Shifts In Consciousness ~ Frequencies and Dimensions Now – L’Aura Pleiadian


Shifts In Consciousness ~ Frequencies and Dimensions Now

ALL Night long the form could not move as event after event unfolded.

My room shifted and objects changed to match the Dimension I was experiencing.

Shifts began as I found my cell phone time changing the current time” to a different time, timeline.

Catapulted into Being in the center of the Universe NOW my consciousness experienced being birthed into existence again.

The Events Last Night were beyond what could be imagined.

The world of energy as Light and Frequency is merging the 5th Dimension of consciousness HERE ~ now ~ at an increased rate of frequency.

You may call this an accelerated momentum, beyond anything previously imagined.

When the me existing in the NEW Earth appeared to me, which my consciousness here, usually visits there…(as I do all dimensions) she told me about the form here adjusting and how it is always taken care of as the final transformations take place.

One could say my future self visited me. I have experienced this throughout my so-called time on earth. The other worlds., higher dimensions and what would be  considered the past (in time) I would go to and enter, as if now. Because it is all now. No plane to catch, only the transition to fully living through the heart.

It is the Heart Frequency, when the hemispheres of the brain, masculine and feminine merge as ONE coherent frequency, that we live naturally through in the Higher frequencies of the HEART.

I have had constant physical phenomenon show me that the results and impacts of these other world visitations, impacted all the dimensions and shifted things here, n the physical. Then as things shifted here, they shifted there. Back and forth the constant stream of communicating DNA and Light Frequencies, is the beatific Glory of the Divine Plan.

It is easy to understand when you experience the foundational energy of the Original Light as your connection now here on Planet Earth. In this there is no time.

The energetic influences of what takes place, through the shifts in awareness within, impacts and shifts matter and all interconnect LIGHT AS consciousness everywhere.

Here we are ~ on the verge of all NOW Newness.

Of ALL Being our Multidimensional selves, consciousness. In a New World, New Dimension, NOW.

Being aware of what matter is, how we impact it, how we are BEING all of this now and how we are connected in all Dimensions, now ~ Is the Initiation of Initiations, through ALL That IS.

This is a VERY NOW alignment and  constant expansion and merging with your current reality filter and level of awareness, NOW.

Shifting now, feel this through your Breath. IT is and it is. YOU Are a Divine Being of Light. Transforming in all dimensions NOW. Feel and receive, this NOW.

IN love and Glory with the Divine Council of Overseers activating NEW levels NOW.

And So it is ~ Now.


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