Do We All Work for the Mother? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Mother Tender by Liane Collot d’Herbois Waldorf Painting


Do We All Work for the Mother?

I was talking to a lightworker the other day and said that we all worked for the Divine Mother.

Is that so? my friend asked. Do we all work for her?

Can I answer this question without having to dig up the quotes please? Time is so precious these days. Many thanks.

If you want to read on the nature of the Divine Mother, go to the Library, and under “Spiritual Essays,” you’ll see many articles on that subject.

You’ll find the quotes I rely on in this file:  “The Nature of Life 1” at .

There are many levels to a discussion of this subject. The layer I want to talk about here is to say that the One became Two (1) : the Transcendent One became the Heavenly Father (2) and the Divine Mother (3).

The Heavenly Father is the Transcendent, the Void. Nothing material moves in him though everything transcendental does, like love, bliss, and joy.

The Father is still and silent as far as the material realm goes. He does not speak. We cannot see him, hear him, feel him, know him or sense him in any other way.

The Mother is the Father’s voice in the Wilderness, the voice in the Silence, the universal creative vibration known as AUM.

Why is the Father a “wilderness”? Because the universal law applies only to the Mother’s domain. No law applies to the Father. Hence he is often symbolized as lawless, a wilderness, unconditioned and untameable.

She is all matter, mater, Mother. He is still but she is the creator, preserver, and transformer of everything physical.

We can only speak directly to the Mother.

And of course you heard her on An Hour with an Angel and Heavenly Blessings. What an unsurpassed privilege that was. I’m still dazzled.

We receive God’s wishes and his blessings through the Divine Mother. Hence I say, we all work for her.

You say, well, no, I work for Jesus.

Jesus works for her. His own mother was an incarnation of the Divine Mother, as she’s acknowledged to us.

She’s Mary, Maré, she says.  Mary is the Mother of Jesus.  Maré is Latin for Ocean. The Ocean she’s referring to is the Ocean of Love.

Oh, well, I work for Sanat Kumara. Nope, sorry. Raj works for the Mother too.

I work for an archangel.  All angels, archangels, seraphim, elohim, fairies, elementals, whatever you can name work for the Divine Mother.

Directly or indirectly, we all do.

From the varied experiences I’ve had and from talking to the Mother on the radio shows, I conclude that we’re never out of divine partnership with her. Such a thing seems never likely to happen.

We are light of the Father’s Light and love of the Mother’s Love. If we were to turn ourselves absolutely inside out, at essence we’d find that we are Mother/Father One, just wearing a mask.

So, when we work for the Mother, we work for ourselves. We can no more not work for her as not work for ourselves.

Thank you for allowing me to just state that without having to spend hours finding the quotes.


(1) And the Two became Three and here we are, the Third – divine sparks, children of God, Christ, Atman, Buddha nature. But that’s not material to this discussion. I mention it only in passing.

(2) The name I prefer.

(3) The name everyone seems to prefer – over Holy Ghost, Shakti, Prakriti, Procreatrix, Wisdom, Creator, etc.


Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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