. 2010, my twin flame, Annastara, came forward and introduced my guides:

“Dear heart, you have asked who your guides are. They are so willing, and able to declare themselves.” (1)

Annastara introduces herself and the three other guides and then adds:

“Now that does not mean that we are not joined by others from time to time and continually, for there are many that not only seek to help but love to observe and love to participate.

“Not everything you do is just you single-handedly and you have the good sense to know this, which honors us, that you allow us to help.” (2)

Shortly after (Jan. 2011), Archangel Michael introduced himself and added himself to the circle:

“I am with you. … Anastara is with you. We are all with you. You do not travel alone.” (3)

It isn’t intended that we “travel alone,” he said:

“[The Mother] did not beckon or tap you on the shoulder and ask you to step out of line so you could do so alone. So you are flanked, my beloved friend, by me, by your star brethren, and by many. So the guidance is there.” (4)

On another occasion, he acknowledged inspiring and overlighting, something he does with many people:

“I have [inspired] and will inspire and overlight you when the time is right for … messages to be conveyed.” (5)

Later he reported:

“You are heeding the guidance. You are listening and reciprocating.” (6)

He described how our guides work with us, advising:

“Do not doubt what you are feeling moved to do. For we are not only moving; we are encouraging; we are pushing and pulling at times.” (7)

Let’s now move up from individual inspiration one step to social mission for the Mother.

Archangel Michael suggested to Kathleen that the galactics were watching lightworkers and will actually tap those who do well to be the human face of their “massive” projects. This shows that they’re watching us.

“The Galactics have no shortage of money and so there will be some very massive projects and the funds will be made available but they will really ask for human leadership in order to be not seen as trying in any way to assume control.” (8)

The Divine Mother made it plainer: “We give you [your] allowance and we see how you do.” (9)

I asked Michael twice to confirm that those who do well will be used for larger and larger projects and he confirmed it. Once in 2013:

Steve: Am I correct in thinking that those people who cultivate generosity will be used as channels for further abundance?

Archangel Michael: Yes, that is correct. Understand: love begets love; generosity begets gratitude, begets generosity; joy begets generosity, begets gratitude. You are absolutely correct. (10)

And again in 2016:

Steve: Now I have been saying to readers that the Company of Heaven is watching financial wayshowers and stewards.

Archangel Michel: That is correct.

Steve: And that those who do well – in other words, do the job of hydrating society – will find themselves supported to go forward.

AAM: That is correct. (11)

In 2016 as well, Michael acknowledged that “those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about … [will] become the spokesbeings for many.” (12)

So, to pause here, we’ve demonstrated that we have higher-dimensional guides, that they interact with us on a personal and social level, and that those who show promise are given ideas and used in bigger projects. These are the mechanisms by which higher-dimensional beings work with us today.

But, if we were to go back millennia to look at inventions like the use of the bow and arrow or spear, what have our guides to say on the diffusion of those ideas?

At that time, our guides still worked with us, I’m sure, but few of us would have been aware of it.

The Divine Mother acknowledged the principle of geographical diffusion of an idea – that the higher dimensions send out the same inspiration to many, possibly on different continents. In 2015 she said:  “There are, guaranteed, many, a multitude, of beings upon the planet who, give or take a little, have been given the same inspiration.” (13)

And Mike Quinsey’s sources explain that the higher-dimensional galactics place ideas for inventions in the minds of prospective inventors:

“From the higher realms we place ideas upon those people who are in a position to use and develop them for the benefit of humanity. We ensure that a number of suitable people are ‘programmed’ so that the ideas do not become dormant.” (14)

I acknowledge other explanations of geographical diffusion such as the collective consciousness. I’ll probably do a follow-up article on how that phenomenon works.

The Divine Mother and the galactics have acknowledged inspiring the same idea in the minds of many. When combined with the descriptions of how our guides work with us, we have a speculative explanation for the phenomenon of geographical diffusion. The answer is that the Company of Heaven inspire the same idea in the minds of many, sometimes on different continents.


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Spiritual Awakening Painting by Teressa Nichole @ Fine Art America

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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