Final Exam, Freshman Year – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Shelter of The Sacred by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Final Exam, Freshman Year

I think I’m through my freshman year at Ascension University.

What was on the final exam?

Let me remember….

“What is most important to human beings?” Answer: The way they feel.

“What is most important for humans to know?” That they choose (and can alter) the way they feel.

“What is most often missing in the human makeup?” Divine love for self.

“What has most need of being eliminated?” Anger.

“What is it most necessary to remind humans of?” That they came here for a reason.

“What discovery will rock the human race?” That what they’re looking for, singly and collectively, can be found in the heart whose door (hridayam) is open.

I got great marks … but no summer off!!!! At least not yet.

Meanwhile, bliss arrives.

There is a “place” of perpetual bliss, perpetual love, perpetual summer vacation. It’s called the Fifth Dimension.

The only thing, I assert, that stands between us and the perpetual experience of bliss in the Fifth Dimension is our vasanas (core issues) and the belief systems that arise out of them.

– ♥ – 

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