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Guided Home by Artist Amanda Clark


What Total Commitment Looks Like

I have this notion in my head – I don’t know where it originally came from – that only when we’re totally committed does Heaven and Earth move in favor of whatever it is we intend. I have written about it before. (1)

If we’re ambivalent, neither Heaven nor Earth moves in our favor.   By Earth, I largely mean people.

And this, by the way, is not a complex, not a complicated idea.

Here’s a cup of coffee in front of me. I take a drink from it. I was totally committed.

You know how we all know that I was totally committed? Because I took the drink. I drank; therefore I was.

Can I take the matter further? I see this as very basic to … what? An understanding of human behavior, what it means to be human, and human evolution or unfoldment.

What was our intention? To find out, we need to look at what we did. Action and intention are like the front and back of our hand.

If what we’re doing is not succeeding, we might want to check out the strength of our commitment, If it’s weak, we’d want to look for a hidden agenda, resistance, desire for space, fear for survival, etc., – some thought – that is watering down the strength of  our commitment, below the point that moves Heaven and Earth.

A friend showed me what total commitment looked like a few days ago. In a serious medical situation, hospital staff was ambivalent. What was lacking was someone with total commitment.

This friend took a totally-committed stand and immediately everyone fell in line behind it.  She was totally committed to getting the job done. All proceeded as she had laid out for them.

Moreover, had she not acted, they’d have fallen into the default – to do as the patient wishes. (2) With her totally-committed intervention, she sent matters in an entirely-different and lasting direction. I.e., that settled the matter. For everyone’s betterment.

I wish I could fish that one out of the Akashic Records.

This “living proof” that “totally committed” organized the space meant a lot to me. Experiments are hard to devise in the field of consciousness/awareness.

So any circumstance becomes a potential laboratory.

Here’s another example from memory. In the warrior game in the est Six-Day Course in 1979, we had to choose a leader and we couldn’t do it democratically.

After much thought about why I’d want to be leader, (3) I raced around to the front of the group and said to them all in a loud voice, “I am your leader. Sit down!” In the face of my total commitment, people sank to the ground. From that moment on I was leader.

I’m willing to make a hypothesis now: That total commitment stands a better than average chance of organizing a space.

If we’re looking for leadership skills, this seems to me definitely one of them.

I’m willing to speculate further that the rising energies contribute to total commitment organizing the space, as does even the prospect (if not the reality) of abundance and the promise (if not the actuality) of the cabal being removed from power.

If we wonder why we don’t succeed, check the strength of our commitment.

Totally-committed can be kind and patient.  It doesn’t have to be loud.  Total commitment can be gentle and compassionate. Only in the beginning is it often loud and abrasive.

Eastern masters are often painted as being equanimous with material circumstances but totally committed to the spiritual truth.   They epitomize total commitment to disengage from the material and total commitment to engage with the spiritual.


(1) “The Power of Total Commitment,” 

(2) The patient was confused and wanted to leave. But that would have disallowed the tests that would then take months to have by working from outside the hospital.

(3) My moment of decision came when I saw that being a leader gave people someone to bump up against and get themselves.



Guided Home by Artist Amanda Clark

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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