Hold That Pose – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Reading A Book by Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès – via Bas van Houwelingen


 Hold That Pose

Marcel Marceau and Maurice Chevalier Credit: The Guardian

I sometimes seem very much out of step with many people around me.

They appear to want to party and celebrate the exit of “Junuary” and the arrival of “summer.” For them holidays are here.

I can’t honestly say it’s that way for me. I want to work.  For me work is not work, any more than painting was for Picasso or sculpture for Michaelangelo.  I’d do what I do even on holidays. In my sleep.

(This wholehearted desire to do something is a sign that that something is a part of our mission.)

The subject matter – the observable evolution of humanity, seen first within myself and then within others – endlessly fascinates me.

I haven’t been here often, apparently, and sometimes I feel like a Gaian anthropologist … or maybe a humanologist.  The human branch on Earth, that is, rather than Sirius, the Pleiades, etc.

I can’t get enough of reading about patterns in Gaian human behavior. Sometimes on the street I want to say, “Why do you do that?” or “Why are you saying one thing and looking like you want another? Why is it necessary to hide?”

In my doctoral year in Sociology, my thesis adviser upbraided me with “I think you read only the prefaces of books.” He was right. I wanted only the theory, not the application.

I hungrily read the prefaces of books in sociology, psychology, anthropology, proxemics, kinesics, folkloristics, every field including and adjacent to sociology in the Library. I couldn’t get enough of it. (Of course I just thought what I was doing was normal. Turned out it wasn’t.)

In one of my lives, I helped turn the printing press into a technology.  In another, two millennia ago, I wrote a book that’s still popular today. I’ve always been in love with words and what can be done with them. As long as I’m working with words, I’m happy – indexing, categorizing, analyzing, explaining.

But add to a love of ordinary wordsmithing – which I find delightful and inspirational unto itself – the spiritual guidance that comes through, accompanied by bliss. Now you have an addictive experience.  Wisdom plus bliss. Who would say no?

Who could resist it? And everything that comes from guidance makes more sense than what comes from me, I have to report.

When Michael dictated the Declaration of Human Freedom through me, from time to time I’d say, “No” and change a word. Later when I came back and edited it, alarm bells went off wherever I’d put a word in and I ended up changing them all back to the original.

I assure you, given the abundance of bliss I feel when I write, the laborer is well paid for his hire.

I love doing this. Hold that pose.



Reading A Book by Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès – via Bas van Houwelingen

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