Our Divine Self – The Summit Lighthouse

I Am Presence Summit Lighthouse


Our Divine Self

The Chart of Our Divine Self illustrates cosmic truths that have been taught by the great mystics of East and West.

The Chart has three parts representing the trinity of our identity.

The upper figure, the sphere of light called the I AM Presence, is the spirit of God individualized for each of us.

Our I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres which comprise the causal body. This pulsating spiritual energy contains the record of all our good works, we can think of it as our cosmic bank account.

Our causal body has seven spheres corresponding to the seven color rays of God’s consciousness.Β The only cause of our separation from the I AM THAT I AM is our human consciousness, the accumulation of vibrations from this and previous lifetimes that have been less than the qualities of our Real Self.

Between the upper sphere of light and the soul evolving represented by the lower figure of the heart is the Higher Self, also known as the Higher Mental Body, and the Real Self.

It is the Self that we are in a state of becoming through our soul’s evolution. Our souls are mortal but can become immortal as the soul bonds to the Higher Self.

Depending on our spiritual tradition, we can think of the Higher Self as our guardian angel, our inner guru, the voice of conscienceβ€”our dear friend.

The violet flame is depicted in the Chart of the Presence around the lower figure. The violet flame is a high-frequency energy of transmutation.

Around the violet flame is the protective white light of God known as the tube of light. When we apply the science of the spoken Word, we can call forth the tube of light for the sealing of our aura from negative energies.

The thread of white light descending from the I AM Presence through the Higher Self to the lower figure in the Chart is the crystal cord which ties us to Spirit.

The crystal cord nourishes the threefold flame of the heart with God’s light. Each plume represents an attribute of God’s consciousness-God’s power, God’s wisdom and God’s love. The threefold flame is about 1/16 Β of an inch high and is within the secret chamber of the heart chakra. God has given us a spark of Himself.



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