New Dimensional Structures – Christine Day

Art by Ginette Beaulieu @ Tutt’Art


Christine’s Message July 2018

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Hello, This entire month of June has probably been the most profound time of my life. The activation and anchoring of the Galactic Receiving Station on our land in Grand Marais has been a miraculous event. Never could I have imagined how this would have occurred. Right before my eyes I witnessed the forming of a completely new dimensional energy anchoring on our land. This has been a daily occurrence of a powerful essence of light building in momentum, forming new dimensional structures. Of course my energies have transformed as I have been aligned to each new energetic reset as this unfolding occurs.

I believe we are now ready to receive the groups that are to begin coming throughout July and into early August. I am excited and feel a little unsettled at the thought of people coming onto our land for the first time. I trust and let go knowing that the timing for this is perfect and I do understanding the sacred design for all that are coming to receive.

I also want to acknowledge the incredible support from many of you who have been holding an energetic space for us as we have been preparing on many levels for these events.

I look forward to this next step in my path, for it is a turn in the road.

Love and blessings,



Art by Ginette Beaulieu @ Tutt’Art

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art โ€“ credit is given where this is known.
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