What is a Lightworker? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Saatchi Art ~ Artist Jason Lincoln Jeffers – Painting, The lightworker.


What is a Lightworker?

One of the requests that came out of our recent conversation about lightworkers was a request to say what a lightworker actually is.

I’m happy to oblige.

A writer said recently: “The term ‘lightworker’ is synonymous with ‘spiritual seeker.’” (1)

In my view? Not precisely.  Lightworkers are not so much about seeking as they are about serving.

The “worker” in “lightworker” points to service.

Service to what? Service to the Light, God, the Divine Mother, Gaia and her animal and human inhabitants.

Readers here certainly will have heard the Company of Heaven tell us that we made agreements prior to birth that we would serve the Divine Mother’s Plan for us and Gaia. That Plan in a word is Ascension.

How do we know what our exact agreement is? Very simple. Notice what you love to do. (For me it’s writing.)

Notice where your bliss is. Notice what you can’t stay away from doing and do as soon as you return home. Or at the local Starbucks. Or at the supermarket. What you love to do is almost certainly a part of your mission.

Ascension itself has phases and different lightworkers may serve in different phases.

Those are Ascension itself, Abundance, Accountability, and Disclosure.  They overlap as they’re doing right now. Disclosure is expected in the near future. That overlaps with Abundance (the Reval), which overlaps with Accountability (40,000 plus sealed indictments).

Regarding Ascension, some lightworkers are assisting people to make the gradual consciousness shift that’s occurring right now. They’re also assisting people for whom the higher energies flush up core issues. They help them work through and be free of whatever surfaces. Spiritual first aid and triage, so to speak.

Regarding Abundance, other lightworkers have agreed to be financial stewards and conduits for the Divine Mother, handling large sums of money from various sources without being seduced by it and using them fairly and honestly to benefit the planet and its inhabitants.

Regarding Accountability, other lightworkers are standing up to the cabal, saying “Enough!”, exposing their crimes – right and left, Democrat and Republican – and serving in various capacities to “drain the swamp.”

Regarding Disclosure, lightworkers are preparing to serve as Earth’s ambassadors to our star family and partners in the many programs the galactics will introduce to rebuild the planet and rid it of our pollution.

This blog had its beginnings as a site dedicated to exposing the post-9/11 crimes of the Illuminati. (2) After I met Archangel Michael via a personal reading with Linda Dillon in January 2011, it became about building Nova Earth.

I notice myself returning to the theme of building Nova Earth again and again, as if I even like the sound of the words.  It colors everything.

In the face of the vision of Nova Earth, other habits and distractions no longer hold my attention. This change, this attractive power of the idea is again a sign that participating in the collective action of building a new world is part of my mission.

As a financial steward, my service is along the path of humanitarian philanthropy.

The object of our philanthropy, writ large, I think, is (A) to fuel a revolution in compassion towards the less fortunate on the planet and (B) to make of the desert a watered plain – that is, to return the planet to its state of original purity, which some call the Garden of Eden.

The service that lightworkers perform is a spiritual path to God in and of itself. Hindus call it karma yoga, seva or, simply, service.

This may be contentious but it’s my considered opinion: The lightworkers here to help Gaia and her inhabitants ascend are already ascended.

Lightworkers are starseeds, angels, archangels, seraphim, ascended masters, Biblical prophets, medieval kings and queens, etc., all from higher dimensions.

We donned the blindfold in this particular existence so that, as Michael said to me, the CoH can keep our feet on the ground. If we realized who we are, I’m told, we’d in all likelihood pack up and return home.

When the job’s done, my understanding is that lightworkers will indeed have the choice to stay or return home to their native dimension or beyond the dimensions. (3)

We’re waiters at the banquet of Ascension. We have oil in our lamps and we’re safely inside the wedding hall.

And we’re serving the great mass of people who’ve gathered to partake of the feast.  Their wedding approaches. Our feast, our reward comes later.


(1) Owen K Waters “The Helping Heart,” Light Magic, at https://www.lightmagic.us/helpingheart/

(2) Typical of that period was “I Accuse,” Oct. 18, 2008, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/accountability/nwo-essays/i-accuse/

(3) Except … pillars. Who stay till the end.



Saatchi Art ~ Artist Jason Lincoln Jeffers – Painting, The lightworker.

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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