It Ain’t Venus; It’s Them Arcturians – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Vision of The Heart ~ Meghan Oona Clifford


It Ain’t Venus; It’s Them Arcturians

I mentioned to KM that I’d be posting my comment to him here. The matter seems to be of general interest.

KM suggested that the object might be Venus and asked me to follow up on my report of the sighting with more scientific studies before being conclusive about it.

That’s undoubtedly needed, but not my mission. Sorry.

The discussion helped me clarify my role in things and I appreciate KM for having asked it.

Perhaps let me post this answer to the Venus question and then let me move on from that particular subject, if you’d be so kind.


Think about it for a minute, because I thought of Venus in the beginning too.

Venus revolves around the Sun, as we do. It has a cycle. It’s sometimes here in the night sky; sometimes there.

But this ship has not varied its position in the sky for perhaps the seven years I’ve been absentmindedly gazing at it.

I was saying to myself, hey, this ship is in the same place each and every night. Venus does not do that.

I asked Sanat and Michael and they both said it’s an Arcturian lightship. (1)  But you believe what you like.  I have no interest in making a great matter out of it.

I write on many topics and can’t possibly follow all of them up. I cast a thread and others need to pick it up. Or not.

Let someone else, whose mission it is, follow it up.

I’m not an activist or a doer. I’m a writer and a thinker.

I’d like to post on this because it seems of general interest.  [I.e., I’ve been deluged with emails about Venus.]

Namaste, my friend.


Unless you can prove my less-than-elementary astronomy wrong, please allow me to excuse myself now, with respect, from this particular discussion.

I am still convinced. It ain’t Venus. It’s them Arcturians. (2)


(1) Steve:  The lightship that is on the southwest horizon from sunset to 8:48; is that an Arcturian lightship?

AAM: Yes it is.

Steve: And, what is its mission… Just to show the flag?

AAM: That is right. It is more of an observation vehicle and not everyone was fully aware of it but you most certainly are. …

Steve: It’s probably the one Sanat Kumara talked to me about a whole bunch of years ago.

AAM: … A long time ago, yes. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2018.)

Archangel Michael: [We’re in a] shift from the old 3rd dimensional human being, to, can we say, a global, interdimensional, transdimensional galactic human. (“Archangel Michael: It’s Time to Let Go of the Old,” Oct. 22, 2012, at

(2) The same precious ones who turned the lights red every day so I could cross what Kathleen called a “dangerous corner.”

Every time I approached a certain pedestrian crossing light during the time I lived in Kathleen’s building (2014-6), I’d encounter two red lights stopping oncoming traffic. It was kind of like a red carpet. I’d sail across the intersection, feeling like a king and waving at the lights as if they were the Arcturians.

Michael said the Arcturians would signal their presence to me every day in this way. Kathleen and Sara are my witnesses.

Why did they do it? To wake me up, I think. To get me accustomed to them, ahead of events. To prepare me, as a writer/internet journalist, to write about them later. That’s apparently why I came.

Therefore, who says they don’t signal their presence? A ship a few thousand miles above us every night in the evening sky for you and me to see, and for me anyways, a daily signal of their presence?  They’re leaving their calling cards.


Vision of The Heart ~ Meghan Oona Clifford


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Manifest Angel Art by Carol Heyer for Doreen Virtue



When you align your sweet selves with the Divine Will, then your most cherished creations will come into manifestations in an instant, with the speed of love. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! Greetings! I AM Yahweh, I AM your Father and I come today to bring you love, strength, and fortitude in these days of chaos and turmoil.

Dear hearts, you can call on Me anytime! You can use any name which feels familiar and close to thee, it really doesn’t matter, for it is your intention and it is your heart’s calling that is heard. I sit back and I sit quietly, for the most part, but it doesn’t mean that I am not participating, that I am not feeling and experiencing every moment of your journey.

You have worked with the Mother for some time now! You had to do so because you are in service to Her, because you promised and because there is a great call to anchor Her Love, and Her nourishing and soul-nurturing qualities on planet Earth. And most of you have set aside for a time the action part, the strong determination to organize and to create and to build new worlds and realities for your sweet selves and for your families. But you have only postponed it until you felt that every portion of your beautiful and magnificent self would be responding and acting only as the purest love and light there is to every challenge and to every situation.

It is your heart’s desire, it is your purposeful intention to be in service only to love and to light. All the clearing that you have undertaken, and are still stalwartly doing, has many valid reasons and motives, but the most important one is to anchor love in areas that have not been reached by light in many, many thousands of years. And creating from love and with love is not as easy as one would think because it takes a different approach and requires a completely new way of action that needs to be rediscovered and remembered.

I am here to bring you the strength and the power to continue on your path, whichever way you choose to go from here, dear children of Mine. I am here to upgrade the strength and the resolve that you have already in plentiful abundance, for I have blessed you from the beginning with every single divine virtue that there is. And it is encoded in every cell and DNA particle of your human form.

I am here to balance thee with more of the Divine Masculine, along with your tender, loving and powerful qualities, so that you can have the stamina to bring forth all of the creations that you are dreaming with the Mother in ease and grace.

I am here to align thee with My Will, so that light and love shall prevail on Earth and in the hearts of humanity once more. It is true that when you align with the Laws of Love of the Universe you flow easily and effortlessly with your divine plan. But when you align your sweet selves with the Divine Will, then your most cherished creations will come into manifestations in an instant, with the speed of love.

I will leave you now with My Love and fortitude! I will leave you now though I am always with thee!


By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

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Manifest Angel Art by Carol Heyer for Doreen Virtue