Journey of Awakening to Multi-Dimensionality and Transitioning – Lisa Transcendence Brown


NEW Email Series Coming: Journey of Awakening to Multi-Dimensionality and Transitioning Fully Over to NEW Earth Existence Now


Pack your bags. It’s “time” to MOVE!

​Aloha fellow Star Light BEings!

I’m in the middle of creating a new course for an upcoming event, and in the process, decided that as a part of one of my new books too, that I will start putting out writings publicly to each, that wants to receive and “come along with me”…. through my own Journey of Awakening and Multi-Dimensionality, in a way that I’ve not shared before. Because it’s going to take many emails to share, I’m setting up a completely different space for this.

If you are interested, I’ll be posting the “sign up link”, as I’m only going to send it out to those who specifically want to receive and utilize this for their own self-empowerment/catalyzation and REALizations…. to accelerate shifting and TRANSITIONING TO NEW EARTH REALITIES easier/faster/more (all human perception, yet we have to use words to describe the ease/flow or challenges/ego involved).

This can be an extremely challenging journey and transition, one where if we don’t fully yet understand, then we often take the path/route of “suffering” or “harsh” (ego death), which can be “avoided” for those who are truly ready to embrace NEW EARTH as a WHOLE NEW REALITY/EXISTENCE, and are truly ready dedicate themselves to their own processes from a place/space that allows for each’s EXPERIENCE to be “done” with GRACE, kindness and through consciousness….

If you are interested in JOURNEYING WITH ME and receiving additional information that will assist you with understanding more, in order to intentionally shift and TRANSITION TO NEW EARTH more… then keep an eye out and I’ll post the link when it’s available for you to sign up/register for the emails where I’ll be breaking down many of the transitory processes of awakening and fully transitioning over from Old Earth to NEW.

This is on a Quantum Level though, so I simplify it in a way that is different than the old Linear ways. I provide the KNOWLEDGE (TE-KNOW-ledg-E), which is light encoded, for you to apply to your own chosen Soul experience here.

I love you a bazillion fold! Keep exploring and embracing the magnificence available as you go “all in” too!Β β™₯

p.s. You can always watch my Upcoming Events Page for new announcements and opportunities to receive and participate more. I’ll post the announcement there and a few other places when all is ready….. working on it now. These emails will take you on a journey of awakening even more!Β β™₯

Upcoming Events Page:

p.s. The “name” may change a bit as I continue to create, mold and share. Just watch the upcoming events page or some of my posts and I’ll announce when it’s ready for all to sign up and get started…. journeying… and awakening …. to all of our NEW EARTH REALITIES for living fully here! β™₯


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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