Do all beings have a soul? – Taryn Crimi

Artist Susan Seddon Boulet


Do all beings have a soul?

Today we would like to focus your attention upon both the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom upon your world. It is believed by many that humans are one of the only beings upon your world that are capable of conscious thought. So let us begin by explaining to you what our definition of sentience is.

To be sentient you must be consciously aware of your own existence, you must be capable of conscious thought, and you must hold the divine spark within your being. With that being said, there are humans that are still under the belief that only the most intelligent of all species have any ability to perceive and create their reality in the way that humans do. To this we reply, what defines intelligence?

Is it the ability to reason, to think, and to learn? Is it the ability to show compassion for another, to be able to sympathize and empathize? Is intelligence defined by the ability to rule over others, or is it to have this ability and yet choose not to? There is a wonderful quote that was said by a very old soul who had incarnated well ahead of his time and his name was Albert Einstein who said β€œIf you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will believe its whole life that it is stupid.”

You see, all beings are divine; the divinity that exists within you also exists within them. When we say that all are one, there are no exclusions. The human collective is advancing rapidly, and you will eventually learn that it is not the ability to rule over others that makes you powerful, it is to have that ability and yet choose to love others as your equal rather than fear them for their difference. You have come so very far, and certainly there are still events which are taking place upon your world which allow for the mistreatment of others; not just animals, plants and the Earth, but humans as well.

You ask, but how am I to change the actions of another? To this we reply you cannot, you must change yourself. Let us explain. The key is to remember that you will always draw to you what you align with most. There are always going to be an infinite number of parallel realities that are playing out concurrently. If change is what you seek, then send love and light to what you wish to change; hate and anger will only attract more events to be hateful and angry about. You cannot eliminate what you hate by fighting against it, you eliminate it by loving its opposite. And in so doing, you also will shift the parallel reality that you resonate most with.

Many are of the belief that animals have been placed here to serve the needs of humans and to this we would agree. However, they are not here to be enslaved by you but rather to assist you in elevating your consciousness; for as you remember the divinity within them, you also must remember the divinity within your own self.

So if all beings are sentient, does this mean that all beings have a soul? There are some who have been under the impression that animals have only a collective soul, but they lack an individual soul. The same could be said for humans as well, no? You see, from our perspective all are one. Humans have a collective consciousness however you also have your β€œown” soul. You have your own journey that you would like to experience different challenges upon your path, though we do still perceive all as being one.

This is a rather difficult concept for humans to fully understand and this is simply because it was part of the agreed beliefs that you would perceive yourselves as separate from anyone and anything else; to believe what affects one does not affect another. But we are here to remind you that this cannot be so. If only you could see how connected you are to those who live on the other side of your globe. Just one small decision, one small choice has the ability to impact all upon your world.

So with that in mind, imagine how much of an impact you can make by choosing love, by choosing to see the divinity within all beings. None are any less worthy of love than any other. All have a very unique purpose and to remove one piece of the puzzle would have dramatic effects on all others.

You see, it is quite impossible for any consciousness not to have a soul. A soul is not something that you can have or not have, its what you are, not something you need to obtain. All consciousness has a soul, or rather we should say, is a soul.

We hope that we have served you in some way and that our message has helped you to remember that by acknowledging the sentience within all beings you also acknowledge the divinity within your own self.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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– Dr. Taryn Crimi

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Artist Susan Seddon Boulet

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