The portal of a single cell – Alohim


Through the portal of a single cell where creation itself expanded into a cosmic universe.
Through this cell we spread our unique language of individual expression throughout galaxies,
dimensions, worlds. Ultimately shrouding both conscious and subconscious mind with memories,
patterns and belief systems. Creating our interpersonal relationship from within to without.
Stepping beyond the illusionary play of the subconscious, armed with the frequency of theta and
affirmation. We can gently enter the gates of true change by allowing all known to dissipate from the
storage chip held deep within mind’s field. The silent whispering of intangible patterns activating
habit forming disillusionment pooling into the conscious from the subconsciousness. Influencing the
flow of experiences co-created from cellular memory held deep within the sphere of our brain which
then trickles down through our nervous system

 — ♥ —

From an early age I knew my past lives, Star Family and much more. I knew this body was a vehicle and a container and ‘remembered’. Everything happens for a reason as we know and without this understanding I wouldn’t be able to relate with such compassion. As a Light Worker I’ve spent the last few years healing myself & others through meditation, movement and solitude, expressing Energy & Light through different avenues with particular emphasis on third world countries. We are all magical Beings here for a wonderful purpose.

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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