Happy Partial Eclipse NEW Moon: How Excited are YOU for this huge Eclipse Gateway Season? – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Eclipse Painting – Eclipse by Cedar Lee @ Fine Art America


Happy Partial Eclipse NEW Moon: How Excited are YOU for this huge Eclipse Gateway Season?


This is an exciting “time” for all of HumaNIty… Eclipses that open more Portals and Gateways for us all! What a beautiful OPPORTUNITY for each, as the old Matrix programs become visible for Transcendence, all new emerges from within!

I’ve been observing the common “response” to planetary alignments, eclipses, solar activity and realized that “all of the warnings” of what is to come… it’s all an Ego Matrix Program too. The “warnings” by some of what to look out for, all creating hesitation and fear, when in essence, all is the OPPOSITE, as every Eclipse, every Planetary alignment, every Solar blast…. these are what EVOLVES EACH from an unconscious human (3D/4D) to a fully conscious one. Another Matrix game…

In observing these Eclipses, the ENERGY IS AMAZING, there is such EXCITEMENT and FREEDOM with each gateway/passageway that presents. Portals and portals and portals opening (heart/mind/whole body), releasing old conditioning, trapped/suppressed emotions and limiting mind constructs/belief systems….. all that each “waits for”, to awaken through… to HAVE A MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE here.

Human ego matrix programs…. exacerbated by increased photonic light.
Conscious Cosmic Soul Star Being Connections here…. increasing every day, as each realizes and starts to LIVE their new truths….

What could be more beautiful? Each sharing, supporting and uniting through love, kindness and consideration, truly ready to BE NEW EARTHERS… in every way, no more hiding, holding back or succumbing to old programming, in any way?

DEEPER SOUL WORK… this is what the human ego fears. The “work” to resolve, dissolve, let go and fulfill highest Soul/Galactic/Avatar Purposes here. Really? Seriously? Look at the distortions that each is projecting out/living, every time they “fear” a planetary alignment occurring.

What does COSMIC ALIGNMENTS and PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS mean? Truly, really? YOU are the entire Universe/Galaxies and the planets, SOLaris, Space… all inside, Gaia too. This means more of who you truly are is going to activate inside of you, and more of who you “are not” (ego matrix constructs) is going to become visible for you to transcend fully from within.

More connections on a Soul Level, where the DEPTHS OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE are visible, because you are wide-open and embracing the magnificence of NEW EARTH to fully EXPERIENCE in EVERY MOMENT here.

More LIGHT, more BEAUTY, more magnificence, as you SEE what you could not see before and realize the amount of POWER you hold, just through PURE PRESENCE and never going small/unconscious ever again.

More LOVE, more kindness, more magical and amazing experiences, as you LIVE THE PURITY OF LOVE in your every exchange.

More abundance, because lack was an old ego matrix construct program that each BELIEVED, SUPPORTED and PARTICIPATED in…. before… in 3D/4D…. which was just a level of (un)consciousness…..

More appreciation, more sharing, more prosperity through OPENNESS and each no longer hiding and UNIFYING/UNITING in all new ways. Inside first, then “out there”, sometimes “out there” for a bit, to show each what’s possible and available as each is truly READY for LIVING more of our highest vibrational realities now…..

The HUMAN EGO MATRIX PROGRAM is to promote fear, warn, create stories of hesitation and “watch out”…. when in essence, this whole EXPERIENCE is each’s SOUL EMERGING from within, each CHOOSING to align their entire life on a Soul Level and EXPERIENCE THE PURE BRILLIANCE that’s available now to each…..

This ECLIPSE PASSAGEWAY, as well as all, is an initiatory gateway…. DEEPER INTO EACH’S SOUL….. deeper into the OCEANS of VASTNESS and Cosmic Infinity, which is the most beautiful LIFE EACH CAN DREAM…. the “fear” is of each’s ego realities, how backwards is that?

“Don’t trust, don’t do this, be careful, urgent/hurry up”…. all Ego Matrix’s….. created and re-enforced by ego aspects unaware there are OPPOSITE REALITIES that are true, ALTERNATE REALITIES and TIMELINES available as each is truly ready to let completely go and surrender/dissolve/understand their own ego programs held deep within.

FREEDOM is from your own programming….. your old beliefs, your old limits, your old need to conform to whatever you convinced yourself of and used to believe, because of living in a 3D/4D frequency bandwidth that is gone.

EMOTIONS: The human aspect fears these, not realizing they are the GATEWAY to purity and only represent matrix programs held on a cellular level. Eventually these become “just ENERGY” that represented old stories of lack and need in some way…. and as they are allowed to clear the body, NEW IS BIRTHED through a profound LOVE that is sooooooooooooooooooo pure, human realities can’t compare.

PHYSICAL PAIN is the body releasing matrix constructs/programs on a cellular level and where “unconscious” programming was held (from all existences), so it can raise it’s vibration…. which the human ego aspect “fears” and tries to fix/control/fit into linear boxes, as well. Cellular/molecular re-configurations, which are a necessary and continual part of our multi-dimensional bodies. The pain will eventually go, as the ego emotions clear/cleanse fully and each is restored their own “original template”, which continually upgrades/re-configures as we go.

CHANGES TO OUR LIVES are FOR us all. These are not a punishment or something to “dread”. These are aligning all with your own SOUL. You did/are doing this, on a SOUL Level, Universal/Cosmic Level. As each UNIFIES on an OverSoul Level, all becomes visible here. When you don’t trust, that’s your EGO, you’ve gone unconscious/separated off inside again. It’s your own Higher Self/Universe/Universal Self/Cosmic Self/God Self that your ego fears/doesn’t want to listen to…..

DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS: The human ego aspect seeks these, yet the moment a REAL one presents, all ego programming is “triggered” (activated), bringing up each’s deepest “fears” (illusions of separation) and where the ego is strong, the human aspect will try to shut down/use protection mechanisms/pretend/avoid/not be SEEN….. all the JUDGMENT surfaces, for what? Why? Let that stuff go…. it’s what binds each to old timelines and unconscious dimensional realities still…..

DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS: Ours are PURE and there’s no game playing (ego), the total opposite of the human ego matrix system realities…. this is a part of the Cosmic Akash Clearing that clears through INCREASED PHOTONIC ACTIVITY… which heightens emotions and exacerbates distortions…. ON PURPOSE… because NEW EARTH is PURE…. so to LIVE here permanently, PURITY is in everything we create, are and do…. every inner-action, every exchange…. ​

The ego plays games, gets caught up in the ego matrix. It takes each observing their own ego to understand this, observing “human exchanges” to really truly see, what is fully conscious and what is not and then determine HOW TO BRING ALL into a higher state of Consciousness, which is how each as an Ascended BEing/Light BEing/Master BEing “does” realities here/now. This is YOUR REALity that you created and hold the entire programming to and the KEY (your Soul) unlocks (keycodes) where your own higher consciousness is “held” inside…. when your heart is TRULY FULLY OPEN, your mind will be too.

Get excited. These Cosmic Rays/Frequencies and Photonic Light Activations are activating your highest dimensional aspects of YOU…. your soul, your galactic, your LeMUrian, your Atlantean, Egyptian, Angelic, Celestial for a whole new existence here. ♥

Remember, the human ego aspect fears what it can’t control…. you don’t need to control this, Organic Natural Evolution/Awakening of our Souls. You just have to be fully on-board (this ship!). Let’s do this loves! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Eclipse Painting – Eclipse by Cedar Lee @ Fine Art America

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Relationships ~ Adama of Telos – Telos Book 1 by Aurelia

Artist Heather Barron


Adama ~  Many of you wonder about how we view our romantic relationships in Telos and if we have marriages and families like yours.

Since we live very long lives and the potential for large families is great, careful planning for the benefit of all is of utmost importance. Unlike surface folks, no one is allowed to start a family in Telos until they have gained the maturity and the readiness to initiate such an important step.

We do not allow children to give birth to children, so to speak, like you do in the third dimension.

We have two different types of marriage in our society. The first one is a “bonded” marriage. Two people who are attracted to each other romantically decide to unite in a bonded marriage union that is not necessarily permanent. They get married and live together to learn from and with each other, to grow in maturity together, to experience life and to enjoy each other to the fullest. They do this only as long as they are both deeply happy and satisfied with the relationship. There is no obligation for them to stay together, and these unions are not necessarily a lifetime commitment.

Couples engaged in a bonded marriage are not allowed to have children. The raising of children is not the primary goal of these marriages. These marriages can last anywhere from a few short years to several hundred years or longer. Birth control is not an issue for us. The birth of a child is considered a very precious and grand event for the incoming soul, and a child is conceived by “invitation” only. We have no such thing as an unwanted pregnancy in our society. A woman in Telos would get pregnant only by intention, and only after serious and well-planned preparations. Sexual unions alone do not manifest pregnancy unless the invitation to a specific soul exists. What you are dealing with in your society with unwanted pregnancies through sexual union is the result of a distorted genetic mutation. This too will heal in time when your DNA coding becomes fully restored by the embracing of unconditional love of self and of all life forms.

In a “bonded” marriage, couples may end their relationship at any time, without hurt feelings or obligations toward each other, and then start another one if they wish. This way, no one stays in a relationship for the wrong reason like you do in your society. Every couple in Telos is happy because there is no reason to stay together unless there is a deep love and satisfaction to be with each other. These marriages are considered part of the many experiences that life and evolution offer. When a couple feels they have come to the completion of their time together, they thank each other for the time they have spent together on the path of life and they move on, always remaining good friends. All they need to do is apply to the Lemurian Council of Telos for dissolution of their marriage and it is granted without any dispute. It would be unthinkable for any of us to consider staying in a relationship unless there is total harmony, fulfillment and deep purpose.

Our second type of marriage is a “committed” or “sacred” marriage. It is only in this type of marriage that couples are permitted to have children and apply to bring a new soul into the community. After a couple has been involved in a “bonded” marriage for several decades or a few hundred years, they may decide that they have experienced each other long enough to know with absolute certainty that their love for each other is flawless and long-lasting. They may then wish to make a lifetime commitment to each other.

Since we have become immortal, a lifetime commitment for us would normally mean a very long time in our society, extending into thousands of years. In a committed marriage there is no longer the option of dissolution of the marriage, or what you term divorce. For this reason, a couple already in a bonded marriage for a long time has to be very sure of their commitment to each other before they choose to engage in what is considered a permanent relationship. They stay together until such a time as one of them or both are ready to move on to a higher realm of evolution or service. In this case, one or both would leave Telos. This would happen only after a long life together and after the original family has matured through several generations.

In this type of marriage, one, two or sometimes three children may be born. The gestation period for the mother-to-be is only 12 weeks. Since the couple has already lived together a long time in a bonded marriage, they have accomplished whatever they wanted to experience together as a couple. They are now ready for the next step and have gained enough maturity and know-how to be accorded the privilege and honor of starting a family. Only to our more mature and more evolved people is the privilege of bringing forth children granted, giving birth to noble and more advanced souls, thus perpetuating an enlightened civilization.

From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia 


Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.


Artist Heather Barron


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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Living the Metaphor of Resurrection: Eclipse Season Shifts – Sandra Walter

Art by Claudia Tremblay


Living the Metaphor of Resurrection: Eclipse Season Shifts

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This article describes the factors involved in this current passage and what many of us are beginning to experience as this realignment begins. There are no sufficient words to describe the true return of the Christed state, or the sensation of pure Source amplifying within the heart.

Follow the metaphor of Self-as-Cosmos; the realignment happening with the SUN and Solar system is directly connected to our experiences of resurrection in this Now. Let this guide us in our sacred work over the next few weeks.

Living the Metaphor of Resurrection

As we consciously merge with the ultimate unity of Divine Oneness, we self-realize the infinite within. Not as sacred study or dogmatic concept, but true knowing and feeling the expression of Source in all of creation and intricately being part of it all.

This is freedom from separation and distortion. It activates the harmonics of the heart, which serves as a frequency generator for Source to purify the realities around us.

Past information and experiences merge with future information and expression, to create the new resurrected Self across time-space. The experience of unity makes us aware of our multidimensional aspects, Source, other expressions in the multiverse. Welcome the vastness of Self, while aligning with the Oneness of Source. We are reaffirming the Limitlessness of the Infinite, as the Infinite.

When we confront and encounter the loss of Self, dying to the old Self, we feel the need for Source. It restores our compass to its proper position; original unity with Source. Faith in the Infinite Creator. This is a cognizant realization, a conscious choice of the Ascension process to experience Source-as-Self within.

We transmute, transfigure, and resurrect into the risen, new self which knows itself and all of creation as Source.

Apply Multidimensional awareness to Everything.

As the energies deconstruct and dismantle the illusion, we gain the higher truth of Unity Consciousness. The Source codes return in this Now in Divine timing to resurrect the True Self. Source resurrects itself through us, this grand experiment of separation and reuninfication.

Since we must lose the illusion to gain the truth, we are simultaneously deconstructing the old reality while resurrecting the New. This is the deeper meaning of the bifurcation of realities. The bifurcation is felt within our own lifestreams. Rather than here and there, we feel a split in our own consciousness as the false overlays of the illusion are removed.

This goes beyond the walking between worlds sensation of the past, because the higher level that is resurrecting with embodiment is a much higher frequency than ever before (due to the Source codes and repositioning into cosmic stargate light flows.) We are experiencing both, in a profound way, in this Now.

Cosmic Factors supporting this phase – Key Influences

1. Collective Higher Trajectory

Much stronger energies and acceleration since beginning of June, another jump with Solstice; all energies are consistently leveling up this year. They do not step down any longer.

This higher trajectory is providing a beautiful and more intense flow of Source-encoded plasma. The presence of Source-encoded plasma produces a pure liquid crystalline light sensation, like liquid light flowing through the heart and Ascension column. The experience of this infinite Source light is consistent now for many, who in turn serve as conduits of this for the collective.

2. Pure Photonic Light triggering magnetic shifts

Pure Photonic Light is of a pure positive polarity. This positive light neutralizes;It balances negative polarities and distortions, shifts the magnetics of our hearts, bodies, energy fields and beloved Gaia. This is a strong global clearing mechanism which brings dismantling of distorted reality structures, both within and without.

Shifting magnetics, triggered by the positive charge of these influxes, affect us by:
• Releasing dense emotional and egoic structures. Brings up doubts, confidence issues, worthiness, fears to be released.
• Shifting thought patterns to accomodate clearing. This can be confusing becasue the mind cannot recreate what is being cleared. Change over habit.
• Activating DNA by changing the polarization of the toroidal fields around the DNA, which allows the light codes in to trigger etheric reconnection of additional strands.
• Allowing for pure states of self-realization and resurrection
• Dissolving distortions and illusionary overlays. Binding these away from the planet, back to Source, has been easier for Gatekeepers & Gridworkers. You may do this in your own lifestream and with Gaia.
• New Earth crystalline bridges opening in Gaia and people, becoming stargates for cosmic flows and revelation dynamics. Lifts the self-imposed veils to reveal the 5D/7D/9D overlaid realities which already exist.

Pure Unity Consciousness is a very different existence, it feels dreamlike or surreal and New Earth is seen/felt as a Divine perfected paradise. Meditate in the stillness, open to receive her.

3. Eclipse Season: Ending one phase, beginning a brand new one

Eclipses tend to punctuate endings and beginnings, and during this phase they serve as a massive stargate for dismantling and releasing distorted realities while simultaneously experiencing resurrection on both planetary and personal levels. It is a huge boost to our process, and demonstrates the overwriting and overriding effects of the Primary Christed timelines.

This is a powerful step in our global Ascension process; migrating realities to new, purified systems where the Higher Self as Source can express right through the physical. It can make you feel like you are simultaneously coming apart and unifying with your Higher levels at once. Both are occurring. Endings and beginnings. Death and rebirth on a new level.

Pyramids and resurrection chambers of the past gave us the experience of death, dying off of the old Self. By facing the fear of death, we can experience true resurrection.

The Ascension frequencies trigger a collective experience of this, to varying degrees over the linear years, which allow us to confront our anxieties, fears and doubts about total transformation. We learn to trust ourselves, Divine Love, and Source again.

4. Our SUN (Solaris) and the Solar System are moving into alignment with cosmic stargates which contain transformative harmonics, codes and frequencies.

From the Steering Committee point of view, it appears we will drop into a significant bandwidth of these cosmic stargate flows around the July 27 eclipse. It looks like a cosmic adjustment to align with the higher dimensional platforms. I have mentioned this at many events this year, and others confirmed seeing *the shift at the end of July.* In Service, we open up for the most beautiful support of our Ascension possible.

This is why we have been anchoring 5D-9D. It is a restoration to a Divine path of Gaia’s organic Christed timelines. This is why the High-Vibe Tribe is having such strong experiences of merging with the Godhead since the higher trajectory was attained. It places us in the path of much purer cosmic flows. Open hearts will feel it; best to stay very present with this as the eclipses unfold.

The July 26-28 Gateway has been on our radar since the beginning of the year, like a massive wall of light that we move into. It is connected to last year’s August Solar eclipse and the Gates opening at the end of this August. Higher trajectories, more expanded and purified experiences for the collective.

This may be a visible/palpable change in SUNlight (again), however the emphasis is on consciousness itself. Changing our hearts and Lightbodies to support a new level of existence. We are already feeling the entry into this area, and some are seeing the flashing activity pick up (not solar flares, this is dimensional.) Like a light ship flash, sudden and through the heart, on a Solar level.

5. Embodiment is ON.

We have a whole new level of pure consciousness being anchored into the HUman collective by embodiers. Embodiment has a quantum effect which triggers mass Ascension experiences. We see more leveling up and increased awakenings as embodiers bloom the infinite within.

Next-Level Lightbody: DNA fields Shifting Realities

When the fields of our DNA, which creates our coveted experience of Divinity in form, begin to spin and radiate this diamond-plasma light, our energy fields expand to match that vibration. Holding the higher frequency is getting easier as our activated heart centers collectively lock into the vibration of Unity consciousness itself. We suddenly find our hearts, fields and DNA running on Love auto-pilot.

Whenever something outside of the box is experienced by even a small amount of the collective, that experience becomes available for all. Through the combination of our past Mastery experiences, and the future trajectories which have been attained (Christed timelines), we may begin to demonstrate those skills in the physical. We do this by aligning completely with the highest realities co-created by past, present and future Self.

Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers, anyone who works with Gaia, the SUN or the grid systems; this is another passage for our Galactic Task List.

Planting, placing and connecting crystals (they want to be outside), elemental and kingdom blessings, sacred ceremony, meditation with Gaia … do this Now to support the positive realignments this month. Much has been presenting with Mount Shasta, and I will be mostly offline after the 20th to do the good work and focus for highest outcomes. A recent water fast truly assisted with leveling up to a new experience; honor this sacred passage.

Unify with the Global Light Tribe

Thursday, July 12
New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse at 8pm PDT

SUNday July 15, 22, 29
Global Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm PDT. Details HERE

Tuesday, July 24 – Monday July 30
Lunar Eclipse Gateway Passage, Cosmic Realignment

Friday, July 27
Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse at 1:21pm PDT

Honor the Changes Presenting

Understand that creations or projects won’t *land* or manifest as per usual right now. Don’t be discouraged, it’s just the fluctuation in progress. Light-ground the ideas, don’t be attached to plans as the energies shift quickly moment to moment. This teaches us to be present, grateful, forgiving, and Christed.

This phase doesn’t have to be a grandiose life shift, unless you have not honored your guidance or intuition this year. This is about peace, within and without. The internal request for change must be honored in order to resurrect into the New. We support the changes in body consciousness while experiencing the limitlessness of infinite possibility.

HUmans are untouchable when they activate their heart and Source reconnections. Remember that Self-love with Source embodiment is end game. We surrender lower identity for the Universal Identity; the Source of all love, consciousness, life, creation. And it changes everything for the better.

Blessings upon all of creation, and gratitude for our unified Service to the Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,



Art by Claudia Tremblay

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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