Losha: My 5D Experiences – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Angel Heart by Bernadette Wulf @ Wulf Visionary Art


Losha: My 5D Experiences

Losha, Voyages of Light, July 26, 2018


I’ve been experiencing some very different sensory perceptions lately, that I’ve come to realize are probably an “introduction” to what some of our upcoming 5th Dimensional realities will look like (and feel like).

I’ve been guided to share my own personal “5D” experiences in case there are others out there who may also be experiencing similar “symptoms” (these are “good” symptoms!).

The first thing I want to say is…no, you’re not going crazy! Lol!

One of the more subtle, but inconvenient 5D symptoms I’ve experienced, is what I call feeling “high” – or maybe woozy, dizzy, buzzed, or even foggy in your head.

This 5D symptom can be tough to have happening when you’re at work, or are needing to multi-task at the time. However, I’ve learned to try not to fight it anymore, and instead, enjoy it – because when I look at it from a different perspective, I realize that it can actually feel very “blissful” – and that’s an awesome feeling!

The other thing I’ve realized about this blissful state, is that it keeps me focused on the “present”…not the past or future. I find myself just enjoying whatever is happening in the moment, which is another great way to feel, and to live one’s life.

Another symptom I’ve experienced was the feeling of being “weightless.” In the beginning, it felt like I was off-balance – all of a sudden I was kind of stumbling during my walk with the dogs.

However, I began noticing that my feet weren’t making loud clomping sounds like they usually do (I have never been known to be “light on my feet”!).

That really surprised me – and the more I walked, the more weightless I felt – it was like I was almost walking “above” the ground…not really touching it! It was an amazing experience!

The third area where I’ve noticed a change – has been out in nature. I have a feeling others may have also experienced this – and that is, there is much more “depth” to everything I look at, primarily when I’m in the forest, where there are lots of trees.

Some of you probably aren’t old enough to have heard of a “diorama,” which is a 3-Dimensional model of some scene, usually some kind of historic event.

Well, when you look at a diorama from the front, you can see the depth perception is much greater, and that is how the trees (especially) look to me, now – it is almost so amazing that I feel like my brain is going to overload! It is truly amazing,and I know we’ll all be seeing Gaia in this way, soon.

Now, this may sound really “out there,” but last, and not least, there have been residual effects from “dimension jumping” during my sleep…lol!

A couple times in the morning, I’d wake up and barely be able to walk – I was very disoriented and had to brace my hand against the walls as I walked. My brain was very fuzzy, too.

Well, I’m able to communicate with higher/galactic beings, and I was “told” that the previous night, during my job working with other galactics (apparently, most of us Lightworkers spend many of our sleeping hours working a lightworker-type job in the galactic realm), I had been in a meeting with some even-higher-dimensional beings – 7th dimension or above, I believe – and that was a big deal for my earthly/5D body to handle…jumping up to an even-higher dimension. So, that’s why I had those residual effects the next morning. They eventually wore off.

I know this last explanation for my specific symptoms might sound strange, but at least then my symptoms made sense to me, and it always excites me to think that I have been doing some kind of “good works” in the galactic realm.

Well, I hope that talking about some of the cool and strange symptoms I’ve experienced will be helpful to others who might be experiencing similar feelings and sensations.

Personally, I get very excited when I think about what these symptoms truly mean we will be experiencing in the near future…feeling much lighter, seeing Gaia in even more beautiful ways, feeling blissful most of the time, and even working here on Gaia, with our galactic family! I can’t wait!

So, please know that you are alright – in fact, you are better than alright – because you are gradually becoming a 5th-Dimensional being! Congratulations!

Blessings to you all!





Angel Heart by Bernadette Wulf @ Wulf Visionary Art

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Art: Ichiro Tsuruta


Patricia Cota-Robles

JULY 30, 2018

Humanity is experiencing the final critical stages of preparation prior to the activation of the pre-encoded consciousness codes within the DNA of the Millennials and the children. This activation will take place August 11-16, 2018, as the threefold Eclipse Series we are in the midst of is brought to fruition. During this time, the monumental influx of Light from this rare Eclipse Series will be assimilated into the Core of Purity within cellular structures of every person on Earth by his or her I AM Presence. This greatly intensified Light is also accelerating the frequency of vibration within the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.

Our Father-Mother God are assuring us that in spite of the chaos we are witnessing in the outer world everything is unfolding in Divine Order. During this wondrous, but often tumultuous, time it is critical that each of us stay centered in the Divinity of our Heart Flame and remain focused on the Light. We have been preparing for lifetimes to do this. We all have within us the skill and courage to BE the Light in the face of any adversity we may be confronted with or that we are witnessing at this time.

In our last newsletter our God Parents revealed that within the silence of every person’s newly recalibrated Heart Flame a Cosmic Tone is now sounding. The Divine Intent of this Cosmic Tone is to awaken within each of us the KNOWING that we are ONE and that there is no separation. Our Father-Mother God said this is by far the greatest need of the hour. During our Free Seminar in Denver, Colorado on July 15, 2018, we focused on this holy endeavor.

That seminar took place three days after the first of the three part Eclipse Series we are now experiencing. On July 12, 2018, we were blessed with a partial New Moon Solar Eclipse. That influx of Light paved the way for the events that would unfold during our seminar.

We had a wonderful gathering of dedicated Lightworkers who physically attended our Free Seminar in Denver. We were also joined in consciousness by thousands of Lightworkers from around the world who selflessly projected their Light and Love into the Chalice of our Heart Flames. Together we infused new frequencies of Light into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love which will allow our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to amplify the Lightwork of every person on Earth one thousand fold every single day. During the 2nd phase of the Divine Plan for our seminar, the Lightworkers served as the Open Door for a great expansion of the Cosmic Tone now reverberating within every person’s Heart Flame.

The next phase of our Father-Mother God’s newly initiated Divine Plan will occur during the 32nd Annual World Congress on Illumination August 11-16, 2018. This event is being held within the Portal of Light at Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is a Global Activity of Light that will be God Victoriously Accomplished through the unified efforts of our Father-Mother God, the Company of Heaven, the Lightworkers who are gathered in Honolulu and the Lightworkers around the world who have the Heart Call to join with us in consciousness for this unparalleled opportunity to assist the Millennials and the children.

Our Father-Mother God want to remind all of us that during this vitally important phase of the unfolding Divine Plan nothing is happening by chance. Your I AM Presence has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness because you have been preparing for lifetimes to be an Instrument of God during this Cosmic Moment. Your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly through these life-transforming days. Pay attention and listen to the intuitive guidance surfacing in your conscious mind. We will all be in our right and perfect place. No one’s part of this Divine Plan is any more important than another person’s part of the plan.

In addition to your personal Golden Thread of Life which your I AM Presence will be helping you to weave into the collective Chalice of our unified Heart Flames, the Company of Heaven has given us guidance on how you can add your magnificent Light to the World Congress on Illumination in Honolulu from wherever you are on this blessed planet.


As the World Congress on Illumination unfolds each day, our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth will guide us, step by step, through the various facets of the unfolding Divine Plan. For this reason, we do not have a lot of information in advance about the specific Divine Ceremonies that will take place.We will work in THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW throughout the week, so whenever you are able to join in consciousness with us will be right and perfect. It does not matter if you are joining with us at the exact same time. When we are focused in the Eternal Moment of Now, we are ONE in perfect synchronicity.

The momentum of Light will build from the opening ceremonies on August 111h through the closing ceremonies on August 16th. Your Divine Intention is what matters. Know that if you intend to be the most powerful Force of Light you are capable of being during this miraculous facet of the Divine Plan, you will be. Trust yourself!

Thank you for your heartfelt desire to assist Humanity and this precious planet. Your Light and Love are needed and will be gratefully accepted by Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her. I truly appreciate you and the Light you are adding to the world.

We are now being held within the Sun Cycle of Leo which represents the Heart of a Lion. For millennia August 8th has been celebrated around the world as the Opening of the Lion’s Gate. On August 8th every year a Portal of Light above the Pyramid and the statue of the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt opens to full breadth. As the Light of God flows through the Lion’s Gate every year Humanity is blessed with frequencies of Light intended to empower us with the “Heart of a Lion.”  This year as the Portal of the Lion’s Gate is opened our Father-Mother God will assist the I AM Presence of every person to empower the Cosmic Tone reverberating within our newly recalibrated and balanced Heart Flames. Please take some time on that day to be the Open Door for this Blessing on behalf of all Humanity.

On August 11th we will experience the final Eclipse in this threefold Eclipse Series. This will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse. On that day, we will have our Opening Ceremonies for the 32nd Annual World Congress on Illumination. If you are in Honolulu or the surrounding areas, we would Love for you to come and weave your Light into the Chalice of our unified Heart Flames. The Opening Ceremonies are FREE and open to the public. You are welcome to join us and bring your friends.During this Activity of Light, we will unify our Hearts with the Company of Heaven. Together we will form a powerful Chalice of Light through which the Light of God will flow during the entire World Congress. This will assist us in accomplishing this facet of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Plan victoriously.

Opening Ceremonies will begin at 7:00 p.m. on
Saturday,  August 11, 2018 We will be meeting in the TAPA TOWER at the Hilton Hawaiian Village 
Waikiki Beach ResortI hope to see you there.In Loving Gratitude,
Patricia Cota-RoblesEra of Peace
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
Phone: 520-885-7909, FAX: 520-751-2981,
Era of Peace,  PO Box 41883,  Tucson, Arizona 85717
This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank You.

©2018 Patricia Cota-Robles






Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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BEING FULLY PRESENT – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson

Love in the Heart of the Lotus by G A Rosenberg


August 2018 Message



Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss being fully present.

The incoming energy is moving rapidly to a higher frequency. It is calling you to absorb it and integrate it into your Being. It is calling you to a higher consciousness.

As this new energy enters your field, you are being given the opportunity to learn new insights for your progression. They are very subtle and require your full attention to gain the complete benefits from them.

As a multidimensional Being of Light, your energy field is fluid. It is not a fixed point of time but rather a constantly changing and evolving field. It is designed for progression and harkens back to the time when you were subtle energy and had not yet become solid matter.

As such, the more you remain open to new insights, the more rapidly you progress on your ascension path.

One way to do this is to be fully present.

Being fully present means to focus on the task at hand. It is not focusing on what you did yesterday or what will take place tomorrow. It is focusing on the present moment.

This does not mean that you are oblivious to what is taking place. It means that you have expanded your awareness to encompass the past, the present, and the future simultaneously. You have gained the ability to expand and contract your awareness as needed. You are aware that linear time is a third-dimensional concept, and this frees you to focus on the present moment. You are a point of Light in the great cosmos, and events are points of energy in this process.

This realization allows you to focus on the point of energy that is currently taking place.

When you are fully present in the moment, you are able to receive the subtle insights from the Universe. These prompts may come in the form of a thought that passes through like a gentle breeze. When they enter your awareness, they may seem to be a curiosity or a questioning of where that came from or what it means.

When you are focused on the present moment, these insights remain in your consciousness and are there to guide you at the time you need them.

It is as if your energy field is always open to receive these insights, and it adapts to reflect on them and accommodate them as appropriate. This allows you to move forward because you are open to receive the incoming energy.

To remain open, it is important to be willing to receive the new insights. If you are attached to a preconceived idea of how things are supposed to be, it will be more difficult to recognize the insights as they occur. However, when you are not attached to a certain concept, you can flow with the new awareness as it occurs. This allows you to progress with ease and grace. The new awareness enters your energy field, and because it is fluid and flowing, it is assimilated as appropriate.

This does not mean that you automatically accept every new insight. It does mean that you are aware of it. If you are unsure of what it means for you, you can place it in a holding pattern for further reflection.

In addition to being open to receiving new insights, you can enhance this process by focusing on what is taking place in the present moment. Be fully focused on what you are doing. It does not mean multitasking to the extent that you have no concept of what is occurring around you. It means that you are focused on the task at hand, and this allows you to receive incoming insights.

If you find your attention straying from what is going on, you can simply pause, take a few deep breaths in and out, and return your focus to the present moment.

The more you practice this, the more automatic it will become. You will relax into being fully present, and you will be at one with All That Is.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are being fully present in the moment. We are with you as you receive insights for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2018 Linda M. Robinson, PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given.  Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission.  Email:  Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.


Love in the Heart of the Lotus by G A Rosenberg

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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I’m Tired of Not Loving Myself – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Friends by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu @ Dakini As Art


I’m Tired of Not Loving Myself

I’m tired of not loving myself!

I just reached a point where I can’t stand any longer the way I deny myself love. Routinely. Constantly.

Everything seems to hinge on whether I love myself or not. My self-esteem. My confidence. My motivation.

If I’m not behind me, how can anyone else get behind me? I don’t recognize it when they do. I pooh-pooh it.

I know what love is.

I know where it lies.

I know how to love.

Given that, I now request of myself that I spend an inordinate amount of time, an outrageous amount of time, in the next short while, putting my knowledge and skills into action.

I request that I spend the time loving myself. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t answer email. Don’t even go online.

Now that I’ve made my resolve, the scales fall from my eyes, so to speak. Is this Heaven and Earth moving? I now see that there’s nothing more important than me loving myself.

I come equipped with this body. If I don’t love it, cherish it, take care of it, it’ll shrivel up from a lack of fuel.

And as for my mental and emotional sides, same thing: who will care for them if I don’t?

There’s no barrier presented to loving myself (except the ego). Otherwise I’m an empty vessel waiting to receive. The time is now.

Note to myself: Love, directed to ourselves, and bliss are the same thing. When in difficulty with our ego – that wants to survive – let bliss lift us up.



Friends by Soyolmaa Davaakhuu @ Dakini As Art

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Journey of Awakening to Multi-Dimensionality and Transitioning – Lisa Transcendence Brown


NEW Email Series Coming: Journey of Awakening to Multi-Dimensionality and Transitioning Fully Over to NEW Earth Existence Now


Pack your bags. It’s “time” to MOVE!

​Aloha fellow Star Light BEings!

I’m in the middle of creating a new course for an upcoming event, and in the process, decided that as a part of one of my new books too, that I will start putting out writings publicly to each, that wants to receive and “come along with me”…. through my own Journey of Awakening and Multi-Dimensionality, in a way that I’ve not shared before. Because it’s going to take many emails to share, I’m setting up a completely different space for this.

If you are interested, I’ll be posting the “sign up link”, as I’m only going to send it out to those who specifically want to receive and utilize this for their own self-empowerment/catalyzation and REALizations…. to accelerate shifting and TRANSITIONING TO NEW EARTH REALITIES easier/faster/more (all human perception, yet we have to use words to describe the ease/flow or challenges/ego involved).

This can be an extremely challenging journey and transition, one where if we don’t fully yet understand, then we often take the path/route of “suffering” or “harsh” (ego death), which can be “avoided” for those who are truly ready to embrace NEW EARTH as a WHOLE NEW REALITY/EXISTENCE, and are truly ready dedicate themselves to their own processes from a place/space that allows for each’s EXPERIENCE to be “done” with GRACE, kindness and through consciousness….

If you are interested in JOURNEYING WITH ME and receiving additional information that will assist you with understanding more, in order to intentionally shift and TRANSITION TO NEW EARTH more… then keep an eye out and I’ll post the link when it’s available for you to sign up/register for the emails where I’ll be breaking down many of the transitory processes of awakening and fully transitioning over from Old Earth to NEW.

This is on a Quantum Level though, so I simplify it in a way that is different than the old Linear ways. I provide the KNOWLEDGE (TE-KNOW-ledg-E), which is light encoded, for you to apply to your own chosen Soul experience here.

I love you a bazillion fold! Keep exploring and embracing the magnificence available as you go “all in” too! ♥

p.s. You can always watch my Upcoming Events Page for new announcements and opportunities to receive and participate more. I’ll post the announcement there and a few other places when all is ready….. working on it now. These emails will take you on a journey of awakening even more! ♥

Upcoming Events Page:

p.s. The “name” may change a bit as I continue to create, mold and share. Just watch the upcoming events page or some of my posts and I’ll announce when it’s ready for all to sign up and get started…. journeying… and awakening …. to all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES for living fully here! ♥


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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The portal of a single cell – Alohim


Through the portal of a single cell where creation itself expanded into a cosmic universe.
Through this cell we spread our unique language of individual expression throughout galaxies,
dimensions, worlds. Ultimately shrouding both conscious and subconscious mind with memories,
patterns and belief systems. Creating our interpersonal relationship from within to without.
Stepping beyond the illusionary play of the subconscious, armed with the frequency of theta and
affirmation. We can gently enter the gates of true change by allowing all known to dissipate from the
storage chip held deep within mind’s field. The silent whispering of intangible patterns activating
habit forming disillusionment pooling into the conscious from the subconsciousness. Influencing the
flow of experiences co-created from cellular memory held deep within the sphere of our brain which
then trickles down through our nervous system

 — ♥ —

From an early age I knew my past lives, Star Family and much more. I knew this body was a vehicle and a container and ‘remembered’. Everything happens for a reason as we know and without this understanding I wouldn’t be able to relate with such compassion. As a Light Worker I’ve spent the last few years healing myself & others through meditation, movement and solitude, expressing Energy & Light through different avenues with particular emphasis on third world countries. We are all magical Beings here for a wonderful purpose.

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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Solaris Alignment: Restoring the Organic Ascension – Sandra Walter

Friendship Painting @ Sascalia Etsy


Solaris Alignment: Restoring the Organic Ascension

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This sequence of events which migrates realities to the higher timelines, the New Earth experience, continues to unfold with increasing intensity. As the Divine forces hit the cosmic accelerator, we release, release, and release all of the disharmony connected to the old Self and lower timelines.

A grand neutralization of distortion is underway. It feels personal because it is; Self-empowerment is key to the individual experience of Oneness with Source. We are preparing the fractals for reunification with the whole as a conscious, palpable experience. Remember the global purification experience depends on the actions and intentions of the awakened.

Ascension is inevitable, we hit that mark years ago, however the unfoldment quickens with our ability to unify in Love, Light and Service. All of this intensity prepares us for embodiment of the New, and collective higher timeline experiences. Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual distortions cannot co-exist with the higher functions of the Christed/Crystalline heart.

This is a beautiful phase as our collective choices of unity consciousness and higher service are revealed. That pure frequency of Divine Love is dissolving distorted realities. Depending on the goal of your Ascension, this passage can provide the deep clearings necessary for next-level Lightbody expansion, as well as embodiment of pure Source awareness, aka enlightenment.

Restoring Organic Timelines

From the Solar level, a very interesting adjustment is in progress. Over the last few months the realignment of Solaris has presented, and this upcoming lengthy Lunar eclipse on Friday is involved.

When I asked to see how this is created or what the linear effects would be, I received a long line of shining gold light code, like Galactic mathematics. It is very clear in my third eye for the last few weeks, however I was asked to not share an image of that code online. Gatekeepers, I AM beaming this to you telepathically. This is specific to this eclipse passage when the realignment occurs.

Restoring timelines (or an entire Solar system) from so much distortion to organic realities is an ongoing multidimensional operation. Many of you are feeling the cosmic shifts over the past two weeks, and the Source activations which accompany embodiment. Huge fireballs streak across the night sky during Gatework, and our lightship activity has increased again. Many are experiencing the peeling away of the distorted timelines and negative realities. Personally, the deep sensation of unity with Source is beyond any prior experience.

Restoring organic timelines amplifies the experience of the organic Ascension; a deep sense of reunification with Source. This is a very powerful step for embodiment of the Christed Self, as well as Unity Consciousness. There is Unity in the strangeness, intensity and beauty of this passage.

Cosmic rays of positive photonic light become more intense. Hydration and being in natural bodies of water assists, since new starwater/plasma is arriving to deliver Source codes. Water/Plasma is an easy code delivery system, and all of it is connected, including the water in your cells.

This is a turning point for the grids and Gatekeeping. Our focus has been on creating the New Earth grid systems, correcting the effects of axial tilt, opening the cosmic stargates, and building the crystalline bridges to the New Earth. These activities led us to restoration of the Primary, Organic timeline realities, which fully supports embodiment, which in turn flips the paradigm. The realignment of Solaris, already in progress, is a key factor in revealing New Earth. It also supports the new heart harmonics of the Divine HUman, the sound of coherence which affects external realities around the activated individual.

In brief, this is a significant shift to the pure organic Christed timelines for all willing hearts. It is a radically different experience, and we embrace these unknown states of consciousness with trust, faith and unconditional Love of Source.

Purified Levels of Lightbody Attunement

Our integration of the diamond frequencies of pure light activates a high level of the template for the logos. These layers of consciousness above the denser spectrum of 3D take us beyond ultraviolet and into the unseen, or just out-of-phase. We see the magenta, integrating the rose layers. Gold presents as we access our Mastery and Solar realms, then onto the iridescent crystalline or pearlescent white-crystalline. This rainbow light fills our visions, and New Earth presents as a shining realm of purified creation.

Meditations and lucid dream/etheric realm activations are opening these crystalline Gateways of the Heart, and many are migrating their personal timelines to expand into next-level Lightbody. We become the bridge to New Earth, by demonstrating what is possible with Ascension and resurrecting the HUman heart grid.

Lightworkers in Service, Let us Unify

Kindwhile, the grounded task of assisting Gaia, HUmanity kingdoms and elementals presents. Keep it simple, as the energies may make us feel trancelike, spacey, or sleepy. Even in these expanded states of embodiment, we manage to unify in service.

This is a very long Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, and the energy will be quite strong. Details on visibility and duration can be found HERE.

Our focus – and please command/decree this in your Gridwork and ceremony – is the removal of distorted realities and their cause, record and all effects of them in this Now. We welcome forth this Divine realignment and the revelation of the Christed organic timelines with ease and grace.

Crystals are a huge help; be sure to place them in the ground, on the grass, or in water for the duration of the Gateway. Gatekeepers, we open on Tuesday July 24 with unified intent to deliver the maximum purification and amplification of the Ascension allowed by Cosmic law, in the highest interests of all concerned with the pure, organic Ascension. So it is.

We hold this unified focus on restoration of the organic Ascension timelines for all, supporting the Solar shifts, and stability for the collective during this Gateway. The energies may feel scattered for a while before they balance out. Hold the intention of Peace.

Meditation, hydration, integrate in water (natural ocean, lakes, streams, rivers are best), move the body, breathe, connect with the SUN as the codes are delivered and our prismatic projector changes, and get off-line often for the strongest experience.

Listen and meditate with the Lyran Sound Journey, it has a calming, comforting, activating effect.

Tuesday, July 24 – Monday July 30
:  Lunar Eclipse Gateway Passage, Cosmic Realignment

Friday, July 27
:  Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse at 1:22pm PDT
SUNday July 29:  
Global Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm PDT.

Blessings upon all of creation for this unique passage. Gratitude, Love and Strength to all in Divine Service. Here we glow!

In Love, Light and Service,



Friendship Painting @ Sascalia Etsy

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension by Saint Germain – Natalie Glasson

St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno


Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension
by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 27th July 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Those ready can step up and embody the new wave of energy which symbolises embodying responsibility of your ascension process. For some, the thoughts of taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution can be a daunting process that causes greater insecurity and confusion. This is due to a lack of trust in themselves and the presence of the Creator within and around them. To take responsibility, doesn’t mean that you have to guide your own spiritual pathway or achieve your ascension on your own, these understandings are born from the ego’s belief in separation with the Creator. Taking responsibility for your ascension is to open and surrender yourself to the Universe of the Creator and allowing yourself to be guided, trusting that all will be well and fulfilling. Opening yourself to the Universe of the Creator allows you to be steered in the most beautiful way to experience magnificent spiritual and soul learning, growth and understanding. When you do not take responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution you lack direction, connection with yourself, understanding of your needs, blame others and wait for others to do your spiritual work, growth and evolution for you. Other people are always present in your reality to assist, inspire, direct and reflect the truth of the Creator to you. However, to grow spiritually with acceleration there is a need to be centred in your core by surrendering to the guidance of the Creator, and from the intention of co-creating in harmony with the Creator; this is to take responsibility for your own growth.

The Question that Promotes Your Acceptance of Yourself

The question you can ask yourself is, ‘How can I co-create fulfilment and spiritual growth with the Creator and those around me?’ This question allows you to realise you are the core creator andmanifestor of your reality and existence upon the Earth. However, you cannot do it alone, therefore co-creation is always essential. It is also essential to recognise all creations first as an energy within you which takes form in wonderful and often unexplainable ways in your reality. When you recognise yourself, your creations, those around you and the Creator as energy you perceive your reality differently and realise that all energy is born from the Creator and wishes to experience connection in order to transform and create new energy.
When you surrender to the Creator and are willing to receive guidance, assistance and support from the Creator while realising that your purpose is to receive the guidance and act on it in ways that inspire and fulfil you, you are stepping up to receive the new energy waves anchoring into the Earth to aid ascension, and are taking responsibility of your spiritual evolution.

Accessing Your Purpose in Ascension

When asking for guidance concerning the purpose, journey and experience of your ascension, you realise that moments of awakening and realisations of yourself and innerself offer to you the choice of diving into the light to allow miraculous experiences to occur or to remain within limitations of preconceptions. When you choose to accept the light within your being and around you, you create a bridge between your physical reality and your spiritual being; this launches a transition process. Every moment of your existence as a human you are a spiritual Creator connected light being and consciousness inhabiting a physical body but often the physical body takes prime focus until a bridge between the physical and spiritual energy of your being is reformed and continues to be reinforced. Awakened consciousness and inspired understanding of yourself seeps into your mind and awareness as a gradual integration. You will notice that awakening repeats itself in numerous diverse forms becoming more advanced throughout your entire life.
To dive into the light and to focus on creating a bridge of light between your physical and spiritual self takes place when you surrender to the Creator, opening yourself to receive the expanse of the Creator. When you choose to surrender and download or recognise the light of the Creator within your being, especially in moments of confusion, trouble or chaos, you are taking responsibility for your spiritual growth, co-creating and achieving your purpose, allowing yourself to progress along your spiritual pathway with ease and perfection.

An Experience and Reminder of Your Ascension Purpose

Allow yourself to sit peacefully content in experiencing your solid material reality, enjoy the experience of your body and surroundings, honouring energy in physical form.

When you are ready imagine a violet beacon of light manifesting at your third eye chakra, it captures your imagination. Explore the violet energy as much as you wish.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you dive head first into glistening violet light, enthralled by the freedom that has been given to you as your bathe in the violet light. Your body feels weightless, your emotions light enhanced, and your mind clear. You can swim effortlessly following your intuition and inner sense of direction through the light.

Turquoise light seeps into your expansive violet pool of light, enjoy the light and notice as red, blue and green light also integrates. Imagine, sense, acknowledge you wrap yourself in each manifestation of colour, there is so much to explore and discover. You find yourself diving into each colour, vitality, freedom, energy and expansion are experienced, let your senses open to the light.

White peaceful light enters into your awareness with strength and holiness. You swim upwards and bathe yourself in the purity of the white light.

With your permission, a golden beam penetrates your central axis flowing down to the base of your being.
You are one with all that is the Creator, this is your destiny, your truth and your eternal existence. It is what you seek in every moment and now you are consciously experiencing it. Your mission is to realise that you seek oneness with the Creator in your daily reality and understand that each experience on the Earth offers you the opportunity to experience oneness.

Feel yourself shift back to your physical body, all that you have experienced drifts into your body creating a rose shaped energy at your heart centre. You have achieved your greatest desire in the entire world and universe, to be one with all that is the Creator and the universe. You embody this eternally and can access it always.

In sharing this meditation experience with you I, Saint Germain, wished to offer you the idea that ascension is ever flowing, continues, repetitive in advancing extraordinary ways, fluid, ever evolving and ever inspirational. A feeling of being guided by a driving force that is beyond your comprehension will be coupled with an emerging wise certainty within your being. In many ways, there are no stops and no time to step away from your pathway, yet a feeling of travelling nowhere fast will occur simultaneously. In truth, you are at every moment of your golden pathway achieving a greater connection and bridge between your physical and spiritual energies with an understanding of your purpose in your ascension process. Remember that your physical reality is extremely important in your ascension process as it is your canvas for expression, experience and creation. It is a series of numerous expeditions of exploration within and around your being, accompanied with embodiments of consciousness and understanding that describe your ascension process and purpose. When you create the intention to take responsibility for your spiritual growth you will allow the world of the Creator to unfold to you, experiencing with divine perfection and timing the magic, bliss, love and truth of the Creator within your being. Realising your purpose is easy, it is simply to express the Creator in beautiful, fulfilling and creative ways to support yourself and all.

I Am a light constantly guiding you,

Saint Germain

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St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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ENHANCING YOUR PERSONAL GOD ESSENCE – Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Blue-Green-Pyramid by Philip Noyed






Beloved masters, the Creator’s breath is the fuel of existence, and you are the flame it feeds. It is important you understand that you are developing your individual SUNLIGHT, which is a reflection of your own God Essence.

The human intellectual thought process must evolve beyond the limitations of language. There is a vast wealth of information awaiting humanity via inspiration. You must develop your intuitive abilities in order to receive the wisdom of the Divine Blueprint for the Aquarian Age, which is now being RAY-diated from our Father/Mother God via the Twelve Galactic Rays of cosmic consciousness. It will not come from outside you. It will well up within your own Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart. You must reach up and grasp it, for it will not come down into the effluvia of the Earth planes and seek you out.

Mature spirituality is not an unconscious experience. You must develop a self-sustaining Divinity, whereby you are constantly breathing the rich Pranic Breath of Life / Adamantine Particles of Creator Essence, so that you may receive spiritual sustenance from the River of Life via the Eighth Chakra, your Soul Star. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. You must broaden your inner perspective as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving. The Spirit of the Creator cannot be isolated. Spirit permeates everything in existence to one degree or another. You must expand your consciousness to incorporate the vastness of Creation.

Are you ready to accept the fact that the Heart Core of our Father/Mother God is the focal point and the basis of all religions? It is not the dogma, superstition, rules and restrictions, but the love, power and perfection, which result in the ability to create and enjoy worlds of beauty, balance and harmony. When the mind and heart of God become manifested within you, you become a Facet of the Collective Messiah.  It is the creative fulfillment of your destiny.

You are a Spark of the Creator – a manifested Divine Facet of consciousness – a Still Point within Creation. You either enrich the world you live in or you help to contaminate it. How bright and warm is your Sacred Fire? Does it blaze brightly and warm the hearts of others?  Or is it a feeble flame, not even strong enough to warm your own heart? “Cold-hearted” is not a term associated with a true Bearer of God Light. You may journey through the shadow lands with those who helped create them, or you may walk with delight in the radiance of God Light.

All of you are familiar with the Twelve Rays of God-consciousness, which you are currently striving to integrate and claim as your own. However, there has been a very important facet of Creation that has been withheld from the masses until now. All manifestations in the Omniverse are composed of organized Energy from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. There is a Master Creator Core of Cosmic Consciousness, which contains an allotment of the Full Spectrum Essence of the Supreme Creator.

The Father and Mother God of this universe were endowed with a portion of these Creator attributes, qualities and virtues. This is the primary source of Creator Consciousness within this universe, and all is balanced – all is equal – all is harmonious.  Before the God Rays of our Father/Mother God were radiated out into the great void, there were an incalculable number of powerful Supreme Creator Rays sent forth out into the cosmic void. These Creator Rays became great regions of space with different Light densities and time-consciousness memory cells, which contain infinite Divine schematics of material world possibilities. There are membranes of Light that create barriers so that there is a firm demarcation between each Sub-universe.  These Light-line barriers cannot be penetrated or crossed without special Divine dispensation – that is until your personal Soul Song resonates to the refined Light frequencies which are harmonious with that particular level of God-consciousness.

Some of these great Creator Rays are much wider than others, and separating them are a number of thin membranes of Light which contain time cell encodings within pyramids of Light. There are living pyramids of Light/life within every energy field and dimensional space of Creation.  Creator Light pours forth from the pyramid-shaped treasuries of Light to be used by the Elohim and the Builders of Form in making new creative designs as mandated by our Father/Mother God.  Each star in the galaxy is a node of energy vibration. Also, each person functions as a living star capable of receiving and conveying harmonic frequency vibrations according to his/her level of consciousness.  As you are now aware, these frequencies are called your Soul Song. You are a point of Light, a vibrant Spark of the Divine. This universe is composed of one gigantic Celestial Soul Song.

From the Heart Core Essence of our Father/Mother God, the Essence of the Son/Daughter Cocreators was made manifest. These wondrous Beings are stepped-down refractions of the power and majesty of our God Parents – just as our Father/Mother God are a stepped-down refraction of the Supreme Creator.

From the Essence within the Master Core of Cosmic Consciousness (mentioned above), there were a specific number of Sub-universes created within this universal whole with both feminine and masculine attributes, virtues and qualities of Divine Light in perfect equality and balance. However, when the major portion of the Sub-universes was created, the predominant forces of the creative process were allotted to either the masculine or the feminine attributes of Creator-consciousness.  In half of the Sub-universal Divine Blueprints (plans), the Father/Son qualities of Divine will, power and purpose, the mental/outward-focused attributes of the Creator were emphasized, while the Mother/Daughter attributes of compassion, nurturing, intuition, inward-focused qualities were in a support position.

There are also an equal number of sub-universes with the Mother/Daughter qualities and virtues in the leadership role, while the Father/Son attributes take the secondary position.  Have we not told you that this universe could be called a universe of great and unique diversity?  It was created as a univers-ity of learning for you, the StarSeed of the Omniverse. Essentially, however, the indeterminable diverseness and magnitude of Creation were designed so that the Creator could experience unlimited variations of ITSELF.

This sub-universe has been primarily a Father/Son universal experience from its inception.  Our Mother God and the beautiful Goddess qualities have always been present, but not in the full glory and Essence of her Beingness. It is now time for the Mother/Daughter and the Father/Son aspects of the Creator to return to equal partnership. This is the wondrous evolutionary process now in progress within this entire universe and within all its creations.

You, as seekers on the Path, must be initiated into the Pyramidal functions of Light before you can be advanced to the next level of evolution – the next consciousness time cell. Human creation is only a small part of a much greater and grander creative process. That is why we have placed such emphasis on creating your personal Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension. It is also why we have given you instructions in great detail as to the various pyramids of Light available to you, and the important part they play in the ascension process.

You are called StarSeed for a reason, for as you return to Self-mastery, you will initiate the process of creating Crystalline Seed Life Memory Codes, a new evolutionary process to be used in the next forthcoming Golden Galaxy. This process is a part of the Wheel within the Wheel Creative Process, which we will reveal to you in the future. In the meantime, we ask you to study what we have revealed, and to endeavor to get the universal schematic we have created firmly within your mind so that you will understand the next phase of the wondrous cosmic events that are unfolding before your eyes.

My brave ones, we know there can be much pain, discomfort and fear as you move through these accelerated processes, which are causing the dramatic changes now taking place throughout your world. Know that together we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to harmony. Know that each of you is making a difference. When you doubt, need inspiration or strength, come into your Pyramid of Light and we will give you courage, lift you up and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your Sacred Heart center, and we will be waiting there to fill you with the radiant love of our Mother/Father God. I AM Archangel Michael.


QUESTION: “Some people seem to come into this life with obvious gifts: healing, psychic abilities, etc.  How does the average person know what his / her gifts to offer mankind truly are, when they are not obvious to them, other than a burning desire to be of service in conjunction with other Light workers?”


Dear hearts, there are very few people who are aware of their creative or spiritual gifts early in life. There may be an interest or desire in learning or perfecting certain talents; however, everyone I know has had to experience many facets of life, as well as many trials and tests, in order to gradually, over time, develop their talents. Although I had some spiritual experiences at various times throughout my lifetime, I did not develop an intense desire to seek spiritual wisdom until I was in my late fifties. The gifts gradually come forth as you seek to balance and harmonize the many Facets of your Being. A Facet of your Higher Self is always waiting to connect with you or take up residency within your Sacred Heart, and with each download of your Soul Self, more gifts, talents and wisdom will be available to you.

It takes work, dedication and tenacity; however, I can attest it is well worth the effort.  We are on Earth to be cocreators with our Father/Mother God. The gifts of Spirit are available to each of us, but we must do the work and turn inward and reach outward to attain them.


^^       First, it is important that you eliminate those things in your life that you do not like while you are seeking to develop your talents and find your passion. If you do nothing more than become a Beacon of Love/Light, so that you may shine the radiance of our Father/Mother God out into the world, it is enough.

^^      An important part of your earthly mission is to develop and perfect the gifts and talents you bring forth to experience in each lifetime. There will be an emphasis, a desire or preference to perfect certain underdeveloped talents and abilities.  However, you must make the effort and take the time to become accomplished in each chosen endeavor. Occasionally, a person who is well on his/her way to mastery will incarnate with certain genius abilities which he / she has perfected in previous lifetimes. This is happening more and more frequently with the old Souls who are incarnating during these accelerated times of transformation.

^^   There will be some negative traits or addictive habits which will be emphasized so that you may release, modify or refine them; thereby, you return to balance and harmony so that you may begin the process of Soul expansion and Self-awareness.

^^       There will be things you do not like or that you will have strong opinions about – things you do not approve of which can cause discord and make you unhappy or uncomfortable.  Some of these will be things that you cannot change, and therefore, you must accept them and endeavor to make the best of the situation or condition.

^^      However, the most important life lesson is to strive to engage your Soul Self, and to begin the journey of reunification with the many Facets of your Divine nature; all else will follow.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from: RonnaStar@earthlink.net​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Blue-Green-Pyramid by Philip Noyed

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Dualities and Stress – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Throat Chakra Mandala by Heaven On Earth Silks


Dualities and Stress

I just had a realization and I can’t find the words to express it.

Part of the problem is that we often think in fixed ways about the terms I’d use.

Part of the realization was that I couldn’t convey the insight speaking into the mindset that we have on the subject.

I saw stress in myself. I saw that I lived in an ocean of stress.

And I asked what the cause of it was. And what I was intuitively shown was that the stress results from insisting on living in a world of dualities.

Dualities create a spectrum. Love and hate are an example.

Love and hate exist on a spectrum or range from love to attraction to warmth to neutrality to indifference to dislike to hatred, let’s say. And we go back and forth on the spectrum when we see one person and then another and another.

That spectrum exists within a being’s field of awareness and in a spiritual sense bloats it. The spectrum fills up the being’s field of awareness.

The movement back and forth on that spectrum is like cacophony, discordance, noise.

When the dualities are resolved (and here’s where some of the difficulty comes in), stress diminishes.

What does it mean “when the dualities are resolved”? Well,  the insight saw the difficulties resolved and I don’t know how I did it. Or if I did.

Most people would look for some explanation of an intellectual or an experiential process that would account for the “resolution” of the dualities. But for me it just happened instantaneously, without any explanation.

It only lasted a few seconds and then the noise returned.  But I saw clearly that in the absence of dualities in the mind, stress declined.

But regardless of having no way of explaining it, what I saw is of great value to me.

It’s my paying attention to dualities, it’s my engaging in judgments, it’s my accepting some and rejecting others that causes my stress. Stop all that and stress should diminish.



Throat Chakra Mandala by Heaven On Earth Silks

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Ashtar: Ascended Masters Come from All Dimensions – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

African American Painting – Angel Of Joy by Raymond Walker


Ashtar: Ascended Masters Come from All Dimensions

I used to think of an “ascended master” as a Fifth-Dimensional being.  Here is the conversation with Ashtar from Hour with an Angel, April 2012 when I realized that I was wrong and had my horizon expanded.

It also illustrates how matters we think are firm knowledge (that ascended masters come from the Fifth) are being challenged every day by new information (that they can come from beyond the Twelfth).  Change, change, change. Let go, let go, let go.

It was Ashtar acknowledging that he comes from the Transcendental that gave me my first clear indication that an “ascended master” could come from beyond the Fifth. Knowing that is important for me as a student of cross-cultural spirituality.

Here’s that exchange:

Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the Fifth Dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (1)

Ashtar acknowledged that he personally will go down as low as the Fifth and that’s it. We have to meet him there, which says something about Linda, by the way.

He said:

“It is difficult enough to step down our vibrations and hold them in the Fifth Dimension. We certainly do not want to go really much lower than that.” (2)

There then followed a really candid discussion of ascended masters and dimensionality, in which he described what a meeting with an 11th-Dimensional “ascended master” was like. This is a conversation worth really chewing well, especially by anyone who wants to work with the galactics.

Ascended Masters Come from all Dimensions

Steve Beckow: With the fleet, with people coming from the higher dimensions and living on the Fifth, how does it work? Do you, too, lose your remembrance? Can you see each other? How does it work to have people of higher dimension working side-by-side with people of another, perhaps lower dimension?

Ashtar: We don’t lose a single thing. That is part of the deal. (3) It is really only in your density…. We would not even call the Third Dimension that you are experiencing [in April 2012] the real Third-Dimensional experience.

You are in the density of a construct, an illusion, that you think is the Third Dimension. So, you are not even fully in the Third Dimension. You are gaining ground, yes, and you are experiencing moments when you are in the Fourth or the Fifth.

But no, once you have gained access to the higher dimensions, you are not stuck there. It is not like a brick wall or a veil has dropped in between dimensions. Because, for us, that would be unbearable. You, of Earth, who are breaking free of the old Third, have the toughest job. You have the hardest line to toe, and yes, of course, the greatest opportunity of service.

For example many who are serving with the fleet are from the Ninth. But that does not mean that they cannot travel to the Eleventh and be with the ascended masters, or the ascended masters travel into the Fifth so that the vibration can be filtered down in an acceptable way to the human race, or to us. So, no.

Think of it as molecules of water in a bucket. And these are free-flowing [molecules].

You can flow with all your qualities intact from the Twelfth to the Seventh to the Fifth. And even to the Third. But that has been what we would refer to almost as a no-fly zone, as you are well aware of.

S:I think it’s interesting what you just said, … to be with the ascended masters on the Eleventh Dimension. I think many of our listeners may think that the ascended masters are on the Fifth, helping us to join them there. But in fact many of them are – exist – on a much higher plane than that. I don’t think that’s generally known.

A: No, it is not generally known. And what happens — think of it this way — is that we can take your hands from the Fifth — because that is where you learn to manipulate change, to be able to begin to create in different ways — and we can take your hands, gladly, joyously, and show you the way to the higher realms. (4)

He then goes on to describe his meetings with the ascended masters from the Eleventh Dimension.

Many of the ascended ones come, and they will be with us on board ship, and they will talk with us. We will plan, we will guide, we will formulate. Even within the unfoldment of the Plan – the restoration of the Earth – there are plans within plans within plans.

And one of the things that you may have already learned about us is that we do love to communicate. Now, our communication is seldom verbal the way that I am speaking to you this day.

But let us say the advantage of that [non-verbal language] is that volumes can be spoken in an instant. And very often, when the ascended ones are with us, we are maintaining — can we say? — our Fifth-Dimensional vibration, and, when they arrive, it is like a blast of sun [for them], until they adjust.

No, we do not put them into adjustment chambers or anything like that, because they are welcome to come however. The modification, the modulation that takes place [in us] is so that we can be with you!

And once we are on this what you can think of as a similar playing field — and there are many delightful qualities of the Fifth Dimension; do not get us wrong! – it opens the doors to new possibilities, new realms. (5)


(1) “Transcript of Ashtar on An Hour with an Angel, April 23, 2012,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/04/25/transcript-of-ashtar-on-an-hour-with-an-angel-april-23-2012/.

(2) Loc. cit.

(3) That if they come down and participate, they would not lose any of their abilities, save the ones they knowingly and willingly give up to simply exist in that vibrational frequency. We lost our memory of who we are and where we’ve come from. We’re walking around with amnesia.

(4) But he doesn’t want to come down to the Third.

(5) “Transcript of Ashtar,” ibid.



African American Painting – Angel Of Joy by Raymond Walker

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Transformation and Ascension: Hooking Up and Getting Bigger – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Ascension by DigitalCutti @ DeviantArt


Transformation and Ascension: Hooking Up and Getting Bigger

I’d like to hook up two influential ideas of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries.

A short time ago we looked at the value of hooking up the notion of “Brahman/Atman/Shakti” with “Father/Son/Holy Ghost.”  (1) Now I’d like to inquire into the relationship between “transformation” and “Ascension.”

To my way of thinking, transformation is any radical, revolutionary alteration in our state of being – permanent or temporary – that often leads to the acquisition of new capabilities.

It could be a visit to a higher dimension. It could be a glimpse behind the veil. It could be a radical expansion of consciousness/awareness. It could be Ascension itself.

It could be brought on by seeing the Light, a heart opening, or a vision.

Ascension is one level of transformation. It transforms a being from being subject to Third-Dimensional laws of karma to being free of them. It transforms him or her from being subject to the life and death of the physical body to being free of them.

It opens the heart fully and permanently so that the inner tsunami of love can flow into the Ocean of Love – and divine states of being like peace, bliss, and joy. (2)

It’s one level of transformation and the levels go on infinitely beyond it.

We don’t fully ascend upon entering the Fifth Dimension. I think a lot of people consider that we do.

The Divine Mother once described the process that happens between the “time” we enter the Fifth Dimension and the time we experience Sahaja Samadhi.

She was answering a question on the sudden or abrupt aspects of Ascension.

Divine Mother: You are embracing your multidimensional talents yourself. So in that way [this event] is very abrupt. It is the feeling, “I am not the same person as I was yesterday.” You may not know how or why, but it is very clear and very line-in-the-sand.

Steve Beckow: But [even] that is not Sahaja Samadhi, Mother, is it? When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

DM: It occurs [after] a more gradual awakening and lifting up.

So there is the abrupt “I am not the same.” Then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration. Then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of them as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (3)

“Another jump, and another jump, and another jump” before we, who are already inside the Fifth Dimension, actually complete our Ascension, with the onset of Sahaja.

The full and permanent heart opening that Sahaja is our aim and destination.

Using this connection, I can now draw in what the masters and archangels have said so often to us about transformation and hook it up to what we already know about Ascension. It allows for a terrific integration of knowledge for me. (4)

I’m going to need as umbrageous an outlook as I can manage to handle what’s being asked of me soon.

I hope following along with me is helpful. One reader wrote in and accused me of being vainglorious.

Well, I hope I’m not. However, I do aim (and need) to get bigger, as I’m sure you do as well. (5)

The Arcturians once asked me to drop false modesty. (6) I also aim to drop false modesty in myself (let others do as they will), as a contribution to doing a large job for the Mother.


(1) “Connecting the Spiritual Dots,” 

(2) The inner tsunami of love sweeps us clean of ego, worry, anxiety, etc. After it fills up all space, we find ourselves immersed in an/the Ocean of higher-dimensional Love.

(3) “The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 10, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/07/12/the-divine-mother-we-are-creating-a-new-species-of-humans/.

(4) It allows me to draw on what I know from my own experience of many transformational events – most of them recorded here – much more easily. “You were there,” Walter Cronkite used to say.

I now have a better paradigm for thinking about the process of Ascension than previously: a series of transformational events culminating in Sahaja Samadhi/Ascension.

It allows me to draw in my learnings from many academic and human-growth fields.  I see this as part of the integration process that we’re all in now.

(5) “As many of you continue to awaken, so will your roles for the Earth’s ascension continue to expand.” (“Saan and the Arcturian Councils: Understand the Power and Potency of your Light,” channeled by Wes Annac, September 10, 2013 at http://aquariusparadigm.com/.)

(6) Arcturians: You need to … release whatever remnants of human modesty still encompass your self-esteem.

Steve:  Could you expand on that a bit?  I view it as humility, I hope.

A:  Humility is a human quality.  For humans have learned that they must be humble, for, if they allow their true light to be seen, then people become frightened.  So they have learned to shield their light with what humans call humility. … Humility is shielding [your] Light.  (The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie, March 16, 2013.)



Ascension by DigitalCutti @ DeviantArt

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Constant Increases in Photonic Activity – Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Magician Painting – Lightworker by Alma Yamazaki


Constant Increases in Photonic Activity: Recognize Your Own Ego Programs as there is a Zero Tolerance in allowing Ego Timelines to Play Out…. If you want Magic, you have to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to LIVE it…


​Aloha beaYOUtiFUL Love family!

We are again in “high reality dissolving” frequencies, where Diamond Light Codes and Cosmic RAYnbow Codes work through and “up-heave” anything that each might not have resolved fully from within……

This will mean many things…. as these Light Codes “apply” differently, dependent on the Dimensions one occupies/lives in… from within.

These bring magic, amazing, pristine…. and in order for “these energies” to be each’s full experience, anything “not this” will surface/emerge to be felt/seen/observed and how each “chooses” to handle/deal/experience, will be relative to each’s own level of consciousness (Mastery), awareness, realizations and readiness to “deal”, process, move through… dissolve, resolve and shift.

These are PROCESSES…. that we each must “learn” along the way. The AMOUNT OF MAGIC IS REAL/relative to who’s flying your ship/driving your bus/steering your boat/vessel….. your higher self/selves or your ego/fractaled/dis-empowered aspects….

We are in heightened PHOTONIC ACTIVITY that continually increases powerfully as we go… This makes distortions INSTANTLY, blatantly, loudly and easily visible (mind blowing too), while also creating great ease for Quantum Existence… which is how we all function as NEW Earther’s…. (all linear goes, AS ALL IS VIBRATIONAL and about ENERGY here).

We are in increased AKASHIC CLEARINGS… where emotions and memories are exacerbated for cleansing from each’s template and cellular body for transitioning out of lower frequency bandwidths, with our bodies… to literally walk, live and exist on NEW EARTH…. because NEW EARTH emanates from within and materializes in our physical reality as a RESPONSE to us….

We are in… many things… as there are infinite dimensions/timelines currently running and each has their own reality….. because REALity is based upon perception and each’s own transmission through “codes” that “activate” those holographic geometrics to take form and the physical to reshape according to each’s vibratory oscillation…

PHOTONIC REALITIES…. these allow our consciousness to travel easier… for us to collapse/dissolve and clear old timelines, see what we could not see before, open up portals and transverse gateways…. with much greater ease than ever before….

Photonic activity… weakens the human body … for cellular/template re-writing to occur. These work through the body and deconstruct/reconstruct cellularly… from linear to Quantum…. and it’s a huge process, so the more we honor it, the more we become Quantum too.

Increased Cosmic Rays…. these have many purposes and are quite POWERFUL when working through the body too. Nausea, weakness and disorientation are just a small part of what they do.

SOULar/Galactic/Cosmic Activity: Re-writing our DNA on an atomic level requires much down-time until the process is complete. Learning to function “around” all of this, through it, during it, while honoring it…. it’s an immense process within itself.

Days upon days upon days of increasing activity…. and it’s not going to “let up”…. we just shift between activations constantly and continually acclimate to be able to function in all new ways…..

Your POWER comes through your connection…. your purity, your kindness, your respect, your embracing what’s available and your ability to appropriately see/deal with any unconsciousness that presents. There is such beauty in innocence, in caring, in that softness… without one ounce of lack encoded anymore… That “lack” was your ego…. and is what these frequencies activate to dissolve… and every “real”ity that was a part of that… you’ll have to decide how all of that “fits” into your “new picture” of what you desire to experience here.

For the “Ego”… be prepared to not be “welcomed” or “tolerated” anymore. Full Consciousness won’t play with you, won’t “entertain you” and won’t let you keep playing victim or projecting your narcissistic BS out as OKAY anymore…. Why? Because it’s all a PROGRAM… held together by unconscious mentalities and beliefs. (and great dis-respect, which is no longer acceptable in any way). Those mentalities (and Energy) are what you/we/each have to shift. The way we “treat” each other matters…. and attempting to manipulate feelings through projecting, bullying, fear or “I’m a victim” and “stories to convince”, those things don’t work here.

Now, I write the above paragraph, to empower those who choose to utilize it to easier recognize, resolve and shift. Seeing your own EGO is the first part of the process…. the next is the “challenge” for awhile, because it means taking your own power back, as your Higher Self Aspect, standing in your power and learning to fully love and respect yourself, to where you won’t compromise, go small and play in those Ego games anymore. As you do, you’ll stop calling forth those realities to reflect this back as your own Experiences…. So that kindness, respect, consideration and beautiful magical harmonizing frequencies/energies that you want to RECEIVE, this is what you transmit out instead.

It all starts at “HOME”. Home is THE SPACE body occupies and what goes on in THAT SPACE (INSIDE). Home is what you manage and your “yard” is your field… all around you. Your RESPONSIBILITY… you and what you transmit out and allow. It is this SIMPLE.

In observing different timelines of collective energies and clearings, in the UNCONSCIOUS TIMELINES, there’s a lot of defensiveness lately, a lot of excuses, a lot of pointing the finger and extremely heightened emotions where there is any ego stuff still going on. This is a part of the Akashic Clearing that each is going through…. if you are aware of this, you will be aware of “how” to move through these experiences with greater ease. All of the judgment…. let that stuff go. All of the “taking it personal”… let that go too… as it keeps you in a loop-cycle of EGO UNCONSCIOUSNESS…..

In the conscious timelines, there is magic, bliss, beauty and kindness…. the Experiences are just as blissful and magical too. None of that “unconscious stuff”, because we don’t allow it… yes, it is that simple too.

I love you…. grab your reality by the “horns” and deal with yourself…. then deal with each other and lets all come together to live in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS — where the/our/your Ego is unable to exist/live… as that’s an entirely different reality/timeline/dimension….. it’s up to you to PICK! ♥

It’s time for MAGIC, amazingness, and UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS to be EVERYONE’S reality…. at least for all who are truly ready for this…. and for those who are not… that’s okay too. That’s the BEAUTY of MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY… YOU GET TO LIVE OUT WHATEVER REALITY/TIMELINE YOU CREATE AND ALLOW….. pretty rockin’ awesome, ain’t it?

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


The Magician Painting – Lightworker by Alma Yamazaki

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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What Total Commitment Looks Like – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Guided Home by Artist Amanda Clark


What Total Commitment Looks Like

I have this notion in my head – I don’t know where it originally came from – that only when we’re totally committed does Heaven and Earth move in favor of whatever it is we intend. I have written about it before. (1)

If we’re ambivalent, neither Heaven nor Earth moves in our favor.   By Earth, I largely mean people.

And this, by the way, is not a complex, not a complicated idea.

Here’s a cup of coffee in front of me. I take a drink from it. I was totally committed.

You know how we all know that I was totally committed? Because I took the drink. I drank; therefore I was.

Can I take the matter further? I see this as very basic to … what? An understanding of human behavior, what it means to be human, and human evolution or unfoldment.

What was our intention? To find out, we need to look at what we did. Action and intention are like the front and back of our hand.

If what we’re doing is not succeeding, we might want to check out the strength of our commitment, If it’s weak, we’d want to look for a hidden agenda, resistance, desire for space, fear for survival, etc., – some thought – that is watering down the strength of  our commitment, below the point that moves Heaven and Earth.

A friend showed me what total commitment looked like a few days ago. In a serious medical situation, hospital staff was ambivalent. What was lacking was someone with total commitment.

This friend took a totally-committed stand and immediately everyone fell in line behind it.  She was totally committed to getting the job done. All proceeded as she had laid out for them.

Moreover, had she not acted, they’d have fallen into the default – to do as the patient wishes. (2) With her totally-committed intervention, she sent matters in an entirely-different and lasting direction. I.e., that settled the matter. For everyone’s betterment.

I wish I could fish that one out of the Akashic Records.

This “living proof” that “totally committed” organized the space meant a lot to me. Experiments are hard to devise in the field of consciousness/awareness.

So any circumstance becomes a potential laboratory.

Here’s another example from memory. In the warrior game in the est Six-Day Course in 1979, we had to choose a leader and we couldn’t do it democratically.

After much thought about why I’d want to be leader, (3) I raced around to the front of the group and said to them all in a loud voice, “I am your leader. Sit down!” In the face of my total commitment, people sank to the ground. From that moment on I was leader.

I’m willing to make a hypothesis now: That total commitment stands a better than average chance of organizing a space.

If we’re looking for leadership skills, this seems to me definitely one of them.

I’m willing to speculate further that the rising energies contribute to total commitment organizing the space, as does even the prospect (if not the reality) of abundance and the promise (if not the actuality) of the cabal being removed from power.

If we wonder why we don’t succeed, check the strength of our commitment.

Totally-committed can be kind and patient.  It doesn’t have to be loud.  Total commitment can be gentle and compassionate. Only in the beginning is it often loud and abrasive.

Eastern masters are often painted as being equanimous with material circumstances but totally committed to the spiritual truth.   They epitomize total commitment to disengage from the material and total commitment to engage with the spiritual.


(1) “The Power of Total Commitment,” 

(2) The patient was confused and wanted to leave. But that would have disallowed the tests that would then take months to have by working from outside the hospital.

(3) My moment of decision came when I saw that being a leader gave people someone to bump up against and get themselves.



Guided Home by Artist Amanda Clark

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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ZAGZAGEL – WISDOM – Archangel Oracle Divine Guidance


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Zagzagel ~ Wisdom, from the Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, Kimberly Marooney



Zagzagel ~ Wisdom:
“Who if I cried out, would hear me among the angel’s hierarchies?
And even if one of them pressed me suddenly against his heart:
I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence.”
~ Ranier Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies, I

“Zagzagel is the angel of wisdom who appeared to Moses in the burning bush. Zagzagel teaches us how to listen and see inwardly. Wisdom is the result of searching deep within for truth. Many of us are too busy with outward activities, too concerned about the opinions of others, and too filled with the clutter of the media to be able to venture inward.

Inner listening is vital to the process of awakening but it is impossible when you are filled with judgments and fear. While you are still clouded by illusions, you may feel unworthy, wander off your path, or repeat the pattern of hearing what you want to hear rather than hearing the truth. It is the job of illusion to do whatever it takes to keep you bound to this material world of limitation, sickness and death. The wisdom of God, however, is fearless, powerful and triumphant.

To receive wisdom, quiet your mind and learn to listen. This may be difficult at first as turbulent feelings and thoughts may torment you. Pray for help and offer your confusion upon the altar of your heart. As you sincerely practice, equilibrium will gently replace your agitation. Peace, the door to your inner wisdom center, will gradually grow and develop into your secret place of the Most High, from there you can at last be guided by your Eternal Self.

Recognizing divine guidance is the next step. Inner hearing sometimes comes through the mind as words, but more often it comes in the form of feelings and knowing. Welcome any feelings you receive, even the uncomfortable ones of loneliness, worthlessness, shame, anger, jealousy, frustration or fear. They are helping you identify the illusions that have you bound. At first, you are totally at their mercy, so pray for liberation from confusion. It often takes extensive emotional release work to get through your fears and misunderstandings. Pray to recognize your true voice. As you free your emotional body, your inner hearing and vision will begin to open.

When you connect with your angels and God, you feel alive and energized. Perhaps you won’t receive what you want to hear. The inner voice may come as a sharp nudge of conscience when you stray. Recognize this as the loving hand of the Beloved pulling you back onto the path. Another form the inner voice takes is intuition, your Eternal Self communicating with your awareness. Intuition is deeper than your conscience and requires a stronger connection with the inner wisdom center. As outer activity decreases and you dwell in peace, your inner activity increases. The gifts of clear thinking and a more active imagination become your unique reflection of divine thought. Judgment improves and habits of fear and limitation flee. You have found the source of wisdom.

Next comes the realization that you don’t want to be without the guidance of your Eternal Self and its omniscience any longer. You may wonder how you lived without it! It becomes a delight to surrender any sense of separation and ego-centered willfulness to these arms of love. No longer do you seek to use God, but rather offer yourself as the instrument to be used. ‘your will be done, Lord. I can do nothing without you.’

You are filled with an unimaginable ecstasy. Gratitude wells up so powerfully in you that it becomes that raft to carry you Home. God comes in a personal way that you recognize without doubt. Your questions are answered. You see people through the eyes of love and compassion as you recognize God in everyone and everything. Your search within has been worth it. No price would have been to high for the rewards of this union with God.”*

~By Kimberly Marooney

Wisdom is empowerment. Finding the answers within is quite literally life changing. We are conditioned to become consumers. Consumers consume things outside of themselves. The collect the material possessions. They consume the foods. They buy the beer and the gum and the cleaning products and the beauty regimes that they are told they need to buy. They consume and consume and consume and yet they still feel so empty…. so they consume some more.

But we always have the choice to turn away from all that superficial distraction and look within instead. That is where all the treasure is hidden. That is why we would be so dangerous if we were to access those deeply hidden realms of possibility. Because we would stop consuming on such a grand scale. We would use only what we needed. We would share. We would expand into higher consciousness. And all those distractions wouldn’t work anymore. Would they?

Everything we need is within us. But we are taught that isn’t true. We are taught to look to others, to authority, to the gurus and the masters. Distraction. Distraction. Distraction.

Maybe we experience pain and depression and anxiety when the inner wisdom is ignored. When we are too caught up in what we should be doing, what we should own, what we should look like. Maybe.

Maybe we could create a whole new way of being by refusing to buy into it anymore. And save the world while we are at it.

That would be wise, wouldn’t it?



~Archangel Oracle

*Angel Blessings Oracle Card deck, Kimberly Marooney 


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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In the Midst of Eclipses – Kara Schallock

Chakra Heart Print by Primal Printer


In the Midst of Eclipses – 24-Jul-2018

More Light downloads?! Yep! This Light influx goes deep into Gaia; into Her heart actually; and this affects all living within Her, including ourselves of course. With more Light, there is more Awareness of old patterns to let go of as well as a heightened version of who we are. Drama intensifies as it is loosening its grip. You see, when something is about to transform, it gets really strong and in your face. Wave good-bye and don’t engage in the drama, lest you activate it more. Stay strong!

If you have been having memories of your past, realize this is a clearing. Be reminded that with every clearing, you also clear your ancestry (lineage) as well as your ancestors. This is quite freeing for you and them. Also know that it’s safe for you to share your gifts openly when it wasn’t so nice in the past; whether you were killed, ridiculed or persecuted, that all is cleared. You can share now without fear of reprisal. If it seems you’ve been waiting awhile to see how to show your gifts, all comes when you are ready…in Divine Time. Wait till something truly resonates without the urge to “just do something.” Separate ego wants doing; Soul wants being. Be still and patient. Meanwhile, continue to Be and continue to let go of anything that is not Love (Source). Express and experience yourself more than where you live, what you do and what you look like. You are much more than any description you have of yourself.

When you are truly an awakened one, you accept Divine Love wholly and completely; you are One with and as Source; therefore, you hear your Soul Song clearly. You are aware of opportunities, rather than seeing only challenges. Awakening is not one big event; nothing happens like that. Awakening is a continuous flow, as is everything. With Awakening, you become more and more authentic. There is no need to hide who you are or mask your true identity. When you are fully awake and authentic, it becomes a part of you, like breathing.

We are in the middle of eclipses, so there is an Opportunity to be more. The Solar Eclipse of earlier this month brought up many old emotions. As emotions arise in you or others, step away and breathe. How you react creates more of the same. If you respond, you flow with the energy rather than against it and this also creates more of the same. There may be lots of physical adjustments, so you may be more Light. Observe your body changes. I had a funny thought this morning as I lay in bed somewhere between full wakefulness and sleep. What if we are changing into an animal? What if we are fully merging with our Totem? My Totem is Raven. Am I sprouting wings? Can I fly? Can I purr like Raven does at times? Of course! What Totem are you merging with and as? What are you learning? What gifts is your Totem showing you that are a part of who you are?

As this next Eclipse comes (we’re in its energy now), how is your body changing? We continue to let go of ancesteral lineage and old guilts created by unaware actions of our past. There may be some returning or new phenomena. For me, I experience rashes, dry skin, some strange headaches, dizziness and many other things that I have been experiencing for years and some new ones as well. All is in Divine Order.If you experience illness, this may be due to an adherence to the old (resistance). There are many endings as well as new beginnings. These new and old cycles reveal themselves individually. Only you know what it means for you. Pay attention to your sacred sight, sacred hearing, sacred knowing and sacred feeling, as these are being upgraded and will continue to do so. Gaia is releasing as you are; you not only feel this, you know it, see it and hear it. Be a strong lighthouse. This is standing in your Power, knowing that you give off Light to help. You are becoming stronger in your Authenticity and Light. It continues to help you evolve in pure consciousness. You are Christed; you have everything within you. It sits dormant, waiting for you to know it and be it.

Love and accept yourself, as you do with all other life forms. As one wise woman once said, “They go low, you go high.” It does not matter how another chooses to be; always be Love and remember that there is no real separation between you and others. There are just different degrees of Awakening. Be gentle with yourself when it seems your old self emerges from time to time. Honor who you were, who you are and who you’re becoming. It is so easy to go back to who you were and seemingly challenging to fully be who you are now. The New takes Commitment and ongoing Awareness. The old is easy to slip back into, because it’s what we have known. Yet the more you accentuate the New as you, the easier it becomes to be in the New; then it’s all you know; as simple and easy as breathing. Ease.

Let all of your past go so you don’t continuously repeat it. Some issues and people clear automatically. Don’t rush back to save or fix it. Let it go, whether it is people, things or attitudes. You need not perceive it as loss; it simply is Soul’s way of clearing you so you may evolve and be more Love/Light. We need not fix anything; just let it be. Once you are clear of the old, much is also cleared in your life. Opportunities show up, you intuit new directions and that which is to be in your life remains or returns…or not. Trust Divine Order. Does that feel freeing?

There is no need to be confused or lost. If you are guided by your Intuition to take a step in a particular direction, do so. If not, it’s not yet time. Do only that which is of the Heart; of Intuition. It comes in spurts at times and if it’s from Soul, it will not let go till you take an action step. Feel first and then act. Often you may simply observe yourself taking a step without thought. This is great! There is no thinking or analyzing involved when you act from the Heart. The Heart needs no explanation or “why;” it simply is.

As we are infused by this huge Light, we may feel very complacent with barely any energy; however, we are expanding mentally, spiritually and physically and are extremely sensitive to all in our environment…the dog barking seems louder and any noise seems intolerable and so it goes. There is nothing to be concerned about; we are simply vibrating higher in much higher dimensions, while in our 3D bodies. What is great about nuisances is that they bring us right into the moment. It’s all orchestrated by Source. Cool, huh? We get to choose our state of being. We can discard and ignore upgrades and downloads and remain small or we can open up and invite it all in. We can be grateful or resistant. We have Free Will…always. Know as you move through the 3D world, you move with Awareness. Our Lightbodies are activated and as we truly know this, we disengage from the old, controlling matrix, because we know who we are.

We are transitioning to a more expansive consciousness. This affects our world and beyond as well. We are building the New step by step. Stay in your lane, focused. Are you in the fast lane or the slow lane? It doesn’t matter at all. All lanes go forward not backward. We may shift lanes at times, yet we all arrive. Ooops! Did you get stopped for going too fast or slow? No worries; adjust your speed; any warning/message is to help you be congruent with your Soul.

Being in the Lunar Eclipse is like surfing the biggest wave ever. As you ride the wave, stay centered, be open and know you are not only Love; you are loved!



Chakra Heart Print by Primal Printer

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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ONE Heart ~ Alohim

In a singular moment when all resistance dissolves from our individual fields.
We witness the unfolding of our own creations with love
and rewrite our chemistry from within our cellular makeup.
Through the cell of one heart we sing inspirational messages of hope,
love and equanimity. Through the individual self we become ripples
of an infinite expression. Carrying the flame of light towards the altar
of a higher collective consciousness. Through many forms, languages,
sounds and intentions. Love and light flowing through our multidimensional
bodily synagogues, we become the lighthouse-beacon guiding hope
safely through emotions deep, steeped in reverence for all that is,
anchoring faith in the temple of ONE Heart

From an early age I knew my past lives, Star Family and much more. I knew this body was a vehicle and a container and ‘remembered’. Everything happens for a reason as we know and without this understanding I wouldn’t be able to relate with such compassion. As a Light Worker I’ve spent the last few years healing myself & others through meditation, movement and solitude, expressing Energy & Light through different avenues with particular emphasis on third world countries. We are all magical Beings here for a wonderful purpose.


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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Keeping the Aura Fortified in Times of Imbalance – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


Keeping the Aura Fortified in Times of Imbalance

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Lord of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we greet each of you, individually, lovingly, in a vector of timeless space. We embrace you in the ‘Now’ time that you read these words, and surround you in an energy of Unconditional Love.

In this time of frequency shift, the move from magnetic to crystalline, it is extremely important to not only maintain the integrity of the human crysto-electric field, or Aura, but it is important to strengthen & expand its energetic capacity. For the ‘HEC Aura’ must EVOLVE … grow, change the auric skin & adapt to a new ‘operating system’. Windows 2038 ! …and this new system needs much more ram, capacity and drive !

There is no better way of ‘Crystallizing’ than spending time in the Crystal Vortex of Ark or the Crystal Vortex of Brazil. Especially during the crystalline meteoric influx, a time in which the vast fields of living crytsals will be vibrating magnificently, singing !

Why Arkansas you may ask. The answer is because within this vortex lies the largest singular unsegmented strata of quartz crystal on the planet….embellished by a powerful & rare crater of octahedronal crystalline magnetite, radium bearing thermal waters & kimberlite diamond pipes. All in Arkansas!

The Atlanteans as well as the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance were well aware of this fact. Accordingly there are energetic devices, and refined crystals within this area of the Crystal~Vortex of Ark, which were set in place precisely to play a major role in the transition of the earth…and that is happening now before your collective eyes. It is an exquisite geological wonder, and it is beginning to gain notice on a global scale.

Kryon, the Magnetic Master channeled in 2002, that evidence of Atlantis is in Arkansas. Master, we tell you there are enormous, utterly astonishing crystals in the vast caverns beneath Arkansas. Protected from the floods and quakes, and now reawakened after a planned dormancy of millennia, these are ‘Law of One’ master crystals, toned and programmed for the Ascension.

The empathetic among you will feel them, sense them when pilgrimaging & visioning in the Crystal Vortex. The ancient crystals will recognize you, speak to you in reunion. It will feel like long lost family.

Crysto Evolution of the Human Bio-Chassis

We have told you in numerous communications that solar radiation and specific astronomical events, primarily solstices, equinoxes, eclipses & cometesque meteor flurries are embedded with the edict & patterning of change. And these are code carrier, transmitting the codes of the upshift. These codes are akin to frequency transmutation, facilitating the crystalline shift, the expansive change from polar magnetic to crystalline. They are something like a photonic-sonic password that opens a new program !

These codes were first enacted upon the earthen dimensions, in the expansion from 3d to 12d which occurred on the prophesized solstice of 2012. And at that time the paradigm shifted, and humanity entered ‘Year One’ of the New Earth in 2013. You are now in ‘Year Six’.

Your Edgar Cayce accurately predicted over 80 years ago that humanity would evolve into the 5th ‘race’, a new body format after 1998. We have told you previously that humanity are shifting from carbon base to silicon base. That both the planet and humanity are returning to a magnificent crystalline template.

And Dear Ones, this is factual, it is not fantasy, and the wise seekers among you, are intuitively and keenly aware of this veracity … for it has been embedded in the group consciousness of the Law of One for millennia, and now that time has come. It is a clarion call, a promise kept, a promise being enacted in this phase of ‘Year Six’ of the crystalline shift. And Dear Ones, we say again, 2012 was a beginning, not an end. Your true work begins now. And through Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, we share with you the mechanics of this extraordinary process.

Accordingly we have explained in detail why this is occurring in divine coding in crystalline geometrics and frequency, and that these codes are initially & logically received in the crystalline strata of Arkansas and Brazil. Logically because Arkansas and Brazil hemispherically house the largest deposits of quartz crystal on the planet, and both contain Master Crystals of the Atlantean Law of One. So, naturally, when crystalline cosmic-waves & codes are projected into the earthen realm, they will be received initially by & most resonant with the crystalline mineral fields on the planet. It is ‘Harmonic Oscillation’.

It is in truth, a re-activation, for both Arkansas & Brazil were Crystal Colonies of the benevolent Initiates of the Atla-Ra’Law of One’, Crystal-Scientist Priesthood.

The Beautiful 4th Trimester

In the final trimester of 2018 (September – December) there are a series of astronomical events that have great impact upon the crystallization of the planet and of humanity. These 5 astronomical events are benevolently combined with 7 meteoric energies amalgamated into a singular energy for this period, in what may be termed as the Crystalline Quin-Pentacle:

The 2018 Pentacle Events:

July 12 – Solar Eclipse on New Moon

July 27 – Total Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon

August 11 – Solar Eclipse on New Moon

September 23 – Equinox on Full Crystal Moon

Dec 21 -22 : Solstice on Full Moon

In the final trimester of 2018, this penta occurrence of three tandem eclipses, the equinox and solstice & crystalline influx are embellished by 7 meteoric energies, these are of great significance in the crystallization process of the planet….forming a 12 point dodecahedral star.

The 2018 Meteoric Events:

July 29 – Aug 23 – Delta Aquarids Meteors

August 13 – 23 – Perseids Meteorics

Sept 12 – Oct – Orionids Meteorics

Sept 21- Dec 5 – Taurids Meteorics

October 8 – Draconids Meteorics

Nov 17 – Leonids Meteorics

Dec 13 – Geminids Meteorics

Your astrologists do not always consider the energies of meteors in their work, but these are spawned of comets, and have much more influence on your frequencial environ that is currently recognized. The life force generated by comets as well as meteoric phenomenon (meteor showers) is ample, and these energies absolutely bath the planet in waves of crystalline energy, embellished with codes of life force, of crystalline consciousness units, termed as Adamantine Essence or Akash.

When striking a tuning fork, in any key, the corresponding strings on a piano or guitar of the same key as the tuning fork, , will automatically start vibrating. This is a scientific law, called ‘ Harmonic Oscillation’.

This is why the Vast Crytsal  Crystal Strata in Arkansas & Brazil will robustly receive the energies, crytsalline energies of the Meteorics. Meteors can contain diamond, quartz and garnet crystals. It actually rains diamonds on Jupiter & Saturn. The rings are crytsalline !

The 7 Meteorics: Celestial Crystals of Energy

Comets orbit in your heavens, and carry within their centered ‘Coma’ tremendous elements & energies, conscious, sentient energies, garnered composites of velocity and plasma, energies of elements that are tempered into metamorphic crystals. As a comet travels close to the Sun, it melts and reforms in a crystalline nature, ( Both comets & their offspring ‘shooting stars’ or meteorites can carry crystallized carbon, ie nano diamonds as well as crystal nano quartz and garnet olivine. ) portions of the material of the comet vaporizes into pure streams of energy, succinct unique supraliminal energy. This is important to understand, because the meteorics are playing a role in the crystallization of the earth.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Atlanteans used quartz crystals to ‘communicate with the Divine’ & inbterface with ‘Other Worlds’. .

The ancients were very aware of this ! That is why Arkansas and Brazil were Atlantean Crystal Colonies….and visioning was planned for the Equinoxes and Solstices during meteoric influxes.

Metorites, spawned of stars & comets, are absolutely conscious.

The aesthetic life of such meteoric consciousness is unrecognized in current academia, but was absolutely revered & understood in its influences & effects by past societies more attuned to the living cosmos. For comets and their filial are the cosmic devas of life force and provide life itself to your planets and moons. Oceans are filled by the waters of comets and planetary atmospheres flow with their gaseous contributions. Organic molecules, which contain carbon atoms and silicon and are present in all life forms known to your science, and are trapped in large amounts in both interstellar clouds and comets. Comets are some of the most organic-rich material in your solar system. Meteorites that have entered into your Earth’s atmosphere and lands contain a whole suite of molecules, including amino acids, which have played an important role in terrestrial biology life. These are carriers of life and life force.

We tell you that comets spawn meteors, that you term as ‘ shooting stars’ , for after a comet has orbited the Star of your solar system many times, it imbues and imbeds trails of its energy essence along its celestial path. And when your planet earth intersects this trail, so does it interface the vibrational energy of its life force, so does in encounter the frequency of that termed life force units. And this vital crystalline Akash effects your planet, and humanity. Meteors are the catalysts, the drivers of change, for the core nucleus of these energies is one of luminosity, one of coherent crystalline source. And so it is that the ancients associated all comets and their meteoric offspring as the forbearers of transition.

Now, what you term as meteor shower happens when the Earth passes through the path of a comet. When this happens, the particulates of the comet create streaks of unique light in the heavens as they again morph into lumens of crystalline vapor in the Earth’s atmosphere.

We tell you specifically that in 2018, these ‘cometesque’ crystalline forces contain divinely imprinted codes of a unique transitional Akash (life force units) that will trigger the bio shift of humanity…. and amplify the Crystalline Strata of Arkansas and Brazil….for the living crystals will collate the coded Akash in harmonic oscillation, in axialtonal resonance.

On so Dearhearts, there is indeed an enacting 12 piece dodecahedral patterning, one that is divinely coded.

The 12 Dodecs in Linear Chronological Sequence:

July 29 – Aug 23 – Delta Aquarids Meteors

July 12 – Solar Eclipse on New Moon

July 27 – Total Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon

August 11 – Solar Eclipse on New Moon

August 13 – 23 – Perseids Meteorics

Sept 12 – Oct – Orionids Meteorics

Sept 21- Dec 5 – Taurids

September 23, 2018- Equinox – Full Crystal Moon

October 8 – Draconids Meteorics

Nov 17 – Leonids Meteorics

Dec 13 – Geminids Meteorics

Dec 21 -22 : Solstice on Full Moon

Masters, the period between the new moon of August11th and the full moon of September 25th, represents the fulcrum of the crystalline code receival in the Crystal Vortex, with the energy sequentially increasing in the lunar phase, with apex occurring for one week before and one week after the Equinox.

There is divine planning & intelligent design, in this timing, for it is a unique astronomical phase, within the final trimester of 2018. It is indeed why we have directed the channel to host the gathering of the Code-Carriers & Gridwerkers of the Law of One to congregate in Arkansas in this phase of September during the mega Equinox and Crystalline moon.

So although 2018 has had phases of great intensity, it has a brightening series of events for the last trimeter, an astonishing  crytsalline-energy refreshment beginning in mid September !

Structured Healing Waters in Ark

Now, we would be remiss, not to encourage those of you called to pilgrimage to the Crytsal Ark Vortex, to bath in the radium rich natural thermal Hotsprings in Arkansas. Edgar Cayce suggested that gesm & crystals could be used to energize water. Dr Marcel Vogel was the first ( Not Dr Emoto), to speak on the crysto-geometric structuring of water with crystals. He discovered the ‘base frequency’ of water is very similar in its vibratory signature to that of quartz crystal.

The natural healing thermal baths springs in Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas) are world renowned. These waters flow under, through and over, quartz crystals….and are thus ‘geoi-crystal structured’. These waters are remarkable, and quicken the upshift of the human aura into crysto frequency.  These assist in activating the new 33 chakric system . These waters cleanse , charge &  upshift the aura.

Spending time in the utterly shimmering energy of the Crystal Vortex is incredibly strengthening at this chaortic time, and is highly recommended, especially during the seven Crysto-Meteorics of the 2nd half of 2018.


Dear Ones, in closing, let us express unequivocally that we of the Angelic Realm are in a special role of supporting you, far more than you may realize. For you too are Gods in creation, sparks of the divine becoming again as divine crystal stars of the All That Is. For indeed you are begat as the morning stars !

We love each of you, all of you, and beyond the veils you are part of us. We spin a light vortex of great honor and appreciation to you!  We are sending this energy to each one of you in the ‘NOW’ moment that you read or hear these words.

Can you feel it, open your heart and receive what we send forth in love.

We sincerely honor you as you move into the magnificent phases of Earths Crystalline Ascension. And we tell you it is the Ascension of the Earth that will spawn the critical mass movement of physical humanities Ascension in two to three centuries. From our stance itis the twinkling of an eye. All in free will, all by choice.  It is a future of Ascension that you are creating…and we tell you again, this period of less than three centuries is the blink of an eye. It’s there ! We salute you. You are on the appropriate path!

Be strong, be joyful…be fully awakened ! Dear Ones, look for a bright & brighter completion to a powerful & intense year. You have earned it !

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it Is…And it is So…



Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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What is a Lightworker? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Saatchi Art ~ Artist Jason Lincoln Jeffers – Painting, The lightworker.


What is a Lightworker?

One of the requests that came out of our recent conversation about lightworkers was a request to say what a lightworker actually is.

I’m happy to oblige.

A writer said recently: “The term ‘lightworker’ is synonymous with ‘spiritual seeker.’” (1)

In my view? Not precisely.  Lightworkers are not so much about seeking as they are about serving.

The “worker” in “lightworker” points to service.

Service to what? Service to the Light, God, the Divine Mother, Gaia and her animal and human inhabitants.

Readers here certainly will have heard the Company of Heaven tell us that we made agreements prior to birth that we would serve the Divine Mother’s Plan for us and Gaia. That Plan in a word is Ascension.

How do we know what our exact agreement is? Very simple. Notice what you love to do. (For me it’s writing.)

Notice where your bliss is. Notice what you can’t stay away from doing and do as soon as you return home. Or at the local Starbucks. Or at the supermarket. What you love to do is almost certainly a part of your mission.

Ascension itself has phases and different lightworkers may serve in different phases.

Those are Ascension itself, Abundance, Accountability, and Disclosure.  They overlap as they’re doing right now. Disclosure is expected in the near future. That overlaps with Abundance (the Reval), which overlaps with Accountability (40,000 plus sealed indictments).

Regarding Ascension, some lightworkers are assisting people to make the gradual consciousness shift that’s occurring right now. They’re also assisting people for whom the higher energies flush up core issues. They help them work through and be free of whatever surfaces. Spiritual first aid and triage, so to speak.

Regarding Abundance, other lightworkers have agreed to be financial stewards and conduits for the Divine Mother, handling large sums of money from various sources without being seduced by it and using them fairly and honestly to benefit the planet and its inhabitants.

Regarding Accountability, other lightworkers are standing up to the cabal, saying “Enough!”, exposing their crimes – right and left, Democrat and Republican – and serving in various capacities to “drain the swamp.”

Regarding Disclosure, lightworkers are preparing to serve as Earth’s ambassadors to our star family and partners in the many programs the galactics will introduce to rebuild the planet and rid it of our pollution.

This blog had its beginnings as a site dedicated to exposing the post-9/11 crimes of the Illuminati. (2) After I met Archangel Michael via a personal reading with Linda Dillon in January 2011, it became about building Nova Earth.

I notice myself returning to the theme of building Nova Earth again and again, as if I even like the sound of the words.  It colors everything.

In the face of the vision of Nova Earth, other habits and distractions no longer hold my attention. This change, this attractive power of the idea is again a sign that participating in the collective action of building a new world is part of my mission.

As a financial steward, my service is along the path of humanitarian philanthropy.

The object of our philanthropy, writ large, I think, is (A) to fuel a revolution in compassion towards the less fortunate on the planet and (B) to make of the desert a watered plain – that is, to return the planet to its state of original purity, which some call the Garden of Eden.

The service that lightworkers perform is a spiritual path to God in and of itself. Hindus call it karma yoga, seva or, simply, service.

This may be contentious but it’s my considered opinion: The lightworkers here to help Gaia and her inhabitants ascend are already ascended.

Lightworkers are starseeds, angels, archangels, seraphim, ascended masters, Biblical prophets, medieval kings and queens, etc., all from higher dimensions.

We donned the blindfold in this particular existence so that, as Michael said to me, the CoH can keep our feet on the ground. If we realized who we are, I’m told, we’d in all likelihood pack up and return home.

When the job’s done, my understanding is that lightworkers will indeed have the choice to stay or return home to their native dimension or beyond the dimensions. (3)

We’re waiters at the banquet of Ascension. We have oil in our lamps and we’re safely inside the wedding hall.

And we’re serving the great mass of people who’ve gathered to partake of the feast.  Their wedding approaches. Our feast, our reward comes later.


(1) Owen K Waters “The Helping Heart,” Light Magic, at https://www.lightmagic.us/helpingheart/

(2) Typical of that period was “I Accuse,” Oct. 18, 2008, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/accountability/nwo-essays/i-accuse/

(3) Except … pillars. Who stay till the end.



Saatchi Art ~ Artist Jason Lincoln Jeffers – Painting, The lightworker.

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Moving Up to the Experiential – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist: Pieter Wagemans, oil on canvas @ Artodyssey


Moving Up to the Experiential

There are three levels of knowledge: the intellectual, the experiential, and the realizational. Our job is to move knowledge up the incline from intellectual to realized.

Because of that, I lay stress on the experiential, without forsaking the intellectual. To move our knowledge up from being merely ideas to being shared experiences.

I want to share an experience I had at Cold Mountain Institute during a three-month resident fellowship in 1975-76.

Cold Mountain is a growth center like Esalen, located in rural BC (now called Hollyhock).

We did workshops for three months – much of it encounter, but also awareness, meditation, sexuality, art therapy, and communication workshops.

All of it was conducted at the experiential level and I had several realizations, nothing major, although they were the first I’d ever had and so they were major for me.

But the experience I wanted to share with you was of watching a man stand up in the dining room and hold forth for perhaps ten minutes.

And  all he said was how he felt. He went through nervousness, shame, and whatever lay on the other side. I remember sadness as well.  He’d repeat how he felt over and over and over again and it would change.  “I feel nervous.” x10  “I feel shame.” x10

Why was this magical for us?

We so valued him baring his soul. And we had another reason for valuing it.

We were there to increase our emotional acuity or awareness. Regarding ourselves for sure but also regarding others.

We paid attention to how each other was feeling but on few occasions did we get confirmation that we were accurate or off base in our estimations of what those feelings might be.

For sure people would share how they were feeling, but I mean more on a minute-by-minute basis – watching the flow of feeling.

Now here was Sathyam revealing himself in this way, being the feeling and naming it at the same time. It allowed us to validate our ability to perceive others’ emotional states or not. We could set our compasses on what Sathyam was saying.

So it was not only moving but also supremely helpful.

That whole environment was experientially savvy. We’d do ourselves an injustice if we thought that generation was somehow behind us. In many ways, they were ahead.

I’d like to see us up-level our knowledge from the merely intellectual to the experiential as well. Fundamentally that would involve being or becoming aware of how we and others feel.

When we asked, “How are you feeling today?” it wasn’t an invitation to reply in just one word. It was an invitation to share all that we’d seen and noticed since last we talked.



Artist: Pieter Wagemans, oil on canvas @ Artodyssey

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Bend Reality – Peggy Black & The Team

Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family July 22, 2018

___________ My Personal Message__________

Time is moving so fast, here we are in July; I am busy each day, finishing my to-do list and creating another. One week was so foggy and damp, I actually built a fire upstairs it was so chilly. A few days later and it was triple digit hot. Strange weather.I am still progressing with the next book set; I am truly delighted and excited to realize they are almost complete. It has been an interesting process working on them off and on for several years. However I am now committed to finishing them and making them available.

This past week was intense; my oldest daughter had a heart attack. I was with her in the hospital for four days, sleeping in her room. She is home and recovering now. I am so grateful.

On July 27 we will have the longest, most powerful total lunar eclipse of the century. We are also in the midst of huge vibrational energies being offered by our planets. There are five planets that are retrograde, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury. Retrograde energy always invites us to review and revisit with introspection. This energy is edgy; events are moving fast with twist and turns and feelings are running high. It is a time when secrets will be revealed, shifts in relationships and shifts in consciousness will occur. Do your best to stay centered, calm, and balanced; be in your heart, meditate, breathe and let go of what no longer serves you.

During these intense times I am available for a private session, a personal interface and connection with the ‘team.’ If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me. I love making the ‘team’ available for these sessions, they bring clarity and guidance.

Our Morning Message community is so precious to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations, your letters and emails; it is always a joy to hear how the messages are inspiring your personal magnificence. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

Check out my website www.peggyblack.com 

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Bend Reality
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here, to offer you words to remember who you truly are in all your magnificence. We see you as divine conscious beings, unlimited and powerful beyond measure. We also acknowledge that you, as humans, are in a hologame or energy field of unconscious limitation.You are holding the awareness of and living in both these realities. We understand it is sometimes easier to focus on the reality that shows itself as physical.

However, know without doubt that your unlimited self is as available as you believe it to be. You are a divine creator. You are projecting your thoughts, vibrations and energy onto the quantum field. Most of the time these projections are filtered through your beliefs and patterns as well as your own limited understanding of who you are.

Every human is empathic, sensitive to the frequencies and vibrations surrounding them. Most earthwalkers have learned to numb or shut off these abilities because they are too intense. We continue to remind you that these abilities are your greatest gifts and you are here to allow them to develop and come forth fully.

Children come in with these natural gifts of being empathic, telepathic, clairvoyant and clairsentient. However your society, education and belief systems usually shut these abilities down very quickly.  When a child feels or sees energy and is not supported in understanding what they are experiencing, it can be confusing and frightening. Often the child will act out the energy which causes disturbance in the home or other places. Society often medicates this behavior.

The new beings coming in are wired differently, their DNA is more advanced and their gifts are stronger. They are here to remind others of their divine abilities that have been repressed or suppressed. They are coming forth to anchor a new way of being. They are the next level of wayshowers. They are here to teach others how to bend reality.

So you, as divine humans, are being triggered as well as invited to allow your abilities to come forth, to allow yourself to own and use your imagination to create the reality you desire. The wisdom of your divine self, in partnership with your imagination, is extremely powerful.

When you can hold the focus in your imagination and energize it with your passion and emotions, you are imprinting this hologame, this quantum field, with the template or patterns of what you are envisioning.

Your brain is only a very sophisticated bio-computer, programmed to allow you to function in this physical reality. Realize that your mind is a field that exists outside the body/brain. The mind picks up information from the collective field and communicates it to the brain which processes it extremely fast, filtering through your perception, your perspective, your emotions, beliefs and limited patterns.

The information the brain receives from the mind will follow the path of least resistance. The brain will filter and process the information according to what you have learned or been programmed to believe to be true. The divine mind could be showing the brain a vast piece of data, however if the brain cannot process that data because of some limitation, it will only process what it has been programmed to believe.

We are inviting you to begin to investigate and question your beliefs about reality. Imagine for a moment you are viewing your reality through a small window created by your cupped hands in front of your eyes. This is what you see, and what your brain understands to be reality. Now remove your hands and the vista before you expands in all directions. This is the unlimited connected vista that your divine mind sees.

Practice allowing yourself to expand into these unlimited possibilities. One of the most powerful methods is to bring your attention to the moment, bring your awareness to the now. The programs in the brain will serve up old memories, or even fears of the future. When you practice being present in the moment of now, you are allowing your divine mind to engage fully with this expanded field of collective consciousness.

You are engaged with the energy that is flowing in the moment. You are open to the interaction of the energies surrounding you and all that the quantum field has to offer. When you are aware of the unlimited power of your divine mind and its connection with the quantum field, as well as its partnership with the brain, there is a unity. The divine mind and the physical brain are separate, yet they are unified.

It is from this unified partnership that you begin to process a more expanded sense of self. You become aware of the synchronicities unfolding in the activities of your life. You become aware of the quantum entanglement that exists between all living things. You begin to recognize your connection to, as well as your impact on, the expanded collective field in which you are living.  You begin to see and sense energy vibrations in a totally new and whole way.

You begin to own your personal power to create from an unlimited place of your divine mind. You begin to feel or sense this energy or force that surrounds you. This field, this energetic entanglement truly is created by all living things. You begin to work with this force or this energy. You begin to understand that this force is your connection to oneness with all.

Once you are aware that the connection has been made, you can begin to work more consciously with this energy. You are invited to train your divine mind and your brain to work in harmony with what you intend to create, to manifest or to call forth.  You can begin to bend reality.

When you are present in the moment of now, feeling or reading the energy field or the force as a neutral observer or fair witness, your divine mind gives your brain clear directions and clear guidance. Your actions are in the present, moving in the most harmonious manner to reach your total well being and synergy.

You are seeing or sensing the bigger picture that is unfolding and making choices that can or will change the outcome of an event. The only way a sensitive or empathic being can help or assist another person is from a place of balance. This neutral centered awareness will give you clarity for the most appropriate action in the moment.

Once you see that time, space and distance are merely illusions and a part of the limited beliefs of this 3D reality, you will be able to transform energy as the true alchemist that you are and you will have a greater influence on the world around you. You are luminous divine beings; begin to feel the energy or forces around you. It is from this place that you have the most impact in your world.

Feel us as well as other luminous divine beings surrounding you. We are ever ready to assist and support. the ‘team’

©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited.  You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. http://www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Lyran Lightship: Blessing and Activation -Sandra Walter


Lyran Lightship: Blessing and Activation

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The Lyrans are Feline BEings from the Vega star system, where the original experiments for creating a Divine HUman DNA template began. They have been a consistent part of my journey, and were the first to show me  interdimensional stargates. Sometimes they are referred to as white lion BEings, since they have white hair and have a very regal lion-like appearance.

Two pairs of Lyrans presented while doing Gatework on Mount Shasta; two female and two male. They offered a blessing and Divine HUman DNA activation for this transformational passage. After I recorded this, I heard choirs of them singing these tones and words when I went to bed – all night long. My cells quivered with the harmonics, and I felt a deep sense of peace, unity and unconditional love.

They asked to begin with Lightship tones; the sounds we hear when the ships and BEings are near. They work closely with the Sirians, and I feel the language reflects that influence. Light language is not translatable word-by word. In my experience it is tones, sensations or geometry interpreted by the conduit to convey messages, activations, or intentions. ET contacts speak telepathically, and yet this language has flowed through us for decades. It seems to be shifting, taking on a new level with the presence of Source codes. These harmonics are a crystalline bridge of their own kind.

This message contains codes of balance for this powerful phase, embodiment and DNA restoration. The Lyrans remind us to practice toning and harmonics, in order to remember how to alter form with our pure intent and voices. The skill of moving, building, creating reality through sound is returning to us.

Hopefully this transmission captures the harmony which many of us have with this kind of contact. This sound journey is light-encoded to assist your Ascension process.

Download the mp3 below.
PC: Right-click on the Title to Save As
Mac: Control+ Click on the title to Save As

Lyran Lightship

Video version on Youtube:

In Love, Light and Service,



Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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Battle Continues Between Friendliness and Unfriendliness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Corinne Reignier


Battle Continues Between Friendliness and Unfriendliness

I continue to observe my moods to understand the battle that’s raging within me between friendliness and unfriendliness.

This morning I saw a nexus or knot in consciousness that was so basic and yet so decisive in determining my mood that I stayed with it, observing it, for quite a while.

I saw a part of myself wanting to express love.

And then I saw a second part of me smother that impulse with “I don’t want to X,” “I don’t feel like Y,” and “I hate Z.”

If you’ve ever felt unrequited love, you know that it really hurts. Love wants to flow and connect, be accepted and returned. When I love someone and it isn’t accepted and returned, I ache and feel miserable.

By the same token, when I feel love arise within me and I myself smother it out of grumpiness and unfriendliness, I feel depressed and miserable as well.

I ask my mind to throw up the original incident in which this nexus arose.

Initially I see a grumpy young boy, who had withdrawn from family fun and preferred to be off by himself. I hear myself say, “If you won’t love me, I won’t participate.”  And off I go to my room to read or play by myself.

That worked for many, many years and it went unchallenged. I was regarded as studious, inward-turned, preferring quiet and solitude, etc.

But now that I feel and express love, the inner conflict has heated up. Because now something wants to emerge and be expressed and my grumpiness prevents it. Now I hurt because of what I’mdoing to myself.

This situation demonstrates that a heart opening doesn’t cure all ills.  Michael discussed in 2015 how our gradual Ascension with its heart openings and expansion of beingness can bring up crippling feelings:

Archangel Michael: Does Ascension mean that you are in the love? Yes! But does it bring up close and personal this clarity of what is not right, what we have called distraction or aberration? It most certainly does because there is no room for it.

But it is so extreme [in your case], that it immediately, without reservation or being sidetracked, has to be dealt with, cleared, healed, mended, tended, released back to the Mother, back to me … because you cannot carry this; it is already laying you flat.

Steve: Definitely. It’s crippling.

AAM: So lie on the bed, go into your heart, call me (I’m already there) and let me literally lift this. Surrender it to me. … The establishment of peace within is pivotal, critical and you cannot feel that fullness of peace and of love [in this condition]. …

It is the healing of the wounds of war and the wounds of war, dearest, are the wounds of the human experience.

And it is not just the old Third. It is the superconsciousness that you are entering into and the level of awareness of what grief and sorrow really feel like. Then it becomes so unacceptable, so personal that it cannot be permitted.

I will lift this. You have ample experience to write about.  (1)

Well, at least I know that he wants me to write about it!

The fact that love wants to pour from my heart and is prevented by habitual grumpiness is probably what has overcome the former generous outpouring of love. It may be behind my heart closing somewhat – not completely because love still flows until prevented.  Michael explained:

“You have had a heart opening [but] it is like a rubber stopper that opens, closes, opens, closes. So it is partially open. … But it is not 1000%.” (2)

If it were 1000%, that would be Sahaja Samadhi and that experience would be powerful enough to burn all my vasanas (or core issues) to a crisp. (3)

When I’m in the midst of this battle, my grumpiness makes me feel like a one-ton boulder that’s almost impossible to move. And I find it almost impossible to allow love room to move and flow outwards. Most people just leave me alone when I’m in this mood. (4)

At last, I now see the two sides of this everyday, continuous inner conflict between love and grumpiness. And in simply seeing and observing it, I’m no longer in it. I’ve done what a boss of mine used to call “getting my arms around it.” I am the observer now, outside of the experience of grumpiness,  rather than the participant, gripped by the feeling.

It isn’t as if I don’t have lots of tools. Now that I’ve identified the basic nexus or knot, I’ll use those tools to address the unwanted condition.

I’ll use the universal laws to eliminate it, affirmations to remind myself of the truth of the situation, and anything else that the Company of Heaven recommends.

I’ll also watch my grumpiness with ongoing awareness – just “being with” it – to dissolve it.

As well, I’ll ask Michael and the Mother directly to take this vasana and its accompanying mood away from me.

I’ll turn the flow of this wonderful love on me and love myself through grumpiness.

Along with their assistance, I’ll take whatever actions I can and eliminate this crippling condition from my life.


(1) Ibid., March 24, 2015. This conversation took place eleven days after the heart opening. On another occasion, he said:

“It is not just the old Third [i.e., a leftover vasana of grumpiness]. It is the superconsciousness that you are entering into and the level of awareness of what grief and sorrow really feel like. Then it becomes so unacceptable, so personal that it cannot be permitted.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 3, 2015.)

(2) Ibid., Aug. 3, 2015.

(3) Shankara tells us: “The flame of illumination [Sahaja] … is kindled by discrimination between Atman and non-Atman. [It] will burn away the effects of ignorance [i.e., the vasanas], down to their very roots.” (Shankara in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher lsherwood, Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination.Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1975; c1947, 39.)

This neither happens in sixth-chakra Cosmic Consciousness or in seventh-chakra Brahmajnana or God-Realization; only with leaving the Third-Dimension altogether in Sahaja (a permanent and full heart opening) are the vasanas finally and fully destroyed.

Says Sadhu Arunachala:

“Vasanas were not got rid of all of a sudden by a flash of Cosmic Consciousness. One may have worked them out in a previous existence leaving a little to be done in the present life, but in any case they must first be destroyed.” (Sadhu Arunachala (A.W. Chadwick), A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1961, 45.)

Says Sri Ramana:

“In kevala nirvikalpa samadhi [Brahmajnana] one is not free from vasanas and does not, therefore, attain mukti.

Only after the samskaras have been destroyed [in Sahaja] can one attain salvation [liberation, mukti, moksha]. … Even though one practices kevala nirvikalpa samadhi for years together, if one has not rooted out the vasanas, he will not attain salvation.” (Sri Ramana Maharshi in Ramananda Swarnagiri, Crumbs from His Tablehttp://www.ramana-maharshi.org. Downloaded 10 September 2005, n.p.)

(4) Winston Churchill also had moods like this, which he called his “black dog.” Unfortunately he didn’t know about vasanas and the upset clearing process.



Art: Corinne Reignier

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Our Divine Self – The Summit Lighthouse

I Am Presence Summit Lighthouse


Our Divine Self

The Chart of Our Divine Self illustrates cosmic truths that have been taught by the great mystics of East and West.

The Chart has three parts representing the trinity of our identity.

The upper figure, the sphere of light called the I AM Presence, is the spirit of God individualized for each of us.

Our I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres which comprise the causal body. This pulsating spiritual energy contains the record of all our good works, we can think of it as our cosmic bank account.

Our causal body has seven spheres corresponding to the seven color rays of God’s consciousness. The only cause of our separation from the I AM THAT I AM is our human consciousness, the accumulation of vibrations from this and previous lifetimes that have been less than the qualities of our Real Self.

Between the upper sphere of light and the soul evolving represented by the lower figure of the heart is the Higher Self, also known as the Higher Mental Body, and the Real Self.

It is the Self that we are in a state of becoming through our soul’s evolution. Our souls are mortal but can become immortal as the soul bonds to the Higher Self.

Depending on our spiritual tradition, we can think of the Higher Self as our guardian angel, our inner guru, the voice of conscience—our dear friend.

The violet flame is depicted in the Chart of the Presence around the lower figure. The violet flame is a high-frequency energy of transmutation.

Around the violet flame is the protective white light of God known as the tube of light. When we apply the science of the spoken Word, we can call forth the tube of light for the sealing of our aura from negative energies.

The thread of white light descending from the I AM Presence through the Higher Self to the lower figure in the Chart is the crystal cord which ties us to Spirit.

The crystal cord nourishes the threefold flame of the heart with God’s light. Each plume represents an attribute of God’s consciousness-God’s power, God’s wisdom and God’s love. The threefold flame is about 1/16  of an inch high and is within the secret chamber of the heart chakra. God has given us a spark of Himself.



Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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The Sunshine In You – Lucia Sullivan

“The Sunshine In You”
“You were the lime light of white light.
In dust sparkles over mountain tops.
Purple skies going down over an orange mound of madness,
Bigger than the sun disc closing in on the night.
Monuments of nature turned into ants when your light showed up.
And I had become certain,
That you,
Were a galaxy of your own.
Built into a puppet of earth and interpretation.
Bigger than the eyes can see.
And aren’t we all?
This small body,
Is all that gravity could contain.
And as the sun went down on me,
It’s greatness reminded me of you.
I reached up,
And pulled it from the edge of the mountain top.
I wear your smile forever.
In the tiny pockets,
Of my great soul.”


Written by Lucia Sullivan copyright 2018 all rights reserved
New York


Sun Queen by Inna-Vjuzhanina @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Alicia’s Mirror – Steve Rother – Beacons of Light @ Espavo

Exaltation Painting by Freydoon Rassouli


The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

Beacons of Light July 2018
Presented Live 6/30/2018

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~ Alicia’s Mirror ~

NEW Audible Light in Steve’s voice  Download the mp3 here or
Just play the video while you read.

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

I am Merlia and I’ve come today to tell you a story. It is an interesting story that you might relate to. It’s about a young girl by the name of Alicia. Alicia had a wonderful set of parents that she chose. Having made her contracts from the other side of the veil, she decided to come in and play this game of pretending to be human. As she came in, she was naturally divided into 11 different aspects. In the aspect we will focus on, she had some very magnificent parents that she absolutely adored. Alicia grew up believing everything that they said. Alicia, you are beautiful. Alicia, you are magical. Alicia, you can be anything that you want and she grew up believing that.

Empathic Alicia

It was not long before Alicia started going to school and interacting with other children. The first several years at school were good ones. However, in her third year there Alicia realized she had a different body type than most of her classmates. Alicia was a bit heavier, because she carried more of her energy in her physical body. Her mother still told her, “Alicia, you are beautiful. Alicia, you are wonderful!” Soon Alicia stopped believing her mother and father, because her classmates were telling her something different.

Her early teen years were the worst. Alicia looked at all the other people that she went to school with and realized that she was different. Some of her classmates were particularly cruel, calling her names and isolating her from social activities. Alicia was not considered a popular girl. She once told her mother “I’m not like them, and even though you tell me I’m beautiful, I’m not beautiful.”  Her self-image  problem was compounded even more as her mother had a very attractive body. To make matters worse some of those kids at school started to pick on her, which you today call bullying. It is so magical for us to see that those words and concepts of bullying are coming up all the time on Earth now. Humanity is now reevaluating harming actions that were once considered to be normal.  Alicia retreated deep inside as a result of her bullying. Due to her energetic wiring she put on even more weight as she tried to deal with life. She retreated and held her energy tightly around her body and she knew that what her mother and father were telling her was not true. Alicia could live in that world when she was Home, but when she was in the outside world, it was quite a different story. She was not able to see her beauty. She was not able to be that person that her mother told her that she could be at any point and her father was always telling her, Alicia, you can do anything. She did not feel that way and withdrew further into her safe shell.

One day her father found Alicia hiding in her room. He knew she was beyond the normal pep talk he gave her and they had a good talk. He said “Look at how good you are at school and particularly good at math. You’re amazing. I don’t even understand the math. He would say, but you do. Can you teach me?” He lovingly have tried to encourage her as best he could, but Alicia would simply say, “you know, that’s just my parents. They see things differently. They love me but that’s not who I am in the world.” She had an incredible lack of self-confidence and as time went on, she became a teenager and she fell into depression. What you would today even call it clinical depression, very challenging for Alicia. She didn’t know what to think of it. She thought she was horrible. She retreated to her room and anytime her mother would start to tell her, oh Alicia, you’re so beautiful today. She would just completely shut it off, wouldn’t even allow her mother to finish the sentence before she would turn and go hide in her room, pulled herself in completely inward.

Depression is the creative force going inward.

When the creative force doesn’t go outward it goes inward, humans fall into what you call depression. It is like putting on a set of gray glasses and everything that you look at becomes gray. Everything that she used to do for fun just didn’t have the sparkle anymore. She used to enjoy music. She loved math and going to school. She was an example for other students and sometimes her teacher would even say that, “look at Alicia, look at how she does this or that”. Her math teacher would say “if you have any difficulties with math go to Alicia and she will show you how.” Then they would snicker behind her back that would make her feel horrible. There were times when she thought about leaving the game and taking her own life. She didn’t know if she could honestly take this energy anymore, but she stuck it out and she worked with it as best she could.

Over time, she was able to isolate herself and protect herself from those negative energies. But there was one person, a year older than Alicia, who was considered the most beautiful girl in the school. Her name was Juliann. In high school, everyone looked up to Juliann because she was so incredibly photogenic and beautiful. Even as they graduated high school, she was the one that dominated the high school yearbook. Her picture was everywhere because she was involved in quite a few activities and was very popular.  She would always tell Alicia that there was something wrong with her. “What’s the matter with you?”  She would say. There were even times when Juliann’s friends would ask her why she picked on Alicia so much and she would respond in anger that Alicia just bugged her so much that she could not stop herself.

Alicia dreamed of the day that she would come up to this girl and be able to say something to her that would make things right, that would make Juliann understand. She never did, and even after leaving high school, going on through college, Alicia learned how to stay out of the limelight, how to retreat, how to pull completely in. The image of Juliann haunted Alicia as she grew older. Every time she’d look in the mirror, she would hear Juliann’s voice.

Throughout college, Alicia learned how to be a part of things but mostly keep to herself.  She made a few friends in college which helped quite a bit. Here, she gained a little bit of confidence. At this time Alicia was looking for what she was going to do in the world. She had many possibilities with her skills in math but they all seemed dull and not exciting.

Alicia Finds a Key

Then, one day Alicia’s neighbor came over. She was the same age as Alicia in her early thirties. She was very abrupt with Alicia and said, “I see what you’re doing and I see who you are and they don’t match. You’re just so magical. Your life should be easy and not hard.” Alicia could not take that. It was very much like her mother. She just couldn’t hear it, but then her neighbor continued, “you know, my daughter’s having great difficulties right now. She thinks she’s ugly. No matter what I do. I can’t seem to tell her who she really is. She is also having great difficulties with math. Would you talk to her Alicia? Would you help her with math? Would you help her get past this next level, see if we can do something, because I know she’s very depressed and I’m worried about her.” Alicia agreed to it hesitantly but it was under the guise of being a math tutor. Her daughter was just turning seven years old and had a body type very similar to Alicia’s and it wasn’t long before the two girls started talking and Alicia was able to turn this young lady around tremendously. It gave both girls strength and confidence.

Alicia Step into Her Power

It was fascinating how it worked. Alicia felt empowered for one of the first times in her life, not because of something she did for herself, but because of the energy she was able to give to this young seven-year-old girl.  With Alicia’s help this young lady was going to be able to avoid many of the challenges that Alicia had to endure growing up.  Alicia became aware that if she had not gone through the challenges that she had she would not have been able to help this young lady. She was very proud of that. It wasn’t long before Alicia started looking around for places where she could do this again and she went back to school. She went back to college to get her degree in psychology and she took a job as a high school counselor and math tutor. She became engaged in her work and even volunteered some of her time.

But before long the administrators in the school system started seeing how powerful she was and how she could change lives very quickly. They made a special position for her to move around to the different schools with her work especially with girls who needed confidence with body image. Alicia became very good at seeing the signs of young children retreating like she did and it was not long before she wrote a book on it. She called it Reflections in the Mirror. Alicia drew on her own experiences growing up and especially with Juliann although she changed her name in the book.

Alicia Re-unites

At a very early age of 42 Alicia fell ill with a terminal disease. After going through her stages of grief, Alicia accepted that it was time for her to go Home. Even though she was very young, in some ways, she had completed something very important and deep within her spirit she was all right with it. Alicia did not have to wait long and in less than a year Alicia passed on. As she died, something happened. Dear ones, when you’re born on this planet, you split into 11 different dimensions of time and space, all walking around making different choices and having different experiences. Over here you might be economically impoverished and over here you might have an abundance of money. You have all these different experiences. But as soon as you die, all of those come back together in one spirit.  They all come back together into the core personality. Alicia was able to see happen as she left her body. As this took place Alicia saw something that took her attention.  One of her own aspects was a person who looked and acted very similar to her nemesis in high school, Juliann.  As the aspects came back together she understood for the first time who that person was and why they did what they did. It turned out that one of Alicia’s aspects had a very similar life as Juliann.

Alicia was able to let go of all of it at that point because she knew she had these experiences and none of them were right or wrong. She was part of it all, and even this person that she could not stand. Even this person she had to get away from. She even realized that that was probably one of the reasons that she had this contract with Juliann in the first place.  So as Alicia returned Home, she was greeted by her father who had passed on several years before. He was one of the people that quietly encouraged her every chance he could and told her how incredibly beautiful she was. When he met her, he welcomed her Home and let her know that all of it was all right. No matter what dimension of time and space she was in, no matter what experience she had, she was the bully or the person being bullied. Whether she was the perfect person or the person who thought that they were totally imperfect, all of them were part of the same spirit.  All were reflections of the same light. Alicia learned a beautiful lesson. All of it is light. Find the light wherever you look and you will be Home. Whatever it is that you fear in your life, you very well may be part of that in another aspect of yourself.

Enjoy the journey, dear ones, and know that you’re perfectly on target. With the greatest of honor that I greet you and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play this game well together. I am Merlia. Come up and see me sometime.


Greetings, Dear Ones.

I am eM.  I wish to add to the previous message that was brought in by an Merlia. If you can grasp the understanding of who you are in all dimensions of time and space, you will understand your perfection as a soul. No, you cannot look in the mirror and see your perfection. No, you cannot even take an inventory of all your good and bad pieces and come up with your perfection because you are pretending to be a human. You’re dividing yourself into 11 different experiences, hiding a little bit of that perfection in each one of them. The important piece to know is that as you are now in the fifth dimension as a collective and humans are starting to acclimate. It is entirely possible to start dissolving those walls and claiming your perfection in all dimensions of time and space even as you stand right now.

Reuniting with Your Perfection

That’s what happens when you leave. When you die and you leave your physical body, your perfection comes back together. We find it fascinating because sometimes there’s a connection between somebody on the other side of the veil who’s passed on and somebody who’s still on earth and that communication doesn’t sound right because it’s not the person that you knew. You knew someone to be angry. You knew someone to have these challenges and prejudices. When in reality, they’re beautiful and perfect. It’s because they come back together with their perfection. So what would it take to start seeing that perfection in everybody? If you cannot see it in yourself can you see it in others? As you look at every single person and all of their imperfections, forms of beauty and pieces of that may be hiding in other dimensions of time and space. That is really what’s taking place and as you can start to grasp that and understand that you can change your own world with that simple understanding. When you start seeing the perfection all around you will see even the imperfection can be something beautiful and not something wrong.

That’s one of the challenges of the fifth dimension. There is no right or wrong, there’s none of that division. There’s not the duality and the polarity that you had to have in the third dimension in order to play this game. Yes, humans still see the three dimensional realities and bring the old rules back as it is natural to resist change. Humans look at things as good and bad and up and down and right and wrong and right now, that is causing huge separations on your planet. What would it take to bring that back together? What would it take to bring your energy back together? That’s the question we ask. All of you as a balanced entity, I do not carry male or female. I carry both and I rely on both because both have incredible empowerment. Both have incredible attributes that the other cannot completely carry. So what if more and more people start to do that? Now you’re going to start bringing yourself back together into the perfection of the white light that you actually are. You know that you are perfect somewhere deep in your soul. You knew this as children. You had to learn that you were imperfect. What a frustrating experience.

How about losing that now? That is what we will challenge all of you to do during these next months. Find ways of finding the perfection in everything, even your enemies. If you have them, even those people you totally disagree with.  Find one little piece of that perfection, one little piece of that white light that you brought from Home and that will set it into motion very quickly. Know that your world is changing very rapidly. It is the change and the rapid change of that that is causing humans to be separate, causing humans to be angry, frustrated, feeling like they have no power. You can anchor this in the love that you carry deep within you, each and every one of you, and we welcome you to play the game of pretending to be human and turning it into love instead of fear.

Treat each other with respect dear ones and nurture one another. Play this game well together. You are all part of each other. Enjoy the ride.

I am eM and I love you.



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Exaltation Painting by Freydoon Rassouli

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Connecting the Spiritual Dots – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Vishnu by Annelie Solis


Connecting the Spiritual Dots

Hildegaard of Bingen’s mystical representation of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (See footnote 1) ~ Right.

When we come up with spiritual equivalencies, it allows us to link up different literatures.

And when we can do that, our learning accelerates and multiplies.

Also, having some other body of literature to compare ours to throws our own into relief. We see things about it that we might not have seen otherwise.

For me the most important equivalence in spirituality, taken broadly, is:  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost = Brahman, Atman, and Shakti.

Hindus have created a vast literature on the three Purushas or Divine Persons  – Brahman, Atman, and Shakti. Our tendency in the West might be not to use it because … well, you know. It’s not Christian (or Jewish or whatever).

Another approach might be to … just what I said … find the equivalencies and then scholarship, instead of going on in two solitudes, can draw from the one to explain the other. It becomes a dance and a symphony.

Hinduism’s literature is extensive. It’s both deep in parts and pleasurable in other parts. Its tolerance allows it to hold any number of seemingly incompatible points of view in one broad religion.

It’s multivariant, multi-path. It has something for everybody, while at the same time acting out themes in myth and storytelling which reflect deep spiritual truths.

We in the West would benefit by hooking their literature up with the teachings of Jesus on the Father (Brahman), Son (Atman), and Holy Ghost (Shakti) and of his followers such as Pseudo-Dionysius, St. John of the Cross, John Ruusbroec, etc.,

AND don’t forget Jesus’s interpreters in other faiths such as Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Prabhavananda and Paramahansa Yogananda

I personally have found the explanations for most of Jesus “hard sayings” in Hindu literature (save for St. John of the Cross).  Jesus says the truth in the pithiest of ways and Hindus then unfold their meaning – for me.


OK, OK. Give us some explanation of what this “Trinity” actually is.

The following summation of the purpose of life, etc., is based on a vision I had on February 13, 1987. (2) It illustrates what the notion of the Trinity was created for and how it operates.

My understanding from that vision and from all the books on the subject I read thereafter is that God, who fills up everything, wanted to know itself. And so God created a dream world.

When He enters that dream world, He styles himself the Mother.

Neither Father nor Mother has gender. They themselves use the term (as you can see on An Hour with an Angel) for educational purposes. (3)

The Mother is the only Being we can know. The Father is unknowable. So really all our dealings are usually with her.

The Mother creates, preserves, and destroys. She’s the one who decides to pass us on to the Father at long last or keep us here, learning more about who we are, where we come from.

Who cares what we learn, where we come from, who we are?  Let’s eat, drink, and be merry!

Well, God wanted to know itself, as we said. And if you think about it, God is silence, stillness, etc., and fills up everything. How is such a Being to know itself?

This is where the “Son” comes in, the Christ, the Atman, the Self, the Soul. That’s you and me, Children of God.

God the Father put a spark of itself inside the body created by God the Mother.  Our sole task in life everlasting is to fully realize who that spark is.

When we do, God meets God in that moment of our enlightenment. This is how God solves the puzzle of knowing itself.

Let’s listen to one sage, Bayazid of Bistun, describe the very moment for which all of this was created:

“I went from God to God, until they cried from me in me, ‘O thou I!’” (4)

“O thou I!” In the end, all that’s left is the Universal Subject, “I.”

“Only God sees God,” Ibn Arabi reminds us.  (5) If we totally understand that and if that meeting for which life was created has occurred, we attain an exalted state of enlightenment called “Sahaja Samadhi,” which is the culminating event of our Ascension.

We will all slowly evolve into that knowledge as the energies rise.  Sages in days gone by had to struggle for it. But we don’t.

After Sahaja, we’re in what Hindus call a state of liberation, mukti, or moksha. (They did not discuss dimensions millennia ago.)

We’ve left the realm of birth and death and where have we ended up? In what we know as the Fifth Dimension or higher.  There’s no birth and death in the higher realms.


Now can we relate that to the seven-chakra system connected to the Third Dimension?

Yes. Knowledge of the Son/Atman comes when the kundalini reaches the Fourth Chakra.

Knowledge of the Holy Ghost/Shakti/Mother comes when it reaches the Sixth.

Knowledge of the Father/Brahman comes when it reaches the Seventh.

Sahaja is beyond the Third-Dimensional chakra system. In more ways than one, it’s the door or portal to the higher dimensions.

It’s a full and permanent heart opening, which leaves us immersed forever in the Ocean of Love. In other words, when the door (hridayam) of the heart opens, we are left in a higher realm.


This business therefore of coming up with equivalencies speeds up our learning and extends it greatly.

It also promotes world by peace by taking away any grounds for dispute. If Allah=God=Brahman=Buddha Essence=Tao, etc., what’s there to fight about? We all work for the same Boss.

Oh, oh, one more equivalency? Some of you know what’s coming.

Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva = Rajas, Sattwa, and Thamas (the Gunas) = Creation, Preservation, and Transformation = Akar, Ukar, and Makar (AUM) = a subset of the Divine Mother, who is all movement and sound.

This statement of equivalency links up numerous literatures and could keep some scholars busy for a lifetime.

The discipline called cross-cultural spirituality is in the business of connecting the dots.

All of it is carried out in the name of creating a spirituality broad and tolerant enough that it can accommodate everyone, in Nova Gaia, a world at peace and a world that works for everyone.


(1) In the middle is the Son. The brown circle is the Mother. But the Son is not immersed in the Mother. The Son is immersed in the Father, the light grey circle, if you look closely.

Hildegaard has represented the relationships among the Members of the Trinity, the Purusha or Divine Beings.

Behind the Father is a dark purple background which represents what Hildegaard would probably have called the Godhead and what we call the One, as in Mother/Father One. The One, the Transendental embraces and contains everything.

(2) For an account of the vision, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/

(3) For explanations from the Mother, see “The Father and the Father … by the Mother,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/the-nature-of-the-divine-mother/the-father-and-the-father-by-the-mother/ and “What Differentiates Father from Mother? The Mother Answers,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/05/11/what-differentiates-father-from-mother-the-mother-answers/.

(4) Bayazid of Bistun in Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy.New York, etc.: Harper and Row, 1970; c1944, 12.

(5) Muhyideen Ibn Arabi, Kernel of the Kernel. trans. Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Sherborne: Beshara, n.d., 48.



Vishnu by Annelie Solis

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Consciously Clearing Programming From Your Physical Body; a Continual Necessity for Higher Dimensional NEW Earth Existence – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art: Gaia by Nelly Tsenova


Consciously Clearing Programming From Your Physical Body; a Continual Necessity for Higher Dimensional NEW Earth Existence


I see to write/share a bit on this for all who are awakening to all new ways of existing, all new Dimensions of REALities and consciously clearing programming, as the body works to raise it’s vibrational frequency, constantly re-coding, re-tuning, re-calibrating and cleansing old old old ancient everything that was deeply anchored, deeply embedded, deeply held on a cellular level, as each’s LIGHT (Soul/Energy Body) awakens/emerges/integrates within the body template/whole physical form.

At first, we were these beings, humans, all walking in vibrational realities either somewhat, or fully, deep beneath the veils of amnesia, frequency bandwidths, unconscious realms, with dense sleeping human bodies, where we were unable to completely “see” or understand. Each one of us CHOOSING a “human experience” (experiment is our Galactic word), when we’ve reached a certain point of our chosen sleeping journey, it’s “time”, vibrationally” to exit that program, exit that matrix, exit those dimensional realities, frequency bandwidths, timelines… and transition/vibrate/leave …. which is where Physical Body Ascension comes in.

Our human ego will ignore, fight, resist, discount, deflect and not want to listen, believe or “submit”. Our human ego will “fight to the death” to hold on to all linear constructs, all physical tangible, every belief/mentality, because that energy inside is stubborn and often refuses to accept alternate/different realities exist and holy canoli, forbid… alternate dimensions completely. That’s wayyyyyyyyyy too far our there as “real”, just a cool concept…. until it starts to HAPPEN to EACH…. dreaming/experiencing multiple dimensions and the perceived weird/bizarre/challenging begins…..

Our human doesn’t like our realities “messed with”… we had them all nice and tidy, fixed… and they fit into neat little boxes…. they fit into bulleted lists, with pretty charts to explain everything and keep everything straight…. so we could control everything… and then….. Multi-Dimensionality began.

Our body’s and realities “appeared” to start going “sideways”(Quantum) and control became a thing to fight to maintain. Our mind racing and trying to hold on, to keep all in “order”… yet Quantum doesn’t have the same “order” as linear realities do. They are “opposite”….

Our bodies no longer can hold all of those suppressed emotions, our weight and control/safety mechanisms don’t work. Our bodies waking up and starting to act/react differently, with no “linear” explanation, because the REASONS ARE NOT LINEAR…. they are VIBRATIONAL and ENERGETIC and Quantum too…. they are “from another dimension”, if you will…..

EARTH WENT MULTI-DIMENSIONAL a long time ago… now each is awakening to this “truth”. In their own “time” and “way”, as we all chose various paths to awaken through. To understand, we have to “go a different way”… one that’s non-linear and totally Quantum, yet not in the “logical way”. In an “APPLYING QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS” to our realities, and looking at every belief/reality a bazillion ways, from multiple perspectives (infinite ones), to instead see the infinite “picture”, instead of just one fractal…. or even just “two”….

There are many FACETS to our journey of full consciousness, ones that challenge every human perception there is. The physical body awakens and begins a massive “releasing”, cleansing, purification (at first it’s a massive purging process), that never ends, yet it does “evolve” as we do. Our bodies become finely tuned instruments, while also detoxing and clearing massive STORAGE of all of our EXISTENCES from our cells. Our entire body goes through a massive “overhaul” process, as it re-works itself on a multi-dimensional level, as LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS awakens within our veins and runs through our every cell, decoding and re-structuring every nano-particle of “who” we are… from amnesia humans to fully awake SOULS.

This process does not occur “overnight” as our egoic human aspect wants. Photonic Light weaves through our entire BEing, shutting our human body/aspect down to sleep (or at least rest tons), so our bodies can re-work themselves…. from carbon-based linear to Quantum Crystalline Plasma LightBodies working cohesively with our human form. We become “hybrids”, if you will, a culmination of aspects with each having totally different DNA and genetics, non-conforming to human anything….

As our Higher Consciousness DNA awakens inside of us, our bodies feel “movement” (Light Energy/LightBody) as it activates, stimulates and “works” through our forms to completely “change” our DNA, seeking to dissolve/resolve/dismantle all of those linear/fixed/unconscious programs and where they were held/housed inside of our bodies (organs, bones, teeth, muscles, blood, glands, eyes, flesh/skin and all), so that our physical bodies can actually HOLD the IMMENSITY OF THE LIGHT OF OUR SOUL. Our human bodies not capable/equipped to do so, therefore immense re-everything has to occur for MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE and to actually transition over/emerge/experience and fully LIVE on NEW EARTH.

Our human ego aspect resists and rejects anything it can’t explain, prove, control, understand…. It takes our HEARTS OPENING FULLY… not a little bit, but wide open, all of the way, no more excuses, fears, protection mechanisms where our hearts (and minds) can hold onto anything of the old that we allowed to “get in our way” (perception too, just words to explain a process)….

Our human ego is what binds our bodies to the unconscious dimensional realms, where the what used to be metaphors become physically real. The density and constructs of our physical body is what determines the PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS we actually experience/exist in. As we HOLD OUR OWN LIGHT, as we re-connect fully from inside, as we choose to let completely go, our bodies naturally and organically will re-code themselves for us… It is that easy, when we are conscious enough to “get our ego” out of the way and stop needing a logical/linear explanation to appease our human minds….

Our human ego aspect will never accept multi-dimensionality or NEW Earth as a physical place that actually EXISTS NOW…. ONLY OUR SOUL can comprehend this, see this, access this and “make it real”…. only our highest and most expanded us can SEE and REMEMBER fully…. and EXPERIENCE NEW EARTH FULLY in every moment of every day that we perceive as “time”, which is a linear construct we held within our body templates too.

Time ceases to exist, yet our human mind keeps trying to SEPARATE all … into time. Time is a “construct” that we observe, we see it, yet it’s not real… it’s a geometric construct that we maneuver through on a Cosmic Level, no longer “bound” by the constraints, we “adhere” to maintain Quantum Flow in a physical reality that still functions somewhat “in time”. Zero Point Field is where we function from, where all is CREATED VIBRATIONALLY & ENERGETICALLY and transmitted out through the VIBRATION (AND MAGNITUDE) OF OUR WORK, activate multi-dimensional realities that already exist. Our vibration dictates our actual experience, where programming/conditioning is observed as a construct that we held together through limited unconscious mentalities and beliefs. To clear these, our cellular body must fully clear the program, our body template must be restored to our original template, without the distortions of unconsciousness anymore. Through full consciousness, we can observe a program/emotion/reaction/mentality/old linear belief as it presents/needs to clear our body and we honor/allow/support this process fully, no longer needing to engage, believe or hold onto the programming… our body can go through quite an intense releasing process, which is why it’s so important to understand, so that we don’t “try” to hold on and “keep” the program inside or keep regurgitating, replaying, re-cycling, re-creating the reality to play out in our physical, when it’s only a hologram fielding emotions…. supporting/pretending/re-enforcing a belief system… that’s of an old timeline/dimension that represented an old frequency bandwidth that no longer exist to physically exist in.

Observing Collectives Awakening from Auto-Pilot (Deep unconscious programming where “thinking for self” was not fully present… has been quite interesting, to say the least. The amount awakening into “I can’t figure this out, don’t understand, can’t click a link or push a button or do any research” has been mind-blowing, at the magnitude of those who are not used to “thinking for themselves” to figure things out. It’s “wow”-ness on a whole new level at how many are exiting their matrix so fast and the old “do it for me” energy that there is. Yes, another distortion where we say “no” and guide each to figure all out themselves, as a part of learning to “do” for themselves, no longer victims and placing responsibility on others… The amount of “awakened sleeping” is off-the charts, which is awesome, yet the mindsets of “incapability” is equally projected out/believed by each too.

Linear (Left Brain/Control/Fixed) vs. Exploration (Right Brain/Creativity/Trusting/Heart): There is a part of the awakening process, for the strong linear, where EXPLORATION and “taking risks” is not an option, because realities are so “fixed”. The “sure thing”, the “win win situation”, the “making sure first”…. doesn’t do well when it’s time to expand, let go of “safe” and “go off to just explore, trust, experience the magic at the end of the Rainbow and more. This is beyond challenging, because LISTS and linear structures, habits and safety parameters in place were so strong. Letting go to trust and play and take an adventure, without “worry” or control is not the linear way. Every “moment” and “step” defined, when ascending, those definitions dissolve and “thinking” with our hearts is how we start to exist, which means emotions (messy, uncontrolled and “judged” as weak) and “perceived unexplainable” bizarre behaviors, thoughts, experiences, feelings, dreams… start to emerge, which challenge the “reality” of the fixed-linear realities once “perfect and controlled”, with little wiggle room to “fall apart/dissolve”, which no longer works with higher dimensional frequency bandwidths all are having to “learn” how to adapt to/maneuver through/live in now.

3D/4D operated on linear/partial linear, whereas 5D (and wayyyy above) operates on Quantum: In the old Earth realities, the ego/linear created ones based upon the perceptions of “safe, secure and sure”. NEW Earth is a whole new value system, where your “security” is YOU, your contribution, your vibration, your caring, your participation… all as your highest consciousness you. Your security is no longer based upon your human  needs, status, human identities or any physical thing, because of the vibration of our Earth now, those linear created realities are no longer “safe” and “secure”, because realities are are based upon your vested/invested Energy in creating/anchoring/maintaining/sustaining Our NEW Earth fully. The human (ego) aspect will “fall back on” Old Earth habits and programs “as safe”, when in essence they are not safe, as they are built upon lack, separation, duality and need. Linear (human intellect) is no longer safe/stable, as those foundations are continually/increasingly going going gone.

We’ve entered a vibration where “neurotic/neurosis” energy will present for many as well. When realities start shifting/changing in these magnitudes, the distortions are greater to be visible and deal with too. This will be interesting for each to maneuver, as full understanding of multi-dimensionality is KEY to understand the how’s & why’s, without getting caught up in each’s victim mentalities and self-created chaos as realities unravel and work to level out at a different vibrational frequency/whole bandwidth immensely/fast (Quantum)…. Many will be going to the “other extreme” to clear huge distortions, activate new realities, experience the “other polarity”, in order to come to full balance/unity within.

Consciously understanding that each’s body is now in an accelerated matrix clearing phase, which correlates on a Quantum level to the physical reality, not linearly, so “matching up the cause” is not linear either. Humans/ego will try to find the cause, the reason, when all is vibrational and of every-dimension, not just the “thing” their mind can find/locate/affix to (blame/believe). They will look for an “event” or “who” or “what”, when in essence, it’s every existence, every dimensional timeline, every program, every linear construct, every suppression/compromise on a human level and every timeline that’s being cleared, not just the “one” that makes sense. Yet if this appeases the human mind, awesome… until the “next time” that something comes up/occurs to transcend/clear. The constructs of the program is what is clearing, the discordant vibrations that represent “out of alignment” on a Soul Level…. and the reasons/existences/timelines are infinite…. so the “way to clear” easiest/fastest, is to let go of needing to know and instead, honor the body, support the body, observe the vibration/energy and assist with the TUNING PROCESS fully, so that all synchronize/harmonize completely, simply, easily, without the resistance of the ego involved.

As each’s heart opens fully, OVERWHELM is experienced, through different stages/levels along the way. Part is because the previous vibrations we surrounded ourselves with are no longer compatible, part of what we focus our energy on is draining/not supportive, part because of “out of tune” frequencies, when we are tuning to higher dimensions with our Light Bodies, part is because our bodies are re-wiring with Light that courses through us and seeks out every vibration not fully aligned for a cellular/template release, part is because we have not honored enough alone/nurture/me/we time through nature/nurture/rest/sleep, part is because of the amount suppressed energy we are needing to tune/clear and the re-calibration of our nervous system, as it evolves to process more photonic/plasma light, part is because our nervous system releases all of those emotions that represent “ego”/separation/duality/unconscious programming still held within. Moving from a linear reality to a feeling/sensory one, means learning HOW TO PROCESS OUR EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS with our whole body/presence/BEing, through us and out, learning how to observe and learning how to tune in all new ways, not a linear way of functioning….

LEARNING HOW TO PROCESS in all new ways, is the “beginning” of becoming a Quantum Processor, where we process immense Light Energy/Codes just by existing, breathing and observing… the SPEED at which we process, is relative to the amount of developed Crystals (Crystalline LightBody) that we hold, how “matured” they are and how well our physical bodies process/read/decode/re-code Cosmic Light as it activates within us, which will shut the human body down, until full integration has occurred.

Carbon-based human bodies PROCESS thoughts/emotions at a different rate (much slower), which takes more energy/time to process, and dedicated focus too. Where there is any avoidance/victim energy, this process takes longer, because each is not willing to see/deal with the ENERGY AS ALL PRESENTS….

OUR QUANTUM LIGHTBODIES evolve, through immense progressional phases, along the way. Our realities respond on a Quantum level, not a linear one.

Gaining Access to the Cosmic Akash = the Entire Matrix Program/Systems
This veil dissolving and cosmic revelation was/is an important one for us all. This gives each access to SEE the intrinsic matrices that are inner-woven and where these constructs still exist within/for/by each. This returns power to each, to dissolve all ego-linear-beliefs/mentalities, through full consciousness now. Clearing the program from our physical body is necessary for NEW EARTH REALITIES to take their place.

NEW EARTH is where your SOUL LIVES… so in order to live fully on NEW Earth, you become your Soul. It is that simple, yet the process requires DEEP SOUL WORK, where each chooses to delve into the depths, the abyss, the perceived unknown and learn how to float, swim and fly…. surfing the Cosmic Waves, trans-versing SPACE and all “times” to function as a Quantum Light BEing/Pure Source Light in a physical form that’s constantly re-coding, re-calibrating, re-configuring to hold IMMENSE PHOTONIC LIGHT and actually function in a multitude of infinite dimensions, while walking around, working, living in a vibrational physical reality, fully in-service to humanity/mankind.

All dimensions open up inside first, become visible and then start to appear “out there”, as each’s consciousness expands, priorities change, as each’s pineal gland activates and realities distort enough for each to see the illusion/holographic realities and to be able to tell the difference between what is old earth and new, in order to choose NEW EARTH EVERY TIME and realize that ALL NEW EARTH REALITIES require all of our ENERGY, COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION, on a whole new level, as the only way to ANCHOR NEW EARTH into the physical is to LIVE IT, BE IT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN… through intentional alignment, otherwise each “waits” until alignment occurs “for them”, which is not always the comfortable experience. NEW Earth doesn’t just happen for you…. you become it, you are it and you breathe it/birth it into existence, because it is you. ♥

Deeper into/through the Cosmic Rabbit Hole we all further travel…. to awaken even more beauty, freedom and wonder, in order to experience here. Process yourself through anything that comes up to clear/cleanse, as it was your own unconscious programming held deep within… those veils held in place by your own ego/linear constructs, that “kept you” from EXPERIENCING OUR NEW EARTH FULLY… all of the time now. ♥ Those emotions, they are important. First they will represent distortions clearing, then just a way to express/clear, then the PURITY of your DIVINE ESSENCE, which used to be hidden, because you were hiding from your PURE SELF buried deep within.

TRUST TRUST TRUST…. know deeeeeep inside and honor/listen to this, no matter “what the outside” looks like and no matter what your ego aspect sees/says. Your Highest Self, your PUREST you, your happy, vibrant and fully abundant, magnificent, powerful and loving, kind, respectful, sharing YOU, supporting YOU, contributing YOU…. has sooooooooooooooo much to offer, when you get out of your head and go to that PLACE INSIDE that CARES about all of HUmanity, cares about our planet, cares about yourself, each other and is willing to actually DO. This YOU is capable of anything it desires… this is the YOU you listen to and BEcome, the one that was buried deep inside. YOU bring THIS YOU FORTH… when you choose to stop trying to be your old you anymore. ♥

I love love love and appreciate you and am sooooo excited to see all that you are allowing yourself to be fully AS PURE LOVE too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

A Light Encoded Activation Article and Higher Dimensional Consciousness Quantum Teaching Shared with you and all who are truly ready to activate more NEW EARTH REALITIES too! ♥


Art: Gaia by Nelly Tsenova

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud ♥
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Stepping into A Higher Version of You ~ 11:11 ~ AS Light Frequency – L’Aura Pleiadian

Art: Surrendering ~ Freydoon Rassouli


Stepping into A Higher Version of You ~ 11:11 ~ AS Light Frequency

When you SEE the new higher light version of you ~ the part that is witnessing the higher light version OF YOU  is the level and frequency of light that is merging and dissolving into the Higher.
Then when integrated ~ that integrated Light Part observes the next new higher light version of you and is the next level and frequency of self ~ to be dissolved and merged.
So what do you then do?
Become the New You and integrate with each breath the higher frequencies of Light.
WE are transmitting constantly and increasing the absorbable Light Photons into all of consciousness everywhere.
This is a frequency of Light that is Love and consciousness itself, as it is always whole and always in its Original Light form.
Embrace yourself as Light.
Breathe this in.
We are transmitting, now.
It is a constant flow of Divine Original Light.
Feel and receive. We are The Divine Council of Overseers.
We are with YOU as you transition into consciously being Activated as Your Divine Ascended Being.
11:11 Portal….Parallel World Shift…Enter The Light. 

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Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button.  Shekinah El Daoud 
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Sharing of Experiences Needs to Spread – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Sharing of Experiences Needs to Spread

I had the privilege and good fortune to attend Adyashanti’s sathsang in Vancouver recently.

And the extra good fortune to be able to ask him a question, one that led to a second, interesting discussion.

He talked about “reconciliation” as the spiritual action that would cause the lifting of duality. (In all cases here, please remember that my memory is not the best; I hope I get what he said right.)

Kathleen, who was there with me, said she would use the word “integration.”

I’d use the words “balance” and “equanimity.” I asked Adya how “reconciliation” related to these other two states of being.

He very adeptly replied that “reconciliation” on the one hand was holding two opposites in one’s mind passively but awaredly and allowing them to coalesce to produce a third non-dual outcome.

“Balance” and “equanimity” on the other hand, he described as a cessation of wanting and avoiding, due to the elimination of stressful factors. He called those factors “resistance” and I called them “core issues” or “vasanas.”

This was interesting enough but it led to an even more interesting discussion – and it’s really that one that I’d like to look at if you’d permit me.

In the course of answering the question, he mentioned how some people can have spiritual experiences and not have done any preliminary spiritual practice (like Ramana Maharshi, for instance) and others could have a deep spiritual experience and not know what just occurred.

That’s a circumstance that lightworkers may themselves face in the future. Or they may face people asking them to tell them what just happened to those people.

The Divine Mother warned us that people in general who had heart openings might not know what had just happened to them and might look around for explanations from – you guessed it – lightworkers and loveholders.

Adya shared his own experience of not knowing what had happened to him in his own enlightenment experience (probably Brahmajnana or seventh-chakra enlightenment).

I reminded him of a woman in his Vancouver sathsang fifteen years ago who said that she had had a deep spiritual experience, I believe while listening to heavy-metal music, and it absolutely altered her life. Not always in pleasant ways. She wanted to know from Adya whether she was psychotic.

I can think of other examples closer to home however.

“Bright Star” emailed me in midst of a spiritual experience which he thought was a heart attack. It turned out to be a heart opening. How would Bright Star have known what was happening to him? These experiences don’t come with a manual.

Another example. Even though I’ve studied enlightenment for many years, even though I know that when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra, one has a first-stage enlightenment experience (spiritual awakening, stream entering) ……….

………. when it actually happened to me, I had no idea what just happened. (1)

The kundalini reached the fourth chakra and all of a sudden there was this explosion as if a large impediment was blown out of my heart. Then torrential love flowed, an inner tsunami of love. That lasted off and on for the better part of a year.

But at no time when it happened did I put two and two together. At no time did I realize that the kundalini reaching the fourth chakra must bring with it a first-stage enlightenment experience. I totally overlooked the fact.

It wasn’t until a month later that I said to Michael that I had not experienced a fourth-chakra awakening and he said, oh yes, you have.  Here’s that discussion:

Archangel Michael: I am suggesting that you are [your kundalini is] probably between the fourth and fifth [chakras].

Steve: But I haven’t had an experience of the fourth chakra that I’m aware of, have I?

AAM: Oh, yes, you have!

SB: What would it have been? The heart opening?

AAM: The heart opening is the blessing in which you became more clearly aware of your infinite, eternal Self. (2)

Not my Self as a brilliant light or as my chosen form of God. But my Self as an inner torrent or tsunami of Love.

So Adya didn’t get it in his seventh-chakra experience. I didn’t get it in my fourth-chakra experience. Bright Star didn’t get it. The “heavy metal” woman didn’t get it. It frequently happens that people don’t get the nature of their experience.

Often there’s no one we or they can turn to for an explanation. And the people we do turn to could steer us in inaccurate and unfortunate directions.

That’s why the more we talk about our spiritual experiences, the better able we’ll be to interpret what happens to us or others when it occurs.

In past years, it hasn’t been fashionable to discuss one’s own or another’s experiences. And certainly we don’t want to invite ridicule from skeptics.

But I assert that we now need to get beyond that way of thinking (but, still, with prudence) because people will be turning to us for information and explanations.

On the awareness path, which Adya follows as well, one routinely shares one’s experiences.

That’s what most of the conversations between two folks on the awareness path turn out to be about. We call it “comparing notes.” This happened to me; here’s what I did with it; and here’s what I got from it.

The conversation about spiritual experiences needs to spread. We need to be conversant in the subject so that when the mass of people turn to us for information or explanations, we can either interpret their experiences ourselves or steer them to useful sources or helpful people.

To be conversant with Ascension as well as Disclosure and Abundance, you may wish to research the First Contact library of quotations, here:


To be conversant with classical enlightenment studies by terrestrial sages, go to From Darkness Unto Light, here:



(1) On March 13, 2015. As so often happens, this experience happened hours before I was to have a reading with Archangel Michael through Linda so I was able to ask him what the heck just happened. Otherwise I might have remained in mystery or only figured it out by myself years later.

The woman in question had no one she knew to ask until she discovered Adya. My agony of not knowing lasted three hours; hers lasted much longer.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Apr. 24, 2015.



Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
Although all posts are still accessible on my Website one cannot use an ‘Old’ Link to see them. This only applies to posts shared before the change of email addresses.  If the old Link has been saved onto a device or Home Screen it just means re-adding this with the new Link (given below) OR finding any posts on my website using the Search Button. ♥ Shekinah El Daoud 
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