Losha: My 5D Experiences – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Angel Heart by Bernadette Wulf @ Wulf Visionary Art


Losha: My 5D Experiences

Losha, Voyages of Light, July 26, 2018


I’ve been experiencing some very different sensory perceptions lately, that I’ve come to realize are probably an “introduction” to what some of our upcoming 5th Dimensional realities will look like (and feel like).

I’ve been guided to share my own personal “5D” experiences in case there are others out there who may also be experiencing similar “symptoms” (these are “good” symptoms!).

The first thing I want to say is…no, you’re not going crazy! Lol!

One of the more subtle, but inconvenient 5D symptoms I’ve experienced, is what I call feeling “high” – or maybe woozy, dizzy, buzzed, or even foggy in your head.

This 5D symptom can be tough to have happening when you’re at work, or are needing to multi-task at the time. However, I’ve learned to try not to fight it anymore, and instead, enjoy it – because when I look at it from a different perspective, I realize that it can actually feel very “blissful” – and that’s an awesome feeling!

The other thing I’ve realized about this blissful state, is that it keeps me focused on the “present”…not the past or future. I find myself just enjoying whatever is happening in the moment, which is another great way to feel, and to live one’s life.

Another symptom I’ve experienced was the feeling of being “weightless.” In the beginning, it felt like I was off-balance – all of a sudden I was kind of stumbling during my walk with the dogs.

However, I began noticing that my feet weren’t making loud clomping sounds like they usually do (I have never been known to be “light on my feet”!).

That really surprised me – and the more I walked, the more weightless I felt – it was like I was almost walking “above” the ground…not really touching it! It was an amazing experience!

The third area where I’ve noticed a change – has been out in nature. I have a feeling others may have also experienced this – and that is, there is much more “depth” to everything I look at, primarily when I’m in the forest, where there are lots of trees.

Some of you probably aren’t old enough to have heard of a “diorama,” which is a 3-Dimensional model of some scene, usually some kind of historic event.

Well, when you look at a diorama from the front, you can see the depth perception is much greater, and that is how the trees (especially) look to me, now – it is almost so amazing that I feel like my brain is going to overload! It is truly amazing,and I know we’ll all be seeing Gaia in this way, soon.

Now, this may sound really “out there,” but last, and not least, there have been residual effects from “dimension jumping” during my sleep…lol!

A couple times in the morning, I’d wake up and barely be able to walk – I was very disoriented and had to brace my hand against the walls as I walked. My brain was very fuzzy, too.

Well, I’m able to communicate with higher/galactic beings, and I was “told” that the previous night, during my job working with other galactics (apparently, most of us Lightworkers spend many of our sleeping hours working a lightworker-type job in the galactic realm), I had been in a meeting with some even-higher-dimensional beings – 7th dimension or above, I believe – and that was a big deal for my earthly/5D body to handle…jumping up to an even-higher dimension. So, that’s why I had those residual effects the next morning. They eventually wore off.

I know this last explanation for my specific symptoms might sound strange, but at least then my symptoms made sense to me, and it always excites me to think that I have been doing some kind of “good works” in the galactic realm.

Well, I hope that talking about some of the cool and strange symptoms I’ve experienced will be helpful to others who might be experiencing similar feelings and sensations.

Personally, I get very excited when I think about what these symptoms truly mean we will be experiencing in the near future…feeling much lighter, seeing Gaia in even more beautiful ways, feeling blissful most of the time, and even working here on Gaia, with our galactic family! I can’t wait!

So, please know that you are alright – in fact, you are better than alright – because you are gradually becoming a 5th-Dimensional being! Congratulations!

Blessings to you all!





Angel Heart by Bernadette Wulf @ Wulf Visionary Art

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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