The Sunshine In You – Lucia Sullivan

“The Sunshine In You”
“You were the lime light of white light.
In dust sparkles over mountain tops.
Purple skies going down over an orange mound of madness,
Bigger than the sun disc closing in on the night.
Monuments of nature turned into ants when your light showed up.
And I had become certain,
That you,
Were a galaxy of your own.
Built into a puppet of earth and interpretation.
Bigger than the eyes can see.
And aren’t we all?
This small body,
Is all that gravity could contain.
And as the sun went down on me,
It’s greatness reminded me of you.
I reached up,
And pulled it from the edge of the mountain top.
I wear your smile forever.
In the tiny pockets,
Of my great soul.”


Written by Lucia Sullivan copyright 2018 all rights reserved
New York


Sun Queen by Inna-Vjuzhanina @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Alicia’s Mirror – Steve Rother – Beacons of Light @ Espavo

Exaltation Painting by Freydoon Rassouli


The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

Beacons of Light July 2018
Presented Live 6/30/2018

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~ Alicia’s Mirror ~

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Greetings from Home, dear ones.

I am Merlia and I’ve come today to tell you a story. It is an interesting story that you might relate to. It’s about a young girl by the name of Alicia. Alicia had a wonderful set of parents that she chose. Having made her contracts from the other side of the veil, she decided to come in and play this game of pretending to be human. As she came in, she was naturally divided into 11 different aspects. In the aspect we will focus on, she had some very magnificent parents that she absolutely adored. Alicia grew up believing everything that they said. Alicia, you are beautiful. Alicia, you are magical. Alicia, you can be anything that you want and she grew up believing that.

Empathic Alicia

It was not long before Alicia started going to school and interacting with other children. The first several years at school were good ones. However, in her third year there Alicia realized she had a different body type than most of her classmates. Alicia was a bit heavier, because she carried more of her energy in her physical body. Her mother still told her, “Alicia, you are beautiful. Alicia, you are wonderful!” Soon Alicia stopped believing her mother and father, because her classmates were telling her something different.

Her early teen years were the worst. Alicia looked at all the other people that she went to school with and realized that she was different. Some of her classmates were particularly cruel, calling her names and isolating her from social activities. Alicia was not considered a popular girl. She once told her mother “I’m not like them, and even though you tell me I’m beautiful, I’m not beautiful.”  Her self-image  problem was compounded even more as her mother had a very attractive body. To make matters worse some of those kids at school started to pick on her, which you today call bullying. It is so magical for us to see that those words and concepts of bullying are coming up all the time on Earth now. Humanity is now reevaluating harming actions that were once considered to be normal.  Alicia retreated deep inside as a result of her bullying. Due to her energetic wiring she put on even more weight as she tried to deal with life. She retreated and held her energy tightly around her body and she knew that what her mother and father were telling her was not true. Alicia could live in that world when she was Home, but when she was in the outside world, it was quite a different story. She was not able to see her beauty. She was not able to be that person that her mother told her that she could be at any point and her father was always telling her, Alicia, you can do anything. She did not feel that way and withdrew further into her safe shell.

One day her father found Alicia hiding in her room. He knew she was beyond the normal pep talk he gave her and they had a good talk. He said “Look at how good you are at school and particularly good at math. You’re amazing. I don’t even understand the math. He would say, but you do. Can you teach me?” He lovingly have tried to encourage her as best he could, but Alicia would simply say, “you know, that’s just my parents. They see things differently. They love me but that’s not who I am in the world.” She had an incredible lack of self-confidence and as time went on, she became a teenager and she fell into depression. What you would today even call it clinical depression, very challenging for Alicia. She didn’t know what to think of it. She thought she was horrible. She retreated to her room and anytime her mother would start to tell her, oh Alicia, you’re so beautiful today. She would just completely shut it off, wouldn’t even allow her mother to finish the sentence before she would turn and go hide in her room, pulled herself in completely inward.

Depression is the creative force going inward.

When the creative force doesn’t go outward it goes inward, humans fall into what you call depression. It is like putting on a set of gray glasses and everything that you look at becomes gray. Everything that she used to do for fun just didn’t have the sparkle anymore. She used to enjoy music. She loved math and going to school. She was an example for other students and sometimes her teacher would even say that, “look at Alicia, look at how she does this or that”. Her math teacher would say “if you have any difficulties with math go to Alicia and she will show you how.” Then they would snicker behind her back that would make her feel horrible. There were times when she thought about leaving the game and taking her own life. She didn’t know if she could honestly take this energy anymore, but she stuck it out and she worked with it as best she could.

Over time, she was able to isolate herself and protect herself from those negative energies. But there was one person, a year older than Alicia, who was considered the most beautiful girl in the school. Her name was Juliann. In high school, everyone looked up to Juliann because she was so incredibly photogenic and beautiful. Even as they graduated high school, she was the one that dominated the high school yearbook. Her picture was everywhere because she was involved in quite a few activities and was very popular.  She would always tell Alicia that there was something wrong with her. “What’s the matter with you?”  She would say. There were even times when Juliann’s friends would ask her why she picked on Alicia so much and she would respond in anger that Alicia just bugged her so much that she could not stop herself.

Alicia dreamed of the day that she would come up to this girl and be able to say something to her that would make things right, that would make Juliann understand. She never did, and even after leaving high school, going on through college, Alicia learned how to stay out of the limelight, how to retreat, how to pull completely in. The image of Juliann haunted Alicia as she grew older. Every time she’d look in the mirror, she would hear Juliann’s voice.

Throughout college, Alicia learned how to be a part of things but mostly keep to herself.  She made a few friends in college which helped quite a bit. Here, she gained a little bit of confidence. At this time Alicia was looking for what she was going to do in the world. She had many possibilities with her skills in math but they all seemed dull and not exciting.

Alicia Finds a Key

Then, one day Alicia’s neighbor came over. She was the same age as Alicia in her early thirties. She was very abrupt with Alicia and said, “I see what you’re doing and I see who you are and they don’t match. You’re just so magical. Your life should be easy and not hard.” Alicia could not take that. It was very much like her mother. She just couldn’t hear it, but then her neighbor continued, “you know, my daughter’s having great difficulties right now. She thinks she’s ugly. No matter what I do. I can’t seem to tell her who she really is. She is also having great difficulties with math. Would you talk to her Alicia? Would you help her with math? Would you help her get past this next level, see if we can do something, because I know she’s very depressed and I’m worried about her.” Alicia agreed to it hesitantly but it was under the guise of being a math tutor. Her daughter was just turning seven years old and had a body type very similar to Alicia’s and it wasn’t long before the two girls started talking and Alicia was able to turn this young lady around tremendously. It gave both girls strength and confidence.

Alicia Step into Her Power

It was fascinating how it worked. Alicia felt empowered for one of the first times in her life, not because of something she did for herself, but because of the energy she was able to give to this young seven-year-old girl.  With Alicia’s help this young lady was going to be able to avoid many of the challenges that Alicia had to endure growing up.  Alicia became aware that if she had not gone through the challenges that she had she would not have been able to help this young lady. She was very proud of that. It wasn’t long before Alicia started looking around for places where she could do this again and she went back to school. She went back to college to get her degree in psychology and she took a job as a high school counselor and math tutor. She became engaged in her work and even volunteered some of her time.

But before long the administrators in the school system started seeing how powerful she was and how she could change lives very quickly. They made a special position for her to move around to the different schools with her work especially with girls who needed confidence with body image. Alicia became very good at seeing the signs of young children retreating like she did and it was not long before she wrote a book on it. She called it Reflections in the Mirror. Alicia drew on her own experiences growing up and especially with Juliann although she changed her name in the book.

Alicia Re-unites

At a very early age of 42 Alicia fell ill with a terminal disease. After going through her stages of grief, Alicia accepted that it was time for her to go Home. Even though she was very young, in some ways, she had completed something very important and deep within her spirit she was all right with it. Alicia did not have to wait long and in less than a year Alicia passed on. As she died, something happened. Dear ones, when you’re born on this planet, you split into 11 different dimensions of time and space, all walking around making different choices and having different experiences. Over here you might be economically impoverished and over here you might have an abundance of money. You have all these different experiences. But as soon as you die, all of those come back together in one spirit.  They all come back together into the core personality. Alicia was able to see happen as she left her body. As this took place Alicia saw something that took her attention.  One of her own aspects was a person who looked and acted very similar to her nemesis in high school, Juliann.  As the aspects came back together she understood for the first time who that person was and why they did what they did. It turned out that one of Alicia’s aspects had a very similar life as Juliann.

Alicia was able to let go of all of it at that point because she knew she had these experiences and none of them were right or wrong. She was part of it all, and even this person that she could not stand. Even this person she had to get away from. She even realized that that was probably one of the reasons that she had this contract with Juliann in the first place.  So as Alicia returned Home, she was greeted by her father who had passed on several years before. He was one of the people that quietly encouraged her every chance he could and told her how incredibly beautiful she was. When he met her, he welcomed her Home and let her know that all of it was all right. No matter what dimension of time and space she was in, no matter what experience she had, she was the bully or the person being bullied. Whether she was the perfect person or the person who thought that they were totally imperfect, all of them were part of the same spirit.  All were reflections of the same light. Alicia learned a beautiful lesson. All of it is light. Find the light wherever you look and you will be Home. Whatever it is that you fear in your life, you very well may be part of that in another aspect of yourself.

Enjoy the journey, dear ones, and know that you’re perfectly on target. With the greatest of honor that I greet you and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play this game well together. I am Merlia. Come up and see me sometime.


Greetings, Dear Ones.

I am eM.  I wish to add to the previous message that was brought in by an Merlia. If you can grasp the understanding of who you are in all dimensions of time and space, you will understand your perfection as a soul. No, you cannot look in the mirror and see your perfection. No, you cannot even take an inventory of all your good and bad pieces and come up with your perfection because you are pretending to be a human. You’re dividing yourself into 11 different experiences, hiding a little bit of that perfection in each one of them. The important piece to know is that as you are now in the fifth dimension as a collective and humans are starting to acclimate. It is entirely possible to start dissolving those walls and claiming your perfection in all dimensions of time and space even as you stand right now.

Reuniting with Your Perfection

That’s what happens when you leave. When you die and you leave your physical body, your perfection comes back together. We find it fascinating because sometimes there’s a connection between somebody on the other side of the veil who’s passed on and somebody who’s still on earth and that communication doesn’t sound right because it’s not the person that you knew. You knew someone to be angry. You knew someone to have these challenges and prejudices. When in reality, they’re beautiful and perfect. It’s because they come back together with their perfection. So what would it take to start seeing that perfection in everybody? If you cannot see it in yourself can you see it in others? As you look at every single person and all of their imperfections, forms of beauty and pieces of that may be hiding in other dimensions of time and space. That is really what’s taking place and as you can start to grasp that and understand that you can change your own world with that simple understanding. When you start seeing the perfection all around you will see even the imperfection can be something beautiful and not something wrong.

That’s one of the challenges of the fifth dimension. There is no right or wrong, there’s none of that division. There’s not the duality and the polarity that you had to have in the third dimension in order to play this game. Yes, humans still see the three dimensional realities and bring the old rules back as it is natural to resist change. Humans look at things as good and bad and up and down and right and wrong and right now, that is causing huge separations on your planet. What would it take to bring that back together? What would it take to bring your energy back together? That’s the question we ask. All of you as a balanced entity, I do not carry male or female. I carry both and I rely on both because both have incredible empowerment. Both have incredible attributes that the other cannot completely carry. So what if more and more people start to do that? Now you’re going to start bringing yourself back together into the perfection of the white light that you actually are. You know that you are perfect somewhere deep in your soul. You knew this as children. You had to learn that you were imperfect. What a frustrating experience.

How about losing that now? That is what we will challenge all of you to do during these next months. Find ways of finding the perfection in everything, even your enemies. If you have them, even those people you totally disagree with.  Find one little piece of that perfection, one little piece of that white light that you brought from Home and that will set it into motion very quickly. Know that your world is changing very rapidly. It is the change and the rapid change of that that is causing humans to be separate, causing humans to be angry, frustrated, feeling like they have no power. You can anchor this in the love that you carry deep within you, each and every one of you, and we welcome you to play the game of pretending to be human and turning it into love instead of fear.

Treat each other with respect dear ones and nurture one another. Play this game well together. You are all part of each other. Enjoy the ride.

I am eM and I love you.



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Exaltation Painting by Freydoon Rassouli

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Connecting the Spiritual Dots – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Vishnu by Annelie Solis


Connecting the Spiritual Dots

Hildegaard of Bingen’s mystical representation of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (See footnote 1) ~ Right.

When we come up with spiritual equivalencies, it allows us to link up different literatures.

And when we can do that, our learning accelerates and multiplies.

Also, having some other body of literature to compare ours to throws our own into relief. We see things about it that we might not have seen otherwise.

For me the most important equivalence in spirituality, taken broadly, is:  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost = Brahman, Atman, and Shakti.

Hindus have created a vast literature on the three Purushas or Divine Persons  – Brahman, Atman, and Shakti. Our tendency in the West might be not to use it because … well, you know. It’s not Christian (or Jewish or whatever).

Another approach might be to … just what I said … find the equivalencies and then scholarship, instead of going on in two solitudes, can draw from the one to explain the other. It becomes a dance and a symphony.

Hinduism’s literature is extensive. It’s both deep in parts and pleasurable in other parts. Its tolerance allows it to hold any number of seemingly incompatible points of view in one broad religion.

It’s multivariant, multi-path. It has something for everybody, while at the same time acting out themes in myth and storytelling which reflect deep spiritual truths.

We in the West would benefit by hooking their literature up with the teachings of Jesus on the Father (Brahman), Son (Atman), and Holy Ghost (Shakti) and of his followers such as Pseudo-Dionysius, St. John of the Cross, John Ruusbroec, etc.,

AND don’t forget Jesus’s interpreters in other faiths such as Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Prabhavananda and Paramahansa Yogananda

I personally have found the explanations for most of Jesus “hard sayings” in Hindu literature (save for St. John of the Cross).  Jesus says the truth in the pithiest of ways and Hindus then unfold their meaning – for me.


OK, OK. Give us some explanation of what this “Trinity” actually is.

The following summation of the purpose of life, etc., is based on a vision I had on February 13, 1987. (2) It illustrates what the notion of the Trinity was created for and how it operates.

My understanding from that vision and from all the books on the subject I read thereafter is that God, who fills up everything, wanted to know itself. And so God created a dream world.

When He enters that dream world, He styles himself the Mother.

Neither Father nor Mother has gender. They themselves use the term (as you can see on An Hour with an Angel) for educational purposes. (3)

The Mother is the only Being we can know. The Father is unknowable. So really all our dealings are usually with her.

The Mother creates, preserves, and destroys. She’s the one who decides to pass us on to the Father at long last or keep us here, learning more about who we are, where we come from.

Who cares what we learn, where we come from, who we are?  Let’s eat, drink, and be merry!

Well, God wanted to know itself, as we said. And if you think about it, God is silence, stillness, etc., and fills up everything. How is such a Being to know itself?

This is where the “Son” comes in, the Christ, the Atman, the Self, the Soul. That’s you and me, Children of God.

God the Father put a spark of itself inside the body created by God the Mother.  Our sole task in life everlasting is to fully realize who that spark is.

When we do, God meets God in that moment of our enlightenment. This is how God solves the puzzle of knowing itself.

Let’s listen to one sage, Bayazid of Bistun, describe the very moment for which all of this was created:

“I went from God to God, until they cried from me in me, ‘O thou I!’” (4)

“O thou I!” In the end, all that’s left is the Universal Subject, “I.”

“Only God sees God,” Ibn Arabi reminds us.  (5) If we totally understand that and if that meeting for which life was created has occurred, we attain an exalted state of enlightenment called “Sahaja Samadhi,” which is the culminating event of our Ascension.

We will all slowly evolve into that knowledge as the energies rise.  Sages in days gone by had to struggle for it. But we don’t.

After Sahaja, we’re in what Hindus call a state of liberation, mukti, or moksha. (They did not discuss dimensions millennia ago.)

We’ve left the realm of birth and death and where have we ended up? In what we know as the Fifth Dimension or higher.  There’s no birth and death in the higher realms.


Now can we relate that to the seven-chakra system connected to the Third Dimension?

Yes. Knowledge of the Son/Atman comes when the kundalini reaches the Fourth Chakra.

Knowledge of the Holy Ghost/Shakti/Mother comes when it reaches the Sixth.

Knowledge of the Father/Brahman comes when it reaches the Seventh.

Sahaja is beyond the Third-Dimensional chakra system. In more ways than one, it’s the door or portal to the higher dimensions.

It’s a full and permanent heart opening, which leaves us immersed forever in the Ocean of Love. In other words, when the door (hridayam) of the heart opens, we are left in a higher realm.


This business therefore of coming up with equivalencies speeds up our learning and extends it greatly.

It also promotes world by peace by taking away any grounds for dispute. If Allah=God=Brahman=Buddha Essence=Tao, etc., what’s there to fight about? We all work for the same Boss.

Oh, oh, one more equivalency? Some of you know what’s coming.

Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva = Rajas, Sattwa, and Thamas (the Gunas) = Creation, Preservation, and Transformation = Akar, Ukar, and Makar (AUM) = a subset of the Divine Mother, who is all movement and sound.

This statement of equivalency links up numerous literatures and could keep some scholars busy for a lifetime.

The discipline called cross-cultural spirituality is in the business of connecting the dots.

All of it is carried out in the name of creating a spirituality broad and tolerant enough that it can accommodate everyone, in Nova Gaia, a world at peace and a world that works for everyone.


(1) In the middle is the Son. The brown circle is the Mother. But the Son is not immersed in the Mother. The Son is immersed in the Father, the light grey circle, if you look closely.

Hildegaard has represented the relationships among the Members of the Trinity, the Purusha or Divine Beings.

Behind the Father is a dark purple background which represents what Hildegaard would probably have called the Godhead and what we call the One, as in Mother/Father One. The One, the Transendental embraces and contains everything.

(2) For an account of the vision, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at

(3) For explanations from the Mother, see “The Father and the Father … by the Mother,” at and “What Differentiates Father from Mother? The Mother Answers,” at

(4) Bayazid of Bistun in Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy.New York, etc.: Harper and Row, 1970; c1944, 12.

(5) Muhyideen Ibn Arabi, Kernel of the Kernel. trans. Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Sherborne: Beshara, n.d., 48.


Vishnu by Annelie Solis

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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