Relationships and Sexuality in Telos – Adama of Telos – From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia

Relationships and Sexuality in Telos

Adama, please talk about relationships between men and women in Telos. How is sexuality handled between people of Telos? How can people in the third dimension evolve toward these types of relationships?

Greetings, my beloveds,
It is a real delight for me and for my team to be spending time with you in your energy field as you read our words. It is our most heartfelt desire to impart a greater understanding of divine laws and their applications for you.

The way we live our lives in Telos does not differ greatly from any other galactic community in this solar system or this universe. We are all living and applying the universal laws which are the same for everyone. How life is expressed from civilization to civilization may vary to a greater or lesser degree, but the core principles are the same for everyone. You may call it “unity or universal consciousness.”

Our relationships and sexual expression in Telos reflect a consciousness much more evolved and mature than yours in the understanding of the various applications of Love.

To begin with, the curriculum for relationships is “union” in oneness, in an embrace of the experience of divine love. For a very long time in your dimension, relationships have been based on duality consciousness. Now dear ones, you have become weary of these types of relationships that do not work and do not fulfill your heart’s desires.

Your relationships, for the most part, have caused you various levels of pain and longing. You are now yearning to gain a greater understanding of relationship. Many of you are waking up to the distorted programming you hold about reationships and seeking to balance the masculine and feminine energies within your being.

First of all, know that it all begins with you. Your “significant other” is simply a mirror for you to evolve with and learn from. No one can love you more than you love yourself, nor can you love someone else more than you love yourself.
Consider this:
Whenever you are looking for someone to give you the love that you are not willing to give to yourself, you create need.

You must embody the appropriate balance to attract the type of relationship you yearn for or the relationship will be based on neediness rather than oneness. This, my friends, will never work, at least not for very long. Remember that in an unsatisfying relationship, both partners mirror for each other the imbalances of neediness, of ownership, of un- realistic expectations, control, manipulation and so on. You know the entire litany of complaints about relationships in your dimension even better than we do.

Whenever people are whole and complete within Self, with balanced feminine and masculine energies, they are in love with themselves and do not need someone else to fulfill them emotionally. They feel whole, happy and successful. They exude the joy of life with or without a partner. They do not feel the emptiness within that being needy and out of balance produces.

When this balance is achieved, then and only then will the “I AM” of your being issue the call for the right relation- ship to appear in your life in alignment with your desire and your present pathway. This “divine union” with the twin flame of your heart can manifest in your life only by the permission of your Higher Self.

In Telos we honor ourselves such that none of us would ever accept or settle for a relationship that is less than 100% fulfilling on all levels.

In our society, we consider each other equals and we honor each other’s divinity and soul path. Though your society is gradually changing, and women are now opening to their feminine potential as equal partners, there are still too many women who tolerate inequality as well as verbal and physical abuse. Too many of you do not yet feel worthy of being loved and you tolerate beatings, deprivation, and violation of your integrity and freedom.

Too many of you still think that this is what you deserve, or you perceive abusive relationships as a normal way of life. Even in the USA, this consciousness still exists for many. It exists even more tragically in several countries on this planet where women have absolutely no rights. You know what and where I mean; you have seen it in your newspapers and television news.

In our society, and in all evolved societies, men and women consider each other as two aspects of God. The woman represents the aspects of the divine mother and the man represents the divine father. There is honor and respect between couples at all times. This does not mean that they always agree, but even when there is a difference of desire or perspective, they honor each other’s viewpoint and do not fight or argue over it. They do not have this kind of attachment to being right or wrong, and they do not love each other any less because of their differences of perspective.

From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia


Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.


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2 thoughts on “Relationships and Sexuality in Telos – Adama of Telos – From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia

  1. Wow great, very informative post… everyone should read it… i also started blogging and i have written many posts on transforming masculine and feminine relationships into divine love, but due to some problems with society and people who do not like to see sexual topic because of conditioning done in their mind.. i kept my site hidden… No one wants to go beyond sexuality to reach Super-Consciousness..

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  2. Thank you Lifebeyondimagination ♥ To be honest no-one can please everyone all of the time. There is much I do not resonate with myself and I ignore so perhaps let your website blog be visible ♥ At least then it can be seen and appreciated both by you and others on the same wavelength …. ♥ ♥

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