A Golden Treasure for the Future – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Healing Buddha Painting by Božidar A. Kolerič @ Be Art Angel


A Golden Treasure for the Future

Correct my thinking if you will.

I figure that I’m not going to get any (or very much) older so I might as well start treating my body as the progressively-younger body that it is now or soon will be.

So, couch potato that I am, I’ve started to run in the mornings and exercise. And I’m drinking 2 liters of water a day. And I’m gradually cutting back on flour and sugar.

I feel a tremendous inner urge to increase my physical fitness.

I could quote you passages from Matthew Ward, I believe, and probably the Arcturians through Sue Lie – on the importance of keeping the body in the best possible shape.  But somewhere deep down, below the “couch potato” that I am, keeping the body in good shape makes natural sense. (It feels right.)

Let me pause for a moment and introduce another discussion, which is material to where I’m going with this. Exhibit A.

Earlier today, I was meditating by listening to the Divine Mother through Linda Dillon from 2017.

The Mother was discussing purity. She stressed that it wasn’t something we earn. We’re all of us already pure.

Our essence is purity itself.  It isn’t something to be achieved. (1) It’s already here.

It’s there for the asking and free for the taking.

But it has to become our own. We need to lay claim to it, possess it, own it – and we usually don’t. (2)

We don’t choose to “come from” it and therefore we don’t own it.  To claim otherwise – for instance, to claim that one knows the space when one doesn’t – is to be inauthentic.

I’ve experienced the state of “purity” on at least one occasion.

That was the inner Tsunami of Love, after my 2015 heart opening, which washed me clean of everything – all history, all lifetimes, all memory, all need to know. So, yes, I have experienced the state of purity – briefly.

I therefore know the experience of being “washed clean in the River of Jordan,” washed clean by the inner torrent of love that leaves one immersed in the Ocean of Love that the Mother is. Drowned alive. That’s what it took. Yes, I know that.

Maré (latin), the Ocean of Love, (3) is assuredly warm and receptive. Drown in that and we drown all our sorrows. I can vouch for that.

Coming back to the body, there’ll be unusual stressors with the advent of the Reval. The purer the body, the more easily the stressful energies will flow through us. There won’t be any issues, any velcro to hook onto.

Functionally, purity entails a lack of resistance. They’re different sides of the same coin.

I believe that the more constricted we are, constrained, up tight, the more difficult it will be to allow the flow of stressful energy to pass through us without getting triggered. (4) We may resist and block the energy flow completely.

In addition to speeding up the “getting younger” process and knowing being in good shape is generally important, the importance of purity to handle increased stress in the future is getting through to me at this moment.  Hence the flurry of activity around fitness.

One last thing?

I now see the value of what we do and say in relation to the collective consciousness.

The idea of purity becoming an element of our collective consciousness boggles my mind as much as the invention of the Internet or the discovery that the Earth was round.

Humanity has come back from the immense failure of World War II to thinking about purity?  What a first, a ray of hope, a golden treasure for the future that would be. (5)

I claim my native purity.

Aware now of the importance of introducing ideas into the collective consciousness, I launch this discussion into it.


(1) It is something to be experienced and realized.

(2) The situation is similar to thinking that shame and fear these days have an objective existence when they don’t. They exist only in my mind. When I try to experience them, they disappear. They are no longer here in any but a subjective sense.  But we have to see it. We have to realize it and thereafter claim it, own it.

(3) The Divine Mother usually introduces herself as “the Universal Mother, Mary, Maré,” etc. She acknowledges that it was she who incarnated as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. And she acknowledges that she is the Ocean, the Ocean of Love, to those who want to realize her.  I did when I drowned in the Ocean of Love, carried there by the Mother’s inner Tsunami of Love, once my heart explosively and quite-unexpectedly opened (March 2015).

(4) Kathleen’s forgiveness path is very useful to free oneself from stressors. The chief stressor is that we haven’t forgiven someone, including ourselves.

(5) I make no claims to being pure, only to having glimpsed it years ago.



Healing Buddha Painting by Božidar A. Kolerič @ Be Art Angel

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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