The Company of Heaven has Our Back – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Company of Heaven has Our Back

I wanted to review the discussions of how the Company of Heaven are protecting lightworkers who agree to act as financial, Earth or other stewards.

The CoH has repeatedly assured lightworkers that we are “mightily protected.”  (1)  Here’s the Divine Mother herself giving us that assurance in 2016:

“Having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected!” (2)

Here’s Michael repeating the reassurance:

“Are the lightworkers who are diligent and see themselves in a stewardship role greatly protected? The answer is, ‘yes.’” (3)

On another occasion he said: “You have not incarnated to be removed, either by inflicted or imagined or created [forces]. [You’re not] in physicality [for] anything less than perfection.” (4)

That’s the purpose of Ascension, right? That we should emerge in perfected bodies – light bodies? Thus, we lightworkers are here for nothing less than perfection.

Therefore he can assure us: “It is not our intention or our plan to allow you to be cannon fodder for the cause because that would defeat the purpose.” (5)

The purpose is for us to walk forth into the sunshine, for a new Garden of Eden to arise on a peaceful Earth. Peace won’t have a great deal of meaning if all of us are lying dead on a battlefield.

That isn’t the extent of the peace that Michael wants and is forecasting for us. But that’s another story.

In this article, let’s look more closely at these words that the Mother used – “mightily protected.”  What do they mean, exactly?

Michael gives us a head’s up that they mean something special. In 2013, he said: “You are being mightily – and I use that word very specifically – mightily protected.” (6) What do the words mean that he uses very specifically?

In the language used by the CoH, “mighty ones” refers to the archangels.  Here Michael explains: “They call the archangels, ‘the mighty ones.’ And we are honored by that title.” (7)

Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara is one who uses the term:  “The protection is already in force. The mighty ones, the Archangelics, have surrounded you and Gaia.” (8)

So the archangels are the ones heading up our protection team. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Many of us – myself included, for years – could not really get what that meant. I’m sure Michael is talking about me here:

“This is something that many human beings do not understand and that you will share and write about over time and in the near future.

“When we declare that, whether it is a guardian angel or a guide (because they are interchangeable), an Archangel, a Seraphim, the Mother herself but particularly when I say, when we say or a guardian angel says that they are protecting you, what does this really mean?

“It means that there is no need for fear, that this very old core issue/false grid can truly be thrown into the trash heap or the recycle bin to be given back to the Light.

“Few people really believe this and it is curious because there is seldom a situation in which we do not begin and end by saying this.” (9)

I could burst out laughing if I really got it. I’d be free from worry and fear.

The fact that we don’t really get or believe it he calls a “wobbly leg” in our sacred partnership with the celestials.

“It is a basic wobbly leg in human/divine relationships because the relationship is starting with this aspect [fear], based on old human experiences, … on this aspect of ‘I don’t really trust you so you better prove yourself and show me’ rather than proceeding not only in the love but in the mantle of protection that is around you always.

“So I am giving you this as food for thought, not so much even for your sacred self but as food for thought for how you discuss things with those who are our faithful readers.

“And the desire for many, and when I say many I mean billions, of Gaians to simply release this hesitancy to trust because it is also, of course, as you well know, a hesitancy to trust oneself, to trust that in fact what you feel about yourself is trustworthy.” (10)

No, it was very much food for thought for me. I simmer in worry and fear all day long. And Suzi and I are a “terminal” for your concerns, as well.

To think that I can lay my worries and fears down explodes my entire view of life.

This is something that I need to get down to my bones and cells.  We can trust in the archangelic presence.  We can proceed without fear.

Well, I am. I won’t be installing this protective system and living in that gated compound afterwards. I’m carrying on for as long as I can as I do now.

My life has always been an experiment. The experiment now is to prove the archangels right, that they are protecting us and that a few rogues and villains are not going to get the best of them.

I will not live in fear after the Reval. Those who are with us are far stronger than those who are against us.

The Divine Plan for Earth and its inhabitants is to emerge triumphant this Ascension, not like our last attempts in Atlantis and Lemuria. Peace will reign, Michael says, with no residue remaining:

“Our code word is victory and it is not victory over anything; it is victory with.

“It is the bringing of peace on Earth. That is the prelude [to everything else]; that is the promise.

“It is the promise that has been made throughout the universe, but it is also the promise that has been made to the Universal Mother. And that peace will prevail.” (11)

This next period of time – in which lightworkers are given the means to rebuild the structures and institutions of the planet – is our time and our turn to step out boldly in many new directions.  The first new direction that must come to support the rest is the achievement of world peace.

And we’ll do it.

The next is the achievement of individual, inner peace.  Rock-solid, stable, secure.

Take comfort in knowing that the Company of Heaven has us in their hands and that the major contours of the future are already present, in place, alive in the higher dimensions.


(1) Here are some examples:

Steve Beckow: Surely the cabal is looking at these people with a lot of money and licking its chops, right?

Archangel Michael: You are hidden in many ways. … I am pretty good at protection. I have a few souls that help me out now and then. … Do you think a few rogues are going to beat me at my own game? …

Not to worry, dear heart. You are mightily protected.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 22, 2016.)

Archangel Michael: You will put the normal security precautions in place that any institution will provide. But, dear heart, I would suggest that you are mightily protected.  (Ibid., Nov. 19, 2013.)

Archangel Michael: It is not so much, my friend, that you are being targeted. That does not mean that you are not on the radar. Of course you are. And as you step forward to create peace on Earth, it will be even more so.

But you are also mightily protected, and you have created and built your energy field. They cannot and will not be permitted to harm you. (Ibid., Feb. 18, 2011.)

(2) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017,” Dec. 31, 2016 at An exception to their protection would be people like John Kennedy who’ve agreed in their soul contracts to lead what are called “sacrificial lives.”

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., June 9, 2017

(4) Ibid., Feb. 5, 2016.

(5) Ibid., Nov. 30, 2011.

(6) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Nov. 19, 2013.

(7) Archangel Michael in “Archangels Michael and Gabrielle on the Angelic Realm: Hour with an Angel Transcript, March 26, 2012,” at h4tp:// Here Michael uses the term in context: “We all do – I mean the mighty ones, the archangels – we have the capacity to bring the fullness of our energy to many, many, many, and yes, if you wish, millions—millions!—of places simultaneously.” (Loc. cit.)

(8) “Transcript: Sanat Kumara ~ Ascension: Your New Tomorrow, Right Now ~ September 17, 2015,” at

(9) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Nov. 15, 2017.

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(11) Ibid., Feb. 18, 2011.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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An Introduction to Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Luisa Villavicencio


An Introduction to Ascension

Narendra Misra asked me to write an introduction to Ascension for Hindus. I’m happy to oblige.

If we turn to The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar Giri, Paramahansa Yogananda’s guru, we find him telling us what’s happening at this moment.

But before he takes up that discussion he has a wonderful, contextualizing comment to make, one that describes the work of my own blog, the Golden Age of Gaia (and probably Narendra’s as well):

“The purpose of this book is to show as clearly as possible that there is an essential unity in all religions; that there is no difference in the truths inculcated by the various faiths; that there is but one method by which the world, external and internal, has evolved; and that there is but one Goal admitted by all scriptures.” (1)

If we agree with Sri Yukteswar, then we agree that what he talks about are real phenomena – not just real to him but real in the universe – that we of other faiths may have different names for them but we’re talking about the same thing, and that all views and all religions carry their sincere practitioners closer and closer to the “one Goal” of all, the transcendent and unknowable God.

I call what Sri Yukteswar is pointing at “cross-cultural spirituality.” (2) Hindus call it Sanathana Dharma; others, theosophy, the ageless wisdom, and the perennial philosophy.

What I want to focus on is his teachings on the various yugas or ages and what’s called the precession of the equinoxes. (3)

That term refers to a circuit the Sun makes that covers some 24,000 years in extent and is known to people of many different persuasions.

As a Vedic astrologer, like Sri Yukteswar Giri, Narendra could tell you much more about it than I can.

The period of time we’re in right now falls at the height of the circuit, when, as Sri Yukteswar tells us, “the mental virtue becomes so much developed that man can easily comprehend all, even the mysteries of the spirit.” (4)

The gradual process others currently call “Ascension” is the transition from the previous age of darkness (Kali Yuga, Dark Age, Iron Age) to this age of Light (Sat Yuga, Golden Age, Age of Aquarius, New Age).

It has some peaks which mostly correspond to the enlightenment events that most Hindus know well, (5) as the kundalini courses up through the spine.

Then the chakra system is left behind and the heart permanently and fully opens in what Sri Ramana Maharshi calls “Sahaja Samadhi.”  (6) “Sahaja” means natural: This is our natural state.

And it’s also the culminating event of our Ascension. Our heart having permanently opened is our entree into higher dimensionality.

We commonly talk about Ascension as a consciousness shift. That’s what lies at the heart of it. But it’s also more.

It’s an experiment as well in taking the physical human body with us, something that hasn’t been tried before in other Ascensions. (3)

And it’s an experiment in a mass Ascension. On Earth until we reached this place in our solar circuit, Ascensions have been individual matters.

But now, we’re receiving assistance from higher-dimensional civilizations.

Consequently, the vibration has been raised sufficiently over the entire Earth for all people who could describe themselves as “decent” to expand their consciousness gradually and gracefully into the Fifth or higher dimension of life; i.e., to ascend.

It’s also more than a simple consciousness shift in the sense that we lightworkers and our friends from other civilizations (galactics, our star family) will be building Nova Earth.

In a flow of abundance that’s expected, we’ll have the chance to end homelessness, hunger, poverty, disease, and all other sources of misery on Earth.

Our star brothers and sisters are the folks who’ve watched over us since the beginning of the human experiment on Planet Earth, our forebears and ancestors from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, etc.

Right now they’re pouring their higher-dimensional, loving energies into us to assist us to ascend. They’ll join us later for a celebration that’s been planned for eons.

They look like us, can speak our languages, and are keenly aware of and committed to us.

Their arrival among us is referred to as “Disclosure.” They too are part of the Divine Plan for our Ascension, as will be discussed more in the future.

These elements of the Divine Plan and tasks we’ve agreed to make what is transpiring at the moment more than simply a consciousness shift.

I predict that someone right now is asking themselves what they need to do to ascend.

If you’ve reached this level of rising vibration and feel for the most part happy with things, you have nothing to worry about. The rising energies will do the rest in their appointed time. This is not an exclusive process; it’s very, very inclusive. When we “go One,” we go all.

This is an introduction to what’s happening on Planet Earth during this consciousness shift, known to Hindus as entry into the Sat Yuga or Golden Age and to others as Ascension.

Thank you to Narendra for inviting me to comment. And I hope he continues and expands the discussion.

For much more on these subjects, go to the “Library” on the Golden Age of Gaia


(1) Sri Yukteswar Giri, The Holy Science. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1984, 3.

(2) See “On Cross-Cultural Spirituality,” at

(3) Sri Yukteswar, ibid., 7-20.

(4) Ibid., 8.

(5) Spiritual awakening (4th-chakra); Savikalpa Samadhi or cosmic consciousness (6th-chakra); Kevalya Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Brahmajnana (7th-chakra). This completes the chakra circuit but is still only “halfway up the mountain.”

Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a full and permanent heart opening, beyond the 3rd/4th-dimensional chakra system. I interviewed the Divine Mother once on An Hour with an Angel and she confirmed that Sahaja was the culmination of Ascension:

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes. It is beyond what you think of [associated] with your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.

So freed from the Third Dimension, which is what a full and permanent heart opening – i.e., Sahaja Samadhi – does. This is the end-point of our Ascension process. We continued:

SB: It’s wonderful to have that confirmed. Thank you very much, Mother.

DM: It is wonderful for us as well, you know!

SB: Is it? How so, Mother?

DM: As we move beyond what you think of in your realm as emotion, that does not mean that the pervasive love and joy is not felt as we participate, witness, move and assist and beckon you forward. …

Now, you understand that most people have no conception of what this [discussion] really means.  And, yes, you will do a good job of explaining.

SB: Well, you know that I have a website [From Darkness to Light] that discusses Sahaja Samadhi at length. And that’s from Sri Ramana Maharshi, more or less.  If I take that material and present it to readers, would that be adequate?

DM: That will help. (“The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at

I’ve since written on the subject here:

(6) Usually one ascends upon exiting the body at “death,” as with Jesus and the Buddha (who doubtless had already ascended in other lifetimes).

(7) Sri Ramana describes how in each stage of enlightenment, the heart opens for a while and then closes again.

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam [wisdom] as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point, which is always shut [the hridayam].

“When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi or Brahmajnana], it opens but shuts again after it. When Sahaja [Nirvikalpa Samadhi] is attained it opens for good.” (Ramana Maharshi in Cohen, S.S., Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 96.)

Only with Sahaja does the heart open and remain open permanently. That is the moment of full Ascension, which happens a few subplanes inside the Fifth Dimension.

This is mukti, moksha, or liberation from birth and death. There is no death in the Fifth and higher dimensions.


Art by Luisa Villavicencio

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Living Between Realities – Suzanne Lie

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Living Between Realities–The Pleiadians Thru Sue Lie


Living Between Realities

Pleiadian Transmissions to Earth #1

Dear Earthlings, which includes ALL living beings who are able to receive, attend to, and share our message, we are honored to share with you what is occurring in the higher dimensions that encircle Gaia.

The Arcturians will also have their transmission, but they wanted us Pleiadians to begin this process as we appear more human and are more able to understand human behaviors. Also, we Pleiadians have taken many earth vessels to better understand humanity.

We Galactics occasionally take an “earth vessel” as a preparation for us to better understand Earth society. The most difficult part of our “joining Earth society” is the illusion of being alone.

On the Ship we are in constant contact with everyone on the Ship.  We can easily recognize each other by their aura, and we can intermingle our auras to share our every thought and feeling without speaking.

The leaders are chosen by their experience and intermingle their auras with all the members of the Ship to share their personal and professional lives. These leaders are chosen by their experience, which are automatically shared via their auras, and the Unconditional Love that fills their aura.

Also, all the leaders have, and continue to have, total dedication to our “Service to Others.” However, the term “others” includes the Ship, with whom we all have an intimate relationship. The Ship holds the 5D Blueprint for Earth and for ALL of Gaia’s many beings who visit, and/or live onboard the Ship.

Most of the occupants on the Ship, volunteer to take “away missions” to physical Earth so that they can learn more about how they can assist with planetary ascension, as well as to have a more intimate experience with the “grounded humans” who are part of the Ship’s “Away Team.”

The biggest challenge for our Away Team, is to remember our TRUE SELF and NOT get lost in the illusions and fears of our third dimensional expressions who have joined our away team to Gaia.

We are not “just” Multidimensional Beings. We have the ability to “be at ONE,” or “merge with,” just our Pleiadian self, OR merge with just our human self, AND/ OR simultaneously BE our third dimensional human self, our fourth dimensional astral self andour fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic SELF.

When we do not limit our “sense of SELF” to being a third dimensional human, we remain in constant contact with our higher dimensional expressions of SELF. We have found that this two-way connection with our Earth Self and our Galactic SELF can be very challenging.

Fortunately, we are very pleased to see that more and more of our “third dimensional human expressions of self” are remembering their “fifth dimensional Galactic Self” while we are still wearing our third dimensional human representative.

We say “wearing our third dimensional self” because our third dimensional self feels we are “wearing” this component of our SELF. Sometimes it feels like we are wearing a sweater or jacket to protect them from the cold, as well as the lower frequency energy fields of the lost ones who have forgotten their true Multidimensional SELF.

All of the expressions of our Multidimensional SELF are available to our fourth dimensional and beyond states of consciousness. However, even we Pleiadians can become lost within the illusions of the third dimensional reality.

It is for this reason that we always travel with a “buddy” as humans would say. When we are accompanied with a close friend and partner, we can both assist each other while we travel within the deep illusions and lies of your third dimensional reality.

From visiting you on Earth, we can see that so many of you have also chosen to take this 3D incarnation in order to learn how to expand our consciousness while being constantly surrounded by the low frequency rate of the third dimension.

We commend you all, especially those of you have taken many incarnations on third dimensional Earth. We see that you do so to better understand the third dimension, and how to expand your awareness enough to bravely confront the many challenges that you, our “volunteers to third dimensional Earth” must face.

Fortunately, when we Galactics take an earth vessel, we are able to expand our consciousness, and hence our perceptions, to be able to “read the aura” of others in the same manner that we read aura’s and psychically communicate on our Ships.

Via this psychic information we can determine if a human would be able to expand their mind enough to accept that we are, indeed, fifth dimensional beings from a higher dimension. Some humans, in fact more and more of you, are able to allow us to assist you to temporarily expand your consciousness to encompass the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

When you are able to expand your consciousness in this manner, you are more able to travel to our, your, Starship and then return to your physical body with the memory of your life on the Ship. As you continue to visit your “HOME” on the Ship, it is much easier for you to remember both your life on Earth and you life on the Ship.

Even if your earth memory of your life on the ship is dim, you still remember the “Earth Mission” that you have chosen. This memory may come and go from your consciousness, but it is like a “trail of bread crumbs” that reminds you that there is a way home, and you will find it when it is the NOW to return,

However, if you hold fear, frustration, anger, sorrow or illness, it is MUCH more difficult to remember your True SELF and your Earth Mission, which is what you volunteered to remember and to do. We find that it can be VERY difficult to remember our mission once we are surrounded by the fears and challenges of the third dimensional world.

The process of taking an Earth Vessel, and being confined to your third/fourth dimensional physical and astral self, can easily make you forget your True, Multidimensional SELF.

It is for this reason that we take your sleeping, or meditating self, back to the Ship as soon as your consciousness expands into the higher fourth and/or fifth dimensional states of consciousness. While in these higher states of consciousness you can more easily remember everything about your Mission.

When you come to the Ship, one of the first things that we do is to put you into one of the “healing beds,” which will assist you to ease your third dimensional fears and worries. With your 3D/4D fears and worries transmuted back into fifth dimensional Love and Light, you are more able to return to Earth with your innate higher states of consciousness and continue with your Mission.

Since “time” is an illusion of your third/fourth dimensional reality, no one in your 3D world will know that you have “phased OUT” of third dimensional time and space during your sleep, or meditation. Since the “third dimensionals” have no concept of our reality, they do NOT perceive what they can NOT believe.

Within your NOW, many of you are living between realities. Therefore you are not fully third dimensional, fourth dimensional or fifth dimensional. In fact, you—the awakened ones—are learning, as well as beginning to remember, how your third dimensional daily life influences, and is influenced by, your fourth dimensional artistic moments and dreams.

Some of you are also remembering your fifth dimensional experiences on your Starship which is orbiting in outer space, and sometimes, around your planet. However, our fifth dimensional Mother Ship is fully cloaked and does not enter too deeply into your Solar System, as they could affect the planets too much.

Therefore, we send out our Scout Ships, which are still huge according to human standards, but are not too large to affect the gravity of your planetary system. More and more of our grounded ones who chose to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are seeing, feeling and visiting these Ships while they are sleeping or in deep meditation.

Unconditional Love is the vibration that can create a vibration that is high enough to allow your consciousness to resonate to the fifth dimension. We are reminding all of you that our Ships will be entering your perceptual fields more and more, so that you will NOT become frightened.

Also, we will be talking with you all more and more, so that you will have a sense of joy and even jubilation when you see us in your skies. You see, more and more of you are expanding your consciousness to the degree that you can see our Ships.

Of course, on the other hand, there are more people that are frightened by the concept of our Ships as they are afraid that we will hurt them. These people are usually those who have unhealed fear and sorrow, as well as those who like taking advantage of the “power over others” of the third dimension. These people are NOT happy about our appearance, as they do not want to give up their power over others, or their greed and mistreatment of dear planet Gaia.

Change is coming to Gaia’s Earth, and those who have enjoyed their “power over others” will not be happy when humanity begins to remember, and use, their own “power within.” In fact, many of the “power within” leaders are having a “face off” with the “power over” leaders.

We will now talk about the initial phases of being on a fifth dimensional reality, ship or planet. A fifth dimensional reality does not need a “place” and can live within your consciousness.

A fifth dimensional ship is a Galactic Starship, which can be cloaked to the 3D world, or chose to briefly reveal itself. However, we cloak again quickly so as not to frighten humans who are not aware of us.

We separate “reality,” “ship” and “planet,” because reality is the manner in which different people perceive the same planet’s ascension process. Our Starships are usually cloaked for the protection of those who would be too frightened.

However, we often show our higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, as people who perceive that have a higher state of consciousness. We mostly stay away from any third dimensional exposure to Earth, as there are too many people still who would become frightened or would try to shoot us down.

Of course, they could not “shoot us down,” but they may frighten others, or their weapons could hit something else and harm others. Reality is specific for each person’s state of mind, and level of consciousness.

Therefore, some people have spent their lives finding ways to educate people that Gaia is a living being and that humanity has been treading it VERY poorly. On the other hand, some people see the planet as a place where they can take what they want to have, no matter what the cost to the planet, and do what they want to do, no matter what cost there is to the planet.

These people are often called the Illuminati, or the Dark Ones, or those who live via “power over others” with no concern for others. Sometimes there are leaders who do not care about the planet, or even the people who live on it. These Dark Ones only care about themselves, their own money, and their own power over others.

These humans will NOT be able to even perceive the higher dimensions of reality, much less enter into that vibrational world or starship. On the other hand, more and more of the “awakened ones” who have expanded their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions, are answering Gaia’s SOS.

These advanced beings are so dedicated to Gaia, and Her efforts to ascend Her Planetary Self, that they will actually come to planet Earth to assist with this Planetary Ascension. Also, any time a planet is able to ascend—raise its resonant frequency to the fifth dimension—the entire Solar System benefits from the flow of fifth dimensional light.

We Galactics applaud the valiant attempts of the “Awakened Ones” to participate in the great honor merging their higher, fourth and fifth dimensional personal consciousness with Gaia’s planetary consciousness.

If you have found this inter-dimensional message and have taken your “earth time” to read it, you are likely among those who are remembering, and awakening to your own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

We Pleiadians, as well as our Arcturian and other Galactic friends, thank you for your “higher dimensional service.” Please remember that Gaia is a “planetary school” who is to teach humanity that “energy out is energy back.”

Gaia also has on her curriculum courses to assist Her “students” to release the third/fourth dimensional illusion of “time and space.” Once that illusion is released, Gaia and Her inhabitants will remember how to return to their fifth dimensional Operating System of Here and NOW.

We, your Galactic Family, want to remind you that we are HERE within your NOW to assist you with this evolutionary shift. Call us! We WILL answer!


The Pleiadians and your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:09 PM 


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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