Dualities and Stress – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Throat Chakra Mandala by Heaven On Earth Silks


Dualities and Stress

I just had a realization and I can’t find the words to express it.

Part of the problem is that we often think in fixed ways about the terms I’d use.

Part of the realization was that I couldn’t convey the insight speaking into the mindset that we have on the subject.

I saw stress in myself. I saw that I lived in an ocean of stress.

And I asked what the cause of it was. And what I was intuitively shown was that the stress results from insisting on living in a world of dualities.

Dualities create a spectrum. Love and hate are an example.

Love and hate exist on a spectrum or range from love to attraction to warmth to neutrality to indifference to dislike to hatred, let’s say. And we go back and forth on the spectrum when we see one person and then another and another.

That spectrum exists within a being’s field of awareness and in a spiritual sense bloats it. The spectrum fills up the being’s field of awareness.

The movement back and forth on that spectrum is like cacophony, discordance, noise.

When the dualities are resolved (and here’s where some of the difficulty comes in), stress diminishes.

What does it mean “when the dualities are resolved”? Well,  the insight saw the difficulties resolved and I don’t know how I did it. Or if I did.

Most people would look for some explanation of an intellectual or an experiential process that would account for the “resolution” of the dualities. But for me it just happened instantaneously, without any explanation.

It only lasted a few seconds and then the noise returned.  But I saw clearly that in the absence of dualities in the mind, stress declined.

But regardless of having no way of explaining it, what I saw is of great value to me.

It’s my paying attention to dualities, it’s my engaging in judgments, it’s my accepting some and rejecting others that causes my stress. Stop all that and stress should diminish.



Throat Chakra Mandala by Heaven On Earth Silks

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